Best Eco Friendly Rug Pad Felt

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1. ZC GEL Non Trace Removable Eco Friendly

ZC GEL Non Trace Removable Eco Friendly

It's not just for floors; pads can be cut and used to add grip to kitchen cabinets or drawers. Are you fed up with the interference of sliding rugs or rug corners when walking? Are you concerned about the elderly and kids tripping over rug edges? These rug grippers can fix all these problems. It can hold the carpet flat and keep it in place. The throw rug grippers are made of high quality eco-friendly PU gel and leave no residual on the floor after being removed. Unlike the single use carpet tape or rug pad, this rugs can be cleaned with water and air dry to restore stickiness, then you can reuse it as a new one. It's easy to apply, just peel off the protective film of the carpet grippers and stick them to the underside of your rug. The installation can be completed in less than 30 seconds. If you want the best result, you should clean and dry the carpet and floor first. The carpet pad works well in many environments including indoors, outdoors, camping, balcony, yards and vehicles. It works well with all types of floor. The carpet can be beautiful if the rug carpet gripper is not visible after application. Premium quality guarantee. ZC GEL rug grippers are 100% satisfaction and premium quality. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact them, they are always happy to help. If you don't like their rug, they will give you a replacement. Enjoy the risk-free purchase. A magical gel pad is a valuable gift if you buy it now.

Brand: Zc Gel

👤I bought these to keep the area rug out of my hardwood floors. I realized after some trial and error that they work if you stick the RUG side onto the gripper side and leave the plastic on the other side. Walk over it a few times and peel off the side that is supposed to be on the floor. When I removed the backing from both sides without giving it time to adhere to the back of the rug, it stuck to the floor. Hopefully this tip is useful.

👤I've tried a lot of different anti-slip rug mats. I don't want to use strong double-sided tape on my hardwood floors, so I used nothing else to keep the rug from sliding around in my kitchen. I have had these down for 3 days now, but I was constantly adjusting the rug in the past, and it hasn't budged! This is a great product.

👤The rug grippers work, they really do, but here's a huge lie they're telling. You can rinse and restick these grippers. You can't take them off your rug. It was like ever. Don't put them on a new rug. Don't wash your rug if you want to. Any attempt to remove these rug grippers from the carpet or rug will ruin them. If you have a pile style rug that you steam clean instead of throwing in the wash, these would be perfect. They were a total waste of money.

👤We all know the dangers of throw rugs, but my elderly mother wanted an accent rug in her new apartment. I bought some rug tape that didn't do the job. I decided to try the rug grippers after searching for more options. I installed them so that the edges of Mom's rug hugged the wood floor. We were very pleased with the results. The edges of the rug are firmly in place. Maybe I should have held off on giving 5 stars until we know if the claim of leaving no pans out is true. I'm confused about the intended use of the round gel grips. I would like to hear from anyone who has used those.

👤The washing of the side that touches the floor brings back the adhesion. If the side that touches the underside of the carpet becomes dirty with dirt or lint, there is no way to fix it. I have two large dogs. They play on the rug. I think that anchoring an area rug is done for anyone who isn't a great dane owner. I recommend them very highly. No more tapes. When you attempt to remove tape, it can damage certain floors.

👤I only had them for a few days, but they were very easy to use. There is a small rug in front of a doggy door. They are in place. I have a robotic vacuum and the rug is kept in place by the grippers. Would buy again.

👤These were easy to install and stick to the carpet. After we put them down, I had to change the position. They were stuck to my flooring. The carpet began to pull away as I lifted it from the floor. The floor was clean and it went back on. I will not make a decision on how well the adhesion stays for a few weeks. So far, so good!

