Best Eco Friendly Paper Towels Reusable

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1. Gecocious Cloths 12 Absorbent Cloth Paper Alternative Zero

Gecocious Cloths 12 Absorbent Cloth Paper Alternative Zero

If you add them to your wash, you will get a 30 day no-risk guarantee. There are 12 kitchen paper towels in the value pack. The kitchen cloth can be rolled on a paper towel holder. Not only can they be used as a paper towel, but also as a tissue for hands and faces, and can be used as a tea towel. The texture of cotton flannel makes the cleaning cloth paper towels more absorbent and durable than other towels for the kitchen. If you give cotton a chance, it will be able to wash itself after 3 washes, making it safe to use for the whole family. Give you a zero waste home with the Gecocious washable paper towel. They can last for years, the Nopaper kitchen towels are absorbent and durable, you can use them again and again, and they're not expensive to buy traditional paper towels. Housewarming gift is packed with 12 sheets funny kitchen towels with a kraft paper sleeve, it's a great zero waste gift for you or someone else as these look in any kitchen or pantry.

Brand: Gecocious

👤The towels were disappointing. I wanted to use them to clean up small messes in the kitchen and to wipe down dishes before I put them away but they are not absorbent. I had to spend more money to get microfiber towels.

👤Every small step helps. This is something that I love. Most items are easy to grab by grabbing one. I go through one every couple days. They wash well. If you roll them around the supplied core, they will last you for another two weeks. They wash my towels in the dryer. I buy them as gifts and use less paper towel than I should.

👤There are flannel towels in a plain color. These are not as absorbent as they could be. There are a lot of prints and colors. To wash well. The edges are finished.

👤I like my new UNpaper towels. I'm still learning how to use them. I use them as napkins. I've expanded the collection to include cloth wipes in the bathroom. I like to be dry. It will be easier to sustain the more I learn to rinse and hang dry. Cloth needs to be washed hot and dried several times before it absorbs well.

👤I love using them. They are great! I can't get these to stay on the towel holder. I've tried everything. The cardboard paper towel middle from a roll of disposables did not work for me. There is a It would be nice to have washing directions.

👤These are small for big messes, but in line with a paper towel or two. I've been using larger cloths for cleaning up spills for years, so I don't think I'll use these for that sort of mess. There is a They are very soft. It's perfect for wiping the faces and hands of the kids before tossing them in the laundry.

👤There is a thin square that you can see. No backing of any kind will save you money.

👤It was better than expected. It is durable for wiping down counter tops. Cute patterns. I wish there was more in a pack or the option to buy more in a pack. The person is gesturing to something on a paper towel. They've been washed.

2. Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Towels

Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Towels

Their bamboo paper towel is made from sustainable bamboo fiber. It includes two kitchen paper towel rolls with 50 sheets. The kitchen towels are dishwasher and reusable. When the bamboo paper towel sheets fall apart, you can dump it with green trash. The tree free paper towels are made from bamboo fiber, which will break down into green waste. The disposable towels are perfect for busy lifestyles. There are multiple functions. Their paper towels are odor resistant and heavy duty. The paperless towels rolls are great for cleaning and dusting. It is an ecofriendly paper towel replacement. Natural paper towels made from bamboo can prevent the waste of 3000 tons of papers a day. 60 regular kitchen paper sheets are used for 1 bamboo paper sheet. One pack of eco paper towels lasts up to 12 months, that means less frequent shopping of cleaning supply, and you would get chance to contribute in protecting trees, and ultimately contributing in protecting environment. It can be a great sustainable gift for people who follow a zero waste lifestyle. They will be able to reduce their carbon footprint.

Brand: Enviro Safe Home

👤We stopped using paper towels because I don't believe in using a one-time usage item. You don't always want to use cloths. When you really want to use a paper towel, these are a greet alternative.

