Best Eco Friendly Pens for Writing

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1. BIC Round Ballpoint Medium 12 Count

BIC Round Ballpoint Medium 12 Count

The water-based, non-toxic and odorless nature of the water makes it a minimally bled through substance. There is ink. Selling ball pen is the #1 selling item. * The Retail Tracking Service is part of The NPD Group. On average, the Writes is 90 percent longer than Papermate InkJoy 100. The Ball Stick Pen is a trademark of Newell. The BIC branded product is not affiliated with Newell. Round barrel for writing. The reliable ball spreads ink smoothly and consistently. The ink level is shown in a translucent barrel.

Brand: Bic

👤I bought red pens. I have been using BIC pens for forty years. The pens are always reliable. My daughter uses these pens at school. She will either lend them to her friends or lose them. The pens don't cost much.

👤Good value for money. There are no issues with pens yet. Thanks.

👤I use a lot of red pens and it seems like I'm always leaving them somewhere and never finding them. The problem has been solved by buying the BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pens in red. Medium point pens are in the box. I always use red BIC pens when I need to make notes on a typed page because I can easily see my notes on the black page. I can mark things up to my heart's content and not worry about whether I'll find a red pen when I need it.

👤I like bic pens. I bought the bic round stic xtra life ball pen with medium point for myself and a friend of mine that is a teacher. There are a lot of red pens. The medium point is where I like to hold the pen and write. The medium point is where I like to write the most. I don't write on paper. I didn't have any skips with the red bic pens.

👤Excellent pens for grades. They write without skipping.

👤Reliable and long-term. Can't beat them!

👤The standard quality BIC pens write okay. They are nothing special. The ink is clear and there are no smudges. There is a The low price is the main draw of this product. You can get a dozen per box for a little over a buck. There is a You can buy a boat-load of these for a few bucks and always have a reliable pen handy. If you are not looking for anything fancy, this is a good choice.

👤I ordered these to get the dollar I needed for free shipping on another purchase, and they are about what you would expect. I only use them to correct my daughter's work for home school, and they meet my requirements of writing without a fight and having ink that doesn't smudge or blob. My daughter noted that the ink color is a little lighter, but we are quite happy with them so far. Our last pen was red. Still works well for us!

👤The pens are lovely and write well. I bought them to use at work.

👤I bought this so I could avoid paying $35 for shipping on Amazon, but these pens must have sat on the shelf for a long time. They barely write with the dried out pens. This was a waste of money and I recommend buying pens from a normal store. I am not going to ask for a refund since it cost very little.

👤The Bic pens are lightweight and comfortable to write with for long periods of time without causing any strain. The ink flows well and they are reliable. The barrel is clear so that you can see when the ink is running out. I'm glad I can buy them online because they don't sell them in Officeworks.

2. Sharpie S Gel Medium Point 0 7mm

Sharpie S Gel Medium Point 0 7mm

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. Gel pen with no bleed technology. Gel ink colors offer vivid writing. A comfortable writing experience can be had with a rubber grip. Medium point is 0.7 millimeter. There are 12 black gel ink pens.

Brand: Sharpie

👤My new favorite pen is officially mine. I had to have them because I saw them on Facebook and was a fan of Sharpie. I'm pretty sure this is the first pen I've ever had that didn't smudge on my finger. You know my pain. Which is the reason for the photo awkwardness. I didn't have a single spot after a long day of writing. The pens are in good shape. The line is solid. I would like to see more refined pens in the future and I think that sharpie could do a lot with this line. It's worth $1 a piece. Will use them again!

👤Smoother than G2 and more stylish. I have issues with it, but it is less than G2. Who cares if it's smooth if it's all over the place. S-Gel will be for life.

👤I am a big fan of Sharpie. It feels like a pen that is on it's last leg when you open the package. You have to rip open the package to get them out, and they are horrible. Save money on this one. There is a The rest of the pack is fine, so I must have had one bad one. I really like them! I would have liked to have waited to write the review. 5

👤Writes well. The color is dark. The ink is a bit too wet for my liking so it bleeds on the other side. It's a good purchase if that doesn't bother you. Quality is good. I may try the.6 for a better tip.

