Best Eco Friendly Razor Bamboo

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1. Bamboo Cotton Swabs Friendly Biodegradable

Bamboo Cotton Swabs Friendly Biodegradable

Isshah cotton swabs are made from sustainable bamboo. Plastic cotton swabs come at the cost of harming nature. It doesn't contain any chemicals or dyes. The little plastic tips used to be a treat, but they ended up being discarded here and there, and ending up in their landfills. This small stick is made from bamboo and cotton, which is as eco-friendly as its plastic counterpart. The bamboo cotton swabs can be used in the same way as a plastic cotton swab. They can be used for a wide range of things including beauty, applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning, arts & crafts, pet care, baby care, and more. Their bamboo cotton buds are in a cardboard box. You are helping to promote a plastic-free lifestyle by purchasing this. There are 2000 bamboo cotton swabs in the pack. Isshah cotton swab can last a long time.

Brand: Isshah

👤The ends of the swabs had fallen off my Ear Canal twice and were lodged deep in the Ear Canal. The first tip head was still in my ear when I got sick. The Bamboo snapped on more than one occasion. Enough wood was left to remove. I wanted these to work out, but they are best left to Arts & Crafts. A person could lose an eye if they apply make-up and have one snap in half.

👤The bamboo stick is strong but not strong enough to be used for gentle ear cleaning. It seems like every other one scratches my skin. I opened a couple boxes and missed the return window so I will probably end up donating.

👤Q-tips have not been in stock. I thought I would take a chance with these, because I couldn't wait for them to replenish. Was surprised. They are not as long as a Q-tip. They are about a quarter inch shorter. I believe the cotton tip has less cotton than the Q tip. They seem a little less egg shaped. It isn't a big change but it is noticeable. Maybe in the 10% range. After using Q-tips for a long time, the cotton tip jumped out as being different, but after a few days, I didn't miss Q-tips. These work well, have good packaging, and are a good value. I will be sticking with these in the future.

👤We will never use another brand again. One would have a hard time going back to another brand if production ceased. The cotton is soft, but the word soft doesn't do it justice. Take a moment, bare with me, and think of the soft cotton swab you have ever felt. These swabs are softer. The bamboo sticks are sturdy and can be used to clean something other than your ear. Maybe you didn't mean to paint the corner of your bathroom counter or the lip of the can. This is the one that is soft, sturdy and cost effective. It will be your new favorite and you will never use another cotton swab again.

👤Best swabs ever! The bamboo ones are what Q-tips should have been, not the flimsy paper ones, the plastic ones, or the wood ones that snap off in your ear. There is a good amount of cotton on the ends. 10 out of 10 for these. I'm not going to stick those in my ears because the package is slightly annoying.

👤They're a bit more expensive than paper ones, but everyone seems to prefer these over the paper and plastic-sticked ones. I have broken several of them, so they are not 100% sturdy. The cotton tuxedos come off, but not as frequently as plastic ones. There is a I got them on a sale and the price was okay. I will buy more of these if the price is not too high.

👤These aren't comparable to normal q-tips. They don't have enough cotton. They feel like you are using a knife. I don't recommend them.

2. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack 6

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack 6

Customers will receive a pack of 6.

Brand: Tinkle

👤Are you sure? I had no clue. I went to get my eyebrows done at an Asian nail place and the lady who did it asked if I wanted her to get rid of my mustache. Mustache? I looked in the mirror. I didn't know I had a mustache. I have to focus on it now. It needs to come off like yesterday. "Take it off!" She immediately took care of it. I went without a mustache for the rest of the day while I pondered how I'm going to stay mustache-less without having to wax my upper lip again. There is a I asked my sister why she didn't tell me I had a mustache. She said that she used eyebrow razors for it. Thanks for telling me. I ordered these reluctantly and was pleasantly surprised at how well they work. I've been free of a mustache for a few months now, although I had a stache for at least 10 years of adulthood. Extra facial hair for ladies is highly recommended.

