Best Eco Friendly Resin Storage Bins for Closet Shelves

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1. DonYeco 3 Shelves Organizers Collapsible Organizer

DonYeco 3 Shelves Organizers Collapsible Organizer

The baby closet organizer is suitable for a small baby. There are three shelves that can be placed in a camper closet or in a short motorhome. Sturdy and durable rods and metal hooks with PP panels in the compartment for firm support. The organizers and storage for clothes are made of high-quality Oxford cloth fabric, which is non-deformable and ductile. The trailer is easy to carry and use. Storage closet organizers can store clothes, underwear, hats, socks, shoes, towels, bed sheets and covers. It's great to work in closets. Before you buy, please verify the color and size of your purchase. If you have a problem during the purchase process, please be assured that they will solve it for you as soon as possible. If you have a problem during the purchase process, please be assured that they will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Donyeco

👤People who own a camper will tell you that the "t closes" are a joke. When camping, who is hanging up all their clothes? drawer storage is not available for smaller campers. Unless you want to keep your clothes out of the kitchen. These fit perfectly in our closets and gave us much needed drawer space. I didn't pack a bag, I just loaded all of my clothes in at our house and hung them up in the camper. It's much easier to hang clothes than it is to fold and stack them. I enjoy camping. I hated living out of my suitcase so I bought these. Highly recommended!

👤It was perfect for my needs. The camper has cabinets on either side of the bed. There is a bar at the top for hanging clothes, but there is no place to put folded clothes. There is a hanging organizer in there. The material is strong. The cubbies are large. I am very happy with my purchase and will be getting another to add to my husband's side of the bed.

👤We bought these so that we could fold up a few items of clothing and keep them in our camper closet. We share the camper with our 4 sons and have plenty of storage. We wanted it to be easy to put in and take out. We are very happy with the items. They are going to help organize the stuff. They were a perfect fit because we have room to spare.

👤The unit was taken out of the packaging and used immediately. There was no need for an assembly. I have 30lb loaded into it and no bowed it.

👤This is for the clothes closet in my camper. The camper's bed is in front of the closet which is deep. This fit perfectly. I can put things behind it for storage. The material is very strong. I put a lot of stuff in it for a week and it was great.

👤Unless you want to hang clothes in the cabinets, they are not very functional next to the bed. We don't usually have hang-up type clothing when we are camping, so I bought 2 of these and hung them in there. They're perfect for underwear, t-shirts, etc. The size fits the cabinets perfectly.

👤I don't usually write product reviews, but I felt like this product was one people should be aware of before buying it. If you just want to put towels or something light, then I would recommend this, but if you are thinking about storing clothes, books, or anything with some weight, don't waste your money on this. I had this product for about two months and it didn't last long. The Hooks are not strong. You don't have a lot of room to put a lot of stuff without some sort of resistance coming from the hook and fabric. I used tape, sting, and glue to reinforce the hook and fix it. The product is sturdy. Hope this review helps you make a decision. Do what you think is best. This is what happened to me.

2. Kntiwiwo Storage Baskets Decorative Organizer

Kntiwiwo Storage Baskets Decorative Organizer

A real estate seller. Evelots has provided unique products with a 30-day easy return policy for years. Are you tired of the piles of stuff in the closet, kids room, living room, or laundry room? The nice helpers are here. The Kntiwiwo storage containers with handles are a great solution to organize the mess in your home. The Kntiwiwo storage bins for shelf are made of stylish, sturdy, eco-friendly cotton and Jute fabric and are an attractive storage solution to organize items, leave your area looking sleek and organized. Baskets for shelves can be used alone or with a closet, shelves, cube bookshelf, cabinet, shelving system. It's perfect for storing clothes, kids toys, books, craft supplies, magazine, snack and more. Can be used in a laundry room, wardrobe, kid's play area, bedroom, office and many more. Cloth baskets for organizing measures by 15 by 10 by 9.5 inches with metal grommet and sewn-in handles function like drawers, helps you slide in and pull out easily from shelves or closet, and closet bins for shelves also provides a collapsible design for space-saving storage. It is perfect for house warming gift to a friend, brother, sister, or student living in a dorm with limited space. It's easy to find things in their fold-able bins. It is perfect for house warming gift to a friend, brother, sister, or student living in a dorm with limited space. It's easy to find things in their fold-able bins.

