Best Eco Friendly Packaging Tape

Packaging 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Tape King Clear Packing Industrial

Tape King Clear Packing Industrial

Postal regulations for shipping tape. ADHESIVE & 10x STRONGER: Get the best results with this clear tape. Tape King packing tape is 10 times stronger than regular tape. Get more product for less, 30 Yards more per pack than other brands, and at a lower cost than similar products. The heavy duty depot tape has 60 yards of extra tape on each roll, making it a great value. You can get a package of 6 rolls and get a total of over 300 yards. There is a package that is super clear. Their carton sealing tape can be used for home removal, shipping, and mailing, as well as for storing and organizing household items, but also for anything that one expects from a household tape. The packing tape will always be useful. The clear packing tape is easy to use and it promises protection for your goods. The standard size for this tape is 2 inch width x 60 yard length or 50mm x 55m. The core is 3” in diameter. Their tape is great for everyday use. The packing tape promises to get the job done right. They all know how disappointing a bad taping job can be, but with this extra strong, Multipurpose tape, box packing and storage becomes a breeze. ANAB Accredited Laboratory tested and approved the use of the safe to use. The product has passed all standards in accordance with the California law. The Toxicological Risk Assessment is a federal law.

Brand: Tape King

👤I sell stuff on eBay and have tried different brands of packing tape. The cheaper tapes are thin with no glue on them. It would stick to the tape if you double up or overlap where you started. If it's on a carton box, it can't stay in place. This one is completely different. It sticks good to boxes and is noticably thicker. I don't have to double up anymore which saves money and material. The brand is just as good as the brand names. Update 1-7-17. These are the tapes that you can get for a good price without paying premium prices. I hope the manufacturer doesn't change anything, I will always buy these.

👤Over the years, I have ordered hundreds of things from Amazon and have never left a review for a single item. I sell stuff on the internet and go through a lot of packing tape. I've tried many brands of tape before choosing Tape King. I read all the reviews and they weren't helpful, but I decided to purchase it anyway. I love this song. A lot of the negative reviews focus on the noise and smell of the tape. It is loud when you unpool it, but most tapes are quieter. The smell of the glue is the same. The quality and longevity of the product is what matters most to me, and Tape King tape exceeded my expectations. It is slightly thinner than other tapes I've used, but it is better than anything I've used before. The tape always lifted off the cardboard packages within an hour of packing them, making Duck difficult to pack. I've been using Tape King tape for a couple months now and it has never come undone on its own. This tape has the perfect amount of glue, is the perfect thickness, and allows me to ship all of my packages with confidence. The price is unbeatable. I can't recommend this product enough. It's the only tape I'll use.

👤Cheap tape, good tape, and not-worth-the-money-expensive-premium-tape are some of the things I use when packing boxes. It's thick enough that it doesn't rip to shreds vertically like the cheap stuff, and if you peel carefully you can get a very clear result. I'll probably get more when I run out. I paid full price for what I got and found it on my own. I bought a different brand and returned it, but it turned out to be filled with paid reviews.

👤The tape is pretty good, but not as good as the brand I use. The tape has a lot of bubbles so if you use it for labels on packages like we are, you will see a lot of bubbles over your labels. You can still see it even though it has a slight yellow hue. The product photos lead me to believe that it is clear. This tape is so loud when you pull a piece off that it might seem nit-picky. It doesn't seem like a big deal but when you are taping more than 100 boxes a day it gets annoying.

2. ADHES Friendly Writable Non Coated Packaging

ADHES Friendly Writable Non Coated Packaging

Compostable plates are perfect for all occasions. The disposable plates can be used for events. Enjoy the event without worrying about the mess after the party. The heavy duty kraft tape has a high-tensile strength so that it can be used for sealing carboard and heavy-duty packaging for moving, shipping, or long-term indoor storage. It is possible to recycle with a box without separation. There is a non-coated surface for pencils,pens,water-based marker pen,oily markers and more. It is easy to use, no water, scissors, or knives are necessary. This tape is noiseless to use. It's suitable to use at night or when quiet is required.

