Best Eco Friendly Rug Pad 9x12

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1. Mohawk Ultra Premium Recycled Floors

Mohawk Ultra Premium Recycled Floors

The materials aredurable. This rug pad is made in America and is made with sustainable felt. There is a defense contingency. The rug pad will add comfort to your rug. It's available in both a small and a large size for additional comfort. This pad is available in a wide variety of rug sizes, but can be tailored. If you want to fit your rug's size, cut this pad to be 1-2 inches shorter than the perimeter. It is easy to clean. Simply spot clean any spills or accidents with a mild detergent or professionally clean the rug pad. The rug pad is not machine washed. The rug pads are designed to be used under area rugs that are anchored down by heavy items such as furniture, large household décor pieces, or heavier area rugs. This type of rug pad is not meant to stop rugs from slipping. Try the felt with latex backing. The rug pads are designed to be used under area rugs that are anchored down by heavy items such as furniture, large household décor pieces, or heavier area rugs. This type of rug pad is not meant to stop rugs from slipping. Try the felt with latex backing.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤I was not sure if this pad would make a difference. We have hardwood floors that are laid over concrete and have been living without a pad under our rug. I wanted the half-inch pad but didn't feel like paying $200 for an 8x10 I bought this one at around $50. It's a relief to step onto my rug. I know my rug will last longer because of the improvement in the "Cush" of the rug. I have a sofa and other furniture that holds it down, so I can't speak for the slippiness. The fit was perfect for me. The 1/2 inch pad would have created a trip hazard and this one is just right.

👤This works well. The felt adds cushion to the floor. It slips easily on the floors so only use large area rugs that can hold furniture. Buy the one that has a grip added. The 8X11 was cut perfectly for me. This fabric is woven and stretches naturally, so it's not like it's not 8X11 at all. You can tailor it to match your rug with a little extra. The previous comments about being in the woven felt are not good. The recycled fabric is small and does not affect the performance of the product. This was better than I expected and some people love to complain.

👤You don't know what to think when you read reviews. This pad is great. It was very soft and a little thicker than what was stated. I am sure that it will compress over time with carpet and furniture. I have to trim around two sides. I laid my carpet on top of one another. I tried a pair of scissors and they didn't work. I tried my sewing shears and they didn't work. The thick carpet did not go all the way to the floor, but you need to be careful if you press too hard, it will go all the way. The scissors were easy to use once it was scored.

👤There are better options. I decided to be cheap because rugs are so expensive to begin with and this one has good reviews. I tripped over my rug. I decided to buy a rug pad. There are many things that I don't like. It is felt on both sides. I thought it had both non slip and felt 2, and I was sure I had read that. Can be cut with scissors. I had two types of scissors, but neither made any progress. I had to use an exacto knife which was messy and not easy to use. I found out that fabric scissors are the best. I don't know anything about anyone else. I'm lying around. There are 3 more I was hoping that this would help with my coffee table, which I have with castors, and it bunches up if I move it. It makes it slightly softer. I already cut it because it was too much of a hassle to return. I was very disappointed that I spent $50 on it. I could have put that towards something that met my needs.

2. MAYSHINE Basics Available Hardwood Surfaces

MAYSHINE Basics Available Hardwood Surfaces

The rug pad is only used with large rugs underneath furniture. It will keep your rugs safe from accidental slip and fall. A 100% felt pad will add extra protection to your rugs. A thick buffer between your floors and rugs. It adds a layer of comfort to your feet. The pad can be used to protect the furniture on large rugs in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. You can come in pre-cut sizes. You can trim the pad with a scissor. Place the rug on top and trim off any excess material after putting the pad down. This is not a rug pad that will prevent rugs from shifting. The pad should only be used with rugs that are anchored down.

Brand: Mayshine

👤We bought this pad for one of our rugs and a Mohawk pad for a different rug. There was a noticeable difference between the two, even though they were the same thickness and material. The Mohawk pad felt squishy and pleasant to walk on. We got the Mohawk after returning the Mayshine pad. There is a It's not a bad pad, but the competitor is better.