2. Enjoy Holiday 1981 Slip Gripper

Enjoy Holiday 1981 Slip Gripper

TheOWER PRICE is better quality. The price was good for a month. The opening mesh structure promotes air flow and prevents dust. The floor is protected from scratches. High quality material is made of high quality material. It's comfortable and environment-friendly to have a floor that's durable and strong. If you need other sizes and shapes, rug pads can be trimmed with household scissors. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PAD: You can put this carpet mat under your furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Also be used as a sofa cushion. Extra carpet cushions can be used in a kitchen or bathroom drawer.

Brand: Enjoy Holiday 1981

👤When I picked up the rug liner to put on my new rug, it was stuck to the floor. I have Spanish tile on my floor. The plastic rug liner seems to be implanted into the tile after it pulled the finish off the tiles. I need this resolved. The floors are ruined. I spent 1/2 hour scrapering one tile, I can barely get the plastic off the floor. Please contact me right away.

👤The mat is amazing. We have 2 large dogs that run through the house and the rugs end up halfway up the walls, so I bought it. The rug hasn't moved since I put this down. I drag things across the floor while my dog wrestles with it. One of the best rug mats I've ever had.

👤I bought this to put under a rug on my floor. I went to cut the edges after the rug settled. The pad was not moving. I had to peel it off to find the rubber spots on my floors. I spent hours steaming off the pieces and cutting the mat off the floor. It left a pattern on the floor. I wouldn't recommend it. Get a felt rug pad. This was thrown into the garbage.

👤We recently installed a brand new LVP floor in our home and wanted something to protect it from the large living room area rug, so we purchased this pad to put under it. The pad has been perfect a few months later. There is a It was easy to cut into the exact size I needed, it did a great job of protecting the floors, and it has not allowed the rug to move at all. I'm very happy.

👤The rug mat was wrapped in plastic. I put it in two separate pieces after taking it out of the package. The piece is about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. I didn't unfold the second piece, so it may be the other 4 X 10 foot piece. I was expecting a rug pad that was 8 feet by 10 feet.

👤I re-purpose these pads to protect the surfaces of my washing machines and clothes dryers because it will do the job for it's designed purpose. I cut this pad to size and lay it out across my machines so that hubby wouldn't fight over it and I wouldn't have to worry about him scratching up my expensive appliances. I'm going to use it under an area rug since it looks sickly on my white appliances. I wanted to review this for anyone else who might have the same intentions. There are whiter ones out there. If you are using under a carpet, have at it.

👤So far, so good. The sticks are very strong. I was worried at first. When it hit the floor, it stayed.

👤I received this yesterday and it's weird, like a shelf liner but moist. It's very thin. I have under my other rugs, so I expected it to be like padding. I'm hoping that it doesn't leave a mark when I wash it under it in the future. I have a feeling that it will. I will update it once I have had it a few weeks and see how it lifts up. I'm not impressed but it's by a back kitchen door, so it won't have many people walking on it. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see. I will update soon.

3. TJWODO Non Slip Gripper Extra Thick Surface

TJWODO Non Slip Gripper Extra Thick Surface

TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches. TJWODO rug pads keep your rugs in place, reduce sound on noisy surfaces, and prevent slipping. They recommend that you use them under the carpet in your house for the safety of your family and friends. The open weave design allows for easy vacuuming and helps to prevent the build up of dust and odors. It is durable and strong. TJWODO rugs use eco-friendly material which is safe for your health. Their rug pads are constructed of high-quality materials. Enjoy a 2-year risk-free shopping support from the manufacturer. If you find a problem with your purchase, it will be replaced for free. The rug pads are pre-cut to 7'6 x 9'8" which makes it easy to install. It can be cut to smaller sizes. It's great for slipping on couch cushions and mattresses, and it can be cut to add liners to all your kitchen shelves, cabinets or bathroom drawers.

Brand: Tjwodo

👤The rug is firmly in place.

👤The 2x4 size ran small but did the job. I recommend opening the package and tossing it into the washer as the fumes fill the room quickly.

