Best Eco Friendly Phone Case Iphone Xs

Case 1 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Case Mate IPhone Tough Clear Frosted

Case Mate IPhone Tough Clear Frosted

10 ft drop protection with protective case design. It is made of up to 60% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic to help limit their dependence on raw materials and reduce carbon emissions. Reducing emissions and limiting their dependence on fossil fuels is an environmental conscious thing to do. The product is packaged in 100% recycled paper. Case-mate is giving back with every purchase by donating to The Nature Conservancy.

Brand: Case-mate

👤I don't plan to test the case's durability as I haven't dropped my phone yet, but I will definitely use it as a reference. If the phone is dropped on its edges, the corners "bump" out slightly, which seems reassuring in absorbing the impact. The metallic pink side buttons are easy to press compared to other cases that can be sticky, and the neon pink/yellow colors really pop against the back of my white iPhone. I have gotten a lot of praise on my case. My husband is into the purple/teal combo for his black phone, it gives it a more subtle look. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I was surprised that this one looks better than the photos. Casemate cases are very good quality and last a long time. I had a button that broke off after only 4 months, but that is not the norm. I was worried because a lot of the reviews for the new ones said they didn't look like what they were pictured. If you don't have a white phone, it's hard to imagine how the sheer cases look with many phone colors. I own a black XR. I was worried that the purple back looked too dark. I decided to give it a chance and it looks really good. The purple didn't come out as dark as I 888-276-5932s would have you believe. The quality seems to be the same as it was in the past. So far, so good with the purchase. I purchased this case from Case Mate a little over a year ago and it was not as good as the one I purchased from Amazon. They changed it for some reason. The old one was a different type of plastic with sheer dots on the inside that aren't visible after it's put on, and the new one was a different type of plastic with shinier plastic. I would get a crack on the screen when I dropped my phone. The case had scratches on it. Just beware. You might get the worse version when you purchase. I don't buy it anymore. I feel like they are cutting quality to save money.

👤Don't buy it if you want to protect your phone. It is so. It's pretty. I loved it at first. I bought a pop sockets to help hold the phone in a more secure way because it was a little slippery to hold. My 1 year old knocked it off the couch and the back of my phone was shattered, but I was able to grab it before he did anything with it. That part is covered. Do not purchase if you want to keep your phone from being destroyed.

👤Product is good. The problem is that it doesn't fit the new phone. The sound is not correct. Don't buy it for an Iphone.

👤I've used Case Mate covers for seven years. The tough one seems to provide a lot of protection without bulk. It fits my car very well, but it doesn't cover the speaker holes on the bottom. I got clear so I could add my own photos to the case and it is clear and not discolored.

2. OTOFLY Protection X,Anti Scratch Fingerprint Basic Cases,Compatible

OTOFLY Protection X%EF%BC%8CAnti Scratch Fingerprint Basic Cases%EF%BC%8CCompatible

The new design of the case will fit your phone perfectly with cutouts for all buttons and ports. The case is simple and elegant. Superior quality and durable liquid Silicone. This simple and flexible case is made from superior quality liquid silicone gel, safe and environmental friendly, super soft, durable and resistant to turn yellow with the time. The design of your phone's display is made of dirt resistant and fingerprints resistant. Full Body Protection for Screen and Camera. The soft liquid Silicone iPhone X/XS case is shock and scratch resistant. The raised case edges of the camera and screen give you the best protection against bumps and hard-hits. Ultra Slim Fit for a Better Soft Handle. The soft handle feeling of the upgraded case is better than traditional cases. The skin-friendly case is designed to bring you a different experience with a stunning hand feeling. The features of super thin and light make it possible to quickly charge a device. They aim to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service. If you're not satisfied with their upgraded case, you can either get a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Otofly

👤It is a good case for my phone. The one I bought was red. I like the color. There is a It is soft on the inside and rubber on the outside, which makes it easy to hold and less likely to fall out of pocket. There is a It is more difficult to put it in the pocket than it is to keep it in the phone case, but I would rather have that than a slippery phone case. There is a The screen is protected if it falls face down because the edges of the case go beyond it. The case protects my phone well. There is a The case is a great deal. I would buy it again.

