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1. McDILS Scrubbing Compostable Scrubber Friendly

McDILS Scrubbing Compostable Scrubber Friendly

Wrap Care 101 teaches you how to create a seal around food. Bee's Wrap will create a seal when it cools. After rinsing your wrap in cool water, air dry it. You can reuse your Bee's Wrap for up to a year. Kitchen sponges and scrubbers are made from all natural materials. The sponge is made from wood and coconut husk. They are great for cleaning dishes, counters, pots, pans and many more. Eco-friendly sponges will get the job done, no more kitchen sponges that don't clean. One side is a sponge and the other is a sponge. The dish sponge is gentle enough to not cause problems. The materials they use in making sponges are sustainable. Their sponges are made from plant fibers. They release less toxins when processing kitchen sponges. When your natural sponge has outlived its usefulness, it can be composted. Their kitchen sponges and scrubbers will get your kitchen and your dishes clean, and it will do it without scratching anything. The dish sponges are made from coconut and are strong and durable. They know they have created a high quality sponge, and they are positive that you will be satisfied with your purchase of their eco-friendly cleaning products. They are happy to try and make things right if you don't like the coconut sponges. Please let them know if you have any problems.

Brand: Mcdils

👤The description is misleading. The label says they are plastic.

👤Our kitchen sponges and scrubbers are made from all natural materials, which is different from traditional scrub pads for dishes. The sponge is made from coconut husk and wood. The picture shows that the scouring pad is made from 50% PET and not recycled. It is a false advertisement.

👤This is not true. If I hadn't opened them, I would return them. They are not Compostable as they are 50% PET. It's a type of material, a.k.a. polyester. Not made from plant or plastic. I was lied to.

👤I used to buy Groves walnuts sponges. I let my membership go because they got too eager to saturate their marketplace with too many products. There is a For two, it's close to $5 from Grove. There is a These are small sponges. They are as durable as I am. I've had no issues with falling apart or odor. There is a I would be fine with one a week. There is a The sponge photo'd was used daily for 2 weeks. I wanted to see how long I could push it. It is still mildly abrasive and absorbs as much as it first opened. It got ugly and I didn't want to see it on my counter. I keep the used ones in the washer for use in the garage, shop, and garden. There is a Not bad sponges. I will buy again.

👤False advertising... The whole point of buying it in the first place is that it is not composted.

👤The sponge is falling apart after another week or two. I will return this. The sponge is showing signs of wear and tear after two weeks of use. I understand that these may not last as long as the leading brands, but they should last longer than 2 weeks. I am still within the return window, so I am unsure if I want to return this. These sponges look good and work well. They are smaller than the standard sponges. I used to use the blue scotch brite sponge that is sold in bulk at the local super store, but these are smaller and take a little getting used to. It doesn't completely wrap around knives while washing because it's smaller. Adding product dimensions for transparency would be helpful. I like the way these look, it is subtle and not a big blue look like the old sponges that I was using, and I love that it is natural and biodegradable.

👤I have tried many sponges and they are not the same. These sponges are the real deal. They are just as good as the more expensive sponges. Save money and frustration by buying them.

👤I really wanted to love them, but they are just okay. I think they could be great. I have tried many things over the years, but have not been able to beat the standard green and yellow sponges. I tried the Twist sponges after my local grocery delivery stopped carrying them. There is a The size is a bit smaller than conventional sponges, which is a double-edged sword, but it can get into smaller spaces more easily, and it takes a few more passes to cover larger items. I have not used the two different scrub materials and only used the lighter one, but of the 2 sponges I've used both have had the scrub side peel off and separate from the sponge side in a very short amount of time. We started using these in January and have been using our second sponge for 5 weeks. Our first one started tearing across the middle and we continued to use it as best we could until it split into 2 and even then we continued to use the smaller piece for nearly a week. We use steel wool for heavier jobs so we don't use the scrubbing side as much, but we are very careful when wiping down anything sharp so as not to cut into the sponge. I think this is an issue across all natural sponges, but Twist did a good job of sewing down the scrubber to help it stay on longer. There is a If it were more durable, this product would be a winner, and I'd totally re buy, but as it is, I'm a bit on the fence and would definitely consider others to see if I can find something longer lasting.