👤It doesn't keep the rug from sliding.

👤I was looking for a good price and this was it. I trimmed it to fit under the rug. It was very easy to cut. Don't be fooled by the high price of pads. The quality and price of this pad are excellent.

👤I found these felt rug pads after a bad experience. They are not "no-slip" but for large area rugs over hard wood, they are safe for my floors, and provide a nice cushion under the rug. I bought one for my living room and one for my office.

👤I wanted to put this under my living room rug. The rug sits on a tile floor and the pad created the softness I was looking for when we sat on it. I would purchase this pad again.

👤The rug pad was purchased to be placed under the couch. It is doing it's job so far. A little cushion but not too much. I would make sure the rug pad was sticky on one side to make sure it didn't slide around in the hallway.

👤I need a pad to go under the rug. This fit the bill nicely. It is a lot thicker than the rubber mats you can get. I have a heavy desk and rolling chair, so I can't really comment on the quality of the product. Otherwise, it is great.

👤The quality rug pad is very nice. The quality of the felt rug pad is very nice, even though it is half the price of the rug manufacturer's.

👤Exactly what I wanted. I was looking for a more luxurious feel. The package was well packaged and delivered before the advised date.

3. Enjoy Holiday 1981 Slip Grippers

Enjoy Holiday 1981 Slip Grippers

The team developed the double layer rug pad after a long period of research and testing. Extra thick cushion is added to the double layer design of Felt + Rubber to help with sound absorption and insulation. The rubber layer holds the hard floor in place. Give your carpet a nice feel. Durability and high quality fabric are included. The rug pad is made of new felt and rubber, which is safe and odorless. The open grid construction at the bottom allows air to circulate and prevents dust from accumulating under the rug. The Holiday 1981 carpet mat provides excellent protection. If you bring a high quality product to your home, your family and friends will love it. It's easy to trim. Are you still worried about finding the right rug pad? All carpet mats can be trimmed with household scissors. Put the carpet mat down, put the rug on top, and trim away any excess material. The extra material can be used as a drawer liner. There is a multi-functionalRUG PAD. They have different sizes to make vacuuming easier for children and pets. You can use it under your furniture. The rug pad can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom drawers. You will love it if you put it anywhere you want. The normal use of the rug pad will not be affected by the size 9x12 being made up of two pieces. They will do their best to solve your questions if you contact them in time. Only rug pad experts around you can create rug pad.

Brand: Enjoy Holiday 1981

👤This rug pad ruined my stained concrete floors after being down less than a week. If you have stained concrete floors, do not use it. It is near impossible to get the smell off my floors. This product was sad and disappointing. It's not safe for the floors.

👤I ended up buying more. I have one under every rug in my house. These are great! I used to get so frustrated because my dogs would always turn up the edges of the rugs or push the rugs into a twisted heap against the wall when they were running around. The rugs stay flat on the floor with these rug pads, and they are impervious to running or playing tug on the floor. I no longer have to clean the rugs multiple times a day. I am a fan.

👤The rug pad is economical. It adds some padding. After 2 weeks, I pulled up and took this photo.

👤I wish I had read the fine print because this rug is in two pieces. It's difficult to line up and measure. Not to mention. This is very thin. Does not provide a cushion under your rug. There were stains on the back side of this. I was disappointed with the money I spent.

👤The rug pad is the best ever. I have two giant Rottweilers who love to jump off the stairs and onto my rug and I use this by my front door. Normally the rug goes into the front door, but this holds up to 200 lbs of Rottweiler force and doesn't budge.

👤This works well. I was worried that it wouldn't hold as well as I thought, but as soon as I put it down, I was able to lift it up to adjust it. My animals roughhouse on it all the time. I have had it for two months and it doesn't seem to have deteriorated. The pad is very thin so don't expect it to add much cushion, but I think they sell some thicker ones that cost a bit more.

👤The rug comes in two pieces. It is not a single piece.