👤I upgraded to an iPhone X from my old phone. I was going to buy a case from the Unbox Therapy guy on YT, but I realized that he was just changing a popular Amazon phone case and saying that he built it. A piece of trash. There is a My benchmark was a lightweight carbon fiber phone case. This isn't as light and it isn't carbon fiber, but it fits the bill for the price. The case is lined with a soft material and the grip is great. The phone buttons are so easy to press that I often snap a screen capture. There are no issues with speaker sound or charging cable. It is definitely worth buying. I've dropped the phone a few times from 4-5 feet and it's all good. No color fading, no peeling, and very nondescript, love it.

👤Very happy with this case! It is easy to clean and it fits the iPhone well. The speakers have holes on the bottom. The buttons feel like they click. There is a lip around the screen to protect it from scratches. The pink case is beige. It is easy to brush off the lint in the case. I like the way the case is soft, but it doesn't feel like it will make my phone slip through my hands. It is a very good case for the price and feels better than the Apple case I had for less than half the price.

👤Sturdy, but still dainty. I was hesitant to buy the light pink color because of the fact that the lighter colors eventually get dingy, but that has not been the case with this product. It looks cute. I haven't dropped my phone a lot yet. I can not speak to the protective factor. I don't feel like it's going to fall out of my hands and smash on the floor, because it's grippy enough. Would definitely recommend! There is a If you found the review helpful, please click the HELPFUL button.

👤I ordered this case because I dropped my phone with a hard case on it and the back glass shattered. This one is rated for high grade shock proof protection and it comes in a nice dark purple. It does feel like it has good corners and the lining is soft, but I am not going to try to prove that. There is a This is the first Silicone case I have purchased and I am not going to buy another one in the future. lint and hair are attracted to the case. I keep the case clean with two black dogs. It's easy to hold on to, not slippery and light. The thin hard TPU case I used to have on it failed to protect it from being broken during a short drop, so this will suffice for now.

3. Genuine Vintage Eco Friendly Leather Crossbody

Genuine Vintage Eco Friendly Leather Crossbody

There are over 900 reviews on the website. The HOLSTERE iPhone case crossbody, "The London" in true black, is a timeless classic. Designed for busy, on-the-go women. Peace of mind and ultimate convenience for daytime adventures, travel, weekend trips, and everything in between. The strap is made of high-quality vintage leather with subtle gold-toned hardware clasps. It allows for hands-free carrying of phone. Stand-alone case use requires a strap. The strap can be worn anywhere between 47 inches to 54.5 inches in length. The case itself is wrapped around the edges and sides of the phone for superior protection. The front of the screen is not covered. The wallet sleeve holds cards securely. There are sizes and colors available. Black is available in the following phones: iPhone 7, 8, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, XS Max, 11, Pro, 11 Pro Max. Tan is available in a number of different colors.

Brand: Holstere Llc

👤The Bandolier I was using did not last a year. The bandolier has a pouch that is tight so you need tiny fingers to carry a card or two bills, but the leather is better. There is a You can easily take off the straps on this one. It is a bit cheaper than the bandolier, but it functions better and costs less. Enjoy.

👤After reading reviews and receiving the item, I was very excited. The quality was nice, but my phone fell out of the case after I wore it for the first time. My phone has been damaged on two corners. I had to return since I couldn't trust wearing this case out and about, and then I found out that my phone wasn't there. Very angry and upset.

👤Good quality pleather is not an eco-friendly leather. The item was damaged when I opened it. I put my money in the trash can.

