Best Eco Friendly Party Favors Bags

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1. Handles 5 25x3 25x8 Bagmad Grocery Shopping

Handles 5 25x3 25x8 Bagmad Grocery Shopping

The eco-friendly gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests. The gift size is 5.25 inches long, 3.25 inches wide, and 8 inches high. It's suitable for gift bags, small shopping bags, gift bags, wedding or party gift bags. This paper bag is made of a thicker paper, which is more durable and can hold a weight of 10 pounds, but it is not thickened, which can meet the needs of your daily life. Paper bags are Eco-friendly. The bags are made of 100% recycled paper. You can do it by yourself if you don't have a logo. It can be used in a lot of places. You can add words and patterns to the gift paper bag to give it a different look and feel. Service quality assurance is their job. If you are not satisfied with their products or have any other questions, please contact them by email and they will be at your service. If you have a question, please contact them by email.

Brand: Bagmad

👤These bags would be what I needed. I wanted to buy these little guys in small quantities. The top layer looked fine, no bends, and the deeper I got, the more I realized the handles were not straight. The bags were tightly packed inside a box, so tight that most of them have marks. The 100 count was purchased by me. This will not fly for my business so I will have to return. They are not used but the way they are creased makes them look like they are.

👤Most of the handles are off center.

👤I have been buying this type of bag for a long time and these are my favorite so far. The handles don't leave raised lines on the outside like many of them do. They look great with a logo label. They are made to last.

👤Visitor gift bags were purchased. We were able to fit 2 medium sized books, a small jar of honey, and a pen in the bag with plenty of room to spare. Sturdy paper and handle, not worried that the bag would tear. Great price! I would recommend buying these bags.

👤The bags dimensions are not what they are advertised to be. If you look at my picture, you will see that the bags are 5x7 instead of the advertised size of 5x8. I compared the size of the bag that they advertised with the actual size and the print next to it. These bags will not go with my other bags. These bags are sturdy and will do the job. I should have read the comments because they said the bags were a bit smaller.

👤These can be used for small Christmas bags. It's a great deal for how many you get. There is a It gets shipped jammed into a box, with no wrapping or anything. I didn't mind it. There is a It looks great after we covered it with cute Christmas stickers. I will be able to use these bags throughout the year because I will be buying cute stickers for other holidays.

👤The bags were large enough to fit a box of candy. I was able to add some small items to the bags. They were shipped in a small box so they wouldn't get any wrinkling. Photos for the strong handles were included in the price.

👤I was going to use the bags to print logos. I had to return them because they were too thick. It would be easier to get a stamp and some ink and decorate them if you needed it. There was no bleed through when I tried screenprinting on them. I put about 10 pounds of books and weights in the bags and shook them as hard as I could to see if they would fall apart. You have to force them to tear it.

👤Son TAL CUAL LA DESCRIPCIN, BIENEN, UN EMPAQUE RESISTENTE, Y APARTE. La pocopreperin is QUE. AMAZON OTRO EMPAQUE PARA MAYOR SEGURIDAD DE TU PAQUETE. The color of the shirt is called "Buja calIDAD." The son of Grecos Y. No tiene problema con Las Assas, Las Assas son resistentes. SI RECOMIENDO. Y. A MI ME LEGANTES. En AMAZON PAQUETERA Y CONESTE PROVEEDOR, YO estoy muy contenta.

2. SumDirect 5x7inch Jewelry Drawstring Christmas

SumDirect 5x7inch Jewelry Drawstring Christmas

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift bags are made from high-quality paper. The Linen Burlap Bag can be used to store food, packing gift, travel storage, and keeping some items such as snacks, cream jars, jewelry, coins, candy at parties, shipping hardware or other small metal parts. You can keep daily essentials. It's definitely a life must-have. Their bags are made with high quality food grade, eco friendly linen material, safe, and good for the environment and people's health. The bag is printed with a nice texture and cute fonts. The cute and special design of these sacks is due to the creative design. Breathability and Utility: Tiny holes in the weave of the linen burlap bag will help air to flow, not only to sweat, but to vent air as you heat up. When you carry it by hand, it makes your skin safe, but also makes your skin moist. The package includes: 5x7inch brown linen bags, 20pcs ropes, and tags.

