Best Eco Friendly Rug Pad 3x5

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1. Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Non-SLIP GRIP: The rubber backing side of the rug is slip resistant and helps to keep the rug smooth on the floor, as well as helping to prevent slipping, bunching, and wrinkling. Long-lasting protection. The felt surface and latex backing will protect your flooring from long-term damage, such as scratches, punctures, and other types of wear. The floor has certain limitations. Place the rug pad beneath the rug with the felt side down. Place the pad under the rug with the rubber side facing down. CUSHION VARIETY: The rug pad is available in two thicknesses, 14” and 3/8” TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches. TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤The rug pad has a non-skid bottom. It is large and not cheap. If you need to trim it, God help you. I ordered a 9x12 rug. The rug pad was 2 inches too wide and 2 inches too long because the rug description can vary by a few inches. I had trimmed other rug pads in the past, so I expected to trim it. There is a It was difficult to cut. It laughed at regular scissors, laughed at larger garage utility scissors, and was so angry at hedge shears that it only yielded to the sharp end of ten box cutter my husband had in the garage. I considered using the electric knife to carve turkey at one point. I think it was a good work out. I felt like I could skip my work-out today because I spent an hour getting the rug trimmed to size after I wrangled the rug into position. So buy the rug pad. Remember the lady on the Amazon reviews who told you that it was a good rug. There is a I would buy it again.

👤I was a little disappointed with the pad, but I thought it would do the job. I was hoping to add a little cushion to the living room floor as my baby crawls around. I was not going to return it or say anything. There is a We put the pad down so that the rug would arrive on time. I stepped on a piece of metal that was sticking out of the pad. There was a piece of metal embedded into it. I don't know if I should put the rug down and pray that there isn't more metal shards in there, or if I should throw the whole thing away and consider it a loss. Horrified and dangerous.

👤The pad arrived in a bag, not a box, unlike every other item from Amazon. The pad was folded up and had "bubbles" or "lumps" in it when it was opened. The rug wasn't able to lay completely flat after being placed on top. At one time, Mohawk had a great reputation. The pad is short.

👤I bought two of these a year ago and am throwing them out. There is a They don't hold the rug in place. Simple as that. I have been adjusting both for a year. These are drugs.

👤I am confused by the reviews on here. When I received this Mohawk rug pad, I think it would be a mistake to size it too small, and it would be a mistake to cut it to the right size, because it would make my area rug extremely padded and comfy. There is a Both descriptions were off for my example after using this product. I didn't have a problem with the first issue, the pad was folded in a large box, but it fit perfectly in my 8x10 carpet. It was just a little shorter on all sides, which made it fit perfectly under the rug and not be seen along the edges. No one would know it was there. No cutting was required. I spent the extra money on this because it was claimed that it would give my area rug added comfort, which is something I usually don't get. We have a lot of rugs around our house, ranging from 8x10 and 5x7 to shag and low pile rugs. This pad provided a small amount of extra comfort, but not much, and certainly not twice the price level of comfort. I don't think anyone would confuse this rug with being much more expensive. The felt on the pad is very rough and solid. I don't think it's a good idea to call it padding, because it would suggest that it's soft and has something to give. This is not squishy felt you find in a craft store, but a thick denim like material. The rubber grip on the bottom prevents it from sliding and scratching the floors. Construction is solid, but not soft, as others have said. I don't know what they are talking about, whether they have an older version that is softer, or if it is just relative and we have a difference in opinion, but I can't see how anyone would use those words with this pad. My thought was that this would be like carpet padding underneath wall to wall carpet that is much thinner. This is not the padding material that they put underneath carpeting. I wouldn't expect a true felt type material to fall apart under normal wear and use. You could drag furniture on top of it. I would say that this is a true 1/4" height to the carpet, but it is not noticeable, and feels softer than it would be if I was being generous. I was pleased that it was perfectly square and I liked the no slip padding underneath. It wasn't very soft and only added some comfort. It was okay for the price, but not great. I deducted two stars because of the lack of comfort. I understand that others may disagree, but I think that added comfort is a relative description. My wife and I both came to the same conclusion. This product is being used on a rug. I don't think you would feel this on our thick pile wool rug since it's so thick. If the pad moves around or degrades over time, I will update this review. I am holding out hope that it will become softer over time, but I don't think that will happen.