Brand: Kntiwiwo

👤I got these bins because they were the only ones I could find that were the right size. They were very easy to use. I think they look great in my shelves and I'm happy with them. They are not very sturdy and structured. I have to push the bottom up a little to keep it flat because there's nothing on the bottom to hold it in.

👤The storage boxes are pretty and seem to last a long time. The only problem I have with them is that they can't stand up straight because I can't get the wrinkling to come out. The wrinkling is caused by how they are folded. I have had them for a few weeks and they are just as bad as when I arrived. I don't think they will come out. I followed the manufacturers instructions but nothing has worked.

👤I ordered these to hold our gloves and hats. They are nicer than I expected. The sides and fabric are thick and can hold everything. They will remain standing even when there is no one. My husband put a thin board in the bottom to firm them up. The handles are strong and functional. I will buy more when these last.

👤These were perfect for my needs. It was inconvenient to buy in sets of 3 because I needed 4. The price was correct. My cubbies are a bit deeper than these totes. It is better for the totes to be small than large. The inside is lined with a brown material, which is great since one of the bins is for my dog's walking paraphernalia that is not always the cleanest. Only time will tell if the outside of the bins are durable. I am very pleased with this purchase so far.

👤The item in the photo has a seam up the front. I think the seam is okay. We bought these to have a clean look. Please post a picture of what we will actually be getting.

👤We love these! We use these in our RV even if they have doors on them. These bins look clean and organized for those that are open. It helps us keep everything in order. The soft sides allow them to fit in where other containers might have trouble. They are great and we needed them to be organized.

👤I like them and the measure is perfect for the cubbies I needed them to fit into. The fabric is nice. They were folded up in the packaging. If I steam them it will come out. They didn't have a stabilizer to help add strength to the bottom and keep the bin shape. I can cut my own out of a box.

👤The gray ones were ordered to sit on bookshelves. They are the perfect length for bookshelves and have a cute design. The fabric is strong. They ship in a form that has a crease where they were folded. They still look great on the shelf. It will be hard to collapse the box if you iron them out. The box has one wire in the top, so it can sometimes bulge, depending on what you store in it. There is a Would purchase this again.

3. MaidMAX Organizer Drawers Storage Organization

MaidMAX Organizer Drawers Storage Organization

Sturdy and sturdy construction is required. The frame of the closet storage set is made of premium metal tubes and each tube is connected with screws. It can hold up to 33lb of necessities. The frame is 31.8''L x 12.0''W x 24.9''H. The shelves of the closet organize system are made with soft, non-irritating fabric. The soft fabric used as shelves is clean and neat. There are two COLLAPSIBLE DRAWERS. The drawers in this collection are collapsible and measure 14.7W x 11.0L x 8.9H. The dimensions are 373mm x 279mm x 226mm. 2 drawers with plastic handles are good for storing clothes and easy to transport. The Clothes Storage Organizer is stylish and can be put outside the closet to give you more space in a utility room. Use it to organize your clothes, bags, and shoes. The easy assembly of this clothing organizers includes the wrench and screws instead of the more fragile ones. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to install.

Brand: Maidmax

👤I like the way this organizes. I went from a walk-in closet to a non walk-in with only one clothes hanging bar after downsizing to a smaller condo. It was a challenge. The organizers help with t-shirt and underclothes with the bins. I was able to get 5 pairs of my size 13 shoes on the shelf above the bins and a large amount of my hats on the top shelf. I have enough room for another one of these to go side by side. I want to order another.

👤After putting this in my closet, it is a bomb. When I put my sheets in the closet, I was able to keep them off the floor because I could see them in the bags. It was easy because my fifteen year old put it together. Love it.

👤Its great! It was easy to put together. I would buy another one.

👤My child's home school materials are on this.

