Best Eco Friendly Products for Kids

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1. Rice Water Shampoo Conditioner Moisturizing

Rice Water Shampoo Conditioner Moisturizing

Rice water is known for its soft and rich ingredients that promote hair growth. The qualities of rice were brought to the bar. The most important step for healthy hair growth is to take care of your hair. The bar is inspired by rice and is meant to help the hair grow. The all-in-one formula of the MIMOSU bar is gentle on the hair. This bar is made with rich ingredients to help restore the natural beauty of hair. The blend of natural hair care ingredients is called the Shampoo bar. A blend of rice water and rich oils like argan, olive, and rice Bran nourish your hair with vitamins and minerals. Rice water is good for hair. Good things come in small packages, but their bar has the best of both worlds. The 5oz. The bar is equivalent to about 3 bottles of liquid shampoo and is longer lasting than other bars, giving you more bang for your buck. The bar design is easy to grip and ideal for shampooing. They aim to be a sustainable beauty brand. Their packaging is made of sugar cane paper and is 100% recyclable. Join them on their way to save the earth.

Brand: Mimosu

👤I am very impressed with it so far. I wanted to make my own fermentable rice water but I am too lazy to do it myself, so this bar was perfect for me. It smells like rice, which is nice considering that it is a major component. I haven't had a problem with this bar, because I've used other bars that cause a waxy build up. I only wash my hair a few times a year, and I only use it for a week. If I notice any changes, I will update my review. There is a My hair feels good so far. It gives your hair a clean feel, unlike the liquid products that can make your hair look dull in the shower. I don't mind the clean feeling hair in the shower because it hasn't dried out my hair yet. I was able to brush my hair with a couple of sprays of detenter. I like that it saves money and my hair is soft and shiny. It has been about a month since I used this hair product. My hair had a growth spurt. My boyfriend commented on how quickly my hair has grown, but maybe it is all in my head.

👤This may be the best hair product I have ever used. I've never seen a product like that before. I've worked at a salon. This is a salon quality product and it is not the same as bottle shampoo. I think I need to stock up. After just one wash, my hair is stronger and healthier. I am amazed and impressed. Thank you!

👤I used this bar several times and it looks great on my hair. The scent is not strong and the hair smells clean. It is easy to wet brush. It is shiny. I used a different bar for my hair care and it lasted a long time, but the scent gave me headaches and I developed blisters on my head. I'm sensitive to essential oils and I think that was the reason for that. The sores healed within 10 days with this bar. One bar is all that is needed to use instead of a separate conditioner and a separate shampoo. Will be buying this one from now on.

👤This was my first purchase of a bar in an effort to reduce my plastic usage. I use rice water for my skin care and feel that it works best for my skin. There is a I am loving this product a few days after using it. There is still some lather after using water. I rubbed the soap bar against my head as it lathered up a bit more quickly. I have long hair and I couldn't put my fingers through it. After washing and drying my hair, it didn't feel as if it had been wet. My hair feels cleaner than ever. There is a The scent doesn't bother me at all, as it is practically non-existent. I use rice products for my skin and it can get smelly. There is a I used a conditioner bar for the ends of my hair after a few days. I like having a silky feeling to my hair, because it was getting a lot of volume. The shape of the bar could be improved. I find it hard to use in the beginning. There is a I am looking forward to seeing the positive effects of this product.

2. Straight Eco Friendly Bristles Hairbrush Detangling

Straight Eco Friendly Bristles Hairbrush Detangling

Eco-friendly design: 100% bamboo hairbrush made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. The pins are 100% bamboo. The bamboo pins will not damage the hair like a standard plastic pinned brush and will help create a sleek and shiny hair. You can use wooden or bamboo hair brushes. The Wooden Bridle BRUSH is a tool. Rounded ends of wooden bristles help to evenly distribute your hair oils. The massage of the scalp stimulates blood flow which results in healthy hair. Since they are wide, they are less likely to break the hair when combing. There are hair combs for men and women. A tail comb can help you with a wide range of hair styles. It can also be used as a hair brush cleaner, and it has a teasing comb object between the wooden bristle that can be used to remove hair from your brush. The perfect gift idea. It works on wet, dry, long, curly, and straight hair. It's a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister and friends. Also, note: The paddle brush has a pin on the bottom of the cushion. This is not a product defect. Excellent customer service. If there is a problem with the natural hair brush, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. They will replace it for you. The product's quality and service life will always be supported by Sofmild.