2. Puroma Non Slip Protective Cushioning Hardwood

Puroma Non Slip Protective Cushioning Hardwood

Adding support, allowing air circulation, and holding your rug in place will add years to your rugs life. There is anti-slip protection. When you are walking or playing, tripping hazard can be caused by carpet moving, which can be prevented by Puroma rug pads. The carpet pad should be placed on a clean and dry floor. Ultra-thick cushion provides an important protective layer against the surface of the wooden floor, avoiding scratches caused by high heels and sharp objects, preventing daily wear and tear of the carpet, and reducing noise. Premium materials make Puroma rug pads thick and durable, which can extend the life of the carpet. Extra padding for the carpet can improve your home comfort. The open grid structure allows the carpet to breathe and protects the floor from daily scratches. It is easier to vacuum with good air circulation. It is easy to trim the rug pads with a household scissor for different sizes and shapes. It can be used on the hard floor, under the carpet, sofa pads, or mattress mats.

Brand: Puroma

👤I'm not sure how this is getting good reviews. It basically keeps the rug from sliding. They all do. That doesn't make it a 5 star. "Extra Thick", now? Not even close! It's one of the lightest I've ever used, even though the pictures make it look like it's thick. I used it under a rug with the same type pad. I had to double up this product in order to achieve the same thickness as the existing one, so you wouldn't notice it when you walk over it. The other reason I rated it so low was that it made the house smell like organic solvent when opened on the floor. Absolutely overwhelming! I took it out to the back porch to air out for a few days before I brought it back in. This product cannot be used under a rug that a child will be playing on. Don't buy this accessory! There are better places. There is an update. The Puroma folks were eager to help. They were very responsive in refunds. The customer service was excellent. Thank you.

👤Most of the time, I'm happy with the things I buy. This doesn't work to keep my mats in place. I cut it up for mats in various places. The mat and the pad are on the floor. I wouldn't buy again. It's not a disaster, but it doesn't really do the job.

👤I was looking for something that would keep my mattress from sliding off the bed. The items listed for that purpose were not strong enough and their reviews were not good. I found non-slip area rug mats. Puroma looked heavy enough to handle my mattress. I put it under my mattress because it has a strong chemical odor, but it will go away after a few days. It hasn't moved since. I know this isn't what it was intended for, but it works! Highly recommended for slippery beds. I can't say anything about carpets.

👤This rug is very strong. I bought a larger size for the area rug. Works well. There was no slippage. It makes the rug feel more plush. I ordered other sizes to cut for bathroom floor mats that slipped on my tile because I liked the way it gripped. It works on a small bathroom mat and a much heavier area rug. Make sure your floor is clean before you use it. Dirt particles can affect adherence to the hard surface. This rug pad is very good.

👤The rug was a 9x13 It is one of the lightest pads we have used, and it does the job of keeping the rug in place. Not close to the advertised thickness. You will need to double it to get the kind of cushion you need. It was easy to fold under or trim from the side. If you are looking for a non skid pad, I wouldn't buy this.

👤I used the rug pads out of the bag/box that I bought, and they were similar to this one. I put it under the rug in the bedroom where it was needed after I pulled it out and noticed a smell. It seemed like it would be able to keep the rug in place. It was a big mistake. A terrible plastic smell has been drifting down the hall from the bedroom into the living room. It was a stupid pad. It was terrible. We took the pad to the garage and began to air out the room. It took a full day to get the smell out of the room, with an air purifier going for the whole day, and that was after we took out the pad. I don't know if we will be able to use it. I will give it a week of garage time before I return to the house.

3. B PRIME 3x5 Feet Non Slip Different Available

B PRIME 3x5 Feet Non Slip Different Available

Premium quality is made of a highly durable, odourless material that is easy to clean and will last for many years. It can be used for all types of floors, and is heat resistant, making it suitable for homes with under-floor heating. The mats do not adhere to the floor because of a specially developed anti-slip technology. The risk of tripping or falling when a rug slips is eliminated. The mats connect the floor and rug in such a way that it will lie flat and crease-free. It makes vacuuming easier. It is easy to lay out in many different sizes. Simply cutting off the excess material with household scissors can cut the required dimensions. Place anti-slip mats next to each other in large areas. It is risk free to purchase. There is a 100% money back guarantee. Love it or get your money back, no questions asked, just a prompt, courteous refund! It is risk free to purchase. There is a 100% money back guarantee. Love it or get your money back, no questions asked, just a prompt, courteous refund!


