Best Eco Friendly Packaging Box

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1. Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

5. A multi-purpose is great for weddings, parties, birthdays, and hotels. During the holdays, there are gifts for co-workers and promotion gifts. There is 1 LB of crinkle cut paper shredded. shredded paper makes a great bed for displaying your product It's perfect for filling those extra spaces in your packages. There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc.

Brand: Magicwater Supply

👤I will definitely buy this product again for gift boxes in the future, it worked perfectly for my bridesmaid proposal boxes and was a great price. The neutral brown color was really enjoyable.

👤The product works well for gift baskets. Can't believe how expensive this paper is. Other sites have larger quantities for less money, but shipping is expensive. I think I'll try shredding it.

👤I needed more shred for my cookie boxes immediately after I bought this, but I couldn't get it in time from my regular supplier. It wasn't as good as I'm used to, but it was shipped on time. It is very thin, soft and doesn't fill much space or cushion well. It is still nice in the box, but you will have to use a lot more of it than you would other brands.

👤Love! I ordered for mybridesmaid proposal boxes. They are great for gifts. I was able to fill 7 boxes with one bag. I need to order another for my groomsman gifts.

👤I needed to fill my bridesmaid proposal boxes. I had enough to fill 9 boxes.

👤I use this for packing my lighter weight products because packing peanuts would end up weighing more than they are. I use these and love them. They add cushion that my lighter weight products don't get damaged and they are more eco-friendly. I have packed several packages already and have barely made a difference. I ordered a pound of this and it would only need half of it. I like having it around as an investment. The tiny shreds are worth the trouble it might cause to save on using plastic and my customers seem to enjoy revealing their purchases through these shreds.

👤Excellent! There is a lot of crinkle in the bag. I did 3 large baskets for a cat shelter's annual fundraiser and had plenty left. Great purchase!

2. Sdootjewelry Decorative Earring Crafting Packaging

Sdootjewelry Decorative Earring Crafting Packaging

You could personalize the brown boxes with stickers, ink stamps or stencil for a delicate look by creating your own imagination. The brown box is 2.16 x 2.16 x 0.98 inches and is great for small item packing. The boxes are made of high quality paper and are eco-friendly. It's perfect for rings, earrings, small jewelry acessories, coins, handmade soap, arts & crafts, etc. You can decorate the boxes with ribbon, stickers or painting. All boxes are in flat packed and easy to assemble.

Brand: Sdootjewelry

👤Small jewelry can be shipped inside a bubble mailer. The instructions are clear. It's pretty sturdy for the size. Would purchase again.

👤The box dimensions were smaller than advertised.

👤The boxes are sturdy and priced right. I would like them to be 2x or 3x stronger than they are. USPS can destroy just about anything, so I'm using them to ship chips. These will be packaged in bubble mailers. I think they'll work well. I know they'll be packaged better. Don't get me started.

👤I didn't know that this item was small and I needed to package it for my business. I got a box that fits in the middle of my hand.

👤The boxes were easy to assemble. I was able to fold the rest fast once I got the hang of it. They are strong and hold up well.

👤They were too small for my business.

👤There were small boxes for party favors. I thought they would be perfect. If they were white, they would be better. I'm decorating the flowers with glue.

👤The little boxes that I received today are perfect for my bee brooches which are 1”x1” I will purchase more in the future.

3. BENECREAT 3 3x2 3x1 1 Rectangle Windows Packaging

BENECREAT 3 3x2 3x1 1 Rectangle Windows Packaging

I have used these for my online retailer 4 times and this is the fourth time I have bought them. The boxes and stickers were what I needed. They were well-constructed and closed up well. Love them! Quantity The box is unfolded to avoid shipping damage. Size reference The window size is 2.36x1.45"/60x37mm and the outter size is 3.34x2.36x1.18"/ 85x60x30mm. The brown color is a good quality and is not toxic or odorless. The boxes are easy to assemble and they show the steps in the images. The usage is wide. It's great for packing wedding party favors.