Brand: Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection

👤I wanted to use eco-friendly packing tape for my package, but it doesn't stick to the packages. I wish I wouldn't have brought so many of them because the tape doesn't work.

👤The tape is nice, but disappointing that markers and pens don't write well on it. The markers look like bubbles on the tape and can be washed out. Pens don't work.

👤A better tape will cost you more. The tape doesn't stick to itself.

👤Does not stick to anything. Wanted to use it on the back of mounted pictures to give a finished look, but it won't stick to paper. Can't be used for boxes or anything that is worthless.

👤The tape is of good quality. I had to reseal the boxes with other shipping tape because it did not stick.

👤There isn't much tape on the roll.

👤Weak and thin for any use.

👤If you read the reviews for this tape, you will see that many people are not happy with its adherence. The truth is in the middle. It is a fact that its adherence is not as strong as a typical Scotch tape. It is meant to be used on cardboard. If you need to change it, you have time to do it. After a few hours, the bond gets stronger and it will tear the surface of the cardboard. It's still not close to the level of adherence that is found in duct-tape. It can easily be torn by hand, so it can be used as masking tape when using dry media. With 3 tapes, you'll be able to tape a lot of boxes. The price seems fair when compared to similar tapes sold in Canadian hardware stores. They can be purchased for a couple of bucks per roll. So fairness is relative.

👤The tape is usually durable enough to be used. It's meant to be used on porous cardboard, not anything with a glossy surface, because it is PACKING tape. I think the easiest way to describe this product is that it has the same amount of strength as the black packing tape used in the Amazon shipping box. It works well on boxes that are rough. I tried it on some glossy, printed and laminated style boxes and it didn't adhere well to a shiny surface, so it may become hit or miss. There is a This is strong enough for use on plain cardboard. I think it's important to note that it is also non-biodegradable and that it eventually ends up in the trash.

👤I got Adhes heavy duty paper tape in order to find an eco-friendly tape. This works, but it is more of a hassle than regular packing tape. I knew when I bought the paper tape that it couldn't be used to cover labels or have them still show. Sometimes I need to use water to make the tape stick to the boxes, but for the most part it sticks. There is a It's not perfect, but at least it's recyclable, which I like about it, and I will use this all up.

3. ProTapes Pro Tensile Flatback Sealing

ProTapes Pro Tensile Flatback Sealing

Apply at the depot, home and office. The tape can be used to remove clothing dust and pet hair. Different types of cardboard have good qualities. Indicatespilferage, hand tearable. It has good strength, high temperature resistance, and is highly conformable. It is made from rubber. The length is 55 yards and the width is 2 inches.

Brand: Pro Tapes & Specialties

👤I use this tape almost every day. It's great for putting together boxes for moving, but it can be used for so many other things. I use tape for many things, and this is the one I reach for the most. I use it to label things, I use it to construct things out of cardboard, and I use it on paper when I want an interesting texture and color. I like it best for labels because the sharpie sticks to the paper back. The finish is a little more glossy than paper, but not as glossy as packing tape. If you know what you're doing and take it slowly, the tape can be removed from cardboard without ripping too much. I like that it is very strong and can be easily cut open with a sharp tool, but it is still very thin and can't be opened with a letter opener. It's easy to rip with your hands and it's easy to pull off the roll. A necessity in my house.

👤I've ordered again. I am amazed that you can tear it with your hand. What is this stuff made of? It is amazing. I ship 20-50 packages a week. The weight is from 5 ounces to 25 lbs. If you are on the fence, buy it. You won't be disappointed. The product is a 5-star product.

👤This shipping tape is perfect for presentations. I can recycle old boxes when I ship. It hides flaws on boxes such as half removed mailing labels. It makes old boxes look new. The most discriminating customer will not complain about a used box that was sealed with tape. If I could catch it on sale, I would buy a few rolls instead of one at a time.

