Best Eco Friendly Rug Cleaner

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1. SIMPLE GREEN Concrete Driveway Concentrate

SIMPLE GREEN Concrete Driveway Concentrate

Cleans driveway, walkways, and masonry. Eliminates tough oil stains, rust stains, grease, automotive fluids, tire marks, exhaust build up and more. Uses the power of peroxide to clean. The container may be different from the image shown.

Brand: Simple Green

👤I was not happy. I used the whole bottle for spots and messes on my patio, but it did nothing. I poured directly on the areas. I will not buy it again or recommend it for cleaning. Not happy.

👤The categories Scent, Easy to use and value for money are all zero stars. The scent of the product was water. Is it easy to use? It was water. The most expensive water I've ever paid for is value for money. It beats the price of water. This is a scam and you should not purchase it.

👤Not great results. Doesn't do what it claims. Money, time, and energy are wasted. Standard bleach is the only thing that really takes out stains on concrete. Don't waste your money on this!

👤This was purchased for $19.99. I used it with a pressure washer to remove pee stains from my patio. The pee stains are still there and the pavers are not as clean as they used to be. I only had the pavers for a few months. The pee stains would be cleaned frequently if I pressure cleaned them. Not the case. I was able to get some success by spraying Clorox urine remover and letting it dry. I was surprised that Simply Green concrete cleaner did not remove grease stains and rust spots from the pavers. Weird. I saw a product like this at Lowe's for less than 12 dollars.

👤I purchased this cleaner based on positive reviews but it did not meet my expectations. I have been washing concrete for 20 years. It is one of the least effective things I have ever tried to do. I didn't think it would be a degreaser. I gave it a try, even though it didn't work in those stains. I will stick with Zep concrete cleaner, it does work well on dirt, but not particularly well for mildew. I will keep looking for a concrete cleaner that will remove Florida mold without damaging the plant or grass.

👤This stuff is amazing. We had a black build up on our patio for about a year and a half and it worked like magic. We knew we had a large job ahead of us, so we used a bit more of the concentrate than the directions said. Take the power washer to it and WOW after it was scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. We had to power wash a second time to get into all the crevices, but we would highly recommend this product!

👤The garage has a 15 year old concrete floor. The pressure washer is 1600psi. The dirt, grease, oil, and unknown stains are gone. It's ok for just getting winter gunk off the concrete. There will be stains that need a cleaner. I had higher hopes after spending 6 hours with the pressure washer. Don't put the cleaner in the pressure washer soap compartment. Pour cleaner onto the floor and scrub it with a short bristle brush. The pressure washer was not effective in spraying the cleaner. The cleaner was burned at a high rate. The cleaner's higher pressure getting into the stains would not have an effect on the higher pressure washers doing a better job.

2. Affresh W10549846 Washing Machine Cleaner

Affresh W10549846 Washing Machine Cleaner

The total US extended all outlet combined dollar sales were the #1 selling washing machine cleaner. The recommended brands' products are all owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation. Cleans inside the pump, valve, tub, drum, and filter. Works with front and top load washers. Cleaning with time-release tablets.

Brand: Affresh

👤I have never had an issue with my front loader washer being smelly like mold ormildew. The smell was pervasive throughout the house after the washer stunk and nothing worked. I tried a lot of things, including bleach tablets, baking soda, essential oils, and taking everything apart. The old water was drained out. I was about to buy a new washer since nothing worked, but the smell returned after a few days and I had to buy a new one. I stopped using liquid washing detergent and fabric softener, but this didn't help. This product was tried as a last resort. The sanitary cycle requires 3 tablets. After a couple of months, the smell is gone and there is no smell of mold ormild. I use the product to keep the smell away. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤This worked well for my top load washer. The smell from the washer was very unpleasant. The smell was gone after I used these. The smell is still there several weeks later. Will continue to use them when needed.

