Best Eco Friendly Party Favors for Kids

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1. Pigipigi Scratch Bookmarks Art Kids

Pigipigi Scratch Bookmarks Art Kids

If you have questions about their products, contact their friendlier customer service. The scratch bookmarks art set includes 36 pieces of scratch bookmarks, 10 pieces of wooden styluses, 36 pieces of colorful ribbons, 36 pieces of clear plastic bags and a gift box. It is a great value scratch rainbow set for kids to play with and make their own crafts. It's easy to use a wooden stylus and scratch the black surface. The scratch paper bookmarks can be used as ornaments or notes. Kids are doing scratch paper crafts and parents don't worry about the paint. Their arts and crafts bookmark comes with colorful ribbons and clear plastic bags. Kids can store the bookmarks in transparent bags to make souvenirs. There is no odor or toxic powder. The scratch paper art uses premium materials, while the styluses are made of natural materials. Children play in a non-toxic environment that is good for their growth. The magic scratch bookmarks are an ideal gift for kids Birthday, Children's day, holiday parties, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Christmas. The box of bookmarks for kids is the best gift for children. The magic scratch bookmarks are an ideal gift for kids Birthday, Children's day, holiday parties, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Christmas. The box of bookmarks for kids is the best gift for children.

Brand: Pigipigi

👤A small gift for everyone in her class was what my 2nd graders needed. She was excited to bring these because she loves rainbow scratch art. They are a bit thinner than a standard poster board, but good quality, packaged well, and a great price! You get 36 bookmarks, ribbons and even gift bags, but only 10 wooden sticks to scratch with. Not an issue for most people, but as we were planning to make baggies for 13 kids with unscratched bookmarks, ribbons and a scratcher, this was not ideal for us. I was able to find small popscicle sticks with a pointed end that worked well for these. I rated this 5 stars because it said you only get 10 in the product description. If you love these and want to buy them, just skip ahead to the reviews to make sure they're not junk, just know there's only 10 scratchers.

👤We did a food drive on Saturday and I ordered the bookmarks to use in the bags. Make sure to scroll all the way down. They come in a pack of 36 with only 10 scratch pencils. When I opened the pack, I didn't realize that I gave my son one of the extras. When I noticed, I started to fill the bags. I wasted the money I spent on these because of the donations we received. So disappointed!

👤I bought these for my students. It has enough bookmarks but not enough scratchers. There are 10 total. I had toothpicks to send to my kids. I don't think it's right to have a plastic liner for every bookmark. Will not be buying again. I would return and purchase something else. I don't have time.

👤I bought these for my son. The book markers are nice. We only got half of the sticks to scratch them because they come with individual packaging. We didn't get enough to scratch each bookmarker. He is having a birthday celebration at school this week. I ordered them in advance but they were short so we have to deal with that. Disappointing. If we had everything we needed to assemble each one, I would have given this a good rating.

👤This was one of the crafts that was used at my 10 yearold's birthday party. They were a big hit. I love that there are so many. We broke the group of 16 in half so we had enough sticks to decorate them. popsicle sticks or toothpicks can be used. They were easy to clean.

👤This was a present for my grandies. They love them so they can make gifts for everyone. A fun surprise from their grandmom who lives 100 miles away.

👤There are 10 scratch sticks. How is that going to work? All the kids share? Pointless. I needed to buy more sticks.

👤It was purchased for a kids birthday party and I thought it would give the children something to do while we transitioned into cake time. Everyone loved making their own art. The adults sat and watched the children play at the end of the night. It's relaxing to make something of your own.