👤This was the first time I'd ever purchased a product like this, but it was exactly what I needed for doing yarn pom-pom rugs. The features I was looking for were shown in the advertising images, and I was more than happy with the sturdiness, the ease of cutting for the right size, and the fact that 150+ pom- poms were added to it.

👤This is under a chair mat. I put a chair mat underneath the office chair because it left marks on the floor with its wheels. You have to adjust the mat every few days. I wanted something that wouldn't leave a mess. Cut it to fit the mat layout with scissors. There is a The pad is light and similar to kitchen drawer liners. The pad has more space between it and the rubber nodules which helps with grip. The drawer liners are woven tightly. You would have to deal with multiple pieces of drawer liners to get the same coverage for the pad. The chair does not roll as easily since the pad provides a cushion. You don't notice it for a while. There is a The chair mat is moving. I think it's a reduction in the amount of shift and how often it shifts. It works well.

👤Do you remember the scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when Clark sprays the bottom of his sled with non-chloric, Silicon-based kitchen lubricant? You are about to step into your bathtub. There is a I lay on the floor, naked, and thought: "This is it." This is how they will find me. This is how I leave. It would be an amazing product if you ever wanted to practice the risky business slide. It's not worth it as a rug mat.

👤It's easy to cut and shape for a perfect fit. I use small throw rugs on my bathroom floor and am very happy with the results. I tried to use it on another carpeted floor, but it didn't work on this one. The carpet doesn't hold to the product. There is a It's great on tile. The product description is accurate because it specifically says for hard surfaces.

👤I needed this to keep my rug from sliding when I roll around in my computer chair. It's cheap and works well. Even though the floor is very smooth, the grip is good. It's very easy to cut down the size of the rug. It's not so heavy that you wouldn't know it's under the rug. Happy with it!

👤I thought slip pads would work. It is not crazy science. I was wrong. I have a rug under my bathroom and that sucker slips all around it.

👤I bought this on Amazon and used it under my rug. I loved the pattern and colors of the rug, but needed something to make it feel better under my feet. I needed 2 of these to do that. It's not designed for this purpose, but buying two of these costs less than buying one. I can say that it doesn't damage the floor if I put it under a dining set. I don't think rubber pads will stick to the floor if it gets wet, so don't use them in a bathroom or kitchen.

4. Epica Super Grip Non Slip Surface Floor

Epica Super Grip Non Slip Surface Floor

The only pad on Amazon that responds to sudden pressure movements and delivers 2x suction is here. The difference in engineering between traditional open weave construction and the Epica design means they are the best in keeping your rugs, throw rugs, and scatter rugs in place. If you want to keep your family and guests safe, stop blocking entry into your hardwood-floor areas, because a wrong step will spell injury for you. The most trustworthy carpet pad. Quality you can feel: Make sure anyone stepping on your carpets are in for a treat, not a slip, with the thick and thick Epica rug pads. The rug pads are ready to use right out of the mail because of their sturdy and sleek construction. You can't afford to miss the feeling when you stand on rugs that are protected by a non-slip area. You know you are safe from slips, trips and falls from sliding carpets when you feel stability. Installation is easy on the market. Each rug pad is pre-cut to fit several sizes. You can easily trim a custom-sized rug with your household scissors, because the rug pads are constructed with strength in mind. Installation is easy on the market. Each rug pad is pre-cut to fit several sizes. You can easily trim a custom-sized rug with your household scissors, because the rug pads are constructed with strength in mind.

Brand: Epica

👤The product advises that the newly refinished hardwood flooring should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 2 weeks before placing the rug pad on the wood flooring. The rug pads were not purchased until 9 weeks after the floor was installed. The pads have left small circles the size of the individual miniature squares in the rug pad on the wood floor after being Tortured as long as indicated by the manufacturer. They won't rub off or come up. This floor has been ruined by them. Do not use this product on wood floors.

