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1. DoubleCheck Products Thick Padding Supper

DoubleCheck Products Thick Padding Supper

The rug gripper under your rug is a good place to start to enhance a powerful grip and an added cushion. The carpet pad won't stain your floors. The perfect fit is for rug sizes up to 2.5' X 13'. If needed, " X 153" can be cut to fit any rug. TheRUG PAD keeps rugs in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use makes vacuuming easier and provides extra comfort. Adding support, allowing air circulation, and holding your rug in place will add years to your rugs life.

Brand: Doublecheck Products

👤I bought three rug pads to use under Oriental rugs in a new house with polished colored concrete floors. It did the job well and made it easier to vacuum. When we moved the rug a week later, the rug pad was sticky to the floor and left a layer of plastic on the area where the rug pad had been. The pads were sticky to the floor and left a mark. We spent a lot of time trying to remove the remnants. There is a visible pattern on the floor that won't go away with our efforts and will require some serious removal. We need to pay a lot more for a professionally cleaned floor than we do for rug pads.

👤There is a new use for non-sLIP RUG PAD. The old sleep number bed has box springs. We had to remove the mattress every few days to realign the bed skirt because it was so unstable. We put the non slip rug pad under the bed skirt. The bed skirt hasn't moved in a month. We couldn't be happier.

👤The pattern of the plastic mat embedded on the floor was left after I purchased this item a little over six months ago. It is not possible to get it out by hand. I will have to get the floors re-painted. This is not safe for long term use. I don't know how a product could be rated so highly.

👤I purchased this to replace a similar product for a runner that we have had in place for at least 15 years, and the mat had finally worn to the point where the runner on top of it was sliding all over the place after being walked on for a day. I am completely disappointed that I purchased this to replace. This product is just as bad as my old mat was. My advice is not to go near this product, you will be wasting your money.

👤The area rug in our family room is always sliding across the floor, and it was driving me crazy. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the rug pads at Target because I was sure a kid was going to fall on it. When I opened the package, there was an unpleasant smell but it dissipated by the time I had finished my 30 minutes. The pad was a bit tacky, but unfolded easily. It was very easy to do. I was happy to find out that it didn't need to cover the entire area of the rug, and we switched this 3x5 pad over to our 5x7 rug. It's been in place nicely. There is a I didn't expect to feel the difference when I stepped on it, but I did. It didn't feel like a rug placed on top of a padding, it just felt like a high-end rug, which was a pleasant surprise. The thinness made it possible for the padding to end about a centimeter short of the rug, so there was no noticeable lift in the edge. The second photo shows how it can be positioned in the center to keep a larger rug in place. I was pleasantly surprised. The pricing is good, and it delivers what it claims to be. I received a rug pad at a discount in exchange for an honest review.



Safety and Eco-friendly. You can easily clean the rug under it, it doesn't have any damage to the wood floor. It is good for the environment because it is not a disposable rug, you can use it a few hundred times. If you have rug issues like sliding, bubbling, curling the rug gripper is the perfect solution. Your carpet is safe because of the rug gripper. To install the anti slip rug grips, you need to clean the bottom of the rug and floor, peel off the white label, stick it to the rug, and press down the rug firmly. The 16 Triangle Pcs rug grippers are made from eco-friendly PU Gel and are durable and strong. The rug grip has larger contact with the surface. The area rugs are very thin and hidden. All types of floors are perfect for their non slip rug pads. The paste of the rug gripper for carpet leaves no damage on the floor. The double side premium tape of the rug slip stopper will not damage your rug.

Brand: Desmedona

👤I was hoping these would be the answer I was looking for, but I am a little hesitant to use them. It was very sticky like consistency. I stuck it to the floor under the rug. I had trouble getting it off the floor after it worked. I didn't use it because I was afraid it would be hard to get off the wood floor after a long period of time.

👤I almost broke my rib when I tripped on my rug and fell onto my credenza. The red grippers came quickly. They were easy to install and my rugs seem to be connected to the floor. It was on there for a week or so but so far I am happy and the rugs seem secure.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. I will order 2 more packs for my other rug and a clear mat for my home office, which is perfect to hold in place while I roll on my office chair.