👤I stopped using paper towels several years ago and have been using cloth cleaning towels for a long time. The only negatives were stains and having to bring them to the laundromat. I decided to try them out. I will never know why I never tried. They are the best towel for cleaning up spills, wiping off the counter, and dusting. They are soft and last forever, compared to paper towels. And absorb more than a paper towel could. I use them to wrap leafy greens to keep them fresh. A good value for your wallet. They are made from sustainable bamboo.

👤The roll is half the size of a paper towel roll and shreds after a few uses. After you wash it, it still looks dirty and you have to dry it out. You can throw microfiber cloths in the washing machine over and over. It sounded good, but it was a loser.

👤I'm not an environmental activist but I believe we should all recycle and reduce waste. If you can save a few bucks along the way, I decided to give these towels a try. I bought a pack of two rolls in February. We are almost done with the second roll. I think we would have spent more money on paper towels if we had bought the cheapest paper towels, because I have a good idea of how many rolls we would have had. You can wash these towels out with a little dish detergent and some warm water. My wife and I use the same towels for a week. If you use them on something really nasty, you're going to throw them out, but for everyday spills and such, they last a while. I just bought another pack of two rolls and don't expect to need to buy more until September of 2022. I think they're a good choice. I will never buy paper towels again.

👤The paper towels are different but they work well and you just rinse them out and use them again. They pick up spills more quickly. I was amazed at how well they work. I will be by them again.

👤I wanted to use this to clean the water around the sink in the bathroom so I wouldn't have water spots all over the place. After 5 uses, paper towels separate and have to be thrown out. The bamboo is holding up better. It takes forever to take up the water, and I end up putting more water on the dry area. A microfiber cloth might be better for what I want.

👤I don't know what to say about these towels, they are not paper and the feel is different than anything I have used before, but they may be what someone needs, I just didn't like the texture.

3. Zero Waste Reusable Paper Towels

Zero Waste Reusable Paper Towels

Up to 3000+ regular paper towels are replaced by paperless towels each year. 10 towels won't do! You're sure to last till the next wash with 24 disposable kitchen towels. They naturally cling to each other. The cardboard ring is perfect for easy pulling. The paper towel is perfect for cleaning and more. If you add them to your wash, you will get a 30 day no-risk guarantee.

Brand: Zerowastely

👤I bought these to reduce my paper towel use. The "unpaper towels" have instructions on how to wash them, which include using a mesh bag to protect them, a delicate spin cycle, and air drying in 1-2 hours. I don't have the time or energy to take care of these things. They are over priced cotton cloths that are very high maintenance and the company is in the Netherlands. The money was wasted.

👤What can I say about a towel? They do a lot of towel things. I still use regular paper towels for dog puke. These towels are great for cleaning, spills, hands, faces, wrapping food and general drying purposes. The box says hang dry. That is true. I put mine in the dryer and they weren't doing as well. That was my choice, not the products fault. I think these are good. Yes.

👤These are not useful for anything. Liquid runs off of them and if you try to clean up a spill they will push the liquid around. When you try to wipe up debris on a surface, the cloth initially picks it up when it is wet, but then drops all of it once it is dry. The fabric is very thin and coarse. I bought a roll that is not good for anything, so I am not sure what to do with it. You can use cotton dish rags instead of buying them.

👤The towel set exceeded my expectations. The towels are good at absorbing liquids stains and oils and I was skeptical at first. They stay together after a wash and re-roll, they do cling to each other. They are very soft. It's perfect for napkins or facial tissues. 10/10 would buy again.

👤These are not close to regular paper towels. I was hoping they would be good since there were so many 5 star reviews, but they are not. They don't absorb liquid, just move it around to clean. They shrink after washing, and washing them didn't make them more absorbent. The colors are pretty. We use these as napkins instead of paper towels. It is possible that there is an effective alternative out there.

👤Had they been absorbent, they would have been great. They were drying your hands with cardboard. Immediately, returned.