2. SCRUBIT Natural Scrub Sponge Plant BasedCleaning

SCRUBIT Natural Scrub Sponge Plant BasedCleaning

The user manual is in-depth. There are tips on how to assemble, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of your body, after shave treatment, increasing the life of the blades, and 2 bonus homemade shaving recipes. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used. The green cleaning sponge could be used to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and the entire house, while protecting it from chemicals or toxins. The Dish sponge is double-sided, which means it will collect all dirt, grease and grime from any cleaning job. A hard, tough scrubbing pad is needed for jobs like washing floors or scrubbing pots. The Natural Scrub Sponge will keep your work surfaces clean. No need to worry about scratches. Glass windows, non-stick pots and pans, and expensive glassware can be lightly scrubbed. The non-scratch surface will not leave marks, scratches or streaks. 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied with the natural dishwashing scrubbers within 30 days. They are behind their products. They are happy to let you try them at their risk.

Brand: Scrubit

👤The product is great, but the fact that each sponge is wrapped in plastic makes it hard to buy eco sponges. The plastic is not marked so it can't be recycled. Otherwise great. Will not buy again because of the way it is packaged.

👤It makes no sense to call yourself eco-friendly when your sponges are wrapped individually in plastic and then in larger plastic, this is not the earth friendly alternative. Sponges work well for me. I don't trust if they are really non-toxic.

👤It seems to repel water, which is important to reducing the number ofbacteria. The sponge is not becoming slippery like traditional ones, so I don't have to use a method to test the levels ofbacteria. The scrub side is working well. We tried a synthetic sponge, but it only lasted a week before falling apart. The move to these sponges is a better option for my family's health than traditional sponges, and the packaging isn't a big issue for me. Life is not about arriving on a magic wand. Maybe they will find a better packaging option in the future, but I think startup funding is tight. Increased sales should give them more opportunities. They can fine tune the product and explore better packaging options if they support them.

👤The sponges work well and I will dump them in my compost when I'm done with them. When you individually wrap each sponge in a plastic film, your message of good for the earth gets lost. You lost 2 stars because of that. You must find a better wrapping that is not made from fossil fuels.

👤The sponges I received had no plastic at all, and I saw a lot of outrage about that. The manufacturer might have heard everyone. My bag was a reclosable brown waxed paper bag. There's that. There is a The sponges are as durable as the plastic ones I used to use, because they don't oxidize right away when I use cleaning products with bleach. It's been almost two months since I started on my first one. I use a lot of cleaning products with bleach so they don't smell bad yet. I like the shade of green and tan they come in.

👤These sponges are great. They come in a paper bag and are not individually wrapped. Amazon still shipped them in plastic. These sponges are great for scrubbing. They don't smell weird, except for the dishwasher refresh which doesn't damage them. I don't like washing green micro-plastics down the drain when I wring out my sponge. I highly recommend these! The package of sponges should last a long time. My only complaint is that the packaging is incorrect. The scrubbing material is 50% plant material, and not what the other 50% is. That is not what the description on the Amazon selling page said. I was led to believe that all plant material is non-toxic. I suppose they have to put the scrubber on the sponge to make it work. I feel better about the baby steps towards FEWER plastic in our landfills from the packaging and plant based scrubbers. There is a If a better solution is to buy the all-natural sponge and scrubbers separately, from this company, not glue them together, then I could try that after I use these up.

3. Cottonelle CleanCare CleaningRipples Biodegradable Septic Safe

Cottonelle CleanCare CleaningRipples Biodegradable Septic Safe

We are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385 Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper with ActiveRipples Cleaning Texture has 24 family rolls. There are 24 Family Mega Rolls, 388 sheets per roll, available on Amazon. The toilet paper that uses Active CleaningRipples Texture is strong, soft and effective and leaves you feeling fresh by removing more at once than the leading national value brand. Their premium 1-ply toilet paper is free of added perfumes and dyes, so no need to worry about allergies or irritation. They source materials that meet strict standards to protect forests and the animals and people that depend on them, meaning that they make sustainable solutions. Save big and get more with bulk toilet paper, because each Family Mega Roll lasts more than 5.5x the leading brand's regular roll, so you don't have to change rolls as often.

Brand: Cottonelle

👤I prefer Charmin, but since I am tasked with finding TP for 4 different people, I will take what I can get. The product is fine. Amazon and their workers are doing a great job during this nightmare. Thank you folks!