👤Sharpie S-Gel pens are my favorite pen. I've used a lot of different pens, and this one is better than the more expensive ones I've used, such as Cross. It's silky smooth, consistently dark, and the best part is that it doesn't smudge. I am left handed and have an issue with smearing which has prevented me from using any kind of Gel pen. I don't have that problem anymore with these. If you haven't tried one yet, you need to. You will be surprised.

👤The quality within these pens is amazing. I used to get hand cramps after hours of studying. Something had to change. The pens heard my cries and came to my rescue. I can study for up to 7 hours without any sign of hand fatigue. No bleeding through! It was quick! It is so smooth. I would be paying if these pens could order food. Anyhow... I broke up with my old zebra pens and moved in with a smooth, Sharpie S-Gel pen.

👤My sister raves about how well they write. I bought these 0.7 tips because I like a fine point. The pens are comfortable to hold. Writing was smooth for most of the day. I can only write a few words before it stops. It is definitely a waste of money if the other pens are like this. Maybe this doesn't happen with the 1.0 tips. I was trying to be fancy.

👤I didn't write well when I received every pen in the package. I was excited for a click pen but have gone back to the original felt sharpie pens since I couldn't deal with the skipping. Consistency is provided by the felt tip pens.

3. Retractable Ballpoint Sustainable Journaling Supplies

Retractable Ballpoint Sustainable Journaling Supplies

There is a box of Pens new. 1. The bamboo pens with box is a Zero Waste Gift. Each pen is 5”L x 1”W x 0.25”D. The barrels of these black ink pens are made with bamboo, which is reliable and durable, and the tips and clips of pens are made with metal, which is harmless and comfortable to use. The bamboo pen is light and portable, weighs 0.35 ounces, and has a smooth and smooth touch, making it a great pen for long use. It can be carried with you, and it is portable for you to put it in your backpack. It is possible to give the eco-friendly bamboo pen to your friends or family members on holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Fridays, and Cyber Monday. All products will provide a 30 days money-back guarantee for any reason and a limited lifetime warranty for quality-related issues.

Brand: Jinfusi

👤This is a perfect example of Greenwashing, when a product pretends to be green to meet current market needs. It's a plastic pen with a PLASTIC inner tube layer that's hidden under the bamboo layer. The plastic pen is camouflaged under a bamboo layer. There is greenwashing. I returned it because I won't fall for it. It smudges really badly.

👤They didn't last long. After a few days of light writing, the ink would run out. There's no threading on the cap and it's weak. Some nasty splinters were left by a couple that split at the end. They're light and nice to hold, but I wouldn't buy them.

👤I give as a gift. People like them, and also a wife who is very picky with how her pens write, but good.

👤I have trouble finding a pen to write a tone on and it's going strong, but I am still using the first one.

👤They are so great that everyone wants to keep them. Light weight and writing great.

👤They have a wide size of pens that make it easy to write.

4. Pilot B2P Retractable Recycled Bottles

Pilot B2P Retractable Recycled Bottles

Pilot's B2P Retractable Gel Roller Pens are made from recycled bottles. They feature G2 Ink, and are comfortable to hold, so you can take notes or sketch a cityscape, all while protecting the planet. Being green is easy. B2P Gel Roller Pens are made from recycled materials and feature brilliant G2 gel ink in black, blue, red, green, and purple. No matter which color you write in, you can go green. Eco-friendly alternative: Do you want to make your everyday essentials more eco-chic? B2P Gel Roller Pens are made from recycled water bottles and feature Pilot's long- lasting, vibrant G2 Gel Ink, for smooth, effortless writing. Trusted quality. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for you, whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school supplies, or writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤I love ink pens. Smooth writing, no leaking or smudges. These are great for everyday use because I'm a nurse. I ordered a pack of pens. I received a box that said 12 pens were supposed to be in it. There were only 8 pens in the box when I opened it. I paid for 12 pens, but I was shorted 4 of them. I was disappointed that I didn't get the full amount of ink pens.

👤The pens are some of the best on the market. I would've made my review 5 stars if I received all of the pens I paid for. I paid for a box of 12 and only had 9 shipped to me.

👤My husband and I love these pens. He stole my pen when he ran out of ink while he was doing homework. I bought a 12-pack because they're so much more expensive in the store as a 2-pack. A 12-pack for $12 was a great deal. We can get ink stains on our hands easily because we're both left-handed. We don't have a problem with these pens. They're comfortable to write with, they dry quickly, and they're good at writing for long periods. One of the best pens I've ever used. I would recommend it to anyone who likes gel pens.