👤The razors work well for dermaplaning. I use them a few times and throw them out. The razor should glide over your skin and pull it taut with some type of oil. You will be amazed, grossed out, and so oddly satisfied with the amount of hair and dead skin that you will remove the first time you dermaplane with Tinkles. I use these on my face and neck every two weeks. They work well, my friends and I love them.

👤I wanted to get rid of the peach fuzz on my face that was only visible to myself when I wore a foundation and brush strokes made it stand up, because I am a makeup artist who frequently wears makeup. I decided to give these little one-blade razors a try after a friend recommended them, because I was interested in the benefits of dermaplaning as a skin exfoliant. They worked well. I have sensitive skin, so I did a test run on a small portion of my face first, then I applied a hydrating product, and when I noticed no irritation the next day, I continued with the rest of my face. I was able to get rid of the fuzz on my upper lip, chin, and sides of my face with no issues. I was able to clean up around my brows without using my tweezers. Each razor in a pack has a cover over the blade for safety. I am not a professional in hair removal. I would do your research before you decided to do this for yourself. The blade is good for removing hair, but it shouldn't be done on skin with certain skin issues. If you have other skin concerns or conditions, you should consult with your dermatologist. There is a I can definitely say that my face feels so smooth after I shave it and use my face wash, that it's not even a problem. My foundation glides on. There is a The hair doesn't grow back thicker or darker. When the hair is shaved off, a blunt end forms on the tiny hair and makes it seem thicker, but it is not. I have been doing this for a year. I will shave about twice a month and throw the blade away after a few uses so it doesn't irritate my skin. I am happy at this price.

3. Double Safety Exquisite Friendly Rainbow

Double Safety Exquisite Friendly Rainbow

The double edge razor is suitable for both men and women, and is perfect for shaving legs, head, body, and facial hair. The bamboo handle and steel parts of the safety razor ensure a safe shave. The lady razor is easy to replace. It's easy to load and unload the razor. You just need to remove the top part of the grip and put a razor in the bottom part to get the head into the grip. The Zomchi double edge razor has a Lifting and removing of the hair follicles feature that makes it possible for the users to get the best shave possible. The safety razor has a firm comfortable grip, allowing you to shave with exceptional control and precision. Plastic and disposable razors are harmful to their mother earth. The Zomchi women's safety razor is made to fight against disposable razors which are sent to landfill. The blades can be recycled if you replace them. This could save you a lot of money. The user manual is incomplete. The white women's razor has an in-depth digital shaving manual that can be used to get the perfect lady to shave. It has tips on extending the life of blades and eco-friendly razors. They spent a lot of time designing a razor box to make it look better. They think their women razor is a great gift for Mother's Day and Christmas.

Brand: Zomchi

👤I have ingrown hair on my bikini line and on my legs and under arms. I have tried waxing, shaving, and using disposable razors, but nothing seemed to help. I was glad I tried safety razors because I was finally able to find them. I don't know how I didn't know about these. It saves me a lot of money. I have had a razor for 4 months and just changed it. After shaving, I take apart the blade and let it dry. It takes a little practice before you can shave perfectly, but once you get the hang of it, you won't go back. I get a close shave every now and then, and I have less ingrown hairs now. Once you get used to it, it's easy to use. My husband is jumping on a wagon.

👤I put it together backwards the first few times I used it. It didn't work that way, but it worked well because I put it together correctly, and I cut myself twice. Remember that you don't have to push down as hard with these as disposable razors and you have to find the perfect angle, also try not to accidentally slide it around your leg because you can cut yourself on the corner. I think it's worth it if you want to save money overall and port the environment.

👤You will not regret this purchase, just make sure to read others reviews on how to use them, and hold it at an angle. It's easy to use, and it's close to the water. There is a I have only nicked myself the smallest amount once, and that is due to me putting too much pressure and not paying attention. The plastic razor is much more painful than thenick, but it is shallow and less painful. You will probably not get any cuts at all.

👤I need a new razor because of my allergies. My allergies went away in a flash. I used to give burn mark, rash, and dark spot because of the chemical they have. I thought it was the shaving cream.

👤It has been used for almost two months. It is very easy to use and save, but I was a little scared at first. I love it.