👤I will buy any variety of Cottonelle Mega Rolls if they don't have any scent in them. The mega roll is larger than the family mega roll. I didn't notice the difference when I weighed both rolls, but the mega roll was 5.20 ounces and the family mega roll was 6.1 ounces. I think that the roll inside is a little smaller or it's wound tighter. More paper means less TP changes. I don't like to focus on the roll size first. It's a big deal to me. For the past several years, I've only used Cottonelle. The paper is strong and even the thin one does not fall apart. I like the ridges on the paper more than other brands. I think this is a better way to get me clean. This brand is not usually loyal to me. We've tried every major brand and my husband as well. I like cottonelle! There is a Thanks for reading my review.

👤lint particles come off the roll as you use it I've used other brands that are just as soft and effective, and they don't produce as much lint.

👤I've found this product to be strong and comfortable. The 1 ply is what I like the most. The 2 ply is easier to plug up than the 1 ply. Some people use more paper than they need. There is a It's just one thing to think about.

👤I decided to see how these were and I'm very pleased with how long they last. "Nice!"

👤The best toilet paper on the market. Mega rolls are a great value.

👤Cottonelle Ultra is a really good toilet paper, but it is not as strong as regular Cottonelle, so it is a question of which do you prefer strength or softness. I was trying to find the most sheets of toilet paper. I chose this option. It is very soft. It's nice to have something on your body. I will try to find the most Cottonelle to get the product I want. It is not a big deal. You might have a different preference. I will probably not choose Cottonelle Ultra again. That is my preference. This is the soft toilet paper that you can use. I think the speed of absorbency is about the same as the other styles, but I have never actually tested them side by side.

👤Let's be real. We all buy toilet paper, but we don't talk about it. Purchasing two of these and spending eight dollars on enough to last a year and a half is priceless for a man of my demographic.

👤Really? We're looking at tp. Here we go! We quit our membership when it got crazy. When covid hit, we were getting the Amazon brand. We were back on the hunt because that was no longer available. Charmin and a few other brands were so soft that they broke in your hands. Nice rolls. Sturdy sheets. Don't let the 1ply fool you. These are thicker than most 2ply brands. We were very pleased with our purchase.

4. Ecover Toilet Cleaner Fluid Ounce

Ecover Toilet Cleaner Fluid Ounce

Mineral based ingredients include fragrances from essential oils. Decalcifies and freshens up stains. The bottle is made from 100% plant plastic. Not tested on animals. It's safe for the tanks.

Brand: Ecover

👤It was very bad! It smells terrible for a more natural product. It has a strong smell and you can smell it after using it. This stuff is awful if you are sensitive.

👤I can no longer say that this product has been satisfactory. There is a The smell of pine is gone. It does not clean as well. What has changed? A little research can help find answers. The ownership of Ecover was taken over by a man. The company that put the cancer-causing ingredients in the powder sold it as a "trusted" and "safe" product. The proprietary formula has been changed into something with an awful, overwhelming stench that fails to do the job it previously did. The natural cleaning line is messed up by SJ Johnson. How sad.

👤I've used it before and it has a nice scent that you can smell for about 15 minutes after you clean the toilet. It is relatively mild. There is a The smell is overpowering for about an hour. It was heard throughout the apartment. Didn't like that part. There is a I probably won't get it again because of the smell, but it did clean the toilet very well.

👤I remember Ecover using natural oils, but it seems my memory failed me. The scent of synthetic male cologne lingered in my bathroom for 24 hours after I used it. It's wonderful. It is not a natural scent or a pleasant smell, but it is listed on the ingredients list.

👤This is my favorite toilet bowl cleaner because it is eco friendly. I like that it doesn't have the strong chemical bleach products that make my bathroom smell bad. Amazon won because the store that carries it charges $6.49 a bottle.

👤Gave this one a try because I'm tired of using Clorox. The cover worked well and was better than I expected. It works quickly and removes any build up in the toilet. It means I don't need to buy any more CLR brand to get rid of calcium deposits.

👤I recommend this product. It is difficult to find cleaning supplies that are not harmful to the environment. It is easier for companies to stick to harsh chemicals in order to tackle hard dirt. The product has a strong odor even though it is more natural. I had to take off a couple stars. It is a cleaning product. I don't think this is a big deal. You probably won't enjoy the scent while you are cleaning but it does the job and your toilet will be clean after.

👤This product is easy to use. Storage is easy and not messy. The scent is so overwhelming for the first few minutes that you might want to hold off on cleaning the toilet during your bathroom deep clean. It might be hard to lose your sense of smell for a while.