👤I am trying to reduce my waste and thought this would be a good addition. I like that they roll back up on the roll, and they pull off the tradition paper towels. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. If you only use it for dry hands, it will be great. You can use it again if I dry it off on the side. I use a normal dish cloth to clean up spills, but I might use them for that as well.

👤I purchased a set and loved it! They work well for cleaning up my kid. I bought 2 more sets because I loved them so much. We have them in the bathroom and kitchen.

4. Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Towels

Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Towels

There are two different cleaning options. There are two scrubbing options for their towels. The rough scrubbing option for sticky stains and regular paper towel for normal spills allow you to handle any stain in your kitchen. They make their paper towels with a higher gram per meter to make them thicker, so they can absorb spills in the kitchen. It was made from organic beer to reserve trees. Their paper towels are made from organic bamboo that matures in 3-6 months instead of trees, which means they are socially responsible and saving the planet. The clean and fresh properties of bohemians leave your home, kitchen, and bathroom smelling great. bamboo allows them to give you an eco-friendly alternative to regular paper towels, allowing you to clean and wipe around your house without leaving a residual odor. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products. If you don't like their bamboo paper towels, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Brand: Enviro Safe Home

👤They were washed after they were off the roll. I was able to find a way around it. The rack is over my sink cupboard. I folded the towels so they could be easily taken out of the basket. I folded some scrubby ones on the outside of the basket so they could be grabbed quickly. The basket was small enough to fit inside the roll holder. The towels are very nice. My husband is a frequent hand washer and we save a lot of rolls of paper by washing them.

👤The product uses green washing to appeal to ethically minded consumers. It is a lie. There is a The packaging says it is made from bamboo. bamboo is a renewable resource, but bamboo is not a sustainable product. The manufacturing process of Viscose is very pollutative. These towels must go in the landfill when you use them because they are not bio or compostable. There is a The process of making viscose fiber involves taking a natural material and processing it with a lot of toxic chemicals to make a fluid. The fluid is then made into fibers. There is a The chemicals used in the production of viscose are traditionally dumped and a new batches is used for the next stage of processing. The use of toxic chemicals in the production process is still necessary, but the process of recycling the chemicals between batches in a closed loop process makes it more efficient. Most of the viscose is produced with the traditional method. There is a The chemicals are harmful to the environment and cause pollution. The production of viscose uses a lot of water. The materials created with these chemicals still contain traces of the chemicals. There is a The paper towels are wrapped in plastic. This shows that the company doesn't care about the environment. If they chose PLASTIC for the wrap, what kind of environmental decisions are they making elsewhere in the production process that they know we can't see? Think about that. If you're trying to make a conscious purchase with these paper towels, look elsewhere. I was tricked into buying a product that was not good by the marketing materials on the product listing.

👤I ran out and looked to order new batches of another brand, but I found a bamboo paper towel. Since there was no review, I just ordered one unit to see if it really works. It works the same as other brands that I used. The power scrubbing dot are really cool. My daughter spilled soup on the carpet and my wife scrubbed it with just a few drops of water and bamboo scrubbing dots and it disappeared. I am impressed.

👤I have not gone through any of the large squares of this stuff. I am very impressed. I washed them a few times and they are clean, absorbent and not linty. Depending on the mess, I am going between thin terrycloth towels and these. These should last forever because I never used regular paper towels that much.

5. Simply Unpaper Towels Reusable Cardboard

Simply Unpaper Towels Reusable Cardboard

Reusable Paper Towels come with 15 X 10 inch cloth sheets and are made from 100% cotton flannel that clings to the provided tube or your own paper towel holder. Reusable paper towels are versatile and will replace all functions of traditional paper towels and napkins. Use and reuse - Each sheet is quick drying, absorbent and can be used several times before washing; Place sheets in washing machine and dryer with your regular load of laundry, then roll back on the provided tube one-by-one for continuous reuse. Eco friendly and affordable. By using Simply Reusable Towels, you will be making a significant contribution to their planet, all while putting money back into your pocket.