👤The TJWODO Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper allows me to match the rug size by cutting the pad gripper. I was surprised that it was easy to cut with scissors. The rug pad grippers are not going to slide on the hardwood floors because they have been under a couple of smaller rugs for two months. The thin pad does not add bulk to the rugs nor cause a trip hazard. .

4. FRMMY Newest Gripper Anti Slip Profile

FRMMY Newest Gripper Anti Slip Profile

The newest non slip rug pad is the perfect solution to stop rugs from sliding and help stop carpets from sliding. The double-sided anti-slip silicone gel grips provide absolutely anti-skid for maximum grip and traction. Non-adhesive rug pads are made of premium felt and silicone materials for long- lasting quality, they don't mark or stain floor finishes, and they protect the floor from rough rug backing. Ultra low profile rug can be trimmed to fit carpet sizes. Non slip grip pad is easy to install and works on all surfaces. It is suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions. It cannot be used on damp floors. Non slip grip pad is easy to install and works on all surfaces. It is suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions. It cannot be used on damp floors.

Brand: I Frmmy

👤I love this rug pad. I needed one for the kitchen rug and hallway runner. We have bamboo in the hallway and cork in the kitchen. We did not need extra padding, we just needed non slip. This pad is perfect for both people. I was worried that the water in the kitchen sink would cause latex backed pads to break and cause damage to the floors. The rubbery material on this pad does not look like it will cause any damage to the floors. The dots are on both sides, so they stick to the floor. I cut the big pad to fit the rugs. It was easy to cut with standard scissors. The rug made it easy to lay down. The rug was laid on top of the pad, with acouole inches of the rug past the edge of the pad and traced around the rug. The pad should be cut along the traced line. I wanted the pad to be smaller on each side than on the rug, so it was. The rugs don't budge. It was perfect!

👤It's amazing... I have been without this for a long time. I used all of the other fixes, including plastic mats and corner huggers. This is amazing. I was skeptical. It's thin and I didn't think it would work. I was wrong. It is thin, but it has grippers that hold it in place. I have it under a rug at the kitchen door, which is a very busy area. The rug hasn't moved since I put it under it. I can't believe it. If you're on the fence, buy this. It's great. It took me a long time to find something that actually works after trying many things that claimed to hold a rug in place.

👤This is a game-changing event! I have been without this rug for a long time. I had a different type of carpets and they were still sliding, and the liner was always showing. I could tell the difference when I moved the rug on top of the liner. I am ecstatic that my rugs are staying in place. If you are wondering if it works on tile, I have tile floors. It works well!

👤This stuff is amazing. So happy with it! Cut down the size of the biggest pad to fit the different projects. It was used on the base of the cabinets in our trailer. They would slide if you sat on them. Well no more! The leather hide-a-bed couch has cushions that slide out, so it's a good idea to cut a pad to go under them. After two years of frustration, they now stay in place. It's a good idea to put some under the rug on our Trex deck because it will stay in place and be helpful for our old dog as he tries to stand up after his nap as it used to move on him and cause him struggles. I bought another one to put under some other rugs because I was excited when some of the sizes were a prime day deal. It's worth it to keep your furniture in place.

5. Eanpet Non Slip Reversible Waterproof Non Toxic

Eanpet Non Slip Reversible Waterproof Non Toxic

The folding baby play mat is easy and convenient to use. Extra thick foam tiles are smaller than the folded mat to be kept under the bed to save space. The material is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Extra thick foam tiles can prevent kids from being injured when they jump, skip hop and creeping. The design of the baby playmat is colorful and cute. The baby boy and baby girl will love playing on this carpet. The play mat is easy to clean after children play. The baby rug is great to use outside. There are many used for: kid's playroom, nursery decoration, nursery bedding, nursery rug/floor mat, yoga, baby activity center, newborn baby room, bedroom, living room, kindergarten, yoga room and more. There are many used for: kid's playroom, nursery decoration, nursery bedding, nursery rug/floor mat, yoga, baby activity center, newborn baby room, bedroom, living room, kindergarten, yoga room and more.