👤It was easy to assemble, but since the rack is made of fabric, it's not completely flat, and my shoes fall over sometimes. I would prefer a solid surface for the top shelf. It's a good product. I only had it assembled for a few weeks, so I can't comment on its resilience.

👤The organizers was easy to assemble but got jabbed a few times with small sharp metal bits that were stuck to some of the holes.

👤It took me 15 minutes to put this together. It seems sturdy. I am not sure how long it will last because the shelves are made out of fabric and not wood.

👤The product works well for us. It works well in our small closet. It helps maximize the space.

4. GRANNY SAYS Storage Trapezoid 19 7x11 2x8 3

GRANNY SAYS Storage Trapezoid 19 7x11 2x8 3

TALL 12-INCH DIVIDER HEIGHT separates even the tallest stack of clothing. Made of quality fabric and cardboard. The closet storage bins are large enough for sweater organization. Sturdy handles make it easy to transport bins. To clean it, wipe it with a damp cloth. When put on the highest shelf, the trapezoid design allows easy access. There are bins for storing clothes, bags, yarns, toys, and more. Extra support for the linen closet organizers and storage baskets is provided by thick cardboard, and the soft interior protects your things and keeps them in place. The minimalist color design of the clothing storage bins is right at the living room, den, bathroom, or home office as a decoration. The minimalist color design of the clothing storage bins is right at the living room, den, bathroom, or home office as a decoration.

Brand: Granny Says

👤The quality is not what I was expecting, and I feel like it is not shown in the 888-666-1846 The boxes look very tidy in their photos. They look cheap in person. The contrast binding is puckered and a little ragged. The cloth has ripples that can't be straightened out and the handles have permanent crease. There are things that add up to a sloppy look. I thought I had gotten a bad one. I looked at the photographs included with the reviews. Most of them have issues that I mention. I think I'm more picky because I think this product doesn't warrant high ratings. The company's photos are deceptive. It's very similar to seeing the ads for a delicious looking burger that is piled high with condiments, and then getting a sandwich with whatever topping you did get oozing out of the bun, which is smooshed to pancake status. I didn't return them because the flimsy box they were packed in was destroyed in shipping. The larger size I ordered is in the To Donate Charity box.

👤These were bought to organize my bras. Very happy with them. I used the third one for my clutch purses. It worked well.

👤I wanted to reorganize the shelves in our bedroom closet. They fit. I like that they are shorter in the front so I can see what is in each box.

👤The shelves in the master closet were purchased to hold the little stuff. They don't hold a lot of stuff, so if you get six of them, you can put them across the top of the shelves, or something like that. They don't have a lot of stuff in their house, and they don't have a lot of drawers. You get six of them. If you have enough storage, you could run them across the top of the shelves, or six of them off to the right side.

👤The closet should be organized. The "Granny Says" bins made it easy to organize our closet. Good value for a good quality product. It's helpful to be able to see what's in the bins on higher shelves. The handles are sturdy, the color is true to the maker's images, and the assembly was simple. I got these in two different sizes, and I'm happy with both of them.

👤These are strong for the type of product. I use a glass front cabinet to store my clothes and they are on the shelves. The color is subtle and nice. The size is perfect. For shirts and pants, they are just fine, even though they wouldn't hold heavy items well. They had a slight odor when opened but it dissipated quickly.

👤I opened them to see how they fit in my closet. I have two wire shelves that fit perfectly. The amount of linens can be stacked. You can see what is in the Traoezoid style. Baskets for linens were cumbersome to pull in and out and you couldn't see what was in them. You have to order more for sure!

5. StorageWorks Cotton Storage Handles Rectangle

StorageWorks Cotton Storage Handles Rectangle

The cotton is 16.3 X 12 X 10 Inches. The heavy-duty boards of the storage bins allow them to support a weight of up to 34 pounds. Two cotton rope handles make carrying around closet boxes easy. Large towels, bedding supplies, household items, and winter clothes can be stored in versatile closet baskets. It's perfect to use on shelves in the linen closet, bathroom, bedroom, home office, pantry, utility room, laundry, baby nursery, etc. When not in use, the closet storage bins are collapsible.