2. Original Color Eco Friendly Material Toddlers

Original Color Eco Friendly Material Toddlers

We have a 100% money-back guarantee and a best satisfaction guarantee. Are you not happy with the bouncing ball toys? They can either send you a replacement or give you a full refund. The kids will be completely risk-free if you click 'add to cart' now. A party puzzle toy, a classic colour matching puzzle, and a pack of mini 3x3 cube puzzles are needed. You will be thanked for your excellent party favors idea. Mini magic cube is perfect for brainteasers, school classroom rewards, travel/camping toys,office desk toys and office decorations. Mini cube for party favors, providing hours of enjoyable game play that is great for reducing stress, exercising your brain and improving memory. The cube is made of high quality eco-friendly plastic. The package contains 22 mini magic cubes.

Brand: Nunkitoy

👤The look is similar to a regular rubik. One of the cubes fell apart after being tested. I thought they were a good deal, but they weren't as durable as I thought. You would have to be careful with them. They are being used as a small design piece on tables for an event. The product still gets a good grade for appearance and speed of delivery.

👤This was not sanitary. The pieces get stuck. Total waste of money. Don't buy it.

👤Product is small. It shouldn't be under prime if it isn't going to come in one day. It took 3 days to get to me and they wanted me to pick it up. TRASH is the item. I want my money back.

👤This is one of the best things I have ever bought for my kids. Excellent quality and great value.

👤Aweosme. My child is having a party at school. The kids loved them. Good quality for money.

👤I was asked if they could have more than one.

👤It was purchased for kids. Goes along with the trend. Small, neatly packaged, seems to be fair quality for the price.

👤It's perfect for a 30 bday party. It was used as partying favors. People liked them.

3. VOVRU Invisible Birthday Halloween Christmas

VOVRU Invisible Birthday Halloween Christmas

The glow in the dark party supplies are an ideal and different kids' party favor sets for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old boys and girls that will provide many moments of creativity and fun. Kids can play games with invisible ink pens, like escape room, hidden treasure, and detective games. Children will have a great time with these return gifts. The invisible ink pen. Unless you light the cap blacklight, the ink is invisible after you write. You can easily host a kid's birthday party favors stocking stuff if you write your secret message with this invisible ink pen, you just need to wait for a few seconds and use the light on pen cap to make the words appear, so funny and amazing. It is a great gift for a fun party. Teachers can buy it for their students. It can be used as a stocking stuffer or as a surprise gift bag. Halloween Party Goodies:Goody bags for kids spy party, make a fun party favor, and bring you an amazing variety of fun applications. Birthday gifts, Halloween gifts, Christmas gifts for kids and friends are individual packed. There are invisible magic pens with built in lights. The batteries were included and installed.

Brand: Vovru

👤Please don't buy like I did. I saw this on Amazon and thought it was a great party favor for my daughter's birthday party. I put one in each child's bag and thought they would love it. After we got home from the party, my daughter pulled it out and wanted to use it, but nothing happened. I read the fine print and realized that it needed expensive batteries. What a let down. I wouldn't have handed them out if I had bought them. I haven't gone back to see if I missed it because it doesn't matter now. I'm pretty sure no of the parents had these batteries laying around, so they probably went out and bought them. I tried to find them, but they weren't in any of the stores. The pen was thrown away.

👤My kids wanted to use the gift back for a birthday, so I gave them some of these. The issue was not all of them working. They look nice and the ones that do work well. If they open them and try to use, not all may work so you may need backups.

👤My daughter's 10th birthday party was held at a cat cafe and these made the perfect addition to the goody bags. My daughter begged to have the invisible ink pens in the goody bags. We got cute little notebooks that were matching the party colors and put them in a bag with lots of kitty things. You expect at least 1/3 of them to not function properly with things like this. There were only one broken light and one that was dried out of the pens we had. All the others were in good shape. I'll be buying another round of these pens when the time comes for her to give them away at her end of the school year party.

👤I was skeptical of the quality of the pens but was pleasantly surprised. I used them as prizes at my son's 9th birthday party. It is similar to a marker. The ink dries when initially used. Then lights up with the cap light. The pen cap is also the light. The kids were encouraged to recap the pens. They come individually packaged so it's easy to gift them. I am happy I bought these.

