Best Eco Friendly Party Favors for Adults

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1. Joyin Pack Bubble Assortment Dozen

Joyin Pack Bubble Assortment Dozen

There is a fun gift ready bag. There is a summer toy pack and party favors set. It's perfect for Bath Time, a Themed Party, School Activities, Carnivals and more. It was very sad. There are 14 colors in the set, including 2 Yellow, 2 Blue, 2 Pink, 2 Green, 2 Orange, 2 Turquoise and 2 Pack 12 mL (0.4 Fl Oz) concentrated bubble solution. It's great for Easter. A good choice for Easter basket stuffers. Endless bags. There are lots of bubbles when you blow on the wand. It's safe. The solution passed all safety tests. Kids are very safe on their skin and face.

Brand: Joyin

👤I bought these for kids and they loved them, but I discovered that they are better for adults. Do you hear bad news? The air is filled with iridescent bubbles when you wave this wand a couple of times. It's seriously. Try it!

👤My children and I love bubbles. This brand has never been purchased before, but whatever solution is stained 7 items of clothing, it will not come out. My toddler stained a pair of Nike's when he dumped bubbles out. I don't want to ruin the bubble fun, but if you have any clothing items, you don't want to be destroyed! It was easy to use and fun.

👤They are okay. They have tons of good bubble solution. The wands are difficult to use. I can't believe how many people rate these stars. There is a There are problems. They don't have a flat bottom, so they have to be held the whole time. There are two more You have to bend the wand sideways to get the solution to fall below the top of the tube. It's difficult for little kids to manage. There are 3 more The wand is long and the tube is thin, making it difficult for kids to get it back in the tube without spilling it all. There are four It makes big-ish bubbles, but there's only one opening, so it's not as many as other bubble wands that have multiple holes to create more bubbles per dip. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I ordered two because of the outstanding set of bubble wands. Each guest was given a set of birthday party favors. My child's elementary class received the second set as a farewell gift and it was perfect for summer. This product and seller is very good. It's so much easier to make friends with strangers if you bring a few to the park because kids will line up for a turn. My kid loves to pop bubbles and blow bubbles, it brings a smile to everyone's face. A great picture!

👤Will last all summer and spring. These are large enough to make bubbles. I've bought similar ones before, they were smaller and the bubble solution was useless. We never made a bubble, no matter how hard we tried. I was a bit worried about getting these, but I'm glad I did. We have been playing in the park.

👤The thickness of the plastic container section is not consistent. Water bottles collapse under your hand when you attempt to drink. The toy aisle at Mal-Wart has better quality toys for a buck. Since I didn't have to deal with the people of Mal-Wart, I rated this higher than just okay.

👤These are a favor pack for my four year olds party. They were hit. There were 10 kids at the party at the park. We were surrounded by thirty kids at the park when the bubble wands came out. The crowd at the park was attracted by the many bubbles produced by the wand. It was a bad feeling. I only had 12 for the rest of the park. Great purchase!

2. Punch Balloons Party Favors Kids

Punch Balloons Party Favors Kids

punch balls measuring up to 18” in diameter are jumbo size. It is made from thick, durable, eco friendly latex that is resistant to popping and extra stretchy rubber bands for long lasting, extra fun! Kids love them because they are great for birthday party supplies, stocking stuffers, gift bag fillers, party bags, party games, decorations, piata fillers, fun games for kids, goodie bags, carnival prizes, party favor and get togethers! There are 6 vibrant neon colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink or purple. There is a guarantee. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are very confident in their product. John & Judy are the backers of your purchase.

Brand: John & Judy

👤Don't give this to children without supervision, it's very dirty and stinky. I was buying this for a bag exchange. I need to buy other items because I am so disappointed. I can not give this to children. The balloons are dirty and have a strong odor in the bag. I didn't bother to inflate the balloon.

👤The smell when inflated was terrible. Had to drive with windows open. There are two things Dirty. When washed before indlated, the water was blackened and asymmetric when inflated. Air retention is worse than other balloons.