👤I was in the market to buy new razor blades. Their price is $20 for 8 replacement heads. During the summer, the pack lasts about 2 months. I replace the whole thing once a year. I spend about $100 a year on razors. I have been changing my habits to be more economical and eco-friendly. This is one of them. The razor cost $19 after taxes. A box of 100 replacement razors is $9 on Amazon. It will cost me about 28 bucks for the entire year. No more plastic. The razors are thin and metal so they are less waste. There is a My feelings about this item are the most important things. It was easy to use. There is a It was very easy to clean. The Schick Quattro is not less safe than any other. I injured my ankle and knee. There are common problem areas. There is a My shave is not as close as it used to be. I get a strawberry leg after shaving. My shave would be good for a weekend with my old razor. I will have to shave everyday. There is a The blades need to be changed more often. I have been using two for a week. It is still cheaper than before. There is a I would recommend someone who was looking for alternatives to razors. It would not be a good idea to recommend someone who wanted a better shave.

4. Natural Friendly Sustainable Durable Bambaw

Natural Friendly Sustainable Durable Bambaw

The Bambaw double edge safety razor is the perfect shave for those who want a professional shave without irritation or ingrown hairs. Double edge safety razors are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Bambaw razor is made from high quality materials and has a bamboo handle. Conventional plastic razors end up in their landfills and oceans. Replacing and recycling the safety razor blade helps create a cleaner planet. It's tax-free. The only thing you need to buy is the blades. You can't get a better value for money. The user manual is in-depth. There are tips on how to assemble, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of your body, after shave treatment, increasing the life of the blades, and 2 bonus homemade shaving recipes.

Brand: Bambaw

👤I was a little worried about nicking myself after reading some reviews. I never have. The investment is well worth it because I get a close shave with this razor. I have had this razor for a year so I can give feedback with some longer history to report on. I replace the blade about once a month if I skip shaving my legs. I rub coconut oil on the handle. I can see that it is doing a good job of keeping it in good shape when I can see it looking dry. I don't leave the whole razor in the water. It will pay back with years of use, no plastic waste, and a great shave if you recognize that this is something that needs a little care.

👤I no longer use disposable plastic razors so I wanted a nice razor for shaving. The razor was very good looking and well made, and it was heavier and more solid than I was used to. The handle is made of bamboo and it comes in a handsome box. I bought a box of blades without the blades, but they are cheap. If you are buying this one, take it easy on the first few shaves, you won't nick yourself. I'm happy with my purchase. I would recommend it.

👤The safety razor that I received was wrapped in paper and did not come with blades. I used the enclosed blade for the first time on my legs and it was very light-pressured. I had a bar of soap that had a "Slimy" lather that worked well as a lubricant for the blade. I don't want to buy fancy shaving soap and brushes. It produced a close shave. I think this is an easy shave because I've been using twin blade disposable razors without flexing heads for so long that it's natural for me to shave in a manner that suits a razor such as this. I was using it and it fit in my hand. The handle was easy to disassemble and it was easy to rinse after use. Ladies, do not be intimidated by using this razor. Do what is suggested by many others. Common sense, short strokes, and very little pressure are what you should use.

👤I decided to ditch the plastic pink razors because of their affordability and eco-friendly qualities. I am very happy with my purchase. I recommend buying a package of astra razor blades at the time of your purchase so you are prepared to go for a while. I wish there was a way to get the razor or cleaning tips in the package. If it doubts, watch a video on the internet.

👤It is easy to hold and I love shaving with it. I thought it was hard and intimidating. The handle is cracked after 2 uses. At first, I didn't notice it. I read the instructions and didn't think I'd have to oil it after every use. It is hard to see but easy to feel. I would like to try another safety razor.

5. Bulldog Mens Skincare Grooming Original

Bulldog Mens Skincare Grooming Original

The razor head and blades are original. A smooth shave. The strip is lubricating

Brand: Bulldog Mens Skincare And Grooming

👤I wanted to boycott the women's razors after learning about the Pink Tax. I don't like shaving so why support the patriarchy? I wanted to find an eco-friendly option. The bamboo handle was better than the plastic one. I've used Venus brand my whole life and never had a complaint. This is not a comparison for razor burns going head to head. After using it from ankle to inner thigh, Bulldog gave me one. There was a small plastic covering for the razors, but I was not expecting it. I am happy with the purchase as their shaving products are cruelty-free. I have to wait to see how long the razor blades will last.