👤It's perfect for my rugs on hardwood floors, I haven't had one come up or the rugs move. The carpets haven't moved an inch because my dogs are running and playing all day.

👤It would be great if the description said that they are not for use on a rug with fluff backing or on a rug over carpet.

👤It was easy to use. The rug corners are held well.

👤The hardwood floors in my living room have rug grippers on them. They are easy to install and work better than rug pads. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

3. Gorilla Grip Protects Noise 25 Cushioned

Gorilla Grip Protects Noise 25 Cushioned

The Extra Strong and Durable Gripper is made from ultra thick Condensed needle punch felt and features naturally dense fibers that grip the underside of your rug, which will last for years. Their slip resistant and non-adhesive rug pad is the ideal option for busy homes because it reduces rug bunching and sliding, and it has a natural rubber underside that is ultradurable to help prevent rug movement. The thick, soft cushion it provides on feet is an added benefit of this rug pad, it adds more padding to every step, and makes even the thinnest of rugs feel extra comfortable and plush. Their pads help protect floors from damage and everyday wear and tear like scratches, scuffs, and scrapes, and the dense fibers of the rug pad help to reduce noise and everyday sounds from reaching your room, while also providing an added benefit. Simple install and customizable: it's easy to install and fit most standard sized rugs; for unique sizes, simply trim with a household scissor; and it makes cleaning easier.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I loved the product but realized what it had done to my floors. Very upsetting. There was no anything like that. There are rubber leaves.

👤So disappointed! The rug pads were ordered in August of 2019. There is a picture of the packaging that came with the pad. The quality was excellent and the thickness was plush. I was happy to get a new rug in Feb 2021. The thickness was less than 1/2” and the felt was green. Also false advertising. This listing describes the import designation made in the USA. The packing states that it is made in China. I buy and use products made in America and support American manufacturing whenever possible. Buying local and keeping my money in our community is important to me. What happened between the year of 2020 and the year of 2021. Correct your listing. I just bought rug pads and am returning them. Hope to find an alternative that is made in the US.

👤The 1,200 4 1/2 star reviews made this purchase. Not sure what the fuss is about. Maybe the problem is with the bigger size. I ordered a 7' X 10' and it was folded in half and rolled up. The rubber sides were stuck to each other and had to be pried apart, so it was stored in a very hot climate for a long time. You could hear a ripping noise and the rubber backing was starting to break. I ripped apart the sides of the grip and pulled off part of it. This was returned because of the compromised grip and rubber.

👤This is amazing and I never do reviews. I tried a few different things to keep my rug in place. I took a chance and it was worth it. The rug is not moving. To put things in perspective. I have a 150 pound great dane and an energetic 7 year old who like to chase each other around the house and roll around on the floor. I am very happy with it. I haven't had to touch the mat since I put it down, because I was adjusting the rug for 10 minutes when the dog ran through the room.

👤How hard is it to buy a rug pad? Harder than you think. I found instances when cheap pads left grid marks in the finish on wood floors, and pads not cut to size to fit under rugs, when I did some research. Most pads are made of synthetic materials and are a nightmare for the environment and the indoor air in your home. So. We are using a 5X8 rug under the Nordic Track exercise machine, and I bought a gorilla grip pad for it. The pad fit perfectly. There is a lot of force on the rug, but it does not move. The rug has a lovely feel under the foot and no chemical odor. It was worth every penny. Don't ruin your rug, your floor finish and your indoor air with an inferior rug pad. I have no relationship with this company or the product, and I was not given a special deal to try it. I'm a regular customer of Amazon.

4. NuLOOM AFPD01A Premium Friendly Non Slip

NuLOOM AFPD01A Premium Friendly Non Slip

100% recycled synthetic fibers. The material is 100% recycled. It protects hardwood floors and premium tile from foot traffic. Keeping your rug in place is important. It can be trimmed to fit any rug. No moist barrier.

Brand: Nuloom

👤I needed a rug pad that wouldn't stain or scratch my LVT plank. I was told not to buy rubber or latex products so I don't have much choice. I didn't want a thick pad. The thin pad does the job. It is easy to trim, and I just ordered another one in a different size.

👤I was not sure what I was expecting when I bought this. I didn't get it. The pad is paper thin. Adds no more lushness to your rug. It holds your rug in place. If you want to add volume to your rug, get something else.

