Best Eco Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Sets

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1. Peach Not Plastic Shampoo Strengthening

Peach Not Plastic Shampoo Strengthening

This vegan plant-based solid shampoo bar is packed with Monoi oil to cleanse and help improve hair strength and elasticity, starting from the scalp for healthy, strong strands. You can save the planet if you have great hair. The harsh sulfates at the door of Peach's Strengthening shampoo bar do not strip your hair and scalp of your natural oils. The silky coconut-derived foaming agents work just like your regular cleanser. 1 bar is equivalent to 2 plastic bags. The bar can be used for as long as 2 bottles of liquid hair cleanser. You can save up to 5 plastic bottles from the landfill. That's pretty good of you! Great hair and great vibes. Peach not Plastic's hair care line has effective formulas and delightful scents. There is a new era of plastic-free hair. Because it looks good on you! Peach's hair care bars are made in small batches using a low-waste and low energy process, so no two bars look the same. Here's to good hair!

Brand: Peach Not Plastic

👤I tired of the bars. I have long, thick and permed hair. It took some time and patience to complete this process. Yes, the cleanser lathers with some work applied. I lifted my hair and ran the bar through my head to get in. I washed my hair after lathering the bar in my hands. I did the same thing. It is necessary to get enough into the hair with patience. The process took about 10 minutes because of my hair type. My wet hair was very soft but not slippery as it would have been if I had used a brand conditioner. I always blow dry my hair overhead, even in the cold weather, if I would have let it dry without the heat of a blow dryer. As it dried, it felt silky to the touch. The volume was comparable to using regular hair products. One picture has no other product added first. I wanted to see what it would look like before I flew away. I wanted to see what the results would be without the leave in conditioner product I use to tame it down. The picture with my usual leave in conditioner, even though it was dried, was enough to define the curl better with less fizz, flyaway, and the static business that could possibly occur later. I would have to say it is decent. There is no peach smell to it. This is not for people who use fruity or scented products. The jury is out during winter. It might be different when the humidity is high. This might be good for you, because it feels light after, compared to the weightiness of regular hair care products.

👤It came a couple of days later than promised. There is a It has a bad toxic smell. You think of those natural smelling Bath& Body products when it sayspeach. That is nothing like that. It has nothing to do with peaches. The soap bars that are a dollar or so for a pound are sold at Walmart as laundry detergent. There is a You should expect a bag that can be used to store it and something that is water proof. That is nothing like that. There was no plastic wrap. The container was soaked with melted soap. It's probably from the humidity during transportation. It would not be a good idea to return it.

👤The first thing to know. It smells great! It takes some getting used to using a bar to wash my hair. I like it. I have thick, but fine hair, so I need a good conditioner and cleanser. I condition the lengths after I wash my hair. This doesn't make my hair itch. There is an update. I was contacted by the seller and offered another bar. The seller pays attention to its customers. I will try to fit it into my budget, despite the fact that theconditioner is not as good.

👤I was not sure if I would like using this because most natural shampoos are heavy and leave my hair limp. This suds up well, has a light scent, and rinses out great. It looks like it will last a while. Great for my hair and environment.

2. Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar Auromere Rejuvenating

Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar Auromere Rejuvenating

ECO-FRIENDLY: made with all natural and bio-degradable ingredients, handmade by a small cottage industry in India, and offered in 100% Zero-Waste packaging. All in one is a great way to wash and lather up. It's perfect for travel, gym bag, camping, and on-the-go lifestyles, or just as a quick and simple hair and body cleansing solution. The benefits of neem, the premier ingredient for hair and skin care, have been known for centuries. The village pharmacy in India is named after the nee tree. Clean and pure. Auromere soaps and bars are vegan friendly and made without the use of artificial fragrances, dyes, or bleaches. The ingredients are free of harmful substances. Auromere is owned and operated by a non-profit organization. 10% of all Auromere profit is donated to Auroville, the City of Human Unity.

Brand: Auromere

👤It's my favorite bar of all time. My hair feels clean and bouncy after using the shears. Doesn't leave it messy. I found this at tj maxx and will never use regular hair products again.

👤The bar lathers up well when you rub it with your hands, and only takes a few nibbles on the hair. Your hair is very soft, not sure that is good? The bar arrived in a plastic bag, and the cardboard package it was in was placed in another plastic bag. The main reason I am moving to bars is to not use so much plastic.