👤I bought these pens for my students. They are taking a standardized test for writing in a few days, and we had a Writing Camp to prepare. I gave them a bag on the last day. The invisible pens were the biggest hit. They were able to make secret messages appear with the black light. They had a good time with them. I will buy these pens every year.

👤I bought the pens for my class. I was not happy to see that it had weird writing on it.

👤Don't buy! I bought these pens for children to use at an event. I saw the words Lovegamy written on the pens when I got them. I was curious to know the meaning. Extreme sexual fusion between two people is the first and foremost definition you will get. I contacted Amazon because I was concerned about what was being promoted through the sale of these pens. We need to protect our children. I didn't need to send the pens back because Amazon said they would refunds my money. I wouldn't send them back, but I would put them back on the market. The pens may not be for sale during the investigation according to Amazon. I wonder if there will be an investigation since I see they are still selling them. Don't buy these and don't buy any other items from the VOVRU Store.

4. FUN LITTLE TOYS Building Birthday

FUN LITTLE TOYS Building Birthday

Customer service is the best service. They will do everything they can to keep you happy if anything goes wrong with your mini cube. The MINI building blocks are less than 1 cm, so please refer to the pictures for more detailed information. It is suitable for children ages 6+, but may have difficulty for younger kids. Give the cute animals away as Easter party favors, hide them in a basket as stuffers, or use them as egg fillers at the Easter egg hunt event, and they are a total of 12 different cute animals. Improve hands-on ability, intelligence and patience by sparking children's imagination. If you have questions about their products, contact their friendlier customer service.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤It requires a lot of dexterity and hand strength. Maybe ages 10 or 12. + The lion kit is missing several pieces. There is a The photo shows the difference between Duplo and Lego.

👤The reviews said these were smaller than regular Legos. That doesn't explain how small these are. To say small isn't enough. Microscopic is a better description. It's either microscopic or pointless. I got these for my child to have a sitter. They were unable to build an animal. I made my husband who is great at Legos, and he was too frustrated by these to try them. A waste of money.

👤The product was in a good condition when it arrived. The blocks are easy to build and have detailed instructions for each animal. I think this is a decent product. It is a good alternative to LEGOs.

👤Every Christmas, I host a party for my family and friends and all the men get a fun gift. The toys and candy were similar to Legos. They were a big hit. I was asked where I got them. There are enough small pieces to be challenging, but not impossible, as each one becomes a different animal. Who doesn't need a little brain workout once in a while? There is a These are a great party favor for a little fun. I think they were about $1 each, which is reasonable for a Christmas gift.

👤I bought the building blocks for my granddaughter. It seems like it's difficult for her to fit together. She loved them and the models that were finished were going to be put on her desk. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I have these as stocking stuffers for adults. I did the extra Kola to try them out. They are difficult for me to deal with. The person is 33 years old. I don't think the instructions are very clear, but I'm not a Lego person so maybe it's how most directions are written? I ended up with all the extra blocks because I was missing blocks. The extra blocks made me think I had missed something, so I took it apart and reassembled it. We will see how the rest of the blocks go.

👤I was worried that these would be like other off brand Legos. But they do. They're cute. The pieces are small, so it's difficult to get some together, but not beyond what you'd expect from something this small. We would love to buy more sets with other animals.

👤I received one of the animals. The description states it will be all 12.

5. Galaxy Squishy Stress Birthday Fillers

Galaxy Squishy Stress Birthday Fillers

The crinkle cut paper is great for many things. The bag will hold 1/2 LB of crinkle paper. There are a wide range of options, from metallic to mixed colors. The rainbow glitter putty is the perfect Easter basket filling toy with a lot of fun. The 2.5 inch size of these Easter eggs is perfect for kids ages 3 and up to play with. They can pull it apart with their hands. It's a lot of fun. Children love getting their very own colorful slime as a birthday party favor or gift, so your search for the best party Favor is over. The egg is shrink-wrapped and ready to be put in a bag. Helping with their development as well. The Easter egg slime is a lot of fun. There is no doubt about that. It is much more than that. It will help with skills like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It will be hard when you first start playing, but after a while it will get soft.