👤The razor cut was good. On the 4th or 5th time shaving with Stuble and doing a good job, there was a con. The razor head loosened as I came around my chin. Check thetightness before use.

👤I took a chance on this product, thanks to other reviewers. I used to use disposable razors. This product is better than those. It's the smoothest shave I've ever experienced. I've used disposable razors before. They have been discontinued. This is a reason to check it out if you care about nothing else. There is a I've been wanting to switch to refillable razors, but they seemed so expensive. I feel like this product is a reasonable price and it's easy to find without joining a club. I don't like commitment. I plan to keep it dry so it doesn't get moldy. I don't like to contribute to the plastic problem. The more plastic we discard, the more it ends up in our bodies as it breaks down and ends up in our water supply. Alright! Sorry! I'm so happy!

👤I bought this because I really like the Bull Dog shave gel, and I saw the razor and blades were eco-friendly. The blades shave as well. Pro 5 did. The fusion has a trimmer blade. The icing on the cake is that it's only a couple of bucks per blade, not $4+ like most out there now.

👤I wanted to switch to a brand that wascruel-free. This is on a lot of "cruelty-free" razors. There is a The quality is sub-par. The razor has two major problems. 1. The cut is not close. It's worse than my previous razors. I still feel like a piece of paper after shaving. 2. The stem of the razor is like a hollow bamboo straw. The bamboo part of the razor is often thrown to the wrong side of the face when you put it to your face. It seems more likely that you will be cut for that reason. I got a small cut last night.

👤My bad. I believed the reviews. I use a razor in the shower. It decided to do a rotation at the wrong time. The blades did not give me a close shave and I do not have a heavy beard. I had a rash after shaving in a few spots. I threw everything in the trash to try out another brand. The varous shave club razors do not work with the universal blades.

6. Harrys Razors Men Refills Tropical

Harrys Razors Men Refills Tropical

Harry's razors for men include a face razor handle, German- engineered razor blade refill, travel cover, and Harry's Shave Gel for a smooth shave. Harry's shaving kit for men includes 5 German razor blades, a flex hinge, lubricating strip, and a precision trimmer for hard-to-reach places. Harry's face razor handle is designed with a matt exterior, textured grip pattern, and weighted core for maximum grip and control. Harry's bought a factory in Germany to ensure the quality of their men's razors for shaving and to pass the savings on to their customers who deserve great mens razors at a fair price. They want you to love their products. If you don't like your shaving kit for men, send them a message and they'll take care of you. Gifts for men come in handy all year. They will feel at home on the bathroom sink, just like they do in a big stack of gifts.

Brand: Harry's

👤The low reviews that have been entered for this product are laughable. They must have been made by agents/trolls of another razor manufacturer. I've been using safety razors for 45 years. I've been using Harry's for the last four years and this is the best I've ever found. Gillette used to be the best in the market. I have used their razors for 30 years without any complaints. Harry's is one or two steps above the best Gillette has to offer. The quality of Harry's razor handles is top notch. I have no hesitation in endorsing Harry's safety razors as the best on the market today because I have no dog in this fight.

👤I decided to try Harry's blades again because I don't like paying more for Gillette blades. I gave them another chance because Harry claimed their blades are sharper. I shaved my face with a razor that I had been using for a week. Then the other side with a brand new car. Harry's sword. The Gillette provided a more comfortable shave. The Harry's was less comfortable than the other ones. The cost differential is 6 cents per day if I can get 3 weeks out of both blades. Am I willing to pay more for a smooth shave? The answer is yes. Sorry. I'm going back to Gillette. If I can't find my Gillette, your razor will be a backup.

👤I only use men's razors because they work better than women's. I don't like companies trying to get you to buy something just because it's pink. They offer this razor in a cute sea green color, and I love it. It works better than my Gillette, and it is less expensive.