👤The rug pad has helped my dog with his slip and slide in the living room. It has a good grip.

👤This has changed the way we look at things. A family with dogs.

👤The photo and rug placement were bad. The dog ran through there. The pad is not great. It's thick enough to offer some insulation. I would expect more from its thickness. It's a bit thicker than a pencil. You can see a pad with an oval rug in the picture. I'll use a carpenter's knife to trim that down. There is a It moves around a lot. It doesn't offer any traction at all. Not on tile. The brand on hard wood doesn't move. I would not buy this again.

👤I didn't think I needed a rug pad for my new 5x8 rug, but when I and my toddler kept slipping around on it, I had to use one of those foam pads for a smaller rug. I ordered this one. I was tempted to go cheap again and get a foam one, but this rug pad fit perfectly from jump and has done a beautiful job keeping the new rug in place. I had no issues moving my dining table back on to the rug. Everything feels more secure and comfortable because of this little addition. Highly recommended.

👤Adding a cushion under the rug will keep it from moving.

👤The product is more expensive than other alternatives, but it is also better. The interface between your rug and your floor is what you should remember when thinking about a rug pad. A lot of time will go by before you think about this pad. I think a rug pad is worth spending money on. There is a This rug pad is what I need. It holds my rug down perfectly, and it doesn't move. It uses small bubbles on the lower side to adhere to the floor, and a textured fabric on the top side to stick to the rug. There is a It did not have a smell like some other products. It has very little thickness and padding. Don't expect a luxury padding experience and buy this to prevent your rug from moving.

👤The product is not soft. The rug does not get anything from it. It's not worth the cost to keep the rug from sliding. If you want to put something under a rug for comfort look elsewhere.

5. Gorilla Grip Premium Grippers Reusable

Gorilla Grip Premium Grippers Reusable

The patent-pending Strong Grip is designed to keep your rugs in place and prevent corner curling, and is easy to apply to the underside of rugs and the topside of floors. It's a great idea to use an innovative design on the corners of the rugs to help prevent bubbling and bunching. It's only 1.8 millimeters thick, so stays hidden for a seamless look. To install, simply peel and stick the rug to the floor, peel off the other side and press the rug to the ground, then remove the gripper. The gripper can be wiped down with a wipe cloth and reapplied once dry, for indoor use only.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I am going to point out things I was wondering about before I bought for myself. Do I think these will be good for cleaning under? Probably not. The comments seem a little surprised by this, since it's just a very strong tape. I put mine on tile and have no desire to move them. I will clean around them. The glue is crazy. I don't think I'll need to replace them soon. Maybe 6 months to a year? That won't work for all floorings. If you're adding a rug to the carpet, these strips will likely remove the carpet fibers and leave a sticky mess. If you have vinyl or laminate, it could make your floor look better. If you add wood that isn't very well Lacquered, you could end up damaging the floor trying to get the glue off. I might limit the use of these to concrete. This also means you should be careful with the rugs you attach them to. The strips may rip off the backing if they're cheap. I'm very impressed with them. They're perfect for what I needed. Once these get pulled up and dirty by my children, I will buy again.

👤Great product but be careful with cut pile carpets. If you attempt to remove the rug strip from the floor or pull tufts of the nap out of the rug back, you will be in for a rough ride. If you try to use this product on a cut pile rug, it will damage it and it's not a silk&wool tai-ping or a cheap 40 $ runner. You can't go wrong with these if you want it to go down. The NYC union floor coverer has been with the union for 15 years.

👤It ripped up my stained concrete flooring. It might be okay on the tile. That is the only thing I would use it on. Maybe it's unfinished concrete. It lifted the stain and base layer off of my interior stained concrete just from setting it down and pulling it up. I did not use it long term. There is a There were no issues with the floor before this. These are stupid things. Don't buy. They will damage your floor.

👤They take the finish off your floor and take a lot of fiber from your rug when you try to remove them. You should only use on tile floors if you plan to use.

👤These are the things we need to keep the rug corners down. We were worried about messing up the new hardwoods, but this is not the same as using tape. We were not sure what to expect, but this is sticky. We reuse them when we need to adjust the rug. There were no issues with it. We would buy them again.