👤It was larger than my 5x7 rugs, which was great because it goes all the way to the edges. Unless you're under the age of 10, you won't find it comfortable to be throwing yourself on the floor. Since these were for my boys' rooms, the rugs don't move and made vacuuming very easy, it was almost annoying when I was trying to rearrange a little by myself. There is a The floor was dry when I laid the rug pad, and no liquids have spilled on it. The product is great. Will buy more for the family room and living room.

4. NuLOOM AFPD01A Premium Friendly Non Slip

NuLOOM AFPD01A Premium Friendly Non Slip

100% recycled synthetic fibers. The material is 100% recycled. It protects hardwood floors and premium tile from foot traffic. Keeping your rug in place is important. It can be trimmed to fit any rug. No moist barrier.

Brand: Nuloom

👤I needed a rug pad that wouldn't stain or scratch my LVT plank. I was told not to buy rubber or latex products so I don't have much choice. I didn't want a thick pad. The thin pad does the job. It is easy to trim, and I just ordered another one in a different size.

👤I was not sure what I was expecting when I bought this. I didn't get it. The pad is paper thin. Adds no more lushness to your rug. It holds your rug in place. If you want to add volume to your rug, get something else.

👤The rug pad has helped my dog with his slip and slide in the living room. It has a good grip.

👤This has changed the way we look at things. A family with dogs.

👤The photo and rug placement were bad. The dog ran through there. The pad is not great. It's thick enough to offer some insulation. I would expect more from its thickness. It's a bit thicker than a pencil. You can see a pad with an oval rug in the picture. I'll use a carpenter's knife to trim that down. There is a It moves around a lot. It doesn't offer any traction at all. Not on tile. The brand on hard wood doesn't move. I would not buy this again.

👤I didn't think I needed a rug pad for my new 5x8 rug, but when I and my toddler kept slipping around on it, I had to use one of those foam pads for a smaller rug. I ordered this one. I was tempted to go cheap again and get a foam one, but this rug pad fit perfectly from jump and has done a beautiful job keeping the new rug in place. I had no issues moving my dining table back on to the rug. Everything feels more secure and comfortable because of this little addition. Highly recommended.

👤Adding a cushion under the rug will keep it from moving.

👤The product is more expensive than other alternatives, but it is also better. The interface between your rug and your floor is what you should remember when thinking about a rug pad. A lot of time will go by before you think about this pad. I think a rug pad is worth spending money on. There is a This rug pad is what I need. It holds my rug down perfectly, and it doesn't move. It uses small bubbles on the lower side to adhere to the floor, and a textured fabric on the top side to stick to the rug. There is a It did not have a smell like some other products. It has very little thickness and padding. Don't expect a luxury padding experience and buy this to prevent your rug from moving.

👤The product is not soft. The rug does not get anything from it. It's not worth the cost to keep the rug from sliding. If you want to put something under a rug for comfort look elsewhere.

5. 9x12 Rug Pad Grippers Guarantee

9x12 Rug Pad Grippers Guarantee

It's not just for floors; pads can be cut and used to add grip to kitchen cabinets or drawers. The rug pad helps to keep the rugs in place, you don't have to worry about the rugs sliding from people walking on them or the dogs running around on them. It's also suitable for a mattress. 13 different sizes of pre-cut under rug grippers are available for free. Take the measurements of the rugs and choose the right size. If you want a special shape or size, you just need to put the rug on top and trim the excess with household scissors. Premium hardwood floors are slim enough to make your area rug lay flat but not leave a stain. It's easier to clean your hardwood floors with a strong grip. When you use it, please keep it clean and dry. Make sure the rug is flat. It is not intended for use on vinyl, lacquer, or other surfaces. Do not use a machine wash. If you want to get the full refund, return any quality issue. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Amzok

👤I've tried different rug styles on my carpet. I have wood floors. I'm happy with how this works. It was a perfect fit for my carpet. No trimming is required. It has not budged since I put it under my carpet. It's in my way of entering. My dog would run to the door to see who was there, and the carpet would fly. It has not budged and even passed the doggie dash test. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The scissors are marked as a gift in two of the photographs. I didn't notice it. Maybe you did as well. It was quite a surprise. I uploaded a picture of them. The 2'x3' rug-gripper pad is basically free because of the price of equivalent scissors. I bought the ALLEX S-200 8-Inch Stainless Steel Scissors here last month, and I was shopping for another set of scissors just about this size. These aren't as nice, but they will do the job. There is a The rug pad is the same one that used to be sold at Target under the "Mohawk Home" brand. I already know that this pad will work for me.