👤Someone left a B2P pen on my kitchen table and I was impressed when I tried it. I like the Pilot G2 Gel Pens a lot, and the B2P pen is better than the G2. I ordered a package of pens. The B2Ps I ordered were thinner than the one I found. The writing wasn't as bold. Ball Point Pens were in the description of the pens I purchased. There is a I repeat. These are ball point pins. The pilot makes. I assumed that was what I had ordered. But no. There is a I'll buy B2P GEL pens. I found one that was very good.

👤In an industry where everything is still recorded by hand, having a comfortable pen is important. I enjoy using these pens because they allow me to enjoy my writing. I use them until the ink is gone. Purchase your own, I don't share them. The ink flowed smoothly. Fine point, it's great for squeezing in some small print. The barrel has a comfortable grip. It makes me feel better to know that all those bottles have been recycled into pens.

👤I really like the idea of having a wonderful tool to write down notes, while also being conscious of the environment. The pens are the same quality as the pilot's G-2 series, but with the added bonus of using recycled plastic bottles. This may be biased, but I am more than positive that this is the ultimate pen for the person that is constantly writing notes and needs a reliable pen. The blue ink that Pilot offers is eye-catching. The perfect pen is the one that I feel like all of the illustrations and writings that I do stand out on the page that I am writing on.

5. Paper Mate Retractable Assorted 1951636

Paper Mate Retractable Assorted 1951636

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. For reduced smearing, Dries is 3X faster. The ink on the page is smooth and colorful. The gel pen has a comfort grip on it. Medium point spreads ink beautifully. Pink Pop, Red Rush, Orange Rise, Yellow Twirl, Lime Light, Luscious Green, Teal Zeal, Bright Blue Bliss, Slate Blue Spin, Pure Blue Joy, Charming Purple, Wild Berry, Cocoa Delight and Jet Black gel pens are included.

Brand: Paper Mate

👤I don't like gel pens and roller balls. I was wrong about these. These pens are smooth and dry quickly. Give them a try.

👤The Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens are amazing. I have an obsession with pens. I'm left handed and other lefties know the struggle of Gel pens and our left hands. There was nothing but smudged writing and smeared ink. Within 30 seconds, I was hooked, after my coworker bought me a single paper mate pen. I didn't smudge it because the ink dries quickly. Ever. They write very well. The pens feel nice in your hands, the colors are vivid and bright, and the pens feel nice in your hands. I have to hide these pens from everyone else because they are trying to run off with them. I won't allow my coworkers to use them anymore if they say "I'm going to take this!" or "I'm going to walk off with them." The only downfall I can find is that after about 2 weeks of daily use the ink starts to stall, almost like it's run out, but not completely. I carry a pen in my purse to work and use it all day, then return with it in my purse again. I'm telling you that they are amazing. For a few days over 2 weeks. I can't get enough of the different colors and multiples of them in this package. There is a I've found at least 3 pens that don't work at all, after finally getting around to using more than just a couple pens. I remove the plastic container from the pen and it doesn't work. No matter how many different things I try, nothing comes out. How long do I spend trying?

👤Half of the pens stopped working. I tried shaking them and it looked like there was ink in the paper, but it wasn't transferring to the paper. The purples and blues just don't work very well, because I tried different surfaces, left pens sit to use at a later date, used more and less pressure, and used purples and blues. I'm usually very happy with the paper mate products. This purchase is more depressing than I would typically spend it on.

👤I loved using these pens when I first started using them. The colors were bold and the ink was clean. After a few days, that changed. The ink started to skip, take on a rough appearance, and pool a bit. I'm very sad. There is a The search for a gel pen continues.

👤I'm a pen freak. In my early years as a teacher, I accepted anything that was written. I have the InkJoy Gel Pens. Bic Cristals will always hold a special place in my heart. There is a There's something great about them. They come in lots of colors. This pack has two of my favorites. Both colors are appropriate for what I do with them. I'm not signing legal paperwork here. The lime green is a little light, but overall, InkJoy makes pens that are unreadable, and I barely use that one for that reason. The flow! The best flow is what these pens have, and that is important to me. Gel pens can get muddy and choppy, but not these guys, they are smooth and beautiful! 3. They don't bleed and they don't smudge. Other reviewers complained that they used them wrong, but I don't know if that's true. I never have a problem so I'm going to chalk it up to user error. I've used these pens for a long time and it's always a great experience. There is a I guess the price is the only negative. They're more expensive than a ball point pen, but hey, you get what you pay for, and a good writing experience matters to me.