👤If I didn't take my clothes and towels out after the cycle ended, my front loader would have developed a funky swampy smell that ended up in my towels and clothes. This is a problem that all brands of front loaders have. A friend recommended that I try a new product, and it seems to have solved the problem. I used to keep the smell at bay by running a solution through the washer and cleaning the rubber gasket around the opening, but it was difficult. Between washings, I keep the door open. I found that using powder HE detergent results in less odor problems.

👤It's hard to keep your appliances clean. I've used their products a few times. You have to keep up with it and be aware of how you use your washer. I've had some bad experiences with a front load washer and the biggest mistake I made was closing the door after the load is done. You should leave the door open to let the inside of the washer dry out so it doesn't get smelly and moldy when you use affresh every 1-2 months. Before you use affresh, deep clean your machine by hand around the door seal and stuff. This stuff is more of a maintenance than a save-all for a machine that has already been neglected. If you use this stuff on a regular basis, you'll have a clean washing machine.

👤We have had problems with the stinky front loader washer syndrome in the past and my solution was to run a dishwasher gel tab through the washer regularly. These are made for washers and seem to preclude the smell. Our new washer has a light that tells us to run the cycle every 30 loads. It's kind of overkill if you don't do a lot of wash or allow wet towels and clothes to lay in the washer before washing. It should help prevent the stinky washer issue. When you don't need the washer for a while, be aware that the Affresh cycle is very long on some washers. You can't wash clothes at the same time.

3. Biokleen Natural Cleaner Machine Shampoo

Biokleen Natural Cleaner Machine Shampoo

Their plant-based formula is used to remove odors and stains from carpets and fabrics. For use in home, rental or professional carpet cleaners, Biokleen's Concentrated Carpet & Rug Shampoo is made. It's safe on all fabrics. It is safe for pets. It is safe to use around pets. It removes stains and odors from dogs and cats. There is no harsh chemical. Biokleen is gentle on the earth. It does not contain artificial colors or fragrances. Biokleen products are made in the USA and never tested on animals. Tough on dirt and gentle on the earth. Natural, non-Toxic, and Biodegradable.

Brand: Biokleen

👤It's amazing. We just bought a house with stained white carpets and they have come back to their original color. There is no smell like carpet cleaners. My mom used to use a cleaning product that smelled like wet dogs and perfume. I'm not going for the scent in my house. The scent of BioKleen when poured in the machine is refreshing. There is a faint citris scent, but it is not a fake scent. I got down on my hands and knees to smell the carpet after cleaning it. This horrible wet-dog smell used to be perfectly clean carpets. I was surprised that the smell was gone. This is what you want to use on your carpets if you are sensitive to headaches. With my two toddlers, I feel better knowing I'm using a cleaner that isn't toxic. I will keep this on-hand for future use.

👤I've used similar things like Bissell. Our daughter is sensitive to chemical odors and has been staying with us. I used this because it is natural and fragrance free. I didn't expect much to tell the truth. It did a fantastic job. There were heavy, dried pet stains. No trace left! No smell! It is amazing. Highly recommended!

👤It's not a carpet cleaner machine. Too much sudsing. The bottle was the worst. I think it broke my big green. There is a This is the only carpet cleaning solution that eliminates urine odors. I've tried them all. It does bubble in the carpet cleaner. Use very little. Less than was suggested. This stuff is amazing. I was going to return but was told that it wasn't eligible for returns. It's too much for a machine. You have to be very close to smell the scent. Very mild to the point of non existant. It was used out of desperation in a filthy room. The smell of urine has diminished after using it. Very surprised.

👤It's a great option for people with chemical allergies. There is a My 4yr old daughter is allergic to so many things and if there is a chemical in something then she will break out in a rash. There is a This stuff works better than the other brands at the stores, I tried a few before I knew there were other options, but this stuff is so much better. We love it!