👤It's perfect for long runners. This one is 18 feet long and was sliding and bunching up. One box was enough to do four corners and two more on each side. It was very easy to install. They grip very well.

6. LHFLIVE Non Slip Gripper Surface Floors

LHFLIVE Non Slip Gripper Surface Floors

It is easy to trim the rug pads with a household scissor for different sizes and shapes. It can be used on the hard floor, under the carpet, sofa pads, or mattress mats. With LHFLIVE rug pad, your rugs will stay where they are and prevent bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use without adding height or blocking door clearance. The padding provides a stronger grip. The effect of preventing the rugs from slipping and fixing the rugs will be achieved by using LHFLIVE ultra-dense and thick rug pad. Each rug pad is pre-cut to fit a certain size. You can cut with a scissor to fit different sizes. Not as absorbent as other felt rug pads, difficult to clean, and difficult to find, but open grid technology encourages continuous air flow and circulation under your rug. Their rug pad with the tiny pockets of air created by the carpet pad will make vacuuming carpets much more efficient and less odious. Please place on a clean, dry floor. Make sure the rug is flat.

Brand: Lhflive

👤Oh no. I pulled up my rug to wash it, and the pad was all over the floor. There is an 8x10 area that I'll have to get rid of. I have a rug covering my floor because it's already ugly, but it will still be difficult to remove all the plastic. The rug pad is going to be thrown away. Don't buy if you're warned. If you buy it, make sure you check under your rug periodically to make sure it's not happening. It has been 40 days since I bought it, but Amazon is amazing and refunds you.

👤The front door of our house is faux hardwood. The new carpet was very dangerous when we walked on it. We knew we needed a grip. There is a The slippage was gone after we installed this. The fit is perfect, and the carpet stays under the front door area. It has been installed for over a month and is holding up well. It adds a little cushion to the mat and makes it easier to stand on. There is a It's nothing fancy, just does its job. I would buy one again.

👤The rug was for a tile floor. Didn't hold on. The two year old grandson fell when he walked on it. Not happy with the product.

👤I don't want to go through them again, even if you don't know what dangers are hidden in the carpet. My two-year-old son tripped over the carpet and hurt his chin while running in the room. I can't imagine what would happen if he hit the corner of the table. Since then, I've been paying attention to what prevents rugs from sliding, and I've finally found a product that works very well in preventing rugs. Every family with children should have a rug pad.

👤I like this product. The rug was purchased for a new rug and it was perfect. I am excited to use the extra for smaller rugs that I plan to purchase, because I purchased it for a round rug. I use it to keep the cat dish from moving. I am very happy with this purchase. I would buy this again.

👤I am very disappointed with this. I don't use the tile floors because the rug won't stay on it. I had tried something similar a few years ago and thought it had been improved. What do I use it for? It works great as a mat to hold my mats in place so they don't slide down on the floor. I folded it up and put it under them. It is working well for that use.

👤I have a couple of runners that are losing their rubber backing, so they slide all over my tile floors. I was looking for a way to reduce the slipping without using a product to stick the rugs to the floor. This worked well for a few days. There is a The rubber coating on my runner is crumbling and leaves a fine dust on the floor. The rubber pad starts to slip when the dust builds up. If I didn't have the dust issue, this product would be very effective.

7. Syntus Non Slip Gripper Protective Cushioning

Syntus Non Slip Gripper Protective Cushioning

The rug pad is great for preventing futons, seat cushions and mattresses from sliding. The rug prevents falls. The rug pads make the rugs stay on the floor. It's not intended for use on carpets, vinyl, lacquer, acrylic, natural stone, porous or refinished surfaces. If you're considering using a rug on a questionable surface, make sure you read the directions from the floor manufacturer. A solid non-slip rug pad addsDurability and non-slip protection to your carpet. It's a good idea to prevent your family from slipping. Special open weave construction has good air circulation. A stronger grip makes it safe for all hard surfaces. Thicker material is not easy to modify and protects the floor from scratching. You can easily trim it to fit your needs. A simple look makes it work. It can be used for a variety of things, from cushions to mattresses. You can cut it to fit your items.

Brand: Syntus

👤I bought this after reading reviews about sticky tapes ruining floors. The rug is held in place. It's worth the price for the peace of mind that the rug won't fall from my feet. I use this material to hold spaghetti sauce lids so I can twist them off. It has many uses.

