Best Eco Friendly Paper Towels Bamboo

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1. Bamboo Paper Towels 30 Sheet Roll

Bamboo Paper Towels 30 Sheet Roll

Their bamboo paper towels are made from the original bamboo fiber and have no plastic or synthetic fiber blend. Reusability and economics are topics. The 30-sheet roll of their bamboo kitchen towels would last over seven months, and it was very economical to use one sheet a week. Their Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Contain Bamboo-kun Property, which is unlike CottonWashcloths or Other Plant-Based Paper Towels. They do not smell sour, but they provide Versatility. To the kitchen washcloth or paper towels. Contribute to Deforestation and Huge Landfill Waste by using traditional single-use paper towels. Bamboo is a self-renewable, Environmentally Safe Source that provides a superior alternative to shift their demand from cutting down trees. There are instructions for cleaning. Hand wash and air drying are recommended. The towel can be washed in cold water. At 60F. If the water is stained, you can wash it with a bit of soapy water. If you choose to wash in the laundry machine, they recommend placing a mesh laundry bag in the dryer.

Brand: Kitchen Noble

👤I bought Kitchen Noble bamboo paper towels as I transitioned to a more natural, eco-friendly approach to living. I chose a bamboo-based paper towel because it is made from a sustainable crop, it has both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, in contrast to wood-pulp based paper towels, which are typically used in many households today, and is more economical. I have washed dishes, cleaned the stove, and wiped counter tops using a single paper towel. It has been washed at the end of the day with dishwashing soap and hot water and then hung from the kitchen faucet to dry. It is softer and more absorbent than disposable paper towels. It is showing signs of wear. I will be using this paper towel until it falls apart. I have enough to last at least 8 months with the sheet size of this brand and 30 sheets in each roll.

👤After using bamboo towels for a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that they are the best ever. The fact that they promote antibacterial properties is something that has become important given the new level of hygiene everyone is trying to achieve and that was one factor that tipped the scale on purchasing the product. These things are impervious. I used to use handi wipes a lot, but now I only use bamboo towels. I have the same towel use for cleaning and wiping down as I did on the trip, and I was at the lake for the last three days. When the towel was washed with soapy water, the stains disappeared. I will never use cotton hand towels again.

👤They are soft and absorbent. If I cut the paper towels into smaller pieces, I can do a half sleeve with just one towel, and my clients love that they are so soft, they no longer complain that they are raw from the paper towels. They are made with a renewable resource and it's even better that they don't leave any fibers. I will be ordering more.

👤I have had bamboo towels for a long time. Have been using daily. They can be used over and over again. There is a We have used two sheets many times. One was used for dishes and the other for face cloth daily by my wife. There is a The sheets have been used many times. They are clean and not dirty. We love them!

👤I haven't had bamboo paper towels in a while. I don't know if they will last six months. Since I have had these bamboo paper towels, I have only used two sheets and used the same two sheets again and again. I am a rather messy cook, and the two sheets have withstood the messes I've made over and over. I've washed the countertops and kept using them. Still using them. There is a They are absorbent, and I have stopped using regular paper towels. They have made me more aware of the environment. I will probably buy them again in six months or longer.

2. Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Washable

Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Washable

choose quality wood Twenty sheets of bamboo paper towels can be recycled up to two thousand times. A Little Bunch of Joy is ethicallysourced, eco friendly, and 100% tree free, and their paper towels made of 100% bamboo fiber are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Their bamboo kitchen towels will not smell like regular rags or dishcloths, and they will not smell like wipes, so you can use them instead of wipes for spills and the cleaning of any surface. Eco friendly doesn't have to be boring or expensive; ditch those lifeless white paper towels and choose fun; jazz up your kitchen with these eco sheets; these bamboo towels will make you and your guests smile. If you're not happy with the quality of their bamboo paper towels, they will replace them or give you a money back guarantee, so don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Nifty Eco

👤These are better than a paper towel. I wonder if they are better than a microfiber cloth. I like these better than paper towels. They don't leave lint behind after a wash.

👤I have found no flaws in the product I have purchased. I am very impressed with the soft bamboo cloth that I clean most of the time. I will purchase more of this product so that everyone can have their own... until I have left.

👤I have only been using the bamboo towels for a day, but I really like them. I use less paper towels than I used to. I used one sheet all day. I would have gone through a roll by lunch time with 4 kids if I used the regular paper towels. I will probably be ordering more soon.