👤The product is amazing without all the nasty chemicals. I've been using this brand for 3 years. You use less if you say a toilet bowl cleaner. The eco system is less damaged by these cleaners.

5. Beechwood Biodegradable Zero Waste Products

Beechwood Biodegradable Zero Waste Products

Kchenprofi was founded in Germany in 1923. Their products are of the highest quality. Their wooden toilet brush is chemical free and eco-friendly. After they wear out, can be thrown into compost. There is a box in this picture. Eco friendly. beechwood and plant based bristles are used in the toilet brush. The long handle is for easy cleaning of the toilet bowl. Powerful and durable sisal bristles will clean your toilet. You save the planet 2 plastic brushes by using this biodegrABLE ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. Well done! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact them and they will respond to you shortly. Don't hesitate to purchase.

Brand: Ecolulu - Zero Waste Eco-friendly Products

👤The brushes are both sturdy and eco friendly. We bought bamboo utensil holders that fit perfectly. The toilet brush sets are made from natural materials. Thanks for making them. Our land fill problem is caused by cheap metal and plastic being made. I'm glad that ours won't.

👤I ordered a couple of packs expecting it to be two toilet brushes, but I got one and a dish brush, which is weird. I wanted two toilet brushes. I think they should be more clear about what 2pk means, because I think this toilet brush is the best I have seen.

👤It was nice to find a plastic alternative. The bristles are perfect.

👤We want to use eco-friendly products whenever we can, so we bought these brushes. There is a We're very pleased with the brushes. They are easy to grasp and the bristles are firmly set into the handle. The lenght allows me to apply more direct pressure when cleaning, even though some reviewers thought the brush was longer. I put one in the bathroom to use. My spouse put the other one in the kitchen to clean bottles and pots. It seems to be perfect for both applications.

👤The products are amazing. Excellent quality and eco friendly. If my issue is solved, I will change the rating. There is a I got the wrong item twice. The kit had several small brushes. I was hoping to get the correct item the second time, but was sent the wrong one. I use the bottle brush from the first shipment as my toilet brush, but the second shipment is unused. There is a Hopefully this review will lead to a correction of the item mess up so customers don't have to deal with the hassle of returning.

👤I don't like this type of brush for dishes. The handle is too long for that task. The bristle head is too thick to clean jars or water bottles. It's perfect as a toilet brush. I used to use a brush that was a different brand, and I was very pleased with it. The reason I switched is that the brand offers a set of two and they are less expensive. The fact that this brush is not plastic, which is a major plus, and the fact that the bristles of the brush are attached to wood rather than a metal ring, is another plus. Porcelain can be damaged by the metal ring on a plastic toilet brush. There are no worries about that happening with a toilet brush. There is a The bristles at the top of the brushes will become useless if you use them to clean toilets. You have to replace these brushes at that point. The same thing happens to the bristles of plastic toilet brushes, so I don't see that as a negative.

👤The brushes arrived in good condition. There are two in a package, which is handy, and they are made of wood and natural materials, and they were packaged without plastic. The brush heads are a little smaller than the previous plastic bowl brush, but it is not a problem for cleaning. There is a hole in the handle for hanging or a wrist strap. An old glass jar was used as a base. I will buy these again.

6. Scrubbers Biodegradable Plastic Cleaning Sponges

Scrubbers Biodegradable Plastic Cleaning Sponges

Two refill bottles of each cleaner are included. Each cleaning Pod makes 168oz of cleaner. Greytwig is making homes eco. The eco sister of their Australian brand is Grey twig. Kitchen scrubbers, kitchen scrub sponges, kitchen sponges for dishes and kitchen bench surfaces, scrubber sponge, and dish sponges are all used in the kitchen. The set of sponges and scrubbers can be used in the bathroom with the exception of the heavy duty loofah scrubbers. The loofah sponge is a great scrubber. The loofah pad can be used as a bath sponge, body scrubber, or whole body exfoliator. The face scrub pad is great for removing makeup and gently exfoliating at the same time. The hemp wash cloth can be used as a luxury bath wash cloth, make up removal wash towel, wash cloth for face, make up wash cloth, or exfoliant face cloth. Looking for a great gift for someone who has everything? This set is a perfect gift for mothers day or birthday. Eco Friendly scrubbers and sponges can be washed in the washing machine. They should be dry on the clothes line. The wooden dish brush, dishwashing sponge set and loofah scouring pad are presented in a cute bag.