👤I bought the most expensive, thickest, best plastic tape for packing heavy duty cardboard moving boxes. It worked, but within a month the tape had completely peeled off the cardboard. There is a This tape was recommended by my uncle. I re-wrapped all of the plastic boxes and used the paper tape to make new boxes. It is currently securing heavy duty boxes. There is a It is crazy that a tape that is similar to painters tape can hold heavy moving boxes together, but the glue is superior to plastic tapes. I am very impressed so far. The boxes will make it to Denver CO in 1600 miles.

👤The USPS requires me to use a paper table for mailing box registered mail. In the past I used clear plastic shipping tape because I could use it to tape the label to the box. There is no need to use 2 different rolls of tape. There is a The paper tape is great. There is a I'll be using it all the time. It is easy to rip and sticks well. It's better than the clear plastic stuff I've been using. Way better.

👤It was good in the past but not anymore. The tape I received was very thin and not resistant to tearing. The tape is good, but it is not as thick as 7mil and is not as tear resistant. I wouldn't send a package with this, I was afraid the tape would break.

4. Minliving Eco Friendly Tape Packaging Plant Derived

Minliving Eco Friendly Tape Packaging Plant Derived

Honeycomb Protective Paper Packaging is suitable for protecting and packaging all sensitive devices and fragile items. To make sure the items are safe. This is the best way to wrap gifts for Halloween, Christmas, birthday party, New Year party and wedding party. Eco-friendly packaging tape is packed in sustainable packaging. minliving clear tape is made from plant derived film and can be eaten in 180 days. The standard was met. minliving packing tape is water resistant, thick, and can be used for office use, gift wrapping, shipping labels, flower wrapping, craft projects, and wrapping products. It can be torn by hand for ease of use. minliving cellophane tape is stronger than non-reinforced water-activated tape, durable but tears easily like paper for user's convenience, and can be used under temperatures between -4 to 176 Fahrenheit. It is resistant to both UV and Moisture. minliving compostable shipping tape is made from ninety percent renewable resources. It is a great alternative to plastic tape since it is made from biobased materials and natural rubber. Stand out and be praised for using eco-friendly packing materials. One of the best ways to change the way they pack is through small sustainable swaps.

Brand: Minliving

👤I love this tape, it looks cute and it's sturdy. It has never let me down, I use it for crafts as well. Buying again.

5. T R U WAT WAE Activated Reinforced Gummed

T R U WAT WAE Activated Reinforced Gummed

Office and home ready for work. Water-activated tape has a seal that discourages theft. Only one strip of tape is needed to create a strong seal. A hand-held tape gun can create repetitive motion stresses, but water-activated tape is applied using a tape dispenser. Water-activated tape can be used in environments that are dusty, dirty, cold and hot. Water-activated tape is repulpable. Made in the USA.

Brand: Ggr Supplies

👤The USPS can stamp along the edges of the cartons to make sure the package has not been opened. This tape is used for the task. A sponge is needed to wet the tape. If you only needed one carton, it was a huge roll. You can leave the rest to your kids and let them figure out what to use it for.

👤After drying the tape, the edges flared out. The edges of the tape were not presentable after it had been applied correctly.

👤The best packing tape I have ever used is this stuff. You can use it to block out graphic material on boxes so you can reuse them. It was handy!

👤Saves money and sticks to it. The user said curling at the edges. Don't think so! I have not had a problem with this tape. The packages are strong and professional.

👤I have used a few different brands of water activated tape and they were all adequate, but this sticks better than the rest. I think it has more glue. It doesn't loosen up while it is drying. This makes a difference when you need to pull a box together.

👤If you get the tape over wet, it will be hard to get it over again. It is a good packing tape when used correctly.

👤I used a sponge to wet the glue. It's nice and sticky, but messy without a dispensers. The water on the sponge was cold, so I used a warm heat transfer iron to make sure it was good bonding. Next day there was no peeling edges. It looks more professional than regular plastic tape.

👤I thought I was buying a quality product. I wet the tape thoroughly and within 10 minutes it started curling at the edges and dropping from my project. I used glue to stick the tape back on. I wasted hours trying to make the tape stick and was very frustrated.