👤I ordered this razor until my razor heads from DSC are delivered, because I ran out of Dollar Shave Club. The Dollar Shave Club razor did a better job than the Harry's razor when I used it to shave. It took me a long time to get a clean shave using this razor, and I had razor bumps when I used it. It only takes me one time to get all the hair with my Dollar Shave Club razor, whereas it took multiple passes with this Harry's razor to get a clean shave. There is a I will never buy a Harry's razor again because it is so garbage.

👤I had high hopes for this Harry's starter pack, and it didn't let me down. There is a The razor is pretty good, but it didn't feel like it was made by DSC. The shave was good, I only had issues around my neckline, which is often a trouble spot for razors. I don't go through a lot of razors, so I'd probably buy the Harry's one again, even though I prefer a DSC razor. This would be a 4 star review if I only rated the razor. The shaving gel is what brings this bundle down a star. It works well when shaving gels are used. It does what it's supposed to do. The problem for me is that the smell clings to your face all day long. There is a It's hard for me to describe the smell as something other thanchemically. It's so bad that my fiancée didn't want to kiss me because she was sick and she tried holding her breath, but that's just awkward. It's in the evening after 10 hours of shaving and washing my face to try to get rid of the smell. I can still smell it 18 hours after my shave, so I'm writing this review at 4 AM. There is a Harry's shave gel is the worst smelling shaving product I have ever used. It's the honest truth, and I feel really harsh saying that. It's awful. This would be one star if I only reviewed the shave gel. The razor is pretty good. The shave gel is bad. The smell is not worth it if you try the razor.

7. Preserve Shave Refillable Recycled Materials

Preserve Shave Refillable Recycled Materials

The handle is made from recycled materials. The ceramic coated blades of the 5 blade cartridge have a lubricating strip with cocoa butter. The set includes one razor blade and one razor blade handle. For use by both genders. Most of the handle is made in the USA and never tested on animals.

Brand: Preserve

👤I held off buying preserve because it was not cheap. One, it is a sturdy handle that comes with a single razor, five blades in one, not one blade with five refill, despite one sad reviewer that seemed confused. I have used companies that try to create razors that are not owned by companies that test on animals. Preserve's creation was more lofty. I don't want to buy from a company that tests on animals, but it's been difficult to find a good razor. I waited until I used the item to write this review. I'm happy. Thank you. A small investment. I am relieved. The actual blades of the vegan razor company did not rust. The strip did not fade after a few uses. It's a good product, and not in the sense of "good for vegan" - it's well made. Good for the planet. This was a good purchase.

👤The Preserve razor is my favorite razor. I was allergic to the nickel in conventional razors and was getting a rash on my legs after shaving. My rash is gone. I didn't like Preserve razors when I first tried them, but they've made amazing improvements to their design. They are more stable than Venus and other conventional women's razors. I love the fact that they're eco-friendly and that they're also free of the harmful chemical brominatedominatedominated gasses. All good!

👤I switched to this razor hoping to be a bit more "green" and reduce my personal waste but unfortunately, it is not as eco-friendly as I had hoped. The handle is made from recycled material. The blades themselves are not made from recycled material, nor are they recycled through normal municipal programs, and preserve does not offer a recycling program for their products. I already have a razor handle that uses similar non-post consumer material, unrecyclable blades, so I could have avoided this purchase by sticking with the brand I was already using. The brand's razor blades deliver a subpar shave. The blades drag against the skin and make it very irritated, even though I have never really struggled with razor burn. I broke out on my legs after using a completely fresh blade. When they're dull to begin with, don't use multiple uses. I used to be able to use my previous razor between 3-6 shaves, but it was too dull and I had to throw it away. I was disappointed in this outcome as I had great success with their toothbrushes.

👤The razor is slim and has a small handle. There isn't a giant block surrounding the blade. I like the recycled materials part. Others have stated that they do rust quickly. I have used it for two weeks and put it on my third blade. Is throwing away used blades now defeating the purpose?