👤Our carpet used to drift away over time, but we have tile floors in our home. I would have to move the couch sections to get it back in place. Since we put this under the carpet, it has not budged a millimeter. Wow! What a great idea... I'm happy I bought it.

👤I have three dogs that play together. I have a lot of rugs. I got a pad for the rug next to my bed, and it has helped to keep the rug in place. I will be buying more rugs. I don't know if it will affect my hardwood floors as I only started using the pad.

👤I had to put something under my tablecloth to keep it from shifting. I would have had to wait weeks to get an actual tablecloth underlay, but this worked well for it and it cost less. Highly recommend it!

👤I use this on top of hardwood flooring to keep an area rug in place. There is a I put this on top of the wall to wall carpet to keep it in place. The application is not working. I'm not sure if the product is at fault for the hallway runner shifting because my dog is racing over it. I use this product to hide the strips under the edges of objects that may topple during an earthquake. It wouldn't help in a major earthquake, but it has kept some things off the shelves.

👤I was trying to use my cutting board on the dining room table to prepare my food. I had to pull the board aside and use the pad underneath when I didn't need it to cut. If I tried to make dough with the wooden board, it would slide all over. I can leave the cutting board in place and use it to make sourdough and other breads. My board is not moving. Very pleased.

👤There is a new memory bed that does not have a box on it. The platform bed frames allow the new memory beds to move around. Problem solved after we ordered this for our Q size bed.

👤I have a large rug in my living room. The pad helped it to not move as much. It adds a bit of padding. The edges of the rug will be partially under the couch and loveseat once my furniture arrives. Didn't intend this to work miracles. It wasn't helpful to keep the rug from sliding. My husky made it a point to prove herself and take that as a challenge. Overall.

8. Grips Rug NeverCurl Shape Corners

Grips Rug NeverCurl Shape Corners

Simple install and customizable: it's easy to install and fit most standard sized rugs; for unique sizes, simply trim with a household scissor; and it makes cleaning easier. Patented "V" shape corner pieces are part of the 4 corner pack. The rug has a grip on it. The floor has a grip to stop rug sliding. It works. The rug pad is replaced. NeverCurl has a sticky Gel bottom. The top of NeverCurl sticks to the rug. The only thing that needs refreshing after numerous re- applications is the rug side glue on NeverCurl. They included EVA foam tips that allow you to quickly purge the corner. The old design made it hard to start and lift the corner. NeverCurl has a sticky Gel bottom. The top of NeverCurl sticks to the rug. The only thing that needs refreshing after numerous re- applications is the rug side glue on NeverCurl. The "V" shape will not turn like individual straight pieces. Works on all indoor rugs. Any thickness. Any size. To flatten corners, use outdoors. It works well with Roombas. If you use over rug pads, you may need to cut out the area below the NeverCurl. Simply wipe down the Sticky Gel Bottom with a cloth to refresh it. Rubbing alcohol increases stickiness. It is less than one inch thick. The Stick Gel is oil free and will not harm the floors. It works best over any hard flooring. Not recommended for use over carpets. They are a USA based Home Products Brand trusted and reviewed by thousands of happy customers. They listen to your needs and concerns. They go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with their customer service. They are a USA based Home Products Brand trusted and reviewed by thousands of happy customers. They listen to your needs and concerns. They go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with their customer service.

Brand: Stepngrip

👤I bought it thinking it wouldn't work but I would give it a try for 12 bucks. I have 3 big dogs and they were moving my entrance mat all over the place. I had a non-slide mat under it that didn't work at all. The rug was not heavy enough. I have had these suckers for a couple of weeks. The rug has not moved since I put them on. My dogs run at the front door and bark. Take a look at the pics.

👤Beware of a changed product. I used to praise this product, but I still have several rugs that are from the originals. The newer version of the product does not hold. I've gone through 3 sets of the same rug on the same floor and the same material, so I can say that it's the same rug. It was disappointing.

👤I wouldn't call them magic, but they get the job done. They are great for smaller rugs, but my large 9X12 rug still tends to move when the dog runs over it. It doesn't leave a mark on the hardwood floors. Shout out to my dog for the photo demonstration.