👤A large container of detergent will fill a home carpet cleaner tank. If the carpet is really bad, I put a cap full into a regular upright carpet cleaner. I have cleaned one bedroom floor twice and 3 cars and barely missed the bottle. If you have a carpet cleaner that has a heating element, this stuff works well and smells good. It is a clean, natural smell. I had a little green portable cleaner called the pro heat that did not really work when I used it, but they call it the pro HEAT because there is no heating element in it. End rant. I think heat and hot water is important. Will use the upright carpet cleaner again.

4. Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover

Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover

Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals. The professional water sewer REMOVER is hard. Get the strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out. Hard minerals should be removed. The professional water sewer REMOVER is hard. Get the strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out. Hard minerals should be removed.

Brand: Bioclean

👤I do tile and glass work. I have a product that is not available to the general public. It is pricey, but it is okay if you rely on the results. The reviews heard moaning about elbow grease, but that doesn't register for someone who uses a Makita polisher with three pads to wrestle off the tough stuff. I could use my back-up stuff to finish the rest if this stuff works as advertised. I want engineered abrasives and a bio friendly chemistry from this product. She works by keeping it wet until you see the soap scum and water deposit free from the tile or glass. You can let it dry out as you buff it away. There is a My first experience with this product was on an outdoor shower. I used 1/3 of a bottle. I haven't used it on glass yet, but from some of the reviews I've read, it's a strong material. Particulates like metal and stone will scratch it. Some people think their shower doors are glass, but they are actually plastic. Thin glass doors are also tempered. The cheap layer of the glass is called the tempering. You may get some swirls from this type of abrasive. When I get some glass done, I will write a follow up. Keep your pads and cleaning cloths clean. They will pick up everything if you throw micro-fiber towels on the floor. Even after washing, the small rocks and dirt will still hang on. Give them extra care.

👤It's amazing. The shower looked like it had a fog tint. I am so thankful for this product. It was so easy to use that it saved me a lot of money, and it smelled great. There is a No weird smells or chemicals. The bathroom smells fresh. There is a If the price was $100 per bottle, it would be worth it. There is a By far exceeded expectations! If you have a build of hard water, soap scum, or rust... This is the best product. You won't regret your purchase. Love is love.

👤I have been a professional window cleaner for almost a decade and I finally decided to try this product. I will not be using this product again because of the scratches it left in the glass. Micro scratches can be seen in the photos I posted along with this review. Micro scratches are caused by a spider web effect when it is hit with direct sunlight. To home owners and to the pro, test it out in a spot where you wouldn't care about scratching before you go crazy on an area that matters to you. I cleaned the debris from the glass with dawn soapy water and a brand new squeegee before applying bioclean, I also used a non abrasive non-woven white polishing pad for the application. I am very disappointed with this product and do not recommend it to anyone. Hope this helps!

👤I've tried everything to get the stains out of my tub and nothing has worked as well as this! The house has a well and hard water. Two years ago, we bought our house, and we've been trying to get this tub to look better. We were considering replacing our tub because it looked so bad, but this made our tub look new. The smell is pleasant and I feel more comfortable using non-toxic cleaning products. We used a cleaning brush drill attachment to get our tub looking clean, and it worked very well. You won't be disappointed if you get a brush attachment with this.

5. Seventh Generation Purpose Cleaner Morning

Seventh Generation Purpose Cleaner Morning

Seventh generation all-purpose cleaner for cutting grease, dirt and grime in your home and beyond. The scent is derived from 100% essential oils and botanical ingredients. The product is USDA certified biobased. There are no harsh chemicals, such as glycol ethers, acids, caustics, dyes or artificial fragrances. Simply spray and wipe clean after using.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I bought Seventh Generation products for the first time. There is no smell to it and it does not irritate my skin. It does a great job of cleaning up messes.

👤I feel like I got sprayed. I have been using 7th generation all purpose spray for a long time. I take my cleaning products very seriously because of the sensitivities and allergies in the household. After Target stopped selling it, I went to Amazon to buy it. It is. It is not. The product is the same. ! The bottle nozzles are different, they have less solution, and the labels are blurry. Goopy and smelling like perfume is the solution. The real stuff has no scent. What happened?