👤I used these in my bags for my son's birthday. On time, there was no smell or dirty smell. The kids loved them so it served its purpose but buy extra and a few kids didn't pop their balloom but the rubber band ripped off after a couple punches, luckily I had extra and gave them a different one and that one held better. I appreciated the letter from the company thanking me and checking in to make sure I was happy. I will buy from them again for future birthday needs.

👤The punch balloons are awesome. My kids liked them. The kids liked them. The kids loved them. They were a hit. There are top quality balloons with stretchy rubber bands and a great mix of colors. My son's school banned candy this year, so we gave them out instead. We handed out gift baggies. The labels say that it is a good day to love.

👤These are fun. We had a great time with them, but we ran into one that was stuck shut and couldn't be inflated with our balloon pump, and we had two pop for no reason after just a few minutes. We didn't get to use all of the balloons. It was disappointing, but we still felt good about the deal we got, because the pack came with plenty of punch balls at a great price. They're big and round and would be great as decorative balloons.

👤I bought them for my daughter's party. We didn't want the balloons to pop so we blew them up before the party started. Most of the balloons popped before the kids got them. They popped when they sat there. The balloons that didn't pop before the party popped within 2 minutes of the kids using them. We were very disappointed.

👤The balloon material is so thin that we had to go through 1/2 of the bag. Kids were playing. I was making new ones. Only one of the rubber bands broke, but the rest were so delicate that they could have fallen on the ground. Would not recommend it.

👤I bought them for my daughter's birthday party. When my kids saw them, they begged to open the package and play with them. Why not? I let them go to town. They loved them so much that they punched away for hours. Even though it's been several days, they are still going strong. I will buy them again.

3. Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Occupational

Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Occupational

This push bubble pop is a perfect gift for adults and children with special needs. It's easy to carry and doesn't occupy the bag space. Each order includes 24 mini foam tic-tac-toe boards. 5 Colorful X's and O's are included in every game. They are wrapped individually and come in a variety of colors. There are red, blue, and purple colors. Neon yellow and purple are the colors of the game piece Noughts and Crosses. All-time classic game! It's fun for everyone to get 3 in a row and win the game. The foam version of the game is great for kids and occupational therapy because it helps develop problem solving and strategic thinking skills. Their pack of Bedwina foam tic toc toe games in bulk are a great price and make wonderful toys for party favors. Kids will enjoy playing with their friends and if you use them as a bag of goodies, they will have a lot of fun. The size is perfect. Travel friendly. Bedwina tic tac toe mini games for kids are made of high quality foam and are safe for toddlers and kids. These mini tic tac toe games are perfect for road trips. The game board and pieces are 1 - 1/2 inches tall. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they'll take back your product. They are here to make you happy, 100% of the time.

Brand: Bedwina

👤This is going to be added to my students bag. They are wrapped individually. I think my students will like it because it is sturdy and they will love it. The color would be brighter. It is not a dealbreaker. I would recommend this to other teachers.

👤I put these in the shoe boxes for Samaritan Purse and the stockings I made for the children at the fire department. They can be enjoyed by different age groups.

👤I bought these to add to a party favor bag. The kids were excited about having the games and the chance to play with the boards in a car. The boards are large. It is easy to pop in and out of O's. Excellent price!

👤I ordered it for my daughter's party. I purchased everything in 24 sets. There is a The gift was packed and I found out that there was a 23 pack. One person can't get a toy.

👤The foams were stuck to the covers and it would have been nice if they were heat sealed, it is easy to keep it close when not in use. That is the reason for 4 stars.

👤These add to the party because you can play them in the car with people from out of town and at the after party moments. Work for everyone.

👤Kids will love this Halloween treat. They look easy to handle. Bright colors for all ages. Very happy.

👤Individually wrapped! It's perfect for school gifts or party favors. Good deal. My child loved them. I am sure his class will too. Purchased for part of class.