👤Not as good as other brands but dose is not as long. Get a better brand by spending the extra 3 bucks.

👤The value is great. They can be washed or washed again and again. The last roll was almost 6 months long. It works better than dish cloths. I like them.

👤I bought this because I wanted to try a different type of paper towel, but as I washed them they started to shrink and I threw them away.

👤I was a little skeptical when ordering, but these work great! It held up great after multiple washes. They do a great job at dusting the furniture, and I separate few to be used for that. A new fan!

👤It is strong enough to get the job done. I think it's a good idea.

3. Greenway Towels Reusable Friendly Environmentally

Greenway Towels Reusable Friendly Environmentally

It is possible to machine wash on the delicates cycle while using a delicates garment bag and include a load of laundry. It's great for spills, dusting, house cleaning, car cleaning, shop towels, napkins, and can even be used as a sweeper refill. The bamboo kitchen towels are stronger and more absorbent than regular paper towels. Bamboo towels are earth friendly. Saving money on paper towels is bad for the environment.

Brand: Greenway Towels

👤They can't wash. They fell apart while being washed, so I am reviewing them for the first time. The first day. It was really disappointing to me.

👤These are not good. It falls apart on the right after one wash, versus another brand on the left that has been through a dozen washes. I have been using another brand of bamboo paper towels for a year. The other brand is made of non woven material so we used fresh ones to make face masks and ran out. These were the only ones that were available. They are terrible. One wash, even just a few wipes, and they get completely shredded and useless. Don't waste your money!

👤I didn't find any paper towels due to coronaviruses, so I ordered these. These are better for the environment than paper towels, and they're also better than paper towels at most things. If they hold up to multiple uses as promised, I will definitely be using these instead of paper towels. Great product!

👤The review says these things are not as durable as they say. I should have been more cautious.

👤These are the worst towels I have ever bought. They were not as absorbent or as durable as the other towels I have, and they fell apart on the first wash. Since they all have to be issued after the first wash, I am throwing money away. Don't buy these, they're terrible.

👤Haven't found a use for them. It's better to wash cloth in the machine. The wash was bad in the machine. Paper towels can be used for small spills. I don't know what I want to use these for. Won't buy again.

👤They shred when you wash them. A waste of money.

👤They fell apart after the first wash. What a waste. It feels like they are made of synthetic material. They don't look or feel natural.

4. Earthlys Unpaper Towels Reusable Napkins

Earthlys Unpaper Towels Reusable Napkins

By using natural pantyliners you are helping the environment and saving money. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us; they will get you back within 24 hours. 80 rolls of regular paper towels can be recycled for 1 reuse roll. There are multiple reuses of bathroom hand towels, cleaning cloths, lunch pail napkins, and kitchen towels. The cotton flannel fabric is more absorbent than other paper towels. Paper towel is eco friendly and saves money. These eco friendly paper towels come in a cute box. No wrapping needed!

Brand: Earthly Co.

👤The wife bought them. Put them on the towel holder. The dog ate a candy bar. I threw it away. I didn't know what was happening. You are supposed to wash them. What ever. I have bigger problems this week. Who leaves a candy bar on the counter and expects a dog to not want some of it? I will never understand Greek women.

👤TheAbsorbent and the pattern don't hold up in the wash. The edges are damaged after a few washes.

👤I'm trying to cut down on my paper towel use. I put them on my paper towel holder. I wash and dry these and have not had any problems doing this. Great product!

👤I was very excited to get these. They are attractive and sustainable. I was over them after a week. They do not absorb well. It's not good for drying hands. It's not great for anything. I bought cloth napkins in the same light fleece material and I think they are a better fit. I folded them on the drawer after taking it off the holder. Not worth the counter space. For $25? Nah. You can get a pack of regular dish towels.

👤The product didn't meet my expectations. The flannel material has little to no absorption. flannel material is very expensive.

👤I was not sure about getting these. I can return them if I don't like them. These are great. We use a lot of paper towel around here with two adults, three cats, two dogs, and an 11 year old boy. I felt like we were going through a roll of paper towel every single day at a cost of up to 10 dollars per roll. The cost saving is true even at $26. I started using them on the weekend and have only used three so far because you can reuse them until they are dirty. I use them for everything from wiping up spills to letting my vegetables and herbs dry out after I wash them. I highly recommend them. They are great for cleaning, don't tear apart, and absorb water. A friend of mine asked if I was sponsoring them because they are in my NurseYourSelf post so much. I just used them a lot.