👤The value is great. I took a little hot glue and put it on the back of my runner and flipped it over after it dried, because some people said it didn't stick to their rug. Our rug is supposed to indicate the step down into our living room, but it would slide so bad that it took a couple of people down. It hasn't moved after adding the grip. It does not bunch when vacuuming. The scissors were my favorite part of the order. I hid them from my husband so he wouldn't know I liked them so much.

👤The pad was great until I realized it was sticking to the floor. I have patches of white on the wood and have to remove them.

👤God send! Slipping and flipping upside down are no longer possible due to slippery rugs. These are very strong for rugs. Great product. I bought two rugs and they don't move. Provides cushion under rugs. Keeps the rugs where they belong. It is easy to pick up and move with the same support.

👤If I read the size, I would know that it was a much smaller piece. I took out my box spring and replaced it with a foam mattress. I put the mattress against the wall so that I can work out. There is a The mattress was on the floor. The foam was sliding off of the mattress. I cut the padding in half with scissors. I put it under the head of the foam mattress. They are sliding now. There is a It's so awesome. I put it on the wood floor for three days and it didn't stick to the floor and cause damage. There is a It was worth it.

👤There is a wide selection of sizes to match the different types of rugs. They came with their own scissors so you can modify them to fit your needs. It was nice and secure.

6. Enjoy Holiday 1981 Slip Gripper

Enjoy Holiday 1981 Slip Gripper

TheOWER PRICE is better quality. The price was good for a month. The opening mesh structure promotes air flow and prevents dust. The floor is protected from scratches. High quality material is made of high quality material. It's comfortable and environment-friendly to have a floor that's durable and strong. If you need other sizes and shapes, rug pads can be trimmed with household scissors. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PAD: You can put this carpet mat under your furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Also be used as a sofa cushion. Extra carpet cushions can be used in a kitchen or bathroom drawer.

Brand: Enjoy Holiday 1981

👤When I picked up the rug liner to put on my new rug, it was stuck to the floor. I have Spanish tile on my floor. The plastic rug liner seems to be implanted into the tile after it pulled the finish off the tiles. I need this resolved. The floors are ruined. I spent 1/2 hour scrapering one tile, I can barely get the plastic off the floor. Please contact me right away.

👤The mat is amazing. We have 2 large dogs that run through the house and the rugs end up halfway up the walls, so I bought it. The rug hasn't moved since I put this down. I drag things across the floor while my dog wrestles with it. One of the best rug mats I've ever had.

👤I bought this to put under a rug on my floor. I went to cut the edges after the rug settled. The pad was not moving. I had to peel it off to find the rubber spots on my floors. I spent hours steaming off the pieces and cutting the mat off the floor. It left a pattern on the floor. I wouldn't recommend it. Get a felt rug pad. This was thrown into the garbage.

👤We recently installed a brand new LVP floor in our home and wanted something to protect it from the large living room area rug, so we purchased this pad to put under it. The pad has been perfect a few months later. There is a It was easy to cut into the exact size I needed, it did a great job of protecting the floors, and it has not allowed the rug to move at all. I'm very happy.

👤The rug mat was wrapped in plastic. I put it in two separate pieces after taking it out of the package. The piece is about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. I didn't unfold the second piece, so it may be the other 4 X 10 foot piece. I was expecting a rug pad that was 8 feet by 10 feet.