Brand: Greytwig

👤I like to use natural sponges, cloths and colors similar to nature in my kitchen, which is a minimalist, organic and natural style. I decided to purchase the bundle because it looked nice in my kitchen. I didn't think I'd be so enamored with a kitchen cleaning set. I feel like a dork. I am very fond of this set. The neutral colors and organic look of these make my kitchen look like the way I want it to look. I will never go back to those sponges again. Even though I haven't used all of these yet, I placed an order for my second set. Highly recommended.

👤After contacting the seller back and forth, they made it right and gifted me 2 kits for all the issues and long wait, after I had an issue with the subscription which never shipped out, they made it right and gave me 2 kits for all the issues and long wait. The kit is perfect for gifts and I love it.

👤The sponges and cloths in the kit were versatile and we loved them. There is a Each one is replaceable. We have been able to put the sponges on the drying rack. There is a The sponges are absorbent and the scrubbers are great at removing things that plant based soap can't touch. There is a I plan to buy this kit for friends who are trying to get away from single use items.

👤I am very impressed. I'll buy one for each of my extended family. Just how! They made a kitchen sponge that doesn't sour. This is the first time I've ever seen that stay fresh and not break down. Everything is well engineered and beautiful. We're forever customers.

👤I am a huge supporter of the movement and I will support the companies that make it. I was a little disappointed that the scrub ripped. I still used it, so I didn't think much of it. The hole began tearing even more. I don't think it's made of hemp, it's one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet. I would give it five stars, but I was a little disappointed that the body scrubber came riped. Don't let the review affect your decision because companies make mistakes. Everything else is smaller than expected, but the job is done.

👤This is one of my favorite purchases. The kit has sponges that are different. I bought two. There is a scrubbie for everything. I like the different colors. All around a great product.

👤These are great! There is a I didn't think there would be so many different sizes. I just put them in the laundry after many uses. I'm happy I made this purchase. I feel great when I help the planet and reduce my carbon footprint.

👤Great value! The sponges are washed and dry by me. There was a small card in the bag with pictures and descriptions of each sponge. It would have been great if there was more info on how to dispose of the materials. The packaging is not very eco friendly. The box was wrapped in tape and then put in a box by Amazon. The shop/other products were advertised with a few bits of card and the paper was not recycled.

7. Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue Recycled

Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue Recycled

2 ply bathroom tissue is strong and soft. Made with 100 percent recycled paper. Low flow toilets are compatible with RVS and campers. The paper is Rainforest alliance certified. There are 2 packs of 24 roll packs in the shipment. For the next seven generations.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤They should call this John Wayne toilet paper, it's rough, tough and don't take no crap off of no body.

👤I love Seventh Generation products and use most of them in my home. This may be one of them going forward. I don't want to sacrifice comfort or luxury when it comes to wiping my sensitive body parts. If you don't like soft absorbent toilet paper, this might be the one for you. I made the change to be more eco-friendly and regretted it immediately, but I was afraid that the darkness would come to my marriage once my husband discovered what I had done. I was ashamed, scared and disappointed in my decision. I told him that he was not going to be happy and that I was sorry for what I had done. My daughter doesn't have to suffer because she is still in diapers. I pee when I'm pregnant. Adding rough toilet paper with little absorption is a real tragedy. I will forgive you and continue to use your other products in my home, even though Seventh Generation missed the mark on this product.

👤I bought this before and liked it. It was the right size, didn't fall apart in your hand, and was a good size roll without being too big to fit in a standard size toilet paper holder. I didn't mind paying more for the Yada Yada aspect of it. There is a I was running low and reordered. The sheets are thin and not as tightly wound as other people said. I don't care about the disign on the sheets, but it shows that the "formula" has changed. There is a If the price and quality were reduced, I'd be a little bit more comfortable. It's still expensive. I will not order until the quality improves. I have 48 rolls of cheap toilet paper. Maybe I'll take it to my friends house.

👤This is the best toilet paper I've seen. I have to buy recycled paper products for myself and the trees. The rate at which trees are being cut down is not enough to last forever. Especially for toilet paper. I can't see how a tree can be cut down for something. That's crazy! That wasn't my main concern. I would choose this toilet paper over all the others. It's a good amount, soft and affordable if you're paying attention to where you're buying it. Amazon has a great price and sometimes they give you a 15% coupon. Target is my go to place if not. The toilet paper is great. We don't have to cut down trees to get rid of our butt. Save our trees for the future.