👤I love these! Cut my paper towel usage in half. I still use paper towels for dirty jobs. These are soft and easy to wash.

👤After washing them, they were more like a paper towel and less like a towel, not as good as a napkin.

5. Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Friendly

Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Friendly

Money can be deposited into paper lockers. The bamboo towels are great for cleaning. Each role has 30 sheets of bamboo fiber. The cleaning power of each sheet is equivalent to 3 roles of paper towels. It's super absorbent and eco-friendly. The bamboo towels absorb more liquid than the paper towel. These towels are made from organic bamboo plants. The sheets can be washed and used up to 80 times. These bamboo towels are not just kitchen supplies, they are extremely versatile. They are great for cleaning. Cleaning up after pets and shop towels are included. These bamboo towels are easy to clean and hand wash. Let the sheet air dry and then rinse it with cold water. If stained, soak in warm water with soap. These bamboo sheets will save you money and help the environment. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact them and they will help you out. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Azrra

👤I like the product and ecology. One suggestion would be to make the bamboo towels in a different color or have a small edge decoration so that people don't throw them out thinking they are paper. We still use paper towel, but at a lesser rate.

👤I love how absorbent it is. And soft. They recommend hand washing. I haven't had time to know if it can be washed 85 times, but even half of that would make it worthwhile.

👤The texture is strong. If you don't want to use up all your paper towels on a spill, it's a reuse. I will buy it again.

👤I have used them myself. I have washed my hands and machines. I prefer machine washing them. They are soft. There is a The absorbency is not present in this world. I like to use one of these paper towels to dry dishes. The towel moved the water. The bamboo paper towel is very absorbent. I don't know if my household remembers they are not one time usage. These are used by me. There is a The original role is shown in the phots. The first photo shows how I wash them after hand cleaning them with bleach water and a little dish soap. The last photo shows them being washed. Each wash makes them softer.

👤I had high hopes for these. I love them because they are soft wipe up. They do shrink when you wet them, but they do better when you wash them. I don't know how many more times I'll be able to use them because they have to be thrown out. The first, second, and third pictures were wet and washed.

👤I didn't set out to purchase paper towels but I'm glad I did. I couldn't find paper towels in the house during the COVID-19 epidemic and I had no choice but to use paper towels. I am happy that these were available for me.

👤Wow. I bought these bamboo towels and I'm very happy. They are helping me to become a sustainable consumer. I used these towels to wash my dishes. I use them for counter clean up. I have used them to wash my face. I wash, rinse, and hang the sheet. I was very happy to find these towels.

👤We have only used one sheet so far. We were very happy with the results. As we use it more, duribility will come. There is a I have high hopes that it will replace paper towels. We have 2 older people in our household.

👤Un seul lavage en machine, mes essui-tout. en lambeaux. J'ai d'un mettre. Je voulais tre. Finalement j'ai gaspille mon argent.

6. Reusable Washable Machine Storage Friendly

Reusable Washable Machine Storage Friendly

Their bamboo fresh paper towels are larger and more durable than other paper towels. Each of the 20 towels, which are 11.5” x 12” and made from organic bamboo, has been created to use like regular paper towels, but 70 times over. Strong enough for dirty messes and soft on the skin, they won't tear! It's ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoors, personal care, baby wipes and more. You won't want to use other paper towels after using these. Use, rinse, reuse, then store in the provided DIRTY bag is what the Machine Washable & 2 Storage Bag Bonus is about. You can wash and dry the towels in this bag and store them in the CLEAN bag. These bags are larger and won't shrink. Save Time and Money by only paying once, like regular paper towels, but unlike them, you can use their disposable towels over and over, lasting up to 6 months before having to shop again. There are no chemicals used in growth or creation as a paper towel alternative. You are protecting their forests by using bamboo. These towels are made from bamboo.

Brand: Electy

👤These are amazing. I am very happy with this purchase. I am glad I did not listen to the other reviews because these are amazing. It is even more absorbent after the first wash. You have to wash the product before you use it. That is stated on the packaging. The bags that are included are clean and dirty. It's so easy to throw the bag into the wash. I am trying to become more eco friendly and use less paper towel, so I am happy with these and they will replace my paper towel. This product is very good.