👤I re-purpose these pads to protect the surfaces of my washing machines and clothes dryers because it will do the job for it's designed purpose. I cut this pad to size and lay it out across my machines so that hubby wouldn't fight over it and I wouldn't have to worry about him scratching up my expensive appliances. I'm going to use it under an area rug since it looks sickly on my white appliances. I wanted to review this for anyone else who might have the same intentions. There are whiter ones out there. If you are using under a carpet, have at it.

👤So far, so good. The sticks are very strong. I was worried at first. When it hit the floor, it stayed.

👤I received this yesterday and it's weird, like a shelf liner but moist. It's very thin. I have under my other rugs, so I expected it to be like padding. I'm hoping that it doesn't leave a mark when I wash it under it in the future. I have a feeling that it will. I will update it once I have had it a few weeks and see how it lifts up. I'm not impressed but it's by a back kitchen door, so it won't have many people walking on it. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see. I will update soon.

7. Ophanie Non Slip Gripper Extra Thick Surface

Ophanie Non Slip Gripper Extra Thick Surface

The open grid construction of the professional rug pad allows your rug to breathe. It provides an extra cushion that makes carpets feel more secure. Their anti-slip rug pad is twice as thick as the market standard and has an unparalleled density. Their rug pads can keep your rugs in place, making your home safer for you and your loved ones. This rug pad is great for preventing couch cushions from slipping and for preventing futons from slipping. You can easily cut the shape and size you want with scissors, even if you don't have any of the 11 sizes. Place the non-slip pad on a clean, dry floor to smooth out the wrinkling. Do not use the rug pad on the stairs. This pad is not intended for use on carpets, vinyl, lacquers, or other porous surfaces. Place the non-slip pad on a clean, dry floor to smooth out the wrinkling. Do not use the rug pad on the stairs. This pad is not intended for use on carpets, vinyl, lacquers, or other porous surfaces.

Brand: Ophanie

👤Sometimes what you don't see or think about is what makes the difference. I love this rug pad. Excellent quality and great value. Delivery and ship together. It was folded and laid flat.

👤It's great for keeping rugs in place on tile floors, but it's thin so you can't feel the pad under the rug. There is a I'm sure it would keep the rug in place, but it's possible that the waffle pattern of the pad would end up on your floor.

👤I used the 8x10 pad to cut four smaller rugs. The rugs slid off of the pads, but they seemed to grip the floor well. It has been a problem for my small rugs, which include two runners and two area rugs. Attach the pads to the rugs with strips of two-sided tape was my solution. That seems to work so far. The runners will be tested in high-traffic areas.

👤It was what it said. It made an improvement on my rugs in terms of thickness and nonslip. I like it.

👤The Orian My Texas rug looks great. It was a bit big. I folded the ends instead of cutting them. My rug stays in place. Would recommend!

👤The product is thick enough to make the carpet feel more comfortable, it keeps the carpet from sliding, and it sits firmly on the hardwood floor. There are some bumps since it was tightly folded, but they will work themselves out. There is a The packaging of Amazon was a bit ridiculous. It could have been in a large soft-sided envelope.

👤Product representation is bad. At the bottom of the Gripper is a friendly reminder. Do not use the rug pad on the stairs. This pad is not intended for use on carpets, vinyl, lacquers, or other porous surfaces. The only thing you can use this for is tile and hardwood floors. I bought a vinyl floor and now that I have finished my floors, I can't return it.

👤The marble floor in our bathroom can be slippery and not all rugs are backed with non-slip. The rug is kept in place by the non-slip gripper pad.

8. Sonic Acoustics Soundproof 12x12x0 4inches Protection

Sonic Acoustics Soundproof 12x12x0 4inches Protection

It is made from 100% new and dense carpet fiber and rubber high quality material, durable and strong, which will bring you comfortable and environment-friendly healthy life. The rubber side sticks to hard surfaces and the fiber side sticks to rug backing. This carpet mat can be put under furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Also be used as a sofa cushion. Extra carpet cushions can be used in a kitchen or bathroom drawer. The package includes 12 Pack 12x12x0.4 inches Double Layers Area Carpet Mat. After service warranty. If you are not satisfied with their customer service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund. After service warranty. If you are not satisfied with their customer service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Sonic Acoustics

👤It would be better if they were interlocking pieces. It does the job but it's hard to keep it together.