Brand: Generic

👤The use of paper towels has been cut down by these. After washing, they wouldn't stick back together on the roll, but after several uses and washes, they still do.

👤These are cute and don't shrink in the wash, but I bought them to replace my paper towels and they are useless. They don't have any absorbents. I tried to clean up a small water spill, but it turned into a bigger mess. I use them to cover food dishes when we eat outside on the patio with guests. They're great for that. They're pretty. They're only good for that.

👤Roll back up after washing. I keep a bag under my sink and wash the dirty ones when I run low. The towels aren't the best option for drying, wiping, or as a napkin. These are the reasons I bought them, so it's not great, but they work enough that I will continue to use them. I wouldn't recommend them for the above tasks, and I wouldn't buy them again.

👤These are amazing! I love them! I have been a bounty paper towel girl. I was hesitant about how well these would work, but I have a second set in my cart ready to buy. .

👤We had been using a paper towel to clean our son up after he was fed. We were going through paper towels faster than ever. I didn't like how wasteful it was. There is a We use one of these a day to clean up after his meals, then put it in the hamper. I keep a few in my purse for use when out and about, as well as enough towels to last until I do laundry. I wonder if I could have made my own. Yes. Finding the right fabric, deciding the size, and stitching it yourself are all required. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I use these as a standard paper towel replacement. The only reason I gave was because I wish the roll they came on was a standard size paper towel roll. We have a paper towel holder under our cabinets, but it doesn't fit on it. Trying to re-roll them onto a standard roll, they end up in a pile on the counter. They are great replacements.

👤You get a lot for what they cost. The pattern is nice. They don't fit on my paper towel holder. I think I will use disposable ones and save the tube and put these on it, they are not very absorbent compared to other paper towels I have purchased. I will use them since we have them, but they are not as nice as others. I probably wouldn't buy more.

👤I got a towel rod for these and they sit nicely on it. They make excellent rags to wipe up spills. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking to use less paper products. The absorb liquids are good for dusting. They stick together after many washes, because they wash easily in the washing machine.

6. KitchLife Reusable Absorbent Sustainable Biodegradable

KitchLife Reusable Absorbent Sustainable Biodegradable

The KitchLife paper towels are more absorbent than regular paper towels. A single sheet can be used up to a week. The absorption water of these heavy duty paper towels is still excellent, even after repeated use. It can be used in almost any scenario, such as washing dishes, wiping your countertop, wiping your hands, and even dealing with situations of babies and pets. It can replace the kitchen rolls, 3 rolls in one box, each roll comes with 40 sheets of free papers, saving you money. KitchLife products are made of organic bamboo, which is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Brand: Kitchlife

👤I tried to replace paper towel with this product. I like it! I use it to clean kitchen countertop, wipe off water or oil during cooking, and work with multi surface cleaner. It is well washed. I've used it for 5 days in a row. I started using the second piece today. These rolls will last a long time. I'm satisfied with this product so far. There is a My suggestion is to make the roll bigger so it can fit most paper towel holders. I've added a photo of a paper towel.

👤I have only used two of the towels so far and not the first one. I needed one to clean pasta sauce off my granddaughter's face because my husband was using it to do dishes. These are great! They are very strong and soft. They clean and rinse jobs. I'm waiting to see how long they last. I will save a lot of money on paper towels. They fit on my paper towel holder. I've never given a second review to a product, but this one deserves a bit of praise. I don't think I will ever get to the end of the first roll. The cloths do not wear out. The first one I used was new. I don't think I'll buy paper towels again.

👤I like using these because they are not paper towels. They are absorbent and sturdy.

👤I love the colors and thickness. People use this instead of hand towels.

👤This product is very affordable. The towels are very resistant. I have one on the kitchen sink that is strong and absorbent.

👤I like them! It's nice to reuse for wiping down countertops, and I also like them for wiping down my face after washing, which is very sanitary. You can use it multiple times if you rinse thoroughly.