👤The seller wants buyers to think they are ordering 3 razors. If you want to show other color varieties in additional photos, why not picture a single razor in the main photo? The product description doesn't specify that this listing is for a single razor until more than halfway through the text. No new paragraphs or bold fonts to make that fact stand out to customers, who are likely to skim the text by that point, seriously, who needs so many repetitive details about a razor?? There is a The seller can not be said to have failed to mention the # of the items. That is a technicality. There is a The seller wouldn't be so secretive about what they're buying if they cared about telling buyers. There is a The razor is working. It is not effective. It is nothing special in terms of close shave. It is not worth much.

8. Safety Reusable Friendly Shaving Bambaw

Safety Reusable Friendly Shaving Bambaw

Make skin irritations and ingrown hair a problem of the past. The closest shave is achieved with the safety razor for women. It isdurable: The disposable razors for women are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The metal razor is made from high-quality materials. The safety razors are a great gift for women. ECO-FRIENDLY: The disposable plastic razors can't be recycled. You don't need to replace the razor blades with this metal shaver. It's the perfect razor for eco friendly shaving. It's a cost that's effective. You only need to re buy the eco razor blades after you purchase a Bambaw ladies safety razor. Reusable razors for women will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you will get a better shave. There is a user manual. The rose gold safety razor has a digital shaving manual. The manual shows you how to get the perfect shave. It has tips on extending the life of blades, as well as 2 homemade recipes for shaving cream.

Brand: Bambaw

👤This thing is hard to use if you're used to disposables, and I've tried to watch videos to see if it's user error. I have tried many times. Twice it sheered off a patch of skin. I end up with razor burn and exaggerated post shave scars from the tiny bumps on my legs. It is very close. I've tried a lot of products with it and it just continues to rip off skin. I hate using disposables and will keep trying. I am letting my skin heal.

👤I don't like using plastic razors as they dull so fast on my hair, but this razor made my legs silky smooth. I kept touching them after I finished shaving. The safety razor blades have more uses for me than a disposable did, and the razor doesn't get clogged as easily as disposal razors. My legs used to only last a day after shaving, but I am on day three and they are still smooth. It is very easy to cut yourself with this razor when you first use it, and it is also very easy to burn it. I cut myself three times on one leg, and the morning after I shaved, I noticed some razor burn in some areas. You need to clean and dry the razor to keep it clean and to keep it from rusting.

👤Update Sept 24 2021. My initial review was the same as before, but I don't recommend this for legs now that I've been using it for a couple of months. I have sliced my ankle twice and used this to grate the skin off of my ankle. I love the results of this shave, but I can't use it anymore and will be looking for a safer version. If you're experienced with this type of razor, I recommend it. Don't shave if you are a bit clumsy or new to shaving. There is a The best razor I have ever spent money on. Shave is very fast. I was scared to use it, but I got used to it. I shave at normal speed. It feels sharp and not dull. My skin feels good. Armpits are very easy to use. Don't go back to cheap disposable women's razors!

👤I was a little scared to use a safety razor. I wanted to replace my everyday items with more sustainable options. There is a The razor is pretty and easy to use, but it's also very pretty. It's easy to get to the detailed instructions in the manual if I ever need a reminder. I recommend getting a razor blade disposal tin. If you leave the razor in the shower, the blades can rust and you might need to replace them more frequently than you think. You can get a lot of refill blades for a lot of money.

👤This is a revelation. I usually only shave to avoid the strawberry/chicken skin, but I switched to epilating to avoid the misery. One day after shaving, I would have stubble galore. My skin would go crazy if I shaved again. This thing. Okay. Wow. I got a few tiny nicks when I forgot to use it like a normal razor, but it is super sharp and the instructions tell you not to use it like a normal razor. It made my legs feel better than they have in the past. Two days after my first shave with this thing, I have no irritation and my legs are still smooth. I don't understand why anyone would spend over $75 on a product that is my new holy grail. If you are like me, you would add a body lotion to deal with the skin issues. I am a safety razor convert now.