6. Duck Brand Self Adhesive Inches 1379990

Duck Brand Self Adhesive Inches 1379990

Shipping, moving, long term storage is lightweight, affordable and meets postal, courier, shipping regulations for shipping and packaging. The general purpose application is for something. It's great for carton sealing and splicing. 33 pounds per inch.

Brand: Duck

👤I have been familiar with this tape since my parents sent me "care packages" when I was in college. I have had the chance to ship many boxes as airline luggage while I'm in the process of moving. This tape works well but, based on other reviews with some mentioning that the edges may Curl up as it dries, I want to comment briefly on how I apply it. I use a bowl of water instead of a sponge. I ran the strip through the water by putting it in the water with one hand and the other holding the other end. I shake the excess water off, wait a few seconds, then apply the tape to the package, ideally from the center so you can smooth it out. It is difficult to lay the tape down evenly if you wait too long. You should have no problems if you smooth it down.

👤I missed this important fact, which is why I bought the tape in the first place. There is a The Duck tape products are not simply two different sizes of the same tape. They should not appear on the same page. The smaller roll in a dispenser is coated paper with a backing and is not suitable for seal USPS registered mail packages because the USPS postmark ink will rub off the tape instead of sinking into the paper as proof against package tampering. There is a The larger roll has gummed backing. It's a large roll, a lifetime supply for a casual user such as myself, and is exactly what you need to seal USPS Registered Mail packages. The paper tape has thin fiberglass threads that criss-cross it to provide extra strength, but this does not affect the absorption of USPS postmark ink.

👤The regular transparent plastic "shipping" tape doesn't stick to cardboard boxes and just comes loose after a while, if you look through reviews. I had the same experience. I tried the gummed paper tape. It works well. You just put a wet sponge in a bowl and slide the shiny side of tape across it, then smooth it out by putting it on a box. This stuff stays put. It makes a good surface for regular shipping tape to adhere to, which I did to plug up the corners, which are always difficult to cover. The primary way to seal boxes is with this tape. You don't need a fancy dispensers, just cut to length with scissors. I know dealing with wet tape can be difficult. The cost of getting tape on your fingers is a small annoyance compared to having properly sealed boxes. There is a right and a wrong way to seal cardboard boxes and this paper tape is definitely the right way. It's tough because it's reinforced with fiberglass thread.

👤I bought this tape for use in stretching watercolor paper because the ones that are marketed for that purpose are very expensive and small. This one is too wide to use as it is, but it can be cut in half. I felt dumb for not thinking of it immediately, but I think you can learn from my stupidity. I don't have a dispensers, but the packaging says it's meant to be used with one. I just cut it in half and used my scissors to get two strips about an inch and a quarter wide. It doesn't stick if you put it with a damp sponge or towel or paper towel. It's just about right. It should be fine for using on boxes. It works well for watercolor. I had some problems with it peeling away from the edges on a few sheets, but I think it was because I hadn't put enough paper over it. I was trying to keep as much paintable area as possible. It could be because the paper had more water in it. When I put the paper to half an inch, I didn't have this problem. The reinforcing threads don't do much either way. They're thin and easy to cut. I haven't tried that idea because I don't think you're supposed to be able to wet down this tape again. It is stuck if it sticks. Don't plan to peel it off, plan to cover it or cut it off. There is a It's not 5 stars because it's a little picky about how wet it should be, but that's probably a factor common to all gum tape, not just this one. If you use this a lot, it might be worth it to get a dispensers.

7. Reinforced Activated Fiberglass Eco Friendly Recyclable

Reinforced Activated Fiberglass Eco Friendly Recyclable

There are uses for cotton muslin bags, which are used for packaging fruits, herbs, spices, coffee beans, party favors, toys, dust covers, candles, and jewelry. The strong adhesion plant has a glue melting water. Glass fiber mesh reinforcement has high strength and good seal. It has Viscosity Stability. The glue is stable and the surface is not sticky before wet water. It can be used in cold areas with warm water, but it has no effect on the use of tape. Eco-friendly waste disposal. The materials that make up the composites are easy to dispose of and can be recycled with the packaging.