Brand: Bottles N Bags

👤I love these! Beautiful colors! I kept one for myself because I was stressed out.

👤Don't take the money. They were leak proof and solid.

6. Pick Toy 12 Pieces Slingshot Eco Friendly

Pick Toy 12 Pieces Slingshot Eco Friendly

It's a good choice to give a stickerless gift that is small to ease your boring mood and reduce stress. Have fun, stretch, launch, and have fun! The Stretchy Ninja Warrior set has 12 ninja slingshot toys in 2 different colors. Your kids can play with them for hours, throwing them all around the room. The party Favors idea is awesome. The Stretchy Flying Ninjas are individually packed for all the children at the party. They will love the idea of playing with the ninjas. This season, the filer is perfect for Easter baskets. The design is long-lasting. These ninja party favors are made with durable materials that will endure a lot of use and abuse by your kids. Give them as a gift to your children and let them play with them, without any worry in your mind. SAFE MATERIALS! Having fun is definitely at the top of their list, but safety and well-being are their top priority. These elastic, stretchy toys are made with eco-friendly materials that are safe for your children to play with. You can either love them or get your money back. If there is anything wrong with your Ninja Warrior Set, just get in touch with them within 30 days and they will make it right. Your purchase is covered by their 30-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Pick A Toy

👤I opened the package and shot my daughter with it. We had a full on flying ninjas war and we laughed for a solid half an hour shooting each other and the windows, walls, ceiling... We could look at any surface to see how long they would stick to it. We have a family vacation coming up and I am pretty sure these will provide lots of entertainment for the kids while they are in the car. I put a picture of the ninjas next to a sharpie so you can see the size, they are small but mighty! They seem to be very resilient. The only sign of wear is the painted faces. It doesn't affect the ninjas' function. If you want a fun gift that will make you feel like a kid again, then these are for you.

👤These are wonderful. We have ordered them for two years in a row. They stick to walls even after many months when the paint has worn off. My six-year-old is still playing with them. Older kids enjoy these as well. Highly recommended.

👤The box was damaged. Not happy with how it arrived. It was supposed to be a fun little gift, but can't use the box. The ninjas were cute, but I can't wrap up the box.

👤These were fun additions to the bags. They were in a package. Half red and half black. The kids had fun flinging them at each other and they were made of a rubbery stretchy material. It would be difficult to be hurt by one of these things. They don't go far and are very cushiony.

👤These were for Christmas. I thought they would be more fun. They will stick for a few seconds after you shoot them. They lost their stick while we played with them. It was enjoyable while they were gone. I would recommend it just for the amount of fun we had competing and who got the longest stick.

👤They were a cute bag for my son to use at his ninja party, but they broke easily after a few flings. Not worth the money. Also, very small.

👤I used them in the loot bags for my nephew's 5th birthday party. The kids asked if they could have 2. I was only able to give out one box at the party, so I wish I had more.

👤The Ninja's were shot all over the house. They stick to the walls for a few seconds.

👤Good quality product. It was fun to fling. They stick to walls and ceiling and that's part of the fun. When they get dirty, a quick wash with soapy water restores their stickiness for more fun.

👤My kids and nieces and nephews loved playing with the ninjas. No one gets hurt.

👤I should have used the sticky hands because these are not sticky.

👤They are very sticky. The kids are having fun.

👤Kids will love this party favor.