4. SCIONE Bracelets Classroom Halloween Christmas

SCIONE Bracelets Classroom Halloween Christmas

5. The wooden fork and knife is more suited for dessert than for food like ribs and chicken. It is possible to use these for that type of food, but you may need to pre-slic it to use it better. These Easter basket stuffers come with a 24 pack led light up bracelet and various party favors. The combination of bracelets,led lights, and fidget spinner is loved by kids. It's fun to fiddle it. There are three lights in the Easter basket for kids. There are three flash modes to choose from. The light will blink continuously if you press the switch once. The light will blink very quickly if you press it again. If you press it three times, the lights will blink in three different ways. The switch will be turned off if you press it four times. The kids party favors breaking the conventional features of play bracelets that only bring light and flicker. Its rotation catches attention. Children can focus on the spinner. The distraction of attention to the glow in the dark party supplies can help adults break away from troubles, relieve anxiety, and release pressure to some extent. This is what you want, more fun and less pressure. The double buckle design can be worn by both adults and children. When the children are playing with it, the wrist buckle closes firmly. They make sure the lights last a long time. These can be used without lights on during the day. You can still use it as a toy. These kids' party supplies are fun gifts for birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, and any other cheerful events.

Brand: Scione

👤There are cute party favors. There are five different styles of fidget spinners. The bracelets come in 5 different colors. 23 of the 24 were perfect. One didn't work. No problem.

👤The kids were excited to see them. They fell apart within the first 10 minutes. We thought a couple were duds and gave them new ones, but the new ones fell apart like the first ones. The jewels fell off when we told them to spin gently. The small button cell batteries fell on the floor, which was very dangerous for toddlers who might be around and still put things in their mouths. They would be awesome if they improved the quality. I would advise you not to purchase.

👤These are cool. Very nice. I would buy them again. There is a The pros. There are a variety of colors. There are many different designs. The light up effect has different lighting patterns which is great. You can make the bracelet part in two different sizes. There is a They are meant for small wrists and wouldn't fit someone older than 8. The designs of the spinner are strange. I understand why they did it, so it's not a bad con for me. One style of bands has heart designs, which limits who can like it, and about a quarter of them had that design. One of the spinners was off in a package, and a couple were missing a gem sticker, which was an annoyance. There is a These are pretty good. I like them. They were popular. I would get them again, but it would be nice to have more knowledge after buying them. They were played with and all survived. We were able to use all of them, even with a few that had problems, because we took gems off the broken spinner to put on the ones with missing gems. The value is there. Light up party favor.

👤I didn't have to bother. My kids thought I was the best grandma in the world for giving them these bracelets. They turned on and off. After my daughter stuck the jewel on her forehead, I glue it back on. There is a These are very entertaining. If half of them worked, they would still be twice as fun as any other pinata stuffer.

👤At the end of the grading period, I used these for reward and prizes. I use it for grades 5 to 8. My students were excited when I revealed the prizes. When the day came for the students to choose their prize, they had to choose from the light up spinner bracelets. It was great to see how much they loved these. These were not cheap carnival prizes, so they were treating them carefully. These are a good price for quality and excitement. There are probably less usable prizes than you think, but over all these are a hit.

👤I was very happy that all of them worked. The lights were bright. The children loved them. The parents asked where I got them. It was great to attend a roller blading party. You can snap the top piece on again if you break a few after playing with them. My kids leave the blue and green lights on while they lay around so the lights go out a little quicker. Even when the lights are out, you still have a spinner bracelet. I have had the jewels for a week. Even if there were some small problems with this buy, I was happy with it.

5. BINGLALA Simple Keychain Anxiety Reliever

BINGLALA Simple Keychain Anxiety Reliever

The flowers are perfect for a party favors lei. They are perfect for any kind of luau party,birthday party,hawaiian themed party, beach party,pool party luau, this one leis necklace purchase gives you enough to really add a lei headband fun. The educational toys are made of high-quality silicone materials, which are safe, non-toxic and tasteless. Can be used more than once. It's a good idea to wash it with water if it gets dirty. Push-pull fidget toys are an effective home for people with stress disorders, helping them to relieve the stress of anxiety and restore mood. The game is fun and players take turns pressing down mice. The player who presses down the last mouse loses. Product features You can take the mini toy with you no matter where you are. The hanging hole design is more convenient for storage. It's suitable for students, office workers, and daily fun, but also for those who lack attention or have a disorder. It can be used as a school bag pendant, a birthday gift, a Halloween gift, or a Christmas gift.