Brand: Storageworks

👤I was confused about the sizes before buying and didn't find any reviews about it. I took a picture of the different sizes of stage boxes. Hope that would help. The large box can be used for stores books and clothes, and the medium box can be used to organize my son's toys. I believe I got what I paid for, it's heavy duty and high quality.

👤The containers are great for closet storage. They fit nicely on shelves. A lot of people don't like the fact that the ropes need assembly. We didn't attach them to the back side of the bin so that they fit better inside the linen closet, which is the nice part. They smell a little funky fresh out of the plastic, but it fades quickly and we haven't had any problems with the smell.

👤I was a little skeptical about the pricing for three, because I could wait until they had a 40%- 50% off sale on their bins. Our baby's changing table was the perfect size for these. The rope handles elevate the look in general. We have to adjust the length of the ropes, so I like that we have to tie them ourselves. Would purchase again and again. The size large was purchased for all of the people on the changing table.

👤Quality is great, it is well made. They are expensive, but seem to hold up over time. I ordered the jumbo in dark brown and medium to fill up our closet shelves. The color is gray brown, not warm, but that's what I wanted, so it's perfect.

👤Sturdy and large! I searched high and low for large boxes that were sturdy and looked good. The ones I used were the perfect size for my space and they are structured not sloppy. The Rope handles were not attached because I tightened them so they were not loose and hanging down. I ordered the taupe color, but it is a dark grayish color with black accents. I was hoping it would be that color. When you need more storage boxes, the price is great. I would buy it again.

👤These are easy to assemble and look nice, but keep in mind that you have to assemble. I have two complaints. The rope handles in the basket are clunky and take up a lot of space. Each set of 3 was different in the fabric and rope color, so I ordered 9 bins of them. If you are ordering more than one set, it is necessary to take a picture of it where I photographed it.

👤I like this pack. It was fairly cheap and large. I hid my husband's clean workout clothes in the laundry room. They were piled up on the shelf above the washer/dryer. He is a big man and these three baskets fit all of his workout gear. Considering buying another set for my linen closet, not sure what the complaints about the handle assembly are about, it couldn't have been simpler and they seem to be sturdy.

6. Puroma Organizer Bookshelf Shelving Red Brown

Puroma Organizer Bookshelf Shelving Red Brown

You can store a lot of items in a small space with a 6 cubes storage rack. A perfect shelf to display your daily essentials is the measure of every cube. The 6 cubes closet cabinet has a variety of shapes to choose from and can be put together in any way you want. The max load capacity of each cube is 15 lbs. If you want to extend the using period, do not be overweight. The structure is stable. The modular closet is made of plastic panels with metal frame and is strong and durable. The higher legs give a light look and make it hard to get wet or dust. It is easy to assemble due to the modular structure. You can assemble the storage cabinet by yourself with the help of a wooden hammer. It's perfect for storing clothing, shoes, bags, toys, books, etc. It can be used in many places, including entryway, study room, bedroom, kids room or office. It's a great solution for lightweight storage needs.

Brand: Puroma

👤The installation is silly. The head of the provided hammer flew off as I was hammering it. It's difficult to get it all aligned and you have to wait for a full moon to make sure the planets are in the right place. It's... meh once it's together. It is not strong in the least. It's made with coat hanger wires. If it were made of coat hanger wires and bat wings, you would have a perfect example of this structure. Does it work in a pinch? Yes. It's in my tiny kitchen closet and it can't fit anything. They're not going to hold anything but bread and bagels.

👤I decided to try the cube style shelf after reading reviews. They include a mallet to help secure the corner pieces together. The photos show this is a close match to the hammer of Thor. It came before the crack. Some people might say it is broken, but I call it rustic. I decided to hit the corner pieces with my palm after I realized that the mallet was useless. It worked out well. I might reserve a mallet for cracking eggs. I don't want to break the mallet.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. Very strong! It was easy to put together. The second pantry will be organized.

👤It was ideal for storing things in a nursery closet. I don't need anything too expensive or bulky because it's in a small space and not meant to be seen. This is strong enough to hold full bins and extra on top. I was able to make it myself. I used the Amazon brand storage cubes.

