Best Eco Friendly Resealable Bags for Packaging

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1. Stand Pouch Window Sealable Storage

Stand Pouch Window Sealable Storage

A great value pack of 100 6x9 inch sealed bags helps you save money while staying more organized and you can share the great value with your family or friends as well. Stand up pouches are helpful for multiple types of food, or anything you want to protect from odor, water, or humidity, because of their convenient size of 6 x 9. The 50 pieces of zip lock bags are made from food grade paper and PE, which is odorless, moist and safe to use. The U-shaped notch on the top makes it easy to tear, and the zip lock is convenient to open and close. Stand up bags can be sealed by heat healing machine. The customer can see the products through the strong window. The structure and material are hard to break. It can be used to store nuts, oats, cookies, candy, coffee beans, grain, bath bomb, pet treats and more. It can be used to store nuts, oats, cookies, candy, coffee beans, grain, bath bomb, pet treats and more.

Brand: Blisstime

👤These are used for party favors. I put coffee in them. They hold 1.5 ounces of coffee. I didn't bother to heat seal it, but the zip seal worked well. Everyone was asking where I got them.

👤Once filled to capacity, they begin to slouch a little, but will still buy again.

👤It holds the perfect amount of dry herbs and tea mixes. I use a Flat iron to heat seal my top. The herbs in the experiment bag have the same quality as those bought off the shelf. There is a Sharpie/markers can't be used, but labels stick well.

👤I bought a set to see how they would fare at my wedding. I bought more because I loved them. They came in a different color. The brown paper color was more appealing to me than the orange Manila folder color. I have to find a match for my favors now. Consistency is important in a brand. The seller should be able to guarantee the proper color.

👤I wanted to gift a product in a box. I was looking for something that was reasonable in price, but would work. I was able to fit a good amount of salt in them. This worked out great.

👤The look and feel of these bags made me very happy. If you want to fit 100g of product into a small bag, you'll need to expand it by 50% or more. If you want to put more than 2oz inside, suggest going with a larger size.

👤The bags can fit in my hand. I was going off the reviews for being too small. They are very small. I was expecting to use for my Carmel's, but it was not big enough. They are durable and cute. These are for people who need to put something small in them.

👤Disappointed. Does not hold more than 3.5 ounces. It was useless for my needs.

2. Tomnk Resealable Cellophane Chocolate Packaging

Tomnk Resealable Cellophane Chocolate Packaging

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - They're confident you'll love their Poly Zipper bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund. 350 lbs of medium transparent self-sealing cellophane bags are in this package. Food grade and worry free is a good choice for your family party gifts. The cello bags are attatched with widened sticks to ensure a more tight seal. Best for biscuits. The clear bags make the best choice for holding cookies, candy and handmade chocolate when you hold a party or prepare gifts for your friends. Do you want to make some gifts yourself? These cello bags are great for your jewelry, hand painted cards, and sweets.

Brand: Tomnk

👤The closest baggie is the one that protects my nail sets. Don't rip easily. It's perfect. Completely transparent. I will recommend this size to my peers.

👤We have to cover our phone with plastic bags while working in the hospital. The ones in the hospital are large. I was looking for something that was more snug. These are close to perfect. They are great because you can fold the lip over the phone so that it stays put and it doesn't move around. The width would make these better. 4.5" is better than the baggies at work because it is a bit too wide for phones. Everyone at work wants to get them. They are more sensitive to touch than regular baggies.

👤I am not a fan of super thin, but I am glad these are fairly cheap. I have to pay for ups drop off or drive an hour into the valley to have them do it because it says free returns. I wouldn't recommend it. If you can go 4x6 Buy something else if you suggest that route.

👤These are the worst bags I have ever purchased. Very poor quality. The sides were wavy. It's super thin. I believe that the package tells the quality of your product and I am a small business owner. I am returning them because they are garbage. Don't waste time.

👤It's difficult to find 4.5 x 6.5 treat bags. This is the perfect size for the treat cups that I wanted to wrap individually to bring to work on a treat day as 4 x 6 is too tight and 5 x 7 is too large. There is a The bags are very thin and jammed into the packaging which makes them look less than ideal when presented. I had to separate the bags before using because the bag's glue was stuck on other bags. It gives the cheap feel compared to other treat bags I've purchased.