Brand: Eanpet

👤The lack of reviews made me nervous. There is a reverse side with another design. It fits the playpen I got. It makes tummy time a lot better for my baby since it puts a layer between the hardwood floor and her tummy time mats.

👤I took pictures of the alternate side to give an idea of what it would look like, even though the listing does not. It was a decent foam mat that is better than the floor, but it could have been thicker. The mat is the right size for our yard. May you get another mat or carpet to put underneath. If you clean it quickly, it won't soak in.

👤The mat is very large. It's bigger than I anticipated. It's a great value to fit the dollar. I am very happy. It will fit the room perfectly. Once the area is arranged, will update with pics. There is a The material can be wiped off easily. It was super satisfied.

👤The mat is good. Not very thick. It would make it less portable. Unless you are covering the entire room, it is a good size. It is easy to clean. The carry bag is terrible. That is out of the way. Look at the picture. Someone doesn't know how to spellcheck.

👤My daughter likes this playmat. It is perfect for her to learn how to crawl. I would like it to be a little thicker. She cried like crazy when she fell over on my floors. I put it on top of my rug. She is good to go even if she falls.

👤My 10 month old grandson has a good tummy time. The padded mat has made crawling easier for him. If he tips over from crawling, it protects him. This is a relief for grandma. The bright designs on either side of the mat make him want to jump up and down. It's easy to keep the mat clean. The mat fits perfectly in my small home. It's convenient to put it in it's own bag and fold it up. When I pull the mat out my grandson is happy. He knows it's time to play.

👤My baby loves this mat. I like that it has two sides. My son is trying to grab the fishes and designs on the mat. It is comfortable enough for my husband and I to get down on the mat to play with the baby. It is easy to clean no fading when wiped down.

👤If you have carpet floors, this mat is perfect, but if you have wood floors, it's not padded enough to protect your child's head when they fall down. If you have wood floors, a rug underneath it would be a good idea.

👤So disappointed. We received a small mat that was half the size of the large one in the picture. This is a scam. So disappointed!

👤I am still in love with this product despite it being 1/2 inch thick. The mat has a non slip grip and is high quality. There is a We used smaller foam tiles that were hard to put together. The baby pulls the tiles apart. This... It is a huge foam tile. I would recommend this over smaller foam tiles. The design is bright and fun. I didn't know it was changeable with another bright design. That was an added bonus. There is a My baby is getting used to crawling and standing on this mat. It was folded up in a carry bag. I could travel with this.

6. Aurrako Hardwood Carpeted Adhesive Underlay

Aurrako Hardwood Carpeted Adhesive Underlay

Even with cats and dogs running around, the area rugs stay in place. rug pad grippers are non-adhesive and will not stain your floors. It is made of premium PVC and is used to make saftey. It works great for slipping couch cushions and mattresses. The rug pad is cushiony. There is a wide selection of sizes to choose from. The rug pad is easy to install. You can trim their pad with a household scissor. Place the nuLOOM rug on top and trim off any excess material. Small pieces and extra can be used to open jars. There is no more slippery runner carpet. Adding support and keeping rugs in place is accomplished by the runner rug pads mat. It will add years to your rug's life. The open weave design of the rug pad makes it easy to clean. ! There is a warning Place on a clean floor. Make sure the rug is flat. Do not use rug pads on the stairs. Not intended for use on carpets, vinyl, lacquers, or other surfaces. Before using a rug pad, check the directions from the floor manufacturer. The living room, dining room, and bedroom are great size for decorating your home. It is guaranteed that it is made in the USA or Imported. Their 12 year no questions asked guarantee is what you will get with today's purchase. It is guaranteed that it is made in the USA or Imported. Their 12 year no questions asked guarantee is what you will get with today's purchase.

Brand: Flow.month

👤The mat material was a bit odorous when it was put together, but it was gone after a day. The mat in my video is very strong and dural. I tried it on a wooden bench and it wasn't a problem. The grid design can be used as a rug pad, but also as a chest of drawers, and I like it very much.