👤We use this on our kitchen and bathroom appliances. It doesn't leave streaks or a smell. Our new standard of living.

👤I have been using the product for over a month and I like it. The scent is not overpowering. It cleans up grease and food messes. I like to use natural cleaners in the kitchen and this is as good as Meyer. I am happy with my purchase.

👤Windex "Crystal Rain" was something we used to purchase. We did not choke on it because it did not contain ammonia. S. C. Johnson decided to stop making the product. When I contacted them, they said they would send me a bunch of coupons for a discount on regular windex. I thought I would try it out. Not much. I have used it on my granite countertop and glass stove top, but I have not tried it on a glass window. The spray and cloth produce a streaky film that is difficult to remove unless you use a windex to remove the streaks. The solution is to use two microfiber cloths, one wet to clean and the other dry to dry. This is not optimal and works to some extent. I am not happy with the product. I will be using it for a while because it is a pack of four. The Crystal Rain replacement is still being searched for.

👤All of my mirrors were left with streaks even though I used rag and paper towel. I used water after going over it three times. Do not waste your money.

👤This smell is very strong. Someone walks in and says "what smells so good?" every time I use it. I contacted the company and asked them to make every product with this scent. I need this in a floor cleaner.

👤The product is great, but three of the four squirt bottles did not work out. I had a proper work done on all four bottles. Will most likely stick to store purchases.

6. Scotchgard 4106 10 2P PF Fabric Liquids

Scotchgard 4106 10 2P PF Fabric Liquids

To apply, connect the sprayer to the garden hose and let it spray, scrub and rinse. Strong fabric protects against spills that are water based. It's ideal for household items like curtains and pillows. It's perfect for use on clothing like shirts dresses silk ties suits and more. It is clear and odorless. It is clear and odorless.

Brand: Scotchgard

👤One can do one entire sofa according to the description and directions. If your sofa is a large one like mine, then no one can be enough. One can on a really small sofa won't be enough to protect it a second time. The sofa is 104" X 104". There is a I used all of the cans because I knew my sofa was large. I finished all four cans, but not enough to do it again. I only had enough to spray on the most important areas or where we mostly put our hands. Four cans were not enough for the entire back of the sofa. There is a If you want to spray on the entire area of your sofa, you will need eight 10oz cans. I would have given it 4 stars if the instructions were more accurate. It will take several months for this product to be proven effective after we get something dirty and I might change my rating.

👤I made light colored couch pillows and purchased this to protect them. When an item is new, I usually use Scotchguard. I used to guard my daughter's dresses. Thirty years ago, they looked brand new when passed along. I am not sure if the chemicals would work today. The bottom line is that ScotchGuard works when used as directed.

👤I bought this because I wanted to repel stains on my vans. It didn't help at all. I don't know how the stains got on my shoes, they were only worn to work and I'm a teacher. I wonder if it was from this product.

👤2 cans went a long way for a great value. I was able to use my sofa, loveseat, and 4 dining chairs in one can. I use my furniture to protect it from spills. Don't let spills sit for long periods of time, it makes for easy cleaning.

👤I bought new tennis shoes for my niece and nephew. I didn't want them to get filthy on sale. They were sent 2 cans of Scotchgard to protect their shoes. The price for 2 was better than the price for 2 cans. When they have something else that needs to be protected, they are ready. It has been a couple of months since shoes looked new.

👤I like the size of the cans and the price is great. It works well to guard the fabric. We sprayed our kitchen counter seats because our kids love breakfast at the counter. We sprayed the seats to get rid of the fumes. The fabric looks the same after we sprayed it, and kids messes don't penetrate it like they did before.

👤I put two cans of Scotchgard on the sofa I bought because I thought it would be protected. The product was useless after liquid fell to my sofa. I want to get my money back. He told me that I couldn't, even though he said that it was a returnable product. I want my money back. Is it a scam?