👤Love the extra padding on the rug. It helps with sound absorption.

👤These squares are hard to get in place and they don't stay in place.

👤It's worth something because it's sound proof, not too thick.

👤They were used on hardwood floors. They did not work well. They slipped a lot.

👤I live on the third floor of a building that was built in the 70s. Sound travels very unapologetically in this building. I like as much silence as possible. We don't have a washing machine in our apartment, so I bought a portable one. The washer would make a lot of noise and vibrate when I used it, and I thought it was fair for my people below me. Amazon helped me find this product. I put the sound prodding tiles under the washer and the noise went away. I am able to wash my clothes at all hours of the day and night and not feel like I am disrespecting the people downstairs. I put the tiles under the rug. No more rolling in that area! There is a I am obsessed and will be buying more because I have gone crazy and made it soundproof. I didn't do anything with them. I put them under what I needed.

👤There are 12 pieces of this thing. Attaching the floor is easy. It looks pretty if you put a carpet on it. The sound-proof function is great, but it can't be spread over a large area, only a small area can be covered.

9. Gorilla Grip Original Available Protection

Gorilla Grip Original Available Protection

The Original Extra Strong Gripper has a unique, dual-sided grip that firmly holds onto the rug pads and your hard floor to help prevent rug movement, and their slip resistant and non-adhesive pads help reduce rug bunching and sliding, even over frequently visited areas. Premium materials for long lasting quality are what rug pads are constructed of. The open grid construction allows rugs to breath and help protect floors from damage, and rug pads are vacuum friendly and ready to use right out of the packaging. Easy Installation: available in the most popular sizes for easy installation; trim pad with a household scissor for unique sizes and shapes; put the pad down, place the rug on top and trim off any excess material. Extra material for drawer or shelf liners, small pieces to help with opening jars, and works great for slipping futons, couch cushions and mattresses are some of the versatile uses.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I found that it pulled off the finish of the hardwood floors. Thousands of dollars were spent on refinishing our floors to have a waffle pattern under our carpets.

👤The product held my rug in my living room, but my runner would slip under it. When I moved out of my apartment, I was very sad to find that part of the pad was stuck to the floor. I have spent hours trying to get this off, but no luck. I have to deal with this now. This is a very expensive mistake that I made in my rental.

👤This has been happening for 5 months. It slides all over the place. I bought a roll of sticky shelving from the dollar store and my rugs don't move period. Don't waste your money.

👤There are rugs over hardwood flooring. People walking on the rugs would cause them to slide. This will stop that from happening. I used a 4x6 rug pad for my 5x8 and 4.5x6.5 rug, so it was slightly smaller than the rug you have, but it still does its job.

👤We don't know what we'd do without the pads. We have covered most of the tile part of our house with small rugs and runners and they don't shift when she walks across them, because we have a young dog with early onset hip dysplasia. Great product!

👤This carpet pad is very nice. Good padding, lifetime warranty, stays in place. Also, note: Amazon says it has a 10-year warranty. Email from the manufacturer says LIFETIME. I have some notes about the Pros and Cons. Is anything made here anymore? Love it! There is a lifetime warranty. After purchase, the seller contacted me via email and said that if there is ever a problem, they will fix it. I appreciate a manufacturer that is proactive with their warranty. The rug is in place. It's very well. There is a rug in front of the door. Our lab is having a problem with the drivers of FedEx andUPS walking on our porch. She would run to the sidelight windows full speed, plant her feet on the rug, and it would pile up against the door. The rug stays in place perfectly after the installation of this pad. It's easy to fit under the rug. After removing the package, there were no strong odors. The rug is well-cushioned on hardwood floors. There is a Time will tell on the longevity of the pad. The manufacturer will take care of any problems that arise. I hope I helped you make a decision about this product. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer, seller, or any other company that I might mention in this review. I do this for myself. If I can help, please click below and let me know. If you have any questions, please post them in the Comments. I try to answer all inquires in a timely fashion.