6. Retractable Erasable Assorted Mistakes Disappear

Retractable Erasable Assorted Mistakes Disappear

You can see how much ink is in the transparent barrel. Pilot's erasable thermo-sensitive gel ink is used in the retractable pen. It's not necessary to wear or tear the page so you can rewrite it. It is possible to be attractive, attractive The FriXion gel ink pen can be used to write and erase. Black, blue, red, turquoise, purple, navy, pink, and green are some of the vibrant ink colors. Write and create fear. Pilot has a full line of FriXion erasable Clickers, Colorsticks, Fineliners, Colors Marker Pens, and Highlighters. Trusted quality. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for everything from taking notes to writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤I bought both sizes of Rocketbooks. These go through ink quickly and are a great buy. I replaced the blue light with a black pen that came with the Rocketbooks. Frixion highlighters fit well in the case as well. There is a Try to vary your notes color. I stick with black for notes, red for commands, and blue for explaining commands for stuff that is formal. I will use the purple and pink if the notes are for me. You get more wear out of the pens when you use this.

👤There are great eraseable pens. The ink is heat sensitive so be careful with copying notes in a hot car or using a copy machine. Put your note in the freezer for 10 seconds and you'll be good to go.

👤When I first got these pens, I loved them. This is the second time I have purchased these. I was running low. When I ordered them... The pens looked different than the first time I got them, for instance the new ones have Chinese writing on the back, and the old ones have low ink. It is insane. I will post some pictures so you can see them. I decided to return them because they weren't worth the money. The old pen is the one that you can see is not as good as the new one.

👤These are erasable. I only use them for my planners so I can't afford to lose anything. I bought these pens a few months ago and have found a few spots that have been erased. It's never left in heat or near water and only small spots are erased, like the size of a dime. The word "warmer" is incomplete in two different spots on the same page. My parents' flight information and my pediatrician appointment times are missing. I have no idea how this is happening. No heat or water! Is it possible that someone can explain this?

👤When I received these pens, I was so enamored with them. They had great color and erased very well. They stopped working after only 2 months of having them. They don't write anymore because they just don't get warmed up, which is very disappointing. I was not going to write a review until I realized that all of the things I wrote with these pens have stopped working. Things I wrote about in October are almost gone. If you want to only write temporary things and not use them in a planner like me, you should not buy these pens.

👤I have used the pens for less than a week. I am a huge fan of Pilot pens, but they have already dried out. I wouldn't recommend these pens because of their shelf life.

👤These pens are wonderful. I'm in school. I like to take colorful notes to help identify key terms, but I can't stand messy notes where I have to cross things out. They allow me to keep my notes neat while I erase and re- write them. If I dry the ink before I erase, it will be much cleaner. Don't leave your writing in a hot car, or you'll end up with a blank page.

7. BIC Ecolutions Ballpoint Medium 50 Count

BIC Ecolutions Ballpoint Medium 50 Count

Every time, black ink writes for the first time. Consistency in ink flow is a must for a smooth writing experience. A 1.0mm medium point is ideal for tackling a variety of writing activities. Round barrel for writing. You can see the remaining ink supply with a translucent barrel. Made with recycled plastic.

Brand: Bic

👤Bic ecolutions Round Stic Ball Pen is a new pen I want to add to my collection. I am a lefty. If you are left-handed, you know that ink pens are not friends. I've accepted the fact that by the end of the day I'm going to have a hand covered in ink smudges. I use an ink pen from the time I wake until the time I go to bed because I am a nurse and do a lot of documentation. I have to wait for ink to dry on one section of paper before I can move on to the next page. Not the case with this pen. The ink dried quickly. There were no smudge marks on my hand or ink on my papers. The ink came out quickly and painlessly, which saved me a lot of time. We all know that time is money. Which leads to another plus. There is a It was not expensive and is always right up my alley. Considering how essential a pen is to my job, one would think I would invest in an expensive one. I work with a bunch of pen thieves which would make such an investment foolish. I can use this pen at work and not worry about it going back home. This pen was made from recycled plastic. One more reason to love my purchase is that I get to take part in going "green". There is a For those who don't want to read a full review. Left hand friendly. * Smooth glide No feathering is eco-friendly.