7. Bissell Professional Portable Machine Formula

Bissell Professional Portable Machine Formula

The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The power of OXY can remove tough stains. The surface type is upholstery, carpet, spot and stain. A fresh scent is in the formula. Spot cleaning on carpets and rugs is quick and effective. It's great for beverage and food stains. It's a formula for portable carpet cleaners. The formula does not contain heavy metals, dyes orphosphates. It is a detergent that is Biodegradable. When used as directed, it's safe to use around kids and pets.

Brand: Bissell

👤I am not sure why all these people think it is a good idea to just dump the whole thing in the machine. I have a spot bot with little indicators on the water container that tells me how much water to add and how much solution to add. You only need a small portion of what it calls for if your water is hot from the tap. I am talking about a quarter of a cup and some water. This works well. I have a cat that vomits. I have to give her soft food while I wait for her to have her mouth fixed because she isn't eating enough. The other cats are eating all the grain free soft food I have for her, and if I don't hang her in the bathroom regularly she will go too long with no food. It was hard to get out of the carpet. The spot bot mixes a little hot water and then does the rest. I tried a few other things before getting this, but it didn't work out. Thank you so much! I have several cleaner round spots on my carpet despite using the surface stain setting.

👤This is the right size for the hand held Bissell pet stain remover. You are ready to go if you empty the contents into the compartment. That is all you have for $11. A bottle is a good guide for how much cleaner to use. There is enough for 4 refill bottles. It isn't concentrated. You use it the same way. It is not worth the money to clean a small area with one fill. Sorry. There is a person named Bissell. I did a cat accident with the Bissell cleaner, and another with the Awesome pre-soak laundry liquid I got at Dollar Tree. I could not see a difference when they dried. The cleaning machine is useful when you can leave the cleaning liquid in it.

👤I bought this for my mini cleaner. I dumped this stuff into a bucket with hot water and then flooded the chairs as they were filthy after being stored in an air conditioned unit. There were some old stains that have always been there, after the mold and mildew was removed. I have used a lot of steam cleaner products and this one is at the top. It has a nice fresh smell, but it gets all the stains out.

👤It works well with the Bissell spot remover. The machine drinks stuff. I am going through bottles of this cleaner and may have to find a cheaper alternative.

👤Do you know the gross orange stains on your carpet when your cat vomits? This gets it out of the way. I have a spot bot that I use a lot, and I have always used this with it. I don't use the full amount it says to use. It's a little pricey, but Amazon has the best price. I wish it had a better smell, but it doesn't linger long. As long as I have cats that have hairballs, I will definitely keep re-purchasing this product.

8. Biokleen Eco Friendly Plant Based Artificial Preservatives

Biokleen Eco Friendly Plant Based Artificial Preservatives

Tough bathroom odors can be deodorized. A blend of live cultures, lavender and lime extracts. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, plant-based, no artificial fragrances, colors or Preservatives. No harsh fumes. There are no negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife.

Brand: Biokleen

👤I like to use green products a lot. I am an aroma therapy nerd. The bathroom cleaning products that remove soap scum are not included in the product line. I didn't like the method for bathroom scum cleaning. The scent is amazing. The product works on soap scum. I will add to my review if I try it on heavy soap scum. I was impressed when I sprayed my clear glass door with water. I let it sit for a while and used a squeegee. It was cleaned by boom. I let it sit for at least five minutes and then rinse it off without even wiping.

👤I like this stuff. I use it in my shower a lot. I used to get a black mold in the tiles. I would use a bleach pen to clean it because it isn't very eco-friendly. I just spray it in my shower. Normally I don't wash it off of the tiles, but I leave it there and walk away. No more gross stuff! It works well for cleaning the bathroom sink, toilet seat, and bathroom floors.

👤I bought this when the price was $5 and it was usually around $10. The cleaner is amazing. It cleans well and gets rid of the urine smell that my 5 year old son has. I highly recommend this!