👤Alright. If you will, judge me... I am a TP snob. Cottonelle is my number one choice with certain Charmins close behind. If I'm going to skimp, I'll go with a Scott roll that's a little bit absorbent, and then I'll regret it. I've tried a lot of Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, and Kirkland, but none of them have been as good as they could have been. If the product didn't have a fatal flaw, I would pick it again. The glue strip extends through at least 3 to 4 layers causing the roundabout shred scenario and ultimately leading to TP bits alongside the toilet floor and upside down installation of the roll. This is not acceptable to me. There is a I may have gotten a lot of defects, it's so far every single roll with an alleged flaw, half gone. I might or might not give this product another try in the future. It held up well as a third place option next to Cottonelle and Charmin and better than Scott.

8. Seventh Generation Emerald Cypress Cleaner

Seventh Generation Emerald Cypress Cleaner

The toilet bowl cleaner is gentle on the environment. There is no chlorine, ammonia, strong acids, or petroleum-based ingredients. It is non-toxic. There were no harmful residues left behind. There was no unpleasant fumes. The toilet bowl cleaner is natural.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤It would be great if this worked on your bowl regardless of the stains. It needs some help in that category. denture cleaning powder is fantastic here. A cap full of denture cleaning powder in the bowl can break away hard bowl stains. If you want to break down tough stains, you can throw 2 tablets into your tank bi-weekly or use denture cleaning tablets. Before giving your bowl a scrub, use this. It is possible to keep your bowl clean and fresh by using alternating denture cleaner powder.

👤The Seventh Generation's toilet bowl cleaner won't clean the most stubborn stains in a flash, but it's a great product I use regularly to keep my toilet bowl white and clean, while having a low impact on the environment. I'll usually apply this cleaner on the toilet bowl and let it sit for at least half an hour. I brush the bowl very well, then let the product sit for a while, then flush. I get a hard water deposit in my toilet. This won't leave the toilet bowl as white as a bleach based product would, but I prefer using this on a regular basis and something stronger if I really need it. There is a The consistency is not very thick, it glides easily on the insides of the bowl, but it still clings to them. There is a The part is well designed. It's a very narrow tube that can be used to squirt product into narrow toilet rims. The cap has something in it. The scent of the Seventh Generation isEmerald Cypress & Fir. It's light enough for my sensitive nose. It's fresh and grassy, but doesn't linger on the surface. It doesn't release any fumes or strong smell while I let it sit on the toilet bowl; for very hard stain it would be even safe to let to product to work overnight. I'm confident that this product is safe for both the environment and myself, as it's EWG rated as a A grade cleaning product. I appreciate that the brand is free of animal products.

👤When the brand I used to buy was out of stock, I decided to try this product. That was a poor decision. This stuff doesn't work on tough stains. Not at all. Doesn't make a difference. You coat the bowl, walk away, and when you come back, it's sparkling clean. This stuff? You coat the bowl, walk away, and then wonder if you put any of it in the bowl. Same results if you double down by doubling the amount you used previously. Click past this product and get yourself some lysol.

👤One wishes to use as little effort as possible when cleaning a loo. The product is good for the environment, but not great at deep cleaning the pot. I hope for more stickiness in the application after a good scrubbing. It is possible to get a satisfactory shone to the throne by returning to bleaching products.

👤I have been using all natural products since we have well water. The Seventh Generation cleaner works well. The scent is not pleasant. It is not bad, but not the usual. It works and my toilets are clean. I was going to have to scrub harder. I did not. I used Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner on the sink and bathtub while I squirted and let it sit. The. The toilet was clean with a brush. Not a scrubbing. An easy brush. If you try it, you will see that it works.

9. Reel Toilet Tree Free Bamboo Tissue

Reel Toilet Tree Free Bamboo Tissue

Premium bamboo toilet paper. By the way they treat each other, and by the world they leave behind, they are all connected. The most sustainable toilet paper on the market is made of 100% bamboo. That is how they roll, you will love it. There are 24 rolls in a box. There is a tree-free 3 ply. The quality of the toilet paper is not sacrificed for the sake of the environment. They use plastic-free packaging and individually wrapped rolls and materials are non-toxic. Even the tape! The roll and wrap are made without trees being harmed. Reduce your carbon footprint. The use of earth-friendly, sustainable paper products is promoted by Reel. By purchasing Reel, you are supporting their mission to provide access to clean toilets to those in need around the world while also giving American households a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Feel good. The reel bamboo toilet paper is made Sustainably. No dyes were used. Good for you and the environment. At Reel, they are more than just a paper company. They are a team of like-minded, big-hearted individuals who have a vision for the future. Their vision is shaped by the challenges they see in the U.S and around the world. Climate change, lack of sufficient resources, food deserts, and an absolute need for them all to take better care of the planet are some of the challenges.