👤I cloth diaper. I did my research on laundry because of that. I can get a stain out of anything, our clothes don't have a build up, and we installed a filter on our house because we have hard water, which can negatively impact your clothes. There is a These paper towels are not dishwasher safe. Stains don't come out, they tear up, and are weird. I am going to look for another product because I can't live with a folded-dingy, ratty-looking paper-towel life. They were rough after I used them to clean up my daughters messes with her purees. I followed instructions for care and did my best to clean them by hand or other methods, but they are just gross, obviously used paper towels. I need a bag that can go back on a roll, even though I like the idea of clean and dirty bags.

👤I washed one by hand so I don't know how they will hold up. I like their thickness and softness. I only use one for my glasses. I can't bring myself to use them for really bad messes. I want to throw dog vomit. I will buy them again if they fall apart in the washer, they are great for soaking up spills, blotting my watercolors, and drying my hands. There is a I love these towels! These come out even more thirsty after machine washing. They hold up really well when I wash them in the bag. I will be ordering more.

👤Paper towels are typical. Store shelves are no longer empty concerns me. The towels are soft but not completely absorbing. I bought another type of towel because I wanted a comparison. The brand is called SUPERSCANDI. These towels absorb fluid. I use them the same way I used paper towels. I will use both to decide which one I will stay with. I think it will be the latter. The benefits of buying paper towels that are recycled will be great for the purchaser.

👤I thought these would be a replacement for all the Paper towels because they're green and reuse. I tried using them on glass. They left a trail of fibers and dust. Don't buy.

👤I thought the un-paper towels would not work. I bought them six months ago and haven't gone through all of them. I wash them over and over again without them breaking down. There is a They work perfectly even though they get fluffy after washing. I put them under the sink. They won't wash properly if you wash them in the mesh bag they give you.

7. Reusable Unpaper Friendly Products Sustainable

Reusable Unpaper Friendly Products Sustainable

The bamboo paper towel sheets can be used from 80 to 100 times. The paper towels will last you 3 to 6 months. Their bamb kitchen towels are great for many situations, including small spills, floor spills, dusting, house cleaning, car cleaning, as napkins and more. Their towels have a high quality texture. Each of the 20 bamboo is made of 100% organic and bio-degradable bamboo, without the addition of synthetic material. The new generation bamboo paper towels can absorb more than a traditional paper towel. The towels are strong even after being wet. They become softer and more absorbent when washed. The upgraded fabric is April 2020. They collected your suggestions to improve the product. The sheets of this roll are more absorbent and resistant than before.

Brand: Am Nolimit Trade

👤I have been impressed with the towels. I used to go through a lot of paper towels. I'm using the same one for a couple of days. I just use it and rinse it under warm water, squeeze out and hang it over my oven door handle. It dries in about an hour. It's good to go again! I use it to wipe everything down in my kitchen. My only concern is this. I used to use traditional paper towels to pat chicken breast before cooking but I was not sure if it was safe to use these. I still use regular paper towels. I think I could rinse them in hot water with a bit of soap because it's antibacterial. What thoughts are there? I use bamboo towels for everything else, even though I use regular paper towels for the chicken.

👤The description stated that they fixed the kink with the materials that were more durable. I washed these in a delicates mesh wash bag and they were basically destroyed. I only used one of the REUSABLE towels I paid for. It's really sad.

👤I thought I'd try these because they were $2 cheaper than the more expensive brand I had been buying. You get what you pay for. I have been able to wash the other brand up to 8 times before sending them to my husband. The towels were still in great condition, but had shrunk a bit, but were still in good shape, and the first wash indicated that they were not a woven baboo fabric, but one that somehow was adhering to a substrate and pieces. I couldn't reuse them. I decided to keep paying the extra for the other brand as it was worth it. This one leaves a lot to be desired when compared to other "bamboo towels" on the market.

👤First time through wash, came out with holes all through them. Paper towels are basically over priced. This is a disgrace for an eco friendly product.

👤I was looking for a more green alternative to paper towels. They work well and can be washed and reuse easily. I've been using these for about 2 weeks and I'm still on my first towel. My 1st sheet has been used to clean up food spills including a bright, concentrated magenta tea which can stain your lips while drinking. A lot of the stains can be washed with simple water, but for tougher stains, I use a little dish soap and wash it with a soft cloth. In the past, I used paper towels as napkins, but that's not an issue anymore. I'm trying to decide if I want a designated towel. I live alone so this isn't much of a problem but I can imagine with a full house, assigning towels might be difficult.