👤The size of the cubes is not advertised. I bought them for the purpose they were bought for, and they are exactly 12. I am not happy with the false advertising. Also? These are cloth on a wire frame with plastic clips.

👤I needed a new bookshelf because it couldn't hold all the books I had. I took a chance on it because of the price, and I am happy I did! My first picture is of my TV and entertainment center. I doubled my storage because my original bookcase was the same height as the 3 tiered row. I was worried about how it would handle my heavier books. The row where my biggest books are is barely any dip. I was surprised because the material seemed thin, but so far it has been good. It wasn't as hard as I thought to get the stair-step design. It took almost an hour and a half, but I was setting it up in my online class. I am sure it will be quicker for others. I had to figure out how to slide the corner brackets, since the sides go in the slit. It is fairly simple once you get it. I ended up using the mallet a couple times because I wanted to make sure they were all the way in the brackets to maximize it's use life.

7. GRANNY SAYS Storage Shelves Organizer

GRANNY SAYS Storage Shelves Organizer

It's perfect for storing clothing, shoes, bags, toys, books, etc. It can be used in many places, including entryway, study room, bedroom, kids room or office. It's a great solution for lightweight storage needs. Made of quality fabric, measuring 14 x 10 x 8.3 inches. The shelf organizers for the closet are easy to pull out. The canvas storage bins make the space look neat and orderly. Simply take the closet storage box out of the package and put the bottom panel in, it's very easy to assemble. Multiple uses of storage. Storage boxes are ideal to be used as medicine containers, hand towels baskets, desktop organizers, and more. The storage shelves and closet organizers are lidless, so you can find what you're looking for at a glance. The storage shelves and closet organizers are lidless, so you can find what you're looking for at a glance.

Brand: Granny Says

👤This fit my needs perfectly, even though it was a little thin on the sides. They were used on a baby changing table. A good amount of baby clothes and supplies can be held in good depth.

👤I ordered them for use in my office. The grey and white Chevron was what I chose. They come folded up, so keep in mind how sturdy the sides are. This was not an issue for me. I ordered a second set because I liked them. I ran into an issue here. The second set was a different shade. It was noticable. I recommend buying as many as you think you need and then returning what you don't. I ordered one set in the size I wanted, but mine don't match.

👤My closet was transformed by these! It went from chaos to orderly and with less effort than you would think. I bought them for the closet because I liked them so much.

👤I got some storage bins a week ago. They are like Granny. The bins smell like something is in them. I'm not sure what it is, but they stink. I'm trying to let them go out before I use them. I put them in the basement so they can air out before use. I was not expecting them to smell like a Granny, but I was.

👤The measurements were exactly what they were described to be.

👤It took me a while to find these as I was looking for clothes bins that fit my drawers. These fit perfectly into my taller drawers. The 3 pack was great as I wanted 2 for one drawer and wasn't sure if I needed a third for my second, but they work so well at organizing clothes that I might buy another 3 pack. Love the feel and color. Having my drawers organized is a piece of mind. Is organization considered sleep therapy? In my mind, yes! The room is organized to make it peaceful to sleep in. It's a good thing.

👤We redid our closet and now have a large section of shelving. These are perfect. There is no wasted space because the longer size uses up the entire shelf. I can keep more items in them as well. The quality of these are great for the price and the color looks nice in my new closest.

👤The bins were the perfect size for reorganizing my closet. I put two beach towels in it because I used them for my sheets. These were what I needed to finish the project. The bottoms have a hard piece for support but the sides are flexible, which I like.

👤Su tamao es ideal, se tiene resistentes. Y tiene muchos estilos de decoracin. There is a Cumplen tiene un buen.

8. StorageWorks Baskets Shelves Foldable Trapezoid

StorageWorks Baskets Shelves Foldable Trapezoid

The storage shelves and closet organizers are lidless, so you can find what you're looking for at a glance. The cotton fabric is 19.7 x 11 x 7.9 inches. The design of the trapezoid allows easy access to the items inside. The cotton rope handles on the bins are easy to carry. There are open-front bins for storing toys, dolls, seasonal clothes, spare bedding, blankets, bags, towels, and more. Storage baskets for shelves can be used to decorate your bathroom, bedroom, living room, study room, and baby's room. Heavy-duty boards are used to reinforce cotton fabric. Heavy-duty boards are used to reinforce cotton fabric.