Brand: Reel

👤I've settled with Reel after trying many bamboo TP brands. The perforation between sheets mostly tears cleanly, with 2 per 10 sheets suffering that annoying ripping. The bamboo TP brands are soft. Don't use more than one sheet at a time. There was no smell or lint. I justify the cost because I'm not contributing to a cause that's important to me, and the company donates a portion to help poor communities. My case did not arrive in a wasteful second box and I had the Reel Paper logo printed on the sides.

👤My pipes are being blocked by this product so I changed the review to one star. We spent 300 dollars to get the sewer lines cleaned out. When you purchase, please be aware of this. I tried out a few different brands and this one is the preferred one for our family. Since I switched to this tissue a few months ago, there have been no complaints from my family or me. It was 'hey...what is up with the TP?' with other brands. Can we not get this again? The reel is soft and strong enough to get the job done and doesn't cost much more than tree paper tissue.

👤I don't know about this from an environmental perspective. There is a big box inside of a smaller box filled with brown packing paper. Who needs their TP all individually wrapped when the inner Reel box has dirty footprints all over it? It seems wasteful to me.

👤Love that they are sustainable, but they are very small rolls. We fly through a couple rolls per week with our family of three. If you've never bought them before, you'll need more.

👤The paper is a little thin, it takes 4-5 sheets for one wipe. The packaging is nice and without plastic, but it comes in a large box, which is unnecessary. If you work with Amazon, you can tell them to not put a box outside of your product, which is the whole idea of being sustainable to the planet.

👤I switched from Charmin Soft to Reel because I was looking for something that was more eco friendly and easier to use. I use Reel as my new go-to toilet paper product. The rolls are not large. The paper is absorbent. I have a family of 5 with 4 bathroom and the box lasts about a month. I can't wait to see their paper towel products.

👤Some of the reviews say these are small rolls. I have had mine for a month and I am still on the second roll. They are not really small, they are denser, and I find them soft. I will definitely keep buying these because of their eco-friendly nature. I don't spend much more on toilet paper because I go through it less. I like this bamboo TP.

👤We bought Reel for use in our travel trailer/RV, but I like it so much I might switch. It is soft, but durable. It doesn't leave anything behind. The paper doesn't get stuck in the RV and is more sustainable than traditional paper. Each piece is wrapped individually so it doesn't get dirty.

10. Scotch Brite Greener Non Scratch Plant Based 6 Sponges

Scotch Brite Greener Non Scratch Plant Based 6 Sponges

It's safe on non-scratch pans, countertops, dishes and more. The scrubbing fibers are made from plants. There are plant-based fibers. Plants make cleaning power. The construction is durable for scrubbing. Re-use after washing in the dishwasher. Heavy Duty is also available for tough messes.

Brand: Scotch-brite

👤The rating was reduced from 4 to 2 stars. My initial review was 4 stars because I believed they contained all natural components. I realized that this is greenwashing and the scrubbing side is made of synthetics and not coconut fibers. Very disappointed in this. I thought I could compost the entire sponge. I bought a different type for the future. The sponge holds up well and is decent. I wish it was more transparent in the packaging, which is made of plastic that can not be recycled. Even if this was all natural, it wouldn't break down if you threw it in the garbage. People need to understand that landfills do not work on organic matter. 3M has said that the sponges are made from paper and wood. The 50% NYLON/ POLYESTER part is called the "Scrubber" part. You can't compost the sponges that are just the scrubber. If you can separate the scrubber from the sponge, you can compost the sponge portion and landfill to never break down the scrubber part.

👤Product is encased in plastic stamped with a lot of eco-marketing spin. This product is disappointing for those that care about the environment. There is a I went back to look at the package pictures I took. There was no mention of the outside wrapping being recyclable. The company has a new development on it. Will not be purchasing online sight unseen if in store.