👤When I washed them, I was very disappointed because I thought I would not use as many disposable paper towels. After washing they come out missing pieces of the paper towels. They can be washed, but only if they are cleaned and thrown away.

8. Washable Reusable Eco Friendly Paperfree Alternative

Washable Reusable Eco Friendly Paperfree Alternative

The alternative to paper towels is great. These paper towels are free of bleach and can be used again. An alternative to a regular paper towel can last for years. The paper towels of the Mioeco are more absorbent than other paper towels. And the best part? You can wash them out and use them again and again. Saving you is multi-purpose and super absorbent. Time And Money will replace many disposables in the kitchen and household. They are designed to be worked hard, and will improve in absorbency as they are washed. The organic cotton is strong and thick. Kitchen paper towels are not very good at tackling household dramas. Welcome to the solution! Natural paper towels are a sustainable alternative to bamboo towels. 100% GOTS certified, produced with carbon neutral manufacturing. They have been produced to the highest standards and are still functional. Simple living made with love. Pack of 10 and 20 paper towel is also available. The dish cloths are about 10 x 12 inches. They should be used as napkins. These recycled paper towels can be used many different ways. Whether you're cleaning up the family mess after a busy meal or just drying something on the side table, they can help! They have you covered. The paper towel alternative makes life simpler. Eco Friendly and Versatile Round. The Home - Mioeco is a great way to use non environmental cloths and tissues for cleaning chores. These large cloths are easy to use. The reason they are machine washed and put together is because they have been designed to last.

Brand: Mioeco

👤Okay... I bought these after reading a lot of reviews. And yesterday. We did a scrub with 8 years of build up after my Mircowave was pulled down. I used 5 different cloths to take pics of grease. They kept up with the job. It was repulsive. There is a I put them in a pot of boiling hot water and oxyclean detergent and then ripped them off and put them in the laundry. The folded napkin on top was the new ones, and the ones in the background were the ones we used to clean with. I had to hold them up to the light to see the difference, we thought a few of them would have to be thrown. We would have easily cleaned it with a Bounty roll of paper towel. I had to take pictures and show you what you are getting. I couldn't have been happier.

👤We have been paper free for 10 years. We recently refreshed our towel supply and tried different types of cotton and bamboo. The cotton bar towel and square towel that we tried in the past were not as good as these. They are in between a larger towel and a smaller shop rag size. They are soft and absorb well. I'm leaving this review so that I can order 20 more to upgrade the rest of our old stock. We have never missed using paper in the kitchen.

👤Really nice! I have felty type ones that worked well before. I like these better. They are large but not thick. I keep the cardboard roll from my last paper towel roll and wrap it around to look like real paper towels. It works well!

👤I was excited to use them as a paper towel replacement. The packaging was really nice and they were a large size. I washed them according to the instructions and they came out about half the size that they were. I was really disappointed in them. They're small now. I will have to look for another brand.

👤I've been looking for a way to reduce the amount of paper towel in my house. It has not been very convenient. I wanted to dry fruit with out the use of paper towels. These little towels are perfect. There is enough of them for me to use around the kitchen to clean up messes. There is a They are used to dry the area around the sink, hold my breakfast shake in the morning, and for meal napkins. I like them a lot. To avoid adding chemicals to them, you will want to wash them in a detergent that is free of chemicals. I highly recommend these napkins. I would buy them again.

👤These are a great replacement for our paper towels. We still keep a roll under the sink, but haven't reached for it yet. These are soft and are great for cleaning small children. If you wet them first and wring them out, they become very absorbent. You can hang them to dry and use them all day for small messes. I was surprised how slowly we were going through the pack. We toss the dirty ones in the wash bin, but in general these last few days are a good time to clean up. There is a I verified that they are GOTS certified organic cotton. I'm cheap when it comes to this stuff. They look nice on the counter, right where our roll of paper towels used to be.