👤They were perfect for our wedding invitation. The invitation was made of wood and the bag fit, making it look even better.

👤These bags are perfect for our single serve cookies because we fold them over and don't let them roll around. Absolutely love them. It's easy to deal with and stays closed.

👤These work well for making cards.

3. 1000 Clear Reclosable Poly Plastic

1000 Clear Reclosable Poly Plastic

Double layer 3.15 mils thickness top quality cello bags self adhesive is a great value. There is a pack of 1000. Business support can be provided by thicker and stronger reclosable zip poly bags. The zip bags are great for coins, seed and arts crafts. High quality. Poly bags are made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. Good protection and display for your goods can be provided by a very durable and strong person. The bags are easy to lock and keep closed. The sealed bags can keep items dry and dust-free, especially for metal and silver products. Storage and Organization These bags can be used for various occasions, can help you organize and store your goods, and are a must for home and office.

Brand: Joybest

👤I bought these because the listing says they are 3.15 mil bags and they are not as thick as a Ziplock freezer bag. They are not thicker than a standard sandwich bag. I used a proven-accurate digital caliper to measure the 8 layers of the plastic film at.013” and made each layer no more than. There was 1 mil. These bags are not strong enough to protect the parts I need to bag. If you only need a snack bag and don't mind buying from a false info listing, these should work.

👤Absolutely garbage. A waste of time. When you need something, you are sent garbage. These bags are not thick. The upc does not match. I use the spartan bags, but the quality is not good so I tried a different vendor. I wish I had not. There is a If you think saving $1 is better than dealing with 2000 items in these crappie bags, you are wasting your time and money. I will be sending them back. Amazon's reviews are enough. If you don't read recommended reviews, you will see the problem.

👤Let me identify the product. The review id for the 3x5 bags is good, but the bags are really bad. I bought this because I wanted to keep different seeds, nuts, and spices separate and in a Mylar bag for storage. I needed to store 30 small packets. Over 70 bags were used to accomplish this. The seals were not aligned, the bag had a bad seam at the top, and the bottom corners split. It would have been nice to know the thickness and material. I don't mind a 10% loss on bulk purchases, but a 50% loss is a bit much.

👤The 2 mil bags are not advertised as 3.15 mil. If you need a bag bigger than 2 mil, avoid it.

👤These bags are disappointing. I expected better quality from the reviews. The seals are difficult to close and seem thinner than 3 mils.

👤These are not thick enough to bet 1 to 1.5 mils. The substandard product is being sold by the seller. The freezer bags in the Ziploc brand are very thin. There is a The lip to open the bag is very small compared to other bags I've handled. There is a I wouldn't buy again due to the false thickness.

👤For the money, but once I got to using these bags, I have run into 3 different types, none of which are the mil in thickness promised, but some, I don't know how many in the bag of the bags, are not Slit. I have to cut them, and that looks bad. Bad news about bags. There was no consistency. Look somewhere else.

👤The bags are cheap. The zip seal works well. There is a They are packaged in a big bag and the stacks are not nice flat stacks of bags. It makes it difficult to apply labels to the bags. There is a The bag quality is good enough to get the full 5 stars.

4. Resealable Packaging Packaging 3 5 5 5

Resealable Packaging Packaging 3 5 5 5

These stand up pouch bags are designed for packaging and displaying various food and spices, including nuts, dried fruit, candy, cookies, tea, dried foods, snacks, beans, seasonings, grain, jerky, and confections. The bag is sealed on the sides and bottom, making it a perfect stand-up pouch for bulk shelf storage. These brown paper bags have a clear window and a recloseable zip. They're lightweight, fun, and easy to use. The Thick Moisture-proof Inner is a good choice for long-time food preservation. Made of the safest materials. The packaging bags for small business are made of three layers of construction, which make them air tight, and ensure that your product will be protected. Each of the stand up pouches has a zip closure and tear notch. The size is 3.5"x 5.5" and the amount of coffee beans is 0.9 oz. Their bags are lined with a heat-sealable poly material that ensures an air-tight seal. If you want to use a commercial hand held heat sealer, just press above the zip closure using an ordinary household iron. If you use this option, the tear notches are easy to open. 100% SATISFACTION COMMITMENT. If the food storage bags are damaged, they will replace them for free. They value their customer satisfaction with absolute zero risk and will do what it takes to assist everyone. Please be reassured.