Brand: Sofmild

👤I usually don't leave reviews for products, but I must share this brush with you. I heat style my hair about once a week. I didn't know the importance of a good hair brush until I ordered it. My hair is 10 times more soft and shiny than it was before. This brush has helped me with static and fly aways when I am doing my hair. It has helped my hair grow. I will be giving this brush to my friends and family for future birthdays and holidays.

👤I'm not going to say that the brush destroyed the knots in my hair that built up over the past 3 days, but I will say that it did. I held my hair so that the combs wouldn't rip out of my skull. It got through my tangles, but it didn't pull or bother me. I was kind of shocked by this thing.

👤The brush does a great job with my thick, wavy hair. Cleaning it is not trivial. I've yet to find a better solution than using a toothbrush or hand cleaning each bristle. I suppose that is the territory of it being wood? I wish there was a quicker way to clean it. There are two I can't seem to get the bristle back in place. I haven't been using this brush for a long time. There is a The company responded with detailed cleaning instructions. You can remove hairs by soaking them in water and using a bit of a hair product. Then use a toothbrush to clean the bristles. To rinse, squeeze the cushion to remove as much water as possible, and then dry with a towel. To allow for further drying, sit the brush on the bristles. I don't brush my hair while I wash it in the shower/bath, but the company suggests that it is a more convenient way to clean the brush. I think it's a one-off because no more bristles have come loose. I'm adding a star to the review because of the company's customer service and the fact that the brush has continued to work well.

👤I think everything I review is five stars. I do my research. This brush is very good. I have long brittle grey hair that is hard for me to reach. The brush went through the tangles without difficulty. I like how the bristles feel, it feels like a scalp massage, it's unlike any other brush I've used. Great product and great value...

👤Even though I always buy things, I have written one review on Amazon before and this brush definitely deserves a review. I have a bamboo brush from sugar bear hair, but it seems to be lighter and easier to use than this one. I used the brush without a detangling brush first after I finished working out and took my hair out of a bun. I received a cute hair band with the brush.

👤It is a great brush. The bristles are rounded so they don't poke my head. The size is large. The design is engraved. It gives it a personal touch. It comes with a comb. I can cut my hair with a tool instead of using my nails.

3. Safety 1st Eco Friendly Nature Between

Safety 1st Eco Friendly Nature Between

The gate can be adjusted to fit doorways between 28 and 42 inches wide and is 24 inches high. The gate is made of bamboo and recycled plastic. Non-marring bumpers are also included to protect your woodwork. This pressure-mounted gate is easy to install and set up in doorways and other areas. Assembly is not required. This gate is great for creating a baby and pet friendly area in your home. It is great for use in hallways and doorways. The mesh design is subtle and see-through. The mesh design is subtle and see-through.

Brand: Safety 1st

👤It works, it's safe, and it's sturdy. This would get 5-stars if I were a single parent. My wife hates this gate because she is not a single parent. She cursed in front of our daughter while trying to get the locking mechanism on the gate. I thought she might throw it across the room, but the locking bar got caught on her sweater and she collapsed in defeat. I had a barrier to my daughter's bathroom when she needed her humidifier refilled at 3 am. I tried to step over the gate because I didn't feel like fiddling with the mechanism and was tired. I broke my toe when I kicked the doorway to get to the gate. This is not the fault of the gate. I didn't dare to treat it like a hurdle. I prefer not to mess with the lock when I'm tired. It's not a good gate for high-traffic zones populated by mechanically un-inclined spouses or those suffering from sleep deprivation. This is great for isolating a specific area of the house.

👤I am introducing a new pet to my cats. Three of the gates were perfect to create a sturdy barrier that also allowed sniffs and sounds between them.