👤I bought a 50 pack of pens because I was so sick of searching for pens at work. My co-workers don't like these pens, but they're my favorite at any price. Maybe people will stop stealing my pens. They're lightweight, they write smooth, and the blue ink is easy to read, and I've never seen a leak. They're cheap at less than 11 cents per pen, so who cares if you lose one? What more do you want?

👤I bought these because they were made from recycled plastic. They don't work very well. I'm in the food service industry and I know from experience that pens are not worth the low price they're being sold for. I threw a lot of them in the recycle bin. The industry standard for pens was BIC. I'm very happy with Papermate.

👤A big box with pens. I keep these around for other people to steal so they don't take my good pens. I think we have something in the house that eats them.

👤I have been a loyal purchaser of Bic Brand pens for many decades. I used to buy a Bic blue ink pen from the corner store on my way to school. I had to pay 10 cents. They always wrote smoothed and no leaks. There is a At some point in the 2000's, I started having bad experiences with Bic brand, which caused a lot of damage to clothing and other material things, and some pens had half-filled barrels. I had the same experience with the brand I purchased, that out of a 10 pack of pens, maybe four would be okay, and the others would start leaking as soon as I start writing with them, or the ink would dry out. Bic changed their formula and that's what caused the cheap and quality leaking pens. There is a I stopped buying pens from Bic. The cheap $1 pens at the discount stores didn't leak. There is a A few months ago, I decided to give Bic another try. I thought they would return to their better quality days after all these years. I was wrong. There is a A lot of good pens, but also a lot of bad quality pens, leaking pens, and pens that stopped writing even with the barrel still half-filled with, were in the box. It's impossible to write with the ink that's left in the barrel. There is a Buying in bulk isn't always the best choice, because many manufactures will cheat you by mixing in poor quality items with good quality to make up a gross set, even when the price is reasonable. I'm going to get 10 in a pack for $1 and buy the dollar pens again.

8. BIC Round Ballpoint Medium 36 Count

BIC Round Ballpoint Medium 36 Count

The high quality of its products is what makes Customer Care so special. Customer satisfaction is important to them. If you have any concerns, please contact them. There is a pack of BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Black Ballpoint Pens. A 1.0mm medium point tip creates clear lines for note-taking. The ball spreads the ink evenly. A pack of pens with a barrel design. Every time, black ink writes for the first time.

Brand: Bic

👤You are familiar with this pen. They're in every hotel you've been in. And, that's right. Yes. I know you took a few home with you. I bet it still writes, just like their lighters! It started again after writing right out of the box. You know what I'm talking about. You have to shake it and write it down. Not this pen. They're translucent, so you can see when it's running out of ink. There is a I bought some nice silicone grips, but it's too skinny for my grip, so I have to use a different grip. I will never buy another brand again. I only used one so far, but I'm in love. If we ever break up, I will change my review. I see a lot of happy paper trails for me and my BICs.

👤The pens are inside the box. It was smart to place it. There is ink in the pen. A smooth vessel. There are caps included. There's a logo for those who like that sort of thing. It was a wise purchase. I have to think of something that I can use paper for. I am obsessed with pens. Always have been. All varieties. I like office supplies. There is a smell of office supply stores. They should sell that scent for air fresheners. What? They should.

👤I gave this product a good rating. The price was cheap. Don't expect much out of them, the quality isn't the best, and many of them don't work or jam up. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on pens, you can always go this route.

👤We keep these on hand for signing documents or filling out forms or envelopes that we want to be sure won't smudge as easy-flow ink. Sometimes pens do. A lot of the ball point pens are a little difficult to get the ink flowing, but a lot of the time it's because of the criss-crosses on the paper.

👤The BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen is a review. I've been using this product for a long time. The price is good and they are easy to write with. The pens are comfortable. I have arthritis in my hands and I used to have pain in my hands when I wrote. I don't feel pain in my hands with these pens. The blue and black ink pens are new to me. Both are good. I like the black because I find it easier to read.

👤The BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pen is the #1 selling ball pen in the country. I use it to sign all my important municipal orders as the mayor of Kansas City. KC is #1 in storage space. Imagine if you could store many of these BIC Stics in Kansas City's world-leading underground storage, warehousing, and office space. The Medium Points aren't refillable, but the storage spaces are.