Brand: Binglala

👤These are great for anxiety, they are well-made, I like them, and I have them everywhere. It's great for one in meetings or the school remote with the kids.

👤The price is a good deal. I got a bunch of toys. Don't understand that. Kids love them. They are fun to play with for adults.

👤It will not stay in the room. When you push it in, it comes back out. It is supposed to push in. You push it in and flip it over. It won't work for all of them.

👤The product met all my expectations. I think the thickness of the material will be durable. It is a great value to get 5 in the package because it allows me to share with my granddaughters.

👤My 9 year old loves them. It's a fad right now for all these "fidgets". She fills them up, puts them in the freezer, and uses the ice to eat her drinks. They have lasted and not fallen apart like most items.

👤These were really good quality for smaller pop-its. The texture is thick and smooth to get a good sense of pop. The colors look great. The chains were packaged separately. You can either loop the chains or toss them. Nice option.

👤These are cute and colorful and have a side that makes a loud pop. They would be great for traveling. It looks like the picture. There is a The bad side is bad. It only came with two keys, one of which has a hole in it that you can't pop out. The picture shows that. The quality is terrible. It's definitely not worth anything. Cute, if they were cheaper.

6. FUN LITTLE TOYS Building Birthday

FUN LITTLE TOYS Building Birthday

Customer service is the best service. They will do everything they can to keep you happy if anything goes wrong with your mini cube. The MINI building blocks are less than 1 cm, so please refer to the pictures for more detailed information. It is suitable for children ages 6+, but may have difficulty for younger kids. Give the cute animals away as Easter party favors, hide them in a basket as stuffers, or use them as egg fillers at the Easter egg hunt event, and they are a total of 12 different cute animals. Improve hands-on ability, intelligence and patience by sparking children's imagination. If you have questions about their products, contact their friendlier customer service.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤It requires a lot of dexterity and hand strength. Maybe ages 10 or 12. + The lion kit is missing several pieces. There is a The photo shows the difference between Duplo and Lego.

👤The reviews said these were smaller than regular Legos. That doesn't explain how small these are. To say small isn't enough. Microscopic is a better description. It's either microscopic or pointless. I got these for my child to have a sitter. They were unable to build an animal. I made my husband who is great at Legos, and he was too frustrated by these to try them. A waste of money.

👤The product was in a good condition when it arrived. The blocks are easy to build and have detailed instructions for each animal. I think this is a decent product. It is a good alternative to LEGOs.

👤Every Christmas, I host a party for my family and friends and all the men get a fun gift. The toys and candy were similar to Legos. They were a big hit. I was asked where I got them. There are enough small pieces to be challenging, but not impossible, as each one becomes a different animal. Who doesn't need a little brain workout once in a while? There is a These are a great party favor for a little fun. I think they were about $1 each, which is reasonable for a Christmas gift.

👤I bought the building blocks for my granddaughter. It seems like it's difficult for her to fit together. She loved them and the models that were finished were going to be put on her desk. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I have these as stocking stuffers for adults. I did the extra Kola to try them out. They are difficult for me to deal with. The person is 33 years old. I don't think the instructions are very clear, but I'm not a Lego person so maybe it's how most directions are written? I ended up with all the extra blocks because I was missing blocks. The extra blocks made me think I had missed something, so I took it apart and reassembled it. We will see how the rest of the blocks go.

👤I was worried that these would be like other off brand Legos. But they do. They're cute. The pieces are small, so it's difficult to get some together, but not beyond what you'd expect from something this small. We would love to buy more sets with other animals.

👤I received one of the animals. The description states it will be all 12.