👤This is what I think of the gate. I don't want to give it away to someone I know, so I'm not going to. It doesn't work. It is not designed to work. I have pinched the skin on my fingers 50 times. Don't buy. Check my review history because this is not just an irate customer. I give great reviews for great products, fair reviews for fair products, and I don't usually give 1 star unless they deserve it. This is deserving of 1 star.

👤I don't like the fact that I have to use a gate, but I have a one year old and he likes to go into the kitchen which has our dogs food bowls on the floor, and other things I don't want him touching, let alone the stove and other appliances The gate is beautiful and that is what attracted me to it. Baby gates are usually ugly plastic things that are just an eye sore. This gate has a unique design and looks modern. That was the first thing I liked about it. The second thing I love about this gate is how easy it is to install it. I tried to get it to budge with my own weight. It passed the test of looks and strength. That makes sense. I have had a bad experience trying to install a baby gate in my wall because it didn't feel strong enough for my crazy 1 year old. I use it in my kitchen, living room and bedroom, but I need my son to not go too far, because it isn't permanent. I love it! This was a great purchase, and if I needed another gate, I would buy this one again. Thank you! Hope this helps!

👤I have had many different baby gates over the years between my 3 kids, several puppies and grown dogs, and my granddaughter. The bamboo gate is the strongest gate I have ever used, and it is better than the metal ones, the plastic ones, and the ones that open with a door. Why? It's light in weight but strong. It is easy to set up and once you have the correct size for the doorway, it will come down in seconds. It's not a problem to take it down and put it back, I do it many times a day. You can take it down with one hand and put it back with another. Even a rambunctious 2 year old that runs right into it and shakes it and leans on it, is strong enough to hold a 2 year old back. You have to open it a little further than you think you need to make sure the center bar is strong enough to push the gate in. The bamboo is strong and flexible, so don't worry about breaking it. Make sure that the gate is installed in a way that is tighter than you think is necessary. It gets easier to lock the center bar after a while. It was worth every cent. I bought one for my daughter because I liked it so much.

4. Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Humble Co

Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Humble Co

TheHumility SMILE FOUNDATION. Every toothbrush sold, a child in need gets a toothbrush or alternative oral care products. Their products help fund oral health projects. Go easy on yourself. RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS. Their toothbrushes are made from the best invention of all time, bamboo. The brushes are natural and should be used for 3 months. The package contains a toothbrush set for adults and kids. You can choose from soft or medium bristles. Natural, organic and eco friendly. The toothbrushes are made with bamboo handles. The bristles are free from the toxic chemical BPA. The inside wrapper is made from plants and is compostable. You can add a small amount of your favorite toothpaste to the bristles. It is recommended to brush after every feast or two times a day, or as directed by a dental specialist. SUPPORT US ON FOR HEALTHIER PEOPLE ON A HEALTHIER PLANET. If you don't like your product, just contact them and they will make it right, they're on their mission.

Brand: The Humble Co.

👤These aren't 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable. They never mention that the toothbrushes are made of 100% bristles. The bristles are made from nylon. Chances are it won't be recycled if you throw it in the recycling bin. The bamboo is totally recyclable if you break off the bristle heads. 3 stars because the bristles feel good and it's still better than a plastic toothbrush. The marketing of this product is a bit mis-leading. Do your research before buying "eco-friendly" products.

👤I need a new brush that is eco-friendly, sustainable, uses recycled materials, has a smoke-free packing, is affordable, and doesn't sell in countries that mandate testing. There is a They are not a 100% animal cruelty free company, and they source their nylon bristles from a company calledDuPont. There is a For the review. It is nice. The quality of the bamboo is really good, but I have not researched the company to make sure it is being harvested in the best way or where it comes from. The nylon of bristlels needs some work. I ordered a medium. It will take longer to brush because it has a small bristle coverage area, it may have to add a second round of toothpaste, and you don't know if it's the bristle size or the nylon. I have to do a double paste application. There is a If you are like me, you should not go if you are animal cruelty free. Got used to the bristles. I don't have to apply a second round of paste, just brush after applying paste. I know not to push the bristles. I will be using a different company because they do not hit on a few other points I seek to have covered in the area of saving the world.