👤I didn't know there was an environmental issue with regular sponges until I read an article that said most of them contain plastic. I believe in the phrase, "Be the change you wish to see". I bought these and felt good about it. I would say that they are at par with the Scotch-brite blue sponges in their initial uses. The blue ones are more durable than the Greener version. A blue sponge can last a long time. The Green version lasted about two weeks. I want to love these for their environmental friendliness, but I don't like that they fall apart so fast. I will end up throwing away more sponges than I would normally do. I am not sure which is more eco-friendly.

👤These are not true. They aren't good for scrubbing and aren't compostable. It is a marketing trick. It is colored so that it looks natural but it is still a sponge that is made with a percentage of natural material, which makes it a lousy scrubber.

👤I've been buying these sponges in 4-packs at the grocery store for years, but found out I can get them in 6-packs on Amazon for $1 more. If you wring them out after every use, they will last a while, but eventually they will smell, so I wash them in a laundry bag, but only a few times. We have a long life out of them. Food can get stuck in the scrubbers if not cleaned regularly.

👤These sponges are made from recycled material. The Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge scrubber is made from natural fibers. The sponge is made from recycled paper. The scrubber is made of polyester. There is a These sponges are doing a good job while doing the dishes. I wash my dishes manually because I don't want to waste a dishwasher cycle on little things. My cat has taken the fancy to use one as a prey that ends up being chewed on and spat away. Only the scrubber part seems to have some level of resistance. She has not gotten sick since she started doing this, and most of the sponge is made from recycled materials. There is a In conclusion: For normal use, 4 stars.

11. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces. The Lemon Verbena has a light, mild scent. It's not recommended that surfaces are clothing, fabric, leather, vinyl, Linen. It's safe to use as a hardwood floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I have never used this cleaner before. I was let down. It is not antibacterial and it is weirdly oily. I have oily streaks on my countertops. Chicken won't kill salmonella. It won't hurt your bathroom. It will not clean glass. It will make the room smell great and make any surface look streaky with the promise of fingerprints and smudges. Go for it if you like it. I don't like an organic mess in place of a chemical that cleans it. I guess it's a personal preference. There are better organic options on the market that don't have oily mess and smell nice.

👤Don't waste your money. This product does not clean, sanitize, or take away germs. We bought it after reading good reviews. We were both surprised that this product is not clean. I think people like the smell of lemon. It will not clean a bathroom faucet or get any gunk that builds up around it. It doesn't clean or shine counters or simple items. It only sounds nice. There is a It didn't clean our shower doors, they were already clean and were not even dirty. Each week they are cleaned and sanitized. It may be a natural product, but it doesn't smell good, doesn't clean, and doesn't ruin. We tried using Clorox wipes on our sinks. Wow! They are clean, filthy and shine everywhere. We tried Mrs. Meyers and it was a huge disappointment. The Mrs. Meyers product was very disappointing. It does not clean things that are not dirty. It doesn't kill germs to keep them away. The only nice comment I can make about this product is the smell. It doesn't clean at all, even on things that aren't dirty. You will notice a huge difference if you use lemon-scented Clorox wipes. They get rid of germs. We discovered how well they cleaned after shining our sink and faucets and cleaning them well. I thought that Mrs. Meyers could cost less and be clean as well. Huge mistake! Your product does not clean. Don't waste your money. If you like the scent oflemon- clean items, buy a real lemonade. The product seems to be mostly water that is lemon scented. There is a We are not associated with CLOROX WIPES or any other company or endorse any products for anyone. Don't. This product is a waste of money.

👤We love the integrity of the company that makes Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. I live in San Diego and have ant problems even with a whole house. Mrs. Meyer's spray kills them instantly and keeps them from returning to the scent trail when they find cracks in the walls. This is perfect because I won't use pesticides.

👤I love all the Mrs. Myers products. I might be called obsessed by some. The lemon is my favorite scent. It smells clean. I want to shake her hand, but I don't know who she is. I wash all of the dishes in my large household. This stuff makes this chore enjoyable. I spray things that are already clean so I can smell them. My house has always been clean and smelled great. I burn the candles.


What is the best product for eco friendly products bathroom?

Eco friendly products bathroom products from Mcdils. In this article about eco friendly products bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Scrubit and Cottonelle are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly products bathroom.

What are the best brands for eco friendly products bathroom?

Mcdils, Scrubit and Cottonelle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly products bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Ecover, Ecolulu - Zero Waste Eco-friendly Products and Greytwig are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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