👤There is a box of pens. Maybe it should get a one star review. It's just a box of cheap BIC pens. I think you will be happy with your purchase.

9. Simply Genius Eco Friendly Journaling Supplies

Simply Genius Eco Friendly Journaling Supplies

The ink level is shown in a translucent barrel. ECO FRIENDLY PENS. These bulk ink pens, recycled pens, best disposable recycle pens, and these biodegradable pens have strong barrels made of recycled cardboard and are made of safe plastic. SMOOTH, RETRACTABLE PENS. Medium point pens are great birthday gifts, holiday or Christmas gifts to writers, artists, students who like eco-friendly products, and the black ink pens are high quality. All purpose pens. Eco pens for home, desk, business, purse, bag, travel; Great creative pens for writing and note taking; Bulk set of click pens for women and men, arts and crafts supplies, wedding supplies, writing supplies, eco friendly office supplies, teacher supplies The pen is 5.25”L x 0.25”W x 0.25”D. The barrel can be written on. Adding your own art is great for craft projects. The sustainable wheatstraw tips and ends come in a variety of colors. Ballpoint Eco Pens By Simply Genius, Brown Barrels With Assorted Color Tips And Ends, Black Ink, and Eco Friendly Recycled Pens are included.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤I wanted to make fun little gift able pens for my bridal shower and wedding, so I ordered these pens. They're perfect! They write in black ink so they are perfect for the games. It was very easy to put my own stamp on. There's less chance of running and ink soaking right in. I will definitely be ordering more of these. I like that they're easy to modify and write well. They are large enough to be easy to hold. Plastic is always a bonus.

👤I chose these pens because they are made of recycled material and I wanted them to be quick to use. Patients take a pen to fill out paperwork, then keep it for themselves, instead of us trying to store them. The surprise? They write well. It's a shame we're giving them away since they write so well. I'm happy our patients will have a nice writing pen that will cause less damage to the planet in its production.

👤The quantity and price were both good. Pens can be difficult to find in our offices. I don't think we'll run out of pens soon because this package was good. The colored tips are similar to the barrel. Co-workers have gone so far as to write their names on the paper barrel so no one will steal their pen.

👤The 100 pens you get for 25 cents each are less plastic than traditional pens, but they are wrapped in plastic.

👤Don't hesitate to purchase. Work is just as good without plastic pens. Very strong. The price is great. Good writing quality. Give them a try. We are very happy about it. The Wish wash 10 pack was not wrapped in plastic. The outer box was made of cardboard.

👤I bought these pens because I'm trying to use as little plastic as possible while I'm a graduate student. The pen is writing very well. Not very thick but not very rough. I'll use my black ink for now, but I would like to have an option for blue ink. It's not very comfortable for long periods of writing. This is a great pen for people who don't want to take notes for three hours straight.

👤This was a great gift for a student. It's a good price to give a unique gift and send a message.

👤I gave these to my hostess. I would know if my server took the pens. So far, so good! They are durable enough to clean. It was a great price and I was very happy.

👤The pens are of a nice variety of colors. Would purchase again.

10. Mr Fineliner Journals Supplies Pen

Mr Fineliner Journals Supplies Pen

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. The package includes 12 x 0.4mm Fineliners. There are 12 colors in a portable plastic case. There are 12 colors: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Brown and Orchid. It is ideal for all areas of writing, drawing, sketching, Manga, animation, graphic, design, and illustration. Artists have drawings and coloring small intricate patterns. Premium set for the family, friends, co-workers, birthday and christmas The water-based, non-toxic and odorless nature of the water makes it a minimally bled through substance. There is ink.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤The pens are advertised as not bleeding. I was very disappointed that they bleed. I was using it in a thick, high quality book and it bled through. There is no way to use these on thin paper.

👤This set seems to be the best compromise in my search for a pen. I like the depth of the color and it is felt tip. They are very thin and light so they are not my favorite thing. The ink dries quickly and doesn't bleed. I need to journal now. That's another issue.

👤I took the green pen with me to the study group and it fell apart. I tried to put the pen back together after it came off, but it wouldn't work. Definitely not buying again.