7. Original Color Eco Friendly Material Toddlers

Original Color Eco Friendly Material Toddlers

We have a 100% money-back guarantee and a best satisfaction guarantee. Are you not happy with the bouncing ball toys? They can either send you a replacement or give you a full refund. The kids will be completely risk-free if you click 'add to cart' now. A party puzzle toy, a classic colour matching puzzle, and a pack of mini 3x3 cube puzzles are needed. You will be thanked for your excellent party favors idea. Mini magic cube is perfect for brainteasers, school classroom rewards, travel/camping toys,office desk toys and office decorations. Mini cube for party favors, providing hours of enjoyable game play that is great for reducing stress, exercising your brain and improving memory. The cube is made of high quality eco-friendly plastic. The package contains 22 mini magic cubes.

Brand: Nunkitoy

👤The look is similar to a regular rubik. One of the cubes fell apart after being tested. I thought they were a good deal, but they weren't as durable as I thought. You would have to be careful with them. They are being used as a small design piece on tables for an event. The product still gets a good grade for appearance and speed of delivery.

👤This was not sanitary. The pieces get stuck. Total waste of money. Don't buy it.

👤Product is small. It shouldn't be under prime if it isn't going to come in one day. It took 3 days to get to me and they wanted me to pick it up. TRASH is the item. I want my money back.

👤This is one of the best things I have ever bought for my kids. Excellent quality and great value.

👤Aweosme. My child is having a party at school. The kids loved them. Good quality for money.

👤I was asked if they could have more than one.

👤It was purchased for kids. Goes along with the trend. Small, neatly packaged, seems to be fair quality for the price.

👤It's perfect for a 30 bday party. It was used as partying favors. People liked them.

8. IERKEIE Bracelet Multicolor Wristband Classroom

IERKEIE Bracelet Multicolor Wristband Classroom

It's suitable for gift bags at birthday party, Easter basket stuffers, Christmas gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers,Valentine gifts, school classroom rewards and so on. Enjoy your family time together and inspire your children to be creative. Premium quality. Their Wristband Fidget toys are made of high-quality silicone material, which is soft and easy to keep clean, so you don't have to worry about your child's safety. The push pop bubble wristbands have a diameter of about 2.4inch after being buckled. The push bubble pop fidget toy has a quiet side and a loud side to pop, which is a great sensory tool to relieve stress and keep your brain break. It is an idea for people who need to relieve stress. Push Pop Bubble is easy to use and can be worn on your wrist. It's the most popular toy for stress relief. This push bubble pop is a perfect gift for adults and children with special needs. It's easy to carry and doesn't occupy the bag space.

Brand: Ierkeie

👤These sound great for kids, but they are not. Nothing is worse than a bracelet that is too big. The bracelet is on my wrist. I have smaller wrists, but this bracelet is too big for me. It is pointless to put this on a child's wrist. So disappointed!

👤The package arrived quickly. One of them was ripped when I opened it. I didn't ask for a replacement because I only needed 15. They aren't kid size. They fit my wrist perfectly. The kids will love them. One of them was damaged, but four of them glowed in the dark. I wish they were all glowing.

👤My 9 year old granddaughters had a party and we gave out these as favors. The kids loved them.

👤These are great and the kids love them, but it would be nice if there was an option for making them smaller for little wrists.

👤Everyone loved them for the 6th grade party. They were sturdy and received outstanding reviews, can't ask for more.

👤The best present at the party was the one I bought for the 9 year old.

👤They should be in the bags at my daughter's bday. The kids seemed happy with them. They are not easy to put on for litter kids, but they served what I needed them to.

9. Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Children could also make this coloring activity set into cards in the shape of animals, cakes and lollipops used for holiday decoration or to write blessings to parents. The 30Mini magic cube is made from eco-friendly plastic and has non-toxic, odorless features. The cube toy provides hours of enjoyable game play that is great for boys and girls. Party cube, mini puzzle cubes that are perfect for party favors, birthday, school class reward, or prizes to kids, are perfect for office desk toys and office decorations. Brain Teasers can improve your child's memory, dexterity and solve problems. It's a good choice to give a stickerless gift that is small to ease your boring mood and reduce stress.

Brand: Neoact

👤I included one of these 3 packages with other small toys and candy in 70 clear bags across the driveway for a socially distanced Halloween. The kids were excited about the toys. Several didn't know about the cubes, but most of them noticed them immediately. Dad, look at a domino! I sat on the porch to watch them have fun. I was surprised at how many families came out, but I was also surprised that they chose to use clear bags instead of touching everything. Most adults in a grocery store don't understand safety.