👤I thought I would like these paper towels. They are very thin and can be washed and reuse. I use these paper towels a lot because I have a 1 year old. I would like the center ring to be a normal paper towel size so I could put it on my paper towel holder. This is my only complaint so far.

👤I don't use paper towels in a way that other reviewers are concerned about. I use the to dry my hands. If you intend to use this product in a certain way, you will not be disappointed. You can wash and rinse them. If they upset you, you should buy a wash cloth.

👤These will last a long time. My daughter shared a roll with me. Selecting a size would make me buy these again. I can wash and reuse, but it's too big for most jobs.

👤These were better than paper towels. I prefer the other bamboo paper towels. They are good replacements for j cloths. Thin and rip quickly.

👤They are ok, but have to store the dirty ones until the time is right to wash them. They can be stinky.

7. Seventh Generation Paper Towels Recycled

Seventh Generation Paper Towels Recycled

The paper towels are made with recycled paper. Whitened without chlorine bleach is made without added dyes or fragrances. Right-size sheets allow you to use what you need. There are four 8-roll packs for a total of 32 paper towel rolls. Save up to 15% with subscribe and save monthly deliveries.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I usually buy Bounty Essentials paper towels and so I am comparing them to the 7th Generation paper towels. Both are a step-down version of a full thickness paper towel. The weight and thickness of each is similar. The 7th Gen towels are only on one side. The other side is not flat. The Bounty is all over the place. I held them up to the light in the 2nd picture. The 7th Gen towels are a little thicker. I soaked them up with water. The water was wicked by the Bounty. 7th Gen pushes the liquid a bit more. It's a small win that Bounty is more absorbent. The 7th Gen towel did a good job after being sprayed with cleaner. The verdict was: Being more eco-friendly is a 7th Gen trait. Most of the time, a full size, full thickness paper towel is not needed. The 7th Gen seem to be as good as Bounty Essentials for my purposes. I may update this post as I go through the first roll. I reduced my paper use.

👤I've been buying this brand and other recycled paper towel products for a long time, but I decided to research the effects of brominated paints and phthalates on the environment. I bought these to avoid dioxins in regular paper towel, but found out there are still dioxins in other types of paper products. There are studies that show that the concentration of plastic in recycled paper goods is higher. It makes sense that cardboard, receipts, and a host of other "recycled" paper goods are loaded with pthalates. Pizza boxes have the highest concentration of recycled material in the world. This all goes into any recycled paper product you buy. Down the rabbit hole. Studies show that recycled toilet paper causes issues to women's reproductive organs and external tissues. Dioxins from non-recycled paper never leave the human body. I will not list the brand out of respect. I have switched to all bamboo and bamboo products in my house. We use bamboo/sc toilet paper, paper towel and napkins when we don't use 100% organic cotton wash clothes. It may seem like a hassle but your health is priceless. That's one thing that I found when I read an article on a "healthy living" site. The true importance of this was realized when the facts were confirmed with actual scientific studies from 2010 through 2021. We all purchase these things because we think we are doing our best for our health or the environment, but not all of the glitter is gold.

👤Paper towels and toilet paper should not be using new paper. I will only buy these because they are made with recycled paper. There is no reason to cut down trees or use other resources to clean up spills in the kitchen.

👤What can I say? It is one of the worst paper towels I have ever used. It is made of paper. I need to double up in order to use normally. For anything more difficult? 4x is needed. It is not satisfactory. As it meets water, it will lose form and shrink up. I wouldn't recommend it. I would consider it if they were giving it for free. It'd be hard to sell it because it's too weak as a paper towel and not soft enough for poop duty.