👤I only use this for cleaning the cats litterboxes, and it is amazing, it completely eliminates urine and poo smells from my plastic boxes. After emptying the box and removing any remaining crusties, I put the box in a container and let it sit for a few minutes. After the box is clean and dry, I spray down the whole inside again and let it sit for a full 10 minutes for the maximum action of the bottle, and then wipe up anything that hasn't evaporated. I shake out a thin layer of baking soda on the bottom of the clean, dry box before refilling it with fresh litter. I have been using this stuff for over a decade. The scent is not subtle, but it is a genuine lavender lime/citrus scent, not a bitter chemical smell. When the cats get a whiff, they run because they know there is a new litterbox ready to be christened. Happy cleaning!

👤I use this all-purpose cleaner everywhere, not just the bathroom. The scent is clean and fresh and it cleans better than any other all-purpose cleaner I have tried. It cuts through grease and sticky stuff on the counter and leaves no mess on the stove or counter. Good stuff!

👤I've been buying this for a long time. I use this around people with asthma and sensitivities to fragrances, but they have never been triggered by it. It has a light, natural smell that does not smell chemical. I use this to clean the whole bathroom and it works well to spot clean the carpet. I trust this person. I don't have the scientific equipment to see how well it kills germs, but it does make the bathroom look and smell very clean, and makes me feel nice that it is much better for the environment than bleach or other chemicals.

9. Dr Bronners Suds Biodegradable Cleaner

Dr Bronners Suds Biodegradable Cleaner

Dr. Bronner's Biodegradable Cleaner is gentle enough to clean floors, laundry, dishes, furniture, and cars, but powerful enough to clean them all. The very best for the planet! It's perfect for general house cleaning. It is mild and gentle on the skin. In hot or cold water, rinses freely. The biodegrades quickly! A balanced formula that cuts grease and dirt, creates suds, and biodegrades quickly can take on tough jobs. You can make your own recipes. It's mostly subtle with fir and shrub. The multi-purpose cleaner is scented with fir and spruce essential oils. No synthetic dyes, fragrances, or Preservatives! Their animals are not tested on animals. The Leaping Bunny logo means that Dr. Bronner's products are never tested on animals. You can get behind a product.

Brand: Dr. Bronner's

👤I love this stuff. I've used everything from Dawn to Honest Co and it works better than I thought. We all love bubbles and associate them with clean. It saves water by not rinsing a billion times to get the soap off of the dishes. I like the smell. Fir needle and Spruce leaf oils are pure and smell clean. It's amazing, I've made foaming dish soap with it. A ratio of 1/3 of Dr Bronners salSuds to 1/3 of water is needed. I made an all purpose cleaner with 1 Tbsp sal suds in a spray bottle filled with water. It works well on everything. I'm in love with this stuff.

👤Excellent recipe for a dish soap. The minerals in some tap water may react with this solution and cause it to not be thick. A small amount. If you don't have this, substitute lemon juice. Kosher salt works just fine with sea salt, but I can't add essential oils to it without it turning into liquid. Warm water and salt should be combined in a bowl. There is a Combine the ingredients in a separate bowl. Continue stirring until you get to a point where the mixture is thick. You can add essential oils now. Store in a container.

👤I read the reviews and decided to try it out. I have a shower with glass doors. After coloring my hair, I was looking dingy. I mixed it with Mellaluca Tub and Tile Cleaner and white vinegar. I sprayed it all over the shower and then washed it with warm water. The shower is clean. The change was noticed by my husband. I am very happy with the results. I tried it on my kitchen sinks. There were calcium deposits around the faucets. They look bright and shiny.

👤I don't know where to start. I love the color of the saudis. This stuff is a miracle worker. It can clean everything from the floor to the bathroom. We have four dogs and this works great to help clean the floors after the dogs have tracked in the dirt. A little goes a long way, and the scent is clean and refreshing, only a scent that reminds me of the woods. I will not do anything else for laundry anymore. When I was using regular laundry detergent, my clothes would smell like they were being washed in a film, but now they come out clean, smelling nice and not having the filmy feeling. We love Dr. Bronners.