Brand: Benecreat

👤I was happy to find that the size fit my soaps perfectly when I first purchased these boxes. I bought my soap molds on Amazon, hope this helps my soap business. I like them because they are light in weight and have a clear view of what your product looks like before you open it. I spend less money on shipping my products.

👤I ordered two different styles but they were lost in the mail. They made things right with me so quickly that it was a relief. I was even more happy when I received them. Will order again and again.

👤These are the perfect size for the party favor. There are two chocolate covered cookies that will fit. I was very happy and would buy these again.

👤These are really nice and make a great presentation. I wanted something small that held 2 Mary Sees chocolates.

👤It does its job. It's really cute and easy to use.

👤It is easy to assemble. The small size is great. The window on the box is clear.

👤The baby shower favors were made by They are easy to put together and are not super thick. I would buy them again.

4. Biokleen Concentrated Eco Friendly Plant Based Preservatives

Biokleen Concentrated Eco Friendly Plant Based Preservatives

There is a plant-based gardener. The cleaning agents used by Biokleen are plant-derived and leave your clothes fresh and clean. Eco-friendly packing The Laundry Liquid is packaged in recycled cardboard and newspaper. When you're done, you can recycle or compost this container. They use 70% less plastic. The detergent is in a bag. Laundry products from Biokleen are super concentrated to reduce packaging and waste. The liquid laundry soaps from Biokleen are plant-based and eco-friendly. Their products do not contain chlorine, ammonia, orphosphates. Biokleen products are made in the USA and never tested on animals.

Brand: Biokleen

👤The product shipping was fine but the detergent leaked inside the package and soaked it. I have used the product in the past and like it, but not this new packaging.

👤I didn't think I'd have to write a product review for a laundry detergent, but I had to. I work in a restaurant and have a 2-year old, so I have laundry issues that include musty denim, various food stains, and potty training accidents. I've tried everything from baking soda to oxiclean. Tide, Gain, 7th Gen, Persil., all the heavy hitters, as well as some locally handmade washing powder. The biokleen detergent has worked well. I was in shock when the denim smell disappeared after one wash. My daughter's T-shirt is softer than ever, and the food stains that had been on it for months are faded. Absolutely will return!

👤Do not trust this product if you're a chemical or sensor person. There is a I used this detergent to clean my laundry. I like using natural alternatives to everyday products like this, and one of my roommates is completely allergic to artificial or chemical smells, so they have to take shelter and use a respirator, so they don't have to go to the hospital. I washed all of our towels, clothes, and everything in between, and I knew it was lavender scented, but we were under the impression that it was safe for them. N O P E. There is a We had to throw out all the towels and clothes because they were so bad that they almost fell over. They couldn't enter the front room for two days. The clothes that we salvaged are in a trash bag in my closet until we can wash them in safe detergent. Will never trust again.

👤This detergent is very strong in a small package. I have a puppy who isn't fully housebroken yet, and can't believe how beautifully one capful cleans a double-sized load of smelly pee pads in a high-efficiency machine! A small amount of this detergent works wonders with regular human laundry. I love the eco-friendly packaging of this detergent.

👤This detergent is mild. I don't like scented detergents because they give me headaches. Biokleen does not. I love the fact that they use a sustainable container. It's a bit pricey but still worth it.

👤I bought this on a whim and I'm very happy with it. I'm allergic to most fragrances so I don't try many things without a sniff test, but this is great! No overpowering smells, cleans well, and clothes seem to retain a clean smell if any other detergent is used. The trade off is worth it because the packaging is better for the environment. I'm sold!

👤The bottle leak is not due to handling. It's wrapped in plastic so it's not all over. I like the packaging concept and keep ordering. I have found a less expensive alternative that may eventually fade out. It is a good detergent. I would buy again.