7. ArtCreativity Fabric Tote Goodie Treat

ArtCreativity Fabric Tote Goodie Treat

The Twisty Snake was popular in the 80s. If you have any questions before or after you place your order, please contact them. The customer support team is here to help. The package includes 12 x Snake cubes. There is some violence that should be added. These colorful fabric bags can be used at an event. The tote bags are designed in a rainbow of colors. The bright shades of orange, red, green, green, yellow, purple, and blue will make the little ones happy. Each of the party favor bags is 6” x 6” and comes with handles for easy carrying. They make a lot of things, including candy bags, goody bags, Halloween baggies, and treat bags. ECO-FRIENDLY GOODS: As you serve those treats, make an earth-friendly statement. The fabric totes are not as harmful to the environment as plastic bags are and can be used over and over again. You will love the quality. Is it possible to give out some heavy goodies? No problemo! They used strong stitching and durable fabric to make these small gift bags. You should always have an extra set of bags around the house. BUY RISK-FREE: They stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Are you not satisfied with the fabric birthday treat bags? They can replace you or give you a full refund. Get eco-conscious party supplies that are risk-free by clicking 'add to cart'.

Brand: Artcreativity

👤The bags were small but still cute. They held a good amount of treats. There were a few strings from the stitching hanging in some of the bags, but a pair of scissors could take care of them. They were a good buy.

👤I used these as gifts for my son's birthday party. They hold up well and are the perfect size. The monster faces were added to the bag. The kids loved them and the parents liked that they had little bags to put their stuff in. Would definitely recommend.

👤The size was really disappointing. I was using a bag for a party. The gift bags were perfect once I started assembling them.

👤These are what I needed. The price is amazing and they are the perfect size. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤Like the size of your hand. My son had a goody bag for his party. Hopefully they will work. Really small.

👤A little thin. Favor bags were used for my son's birthday party.

👤They worked great for the birthday party.

👤The American Girl doll is not a person and they are poorly sewn.

👤No son funcionales.

8. Mini Magnetic Drawing Board Kids

Mini Magnetic Drawing Board Kids

It is advisable to go around. A lot goes a long way with their confetti, which is made from tissue paper and foil. It's the perfect confetti for your next activity or celebration because of the number of handfuls in each package. Get creative! A pack of 12 drawing board backpack clip sets is fun for children of all ages. These mini drawing boards are great for playing with and help foster your kids creativity and imagination. Lots of fun! The kids ages 3 and up will be busy for hours drawing and writing on paper. They can make drawings without using paper. They'll be ready to draw again when they erase. The mini magnetic drawing boards are lightweight and easy to pack, which makes them great for when kids are in the car or need a quiet activity. Learning toy! Enlightenment and imagination are two things. Encourages kids to use their imaginations and helps them develop fine motor skills. The brain boosting activities help kids learn while having fun, so that each board becomes a fun artistic endeavor. The magic board for kids is packaged individually. Better than candy! Great for party favors and goodie bags. The magna doodle is a great gift for classmates, birthday parties, stocking stuffers, Christmas party favors, and much more. You will be thanked for this unique party favor instead of candy. Better than candy! Great for party favors and goodie bags. The magna doodle is a great gift for classmates, birthday parties, stocking stuffers, Christmas party favors, and much more. You will be thanked for this unique party favor instead of candy.

Brand: Bedwina

👤My 1st graders received a pack of drawing boards. I keep a drawer full of rewards under the desk to give when they do something good or do nothing bad. You have to keep an eye on my students, but I love them all the same.

👤This is a classroom party gift. My son said that 5 kids came up to him after he opened them. The picture of the product is not accurate. The hook is not connected to a key ring. It was kind of sad. My son was embarrassed by the situation.

👤The drawing boards are cheap. The board is being pulled away from each other. The outer part of the board has a zip tie on it. A zip tie! Really? They feel like they're about to fall apart because of the use. I would give 0 stars if I could. So disappointed.

👤I was excited for these to be used in a goody bag, however, they were cheap, and half the boards wereruined, if you could never clear the board. I was testing out the pen and it popped off, it was very dangerous for little kids who might think to sallow it. There is no silver ring holding the clip, it is a zip tie. Unless you are ok with any of the defects I mentioned, don't bother buying.

👤These mini magnetic drawing boards are a great way to entertain your kids and they make really cute key chains. They have a number of different colors that they can choose from.