9. Reusable Alternative Washable Paperless Recycled

Reusable Alternative Washable Paperless Recycled

Their dish wash soap bars are fragranced with essential oils with no artificial perfumes, which makes them safe for sensitive skin. A perfect ratio for a highly absorbent paper towel is 80% Cotton, 20% Bamboo. Why use paper towels when their cloth paper towel is odor resistant? There is a washABLE W/O SHRINK GUARANTEE. You can wash their paper towels with a machine. The better absorbent cotton bamboo towels are washed and used more. Say goodbye to kitchen paper rolls. Rerollable like a boss. The Miw Piw paper towels are made of bamboo and cotton fabric, which makes them cling in a natural way, making them the most eco-friendly kitchen roll you have ever seen. Miw Piw eco friendly paper towels are a great choice to save money and save Mother Earth, instead of consuming up to 100 paper towel rolls a year. There is a multi-PURPOSE. As their kitchen towels are softer than most bamboo paper towels, they can be a perfect paper towels substitute, as well as being a wise choice for replacement of disposable napkins or dish cloth.

Brand: Miw Piw

👤I bought my first set of these in November of 2020 along with a couple other brands of bamboo towels. The other brands were more luxurious and pretty when I first purchased them, but one brand shrunk and the other's stitching came out over time. These have not done anything. I bought more in August of 2021 because I didn't want to have to do the laundry so often. I already had traditional cotton cloth napkins and hand towels that I would use for eating and kitchen cleaning, but these are leaps and bounds more effective than either of those and despite the traditional options looking prettier, I now use these instead for all kitchen / eating towel functions. These are thin and absorbent, have a good amount of texture and flex, are durable, and can be used for microwaving. There is a These are very sturdy and easy to wash, and they dry quickly compared to full bamboo towels. If people have had issues with shrinkage, that may be the cause. Most new cloth products need to be washed twice with soap before use. The old ones are a little more dingy if I wash them with bleach.

👤Use these cloths for everything. I use them in the kitchen and throughout the house. I thought they would be perfect as a small gift for someone, because they were packed beautifully in a box. I would love to take a picture of how they were displayed.

👤These towels are gorgeous. I clean houses for a living and I try to reduce my paper use as much as possible. I use these at home and at work because they are amazing, but a lot of my cleaning rags are just cut up t-shirts with different absorption abilities. Highly recommended, great value.

👤These are the best paper towel alternatives. I was looking for a zero waste alternative to paper towels, and after searching 888-349-8884 I ordered a second pack. Paper towels are wasted. These feel like a high quality paper towel.

👤Some stains never come out of these, but they have saved me from using too much paper towels. They clean and absorb surfaces well.

👤I was a little hesitant about buying these, but now that I have been using them for a while, I am so happy that I did. I save a lot of money on paper towels, but every one of them is still going strong.

👤We use a lot of these. I use them in the kitchen and nursery. We don't use paper towels in the bathroom. I am obsessed.

👤I bought the 10 pack first and then the 20 pack. We use them instead of paper towels.

10. Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Towels

Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Towels

There are two different cleaning options. There are two scrubbing options for their towels. The rough scrubbing option for sticky stains and regular paper towel for normal spills allow you to handle any stain in your kitchen. They make their paper towels with a higher gram per meter to make them thicker, so they can absorb spills in the kitchen. It was made from organic beer to reserve trees. Their paper towels are made from organic bamboo that matures in 3-6 months instead of trees, which means they are socially responsible and saving the planet. The clean and fresh properties of bohemians leave your home, kitchen, and bathroom smelling great. bamboo allows them to give you an eco-friendly alternative to regular paper towels, allowing you to clean and wipe around your house without leaving a residual odor. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products. If you don't like their bamboo paper towels, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Brand: Enviro Safe Home

👤They were washed after they were off the roll. I was able to find a way around it. The rack is over my sink cupboard. I folded the towels so they could be easily taken out of the basket. I folded some scrubby ones on the outside of the basket so they could be grabbed quickly. The basket was small enough to fit inside the roll holder. The towels are very nice. My husband is a frequent hand washer and we save a lot of rolls of paper by washing them.

👤The product uses green washing to appeal to ethically minded consumers. It is a lie. There is a The packaging says it is made from bamboo. bamboo is a renewable resource, but bamboo is not a sustainable product. The manufacturing process of Viscose is very pollutative. These towels must go in the landfill when you use them because they are not bio or compostable. There is a The process of making viscose fiber involves taking a natural material and processing it with a lot of toxic chemicals to make a fluid. The fluid is then made into fibers. There is a The chemicals used in the production of viscose are traditionally dumped and a new batches is used for the next stage of processing. The use of toxic chemicals in the production process is still necessary, but the process of recycling the chemicals between batches in a closed loop process makes it more efficient. Most of the viscose is produced with the traditional method. There is a The chemicals are harmful to the environment and cause pollution. The production of viscose uses a lot of water. The materials created with these chemicals still contain traces of the chemicals. There is a The paper towels are wrapped in plastic. This shows that the company doesn't care about the environment. If they chose PLASTIC for the wrap, what kind of environmental decisions are they making elsewhere in the production process that they know we can't see? Think about that. If you're trying to make a conscious purchase with these paper towels, look elsewhere. I was tricked into buying a product that was not good by the marketing materials on the product listing.