8. Bamboora Reusable Eco Friendly Completely Biodegradable

Bamboora Reusable Eco Friendly Completely Biodegradable

It is quick and sustainable. The paper towels can be used multiple times and give enoughDurability, unlike the common paper towels. The bamboora towels are good to go again after an hour. There is a tree free bean dish. Their paper towel rolls are unbleached and chlorine-free, which makes them sanitary. The fresh towels are great to use with fruits and vegetables. The purpose of all nature FRIENDLY TOWELS. Their kitchen home lint free paper towel are made from recycled paper. They save money because they are zero waste paper towels. SORBENT PET LITTER. Cloth paper towels have the ability to absorb liquids stronger than conventional tissue and is suggested alternative to paper towels. It will keep the litter box clean. Money saving organic paper tongs. A single roll of Bamboora paper towels replaces 85 rolls of ordinary kitchen towel. Bamboora new generation twin paper towel rolls are a great value for money.

Brand: Bamboora

👤The bamboo towels I bought seemed to be a great deal. I use a lot of paper towels. My main goal was to save money, but I am happy with a bit of environment saving, and I like the bamboo products I have bought in the past. There is a There are 40 bamboo towels in two rolls and each can be used up to 85 times. 3400 towels are 40 x 85. There is a A big roll is 101 half-size towels. Divide it by 2 to make it 50 regular size. The pack costs $10-12 in my area. 3400 towels are for 14.15 dollars. Savings are pretty amazing. There is a I started using them for everything right away. They are not particularly absorbent for drying hands. They will get more absorbent with repeated washings. I was cleaning to show the house for sale, so I had to pick up dust bunnies and stuff that happens in corners and underneath furniture, and I had to clean all the furniture. I don't want to hand wash babies. I put the used ones in the washer with the bath towels. This is not new with bamboo. The bath towels lose their fuzz in the dryer, and a quick wipe down of the washer walls cleaned them up for the next load. The bamboo paper towels were air-dried. They are going in the dryer next time. I washed a second time in the washer after using half of them. Less mess, but still some. I did not have a dryer sheet. This was better and got rid of a lot of fuzz. They are more absorbent and are now ugly, but softer than a microfiber towel. I think it will take at least 4 washings to get them to not shed. One thing I have come up against is how to attractively store them in the kitchen. You can't put them back on after they come off the roll. I thought of a bag holder thingie, but it was too big. I need a box. The shoe box is too big. I don't use Kleenex. A bit bamboozled by that score. What did I do there?

👤The bamboo paper is very tough, so it takes a little effort to get the large sheets to tear away from the roll. There is a These paper towels work well. I have used a single sheet to remove waterproof mascara after rinsing it, and then I used the Disinfectant to wipe up the bathroom skin area. It may look worn out and stained after using on chores, but it is able to continue cleaning by hanging it somewhere to dry.

👤It feels good to do away with paper towels. If you have a collection of neurons in you that produce opioids and want to help the earth, this product may be the biggest bang for your buck. These towels are very durable. I can attest that they become sparkling white with little effort, if you have the discipline to wash them. There is a There is a full 5 star CD.

9. Reusable Homeostasis Friendly Washable Paperless

Reusable Homeostasis Friendly Washable Paperless

Quality, strong and durable disposable paper tote 'PLANT LOVE' (12x ECO gift pack) is sold quickly. You can expect some fading of natural colors and minor shrinkage due to natural materials over time, so keep a few paper towels spare. Reducing use of single-use disposable paper towels and using quality, disposable paper towels can save money. There are many areas you can use them in, such as the kitchen, dining room, outdoor entertaining, and office/ workplace. Simply place your paper towels in the bonus wash bag and line them up in the sun for a longer life of the natural materials. Roll back onto a paper towel holder to reuse, they are clever and hold their form when rolled onto each other. The Homeostasis Living Store on Amazon has a Natural Bamboo Paper Towel holder. There are 12x and 24x packs with 100% recycled paper and plastic free to create a sustainable closed loop system and in eco-friendly bulk sizes to reduce waste. They plant one tree for every product sold to create the changes they want to see around them, and if you are not satisfied you can return the product.