Brand: Storageworks

👤The boxes worked well. They were used as a substitute for a drawer. There are wire shelves. The boxes were placed in the drawers. She can see her clothes and decide what she wants.

👤These are perfect! I like the shape and size. It's easy to see items in the basket on my shelf, so there's no need to look for an item. I can fit 6 men's jeans in one basket. I will be buying more.

👤I needed more storage for my nursery and these were perfect. I would recommend it to others.

👤Like the bins. They did not have the ropes attached. A small piece of tape that does not hold is held together by thick ropes. It's difficult to get the rope through the holes and tie it in a knot. The flimsy tape is not strong enough to hold the rope. I hope I can find a way to hold them. The knots left are big and heavy. I would return if I could find something else that worked for the space.

👤If folded upright, it's large enough to fit 25 to 30 adult t-shirts. I saved a lot of drawer space. There is a My husband is using one as well. We love that you can see everything, instead of having them in drawers. The bottom of the shirts and jeans is very strong.

👤The bins have a strong smell. I've tried spraying them with febreeze. They still smell. I don't want to put them in my closet. It was a sad purchase for me. I tried to return them, but was disappointed to learn they cost $8.00 for shipping. There is a The sellers never replied to my concerns or offered a solution after they sent the email.

👤This fit perfectly and I loved it. I used it to organize the closet.

👤I needed to find a solution for my upper closet shelves. I can still see what is in the bin from below and the items don't fall all over the place. I like how they fold up. If I had more I could have kept it for later use. I was curious if they'd fit my cubbies, but they were a bit wider. Don't assume they'll fit in your space, be sure to measure.

9. Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers Organizer

Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers Organizer

It is advisable to organize your closet by dividing it into separate areas for pants, sweaters, towels, linens, blankets, and purses. Simply divide your closet shelves into places. Heavy Duty Shell Divers are designed to fit over any standard Shell up to 7/8" Thick and adjust for a perfect fit to stay rigid and securely in place. A lifetime of trouble-free use can be achieved with a beautiful and sturdy non-WOVEN POLYMER FABRIC. TALL 12-INCH DIVIDER HEIGHT separates even the tallest stack of clothing.

Brand: Lynk

👤It's great for a wood shelf. Not compatible with a white metal closet.

👤I got what I needed to organize my clothes. I would recommend getting these dividers sooner. If your wooden shelf is wider than the picture shown, you should not buy it. I will be ordering more of these.

👤I expected more, not too high, 4 or 5 hoodies are taller, not very sturdy, but it is an ok solution... They do not go all the way to the back.

👤I haven't tested them yet, but they are about what I expected. They scratched my shelf when I put them on. I am not worried about it. It might be important to someone else. There is a lot of open room towards the back on my shelf. If you put smaller items in the compartment next to them, they will slide into it. Overall, I think these are a good purchase.

👤If you have wide 13 inch shelves, this is perfect. It is very easy to attach to the shelf. This solved my 13 inch shelf issue, but does not solve my 23 inch shelf issue, which I originally bought this for. The stacked clothing under one foot in height can easily stay up without a divider, but it looks neat. I would be happy if I could only find one that was twice as tall. I don't want drawers.

👤I didn't know they were only for smooth surface like wood and wouldn't fit on the top shelf of my closet. White wire shelves in your closet will not work.

👤I bought 2 sets of these back in September of 2020 with the intention of organizing my master closet, which only has long shelves. I haven't had a chance to make progress until today. I pulled them out of the packaging and noticed that one set was completely bent up. I moved on to the second set. One of the frames does not have the cross piece that allows it to stand. 3 of 4 are not usable. There is a They were opened until this morning, but my fault for not catching them when they were delivered back in September 2020. The search is on for something else from another company.

👤These little things help keep my sweater collection out of my closet. I had to struggle a bit to get the dividers onto the wooden shelf, but once I did it, I couldn't believe how neat everything was.