👤There are two things I don't like about it. It feels like you aren't getting as much done with each stroke because the head is more narrow than before. 2. The handle isn't very comfortable. It really does make a difference, but I never thought it would. I had to grip it tighter than my previous one because it's a very thin handle. I think it could be a problem for people with nerve issues. My hands are numb in my case. I was trying to get to the tighter spots on my teeth by knocking it against my teeth. There is a I used the tongue scraper on my toothbrush every time I brushed it. I knew these ones wouldn't have them, but I didn't think I'd miss them as much. I will need to buy a separate tongue cleaner. I want to use eco-friendly products, but it's hard to transition.

👤I like that the Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes come in a set of five different bristle heads so that we can all tell which one is ours easily and quickly. The handles and bristles are made of compost and are easy to recycle. The heads of these toothbrushes are small and easy to fit on the teeth. They are hard enough to clean, but soft enough to not damage our teeth. They're very pretty. They make a great toothbrush. They are wrapped individually. I didn't know until I received them. The product is nice and the price is fair. We're very happy with the toothbrushes.

5. Earth Friendly Products Hypoallergenic Detergent

Earth Friendly Products Hypoallergenic Detergent

A powerful laundry detergent made from plants. Coconut and lavender essential oil are included. There is no harsh chemicals. They promise to never use any of the nasty ingredients in the formula. A Dermatologist tested the pH and theallergenicness. The U.S. EPA is certified as a safer choice.

Brand: Earth Friendly Products

👤There is a warning It's not a safe ingredient for your skin or body. It's a powerful synthetic preservative that's found in many personal care products and has been linked to lung toxicity, allergic reactions and possible neurotoxicity. The European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has reported that it is a contact sensitizing agent. Personal care products containing phenaclyst are used to limit the growth ofbacteria. It has been found to be toxic even in small amounts. A phenol and a known skin carcinogen are combined to create it. Exposure to phenoxyethanol can cause reactions ranging from mild to life threatening. The nervous system can be affected by exposure to phenoxyethanol. If you want to use this product for your family's laundry, please read up on the ingredients and decide for yourself. Many of the ingredients in cosmetics, sunscreens and body washes are common. Over time, toxins build up in the body and can cause health problems. I used this detergent and didn't realize what I was doing. It foamed up a lot more than other detergents. The lavender scent is pleasant, but it doesn't last on clothes. It made my clothes feel stiff and harder. I don't like that this laundry detergent claims to be made for sensitive skin and that it's clean and "plant-powered". It's very deceptive. I like most of the ingredients, but a few are not safe for babies and people with allergies. There are many toxic chemicals in our everyday products. Not good.

👤I bought this product a long time ago and liked it. There is no smell of lavender anymore and the odors are still on the clothes. Dinner napkins were smelling like last night's dinner. There is no stain removal. I think I will use it on bath towels. The scent of my blouse is light. It isn't practical if it can't remove odors and soil. I doubled the amt. It did not have any better results. Can't recommend for anything.

👤This formula is not good for my sensitive skin. I have not had an outbreak of Eczema in about a year, but I did get one after using this laundry detergent. I use Econ's Lavender without the fabric softener and it works great. I don't recommend this particular formula to anyone with the skin condition. I had to learn the hard way.

👤I have been using this for a while. It is the reason that our smell is not clean and that we have been sitting in the washer for days. I switched to this because I noticed my detergent left a white crust over our line when I used it. I was told that soaps and detergents are bad for the system. I bought this and the leech line area improved so much that I no longer smell the sewage after being washed. Going to have to switch back to a regular detergent.

👤Since Covid, we've been doing a lot more online shopping and we would always pick this soap up from our local C***** Warehouse. The price... It's still cheaper than anywhere else. There is a This stuff is eco friendly, works well with high efficiency washers, it's a low-sud soap, great for my toddlers sensitive skin, and the lavender isn't too strong but still smells great. Depending on how much soap you actually use and the size of your load. The bottles are more like 50 loads than the 100 load claim on the label would suggest.