👤This is a great product. It was very hard. We put down a 3x5 rug to protect some of our hardwood floors because we have a German Shepard dog. The previous rug gripper did not grip and slid all around. This one is amazing. While doggo runs in a circle, stays in tact.

👤The rug pad is used to keep a rug in place. It was very easy to handle. I was surprised to see how thin it was. If you want more of a cushion under your rug, don't buy this. It is about the thickness of two sheets of card paper. The thickness and the size of the sheer were attached to the photo. If you have a rug with a hard/rough backing that would push through many other mats that I window shopped that have the traditional # netting pattern with larger gaps, the netting is very dense and perfect. The thickness allows you to double the pad under if you want to avoid cutting it for some reason. It's a word. It is a rug for a wood floor. I would get it again.

👤I put the pad under the rug to keep it in place. The rug was secure without the pad. I didn't expect it to add cushion since it was the least expensive pad I could find. It was easy to put in place and larger than the rug. I cut it to size with kitchen scissors. I easily set it up and the carpet is staying in place despite no dancing or active dogs.

👤I bought this to put under the rug. It doesn't have a good grip and my rugs are either bunch up or slide around. I needed something that would keep the carpets in place.

👤I've never used a rug pad before. I was expecting more. I bought two of them and they are holding a rug in my kitchen. I'm still fixing the rugs daily even though they aren't great. The rugs aren't moving across the kitchen but they do slip around a little and I often find the rug trying to move off the rug pad. I think I'm not entirely impressed. Do they work? Does it hold the rug in place? Would I buy again? No.

👤I bought a seat pad to sit on at a sport event. I found it sliding on my leather seats in my car, as if I use it a boost. There is a The non slip pad was a great solution for the seat pad. This was not a lost cause anymore. It's super durable. And it was a success!

7. NuLOOM AFPD01A Premium Friendly Non Slip

NuLOOM AFPD01A Premium Friendly Non Slip

100% recycled synthetic fibers. The material is 100% recycled. It protects hardwood floors and premium tile from foot traffic. Keeping your rug in place is important. It can be trimmed to fit any rug. No moist barrier.

Brand: Nuloom

👤I needed a rug pad that wouldn't stain or scratch my LVT plank. I was told not to buy rubber or latex products so I don't have much choice. I didn't want a thick pad. The thin pad does the job. It is easy to trim, and I just ordered another one in a different size.

👤I was not sure what I was expecting when I bought this. I didn't get it. The pad is paper thin. Adds no more lushness to your rug. It holds your rug in place. If you want to add volume to your rug, get something else.

👤The rug pad has helped my dog with his slip and slide in the living room. It has a good grip.

👤This has changed the way we look at things. A family with dogs.

👤The photo and rug placement were bad. The dog ran through there. The pad is not great. It's thick enough to offer some insulation. I would expect more from its thickness. It's a bit thicker than a pencil. You can see a pad with an oval rug in the picture. I'll use a carpenter's knife to trim that down. There is a It moves around a lot. It doesn't offer any traction at all. Not on tile. The brand on hard wood doesn't move. I would not buy this again.

👤I didn't think I needed a rug pad for my new 5x8 rug, but when I and my toddler kept slipping around on it, I had to use one of those foam pads for a smaller rug. I ordered this one. I was tempted to go cheap again and get a foam one, but this rug pad fit perfectly from jump and has done a beautiful job keeping the new rug in place. I had no issues moving my dining table back on to the rug. Everything feels more secure and comfortable because of this little addition. Highly recommended.

👤Adding a cushion under the rug will keep it from moving.