👤I received this product over a year ago, but had no use for it, so other than taking it out of its plastic wrapper, I did nothing with it. The gel cushion I bought for my chair was no longer in place. The little anti-slide dots on the bottom were starting to wear out. This was the sort of use I wanted the "rug" pad to be used for, so I cut off an appropriate piece and put it under the cushion. It stays in place. I've used the anti-skid pads to keep the cat beds and cat-food bowls from sliding around, but so far have not purchased any rugs. This may be the best pad I've ever seen.

👤There was no problem with the PAD. I sent it back because it was not the right size. The seller says it's in transit after they returned it 4 weeks ago. How long does it take to get a refund? "It's in transIT" is what it means. I think it's coming from China. I would like to know if all products are original, so we can choose where the item is made.

👤The rug I bought was not backed up and fell over the wood floor when we opened up the room. The rug pad I bought works perfectly. The rug is kept in place without the worry of it being lost. I cut the rubber to fit the rug with my scissors, even though it was an odd size. I would recommend this product.

👤I was expecting something similar to what I've found before at a big box store, but I love this rug pad. It was easy to put down, my rug doesn't move a thread since I put it in, and it made my rug feel softer to walk across without adding bulk. I'm very impressed.

👤I bought this product to keep my elliptical trainer in place, and it works! I tried to use my elliptical on a bathroom rug with a back that was made of rubber, but the elliptical kept moving forward on top of the rug. I had to put it back in place in about 3 minutes. I use my elliptical on top of the rug and it keeps it stationery, because it is sturdy enough not to tear apart.

👤I had to replace this pad with a competitor's. I was using this as a cushion under a rug that moves a lot. It just doesn't stick in any way. It's very thick and soft, but it didn't do the job. I will have to find a new use for this pad that isn't under a rug.

5. Non Slip Pad Rug Grippers

Non Slip Pad Rug Grippers

The team developed the double layer rug pad after a long period of research and testing. Extra thick cushion is added to the double layer design of Felt + Rubber to help with sound absorption and insulation. The rubber layer holds the hard floor in place. Give your carpet a nice feel. Durability and high quality fabric are included. The rug pad is made of new felt and rubber, which is safe and odorless. The open grid construction at the bottom allows air to circulate and prevents dust from accumulating under the rug. The Holiday 1981 carpet mat provides excellent protection. If you bring a high quality product to your home, your family and friends will love it. It's easy to trim. Are you still worried about finding the right rug pad? All carpet mats can be trimmed with household scissors. Put the carpet mat down, put the rug on top, and trim away any excess material. The extra material can be used as a drawer liner. There is a multi-functionalRUG PAD. They have different sizes to make vacuuming easier for children and pets. You can use it under your furniture. The rug pad can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom drawers. You will love it if you put it anywhere you want. The rug pad may have some folds. You can use an iron to iron it. They will do their best to solve your questions if you contact them in time. Only rug pad experts around you can create rug pad.

Brand: Enjoy Holiday 1981

👤This rug pad ruined my stained concrete floors after being down less than a week. If you have stained concrete floors, do not use it. It is near impossible to get the smell off my floors. This product was sad and disappointing. It's not safe for the floors.

👤I ended up buying more. I have one under every rug in my house. These are great! I used to get so frustrated because my dogs would always turn up the edges of the rugs or push the rugs into a twisted heap against the wall when they were running around. The rugs stay flat on the floor with these rug pads, and they are impervious to running or playing tug on the floor. I no longer have to clean the rugs multiple times a day. I am a fan.

👤The rug pad is economical. It adds some padding. After 2 weeks, I pulled up and took this photo.

👤I wish I had read the fine print because this rug is in two pieces. It's difficult to line up and measure. Not to mention. This is very thin. Does not provide a cushion under your rug. There were stains on the back side of this. I was disappointed with the money I spent.

👤The rug pad is the best ever. I have two giant Rottweilers who love to jump off the stairs and onto my rug and I use this by my front door. Normally the rug goes into the front door, but this holds up to 200 lbs of Rottweiler force and doesn't budge.

👤This works well. I was worried that it wouldn't hold as well as I thought, but as soon as I put it down, I was able to lift it up to adjust it. My animals roughhouse on it all the time. I have had it for two months and it doesn't seem to have deteriorated. The pad is very thin so don't expect it to add much cushion, but I think they sell some thicker ones that cost a bit more.