6. Toothbrush Biodegradable ECOPRO Childrens Toothbrushes

Toothbrush Biodegradable ECOPRO Childrens Toothbrushes

The Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes have a smaller handle and head for little hands and mouths, and are easy to hold. The soft bristles of the superior quality are gentle on your child's teeth and gums and do not cause damage. The bristles are dyed with food coloring dye which is non-toxic and safe to your children. Kids will get the same clean feeling as a plastic tooth brush, but without harming the environment. bamboo toothbrush is a good choice if you love the environment as much as they do. The ToothBRUSH is a second life. Eco-friendly packaging for toothbrushes. All materials used are in a non-biodegradable state. The handle can be used in arts & crafts, as a guide for a young garden plant, or as a carving tool. The bristles can be used to clean dirty objects when you don't use a toothbrush. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for toothbrushes and all products are made in the same organic way. They don't want to use plastic and they use bio-based materials. The package includes 10 bamboo brushes in rainbow colors. The handle can be used in arts & crafts, as a guide for a young garden plant, or as a carving tool. Service guarantee. They will provide you with the best solution within 24 hours if you have any complaints about their products. No hassle, offer a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Ecopro

👤I love these brushes. They are the perfect size for small mouths. I am not sure if the bamboo is mold or if it is black dots after a couple washes. The color fades on the handle. My toddler doesn't mind brushing with those two things. When opening a new one, we like to see which color we will get.

👤I like this because it comes in individual boxes for each tooth brush, so I let my daughter pick which one she likes the most.

👤I love bamboo tooth brushes for my kid, but this was a disappointing way to receive them.

👤My son is 3 years old. There were no complaints. I like the way it is boxed. We make sure we change our toothbrush frequently. It was worth the buy.

👤We love ordering them. The kids love the colors. It's a great way to reduce your plastic usage.

👤There are bristles everywhere! I use children's toothbrushes because they make it easier to get to my back molars, because I have a small mouth. I was happy to see bamboo toothbrushes being made in smaller sizes, so I picked them up. I can say that they are TERRIBLY made after trying three different brushes. Every time you brush, the bristles come out. A waste of money. I ended up buying these instead, and I was very happy.

7. ROARex® All Natural Friendly Toothbrush Plants

ROARex%C2%AE All Natural Friendly Toothbrush Plants

The toothbrush makes brushing fun. The handles are suitable for babies to toddlers. The toothbrush is made from plants and vegan. There are four toothbrushes in one set. There are 2 giraffe-shaped toothbrushes in this package. 1% of sales goes to the Planet to help keep their planet clean and green.

Brand: Roarex

👤I used them for the first time last night. I noticed that they are soft immediately after I brushed them. I always buy soft toothbrushes, but they pale in comparison to how soft this is. The toothbrush is light and easy to hold in your hand, or even for your child to hold in their hand. The only thing that could possibly be a negative is that a bristle fell out while I was brushing her tongue. I'm not too worried about it since it's newer, but I will keep an eye on it.

👤The set had 4 all-natural toothbrushes. The bristles were soft. The giraffe design comes in two colors. There is a green/blue and pink color. There is a place where a child holds the brush so it has good grip. It is light and easy to hold. It would have been better if the toothbrushes were able to stand on their own. The price for these is higher than other brands but they are eco-friendly and compostable. My child likes the design and is using it.

👤The toothbrushes are cute. I like the shades of green and pink on the handles. The handle is easy to hold for my toddler, and the bristles are soft. They came with sleeves for storage. My toddler is teething and she is biting off the bristles, and I have noticed a few fall out. I have to keep an eye on her while she is at this stage. There is a The current price is a little steep. It's down to about $3.25 per unit. I could get a battery powered toothbrush for a few bucks more, but they are cute.