👤There are 50 lbs of dogs in our house. I don't like wall to wall carpet. I like the look of hardwood floors with rugs. Dogs can be ill suited. The dogs are running. The dogs might get injured as the rugs wander. The rug is in place. Isn't it hurting the floor? I ordered more.

10. FRMMY Newest Gripper Anti Slip Profile

FRMMY Newest Gripper Anti Slip Profile

The newest non slip rug pad is the perfect solution to stop rugs from sliding and help stop carpets from sliding. The double-sided anti-slip silicone gel grips provide absolutely anti-skid for maximum grip and traction. Non-adhesive rug pads are made of premium felt and silicone materials for long- lasting quality, they don't mark or stain floor finishes, and they protect the floor from rough rug backing. Ultra low profile rug can be trimmed to fit carpet sizes. Non slip grip pad is easy to install and works on all surfaces. It is suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions. It cannot be used on damp floors. Non slip grip pad is easy to install and works on all surfaces. It is suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions. It cannot be used on damp floors.

Brand: I Frmmy

👤I love this rug pad. I needed one for the kitchen rug and hallway runner. We have bamboo in the hallway and cork in the kitchen. We did not need extra padding, we just needed non slip. This pad is perfect for both people. I was worried that the water in the kitchen sink would cause latex backed pads to break and cause damage to the floors. The rubbery material on this pad does not look like it will cause any damage to the floors. The dots are on both sides, so they stick to the floor. I cut the big pad to fit the rugs. It was easy to cut with standard scissors. The rug made it easy to lay down. The rug was laid on top of the pad, with acouole inches of the rug past the edge of the pad and traced around the rug. The pad should be cut along the traced line. I wanted the pad to be smaller on each side than on the rug, so it was. The rugs don't budge. It was perfect!

👤It's amazing... I have been without this for a long time. I used all of the other fixes, including plastic mats and corner huggers. This is amazing. I was skeptical. It's thin and I didn't think it would work. I was wrong. It is thin, but it has grippers that hold it in place. I have it under a rug at the kitchen door, which is a very busy area. The rug hasn't moved since I put it under it. I can't believe it. If you're on the fence, buy this. It's great. It took me a long time to find something that actually works after trying many things that claimed to hold a rug in place.

👤This is a game-changing event! I have been without this rug for a long time. I had a different type of carpets and they were still sliding, and the liner was always showing. I could tell the difference when I moved the rug on top of the liner. I am ecstatic that my rugs are staying in place. If you are wondering if it works on tile, I have tile floors. It works well!

👤This stuff is amazing. So happy with it! Cut down the size of the biggest pad to fit the different projects. It was used on the base of the cabinets in our trailer. They would slide if you sat on them. Well no more! The leather hide-a-bed couch has cushions that slide out, so it's a good idea to cut a pad to go under them. After two years of frustration, they now stay in place. It's a good idea to put some under the rug on our Trex deck because it will stay in place and be helpful for our old dog as he tries to stand up after his nap as it used to move on him and cause him struggles. I bought another one to put under some other rugs because I was excited when some of the sizes were a prime day deal. It's worth it to keep your furniture in place.

11. Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Non-SLIP GRIP: The rubber backing side of the rug is slip resistant and helps to keep the rug smooth on the floor, as well as helping to prevent slipping, bunching, and wrinkling. Long-lasting protection. The felt surface and latex backing will protect your flooring from long-term damage, such as scratches, punctures, and other types of wear. The floor has certain limitations. Place the rug pad beneath the rug with the felt side down. Place the pad under the rug with the rubber side facing down. CUSHION VARIETY: The rug pad is available in two thicknesses, 14” and 3/8” TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches. TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤The rug pad has a non-skid bottom. It is large and not cheap. If you need to trim it, God help you. I ordered a 9x12 rug. The rug pad was 2 inches too wide and 2 inches too long because the rug description can vary by a few inches. I had trimmed other rug pads in the past, so I expected to trim it. There is a It was difficult to cut. It laughed at regular scissors, laughed at larger garage utility scissors, and was so angry at hedge shears that it only yielded to the sharp end of ten box cutter my husband had in the garage. I considered using the electric knife to carve turkey at one point. I think it was a good work out. I felt like I could skip my work-out today because I spent an hour getting the rug trimmed to size after I wrangled the rug into position. So buy the rug pad. Remember the lady on the Amazon reviews who told you that it was a good rug. There is a I would buy it again.