5. IDL Packaging HexcelWrap Cushioning Self Dispensed

IDL Packaging HexcelWrap Cushioning Self Dispensed

They have surprising strength. The bottom is seamless and the side seams resist splitting. The first and only paper of its kind. The original HexcelWrap honeycomb packing paper is the only authentic one. It is made in the US. The color is brown. A self-dispensed box made from recycled cardboard holds a 50# paper roll that is 15.25 inches wide and 300 feet long. The weight is 5 pounds. The only proven slit paper technology is here. The HexcelWrap was developed over 30 years ago. Five years ago, the technology was improved and a new interlocking design system was added to create even better packing material. As you pull and wrap items in the honeycomb, the hexagonal cells allow it to expand, creating an interlocking web trap. The achieved three-dimensional product is a replacement for traditional plastic, bubble, and other paper-based packaging products. It is used by the USA's leading retailers. If you want to get the expected protection for your products, choose the proven one. The leader in sustainable packaging has a solution for them. It has been approved by leading e-commerce retailers. It's important to protect glassware, crockery, and all glassware. The most reliable and effective packaging for shipping and moving fragile items such as glassware, electronics, perfumes, ceramics, paintings, toys, etc. It is easy to hand torn and no tools are needed. The cell geometry self-seals so that no tape is needed. This easy-to-use packing material can be used to wrap larger items. Eco-friendly alternatives to all plastic packaging are available. For the longest time, you have had to use bubble plastic wraps, air pillows, or peanuts to protect your valuables during shipping. The alternative to plastic wraps and void fillers is presented here. HexcelWrap is the best material for your products' packaging and wrapping, and HexaFil is the most popular option that provides efficient void filling in the box. HexcelWrap is made from 100% natural material that does not harm the environment. It is a cost-effective and versatile packaging material. The key principle of their service is responsible approach to all customer needs. Their packaging experts carefully chose the packaging products that they offer. They use these products ourselves. The key principle of their service is responsible approach to all customer needs. Their packaging experts carefully chose the packaging products that they offer. They use these products ourselves.

Brand: Idl Packaging

👤Thepensing box is useless. It's too expensive to use a product for my business. There are cheaper alternatives. I won't buy again.

👤I can't recommend this product. It is terrible. I received an item by mail that was similar to this. It was a lot thicker than this, providing better protection. This product is no better at protecting your breakable items than wrinkled up paper, and no better than used newspaper. It is expensive. Don't buy this product.

👤I am moving to Connecticut in three weeks. I couldn't use the wrapping material that I saved for my treasures. It was not safe to wrap my glass items. Maybe it's not for those treasures. I used very little because I didn't think it was safe to wrap things. I wish I hadn't bought it. I can't return it. It was a waste of money for me.

👤You need to attach the box to a flat surface or it will be difficult to get it off the roll. If you choose to do that, it has sticky feet. I like the material that is recycled.

👤I was sent the wrong product, and I ordered a better product, which is what I found when I looked at my order. The white version is a waste of money. The roll does not stop as shown in the video. The paper is so flimsy that if you tug on it to get it through the slot, it will rip off in your hands. The roll is too heavy to roll when you pull on it. The weight of the roll prevents it from turning, so I tried to flip the box over so that the paper was coming off the top of the roll rather than the bottom, but that didn't help. The paper is so lightweight and flimsy that it would take a lot to really protect an item. Bubble wrap may be less eco-friendly, but it's re-usable and costs less.

👤There is a lot of it and it is much easier than fighting bubbles. The dispenser is easy to tear. There is a I wrapped everything and it made it through many states in a moving truck. Only one con. It wouldn't deter me from using it again. It is dusty. I had to wash and wipe my items down after unpacking because the dust left behind by tearing it left the same dust on my items. The reason for 5 stars is that it was great.

👤We are moving our household and have a lot of delicate items to pack. The material is good for protecting items. I will order a second box for Christmas and other items as needed. This material takes up very little space, unlike peanuts or bubble wrap. I like to watch tv and I am a fan.

6. Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc. There are two LBs of crinkle cut paper shred Filler. shredded paper makes a great bed for displaying your product It's perfect for filling those extra spaces in your packages. There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc.

Brand: Magicwater Supply

👤I got these for to-go boxes because my boss told me to get something that would look nice and artisan like. I have this. She wasn't impressed. I am not saying that these are not good. They did what my boss asked them to do, but she didn't like it. I no longer work there. I haven't ordered paper shred yet, but if I did, this would be the razz I'd matazz!

👤I bought this for my cat. He enjoys playing in it. There is a There is a warning My cat swallowed a strip of paper which went down his throat and into his upper throat. I thought I had killed my cat. He wouldn't eat. I didn't know what happened until the third day. He is okay.

👤The amount helped style 8 large hat gift boxes. I put the bottom with packing paper and shredded it.

👤There is a huge bag of paper. It is great for filling gift boxes with the same color. It is a nice weight of paper and is less expensive than a craft store.

👤I use them to decorate my gift baskets. I usually use colored tissue paper. I wanted more variety. I used it for all of the baskets because it blends well with the products. Shrink bags have a static electricity effect, so they don't stick to the plastic, but the shreds are thick and do not have that effect. The best thing is that a little goes a long way. I am certain that I will have this for a while.

👤It was perfect and what I was looking for. This is used to finish a basket, not to fill it up. I put the brown painter's paper in the basket first. If not for this product, I would only use it for 2 baskets. I bought the 2lb. I was able to use 8 baskets. Product can be stretched.

👤It was enough to fill 10 gift boxes.

👤A great bag of paper. I use this to pack my glassware. It works well and is good for the environment. 2 lbs is more than expected.

👤I assumed that 2 lbs of crinkle paper would be a lot of fluffy paper, but it turns out that it is just 2 medium sized ziploc bags, unless some got lost in transit.

7. CEWOR 6 3×3 7 Jewelry Packaging Birthday

CEWOR 6 3%C3%973 7 Jewelry Packaging Birthday

Small gift boxes are easy to assemble and personalize. You can write anything on the surface of the box, a pretty displaying box for desserts, and a take-out package from a wedding or celebrations. The pillow boxes have a candy box and twine. Their pillow gift cases are made from high quality boxes that are non-toxic and safe to use. Buying a pillow box is a good way to decorate a gift. The size before folding is approx. The width is 10 cm. Approx. size after folding length. The width is 16 cm and the height is 2.5 cm. There are pillow boxes for gifts, candy, jewelry, and soap. The small gift boxes are great for holding small gifts for guests. The mini pillow boxes are of high quality. Excellent use for small items like jewelry, candy, rings, soap and vintage style to enhance the touch of elegance. You can personalize your gift with the easy to assemble cedar small gift boxes. You can write anything on the surface of the box, a pretty displaying box for desserts, and a take-out package from a wedding or celebrations.

Brand: Cewor

👤The right size. I use these to send my jewelry and other small items. They are easy to use. It was tied with twine. Will buy again.

👤I ship a lot. This product deserves 5 stars. It didn't always want to fold at the ends, that's my beef with it. If someone took the normal time, I am sure I would be less hurried. The string that came with the pillows made me happy. It matches well with the product, because it is one less thing I had to do. You are not making a mistake here.

👤It is inexpensive and reuseable. It is very sturdy and holds its shape. The cording is made of jute. There is a My jewelry clients love this packaging option and use it to make unboxing videos to share on social media. I've bought more expensive pillow boxes from so-called "paperie" shops that require assembly with 2-sided tape, but I didn't include it. I've found that they aren't as strong as they could be. I'll keep buying this brand as long as it's available.

👤I intended to use the money for shipping jewelry. The last pillow boxes I had were made of real paper and were very sturdy. These are smooth and thin. If the items weigh more than a few ounces, the ends need to be taped shut because they pop open easily. There is a It's probably ok for little party favors, but not a great choice for shipping or heavier items.