👤The small tip size of these pens makes them great for writing in a monthly planner. The caps are hard to take off and the yellow ink is hard to read on white paper, so I removed a star. I use white-out ribbon, and these pens tend to rip it if I'm not careful. It's not the best pen, but I still love using it for my planners, and it's not bad at all.

👤The pens produce smooth colors. They write well too. They bleed through the paper despite being bleed- resistant. It's not much, but ink is liquid. It's like all liquids do. Other than that. Excellent product to use!

👤My pen is a Sharpie. I bought these because they are similar and have a variety of colors. They seem fine for writing down a few things, but they are smaller than I'm used to and my fingers got a little sore after a while. I still prefer a Sharpie pen.

👤The only downfall of these markers/pens was that some of the tips bent after being used a few times. I used these to write in my journal, as I use all my other pens. Maybe it was my luck.

👤The shape of the pens was not nice. I had 5 packs that didn't work correctly. The ink install would come out when the top came off. It was a mess.

11. Paper Mate 1788863 Retractable Ballpoint

Paper Mate 1788863 Retractable Ballpoint

Non-refillable and packaging can be different. Ballpoint pen has a bold point. It's a soft grip for writing. Reliably vivid ink makes your notes brighter. The retractable design and matching barrels are convenient. Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Magenta, Turquoise, Lime, Brown, Navy and Plum ballpoint pens are great for writing.

Brand: Paper Mate

👤I usually use the 7" x 10" Japanese import notebooks when writing fiction. For whatever reason, the nature of a notebooks writing surface matters. The pen we choose might matter more. There are pen choices to choose from. Some prefer the extra fine ballpoint, some prefer the fine ballpoint, and others prefer the bold ballpoint pens. Thin or thick lined writing is what you want. The nature of the writing surface varies from rough, hard, normal to near-glossy. This is a pen review, so let me stay on point. To give the review a measured context, I would need to stack different brand pens side by side to give anyone reading this a visual imagery of what a 1.6mm pen looks like versus another 1.6mm pen from the same brand but of a different model version. I also put a pen in the mix. There is a The BIC Atlantis, BIC Velocity, and BIC Paper Mate Profile are all 1.6mm pen sizes. The width or thickness of the line drawn by the said pen is what a BOLD 1.6mm or a 1.4mm means. Same applies for 1.0mm, 0.7mm, 0.5mm, 0.38mm. There is a The bigger the bore, the wider it is. You can't exclude the issue of ink blotting, bleeding, or even streaking. This is not the same as the kind of paper you write on. I used 2 different types of writing surfaces to show how the ink of the 3 brands look. The bleached white of MEAD two ring business notebook is from a Japanese import paper, while the tan/beige one is from a Japanese import paper. There is a I give the vivid blue color to the BIC brands. They are ahead of the paper mate profile. The PP is not bad. No. It's been my go-to pen for writing. There is a Flow -- It's pretty close. I would give Atlantis a marginal edge over the other two, with the Paper Mate Profile & BIC Velocity being close to dead even. They don't stutter or skip when they're going. The "curse" in the midst of the blessing lies at this location. The bigger the pen, the more likely it is to break. The paper mate is at 1.4mm. I give it to the PP brand. I'm sure if PP had a 1.6mm model it would be a problem. It's not as bad as it sounds. When the pen makes the first contact with the paper, I only notice it for Atlantis. It's smooth sailing once you get to write. SUGGESTION: To mitigate against this, wipe tip with a paper towel. If this is something that will bother you, I suggest you stick with the Paper Mate Profile. You can either go down a notch to Medium 1.0 or Fine 0.7. The Atlantis is the most prone to damage. The paper mate profile is the least prone and thus takes the win. There is a These are a good choice. When choosing, individual needs will come into play. I included pictures, please overlook the bad handwriting. There is a This review is helpful. There is an update on 1/22/18. The 1.6mm pens can cause some frustration when used on glossy or smooth paper. I'll take the Paper Mate Profile over the other two. There was an update on April 14th. I just bought my 3rd packet of Paper Mate Profile. Thta shows you how good the pen is. Nuff said.


What is the best product for eco friendly pens for writing?

Eco friendly pens for writing products from Bic. In this article about eco friendly pens for writing you can see why people choose the product. Sharpie and Jinfusi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly pens for writing.

What are the best brands for eco friendly pens for writing?

Bic, Sharpie and Jinfusi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly pens for writing. Find the detail in this article. Pilot, Paper Mate and Pilot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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