👤We brought these for my son to give to his class because he is a rubiks fanatic. He loves the "tiny" size. He asked if we could go out tomorrow. I bought the 30 pack in case there was a problem.

👤The little squares from composition are stickers. They are not plastic or paint. There is a After a few drops of water and a few pairs of little hands, Stickers can ruin them in a few minutes. There is a The seller did a good job. ManUFACTURER! Poorly thought out and made. To make it clear, I gave it 3 stars to the seller.

👤I was in charge of the gift bags for my son's holiday party and they were the perfect size. They were cute and seemed fine but there was sticky tape all over the colored and black parts that were preventing the cubes from rotating. I took it off. There is no big deal. At the party the kids were excited to play with the cubes but within a few minutes more than 5 kids came to us asking for help because their cubes had popped apart. They were easy to fix.

👤These are very cheap. It comes with a lot. It's actually the game when turned and played with caution. There is a It's easy to put it all back together again. There is a It's very cheap but you can't go wrong with the quantity. Does well for a party.

👤This is part of the gift bag for the 5 grade class. They look cool, but it's difficult to rotation. It feels like we are breaking it by rotating it. It gave a bad experience and probably deterred the kids from learning.

👤I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all the broken things, but I added these to my daughter's 10th birthday bags and some of the children that opened their bags and played with the cube broke on the spot. I am not sure what happened when the children got home. It went great with my daughter's party.

👤This is a good value for the quantity. I bought these to include in my summer gift bags for my students. Two of my students demolished these in about five minutes. This is a great value for a little something to share, and the rubies cubes do work.

10. JOYIN Sticker Safaris Fantasy Supplies

JOYIN Sticker Safaris Fantasy Supplies

SAFTY SLIME- The ECO-friendly material makes the slime that is safe for kids to play with. For ages 6+, but can not eat. There are 36 pieces of animal themed party supplies. The pack includes a lion, monkey, elephant, shark, clownfish, and Narwhal. It's really fun! Each sheet has different designs of eyes, mouths, and eyebrows to make your kids look silly or cute. Birthday and House Party, Group Activity, Art Class, or other activities can be enjoyed with creativity and fun. Team work and creativity are important. It's perfect for anyone to make their own face of the animals. Also good. Team work for kids to play together. It's re-usable! The 10 Inches by 6.75 Inches Mix and Match Stickers are made from high-quality paper. Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin!

Brand: Joyin

👤These things are amazing. We bought these for our child. He would have something to do while at restaurants, in the car, plane, etc. They have bought us peace and quiet because he loves them. There are a lot of different animal faces, and each of them has different options for their facial features. Since they are just sheets of sticker paper, they can get wrinkled and torn easily, but we usually slip a few into them. You could keep them in the car. He makes us help him a lot because he is a teensy bit on the young side. If you give a 7-8 year old several different sheets, they will be able to keep up with you for a while. This is one of the few purchases that I think is smart.

👤Good quality stickers. The grandkids had a lot of fun. The stickers aren't replaceable.

👤These are cute! My kids love stickers, but they don't always know what to do with them. They love playing with stickers and this allows them to do so. The colors are gorgeous, the size is great, and there are many sticker sheets for the money. Quality is good. You only get one head for all the face components, but the stickers peel off of each other so you can reuse. Excellent activity for my 3 year old twins. These are for sticker lovers.

👤The kids loved them because they were bought for a rainy day. Aged 3-6. We have a lot left for another day. The stickers were good, but I wish they had a blank sheet to put the heads on when they were done.

👤These sheets have saved my life. My child loves them. She has made many faces. You get a lot of stickers for the price and they are vibrant. There are multiple faces worth of stickers on each sheet. We drew different heads using the extra eyes, ears, and mouths. There are many hours of happiness to be had.

👤These are fun for toddlers. Also playing at home for parties. They love mixing and matching animals and features. Promotes creativity. My son likes to tell me stories about the different hybrid animals he makes.