👤The product was easy to attach and hold for 2 months. After that, we had to move the carpet to get rid of the stain from the wooden floors. There was no movement that was tugging or ripping. We decided to put it back in place until we could get our floor repaired and it wouldn't stick. Every time we work out in the area, we have to move the carpet to avoid it sliding on the furniture or equipment. We will be ordering a different product once the floor is repaired.

👤I have used these rug grippers for about four months and they have not budged an inch. I stuck them to a 100% wool rug with no backing and a shiny oak wood floor. I have vacuumed the rug several times and there has been no sliding or curling. I pulled the rug up and put it back in its original place. Even stood up to people who kick the rug out when they sit down. Highly recommended! There is an update. I have moved the rug around about eight to ten times over the course of a year. The corners never peel off the back of the rug when the grippers are lifted. Sometimes you can pick up the rug and re-stick it without a problem, but sometimes it will move after being re-stuck. When this happens, I wet a paper towel and wipe down the sticky part of the rug-gripper that sticks to the floor, let it dry and then push it back down. It is new again. There was no shifting. Highly recommended.

👤I loved them when they first arrived. They worked. This was my second set. They claim that these will be read to the floor so you can clean under the rug. They don't stick to the floor after being removed. I followed the directions to wipe the floor. They wouldn't leave. The corners and floor don't stick after I rubbed alcohol on them. There is a I have two sets of rug grippers that won't grip the floor. They worked as advertised until it came time to adjust them and now they won't work at all. They were a complete waste of money.

9. Puroma Non Slip Protective Cushioning Hardwood

Puroma Non Slip Protective Cushioning Hardwood

Adding support, allowing air circulation, and holding your rug in place will add years to your rugs life. There is anti-slip protection. When you are walking or playing, tripping hazard can be caused by carpet moving, which can be prevented by Puroma rug pads. The carpet pad should be placed on a clean and dry floor. Ultra-thick cushion provides an important protective layer against the surface of the wooden floor, avoiding scratches caused by high heels and sharp objects, preventing daily wear and tear of the carpet, and reducing noise. Premium materials make Puroma rug pads thick and durable, which can extend the life of the carpet. Extra padding for the carpet can improve your home comfort. The open grid structure allows the carpet to breathe and protects the floor from daily scratches. It is easier to vacuum with good air circulation. It is easy to trim the rug pads with a household scissor for different sizes and shapes. It can be used on the hard floor, under the carpet, sofa pads, or mattress mats.

Brand: Puroma

👤I'm not sure how this is getting good reviews. It basically keeps the rug from sliding. They all do. That doesn't make it a 5 star. "Extra Thick", now? Not even close! It's one of the lightest I've ever used, even though the pictures make it look like it's thick. I used it under a rug with the same type pad. I had to double up this product in order to achieve the same thickness as the existing one, so you wouldn't notice it when you walk over it. The other reason I rated it so low was that it made the house smell like organic solvent when opened on the floor. Absolutely overwhelming! I took it out to the back porch to air out for a few days before I brought it back in. This product cannot be used under a rug that a child will be playing on. Don't buy this accessory! There are better places. There is an update. The Puroma folks were eager to help. They were very responsive in refunds. The customer service was excellent. Thank you.

👤Most of the time, I'm happy with the things I buy. This doesn't work to keep my mats in place. I cut it up for mats in various places. The mat and the pad are on the floor. I wouldn't buy again. It's not a disaster, but it doesn't really do the job.

👤I was looking for something that would keep my mattress from sliding off the bed. The items listed for that purpose were not strong enough and their reviews were not good. I found non-slip area rug mats. Puroma looked heavy enough to handle my mattress. I put it under my mattress because it has a strong chemical odor, but it will go away after a few days. It hasn't moved since. I know this isn't what it was intended for, but it works! Highly recommended for slippery beds. I can't say anything about carpets.

👤This rug is very strong. I bought a larger size for the area rug. Works well. There was no slippage. It makes the rug feel more plush. I ordered other sizes to cut for bathroom floor mats that slipped on my tile because I liked the way it gripped. It works on a small bathroom mat and a much heavier area rug. Make sure your floor is clean before you use it. Dirt particles can affect adherence to the hard surface. This rug pad is very good.