👤The product is more expensive than other alternatives, but it is also better. The interface between your rug and your floor is what you should remember when thinking about a rug pad. A lot of time will go by before you think about this pad. I think a rug pad is worth spending money on. There is a This rug pad is what I need. It holds my rug down perfectly, and it doesn't move. It uses small bubbles on the lower side to adhere to the floor, and a textured fabric on the top side to stick to the rug. There is a It did not have a smell like some other products. It has very little thickness and padding. Don't expect a luxury padding experience and buy this to prevent your rug from moving.

👤The product is not soft. The rug does not get anything from it. It's not worth the cost to keep the rug from sliding. If you want to put something under a rug for comfort look elsewhere.

8. Mohawk Ultra Premium Recycled Floors

Mohawk Ultra Premium Recycled Floors

The materials aredurable. This rug pad is made in America and is made with sustainable felt. There is a defense contingency. The rug pad will add comfort to your rug. It's available in both a small and a large size for additional comfort. This pad is available in a wide variety of rug sizes, but can be tailored. If you want to fit your rug's size, cut this pad to be 1-2 inches shorter than the perimeter. It is easy to clean. Simply spot clean any spills or accidents with a mild detergent or professionally clean the rug pad. The rug pad is not machine washed. The rug pads are designed to be used under area rugs that are anchored down by heavy items such as furniture, large household décor pieces, or heavier area rugs. This type of rug pad is not meant to stop rugs from slipping. Try the felt with latex backing. The rug pads are designed to be used under area rugs that are anchored down by heavy items such as furniture, large household décor pieces, or heavier area rugs. This type of rug pad is not meant to stop rugs from slipping. Try the felt with latex backing.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤I was not sure if this pad would make a difference. We have hardwood floors that are laid over concrete and have been living without a pad under our rug. I wanted the half-inch pad but didn't feel like paying $200 for an 8x10 I bought this one at around $50. It's a relief to step onto my rug. I know my rug will last longer because of the improvement in the "Cush" of the rug. I have a sofa and other furniture that holds it down, so I can't speak for the slippiness. The fit was perfect for me. The 1/2 inch pad would have created a trip hazard and this one is just right.

👤This works well. The felt adds cushion to the floor. It slips easily on the floors so only use large area rugs that can hold furniture. Buy the one that has a grip added. The 8X11 was cut perfectly for me. This fabric is woven and stretches naturally, so it's not like it's not 8X11 at all. You can tailor it to match your rug with a little extra. The previous comments about being in the woven felt are not good. The recycled fabric is small and does not affect the performance of the product. This was better than I expected and some people love to complain.

👤You don't know what to think when you read reviews. This pad is great. It was very soft and a little thicker than what was stated. I am sure that it will compress over time with carpet and furniture. I have to trim around two sides. I laid my carpet on top of one another. I tried a pair of scissors and they didn't work. I tried my sewing shears and they didn't work. The thick carpet did not go all the way to the floor, but you need to be careful if you press too hard, it will go all the way. The scissors were easy to use once it was scored.

👤There are better options. I decided to be cheap because rugs are so expensive to begin with and this one has good reviews. I tripped over my rug. I decided to buy a rug pad. There are many things that I don't like. It is felt on both sides. I thought it had both non slip and felt 2, and I was sure I had read that. Can be cut with scissors. I had two types of scissors, but neither made any progress. I had to use an exacto knife which was messy and not easy to use. I found out that fabric scissors are the best. I don't know anything about anyone else. I'm lying around. There are 3 more I was hoping that this would help with my coffee table, which I have with castors, and it bunches up if I move it. It makes it slightly softer. I already cut it because it was too much of a hassle to return. I was very disappointed that I spent $50 on it. I could have put that towards something that met my needs.