👤The stitching is starting to come undone after I have used it 15 times. It is difficult to fit more than two cards in there and I don't think it will loosen, but it will bust the seams. The clips are hard to take off. The metal is cheap and scratches easily. The button is starting to lose its gold color. I am not impressed with quality for the price. The item looks better. The pictures. I would have returned this if it weren't for the Pandemic.

👤I received it as advertised. It seems to be a good quality leather strap and my phone fits perfectly. I travel a lot and use my phone as a camera, I always worry about dropping it when I put it in my purse or leave it on a table, so this should solve both of those issues. The strap is a nice thickness and it seems sturdy. It is a bit stiff, but I am sure it will adapt to use. When I only need my license and a credit card, I don't have to carry a wallet. I wish they made this in other colors. I am very satisfied.

👤So far, so good. I only had it for a few days but it's great! Excellent quality! You can smell the leather. It was able to fit 5 cards. They fit despite being a tight squeeze. I was able to squeeze in a few bills. The case is strong and the strap is tough. The strap is the reason I gave it 4 stars. There was a lot of space at the bottom of the strap that could have been used for more holes. I have to add another hole to the strap because it's thick and I'm tall, so it's difficult to make it longer. The case is great. It looks nice. I would definitely recommend it. I'm happy that there is a case like the Bandolier that is affordable.

👤This phone case is very nice. I like to have my phone around my purse because I loose things often. Even though the phone hangs upside down, there is no chance of your card or money falling out of the wallet. I only have my credit card in the wallet portion of my wallet and it's snug, so I don't worry about losing it. There is a In the past few weeks, I have been asked where I purchased this, as many friends and acquaintances compliment me on the case.

4. SteepLab Warrior Case IPhone Screen

SteepLab Warrior Case IPhone Screen

Fight the StatUS Quo - choose a case that makes a statement about your contribution to the future. There is no plastic in 100% of the product. Feel good about your purchase. Carry it with ease because it is only 0.05” (1.35mm) in diameter. Every case is different, just like them. It is a great gift because it is hand wrapped in 100% recycled paper. Feel free to reach out, they are Texas based and have 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Brand: Steeplab

👤The edges of my case became discolored after I left it in my pocket. I had to get a new case because it looked dirty.

👤I love the look and feel of this case, but within one day it turned the color of my pants. I have had many phone cases that didn't take on dyes from pants, but this one did very quickly. I should have ordered the black version at the beginning.

👤It's easy to use and effective. If you are using a standard charger, the slot on the bottom is the only limitation. It is sized correctly, however, you may need to slightly move the case when plugging in to make sure the connection isn't loose.

👤This case is amazing. The quality is great, the packaging is very eco friendly, and I just got it so I can't vouch for its longevity. I recommend a lot.

👤The case is what it's described to be. It works perfectly for Iphone 10. I like the look and feel of the case. It was wrapped in recycled paper. I would like all products to come this way.

👤I will probably buy another case that is not cream/white at some point. It is showing dye transfer very quickly and magic erasers do not help. I got the midnight charcoal one. Someone is great at a program. It is actually gray. It will look better than the cream.

👤I love the texture.

5. Pela Phone IPhone Compostable Eco Friendly

Pela Phone IPhone Compostable Eco Friendly

The pli cases are made from plants. If you no longer need your case, you can send it back to them and they will turn it into a new Pela product or compost. Protect your phone and the environment. Your Pela Phone Case protects your phone from scratches and drops. Protect your phone. They are working to create a waste free future just like you. They use recycled paper and no plastic for their packaging. The design of this case is light and airy. It is also flexible without adding bulk to your phone. There is a guarantee of success. Do you want to change your mind? They do that as well. They offer a guarantee return if you don't like your choice.

Brand: Pela

👤Fantastic. Looks the same as shown. The nature of it is Eco. I want another one.

👤The case is bright, looks good and feels good. It is flexible and comfortable. It will never end up as permanent plastic trash. This model should be followed by all manufacturers and they should produce items that will compost.

👤I love the colour and feel of the case. It's a perfect case, all of that on top of benefiting the planet.

6. Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Stop using plastic at the source. Their cases are made of wheat and straw and contain organic and non toxic ingredients that comply with the EU Reach regulations. They are working on solutions to combat the global plastic pollution using recycled paper packaging, too. High quality and protection. Their cases meet high quality standards for a longer life cycle and certified Drop- Down Protection to shield your phone from drops/scratches, they are living in a throw away society. They will give you 30% on your new case if you turn your old case into new. Their goal is to act sustainable in every process. A tree. They plant a tree for every product sold. They act sustainable.

Brand: Woodcessories

👤I like this case. It's too small for my phone. The description of the phone is not clear as to which phone it is meant for, even though I want to purchase again in the right size. It would be better if it had a clear product name. I can't use it so I can't really assess it.

👤I love it! I have had it for a while. It held up well and kept my phone out of harms way. I don't believe it's meant to be able to handle phone drops. It has done the trick. It is made from sustainable material.

👤I also ordered the phone case online. I couldn't use the phone because it was blocked. I had to return it. The cover is on the shelf.

👤Even though it is made from plants, it feels like plastic, I love it. This is the best eco friendly case you can buy.

👤Love this case. Light weight. Slim. It works perfectly. It's easy to take off. The case is still good even though I have dropped the phone a few times.

👤The texture of the case makes it very easy to hold and it is easy to remove and put it back on. Very happy with the purchase!

👤The case got dirty quickly.

👤Excellent product. I can't believe it was only $17. Should I ever need another case, I will definitely buy it again. Also, packaging is great.

👤Absolutely love this phone cover. I get a lot of praise for it being natural/recyclable.

👤Ich schafft in der tach, so beispielsweise das Hlle gefreut. Im Material ist die Angenehm an. I am erst seit 3 wochen. So stark ist, ist I so bei Hlle passiert. Ich ist allem, versucht. Ihren reinigen (inkl) ist. Aber es bringt gar! Super schade, bei dem Preis, bei allem. I leider.

👤Super Hlle ist die Hlle von 2 mal runter gefallen und 2 mal Glas gesprungen. There is a Ist ja erst 1 Woche alt. There is a Iphone ist die fteren mal hin gefallen, aber es war nie was dran. There is a 2 mal runtergefallen ist in so kurzer Zeit. So schn rutschig ist, daran das die Hlle. There is a Ich ist Bume gerettet. There is a Leider, mein handy. There is a Ich bestell. Im Hlle ist die neues Handy. es wahrscheinlich, im Ar... Die Farbe ist immerhin etwas.

7. Friendly BioPlastic IPhone Case Pela

Friendly BioPlastic IPhone Case Pela

The pli cases are made from plants. If you no longer need your case, you can send it back to them and they will turn it into a new Pela product or compost. Protect your phone and the environment. Your Pela Phone Case protects your phone from scratches and drops. Protect your phone. They are working to create a waste free future just like you. They use recycled paper and no plastic for their packaging. The design of this case is light and airy. It is also flexible without adding bulk to your phone. There is a guarantee of success. Do you want to change your mind? They do that as well. They offer a guarantee return if you don't like your choice.

Brand: Pela

👤The phone case was a no-brainer for someone who loves saving the planet. This case is a major disappointment for someone who is also an insane clean freak. I love the design, but after a couple hours in the back pocket of my jeans my case now looks like an old sponge, as my friend put it. Every time I drop my phone it is protected by the case. It is not slippery or bulky. It costs a little to save the plant. I might have to order a different color because I'm still looking for a way to clean it.

👤I did experience thedenim staining, but I wiped it down with rubbing alcohol and it came off. No big deal. The look and feel of this case is very appealing to me. I have a yellow one with bees on it and it is very simple and nice. The lock button on my phone is not hidden. I couldn't properly lock my phone without trying 200 times because of my last case. My favorite case was on 11/10.