👤Don't waste your money or time on this. They are not worth anything. An image drawn on them is hard to see due to the background and it does not clean up as indicated. Very disappointed. Returning mine.

👤I can not open and try all of them because they were purchased for party favors. I let my son play with the one that stopped working after a few uses. They look neat, but they are not happy with the experience other children will have. It's a shame.

👤La fiesta de Mi hija tiene calidad-precio.

9. Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Children could also make this coloring activity set into cards in the shape of animals, cakes and lollipops used for holiday decoration or to write blessings to parents. The 30Mini magic cube is made from eco-friendly plastic and has non-toxic, odorless features. The cube toy provides hours of enjoyable game play that is great for boys and girls. Party cube, mini puzzle cubes that are perfect for party favors, birthday, school class reward, or prizes to kids, are perfect for office desk toys and office decorations. Brain Teasers can improve your child's memory, dexterity and solve problems. It's a good choice to give a stickerless gift that is small to ease your boring mood and reduce stress.

Brand: Neoact

👤I included one of these 3 packages with other small toys and candy in 70 clear bags across the driveway for a socially distanced Halloween. The kids were excited about the toys. Several didn't know about the cubes, but most of them noticed them immediately. Dad, look at a domino! I sat on the porch to watch them have fun. I was surprised at how many families came out, but I was also surprised that they chose to use clear bags instead of touching everything. Most adults in a grocery store don't understand safety.

👤We brought these for my son to give to his class because he is a rubiks fanatic. He loves the "tiny" size. He asked if we could go out tomorrow. I bought the 30 pack in case there was a problem.

👤The little squares from composition are stickers. They are not plastic or paint. There is a After a few drops of water and a few pairs of little hands, Stickers can ruin them in a few minutes. There is a The seller did a good job. ManUFACTURER! Poorly thought out and made. To make it clear, I gave it 3 stars to the seller.

👤I was in charge of the gift bags for my son's holiday party and they were the perfect size. They were cute and seemed fine but there was sticky tape all over the colored and black parts that were preventing the cubes from rotating. I took it off. There is no big deal. At the party the kids were excited to play with the cubes but within a few minutes more than 5 kids came to us asking for help because their cubes had popped apart. They were easy to fix.

👤These are very cheap. It comes with a lot. It's actually the game when turned and played with caution. There is a It's easy to put it all back together again. There is a It's very cheap but you can't go wrong with the quantity. Does well for a party.

👤This is part of the gift bag for the 5 grade class. They look cool, but it's difficult to rotation. It feels like we are breaking it by rotating it. It gave a bad experience and probably deterred the kids from learning.

👤I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all the broken things, but I added these to my daughter's 10th birthday bags and some of the children that opened their bags and played with the cube broke on the spot. I am not sure what happened when the children got home. It went great with my daughter's party.

👤This is a good value for the quantity. I bought these to include in my summer gift bags for my students. Two of my students demolished these in about five minutes. This is a great value for a little something to share, and the rubies cubes do work.

10. Joyjoz Galaxy Adults Sticky Anxiety

Joyjoz Galaxy Adults Sticky Anxiety

The squishy toys are made from safe and non-toxic soft rubber material and are suited for toddlers and 3 years and up children. It can be washed with water. This party is great for adults and kids. Parents can buy them for their kids for fun, teachers can buy them for students for reward, and adults can buy them for stress relief. There are 24 pack of soft and wet galaxy slime in a package. Kids are having a party. The short video on the listing page shows that this slime is not stretchable. Non StickyExclusive formula brings a unique playing experience with stretchy, soft and non- sticky slime. Play with confidence and be non-toxic. The fun of mixing and changing colors can be experienced with the help of fun and education. The packs allow you to create endless shapes and colors. Full of marvelous colored sludge that meets all your imagination of the star- studded universe.