👤I was told by a customer that this contains essential oils. I'm thankful for him seeing this. I didn't notice that. I will only use the product for laundry and not for cleaning around my cats. I am cautious about using this because the oils are said to be toxic to cats. I copied the list of toxic essential oils from the man who informed me. There is a fir and fir are not on the list I provided, but I found other lists that claimed they are not good to use around cats. I will be buying the "regular" Bonners product in the future out of an "abundance of caution". There is a General cleaner, dishes, produce wash, foaming hand cleaner, laundry are all uses. I searched for formulas on the internet. The general cleaner has 2 c water and 1 sild soap. Amazon has a spray bottle. The dishes have 1 part sal soap and 10 parts water. An old dish soap container can be used. This is very concentrated and you don't need much. A large bowl of water with sal suds is used for produce wash. Kills bugs! I use it for all my produce. A 12 oz container is used for foaming hand cleaner. Add sal suds to fill to almost the top. There are a lot of containers at Amazon. There is a The laundry was 1/2 gal. container 2 c hot water, 1/2 c baking soda, and 1/6 c salt. Dissolve. Slowly add 1/2 c sal suds. Take it easy and mix gently. Use 1/3 c per load. You can double this recipe. Put 1/2 c of water in the dispensers. If you like scent add essential oils. I don't add essential oils to my cleaners because they are not safe around cats. It's not safe for them to breathe or get on their paws. I use a mixture of water and water-based products to clean my windows and mirrors. Amazon has spray bottles. I use 1/2 c non-iodized salt for cleanser. I bought a 32oz food grade mineral oil spray from Amazon. All my wood furniture is clean and shiny.

10. Clorox ToiletWand Disinfecting Disposable Wand

Clorox ToiletWand Disinfecting Disposable Wand

The bowling alley. The Clorox ToiletWand is a cleaner that leaves your toilet sparkling clean. There are disorderly stalkings. The toilet scrub pad refill heads can be used to scrub and clean the toilet bowl. Disinfecting cleaner. These disposable scrubbing pads are pre-filled with Clorox cleaner and are used to deep clean and remove stains from your toilet bowl. The Clorox ToiletWand System is safe for colored porcelain. The all-in-1 bathroom household cleaner is the perfect addition to your cleaning supplies because it eliminates the need to carry around a bottle of cleaner and germ-ridden toilet brush. Toilet shears. The sponge heads are hard to reach under the bowl rim and need to be drained for a deeper and faster clean.

Brand: Clorox

👤I believe they are fakes. The box I received was the same as the one in the picture. The green middle portion of the packets melted in most of them after I opened them. I've been using Clorox toilet wipes for years and have never seen anything like this before. I've never had a melt before. I wouldn't buy them.

👤These aren't as good as the ones I buy. I usually buy Clorox Disinfecting Toilet Wands from a store. These have a green band instead of the blue band that I have been buying for years. I used a green cleaner to clean the toilet, but it didn't suds up, and after a few seconds all the green cleaner was gone. I don't see how these can be the real thing.

👤I will be purchasing my fourth 30 count package on Amazon. The Clorox wand system is worth more than a regular toilet brush. I will list my top five reasons. 1. They are disposable. There are no germs in the plastic container. 2. These are a punch. There is a lot of cleaning fluid. The toilet gets clean. 3. It reaches places the toilet brush can't. The grooves under the lip of the toilet seat can get discolored. Number three makes it worthwhile. 4. If you have a family member who has bladder cancer, the disposable factor is great because you can use it to pay for the treatments. This is toxic. There are no worries of a toxic toilet brush. 5. It eliminates the need for cleaning products that can spill over bathroom floors and rugs. There is a Pitfalls: 1. The cost. Take the cost of cleaning materials and brushes into account. This is likely going to be higher. Sometimes convenience is more important than cost. 2. The arm of the system is not sterile. Before I return it to it's bin/station, I make sure to clean it well with a Disinfectant wipe and/or under the sink. Click/tap the helpful icon if you found my review helpful. Thank you so much for stopping by!