👤The rug comes in two pieces. It is not a single piece.

👤It was larger than my 5x7 rugs, which was great because it goes all the way to the edges. Unless you're under the age of 10, you won't find it comfortable to be throwing yourself on the floor. Since these were for my boys' rooms, the rugs don't move and made vacuuming very easy, it was almost annoying when I was trying to rearrange a little by myself. There is a The floor was dry when I laid the rug pad, and no liquids have spilled on it. The product is great. Will buy more for the family room and living room.

6. NuLOOM Non Slip Rug Pad White

NuLOOM Non Slip Rug Pad White

100% of the material is coated with a Polyester. The material is made in China. This rug pad is built to last and will help protect your flooring. Adding an extra level of thickness and padding under your rug will give you extra comfort.

Brand: Nuloom

👤The listing doesn't state that this can't be used on wood. I had to come back.

👤I purchased the used, like new item from the Amazon Warehouse at half price. It was in the original packaging. Very happy. The rug pad works well.

👤I had to move my martial arts classes to a shared space because of Covid. I bought cheap pads to protect the floor from the noise of the workout bags in the new space. The bags moved all over when adults worked them. I bought this to place under the pads to hold them in space on the floor and on top of the pads to hold the bags in place. These are working well for this application.

👤This rug pad doesn't work. I have it under a runner and I have to adjust the rug constantly. I ordered the gorilla rug pad, hoping it will work. It might work on carpet but not on tile floors.

👤The floor is not the rug. I bought rugs from the same company, but they still move on the floor after the rug pad is added. The rug keeps moving despite the fact that the pad grips them great.

👤I was a little suspicious of this because it didn't have many reviews, but I'm happy to say the rug pad is exactly as advertised. It fits my rug perfectly and keeps it in place. It adds a nice cushion to the rug. Shipping was fast. No complaints!

👤I was surprised by the good reviews of the nuLOOM Non-Slip Grip Rug Pad. The product did not work. It was not sticky at all. I put it under my rug and it slipped around. Save your time and money by looking elsewhere.

👤Does not keep the rug in place. Cushioning is fine, but it slips around. I bought more rug stick squares to hold the rug in place.

7. Yome Non Slip Gripper Surface Floors

Yome Non Slip Gripper Surface Floors

Their signature padding will keep your rugs in place and prevent bunching or sliding, making your home safer and more enjoyable for your family. The Yome rug pad helps prevent scratching caused by daily life, including high heels, kids playing or normal wear and tear. The open grid construction allows air to circulate and prevents dust fromSettling under the rug, all while keeping your floors safe and clean. You can feel the difference, because the mats are made of premium materials. They will keep the rugs in place for a long time. All rug pads are pre-cut to 4' x 6' and can be trimmed with scissors to fit a smaller rug. The rug pad is great for preventing futons, seat cushions and mattresses from sliding. The rug prevents falls. The rug pads make the rugs stay on the floor. It's not intended for use on carpets, vinyl, lacquer, acrylic, natural stone, porous or refinished surfaces. If you're considering using a rug on a questionable surface, make sure you read the directions from the floor manufacturer.

Brand: Yome

👤I wish I'd seen the other review before buying this because it ruined my maple floors. I wouldn't have expected that. I can't remove the waffle imprint with any cleaning agents. Even though they are in far from perfect condition, the other flaws blend in, so I will have to redo them. This doesn't. The market place should be removed from any product that causes thousands of dollars in damage. If you have wood floors, you should avoid it.

👤This is the only pad that doesn't bend or roll up. Even with large dogs playing, my rug stayed in place. Highly recommended.

👤I've replaced our floors with ones from big-box home improvement stores after the professional company that installed them sold us some for our rugs. I found these on Amazon, but I didn't want to go to the big-box over the holidays. The ones from the professional company are the same quality as the ones from the home improvement stores. I will buy them from now on.