Brand: Sumdirect

👤These were very small and not at all 5x7. They only held a gift card and candy cane. It was a waste for a gift to be 4x6 because it was very cute and sturdy. These bags didn't fit that.

👤I tried using a heat press on the bags and they were hard to heat press, but they are adorable with a heart cutout. I still got the effect I was looking for because I was able to write on the bags with colored sharpie.

👤The stemless wine glasses I purchased were too small to fit in.

👤I gave out small gifts at Christmas and these were perfect for them. Everyone loved these bags.

👤It was perfect for my wedding party gifts. We put rose petals in the ceremony for our guests.

👤I love the fabric. It's versatile for gift on different occasions.

👤These are large. They are very high quality. I am happy I have them.

3. Oikss 8x4 75x10 Birthday Shopping Business

Oikss 8x4 75x10 Birthday Shopping Business

No need to purchase individual bags because of time, money, and space savings. Their shopping bags come in different sizes to fit any product. Reusable bags fold up when not in use for easy storage and can be used for a long time. Medium size gift bags are 8 inches long, 4.75 inches wide, and 10 inches high. It is suitable for gift bags, shopping bags, holiday gift bags, party gift bags, retail bags, commodity bags and wedding welcome bags. This paper bag is made of a more durable paper, which can hold a weight of 10 pounds, and can meet the needs of your daily life. Paper bags are Eco-friendly. The bags are made of 100% recycled paper, which is bio-degradable and recyclable, no peculiar smell, and look a lot classier as gifts bags. It can be used in a lot of places. There are no words or patterns on the gift paper bag, so you can make your own. Give your imagination a chance and let it go. It is their job to make every customer satisfied with the service and product quality. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with their products, please contact them via email.

Brand: Oikss

4. Small Multi Reusable Handles Friendly

Small Multi Reusable Handles Friendly

These fabric multi-color bags are perfect for all occasions, from a birthday party to a professional event. The ultimate retractable fabric bag is the only bag you will need for any occasion. You can personalize and decorate these neon gift bags with fabric paint, stamps, and markers. These fabric gift bags are perfect for special occasion gifts or to give out party favors. Two of each color come in each pack, so you can choose from a variety of colors. Reusability and resilience fabric material. The pp non-woven material that you can spot clean and hang dry is what makes these gift bags so useful. These gift bags are very versatile and can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Occasionall

👤You can iron these bags. I used heat transfer paper to play cricket. I give samples to my customers. I will be buying more of these.

👤Cute little bags are great for gift cards. Fun colors.

👤It's perfect for bags for parties. Excellent quality material.

👤Despite being put through torture tests with toddlers and kindergarteners, the goody bags have stayed in tact. These are better quality than some of the bags I use, but are too small to use for reuse.

👤I thought they were small, but they were used for gift bags for my son's party. The stuff stuck out, but it worked.

👤My son's birthday party was a success. They were the perfect size for small toys and candy.

👤These are bright and cute. They were used to give confirmation necklaces.

5. Reusable Friendly Groceries Merchandise Boutiques

Reusable Friendly Groceries Merchandise Boutiques

Their shopping bags are made with high quality pp non-woven materials. The gift bags are disposable. These shopping bags are made from recycled materials and are perfect for light usage and holding non-fragile items. Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple are available. Hang dry recommended. Carry all your items with ease. Their heat-sealed pp non woven shopping bags are great for carrying a wide variety of non-fragile items. Convenient storage in your car, closet or pantry can be achieved with bags fold flat. The bags have a heat seal on them. Their boutique bags are made of soft pp non woven fabric and are perfect for easy carry. These bags are for added safety and security. SPACE SAVERS: time, money, and space. No need to buy individual bags. Pack of 12 are the packs of their premium multi-color pp non woven bags. The packs hold bags that are perfect for any event. The unprinted assorted bags are great for personalization. The gift bags are made from a thick pp non woven material which is reusable. The pp non woven shopping bags are opaque anddurable, giving your items added security.

Brand: Unknown

👤I bought to use for the bridal shower. They are going to give the gifts to the game winners. They are perfect for reuse. I would buy again. I bought awesome gifts for those who play games.