👤I use bubble wrap mailers to ship my jewelry, and I needed something to reinforce them. It keeps it from going through a typical envelope sorter at USPS, which can cause damage. It added 4 ounces. The weight. Not sure why people are having a hard time folding the ends. Will buy again.

👤They were perfect size and very easy to assemble. I painted myself on the box. They were a huge success. love it!

👤I was looking for a larger size and it was made to my specifications. They came out perfect after I covered them in paper. A good price.

👤These are used to package my jewelry. It is easy to assemble, perfect for my needs. It makes nice bows.

8. Rigid Mailers Self Seal Cardboard Documents

Rigid Mailers Self Seal Cardboard Documents

Poly bubble mailers are tear-proof and water-resistant. Stay Flat Mailers. Their no bend cardboard mailing envelopes are the perfect solution for photos, pictures, CDs, comic books, and important documents. Simply peel the self-adheve seal from the rigid mailers and press to adhere the two ends together. Sturdy design of the flat mailers will keep your documents free of bends and wrinkling while in transit. The mailers are 9 x 11 inches. The cardboard shipping envelopes come in a pack of 25, so you have plenty on hand for business or personal use.

Brand: Juvale

👤I wanted something that was good thickness and not too heavy to mail out prints and calendars from my shop. I packaged several and put them aside to mail the next day. The seals had partially opened on a few of them. I wonder how many of my previous orders arrived at a customer's mailbox with the flap not sealed, because I just ran a little packaging tape to close them. I might keep getting these and seal them with tape because they're still better than the last product I tried.

👤I thought they would be thick. Not even close! Sending them back and still looking for a mailer to protect art prints. Why is this so hard?

👤I needed to mail some photos and the mailer envelope was thick. It's more rigid than some of the other mailers I've seen, so I think it will protect my photo from being bent. I had to pay more for postage because the mailer I used was not able to bend and was considered a box package so I had to pay a couple of more dollars for it. I saved more with this mailer because I was charged mostly 1st class postage. After reading a review about the quality of the glue, I decided to tape up the mailer. How old the tape is on the mailer and the temperature where it is stored may affect the adhesion. I didn't want the mailer to open in transit. I taped the edge of the flap up for reinforcement. If you don't use additional tape to secure it, be sure to press down on the area where the tape is after you fold the mailer flap down so it has time to get a good adhesion to the back of the mailer and won't open up.

👤I had to mail some paper materials that were undamaged. The contents were protected as well as I had hoped. I didn't realize that they are also heavy, so my shipping cost ended up being more expensive than I had anticipated. I was shipping a small item and this ended up eating into my profits. If you're an online seller like me, you should consider the full final shipping weight when calculating your price. There is a The envelopes are large and the strip is strong, so no need to worry about them opening. They are very sturdy, so you can be sure that your items will arrive intact.

👤I love these! I looked on Amazon for a long time before deciding on a mailer that would hold up well to protect my art that I ship out. I have used these for four times now and have received positive feedback about how my print arrived in pristine condition, even when the mailman squeezed one of these into a mailbox. Everyone gave me advice about the strip. I use some extra tape to seal off the tab after you close the mailer. I wanted to make myself feel more secure about it being closed.

9. Hallmark Weddings Graduations Valentines Christmas

Hallmark Weddings Graduations Valentines Christmas

There is a pack of 120 sheets. Each sheet of tissue paper is 20 feet wide. Purchase includes 40 sheets of black, white, and cream for a total of 120 sheets of tissue. It'sTILE: A pack of neutral tissue paper is perfect for wrapping gifts, filling gift bags and baskets, or making arts and craft projects. Any purpose: It's great to have on hand to wrap presents for weddings, bridal showers, graduations, birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift wrap supplies are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

10. Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

Crinkle Filler Wrapping Basket Filling

Pack contents with bubble cushion wrap or packing peanuts. shredded paper makes a great bed for displaying your product It's perfect for filling those extra spaces in your packages. There is an attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. It can be used for any occasion, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines' Day, Christmas and etc.