👤The design of the bristles makes them soft. They feel softer because they are not all the same length. The bristles are good for small mouths. There is a The handles are easy to hold. The giraffe design has pink and green portions. The split hoof design at the bottom prevents the brush from sitting in a pool of water when I stand it up. There is a My kid loves the giraffe designs. It's great that there are two of each color.

👤I always wait at least a few weeks before I review anything. Readers of my comments know that I tested the package's usefulness and am excited about it coming in the mail. There is a My daughter has a cleft lip and needs a toothbrush to clean her surgical areas. The head is the right size and easy to hold. The bristles are soft. She's hard on her toothbrush because it didn't last a full month. Glad it's ecofriendly. There is a This review is helpful.

👤Two green and two blue toothbrushes are in the box. The brushes are small and shaped like dinosaurs. The bristles are soft and do an excellent job of cleaning kids' teeth. There is a The plastic caps on the brushes are great for travel or storage. There is a If you want to keep the brushes upright when not in use, you need a cup or a hanger. There is a Our daughter loves these brushes and gives them two thumbs up.

8. Detachable Cleaning Kid Sized Housekeeping Dustpan

Detachable Cleaning Kid Sized Housekeeping Dustpan

The mesh design is subtle and see-through. The set includes a wooden broom, mop, duster, dustpan, brush, rag, and organizing stand, and is kid sized. Encourage Kids To Clean House is a kit that will get kids interested in cleaning. You can model independence by working with the little cleaners. Kids cleaning set for toddlers 7 piece is a high quality set and can actually clean yours kids room for hours of pretend play. Kids ages 3-6 are a great gift for birthday and holidays because of the timeless toys. They design every toy to the highest quality standards, and to nurture minds and hearts, before you buy the product, please check the size of the product carefully.

Brand: Aokesi

👤You guys. I gave this to my 8 year old for Christmas. It wouldn't stay standing when I put it together. I was angry. I tried to glue it together. That didn't work. After I email the company of my disappointment, they respond quickly asking for a picture, which I sent, and then they send a replacement. The replacement was opened today. The replacement came 2 days after I sent the picture. I didn't open it until now. The setup was the same inside. I was angry again. How would this solve my problem? It hit me. I was the problem. I put the bottom circle upside down. The company didn't hesitate to send me a replacement when I didn't really need a replacement toy. This product is very good. I highly recommend this company. Superb in every way.

👤My daughter loves this set right away. All things are very easy to assemble and that is without the help of a tool. The material is strong and can be used to clean small spaces. It has all the cleaning tools that we use to clean ourselves in one place. My son starts cleaning with the broom when I start vacuuming my house because it is a good set to teach him about cleaning.

👤I bought this for my toddler because he becomes a broom thief when I want to be productive. I bought this set for her because she is so passionate about cleaning. Our floors haven't been dirty since she was promoted to one and only floor cleaner. I think she is calling. I have never seen her more passionate about something than throwing food on the floor. I will never clean the floor again because of this toy. Cleaning floors is a mom job that will never go away. I like watching her run for her broom when she sees me staring at the food she threw on the floor. I clean the floor while she entertains.

👤My toddler helped put it all together. That is how easy it is. It's perfect for my home. My boys watch me clean and always want to help. My 2 year old loves it. I am sure it will hold up for his younger brother. It doesn't take up a lot of space, but provides hours of entertainment. It's better than all of the bulky toys he never touches.

👤I was looking at the set that the two of them had at my daughter's daycare. She was almost 5 years old when she was playing with them. Even though the set was made better with single piece wooden handles, it was still ten dollars cheaper on sale at the time. The photos depicted a long handled mop and broom being used by children. The products are larger in some of the photos than in the set, but they are still the same size. If it's cheaper, I would go for the set.

👤The design on top is cute. The low quality is the reason for my return. 2 piece plastic handles don't stay together. The piece just fell down. The rope top handles are too small for little hands to manipulate off holder, so the whole set falls over when my son tries to remove anything. The duster and apron were the only things I found useful. The price was higher than others with a higher quality.