👤I ran out and looked to order new batches of another brand, but I found a bamboo paper towel. Since there was no review, I just ordered one unit to see if it really works. It works the same as other brands that I used. The power scrubbing dot are really cool. My daughter spilled soup on the carpet and my wife scrubbed it with just a few drops of water and bamboo scrubbing dots and it disappeared. I am impressed.

👤I have not gone through any of the large squares of this stuff. I am very impressed. I washed them a few times and they are clean, absorbent and not linty. Depending on the mess, I am going between thin terrycloth towels and these. These should last forever because I never used regular paper towels that much.

11. Tork HK1975A Perforated Natural Certified

Tork HK1975A Perforated Natural Certified

The value pack has 30 sheets per roll. These certified compostable paper towel rolls are great for the environment. Wrap rolls in protective poly-wrapped packaging to keep them clean. You need fewer paper towels for each task if you want to reduce waste. These high capacity paper towel rolls are great for staff time on refill. There are 12 rolls and 210 sheets. The quality is universal. Roll size L 157.5'. The sheet length is 9.0

Brand: Tork

👤Better than bounty. It looks like a reg roll, but it's not, it's a 4 roll roll with fluff and it's really squeezed. It is not very soft but is very durable. I'm very happy. I use less per job than the cost would suggest. If I can get my kid to use less, that's good. I will be even happier. It's funny. We used to go for 3 rolls a week. Excellent improvement. Update 1 roll has lasted over a week. I will be buying these again.

👤Our regular brand of softer, bleached paper towel will be available again. It was delivered. It works well for drying hands, cleaning up spills, household cleaning and absorbing excess oil from fried foods. I will keep a supply even when the regular consumer brands become available after the hoarders rush to over-supply themselves (with over-priced, price-gouging products with dishonored delivery dates that conceal months' actual time elapsed before delivery...disappointment guaranteed). The DEFinite buy is an absorbent household cleaning staple. "Buy" for those purposes. I am satisfied with the substitute and replacement purchase. It is better than expected. I hope this review helps you see the difference between a softer, bleached brand-name paper towel and a slightly rougher, more useful paper towel.

👤If you care about the environment and trees, then these are the paper towels for you. They are made from recycled material and are a good candidate for luxurious paper towels. There is a My box was in perfect shape. They have a lot of towels per roll. The price for 12 rolls of recycled, unbleached paper towels is right. I highly recommend these!

👤I didn't know what I wanted in a paper towel roll until I had to grab it. I always thought that I wanted a thicker paper towel. I was convinced that those specifications made a better paper towel. There is a You know what? No. That's not right. I don't clean up spills or stains on paper towels. I use paper towels to dry my hands. I don't need paper towels to dry my hands. I just need disposable paper towels to wash my hands. These are perfect. There is a These are perfect for everyday use. The roles last me and my wife for about 7 days in the kitchen. Most brands are long. The thin-ply makes a difference. It's excellent. I'm pretty sure that two boxes of 12 rolls lasted 6-7 months. Do you know how long your paper towels last? The metric is impressive because it comes from how many squares you get out of each roll. I use 2 squares to dry my hands. The bad boys must have 200 wraps around the coil, 500 panels, as opposed to many other brands because of their thickness. There is a These things are eco-friendly on top of their efficiency. Are they made from recycled paper? These are not the gold standard. I could go on and on about these things. Five out of five will likely purchase for years to come. Try these out for a while. You will be happy.


What is the best product for eco friendly paper towels bamboo?

Eco friendly paper towels bamboo products from Kitchen Noble. In this article about eco friendly paper towels bamboo you can see why people choose the product. Nifty Eco and Greenway Towels are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly paper towels bamboo.

What are the best brands for eco friendly paper towels bamboo?

Kitchen Noble, Nifty Eco and Greenway Towels are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly paper towels bamboo. Find the detail in this article. Earthly Co., Azrra and Electy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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