👤When I ordered it, I knew it was large, but I was surprised at how large it really is. I unwrapped it and it had a rubberish smell, but after a few days it went away and I couldn't smell it at all. I bought some bath mats that are very thick and easy to wash. They don't stay flat on my floors when we step on them. I bought this rug pad for the primary rugs since I've tried smaller squares and they didn't work. The non-slip pad did not leave me disappointed. I change these bath mats every couple of days, and for a couple of days they stay flat on the floor. It provides a much more secure area for me to move around in because I can easily trip like I do. I will be using it on all my rugs.

👤3 of these were bought to put under large rugs. They are easy to cut. There is no sticky tape or glue that ruins the flooring. No more sliding. It doesn't have to be the size of the rug.

👤I bought this rug to cover my dining room rug. It was important for me to make sure the rug didn't move on my hardwood floor when I vacuum or walk on it, but I also needed to add some thickness to it. We noticed the difference in the thickness and comfort of your feet when I put this rug under the rug. The rug doesn't move anymore. I ordered another one right away because I love it so much. I highly recommend this rug as it was a good price and delivery was very fast. Thank you!

👤We put these under the large rugs in the breezeway. They work well and give a light layer of padding. They were easy to trim.

👤I've used shelf liner under small rugs before. I needed a piece of furniture to hold the rug in place. There was enough left to put under a small rug. It is still maneuverable so far. It was aired in the basement for a day or two to get the rubber to off-gas. It is easy to cut to size with scissors. Pricing is reasonable.

8. DoubleCheck Products Extra Strong Padding

DoubleCheck Products Extra Strong Padding

The rug gripper under your rug is a good place to start to enhance a powerful grip and an added cushion. The carpet pad won't stain your floors. If you need to fit a non standard sized rug, the perfect fit is for rug sizes up to 3' X 5' actual pad size. TheRUG PAD keeps rugs in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use makes vacuuming easier and provides extra comfort. Adding support, allowing air circulation, and holding your rug in place will add years to your rug's life.

Brand: Doublecheck Products

👤I bought three rug pads to use under Oriental rugs in a new house with polished colored concrete floors. It did the job well and made it easier to vacuum. When we moved the rug a week later, the rug pad was sticky to the floor and left a layer of plastic on the area where the rug pad had been. The pads were sticky to the floor and left a mark. We spent a lot of time trying to remove the remnants. There is a visible pattern on the floor that won't go away with our efforts and will require some serious removal. We need to pay a lot more for a professionally cleaned floor than we do for rug pads.

👤There is a new use for non-sLIP RUG PAD. The old sleep number bed has box springs. We had to remove the mattress every few days to realign the bed skirt because it was so unstable. We put the non slip rug pad under the bed skirt. The bed skirt hasn't moved in a month. We couldn't be happier.

👤The pattern of the plastic mat embedded on the floor was left after I purchased this item a little over six months ago. It is not possible to get it out by hand. I will have to get the floors re-painted. This is not safe for long term use. I don't know how a product could be rated so highly.

👤I purchased this to replace a similar product for a runner that we have had in place for at least 15 years, and the mat had finally worn to the point where the runner on top of it was sliding all over the place after being walked on for a day. I am completely disappointed that I purchased this to replace. This product is just as bad as my old mat was. My advice is not to go near this product, you will be wasting your money.

👤The area rug in our family room is always sliding across the floor, and it was driving me crazy. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the rug pads at Target because I was sure a kid was going to fall on it. When I opened the package, there was an unpleasant smell but it dissipated by the time I had finished my 30 minutes. The pad was a bit tacky, but unfolded easily. It was very easy to do. I was happy to find out that it didn't need to cover the entire area of the rug, and we switched this 3x5 pad over to our 5x7 rug. It's been in place nicely. There is a I didn't expect to feel the difference when I stepped on it, but I did. It didn't feel like a rug placed on top of a padding, it just felt like a high-end rug, which was a pleasant surprise. The thinness made it possible for the padding to end about a centimeter short of the rug, so there was no noticeable lift in the edge. The second photo shows how it can be positioned in the center to keep a larger rug in place. I was pleasantly surprised. The pricing is good, and it delivers what it claims to be. I received a rug pad at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

9. Sonic Acoustics Soundproof 12x12x0 4inches Protection

Sonic Acoustics Soundproof 12x12x0 4inches Protection

It is made from 100% new and dense carpet fiber and rubber high quality material, durable and strong, which will bring you comfortable and environment-friendly healthy life. The rubber side sticks to hard surfaces and the fiber side sticks to rug backing. This carpet mat can be put under furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Also be used as a sofa cushion. Extra carpet cushions can be used in a kitchen or bathroom drawer. The package includes 12 Pack 12x12x0.4 inches Double Layers Area Carpet Mat. After service warranty. If you are not satisfied with their customer service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund. After service warranty. If you are not satisfied with their customer service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Sonic Acoustics

👤It would be better if they were interlocking pieces. It does the job but it's hard to keep it together.