9. ANPEI Dinosaurs Toothbrush Biodegradable Compostable

ANPEI Dinosaurs Toothbrush Biodegradable Compostable

Over 1 billion nonbiodegradable toothbrushes are thrown away each year, creating over 50 million pounds of waste, if you choose a sustainable product. A toothbrush made from all-natural organic plant material with a fully compostable handle is an ecofriendly and vegan product that teaches their little ones about the importance of protecting their environment. The toothbrush is made for kids and has soft nylon bristles that are gentle on developing gums and a handle that is easy to hold. Dinosaur designs make brushing your teeth fun and will make your little dinosaur fans want to brush their teeth again and again. Because they are parents, they know that being comfortable in the safety of a product their children use is your first priority; that is why all their products are independently tested to meet or exceed the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Brand: Anpei

👤Woah! My 2 1/2 year old loves dinosaurs and diplodocus is one of her favorites. She calls her brother a diplodocus but she calls herself a triceratops. She likes having fun character tooth brushes. It comes in a two pack and we have an extra when needed. I am. Really like how eco conscious this company is. We will definitely order more.

👤My son loves dinosaurs and talking about them. He was very excited for his toothbrush. The soft bristles are good for him. Mom was happy that the product was eco friendly. I can do anything to reduce the amount of plastic. Good product and win all around.

👤These are good for my little dinosaur man. There is a He loves them. The quality is good so far. I have used twice a day for 3 weeks.

👤These are the toothbrushes that we love. My girls love dinosaurs and they are compostable. I am excited to know that we are doing a small thing in helping by buying these in place of plastic toothbrushes. I am waiting for adult versions of the dinosaurs.

👤I was looking for a more eco-friendly option. The bristles do a good job cleaning. The handle is cute and comfortable. The purchase was great.

👤Can't thank you enough for making a great product. It's better to deal with a handle that gets gross over time. My son prefers this toothbrush over traditional plastic ones.

👤The toothbrush is well designed, but I wouldn't recommend it for a small child's mouth. It snapped in half on the second use, and the other half on the first use. Very flimsy.

👤We have had these for a few months and they work great. The bristles fall out easily. My daughter is getting her bristles out of her mouth a week from now. For the eco-friendly benefits, we would get them again.

10. Toothbrushes Eco Friendly Toothbrush Biodegradable Compostable

Toothbrushes Eco Friendly Toothbrush Biodegradable Compostable

You can clean your teeth with a conscience every day with the eco-friendly packaging and toothbrushes. The zero-waste design gives you a natural oral product. The design of the toothbrush is robust and lasts up to six months of use. The cost-effective way to keep the family brushing is with 12 bamboo toothbrushes in every pack. Their bamboo charcoal blended bristles are soft on the teeth. All Greenzla products are natural and eco-friendly because they use premium quality materials that are sustainable. Their wooden toothbrushes are soft on your teeth, but also in your hands. The handle is comfortable to hold in your hand. The Greenzla brand is committed to high-quality, eco-friendly products. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, they will give you a money-back guarantee.

Brand: Greenzla

👤I'm very happy to have this set. I was a little worried about how it would feel to use a wooden toothbrush, but it's absolutely fine, and I couldn't be happier with them. The toothbrushes are very sturdy, and I like that they have different leaves on the front so you can tell them apart. It's a nice feature, but I wouldn't have thought of it. The bristles are very soft. The bamboo travel case is very tight and smooth, no worries about it coming open or ruining clothes. The floss is great. I didn't notice a difference when I used it. It smells great! I was just sniffing it before flossing. The jar it comes in doesn't have a cutting edge like your average floss does, and it's very strong, so you'll probably need something to cut it with. There is a I would definitely recommend. I'm tempted to keep all four for myself, but I think I can share one or two. I had to try the bamboo brushes because I was hesitant to convert. I'm convinced!

👤I had been using a different brand for over a year, but decided to give this one a try. It's my new favorite. The bristles are soft, it's the first time in a long time that a new toothbrush doesn't hurt my gums. I feel like it's a lot easier to reach my teeth now that it's the right size. I don't dread the pain in my gums anymore, as a result of their improved morning and night routine. There is a The handle is soft and the bristles seem sturdy. There is no plastic in the packaging and the small containers can be kept for when you travel.