9. LEEVAN Bohemian Geometric Bathroom Enterway

LEEVAN Bohemian Geometric Bathroom Enterway

If you want to prevent falls, place the floor on a clean, dry floor. Make sure the rug is flat. Do not use the rug pad on the stairs. The manufacturer's directions should be checked to make sure the rug pad won't hurt the floor. 2' X 4.3' 100% Natural Unbleached Cotton Handmade woven with block printed surface isversible for double wear. The LeEVAN floor mat design is a blend of modern colors and bohemian designs, each rug is completely unique. Not stick hair, eco- friendly, fastness, safety and environmental protection, fashion-forward design and pattern brings any space to life, eye-catching pattern design rug distinct accent to your existing decor for best visual impact. The rug is perfect for a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, and can be put under a coffee table, a small dining set, or an entryway. Easy care. Machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle and quick drying, stays the same and as new after every wash, keep durable and long time use.

Brand: Leevan

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Love the neutral colors. It looks good in my kitchen. A good deal for a runner. I didn't have to clean the rug. yet. It is advertised as being clean. If you will be using the rug on tile or hard wood floors, you might need rug tape.

👤I put this under my front door. I wanted something that would be machine-washable so that I could just throw it in and it would clean up. It gets wet frequently and so far, so good! I'm giving it an A+, but I will definitely change it if things change.

👤The quality is 4.5/6 and the value is 4.5/6. The weave of this rug is very strong. The texture of the rug is correct according to the pictures that they have posted. It has a similar texture but is slightly softer. The tassels are a bit thicker than the rest of the rug and are rugged. The dimensions shown in their pictures are slightly distorted, and I think the rug is longer in person.

👤I love this rug. I did not know how soft it would be. I was expecting an outdoor rug to be thicker, like an indoor rug. I almost didn't want to put it outside, but it looks great! I would love to have another one inside of my house.

👤I bought three different sizes and all are described. The natural fiber is woven and knotted. The tassels are not very big to trim with scissors. Have not washed them yet. I will use a gentle cycle and hang to dry if they shrink.

👤Our bathroom has the perfect size rug. It looks great, it lays flat and dries quickly. I would recommend this rug for high traffic areas.

👤This rug is beautiful. It is not black. When I ordered it, I didn't know. I would have kept it. I can not do white rugs. I have too many kids. I would have to wash it. It would be cute in a bedroom.

👤I got a 3x5 size for my floor. I was able to trim the pad a few inches. I wanted the rug to be machine washed and cotton because it looked like a photo. It will get a lot of traffic from socks.

👤The carpet is soft and pretty. I needed a non slip pad. I did not clean it yet, but it should not be a problem. The price is high but I like it.

👤It is a cute rug, but it is a little bumpy in the centre part, which is why it doesn't sit completely flat on the floor. I chose the reverse side because I didn't like the black, etc. I saw it in person.

👤De la base de la tarja, porque Siempre ando descalza Muy bonito.

👤Me gust mucho antes del tiempo estimado, pero no tengo ninguna.

👤I put it in front of a fire place to cover the flooring that is ugly. It is as advertised. I like it!

10. NuLOOM Non Slip Rug Pad White

NuLOOM Non Slip Rug Pad White

100% of the material is coated with a Polyester. The material is made in China. This rug pad is built to last and will help protect your flooring. Adding an extra level of thickness and padding under your rug will give you extra comfort.

Brand: Nuloom

👤The listing doesn't state that this can't be used on wood. I had to come back.

👤I purchased the used, like new item from the Amazon Warehouse at half price. It was in the original packaging. Very happy. The rug pad works well.

👤I had to move my martial arts classes to a shared space because of Covid. I bought cheap pads to protect the floor from the noise of the workout bags in the new space. The bags moved all over when adults worked them. I bought this to place under the pads to hold them in space on the floor and on top of the pads to hold the bags in place. These are working well for this application.

👤This rug pad doesn't work. I have it under a runner and I have to adjust the rug constantly. I ordered the gorilla rug pad, hoping it will work. It might work on carpet but not on tile floors.

👤The floor is not the rug. I bought rugs from the same company, but they still move on the floor after the rug pad is added. The rug keeps moving despite the fact that the pad grips them great.