Brand: Lucasng

👤You have to wet the glue. It's like locking an envelope. I use a cloth to apply glue and tape. It has a good adhesion when it dries.

👤I researched online the best tapes for cardboard. Duct tape doesn't work well with cardboard and it began peeling off when I made a cardboard house for my granddaughter. The stuff does not peel off. It is not sticky when you get it, but it is activated by water. I use it by cutting a piece of it that I need and then placing it where I need it. It sticks quickly but not immediately, giving me the chance to flatten out air bubbles and shape to the seam, but not requiring me to hold it for long. It does what I bought it to do.

👤The only thing that was not great was the sticky factor. I used a damp sponge, one wipe across it, and stuck it to the box. There is a The glue needs to be worked on. It's usable.

👤I have to send my watches for service. The package needs to be closed with reinforced Gummed Tape. The tape is permanent when dry.

👤Needed this for the strength of the box.

8. Packaging Shipping Dispenser BOMEI PACK

Packaging Shipping Dispenser BOMEI PACK

There are wide applications. You can apply at the depot, home or office. The tape can be used to remove clothing dust and pet hair. 100% noiseless silent tape will not disturb others when packing. The 1.88 inch clear packing tape rolls are perfect for gun tape dispensers. There are multiple purposes of the tape. It can be used to organize household items. It is easy to start the clear silent packing tape rolls, use with ease, and save time. The tape has a strong glue and is heavy duty, providing excellent holding power to cardboard, shipping box, carton...

Brand: Bomei Pack

👤This tape is very slippery. I bought it because I was going to do a lot of late night packing and didn't want to bother my neighbors. It's very quiet, true to its name. If you have an awkward box to carry, be careful where you place it. It doesn't like sticking to itself, so it's quiet. Again, be careful where you place it, and don't rely on it sticking to itself to keep a package sealed.

👤The tape says it is noise free. I knew you had to part with something. They leave tiny air pockets all over the tap. It is great for noise, but if your main goal is to get the tape to stick, pass this one up.

👤I pack a lot of boxes. The sound of the tape gun was so loud that it was annoying. I thought "Yeah, sure" after I came across silent tape. " It is worth the cost even if it is a bit more expensive. I can talk on the phone. No kidding! You won't regret it if you buy some.

👤The tape doesn't stick to boxes. I returned it immediately after I used it for my small business. The tape starts peeling off the box after taping it. Not usable. It's harder to come off the roll than other brands.

👤I do a lot of shipping. Silent tape is a must have for me since I have a baby and toddler who sleep so I need to get work done. This tape is more affordable than other brand names you see at the store, and it does it all. I will continue to purchase this. Thank you!

👤I have insomnia, hearing sensitivity, and have always enjoyed scrapbooking. There is a The only problem is that I live with other people so using clear packing tape made it impossible to craft at night. There is a With this amazing tape, I can craft all night without the horrible sound of packing tape. I am very happy that this product exists. Thank you!

👤One roll of tape lasts a long time. I bought this expecting to use all of the rolls for my small apartment move, but I am only about to move onto my second roll. I double taped boxes because of the thinness of this tape. I recommend it.

👤packing tape makes noise when you use it You don't have a problem with this tape. When you apply the tape to the box, you don't hear anything. When you cut the tape with a tapegun, you only hear a sound. The tape is made of plastic and the glue sticks to the box very well. I didn't see the tape peeling off when applied to the box. This was the case for some of the brands I bought. They cost a little more than the regular tapes, but I think they are worth every penny.

9. BOMEI PACK Crystal Shipping Packaging

BOMEI PACK Crystal Shipping Packaging

The tape has a strong glue and is heavy duty, providing excellent holding power to cardboard, shipping box, carton... It's 1.88 inch for packing tape dispensers. The packaging tape is Eco friendly. The shipping tape is made of crystal clear and bubble free surface. It is easy to use cello packaging tape that will not split out during application. 2 mil clear packing tape is good for moving boxes and cardboard.