👤The toothbrush is soft. It works well with your favorite paste. Save the planet from disposables. Thumbs up.

👤I have been using it for two weeks and my teeth are still clean. There is a The bamboo handle is easy to hold. The bristles are soft. I feel like they're flossing while I'm brushing. My teeth are clean. I won't have to buy another 12 pack for a year, it's a great price. My previous tb came in a 2 pack for the same price, some were more expensive even, so I know this was a really good deal. They look like they will keep up their good work over time.

👤The bamboo is soft. The toothbrush feels great in your hand, the case shuts firmly, and it comes with 30 meters of dental floss. Some brands have plastic wrapping, but not this one. This is a great gift for someone who is conscientious about the environment. I will be giving this to many people. If you like the pictures, please mark this review as helpful.

👤I haven't tried the floss yet, but I love the design and feel of the brushes and case. The bristles are a little harder than I'm used to and have made my gums bleed a bit in the last couple of days I've been using them. Is it possible that they are brand new still? 5 stars is still 5 stars.

11. Zero Waste Reusable Paper Towels

Zero Waste Reusable Paper Towels

Up to 3000+ regular paper towels are replaced by paperless towels each year. 10 towels won't do! You're sure to last till the next wash with 24 disposable kitchen towels. They naturally cling to each other. The cardboard ring is perfect for easy pulling. The paper towel is perfect for cleaning and more. If you add them to your wash, you will get a 30 day no-risk guarantee.

Brand: Zerowastely

👤I bought these to reduce my paper towel use. The "unpaper towels" have instructions on how to wash them, which include using a mesh bag to protect them, a delicate spin cycle, and air drying in 1-2 hours. I don't have the time or energy to take care of these things. They are over priced cotton cloths that are very high maintenance and the company is in the Netherlands. The money was wasted.

👤What can I say about a towel? They do a lot of towel things. I still use regular paper towels for dog puke. These towels are great for cleaning, spills, hands, faces, wrapping food and general drying purposes. The box says hang dry. That is true. I put mine in the dryer and they weren't doing as well. That was my choice, not the products fault. I think these are good. Yes.

👤These are not useful for anything. Liquid runs off of them and if you try to clean up a spill they will push the liquid around. When you try to wipe up debris on a surface, the cloth initially picks it up when it is wet, but then drops all of it once it is dry. The fabric is very thin and coarse. I bought a roll that is not good for anything, so I am not sure what to do with it. You can use cotton dish rags instead of buying them.

👤The towel set exceeded my expectations. The towels are good at absorbing liquids stains and oils and I was skeptical at first. They stay together after a wash and re-roll, they do cling to each other. They are very soft. It's perfect for napkins or facial tissues. 10/10 would buy again.

👤These are not close to regular paper towels. I was hoping they would be good since there were so many 5 star reviews, but they are not. They don't absorb liquid, just move it around to clean. They shrink after washing, and washing them didn't make them more absorbent. The colors are pretty. We use these as napkins instead of paper towels. It is possible that there is an effective alternative out there.

👤Had they been absorbent, they would have been great. They were drying your hands with cardboard. Immediately, returned.

👤I am trying to reduce my waste and thought this would be a good addition. I like that they roll back up on the roll, and they pull off the tradition paper towels. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. If you only use it for dry hands, it will be great. You can use it again if I dry it off on the side. I use a normal dish cloth to clean up spills, but I might use them for that as well.

👤I purchased a set and loved it! They work well for cleaning up my kid. I bought 2 more sets because I loved them so much. We have them in the bathroom and kitchen.


What is the best product for eco friendly products for kids?

Eco friendly products for kids products from Mimosu. In this article about eco friendly products for kids you can see why people choose the product. Sofmild and Safety 1st are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly products for kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly products for kids?

Mimosu, Sofmild and Safety 1st are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly products for kids. Find the detail in this article. The Humble Co., Earth Friendly Products and Ecopro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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