👤This set is very good. Great purchase! This was one of the two favorites my three-year-old great granddaughter had when she was visiting me. The fairy village was more expensive than the other one. I think this set is good quality and has lots of pages. There are a lot of hours of creativity here.

👤These are great. My daughter has a lunch bag. We decorated the paper plates as faces by cutting eye holes in them. I let my daughter put them on my face. My daughter had a medical procedure. We decorated the anesthesia mask with these a few weeks ago. It helped when it was time for the anesthesia mask.

11. Pick Toy 12 Pieces Slingshot Eco Friendly

Pick Toy 12 Pieces Slingshot Eco Friendly

It's a good choice to give a stickerless gift that is small to ease your boring mood and reduce stress. Have fun, stretch, launch, and have fun! The Stretchy Ninja Warrior set has 12 ninja slingshot toys in 2 different colors. Your kids can play with them for hours, throwing them all around the room. The party Favors idea is awesome. The Stretchy Flying Ninjas are individually packed for all the children at the party. They will love the idea of playing with the ninjas. This season, the filer is perfect for Easter baskets. The design is long-lasting. These ninja party favors are made with durable materials that will endure a lot of use and abuse by your kids. Give them as a gift to your children and let them play with them, without any worry in your mind. SAFE MATERIALS! Having fun is definitely at the top of their list, but safety and well-being are their top priority. These elastic, stretchy toys are made with eco-friendly materials that are safe for your children to play with. You can either love them or get your money back. If there is anything wrong with your Ninja Warrior Set, just get in touch with them within 30 days and they will make it right. Your purchase is covered by their 30-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Pick A Toy

👤I opened the package and shot my daughter with it. We had a full on flying ninjas war and we laughed for a solid half an hour shooting each other and the windows, walls, ceiling... We could look at any surface to see how long they would stick to it. We have a family vacation coming up and I am pretty sure these will provide lots of entertainment for the kids while they are in the car. I put a picture of the ninjas next to a sharpie so you can see the size, they are small but mighty! They seem to be very resilient. The only sign of wear is the painted faces. It doesn't affect the ninjas' function. If you want a fun gift that will make you feel like a kid again, then these are for you.

👤These are wonderful. We have ordered them for two years in a row. They stick to walls even after many months when the paint has worn off. My six-year-old is still playing with them. Older kids enjoy these as well. Highly recommended.

👤The box was damaged. Not happy with how it arrived. It was supposed to be a fun little gift, but can't use the box. The ninjas were cute, but I can't wrap up the box.

👤These were fun additions to the bags. They were in a package. Half red and half black. The kids had fun flinging them at each other and they were made of a rubbery stretchy material. It would be difficult to be hurt by one of these things. They don't go far and are very cushiony.

👤These were for Christmas. I thought they would be more fun. They will stick for a few seconds after you shoot them. They lost their stick while we played with them. It was enjoyable while they were gone. I would recommend it just for the amount of fun we had competing and who got the longest stick.

👤They were a cute bag for my son to use at his ninja party, but they broke easily after a few flings. Not worth the money. Also, very small.

👤I used them in the loot bags for my nephew's 5th birthday party. The kids asked if they could have 2. I was only able to give out one box at the party, so I wish I had more.

👤The Ninja's were shot all over the house. They stick to the walls for a few seconds.

👤Good quality product. It was fun to fling. They stick to walls and ceiling and that's part of the fun. When they get dirty, a quick wash with soapy water restores their stickiness for more fun.

👤My kids and nieces and nephews loved playing with the ninjas. No one gets hurt.

👤I should have used the sticky hands because these are not sticky.

👤They are very sticky. The kids are having fun.

👤Kids will love this party favor.


What is the best product for eco friendly party favors for adults?

Eco friendly party favors for adults products from Joyin. In this article about eco friendly party favors for adults you can see why people choose the product. John & Judy and Bedwina are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly party favors for adults.

What are the best brands for eco friendly party favors for adults?

Joyin, John & Judy and Bedwina are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly party favors for adults. Find the detail in this article. Scione, Binglala and Fun Little Toys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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