Brand: Bomei Pack

👤If you want to make your move 100000x harder than it has to be, then only buy this. This is the crappiest tape I've ever used and it splits constantly. You will need all 6 rolls of this because you will waste a lot of time trying to pull it off the roll. I really don't like this tape. I didn't think I'd have a strong opinion about tape. Be careful.

👤I bought this because it was going to get to me the fastest. I run a small online business that ships around 30 small packages a day so I go through tape just like any other business. The listing seemed to have the best bang for the buck. There is a The tape works well, but it is a bit thin. It works well for packaging small boxes, but I wouldn't recommend moving boxes or shipping heavier things. The glue is holding. Sometimes I will check the packages the next day after taping them, and sometimes the edges will have lifted. There is a It's a decent wide tape, but not thick or heavy duty.

👤If you are shipping heavy or awkward packages, this packing tape won't work. If you want to keep bed bugs out, they do a great job of covering the door frame. Bed bugs can't walk on this tape. The tape is stuck on the roll. You pull on it to get a small piece out and it suddenly gives out a long piece. You try again and it may move or resist your pulling. I use it to plug holes in plastic bags. I put plastic bags on my feet when maintenance sprays the halls for bugs and a bunch come running into my apartment where I can't keep plastic tape on the carpet. They bite my feet if I didn't wear the bags. I use plastic bags on my feet whenever I go downstairs to get my mail since I pick up bed bugs on shoes. Plastic cannot be used as a walking surface. These bags eventually develop cracks. I use plastic tape to plug the cracks. The tape can be used to place labels on jars of chicken stock. They can survive a wash, but not many.

👤This brand of tape works the same as the well known brand. If not better. The popular brand of tape does not cause tape waste. This brand has a noise that causes the tape to stop at the point where it should, which saves from tape waste.

👤The cheap measuring cups have printed measuring numbers and lines that rub off after a few uses, so I bought this tape to put on them. The tape is a decent thickness, not the thickest, but not the lightest either, but when you remove it and place it on plastic, it is not clear. There are lines from the bubbles. I am not happy with the way it looks. I hope the tape preserves the function of the cups for a while. I have done this with different clear packing tape in the past and it never came off even after repeated use and cleaning. I replaced those cups with engraved ones. Oh well. This isn't what you want if you need the tape to be off the roll. Remove the tape from the roll and the lines are still in the glue.

10. Scotch Tear Inches 4 Pack 3842 4

Scotch Tear Inches 4 Pack 3842 4

This tape is 3 feet wide and has a length of more than 100 yards. The core diameter is 3 and will fit any tape dispensers. The tape is strong and thick. Easily tears by hand. No scissors or dispensers needed. Hot melt glue stays on. The strength that stands up to rough handling is 2.4 mil thick. Office and home ready for work.

Brand: Scotch

👤I use a lot of tape to wrap my packages when I sell on Offer Up. I have tried different tapes to drugstore brands. I was tired of the struggle and frustration of trying to find the beginning of the tape or using scissors to cut it, and I was tired of using a plastic tape cutter. If I want to do a yard sale, it's easier to tape around the neighborhood with this tape. I know you are paying more for it. It is worth it!

👤This is the best tape for returning unwanted items when you shop online. It is tear-by-hand. There is no need to find scissors or tape dispensers. It's easy. I keep rolls of this in several places in my house. It's hard to find this in stores anymore.

👤I buy this tape because it tears. Easily. I can close mail packages with this. I can't seem to handle the tape dispensers that have a blade that cuts the tape. I make a mess of it. It makes me feel accomplished. I can tape because I can tear.

👤Scotch is the best. I don't like buying cheaper tapes because they don't stick as well. The tear by hand is very convenient. The only complaint I have is that the thickness of the tapes varies every time I get them. Sometimes it feels very heavy duty and sometimes I get a thinner batches. I am happy that they all stick, despite the thickness of the tape.