👤I was a little suspicious of this because it didn't have many reviews, but I'm happy to say the rug pad is exactly as advertised. It fits my rug perfectly and keeps it in place. It adds a nice cushion to the rug. Shipping was fast. No complaints!

👤I was surprised by the good reviews of the nuLOOM Non-Slip Grip Rug Pad. The product did not work. It was not sticky at all. I put it under my rug and it slipped around. Save your time and money by looking elsewhere.

👤Does not keep the rug in place. Cushioning is fine, but it slips around. I bought more rug stick squares to hold the rug in place.

11. Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Mohawk Home Surface Hardwood Surfaces

Non-SLIP GRIP: The rubber backing side of the rug is slip resistant and helps to keep the rug smooth on the floor, as well as helping to prevent slipping, bunching, and wrinkling. Long-lasting protection. The felt surface and latex backing will protect your flooring from long-term damage, such as scratches, punctures, and other types of wear. The floor has certain limitations. Place the rug pad beneath the rug with the felt side down. Place the pad under the rug with the rubber side facing down. CUSHION VARIETY: The rug pad is available in two thicknesses, 14” and 3/8” TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches. TILE SIZING: The rug pad can be tailored using scissors to fit any size in between by cutting 2 inches smaller than the rug size. The rug is short by 1-2 inches.

Brand: Mohawk Home

👤Over the years, I have purchased rug pads for a variety of surfaces. This was the biggest mistake I've made. The rug stationery is not kept by the pad. The description states that it works on carpets. It doesn't. I thought I was getting a superior product when I spent more on this pad. I ordered the pads I've used in the past which work better and are less expensive than this one. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤It was better than I expected. I didn't expect much from a 1/2 inch pad, but once I had it under the runner, I could feel the difference. I knew I had to trim it down when I bought it. I tried using my heavy duty shears, but they wouldn't cut cleanly, and I had to work hard to cut just a couple of inches. I used my utility knife and it worked. The knife cut quickly and cleanly. I bought a pad to keep my runner from sliding. The rug doesn't cling to the pad when being walked on, so it still moves and slides off the pad, even though the pad doesn't shift or move. I bought some rug tape to make it stick. I'm satisfied with the purchase and would recommend this pad, even though I had to take the extra step. It took 2 tries to get the correct size, but it was easy to return the wrong one, and the replacement came just as quickly as the original.

👤It was difficult to cut this thing to match my runner, but after all was said and done, it was definitely better than I had anticipated. My dogs were running all over it, so I was fixing it. That was really annoying. Since I put it down, it hasn't budged. It's a little thick, and so my rug made it doubly thick, but it's what it is. Either that or keep fixing the rug. This thing feels like fiberglass and should be kept away from children and animals.

👤We ordered this liner after reading reviews. When we are in the kitchen, it feels nice. The rug on top slides around as other reviewers stated, but it sticks to the floor well. It is not dangerous, only slides a little now and then, but the rug needs to be re-positioning almost daily. I wouldn't recommend this product for that purpose.

👤The rug pad is for hardwood floors. I've bought this exact same pad for every rug in my home for over a decade. The rubber grips the hardwood floor and the felt side sticks to the rug, preventing any slipping, while adding some nice padding to your rug. It is easy to cut to size. You should cut the pad smaller than the rug.

👤I have a runner pad. The rug moved off the pad when it was walked on, exposing the pad along the edges. I had to buy double sided tape to keep it from happening. Others said it was difficult to cut. I bought a pair of shears that were too dull to cut. There are a lot of expenses to add a rug pad.


What is the best product for eco friendly rug pad felt?

Eco friendly rug pad felt products from Zc Gel. In this article about eco friendly rug pad felt you can see why people choose the product. Enjoy Holiday 1981 and Tjwodo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly rug pad felt.

What are the best brands for eco friendly rug pad felt?

Zc Gel, Enjoy Holiday 1981 and Tjwodo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly rug pad felt. Find the detail in this article. I Frmmy, Eanpet and Flow.month are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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