👤It would only fit a box of Kleenex upright. Not on the base. 2 cans of beans could fit in it.

6. Rose Gold Gift Bags Bachelorette

Rose Gold Gift Bags Bachelorette

The blue bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space. These rose gold foil bags are eco-friendly and are perfect for large gifts or to use as a tote bag. These bags have an attractive shimmer and metallic finish and are great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and events. These bags are lightweight and can carry heavy objects multiple times. It's perfect for special sacramentals. These rose gold gift bags are perfect for baby showers, weddings, and more. This pack of a dozen bags is perfect for holidays or events, and they have a trendy metallic rose gold gift bag on hand. StrongOVEN handles are made of thick PP nonwovens and have reinforced stitching to make carrying large or heavy gifts convenient. You can use this medium-sized gift bag for a variety of purposes, including everyday tasks and toting gifts to events. The metallic rose gold gift bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space.

Brand: Occasionall

👤These bags are great. Sturdy and can be used many times. You can make these truly customer bags for any party or event.

👤Don't put anything in them, they are pretty. Except super light things. They broke on me.

👤These were very sturdy and looked nice.

👤Purchased for bags for women. It's a great bag for reuse.

👤These bags were sturdy to hold all the jars of preserves and jams that I had.

👤The straps were broken even with nothing in them. They are cute.

7. SCIONE Bracelets Classroom Halloween Christmas

SCIONE Bracelets Classroom Halloween Christmas

5. The wooden fork and knife is more suited for dessert than for food like ribs and chicken. It is possible to use these for that type of food, but you may need to pre-slic it to use it better. These Easter basket stuffers come with a 24 pack led light up bracelet and various party favors. The combination of bracelets,led lights, and fidget spinner is loved by kids. It's fun to fiddle it. There are three lights in the Easter basket for kids. There are three flash modes to choose from. The light will blink continuously if you press the switch once. The light will blink very quickly if you press it again. If you press it three times, the lights will blink in three different ways. The switch will be turned off if you press it four times. The kids party favors breaking the conventional features of play bracelets that only bring light and flicker. Its rotation catches attention. Children can focus on the spinner. The distraction of attention to the glow in the dark party supplies can help adults break away from troubles, relieve anxiety, and release pressure to some extent. This is what you want, more fun and less pressure. The double buckle design can be worn by both adults and children. When the children are playing with it, the wrist buckle closes firmly. They make sure the lights last a long time. These can be used without lights on during the day. You can still use it as a toy. These kids' party supplies are fun gifts for birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, and any other cheerful events.

Brand: Scione

👤There are cute party favors. There are five different styles of fidget spinners. The bracelets come in 5 different colors. 23 of the 24 were perfect. One didn't work. No problem.

👤The kids were excited to see them. They fell apart within the first 10 minutes. We thought a couple were duds and gave them new ones, but the new ones fell apart like the first ones. The jewels fell off when we told them to spin gently. The small button cell batteries fell on the floor, which was very dangerous for toddlers who might be around and still put things in their mouths. They would be awesome if they improved the quality. I would advise you not to purchase.

👤These are cool. Very nice. I would buy them again. There is a The pros. There are a variety of colors. There are many different designs. The light up effect has different lighting patterns which is great. You can make the bracelet part in two different sizes. There is a They are meant for small wrists and wouldn't fit someone older than 8. The designs of the spinner are strange. I understand why they did it, so it's not a bad con for me. One style of bands has heart designs, which limits who can like it, and about a quarter of them had that design. One of the spinners was off in a package, and a couple were missing a gem sticker, which was an annoyance. There is a These are pretty good. I like them. They were popular. I would get them again, but it would be nice to have more knowledge after buying them. They were played with and all survived. We were able to use all of them, even with a few that had problems, because we took gems off the broken spinner to put on the ones with missing gems. The value is there. Light up party favor.

👤I didn't have to bother. My kids thought I was the best grandma in the world for giving them these bracelets. They turned on and off. After my daughter stuck the jewel on her forehead, I glue it back on. There is a These are very entertaining. If half of them worked, they would still be twice as fun as any other pinata stuffer.