👤Love the extra padding on the rug. It helps with sound absorption.

👤These squares are hard to get in place and they don't stay in place.

👤It's worth something because it's sound proof, not too thick.

👤They were used on hardwood floors. They did not work well. They slipped a lot.

👤I live on the third floor of a building that was built in the 70s. Sound travels very unapologetically in this building. I like as much silence as possible. We don't have a washing machine in our apartment, so I bought a portable one. The washer would make a lot of noise and vibrate when I used it, and I thought it was fair for my people below me. Amazon helped me find this product. I put the sound prodding tiles under the washer and the noise went away. I am able to wash my clothes at all hours of the day and night and not feel like I am disrespecting the people downstairs. I put the tiles under the rug. No more rolling in that area! There is a I am obsessed and will be buying more because I have gone crazy and made it soundproof. I didn't do anything with them. I put them under what I needed.

👤There are 12 pieces of this thing. Attaching the floor is easy. It looks pretty if you put a carpet on it. The sound-proof function is great, but it can't be spread over a large area, only a small area can be covered.

10. FRMMY Newest Gripper Anti Slip Profile

FRMMY Newest Gripper Anti Slip Profile

The newest non slip rug pad is the perfect solution to stop rugs from sliding and help stop carpets from sliding. The double-sided anti-slip silicone gel grips provide absolutely anti-skid for maximum grip and traction. Non-adhesive rug pads are made of premium felt and silicone materials for long- lasting quality, they don't mark or stain floor finishes, and they protect the floor from rough rug backing. Ultra low profile rug can be trimmed to fit carpet sizes. Non slip grip pad is easy to install and works on all surfaces. It is suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions. It cannot be used on damp floors. Non slip grip pad is easy to install and works on all surfaces. It is suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions. It cannot be used on damp floors.

Brand: I Frmmy

👤I love this rug pad. I needed one for the kitchen rug and hallway runner. We have bamboo in the hallway and cork in the kitchen. We did not need extra padding, we just needed non slip. This pad is perfect for both people. I was worried that the water in the kitchen sink would cause latex backed pads to break and cause damage to the floors. The rubbery material on this pad does not look like it will cause any damage to the floors. The dots are on both sides, so they stick to the floor. I cut the big pad to fit the rugs. It was easy to cut with standard scissors. The rug made it easy to lay down. The rug was laid on top of the pad, with acouole inches of the rug past the edge of the pad and traced around the rug. The pad should be cut along the traced line. I wanted the pad to be smaller on each side than on the rug, so it was. The rugs don't budge. It was perfect!

👤It's amazing... I have been without this for a long time. I used all of the other fixes, including plastic mats and corner huggers. This is amazing. I was skeptical. It's thin and I didn't think it would work. I was wrong. It is thin, but it has grippers that hold it in place. I have it under a rug at the kitchen door, which is a very busy area. The rug hasn't moved since I put it under it. I can't believe it. If you're on the fence, buy this. It's great. It took me a long time to find something that actually works after trying many things that claimed to hold a rug in place.

👤This is a game-changing event! I have been without this rug for a long time. I had a different type of carpets and they were still sliding, and the liner was always showing. I could tell the difference when I moved the rug on top of the liner. I am ecstatic that my rugs are staying in place. If you are wondering if it works on tile, I have tile floors. It works well!

👤This stuff is amazing. So happy with it! Cut down the size of the biggest pad to fit the different projects. It was used on the base of the cabinets in our trailer. They would slide if you sat on them. Well no more! The leather hide-a-bed couch has cushions that slide out, so it's a good idea to cut a pad to go under them. After two years of frustration, they now stay in place. It's a good idea to put some under the rug on our Trex deck because it will stay in place and be helpful for our old dog as he tries to stand up after his nap as it used to move on him and cause him struggles. I bought another one to put under some other rugs because I was excited when some of the sizes were a prime day deal. It's worth it to keep your furniture in place.