Brand: Mocare

👤I read the dimensions of the products that I order. I looked at the pictures carefully, but I didn't anticipate how far in to the bag the sealed area extended. It looks very small as a percentage of the length and width. The capacity of the bag is greatly reduced by about a half inch on every side. There is a My bottoms don't have a gusset in so they won't stand up even if I stuff a lot in them. It's about 1.2 ounces of coffee. You would use 2 ounces for brew purposes if you used this coffee as a capacity coffee. I could not seal the bag with more than 1.2 ounces. It is not the outside dimensions of the bag that I have an issue with. It is the interior capacity that is much smaller than the estimate. The extra capacity would come in handy if the bottom of the bag were to expand to stand up. I put the coffee out on the scale because the bag won't close all the way and I can't seal it, Looks like I'm stuck with 50 bags that only a drug dealer.

👤The bags are great. You can get about 5.5 Oz of ground coffee if you fit it. It makes about 4-5 pots of coffee. Hope that helps.

👤I'm not going to lie and say I looked at the measurements, but the graphic and PR department did a great job of making these tiny bags look huge in the pictures. I wondered if these were bags for small animals. Don't use them to bring grinded coffee to work. Get the bigger ones. You will look ridiculous if you bring 5 bags in. They were not cheap for their size. Applause. I take some of the blame for not fully reading the description.

👤They hold less than a pound of coffee beans. You have to squeeze the beans in to get the bag to open, because it's almost impossible. You lose a bit of capacity because of the huge seams on the side, which are outside dimensions. If you put too much of a curve on the bag, it will immediately bend and the bend will be visible. I think they are cheap. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤These are great! I make bath sets with these. They are easy to open and close, and the little window makes it a great way to showcase blends.

👤It's great to work for powder detergent samples. There are some nice 2”x2” labels that I found. It is very sturdy, thick and looks nice.

👤I ordered these bags to be used as popcorn bags for my cousin's birthday treat table and they were great! They are very strong and thick. I didn't have to worry about the bag being separated from the ziplock portion of the bag. The cost was reasonable and the shipping was fast. I will be using these bags more often. It is definitely worth the money.

👤These bags are very nice. I roast them for coffee. The bottom doesn't expand as much as I would like, and they're a bit wide. I was able to get more than 1 lbs. You can still close the bag with coffee. My friends were impressed by the look of my coffee in the bags, so I'll be buying more for my coffee business.

5. Cellophane Adhesive Resealable Pretzels Individual

Cellophane Adhesive Resealable Pretzels Individual

There are 6 total units in 1 package. There are Cellophane treat bags of 100 pack. The size of the bags is 2x8 inch. The clear bags have a total of 2 mils. Each package has 100 treat bags. Clear bags are made of OPP material. They are clear, strong and friendly. Food grade cello bags. Cellophane bags have asealable strip that makes them look professional while keeping out dust. The bags are easy to open and are great for showcasing food treat, jewelry, earrings, party favors. The clear plastic bags are easy to open and close, just peel and remove the strip of tape, and they become sealable in seconds. It is easy to use self sealed and no need for twist ties. It will help to have good tightness of them. Life is longer with clear treat bags. Cellophane gift bags are designed to hold items. Clear gift bags are a good choice for sellers who sell handmade goods. Birthday, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, halloween, holiday and summer party treat gifts are ideal package wrap. Plastic gift bags can be used for Pretzel rods, baked desserts, gifts, packaging artwork, photographs, prints, snack, cards, soap, catalogs, candy, booklets, etc.

Brand: Surehome

👤I was worried about how I would be able to keep my chocolate dipped pretzels looking professional. I came across these amazing bags, perfect fit, durable, sturdy and affordable. It was a definite recommendation.