Brand: Magicwater Supply

👤I was hoping it would be a bit more, but it did work for all of my kids Easter baskets, my fault for not checking to see how much I was purchasing. I like the paper because I dislike the plastic grass in my house. If my animals get a hold of the paper, it won't hurt them.

👤I gave this product 4 stars because it's good for gift boxes. The lavender color was pretty, but it was much more expensive than I will spend again. It filled my bridesmaid boxes nicely, but not worth the money that's going to be thrown in the trash.

👤I was looking for a color like this. I was looking for a lighter shade of purple. They are great for packing orders. If they add color to my packaging, I love it. I would definitely recommend it.

👤These are nice and make a package look pretty.

👤This is a beautiful color. Excellent quality shred. Fast shipping. The value is great.

👤I was expecting a 1/2 pound more than what I got. The color was gorgeous and the perfect detail to make my friends feel loved as they opened their surprise boxes.

👤I like this product, but the picture makes it seem like a darker lilac, but it is cute and not in any bad condition.

👤This stuff is great. I fluffed it up to fit in a gift box of 8”x8”x4” I should have enough for my gift sets.

👤I have never submitted a negative review. I was surprised by the amount I paid for the item. I was going to use this for some special gifts, but will return it. The amount will not work for one gift.

11. Shipping Corrugated Cardboard Stickers Business

Shipping Corrugated Cardboard Stickers Business

All boxes are in flat packed and easy to assemble. What you get is 25 Pcs of blue recyclable corrugated box mailers. Pack of 25 Accurate Size - Inner Size(usable): 4 x 4 x 2 QTY: Pack of 25 Perfect for small retailers, classroom valentine's Day exchange party, baby shower hostesses, wedding party, birthday and a lot more. Accurate dimensions is their advantage. Corrugated cardboard has a high density. It was printed and cut very precisely. The boxes are high quality. The slot was accurate. It was neat and professional. I have used these for my online retailer 4 times and this is the fourth time I have bought them. The boxes and stickers were what I needed. They were well-constructed and closed up well. Love them! I have used these for my online retailer 4 times and this is the fourth time I have bought them. The boxes and stickers were what I needed. They were well-constructed and closed up well. Love them!

Brand: Ceiba Tree

👤I have bought this item a few times and it is easy to fold. It is easy to use and very professional.

👤The pink boxes are strong. I had an issue folding them even with the instructions. I got it after a few errors. The boxes came with instructions and "Thank You" stickers. I would buy them again.

👤It's perfect for my business. The color is nice and easy to assemble. I taped the edges andseams so no water would get in. I don't worry about anything inside getting ruined unless it was intentional. I will buy these again.

👤I used these to mail a small gift to my friends. The boxes required $4 per box in postage.

👤If you put some really small, they are nice. It didn't fit in my boxes. They are great for small samples. Make sure this is something you need.

👤These boxes are easy to assemble. I didn't need to wrap them in paper because they look so good. The green color is perfect for Christmas. A bow, gift tag, and maybe a tiny ornament are all you need to make a pretty gift. Will buy these again.

👤I sent them in the mail. The average cost was less than a gift for my friends.

👤The boxes are large enough to hold my oils. I did not receive the stickers.


What is the best product for eco friendly packaging box?

Eco friendly packaging box products from Magicwater Supply. In this article about eco friendly packaging box you can see why people choose the product. Sdootjewelry and Benecreat are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly packaging box.

What are the best brands for eco friendly packaging box?

Magicwater Supply, Sdootjewelry and Benecreat are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly packaging box. Find the detail in this article. Biokleen, Idl Packaging and Magicwater Supply are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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