Brand: Homeostasis Living

👤Here is an honest review. I bought these because they were cute and affordable. I ordered this set in order to limit my paper towel usage. They hold up to the scrubbing and absorbing power they claim, but I am disappointed in the overall product appearance after use. I use them to wipe down counter tops with a standard degreaser that is not harsh. Simple wipe down of cabinets and counter tops. This is a daily thing for me and there is no build of anything on my counter/cabinets. Every surface is wiped down after dinner. After general use, these fall short in appearance as you can see the unused rag versus the used rag after a washing and an allowance for air dry. This was once used to wipe down cabinet faces and counter tops, but no fabric softener was used to wash or clean it. The white is no longer bright but dingy, it has faded with the patterns. If you want to avoid having a faded pattern, I would recommend getting a darker pattern. I don't think I will display these as I had planned, they will be tucked away under the sink, as I feel they look grimy now that they have had one use. I ordered these instead of a basic solid color because of the claims of absorption and cleaning power but they fell short in appearance.

👤These paper towel alternatives are very eco-friendly. They are fun and work well. They are stain resistant and wash easily. Highly recommend!

👤I wanted to like them. The idea behind the product is admirable. They aren't very absorbent. They just didn't absorb enough water to get the job done when I tried to dry my hands, pot or counter. It makes them impractical for me.

👤The stand does not come with it. I wanted the whole set up.

10. Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Washable

Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Washable

choose quality wood Twenty sheets of bamboo paper towels can be recycled up to two thousand times. A Little Bunch of Joy is ethicallysourced, eco friendly, and 100% tree free, and their paper towels made of 100% bamboo fiber are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Their bamboo kitchen towels will not smell like regular rags or dishcloths, and they will not smell like wipes, so you can use them instead of wipes for spills and the cleaning of any surface. Eco friendly doesn't have to be boring or expensive; ditch those lifeless white paper towels and choose fun; jazz up your kitchen with these eco sheets; these bamboo towels will make you and your guests smile. If you're not happy with the quality of their bamboo paper towels, they will replace them or give you a money back guarantee, so don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Nifty Eco

👤These are better than a paper towel. I wonder if they are better than a microfiber cloth. I like these better than paper towels. They don't leave lint behind after a wash.

👤I have found no flaws in the product I have purchased. I am very impressed with the soft bamboo cloth that I clean most of the time. I will purchase more of this product so that everyone can have their own... until I have left.

👤I have only been using the bamboo towels for a day, but I really like them. I use less paper towels than I used to. I used one sheet all day. I would have gone through a roll by lunch time with 4 kids if I used the regular paper towels. I will probably be ordering more soon.

👤Not as good as other brands but dose is not as long. Get a better brand by spending the extra 3 bucks.

👤The value is great. They can be washed or washed again and again. The last roll was almost 6 months long. It works better than dish cloths. I like them.

👤I bought this because I wanted to try a different type of paper towel, but as I washed them they started to shrink and I threw them away.

👤I was a little skeptical when ordering, but these work great! It held up great after multiple washes. They do a great job at dusting the furniture, and I separate few to be used for that. A new fan!

👤It is strong enough to get the job done. I think it's a good idea.