👤I wanted to fill gift baskets with these bags. They're great for gift giving. I will order them again.

👤It was bought for Easter candy. Is not very strong after the seal. The sides are very fragile. I wouldn't use it for unwrapped food items because they would get old fast. It was clear and clean.

👤I used the bags for gifts at work. They are not as strong as the bags you order via Clear Bags, but they did the job and they came quickly.

👤I was very happy with my pretzel gifts. It was a perfect size and it was good. It's very easy for the kids to get the treats. Everything was kept fresh. Will purchase these again.

👤I recommend these to anyone that bakes. They hold cookies, brownies and other treats and look great.

👤The pretzel rods fit perfectly inside. They are self sealed. Get these!

👤It is very clear and sturdy. The flap is easy to fold over.

6. Window Ziplock Resealable Storage 3 5×5 5in

Window Ziplock Resealable Storage 3 5%C3%975 5in

The set of 300 resealable stand up pouches has a mini size. The bottom pouch design allows the product to stand on its own. Quality and size: 50 identical bags with a window. There are different sizes available. The larger size is more convenient to use. BENEFITS: Keep stuffs out of the air and dry, and make them storage longer. The material is made of paper with waterproof film inside. Storage of nuts, coffee beans, grains, spices, oats,cookies, candies, and other items is what it is used for. It's ideal for home, store and travel. If you want a more classier brown appearance, you can choose to use it for your own use or for a gift. Make your life simpler with a bag with a window.

Brand: Wafunne

👤These are small bags that work well for dried herbs and flower seeds. They are of great quality. There is a round sticker in the photo.

👤They make it seem as if you are getting a variety of sizes, but you are only getting the small bags which are too small to hold anything. They need to make it clear that you are only getting small bags.

👤I used them to package the candy. The bags held up well. One downside was that many of the bags didn't zip closed, and one side of the material had to be de laminated to keep the bag closed. We had at least 6 out of 50 unusable.

👤I got the smallest of the bags to carry the nuts. I love them! Excellent, reliable, and durable seal! The bags stood up after the pecans were in them. I had an issue with opening them and popping out the bottom. I had to use a smaller spoon. It might be easier to use the larger bags since the hole is larger.

👤If you want the top to be sealed, forget it. The stick together seal is worthless. I've bought these many times in different sizes and have never been able to get one to stick together.

👤Somewhat disappointed. I thought they had a base that would allow them to stand upright. The favors that I purchased were over 3” long and they don't fit in my pocket. I can't imagine what these would be. Maybe 1 bath worth of salts.

👤Convenient sized bags that are easy to carry. They are great for sharing seasonings after a cooking class.

👤The packaging is of good quality. The zip lock is so strong that it's hard to open. The small bags hold spices. The product was good.

👤The packaging is too small for tea blends. I will order bigger next time.

👤Produit conforme. Bien emballé. Livré le lendemain.

7. AIRSUNNY Resealable Cellophane Bakery Candle

AIRSUNNY Resealable Cellophane Bakery Candle

The food grade is 100 per cent. The bags are made from a non-toxic and eco-friendly material. The transparent material of these bags makes them clean and attractive, while keeping out dust and humidity. These bags are 6 inches by 4 inches and are strong enough to keep your treats fresh. You can get a set of 100 pieces of these bags to help save money on your business supplies. Multi-functional high quality 1.2mil thick cello bags are perfect to wrap party favors. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials.

Brand: Airsunny

👤I thought I was buying a 4x6 card. They don't. Not even close. I put the cards in the mail to protect the artwork from being smudged. We are using them like a book. I should have looked at the measurement more closely.

👤The product was in good condition and sturdy. I was worried about the bags breaking when I put my soaps in because of some reviews that said they would be small. They are a great size and in great condition.

👤The spices are used in golden milk. It works so. I am making them with all the spices enclosed and the recipe on the front to give to my friends.

👤I put individual cookies in each bag. They were a perfect size and easy to fill, so the next person could get the cookie out.