👤I have to give this one star because of misleading information. The quantity is not stated anywhere on the page. I was expecting four, but only two came.

👤This leads you to believe that you are getting four dividers. It came with two. Misleading seller. The items work but not very well.

👤I could have used it in the house, but it was too short. Dust is being collected in a cupboard.

👤The fabric is very thin. The fabric was torn on both sides and metal was bent on both sides. There is a I don't have to waste time returning this product. I have to go to the post office during this situation to send it back.

10. Evelots 5996 Improved Dividers Shelving

Evelots 5996 Improved Dividers Shelving

Organization is defined as: Stack your clothes to make your closet look better. Separating yoga pants, blankets, shoes, jeans, towels, sweaters, baseball hats, athletic wear, pocketbooks, and many more things is possible. COMPACT DESIGN. The wire shelf separators offer great stability and help to support the stacked items to prevent them from tumbling over and over again. The smart use of dividers makes organization simple, time-saving, and hassle-free, while keeping your closet neat and well-organized. There is construction. Sturdy construction using iron frames that are plastic coated and durable. Quality material makes the closet shelf separator sturdy enough to stand at its place and work perfectly without getting distorted or slipping off abruptly. Simply click into your existing shelving and rearrange the closet. Each of the 8 dividers is approximately 12 inches wide and 10 inches high. A real estate seller. Evelots has provided unique products with a 30-day easy return policy for years.

Brand: Evelots

👤We got new solid shelving for our closets a few years ago and also bought shelf dividers. They did not fit well on wire shelves. We had to try the dividers that were specifically designed for wire shelves. There are three problems with the new design of wire shelves. The dividers are 12 inches deep. If your shelves are not more than 12 inches deep, there is a chance of an interference fit between the closet wall and the rear vertical piece. I was able to overcome this by bending the few dividers that didn't fit, but this led to problem number two. 2. One of the hooks that is welded onto the main frame broke off as a result of being bent over to make a divider fit onto the shelf. I'm assuming that it was a weak or inadequate spot weld since this only happened to one hook. I was able to use this divider by putting the side with no hook toward the closet wall and wiring the other side to the wire shelf. It worked out fine. You can't even see the repair because the wire is white-coated. 3. The way the dividers hook to the shelves is what I'm assuming is the new design. The main wire frame of the divider is on top of the wire shelving rods. There are four wire hooks on the divider, two on each side, that slide down through the shelf and hook onto the main horizontal rod of the shelving that is parallel to the closet wall. The hooks were not deep enough to grab onto the rod. Again, a little bending of the hooks allowed them to get onto the horizontal rod. We are happy with the dividers. They are a great way to organize a closet shelf, and I think that if the manufacturer does some tweaking of the design for durability and flexibility, these would be perfect.

👤I am very happy that this divider worked for my system. No more clothes falling over!

👤I saw these and was looking for a way to clear out my closet. I ordered another set because I liked them so much, despite the price. All of my closets have the same wire shelves.

👤STURDY! Fit perfect! If you have the close wire kind like mine, these are ideal. Some of the reviews made me hesitant to order. Why did I wait? My closet has been redecorated. My shirts are not falling over or getting disorganized. The price was correct.

👤These are easy to install and remove. I went on a Marie Kondo journey for my everyday/basics clothing and bought baskets and dividers for one of my closets. I used the dividers to separate my clothing. I have already recommended them to a family member. The design on the inside of the frame is the reason I am giving 4 stars. Your clothes tend to bulge out from the sides of the room. They are no longer available for $34.99 with Prime.


What is the best product for eco friendly resin storage bins for closet shelves?

Eco friendly resin storage bins for closet shelves products from Donyeco. In this article about eco friendly resin storage bins for closet shelves you can see why people choose the product. Kntiwiwo and Maidmax are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly resin storage bins for closet shelves.

What are the best brands for eco friendly resin storage bins for closet shelves?

Donyeco, Kntiwiwo and Maidmax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly resin storage bins for closet shelves. Find the detail in this article. Granny Says, Storageworks and Puroma are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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