11. MAYSHINE Gripper Available Provides Protection

MAYSHINE Gripper Available Provides Protection

Premium quality guarantee. ZC GEL rug grippers are 100% satisfaction and premium quality. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact them, they are always happy to help. If you don't like their rug, they will give you a replacement. Enjoy the risk-free purchase. A magical gel pad is a valuable gift if you buy it now. This kind of rug pad is made of premium materials to help keep the rugs in place. It's also good for floor heating. Extra material for drawer or shelf liners is great for slipping furniture. The open grid construction allows rugs to breathe and will help protect your floors from damage. It is easier to vacuum with good air circulation. You can come in the most pre-cut sizes. You can trim the pad with a scissor. Place the rug on top and trim off any excess material after putting the pad down. Powerful gripping technology means it can keep rugs on hard floors and help to prevent slips and falls. No more shuffling. To prevent falls, place the floor on a clean, dry floor and smooth out the wrinkling. Make sure the rug is flat. Do not use the rug pad on the stairs. The manufacturer's directions should be checked to make sure the rug pad won't hurt the floor.

Brand: Mayshine

👤It sticks. This is what happened when this was down for a week. I am not sure if I will ever be able to get this up without ruining my floors. Don't buy.

👤I bought this to keep my mattress from slipping, I did not buy this for a rug. I was able to put the pad under the mattresses. The non slip pads were a lot more expensive than the gripper, but it worked well for this purpose. I am very pleased with the product I received.

👤The area rug in our front door area is constantly being pushed around by the large dogs when my daughters visit with them. There is a The Mayshine area rug is in place despite the dogs trying to move it. There is a The rug is held in place by the gripper. I don't have to worry about the rug sliding into the hall table or corner curio upsetting the items on them. There is a The rug was larger than the gripper. A pair of scissors was all that was needed to trim an inch off the length and two inches off the width. Definitely recommend.

👤The rug had a strong toxic chemical smell when it was opened. I had to open the windows and turn on the fan because my room smelled like acetone. I put it outside to vent but the smells never went away so I put it in its original packaging for a return. I wouldn't recommend this item. It may work for rugs, but the fumes are very bad for young children or people with respiratory issues. I don't think it's a good idea to put this under a mattress. Better quality mats are safer for you and your family.

👤I bought this product for the small rug in the bathroom that has a laminate floor. The rugs were not kept from slipping on the floor. I put the product on the back of the rug and pressed it over it. It has not moved at all. There is a This has solved the problem. The excess pieces on the other rug don't move. I recommend this product to anyone who has rugs that slip. It works well.

👤I bought this brand because the package says there is a film to remove so you can stick it to your carpet. This was not true and I feel deceived. There is no way to remove the film. There is no "sticking it to the carpet" because both sides of the pad are the same amount of stickiness. One side is flat and the other side is textured. I would like to know which side went to the floor and which side went to the carpet. It makes sense that the side of the carpet is textured. The textured side of the floor has maximum non skid. There is a As others have mentioned. The smell is very bad. I have a head ache. Pad is on the air now. It will be updated after it has been used for a few days. After over 6 weeks of use. There is a We trimmed it to size after I bought it. It keeps stretching and peeking out from under the rug. It is getting bigger than the rug. This has happened three times. We cut it down and it stretches out under the rug. The little pieces on the edge are breaking off. We used this under a rug that an office chair is sitting on, so I guess the pad is getting rolled out like dough? There is a The rug has not stained our floor, but it does keep it from moving around. Our floors are made of wood. We keep using it and trimming it, hoping that eventually it will stop stretching out.


What is the best product for eco friendly rug pad 3x5?

Eco friendly rug pad 3x5 products from Mohawk Home. In this article about eco friendly rug pad 3x5 you can see why people choose the product. Puroma and are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly rug pad 3x5.

What are the best brands for eco friendly rug pad 3x5?

Mohawk Home, Puroma and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly rug pad 3x5. Find the detail in this article. Epica, Enjoy Holiday 1981 and Nuloom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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