👤These are what I was looking for. They are a great value. The ideal thickness for stickers. The sheerness of the glue is something I like.

👤This is the 5th time I have bought this product.

👤It's snug enough and seals tight for freshness.

👤I'm used to working with cellos that have a little more hold. The product is almost soft like a plastic grocery bag, instead of being sleek and holding shape. I like my cello bags to be a little stronger.

👤If you use them to put in cards that are 4”x6” they will not fit.

👤The bags are large. The little strip works. I've opened and closed many times. There is a Good for vaccine cards, health certificates, and other things mentioned in the ad. The price for 100 cello bags was reasonably priced. Happy with the purchase.

👤What a rip off. These are not baggies and do not seal. They are paper thin and flimsy. I don't know what they could be used for. They are going to get away with it as you have to go to the hassle of returning them.

👤I use these to seal the order. They're strong in that they don't tear and are nice and clear, unlike some other bags that have a blue tint to them or are cloudy. The bag stays shut once you seal it. Will continue to order from this supplier.

👤I have to put inside 4x6 cards, but this is a tad smaller. I have to trim the edges. The price of these is not very high.

8. Wowfit Re Sealable Self Sealing Decorative Wrappers

Wowfit Re Sealable Self Sealing Decorative Wrappers

It is made from food-grade safe material, which is 100% new OPP, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, clear plastic that is safe and manufactured specifically for food. The bag is thick and strong, with excellent vapor blocking properties to keep items fresh longer. It's easy to close a wide and sticky seal, which is great for keeping cookies, candy, nuts and other treats fresh. It's a great solution for handmade jewelry, necklace, pendant, every day home and kitchen use, and much more. This 200 ct bag set will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up on items for their home or business. They have a big supply in stock so hurry and buy now. This is a great wrapper for friends, family, and co-workers who need a high quality and premium bag.

Brand: Wowfit

👤The bags are an accurate size, but I am used to "clear" bags with no other markings. These have instructions for opening and resealing the seal. Distracts from the inside of the product. I think people know how to open a package.

👤I wanted to make sample bags for my business. They were perfect. There is a small white writing that says it is resealable. A lot of people complained about that. It didn't affect anything. I will be buying again after loving them.

👤These bags are great. I was looking for bags that were clear with no writing on the seal, and these are exactly what I was looking for. Will purchase again.

👤The product is easy to use and practical.

👤The bags that I use to package cookies and brownies are more effective than I expected. The bags have been designed to be opened and filled. They are easy to close and tidy. They can be opened to add or remove items. The strip of plastic that covers the glue is easy to remove. They must have been designed by an engineer who studied the food packaging process. They are easy to use and have a professional appearance. It is clear and attractive. I recommend these bags to friends and can't rate them enough.

👤They are amazing. There is a They make a lot of noise and crease easily. If you are going to display items in these packages, you need to be extra careful. There is a They are perfect as a secondary protectant measure. There is a They are used for our merchandise and placed inside our mailers. There is a We put them in a poly bag for our clothing and then put them in a mailer for some grab bags we left around the beach and mall. They were not reported to have gotten wet or penetrated. Hope this helps

👤I bought these to send homemade cookies to my children. They were perfect for a large cookie. The end is folded over. The container was tall and had cookies in it. I put shredded Easter paper on top until cookies wouldn't move when I laid it on it's side. Voila! The cookies made it to their destination. They could be taken out of the container and placed on a platter in the bags that are protected, but the cookies can still be seen.

👤I like that they are easy to seal. At the bake sale, I used to bake cookies and bars. Depending on size and piece of brownie, the right size is 4 to 6 cookies.

👤The right size was what I was looking for.

👤The bags are perfect for kids masks.

9. AIRSUNNY Clear Resealable Cellophane Bags

AIRSUNNY Clear Resealable Cellophane Bags

Best gift is suitable for birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year gift and etc. It's perfect for daily or commercial use. It's ideal for cookies, biscuits, desserts, candy, chocolate, any snacks, or dried flower. Your customers will be impressed with a unique design. The food grade is 200 per cent. The bags are made from a non-toxic and eco-friendly material. The transparent material of these bags makes them clean and attractive, while keeping out dust and humidity. These bags are strong and protective and will keep your treats fresh and tasty for a long time. There are Crystal Clear, PolyproPylene Storage bags. Multi-functional high quality 1.2mil thick cello bags are perfect to wrap party favors. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials.