👤At the end of the grading period, I used these for reward and prizes. I use it for grades 5 to 8. My students were excited when I revealed the prizes. When the day came for the students to choose their prize, they had to choose from the light up spinner bracelets. It was great to see how much they loved these. These were not cheap carnival prizes, so they were treating them carefully. These are a good price for quality and excitement. There are probably less usable prizes than you think, but over all these are a hit.

👤I was very happy that all of them worked. The lights were bright. The children loved them. The parents asked where I got them. It was great to attend a roller blading party. You can snap the top piece on again if you break a few after playing with them. My kids leave the blue and green lights on while they lay around so the lights go out a little quicker. Even when the lights are out, you still have a spinner bracelet. I have had the jewels for a week. Even if there were some small problems with this buy, I was happy with it.

8. Pieces 6x3 1x8 2 Handles Shopping Birthday

Pieces 6x3 1x8 2 Handles Shopping Birthday

The package includes baby shower present bags with cute designs. The large design of the bag makes it easy to store anything you want to offer as a present. There are 6 eco-friendly small gift bags. The retro style of the white bags enhances the sense of elegance. High-QUALITY: Their party favor bags are made of high-quality paper and are not easy to break. The rope is high quality and not easy to fall off. You can make your own candy bags with your own unique style, because they are designed in pure color, without any patterns. The raft paper is recycled and can be used multiple times. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. A set of bags. These paper bags are great for gift bags, small shopping bags, gift bags, and wedding or party bags. During holidays, retail and merchandise bags are available at local craft shows. Their friendly customer service is what you get with 16 Pieces Gift Bags.

Brand: Romeda

👤I got these bags for the price, but they were affordable and you get what you paid for. One of the bags had brown stuff in it. It wasn't like it was outside because it was one of the bags that came inside. It got dirty. They were not worth the dirtiness because they were regular paper bags.

👤They were perfect for candy bags. Good size.

👤I was a bit concerned about the quality of the material and the thickness of the bags after I used them for gift bags. I stuffed the bags full and not one bag was ripped. If that's of any help, the markers don't bleed through the bag.

👤They were the perfect size for birthday favor bags.

👤I needed gift bags as soon as possible and the price was great. Well made!

👤The perfect size for a journal.

👤They are not exactly the size I wanted, but they will work. They are cheaper than what I would pay in the store, and you get more bags. Couldn't find them anywhere, so I went to Amazon and found them.

👤The simplicity and quality are what I love the most.

9. Handles Birthday Halloween Christmas Animals

Handles Birthday Halloween Christmas Animals

BUY RISK-FREE: They stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Are you not satisfied with the fabric birthday treat bags? They can replace you or give you a full refund. Get eco-conscious party supplies that are risk-free by clicking 'add to cart'. 14 pack party favor bags are included There are 7 different animal patterns. It is designed for holding party favors. Each party bag has a length of 8.6 inches and a width of 6.3 inches. The handle's height is 8 cm / 3.1 inches. The size is easy to carry and stand on. These animal party bags are made of a tough and durable material that can be recycled for a long time. Kids will be thrilled to find out what's inside these lovely animal party bags, which include party favors, return gifts, birthday present, prizes, candy, cookies, chocolate, treats, crafts and more. There are different occasions like kids' party, birthday party, baby shower, family gathering, Safari Animals and jungle theme party, Halloween, Christmas, classmate party, Thanksgiving and any other special moments.

Brand: Yocharm

👤The bags were sturdy. The kids love them because they have a lot of space.

👤I ordered it for my daughter's birthday. The bags are very nice. Kids liked it. There are 14 bags packs that come with 6 different animal designs and 2 bags with all animals print.

👤They are cute. Cute in size as well. They are small. It says 11 inches. It is a 9 inch bag.

👤They are well made and cute. They are too small. They're more like bags than gift bags.

👤It goes perfectly with my daughter's birthday jungle theme.

👤perfectas Para las sorpresas. en su cumpleaos.