👤I like this tape. I used to buy it all the time. Can't find it anymore. I found it on Amazon. I used this when I lived in a house for a while. I use it to send things to my family and it sticks to the boxes very well.

👤There are many uses for this tape, such as taping broken down boxes together to throw out, keeping large and kitchen garbage bags in place, as well as medium to small items. It needs to be replaced because it doesn't hold up for long. It needs to be crimped a bit after a tear, as it clings to the role and needs to be dug out again. It is more convenient to use than tape, which requires scissors or a dispensers to cut it loose.

👤It's hand tearable goodness! I don't have to use scissors for packing tape. This stuff is strong for all packages, except for a 100 lbs vise. For the life of me, I can't figure out why someone would hate this stuff. I've moved the contents of houses twice with this stuff. I would change to a different tape if the item is small and heavy, but I would wrap more of it on the package. Pulling it will keep it going the long way.

👤I ordered this from another store and it didn't seem to be as thick as the one I bought from the store. I was confused by the same brand of 3M. The color was more yellow than white and clean. The packing tape is thin, so I wouldn't purchase it again.

11. Packing HERKKA Packaging Shipping Sealing

Packing HERKKA Packaging Shipping Sealing

There are 12 rolls of tape. The total length of this tape is 65 yards and the width is 2 inches. It's perfect for quick packaging. Premium quality. Their thick tape is very strong and won't split easily. Shipping and storage in hot/cold temperatures can be done with a long lasting bonding range. Excellent aphasia: The sturdy tape sticks well and holds boxes together. The general purpose is lightweight and affordable. This transparent tape is easy to use. You tear with your hand. Excellent holding power for normal, economy or heavy-duty packaging and shipping supplies. There are wide applications. You can apply at the depot, home or office. The tape can be used to remove clothing dust and pet hair.

Brand: Herkka

👤The tape is very fragile. If you have to start the feed again, it will peel in strips instead of being one solid piece of tape. I have had to use more tape than I normally would because it doesn't stick well to cardboard boxes. If you're thinking of buying this tape for moving purposes, please rethink. The tearing takes a lot of time and tape. I got a lot of rolls with this purchase.

👤I sell things online. The places where I usually get my packing tape were not open during the Pandemic so I looked online and found this one. I was impressed with the thickness of the tape, I was expecting something thinner, but this is not the case, I received a package that was secure, but I had to give a couple of passes before I felt like it was safe. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It doesn't stick well to boxes that have to rub the tape on to get it to stick, then sometimes it wants to peel away.

👤So far, so good. I've had no issues with my 3rd roll and have had no issues with different types of cardboard. This was a great deal and my current packing tape company.

👤When I was helping them move, my friend told me about this brand. The cardboard boxes were peeling off when the 3M stuck well. I was getting frustrated with the tape I bought at the store and was going to the post office. This Christmas season, I had no problems with this switch. Highly recommended!

👤It sticks to itself, but less than cardboard. Sometimes the splits are split in half.

👤It's pretty good so far. It's easy to peel back the curls. I'm still on the first roll and haven't had any problems getting it off the roll, there are no chemical odors, no tears, and no problems sticking to different types of cardboard. I rub the scissor handle over the tape to make sure it sticks. Next time I find a 2.5mm or more thick, this is 2mm. I do it by hand. It's working. Better than the last roll of tape.

👤The price was great. It won't stick to moving boxes, which is frustrating. It had to be wrapped around the box so that it wouldn't fall apart. I didn't realize this until my husband opened the box and found all the stuff in it. I felt like I was using too much tape to secure the boxes. The tape gun worked well.


What is the best product for eco friendly packaging tape?

Eco friendly packaging tape products from Tape King. In this article about eco friendly packaging tape you can see why people choose the product. Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection and Pro Tapes & Specialties are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly packaging tape.

What are the best brands for eco friendly packaging tape?

Tape King, Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection and Pro Tapes & Specialties are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly packaging tape. Find the detail in this article. Minliving, Ggr Supplies and Duck are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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