Brand: Airsunny

👤I use these envelopes to protect my greeting cards. They work perfectly for my cards.

👤I bought the pack a year ago. These bags fit with a little room to spare, because I like to make 5x7-sized cards. I sometimes use them to fit multiple cards at once, and there's enough room to do that with the extra width. I find them versatile and will be buying them again. If you're looking for a sturdy plastic bag or feel like something more substantial for a commercial display, these aren't for you. The product description should be read. It is only 1.2 mil thick. I've gone through almost 200 of them and they've held up well for me.

👤I need bags for the watercolor cards I make. The sleeve fit the card perfectly.

👤The set of 100 is very different from the 200. The 200 were cheap and thin, but the 100 were great quality. Returned the 100 and re-ordered the 200.

👤These are perfect for package sterile masks. They seem a bit flimsy, so I wouldn't recommend them. The plastic on the outside of packs of cigarettes is the same as the plastic on the inside. It's still efficient for jewelry and light weight accessories.

👤This will not work if you put a product into it. It is too small. I tried to get a good picture of the clear bag. I got this car into the bad without ripping, but it is definitely to big.

👤These clear bags are great for displaying my handmade cards. They make my cards look professional and at the same time protect them. Being a one time use item, they are satisfactory and working well, even though they are thinner than other options. Did not have a problem with tearing.

👤I use crystal clean bags to show my products.

👤The quality of the material is very good.

👤I am making chocolate bars for Christmas. This is the perfect size for the bars I make. The seal is easy to use and you can see the pretty chocolate through the bag. I can see that I will look through many of these bags. I highly recommend.

👤These sleeves are perfect for greeting cards. Excellent quality and fast delivery!

👤The bags seem to tear easily. I bought some smaller ones on Amazon and they were better than this brand. It's okay to use them for my project. The bags are used to store paper crafts. I won't purchase again.

👤These bags are great for cookies or slices of banana bread. There are no issues with the self seal strip. The value is great. Would purchase again.

10. Resealable Cello Cellophane Bakery Candle

Resealable Cello Cellophane Bakery Candle

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the Quotidian glassine paper bags set, so you can be confident in buying it. They want to keep you happy. These bags are strong and protective and will keep your treats fresh and tasty for longer. A set has 400PCS, which will satisfy your need for packing. The high quality 1.4mil thick cello bags can easily hold dried fruit, nuts, candies, cookies and other snacks. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials. The self-adhesive seal strip protects the contents. FDA and USDA are compliant. If you have any questions in the purchases, do not hesitate to contact them, they will be able to solve your problems one-on-one. If you have any questions in the purchases, do not hesitate to contact them, they will be able to solve your problems one-on-one.

Brand: Neoact

👤These bags were great for cookies. The dessert table has a nice finishing touch. The seals were difficult to peel off, but you could adjust them.

👤We use the bags as thank yous for customers, so they aren't completely filled. They didn't rip for the small items we put inside. They kept their appearance smooth. There is a note! Some foods may not package well in these. There is a glue- The glue worked well and didn't come undone. If you are using them commercially or professionally, don't mess up the seal. There is a It should work well for packaging a number of different types of items. There is clarity. There is no cloudiness at all.

👤They stick. I put my soaps in these bags and they look pretty. Go for it.

👤Everything works as expected. It would be great. I needed a 4x6 bag. These aren't measured correctly. It is closer to 3 7/8 inches once the bag is sealed. I don't want to be looking at an inch. It's pretty bad when you have cards that can't be used in a 4x6 bag.

👤This was what I was looking for. The bags fit two small cookies very well. We rarely have any broken bags, but I pack about a hundred bags a week. The seal is easy to use and seals well when pressed into place. I am very happy with my choice of bags and will replenish with the same ones.