👤These aren't name brand clorox. The blue cleaning solution that comes off when you dip it in the water leaves a sponge that is falling apart on the wand. I caught it in the trash can after it fell off. Not looking forward to that day when one falls off the toilet. I have to get it. Probably will throw away. It is a shame. Do not get them.

👤I'm not sure how this product has a rating of 1 star. These are green. They are of lower quality. Doesn't clean as well, doesn't produce as much suds. These need to be pulled by Amazon.

👤I love the idea of this product, but the ones I've bought from Amazon fall apart immediately, making them difficult to use effectively. They split in the middle as soon as they got wet, barely hanging on.

👤I wish I didn't have to clean the toilets but I will use them. And, know what? If you buy an extra handle or two, you can use it to clean the shower tiles. The spare handle and the refill make it easier to clean the tiles. I use the refill by itself in my hand to cleanse the sinks. They are not less expensive and easier to find in the stores, but sometimes they are not available on Amazon. I hope they don't stop selling this product. There is a Amazon.

11. Scotts 51062 Plus Outdoor Cleaner

Scotts 51062 Plus Outdoor Cleaner

One sprayer is included with the two-packs. Remove the sprayer from the first bottle and apply it to the second. Scotts outdoor cleaner multi purpose formula is designed to keep surfaces looking fresh and free of dirt and grime. The Multipurpose cleaner is powered by its fast-foaming action. The bleach-free formula is safe for use on fabrics and around plants and grasses, and is designed with the environment in mind. It's perfect for removing build up and cleaning cement, stone, siding, wood, composite, outdoor fabrics, boat interiors, roof shingles, terra cotta pots and more. To apply, connect the sprayer to the garden hose and let it spray, scrub and rinse.

Brand: Scotts

👤It is simple to use. I used a paint pad on a pole and it worked just fine, so "scrub" is a bit excessive. There is no need for any effort. I used to get green mold off my siding. For a part of my deck. It cleaned the walkway where it flowed onto it. I had a lot of real estate to cover and I got most of it done. I like that this product doesn't bleach your clothes from the spray back as others have done in the past. The product is an effective and eco-friendly product.

👤It works great, no harsh smell to it, and you get a nice uplifting lather, the dirty with very minimal effort will be buying again.

👤2020 is an update. The switch that shuts off the solution so you can just spray water doesn't work as well as it did last year, but this is still a decent cleaner. It allowed some solution to pass most of the time. That feature was something I really liked about this product. The year 2019. - The patio cushions are old. I thought I would try this cleaner. It's easy to attach and you can rinse the hose without having to unhook it. It didn't remove the accumulated dirt but it did take off a lot of it. If you use it several times a year, it will be a good spray.

👤This stuff was discovered last year and I still love it! Works great on patio furniture cushions.

👤Did not work. I waited 10 minutes after application and scrubbed the patio slab with a scrub brush. After rinsing, all the stains/algae remained. Total waste of time.

👤Our house faces north with very little sun and a lot of algae on the siding. There is a My husband washed the siding after using this product. The product was very good.

👤Awesome product! The gunk on my deck came off with a little scrubbing. Product does everything it promises.

👤The product does what it says on the label. There are no misleading statements here. I was able to clean my patio awning completely with some cleaner left over. I used a scrub brush to clean the awning. I will buy this cleaner again.

👤No daa las plantas, limpia todo lo dificil de quitar.


What is the best product for eco friendly rug cleaner?

Eco friendly rug cleaner products from Simple Green. In this article about eco friendly rug cleaner you can see why people choose the product. Affresh and Biokleen are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly rug cleaner.

What are the best brands for eco friendly rug cleaner?

Simple Green, Affresh and Biokleen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly rug cleaner. Find the detail in this article. Bioclean, Seventh Generation and Scotchgard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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