9. Safety Reusable Friendly Shaving Bambaw

Safety Reusable Friendly Shaving Bambaw

Make skin irritations and ingrown hair a problem of the past. The closest shave is achieved with the safety razor for women. It isdurable: The metal razors for women are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. The metal razor is made from high-quality materials. The safety razors are a great gift for women. ECO-FRIENDLY: The disposable plastic razors can't be recycled. You don't need to replace the eco razor blades with this ladies safety razor. It's the perfect razor for eco-friendly shaving. It's a cost that's effective. You only need to buy the safety razor blades after purchasing a metal shaver. Eco razors for women will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you will get a better shave. There is a user manual. The rose gold safety razor has a digital shaving manual. The manual shows you how to use the safety razor. It has tips on extending the life of blades, as well as 2 homemade recipes for shaving cream.

Brand: Bambaw

👤I researched safety razors and watched videos on the internet. Yes. I thought I'd slice my leg open. Did that happen? No. Not a single cut. Did I get the most soft legs of my life? Yes. Buy one. The switch should be made. Save the planet.

👤Compre esto. Irrit la piel, pero tiene una afeitadora para mujer.

👤When my friend told me about safety razors, I was looking for new ideas on how to use less plastic. I decided not to use disposable razors anymore as they are expensive and just get dumped after a few uses. I have had a razor for a while. I absolutely love it. I have a better shave because the razor looks cute in my bathroom. The user manual helped me cut myself, even though I was a bit scared at first. I figured it out after a few test runs. There is a It is important to take it slowly. I bought a few packs of razor blades for a couple of cents per blade, but I am not sure which one is the best, yet. There is a Changing the blades is very easy. Just screw it open, replace the blade, and then screw it back together. I like the fact that this razor shaves my legs much better than the disposable ones, and there is no tugging, which I don't like. I put the head on my legs because I like that it's a bit heavy. There is a The stand is an add-on to dry the razor after a shave. This razor is cute and I could not recommend it more.

👤Love, love, love this razor. I will never have to purchase disposable razors again. It is strong. I saw a review that said it would rust over time, so I left it in the shower until I used it again. After I take it out of the shower, I take the whole thing apart and put it back together. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I will never go back to using disposable razors. The razor is very sharp. The safety razor has a blade that is very thin. Replacing the razor is cheaper than buying disposable. It is better for the environment. They are easier to clean and remove excess hair. It was easy to use on my first time using it.

👤Since reading Zero Waste Home, I have been trying to use less plastic. I want to save money at the right time. She has items for sale on her website that are too expensive. The razor I bought on Amazon was a great price. If it didn't work out, I could return it. The razor is well worth it, but I have to add that using it for the first time is definitely a learning curve. It takes a while to get used to it. I have cut myself a number of times, but now I am doing that less. I use soap to lather. The handle is not slippery. When using, you just have to put minimal pressure on your skin. I use my blades for a couple of weeks because I don't want my shave to be perfect and thats two people using it. If a man wants a short shave every day, then he would want to change it every week. Replacement blades are cheap. I estimate that I will be saving $12 per month and 180 dollars a year by not purchasing Intuition replacement heads.

10. Gillette Venus Platinum Smooth Handle

Gillette Venus Platinum Smooth Handle

For a long lasting shave, use 5 bandages. An anti-slip grip is included in the ERGONOMIC METAL HANDLE. ReFILLS are compatible with all Velazquez Rican hands. The RIBBON OF MOISTURE around the blade helps protect it from nicks. The rounded head fits easily into hard-to-shave areas.

Brand: Gillette Venus

👤I bought a razor with replaceable heads to reduce my plastic use. It's not much, but it's a small way to decrease the amount of plastic pollution. The amount I was trying to offset was almost as much as the amount that was in the packaging. It's so frustrating.

👤I drop the throw away. I like Venus razors. A nice man design. There is a very thick rubber backing grip. Looks good to last. The razors of Venus are always smooth. I can't feel my right leg. I don't have to worry about nicking myself with Venus.

👤The venus razor won't stay on the handle, but I always buy one. It keeps popping off. It is very frustrating that this is the first time that has happened.

👤We have used the Venus razor for a long time, but recently the handles broke. That issue has been solved by this. It seems to be easier to hold because of the extra weight. Love it.

👤The handle kept detaching from the blade. I ordered it again because I thought it must be a bad one and Gillette wouldn't make a bad product. The second handle did the same thing. You can easily see how loose the grip is by removing the razor from the handle. The razor was attached to the handle. I have no issues. Poor design is the issue with the handle.