👤I made dinosaur crayons for my son's birthday party and the plastic bags were a perfect presentation and did not rip. I didn't know there were 400 pieces when I got these. I only used a few. I have a lot of small projects that I can use. They are the right size for what I needed. If you need to unstick it on its own, the glue can do the job. It's great for party favors.

👤I ordered these to hold some costume jewelry and buttons. They arrived in a timely fashion and are just what I expected.

👤These are great for individually wrapped cookies. I used them to make chocolate chip and peanut butter. It's great to work for cookies. I did not have any of them open. I used close to 700 of them. There is a The strip that covers the seal is not an annoyance. The strip that sticks to you when you seal it is static.

11. Clear Resealable Cellophane Cello Bags

Clear Resealable Cellophane Cello Bags

The food storage bag packaging is made from recycled paperboard. 4” X 6” Resealable Polypropylene bags are specified. 1.3 mil thickness The pack was 1000. It'sTILE: Perfectly sized for packaging and showcasing valuables such as collectible coins or jewelry. Pairs well with handcrafted items such as soaps, candles, face mask, and bagging party favors. They can be used as a plastic cover for art prints. The flap seal with self-sealing adhesive allows for easy access, fast insertion and closure. It is ideal for businesses to organize, sort, and ship inventory or promotional items. The clear cello bags are 100% transparent for optimal visibility. The glossy outside makes your interior items stand out. Quality Assurance: Their plastic bags are made with high quality material that does not tear orwrinkle, and are great for long term storage. They are archival safe and acid free. They meet the requirements of the FDA.

Brand: Pack It Chic

👤I needed to have a lot of these bags and looked for the right product at the right price. This is the end for me. I was surprised to see that the package was small. The product was neatly separated into 5 bags in the box. That was nice. I also write on coffee shop napkins. I saved these napkins and now I am putting them in the bags. It's a perfect fit and has room for the open end to fold over. I can punch holes with a hole puncher in the folded over area. I made a good stress test by giving the holes I made. It looks like they will stay strong. I am very pleased with this product. The delivery was fast. I will have my "napkin novels" on Amazon soon. :

👤I have ordered this product 10 times in the past year. I usually give them 5 stars, but this last group deserved zero. This is the first time that I have felt like this and my rating is not accurate. The bags are clear, clean, and great deal. The last batches were terrible. Half of the bags were wet. There are bags that have dirty finger prints on them. Yuck! I had to throw the rest of the pack out. I will probably order again one more time. I would have to look for another seller if the next shipment of bags came in the same condition. I hope it is just a one time mistake. I will update my review after my next purchase.

👤The bags are of great quality. The self aggressive fold is a plus. I used it for my decorated cookies and it fit perfectly.

👤Excellent quality! I buy cello bags for my business. Even from other platforms. The quality of these is very good. I don't care for the words that are written across mine. Customers should see the product. These provide a nice thickness, crystal clear view. You can stick the sticky strip to your preference along the bag, but will only buy from this company in the future. I promise that you will be very pleased.

👤I decided to try these out because of the price and reviews, but I usually shop for these at a store that is not named. If you grab and pull, these will open up. You should be fine if you handle them in the way they are intended to be used. They are just as good as the ones I used to use. I will be a repeat customer of them.

👤These are the most heavy weight bags I have ever purchased on Amazon. These little plastic bags are heavier than the ones I used before. I like the size of my items. I haven't had a split or rip yet. I like that it comes in a large quantity, this makes it hard for me to purchase it frequently. The glue is very strong. The bags allow me to stick and re-stick. The small plastic wrap that covers the glue is the only thing I have to complain about. It is hard to get off my fingers after I peel it off. No complaints other than that.


What is the best product for eco friendly resealable bags for packaging?

Eco friendly resealable bags for packaging products from Blisstime. In this article about eco friendly resealable bags for packaging you can see why people choose the product. Tomnk and Joybest are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly resealable bags for packaging.

What are the best brands for eco friendly resealable bags for packaging?

Blisstime, Tomnk and Joybest are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly resealable bags for packaging. Find the detail in this article. Mocare, Surehome and Wafunne are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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