11. Reusable Eco Friendly Alternative Unbleached Cleaning

Reusable Eco Friendly Alternative Unbleached Cleaning

Wasting money on paper towels is tiring. Conventional paper towels are expensive. The A size family rolls. The smaller sheets are meant to save money, but the different sheets don't work very well. You get 3 sheets instead of 1 as a result. You are spending more money on paper towels. Disappointing! They have a solution for you. Saving you with paper towel is an alternative. Time. And money. You don't need to spend money on paper towels because Ecoboo bamboo cloths are disposable. Paper towels are 2ply. Their clothes are made of 4 plies. It makes their towels very absorbent, resistant, and clean. When you use these clothes, you reduce your waste of paper towels and save trees and forests of their planet. Thousands of people bought their paper towels and they are happy with them. They will give you one review for loving these! They are soft and absorbent. They got them to try to reduce the amount of paper towel they use. Overall a good product, wiping up spills, and wiping hands and faces. . The review section contains all of the happy customer reviews. A value pack of 10 high-quality cloths with hanging loop in a single box. The paper towels are made from pure fabric that is 888-282-0465. It is suitable for wiping, drying, and cleaning plates, glasses, pots, dishes, and even other kitchen appliances. The cleaning cloth set has a variety of different colors that help you distinguish which cloth is on which surface. If you want to reduce your paper towel waste and save money, you need to start using their product daily. They are certain that you will love their product and that you will buy it as a gift for your family and friends. Send them a message on Amazon if you don't like their product. They will return your money in 24 hours. You won't lose anything if you try a sustainable product. Please add to cart now.

Brand: Ecoboo

👤When paper towels were not available, I bought these. I like them. I was concerned about lint on things. They are absorbent and hold up well. There are two bins on the counter. I wash them once a week and then dry them. We have been using them for two months now and they still look new.

👤I wanted to show you before and after pictures of my patio table. It came out just as clean as when I got it. The cloths are very soft. I will give a set to my mom and sister.

👤Bamboo doesn't get stains, it dries quickly, and it doesn't get mold. That's the reason I bought these. Many people on Amazon claim to be bamboo. I used one rag in a house that was full of hoarders. The rag was very clean when I cleaned it. I have a color code so I don't worry about the rags being used on the counter. I use a lot of paper towels, so cut them down and use absorbent paper towels. You don't have to wait on laundry if you wash in between uses when they get gross. You couldn't do that with cotton. There is a The images speak for themselves. I used one rag. It came out with some stains. I know they will last because they will never get dirty in my house. If you think it will stain, give it a quick hand wash with dish soap. They don't get bogged with water if you ring it out.

👤These towels look like diaper inserts, but they have completely replaced paper towels in my life. This pack is large enough to cover everything and be laundered before I run out. It's soft enough to use as a napkin at dinner and can pick up spilled drinks from the rug. If I wanted to keep them out of the general population, I could designate the purple ones for gross stuff. They don't dry completely in my dryer, but I just hang them for a while and they're good to go.

👤I think they're sufficient for our needs. I wanted an easy towel for each family member to have, instead of paper towels. They have a small loop to hang them up to dry. They are in the kitchen and guest bathroom. When I washed them, they shrunk, but they are saving paper products.

👤I should have bought them sooner. These are amazing. There is a I was appalled at his napkin usage when I first met my partner. He used napkins and paper towels for everything. I had to find a way to accommodate his needs so that I could live sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. There is a The napkins fit the bill perfectly. I was impressed by the packaging, but it wasn't the only thing I liked about it. There is a The texture seemed a bit off-putting when I first touched them. I thought they were as pleasant as the cloth napkins at restaurants. It's true. The texture is completely different after their first laundered. Night and day. These napkins are so soft to the touch that they're really absorbent. There is a Did you spill some juice on the counter? Sop it up! There is a Are you getting pasta sauce on your chin? Remove it! There is a You washed your hands and can't find a towel. Remove them! Do you need to get a hot dish or set one up? One of these! There is a If you want to eliminate paper towels from your house, you could use these under a wire baking rack. There is a The true test was if my paper-napkin-loving partner was going to enjoy them. I think he's happy with them, and he hasn't mentioned paper towels or napkins since. Yes, CHYES!


What is the best product for eco friendly paper towels reusable?

Eco friendly paper towels reusable products from Gecocious. In this article about eco friendly paper towels reusable you can see why people choose the product. Enviro Safe Home and Zerowastely are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly paper towels reusable.

What are the best brands for eco friendly paper towels reusable?

Gecocious, Enviro Safe Home and Zerowastely are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly paper towels reusable. Find the detail in this article. Generic, Kitchlife and Seventh Generation are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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