👤I wanted to replace a plastic phone case. The only benefit to buying this case for this price is that you will get a letter in the mail telling you how you are helping the earth. The case feels like a rubber or Silicone case on your phone. One side of my phone was warped but still fit, except on the edge. It catches stuff. The worst part is that it feels like rubber, you can't clean the dirt from your hands off. I would have thrown it out if it wasn't for the price. I am going to purchase another brand.

👤It's a nice case, but it doesn't absorb the dirt and lint from pockets. It looks bad after less than a month, but my daughter loves it. I don't know if we got a did or not, but we probably won't purchase again.

👤I feel better knowing that the case I got for my phone may be more eco-friendly than the other ones I've gotten. The case was stiff when it arrived but after using it and taking it off, it softened up and still fits the phone. The cutouts for the side buttons weren't perfect but they did a good job without adding too much bulk to the phone.

👤A great phone case! I have had a phone case for almost two months and it has been great. I dropped my phone and it held up. It has held up well, and I use Disinfectant wipes on it almost daily. The pop sockets stuck to it. I love that it is non-toxic.

👤The slim black is great for my needs and I wanted to get an eco-friendly case. The pattern is small. It's easy to distinguish my phone from other black cased phones, but it's still sleek and nondescript. I was worried that it would be too thin to be protective, but I accidentally dropped my phone as I was getting out of my car and it was fine. There were no apparent scratches on the phone or screen. I love this case so far, it's only a week in.

8. Eplanita Biodegradable Compostable Protection Friendly

Eplanita Biodegradable Compostable Protection Friendly

Protect your phone and the environment. The wheat straw used in the eplanita case is completely recyclable and non-biodegradable. The mobile case is kind to the environment. The degradation process can only be started under the soil or in a commercial compost. Full protection. The ECO iPhone XS Max mobile case has been tested to ensure resilience. Good shock proof and anti-drop protection can be provided by the shock absorbing qualities of TPU. The camera and front edges of the phone are higher to protect it. Premium textURE: A slightly matted texture that protects from fingerprints, scratches or stains and provides a soft feeling when holding your phone. There are 6 amazing colors with a natural rustic appearance. The ECO iPhone XS Max mobile covers are great for any occasion or season and will complement your device. Quality is guaranteed. They offer a 12 months warranty because they guarantee quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your eco iPhone XS Max mobile phone case, please contact them and they will definitely resolve the matter.

Brand: Eplanita

👤The phone case has been on my phone for over a month, and I have no complaints except for the fact that I wish the corners and edges of the phone case were a bit higher and snugger around the screen to prevent the glass from shattering when the phone fell and hit the corners. The pop sockets are bright and fun, they are easy to stick to the back surface, and they are Eco-friendly! Can't beat the price.

👤I like the color. After a couple of months of wear, it has started to get darker around the edges. It is very slippery and you should be prepared to drop your phone a lot. If you need more protection, the case might not be worth it. I cracked the screen cover when it fell on the gravel road and I think my display screen has started to malfunction because I have dropped my phone many times. The case has not taken any damage. I think it is sturdy and protects itself. I think it would be great if there was another feature that prevented the slippery feel. I think I need a case that protects my phone more, so it's hard to rate the case itself low. I think about what your true needs are.

👤I was disgusted by how their prices have gone up. I am never going back after discovering eplanita. It is just a nice color and feel like my old pela. It is too smooth to properly grip with one hand. I dropped my phone a lot.

👤I bought this to replace my Pela case. The price of a Pela case and a little sturdier is what Sleek feels like to hold. There is a After 3-4 years of use, my Pela case started to fall apart. Excited to see how long this will last on the market.

👤It is affordable and solid. I just threw away the Otterbox I bought when I got the phone because it fell apart, and I am happy to know this is a sustainable product. So. I won't do that again. Going with products that are sustainable.