👤The rug was a 9x13 It is one of the lightest pads we have used, and it does the job of keeping the rug in place. Not close to the advertised thickness. You will need to double it to get the kind of cushion you need. It was easy to fold under or trim from the side. If you are looking for a non skid pad, I wouldn't buy this.

👤I used the rug pads out of the bag/box that I bought, and they were similar to this one. I put it under the rug in the bedroom where it was needed after I pulled it out and noticed a smell. It seemed like it would be able to keep the rug in place. It was a big mistake. A terrible plastic smell has been drifting down the hall from the bedroom into the living room. It was a stupid pad. It was terrible. We took the pad to the garage and began to air out the room. It took a full day to get the smell out of the room, with an air purifier going for the whole day, and that was after we took out the pad. I don't know if we will be able to use it. I will give it a week of garage time before I return to the house.

10. Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Non-SLIP GRIP: The rubber backing side of the rug is slip resistant and helps to keep the rug smooth on the floor, as well as helping to prevent slipping, bunching, and wrinkling. Long-lasting protection. The felt surface and latex backing will protect your flooring from long-term damage, such as scratches, punctures, and other types of wear. The floor has certain limitations. Place the rug pad beneath the rug with the felt side down. Place the pad under the rug with the rubber side facing down. CUSHION VARIETY: The rug pad is available in two thicknesses, 14” and 3/8” TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches. TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤The rug pad has a non-skid bottom. It is large and not cheap. If you need to trim it, God help you. I ordered a 9x12 rug. The rug pad was 2 inches too wide and 2 inches too long because the rug description can vary by a few inches. I had trimmed other rug pads in the past, so I expected to trim it. There is a It was difficult to cut. It laughed at regular scissors, laughed at larger garage utility scissors, and was so angry at hedge shears that it only yielded to the sharp end of ten box cutter my husband had in the garage. I considered using the electric knife to carve turkey at one point. I think it was a good work out. I felt like I could skip my work-out today because I spent an hour getting the rug trimmed to size after I wrangled the rug into position. So buy the rug pad. Remember the lady on the Amazon reviews who told you that it was a good rug. There is a I would buy it again.

👤I was a little disappointed with the pad, but I thought it would do the job. I was hoping to add a little cushion to the living room floor as my baby crawls around. I was not going to return it or say anything. There is a We put the pad down so that the rug would arrive on time. I stepped on a piece of metal that was sticking out of the pad. There was a piece of metal embedded into it. I don't know if I should put the rug down and pray that there isn't more metal shards in there, or if I should throw the whole thing away and consider it a loss. Horrified and dangerous.

👤The pad arrived in a bag, not a box, unlike every other item from Amazon. The pad was folded up and had "bubbles" or "lumps" in it when it was opened. The rug wasn't able to lay completely flat after being placed on top. At one time, Mohawk had a great reputation. The pad is short.

👤I bought two of these a year ago and am throwing them out. There is a They don't hold the rug in place. Simple as that. I have been adjusting both for a year. These are drugs.

👤I am confused by the reviews on here. When I received this Mohawk rug pad, I think it would be a mistake to size it too small, and it would be a mistake to cut it to the right size, because it would make my area rug extremely padded and comfy. There is a Both descriptions were off for my example after using this product. I didn't have a problem with the first issue, the pad was folded in a large box, but it fit perfectly in my 8x10 carpet. It was just a little shorter on all sides, which made it fit perfectly under the rug and not be seen along the edges. No one would know it was there. No cutting was required. I spent the extra money on this because it was claimed that it would give my area rug added comfort, which is something I usually don't get. We have a lot of rugs around our house, ranging from 8x10 and 5x7 to shag and low pile rugs. This pad provided a small amount of extra comfort, but not much, and certainly not twice the price level of comfort. I don't think anyone would confuse this rug with being much more expensive. The felt on the pad is very rough and solid. I don't think it's a good idea to call it padding, because it would suggest that it's soft and has something to give. This is not squishy felt you find in a craft store, but a thick denim like material. The rubber grip on the bottom prevents it from sliding and scratching the floors. Construction is solid, but not soft, as others have said. I don't know what they are talking about, whether they have an older version that is softer, or if it is just relative and we have a difference in opinion, but I can't see how anyone would use those words with this pad. My thought was that this would be like carpet padding underneath wall to wall carpet that is much thinner. This is not the padding material that they put underneath carpeting. I wouldn't expect a true felt type material to fall apart under normal wear and use. You could drag furniture on top of it. I would say that this is a true 1/4" height to the carpet, but it is not noticeable, and feels softer than it would be if I was being generous. I was pleased that it was perfectly square and I liked the no slip padding underneath. It wasn't very soft and only added some comfort. It was okay for the price, but not great. I deducted two stars because of the lack of comfort. I understand that others may disagree, but I think that added comfort is a relative description. My wife and I both came to the same conclusion. This product is being used on a rug. I don't think you would feel this on our thick pile wool rug since it's so thick. If the pad moves around or degrades over time, I will update this review. I am holding out hope that it will become softer over time, but I don't think that will happen.