Brand: Joyjoz

👤It's hard to be happy when they arrive. I didn't have to open the box to see the mess. The box was wet and falling apart. I can't return it because it was just a pile of wet goop and the box fell apart. The balls are cute. I was expecting them to be slightly larger. It's not sticky on hands, but don't put it on fabric. The couch is ruined because of the slime that leaked on it. The microfiber has made it difficult to get off the slime. They don't protect them better for shipping. What a waste.

👤Maybe I didn't read the information close enough. My 10 year old is happy with them, but I think they are too small to be worth it. The size of the tip of my finger is shown in the picture.

👤I received these for my classroom. I don't like how much of the stuff sticks to the clothing. There is a This was enjoyable. They loved it, until we opened the balls and they smashed it into tiny pieces of disappointment. I was sad. I kept playing with it and realized that you have to work the stuff together to make it work. It's not as processed as it should be to keep the colors clearer, because the colors mix together more. In case anyone else had that issue.

👤It was bought for some birthday party favor bags. The consistency is the same as tree slime. Some reviewers had issues with spilled containers. I need all 24 and mine came perfect. HA!

👤With three daughters ranging in age from 3 to 8, it's almost unavoidable. The texture is what I like about this. It is not slimy or sticky where it gets stuck on fabric, clothes or carpet. The sphere container can be used for easy storage. They were given away as part of the grab bag goodies.

👤I had low expectations and was really impressed. These were for my daughter's party. I didn't expect the balls to hold the slime again after it was opened, but they did. Good stuff for the right price, the slime isn't sticky or runny.

👤This was a big hit at party favors for children of all ages. Little kids can't get enough of the stuff because big kids love it and are still amused with it. I don't like the container because it will dry up if it breaks. I am thrilled with this type of slime as it doesn't get stuck on the couch or on the walls like other types of slime do.

👤The parents enjoyed them as well as the 5 year old.

11. Ganowo Carnival Classroom Birthday Stocking

Ganowo Carnival Classroom Birthday Stocking

It's slightly waterproof but not include markers. Christmas Party Favors for Kids 12 and up. Kids love the combination of snake and the party favors for girls boys are popular with them. The kids will become the center of attention at the party with these party favors. Kid favors for kids are great as gifts for school. The cute speed cube toy would make you and your kids happy. Enjoy your childhood. Puzzle snake toy has a smooth surface. High stress levels are related to ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and OCD. These toys can increase focus and attention. Gaining eye and hand coordination skills, problem solving skills, and expanding the mind will help you with your deduction. Fun stocking stuffers include the cube puzzle, the speed cube snake, and theBulk cube puzzle, as well as the party bags and goody bags. The Twisty Snake was popular in the 80s. If you have any questions before or after you place your order, please contact them. The customer support team is here to help. The package includes 12 x Snake cubes.

Brand: Ganowo

👤These were great stocking stuffers. They worked well, but are small. I would have given them a better rating for their resilience, but one broke easily.

👤The product was smaller than I thought, they were not sturdy, and broke in half, so don't waste your money.

👤These are a lot of fun. Don't give them all away, save a few for yourself. If you twist them too hard they will break and there is no way to repair them.

👤It is hard to twist and play with them at first.

👤Do not buy it because it is not worth the money.

👤This is cheap. Many of the cubes are cracked after you leave some trace on your fingers. The material is cheap and there are lots of flaws on the cubes. I returned it immediately. This is worth $3.

👤The first time it was played, every one broke. A waste of money.

👤Birthday party favors were given out. Two of them broke within 2 days after they were left over. Don't waste your money. I would love to return them. Hopefully everyone else's was clean.


What is the best product for eco friendly party favors for kids?

Eco friendly party favors for kids products from Pigipigi. In this article about eco friendly party favors for kids you can see why people choose the product. Nunkitoy and Vovru are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly party favors for kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly party favors for kids?

Pigipigi, Nunkitoy and Vovru are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly party favors for kids. Find the detail in this article. Fun Little Toys, Bottles N Bags and Pick A Toy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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