👤I was a little disappointed with the pad, but I thought it would do the job. I was hoping to add a little cushion to the living room floor as my baby crawls around. I was not going to return it or say anything. There is a We put the pad down so that the rug would arrive on time. I stepped on a piece of metal that was sticking out of the pad. There was a piece of metal embedded into it. I don't know if I should put the rug down and pray that there isn't more metal shards in there, or if I should throw the whole thing away and consider it a loss. Horrified and dangerous.

👤The pad arrived in a bag, not a box, unlike every other item from Amazon. The pad was folded up and had "bubbles" or "lumps" in it when it was opened. The rug wasn't able to lay completely flat after being placed on top. At one time, Mohawk had a great reputation. The pad is short.

👤I bought two of these a year ago and am throwing them out. There is a They don't hold the rug in place. Simple as that. I have been adjusting both for a year. These are drugs.

👤I am confused by the reviews on here. When I received this Mohawk rug pad, I think it would be a mistake to size it too small, and it would be a mistake to cut it to the right size, because it would make my area rug extremely padded and comfy. There is a Both descriptions were off for my example after using this product. I didn't have a problem with the first issue, the pad was folded in a large box, but it fit perfectly in my 8x10 carpet. It was just a little shorter on all sides, which made it fit perfectly under the rug and not be seen along the edges. No one would know it was there. No cutting was required. I spent the extra money on this because it was claimed that it would give my area rug added comfort, which is something I usually don't get. We have a lot of rugs around our house, ranging from 8x10 and 5x7 to shag and low pile rugs. This pad provided a small amount of extra comfort, but not much, and certainly not twice the price level of comfort. I don't think anyone would confuse this rug with being much more expensive. The felt on the pad is very rough and solid. I don't think it's a good idea to call it padding, because it would suggest that it's soft and has something to give. This is not squishy felt you find in a craft store, but a thick denim like material. The rubber grip on the bottom prevents it from sliding and scratching the floors. Construction is solid, but not soft, as others have said. I don't know what they are talking about, whether they have an older version that is softer, or if it is just relative and we have a difference in opinion, but I can't see how anyone would use those words with this pad. My thought was that this would be like carpet padding underneath wall to wall carpet that is much thinner. This is not the padding material that they put underneath carpeting. I wouldn't expect a true felt type material to fall apart under normal wear and use. You could drag furniture on top of it. I would say that this is a true 1/4" height to the carpet, but it is not noticeable, and feels softer than it would be if I was being generous. I was pleased that it was perfectly square and I liked the no slip padding underneath. It wasn't very soft and only added some comfort. It was okay for the price, but not great. I deducted two stars because of the lack of comfort. I understand that others may disagree, but I think that added comfort is a relative description. My wife and I both came to the same conclusion. This product is being used on a rug. I don't think you would feel this on our thick pile wool rug since it's so thick. If the pad moves around or degrades over time, I will update this review. I am holding out hope that it will become softer over time, but I don't think that will happen.


What is the best product for eco friendly rug pad 9x12?

Eco friendly rug pad 9x12 products from Mohawk Home. In this article about eco friendly rug pad 9x12 you can see why people choose the product. Mayshine and Enjoy Holiday 1981 are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly rug pad 9x12.

What are the best brands for eco friendly rug pad 9x12?

Mohawk Home, Mayshine and Enjoy Holiday 1981 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly rug pad 9x12. Find the detail in this article. Nuloom, Amzok and Ophanie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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