11. Mohawk Ultra Premium Recycled Floors

Mohawk Ultra Premium Recycled Floors

The materials aredurable. This rug pad is made in America and is made with sustainable felt. There is a defense contingency. The rug pad will add comfort to your rug. It's available in both a small and a large size for additional comfort. This pad is available in a wide variety of rug sizes, but can be tailored. If you want to fit your rug's size, cut this pad to be 1-2 inches shorter than the perimeter. It is easy to clean. Simply spot clean any spills or accidents with a mild detergent or professionally clean the rug pad. The rug pad is not machine washed. The rug pads are designed to be used under area rugs that are anchored down by heavy items such as furniture, large household décor pieces, or heavier area rugs. This type of rug pad is not meant to stop rugs from slipping. Try the felt with latex backing. The rug pads are designed to be used under area rugs that are anchored down by heavy items such as furniture, large household décor pieces, or heavier area rugs. This type of rug pad is not meant to stop rugs from slipping. Try the felt with latex backing.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤I was not sure if this pad would make a difference. We have hardwood floors that are laid over concrete and have been living without a pad under our rug. I wanted the half-inch pad but didn't feel like paying $200 for an 8x10 I bought this one at around $50. It's a relief to step onto my rug. I know my rug will last longer because of the improvement in the "Cush" of the rug. I have a sofa and other furniture that holds it down, so I can't speak for the slippiness. The fit was perfect for me. The 1/2 inch pad would have created a trip hazard and this one is just right.

👤This works well. The felt adds cushion to the floor. It slips easily on the floors so only use large area rugs that can hold furniture. Buy the one that has a grip added. The 8X11 was cut perfectly for me. This fabric is woven and stretches naturally, so it's not like it's not 8X11 at all. You can tailor it to match your rug with a little extra. The previous comments about being in the woven felt are not good. The recycled fabric is small and does not affect the performance of the product. This was better than I expected and some people love to complain.

👤You don't know what to think when you read reviews. This pad is great. It was very soft and a little thicker than what was stated. I am sure that it will compress over time with carpet and furniture. I have to trim around two sides. I laid my carpet on top of one another. I tried a pair of scissors and they didn't work. I tried my sewing shears and they didn't work. The thick carpet did not go all the way to the floor, but you need to be careful if you press too hard, it will go all the way. The scissors were easy to use once it was scored.

👤There are better options. I decided to be cheap because rugs are so expensive to begin with and this one has good reviews. I tripped over my rug. I decided to buy a rug pad. There are many things that I don't like. It is felt on both sides. I thought it had both non slip and felt 2, and I was sure I had read that. Can be cut with scissors. I had two types of scissors, but neither made any progress. I had to use an exacto knife which was messy and not easy to use. I found out that fabric scissors are the best. I don't know anything about anyone else. I'm lying around. There are 3 more I was hoping that this would help with my coffee table, which I have with castors, and it bunches up if I move it. It makes it slightly softer. I already cut it because it was too much of a hassle to return. I was very disappointed that I spent $50 on it. I could have put that towards something that met my needs.


What is the best product for eco friendly rug gripper?

Eco friendly rug gripper products from Doublecheck Products. In this article about eco friendly rug gripper you can see why people choose the product. Desmedona and Gorilla Grip are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly rug gripper.

What are the best brands for eco friendly rug gripper?

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