👤The case is very sturdy, and the color is gorgeous. Since I put on this case, I have dropped my phone a few times. No damage has been done to the case. This case is great, but it is also good for the environment, which was my reason for purchasing. The packaging is very eco-friendly. The environment comes through in the products of Eplanita.

👤I was pretty happy with this purchase. I like that the case claims to be eco-friendly. The paper box was eco-friendly. I have dropped my phone a few times and it has not been damaged.

👤The case is cute and durable. It's perfect for my phone.

👤The description was misleading. The materials are eco friendly. It is a mix of naturally occurring/sustainable materials. I would like to know if this is a 50:50 mix or if the amount of natural materials is just a token amount for a sales campaign. I can't imagine the case is easy to recycle. There is a The main reason for average score is that the case is very thick. Since I got this case, my wireless charger has been slower. I have just ordered a new slimmer case and have had to abandon the idea of an eco friendly phone case as the only true articles are expensive. There is a It is very study. I think it will last a long time. It feels good.

9. OtterBox Symmetry IPhone Protector Cleaning

OtterBox Symmetry IPhone Protector Cleaning

A pocket-friendly design with wraparound colors and graphics adds seamless style. The construction is dual-material and protects your device from drops. Installation is easy and you can have a one-piece design on your phone in a flash. The bundle includes a screen protector, cloth, and alcohol pad for ultimate phone protection.

Brand: Otterbox

👤The otter box is a great option because it protects your phone. I had an identical one for 2 years and just replaced it after one of the side buttons broke. It is a little slippery. It fits in your pocket more easily because of that.

👤The otter box is my go-to phone case. The colors are great, the case is slim and easy to hold, and it protects my phone when accidentally dropped. Oops!

👤The phone cover did not come with a screen protection. It was a big factor in making the decision to purchase this cover. There is no way to contact the seller to see if they will send it to me.

👤I like the case. I was really disappointed that it didn't come with a screen protector. I'm not sure if it comes with one or if I was the lucky person not to get one.

👤Customer support from Amazon will return and Oder proper size.

👤Love the price and quality.

👤I can say that it is not drop proof.

👤The product was what I wanted.

10. SteepLab Warrior Case IPhone Screen

SteepLab Warrior Case IPhone Screen

Fight the StatUS Quo - choose a case that makes a statement about your contribution to the future. There is no plastic in 100% of the product. Feel good about your purchase. Carry it with ease because it is only 0.05” (1.35mm) in diameter. Every case is different, just like them. It is a great gift because it is hand wrapped in 100% recycled paper. Feel free to reach out, they are Texas based and have 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Brand: Steeplab

👤I love this case. I am happy to have found a cute phone case. I will be ordering the white one next.

11. Cork Cases Compatible IPhone Reveal

Cork Cases Compatible IPhone Reveal

The case is lightweight, sleek and stylish, but it is 100% cruelty free and sustainable. The exterior of the wood is Eco-friendly. It is possible to harvest the wood from the cork trees. It is shock absorbing and water resistant. A protective non-slip design is used for your wallet or pocket. It's compatible with the Apple iPhone. They plant a tree for every product sold to make you feel good about your contribution to the environment. The packaging is eco-friendly.

Brand: Reveal

👤Love this case. I have purchased it for two different phones. Love the style and it does the job. The second one was wiped off nicely, even though it was slightly discolored from my jeans.

👤I usually change my cases out quickly, get sick of them or they aren't good quality. I have had this case on since August. I love it! It doesn't have a lot of protection, but I like the style and the cork.

👤It's even better than the picture. We love this phone case.


What is the best product for eco friendly phone case iphone xs?

Eco friendly phone case iphone xs products from Case-mate. In this article about eco friendly phone case iphone xs you can see why people choose the product. Otofly and Holstere Llc are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly phone case iphone xs.

What are the best brands for eco friendly phone case iphone xs?

Case-mate, Otofly and Holstere Llc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly phone case iphone xs. Find the detail in this article. Steeplab, Pela and Woodcessories are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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