10. Pieces 6x3 1x8 2 Assorted Colors Handles

Pieces 6x3 1x8 2 Assorted Colors Handles

The gift bag is made from high-quality paper. There are 6 different colors of eco-friendly small gift bags. There are many bright colors, including yellow, rose, light blue, light purple and light green. The color that children like the most is the closest to the real rainbow. High-QUALITY: Their party favor bags are made of high-quality paper and are not easy to break. The rope is high quality and not easy to fall off. You can make your own candy bags with your own unique style, because they are designed in pure color, without any patterns. The raft paper is recycled and can be used multiple times. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. A set of favor bags for various uses such as shopping bags, merchandise bags, gift bags, party bags, hospitality bags, candy bags, cookies bags, wedding gift bags, Christmas bags, party gift bags, etc. Birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, bachelor parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving are all ideal for them. Their 7* 24 friendly customer service for peace of mind is what you get with the 16 pieces gift bags.

Brand: Romeda

👤They were used for a birthday bag for school kids. Great strength and size. The colors are bright. Highly recommended.

👤It was pretty good. Nice colors. It's good for many different holidays and people.

👤The bags are the best for return gifts. It's worth money.

👤Birthday goody bags were perfect for these cute bags.

👤Mi opinin es decir, pero un buen producto resistente colores. As, lo recomiendo.

11. Hopttreely Premium Drawstring Festival Bathroom

Hopttreely Premium Drawstring Festival Bathroom

1. Their wedding party favor bags are made of high quality sheer organza. The seams are sewn well around the outside and on both sides of the drawstring, which makes it look more expensive. 2. Open and closed at the same time. The design of their gift bags makes it easier to put items in and out, keeping items clean. 3. Their bag size is approximately 4*4.72", perfect for packaging small items, candy, jewelry, and more. 4. It's great for a wedding, party, birthday, church, hotels. During the holdays, there are gifts for co-workers and promotion gifts. 5. Their values are "Customer First, Quality First, Service First" and they hope their bags bring customers the good and convenient life.

Brand: Hopttreely

👤The birds were eating figs. The solution to the problem is these bags. Place the bag over the ripening fig and pull it. White is the best color for fig because it will not get too hot from the sun and you can see when the fig is ready to be picked. I wish I had known about this trick a long time ago, because I think it works for TomATOES.

👤If you're just filling with a little lavender and putting it in a drawer, they look pretty nice. I would spend a bit more and get a better product if I did more with these. Very shiny. There is a The threading is loose and falling apart. The seams are not straight. There is a The drawstring does not open. It's good! That's what I needed. I'm not using it for a wedding or shower so it's what it is.

👤I share milkweed seeds with others to protect the Monarch butterfly population. I don't have to be constantly checking to see if thepods have opened and if I have lost seeds before I can collect them, because these bags allow thepods to open up but not blow away. I shake the bags several times and the silk separates from the seeds. The silk is used for bird nest. You can put them in a container in the yard, along with other string and yarn. Very happy with them.

👤My daughter's wedding favors were made with 100 pieces. I could have put half a cup in with room to spare if I had filled each bag with a quarter cup. All but one of the 100 were tied perfectly. Not bad. They will hold up well in the application I'm using.

👤I'm serious here. I use these bags as chasers for garlic and gypsies. I use 1/2 head of Garlic in a bag with individual cloves that are UNSMASHED. I place around/near doors and places that are too close to the house. The smell of garlic seems to be hated by pests such as Geckos. Humans don't smell cloves but the Geckos and PEST do and they run away. I replace with new bags and garlic every 4 months. It's a cheap and natural PEST Control. This is how I use these bags.

👤I put confetti in these bags and they are a big hit. I keep them in my purse for a month because they don't look cheap. Highly recommended.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the bags were. I was making gifts for people at a conference and needed a lot of them. The bags were uniformly made and very nice. I received them in a short period of time. I had been doing business with a company in China and every item I got was taken forever. It took over a week for the ones that I paid for expedited shipping to go through customs. Regular shipping took two weeks. I believe the shipping was for two days. It is amazing. I will definitely order again, and see what else they have.


What is the best product for eco friendly party favors bags?

Eco friendly party favors bags products from Bagmad. In this article about eco friendly party favors bags you can see why people choose the product. Sumdirect and Oikss are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly party favors bags.

What are the best brands for eco friendly party favors bags?

Bagmad, Sumdirect and Oikss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly party favors bags. Find the detail in this article. Occasionall, Unknown and Occasionall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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