👤I had a plastic Venus holder for ten years. I love it. It is easy to use. It can be used with all ven myus razors.

👤I have been using a really good razor for a long time. When I wanted to shave parts of my body other than my face, I needed to get one. I did some searching because I didn't want a cheap razor. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one. I got it when I landed on it. I was amazed at how well the hinges worked. It can be used in places where the angle is difficult. I think this is the best razor I have ever used. I would recommend anyone to get this. It works well.

👤The weighted handle on the Gillette Venus blades makes it so much better. I now have my own Gillette shaver, because I used to use my husband's.

11. Double Safety Razor Natural Bamboo

Double Safety Razor Natural Bamboo

The long handle is 4.2” long. Its design makes shaving more comfortable. SMOOTH AND NATURAL BAMBOO HANDLE is a modern look. Bamboo is good for the environment and repels water. Plastic razors end up in landfill sites every year. The plastic is harmful to the earth and water supplies. Eco-friendly safety barriers. High quality shaving is made from the highest quality material. The old school style safety razor is what you need if you want an eco-friendly razor. The razor has a single blade which leads to a closer shave. 100% recycled material is used for packaging. No plastic bags, no plastic filling, and no plastic tape! Every razor has a refill of RAZOR BLADES. The blades for this razor are more affordable than the ones for the other razors, which means that you can continue shaving after you have used the five extra blades that are included.

Brand: Wowe

👤I decided to look up if there are women out there that use double edge razors for their legs after using my boyfriend's double edge razor. I am very happy with my purchase. I bought a 100 count case of Astra razors to go with this and I am so happy that I don't have to spend more money on razors this year. This razor is very heavy. I like the way the bamboo feels. I plan on telling my friends to convert to this razor because I would recommend it to them.

👤This is my favorite razor. It's balanced and solid. The bamboo has a perfect handle. When it's wet, your grip improves. I wish I had found this combination a long time ago.

👤Become more eco-conscious by tossing out your disposable razors. When using a safety razor, it's important to let the weight do its job. The shave is better than before. This razor is very nice.

👤Most of the reviewers think this is the best shave ever, but I disagree. There is a I purchased it for two reasons. There is a There was no plastic waste and all the packaging was paper. It covers the bases which were important to me, at the cost of being a little more work to shave. There is a It's much easier to cut yourself with a razor than it is with a razor. You need a really good shave soap/cream because there is not a strip of lubricant like you're used to with your razor. The bamboo handle is very good for wet use and it is heavier. It takes practice, but once you find the perfect angle it is a good shave.

👤I bought this a few years ago to try and cut down on waste from disposable razors. This is my first straight razor and I like it, but I can't compare it to other brands. It's easy to use, blades are cheap, and I get a closer shave than with multi-blade plastic ones. After 3 years, it doesn't have a sign of rust on it. I take it apart and dry it before putting it back together. It might take a minute to do that. It takes longer to shave because you have to work in short strokes and go over areas a few times, whereas multi blade plastic ones are more convenient. The bamboo handle has never tried to slip out of my grasp. It is definitely worth the money.

👤I decided to replace my expensive Venus razors with this one because I am going into a zero waste lifestyle. I was hesitant to use this but after drawing a line up my leg I was able to use it all of my body. I was hoping that the shave would last a long time, but when I used my other razors I had a smooth shave the next day. I have been hesitant to use this razor since I was left with small red bumps on my legs that would bleed slightly. I use coconut oil, baby oil, conditioner, and other things. Even after changing the blade, there were still bumps. I have been using my old razors until I can afford laser hair removal.


What is the best product for eco friendly razor bamboo?

Eco friendly razor bamboo products from Isshah. In this article about eco friendly razor bamboo you can see why people choose the product. Tinkle and Zomchi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly razor bamboo.

What are the best brands for eco friendly razor bamboo?

Isshah, Tinkle and Zomchi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly razor bamboo. Find the detail in this article. Bambaw, Bulldog Mens Skincare And Grooming and Harry's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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