👤I wanted a bar for traveling. It did a good job. I felt like I would eventually need a conditioner as my hair was so clean. I didn't care for it as a body bar. After I got out of the shower, my skin felt a bit dry. It's not good for use on the privates because it burns. It's a little too harsh for my liking.

👤The bar smells great! When I used it on my hair, it was soft. My hair was dry and clean after I washed it out. It felt like you were cleaning a piece of tupperware. My hair was not straight. I wouldn't recommend this product for black girls. I used it as a body wash.

👤I hated this bar the first time I used it. You want to be careful not to use too much. The scent is strong. If you have chemical fragrance sensitivities, you don't have to worry. It's hard to wash out if you use too much. You don't want to lather it in your hands, but you want to wash your hair. The soap is enough to clean the ends. Rine is named Rine. The process should be repeated. It's better to wash a few times than to lather up. The scent when you do it this way is very pleasant. I use a homemade rinse and/or gel conditioner. Your hair is a little sticky until it dries.

👤The best smelling hair product ever! I went to Zero Waste and was making my own products. My hair looked light at first. I ordered this and I am very happy. I don't need a rinse or conditioner. I will be ordering again.

👤I opened the mailing bag and was amazed at the smell. The smell is similar to neutrogena's rain bath and aveda products. My hair feels full again, it's like it's lioness mane, because I'm on a medication that makes me lose some hair. I have only used it once. I've never used a bar like that. So far, so good, I'm going to take this traveling, it should be good, won't spill in luggage. If anything changes, I will update the review. My hair is not oily. It's long and wavy. I have a dry hair and it helps keep my natural wave. If it gets in your eyes, close your eyes. Can't wait to get in the shower and smell it again.

3. Foamie Travel Sustainable Conditioner Shampoo

Foamie Travel Sustainable Conditioner Shampoo

If you want to take your conditioner bars with you on your travels, there is no space to hang them up. Meet their travel companion! The Foamie Travel Buddy is a lightweight travel box for solid hair products. The Travel Buddy is an innovative travel box that keeps your bars separate from residual water. It is easy to clean with theremovable inlay. The waterproof design keeps care products dry and leak-proof. For conscious travels with less trash. The Foamie Travel Buddy lid has a seal that is 100% waterproof. The box is made from wheatstraw and recycled material. Think Outside The Bottle: FOAMIE was launched in Germany and quickly found love around the world. Thanks to their innovative design, tongue-in-cheek communication, and striking designs. They want to change the bathroom with less plastic solutions that work.

Brand: Foamie

👤The soap holder is cute and we love that it's recycled, but the blue strip separated from the base early on. We only took it on one trip. The blue strip can easily be opened during travel.

👤The container was perfect for traveling with foamie bars. The tray is very nice.

👤The parts fall apart and don't fit soap very well.

👤It was shipped quickly. I want a bar of soap that will fit in it. I don't use it often so it will probably be thrown in a drawer. It is small.

👤I love taking my bar soaps with me. It prevents them from getting fat.

👤It was for traveling. I'm home now, so use it. I like it.

👤Use this for bike riding. Works well!

👤Unless you take off the drainer, soaps that are higher than 2 cm won't fit.

👤Passend zum Haarseife und Conditioner von Foamie ist es insgesamt. Im Gegensatz ist die seifenbox von Foamie und die nasse seife. The Pluspunkt is absoluter. The Box ist gut gereinigt. There is a The Travel Box is 100% wasserdicht sei. Solange Ihren Box, die von Zweck ist, sondern die nasse Seife. There is a Ich htte in der Travel Box, wo I Conditioner and Shampoo von Foamie verstauen. I brauche fr jede Travel Box. There is a I finde the Seifenbox von Foamie super!

👤Die seifenbox ist aus, die beispielsweise bei der nicht funktionierenden. There is a verbunden. Man hat 3 Teile in der Hand, die man in den Deckel ist. Man den Gummiring ist die Konstruktionsfehler, die dadurch behoben ist. Im Fall ist die Seifenbox. There is a Von wegen Nachhaltig. Man damit in anfangen.

👤I got two of these for my shaving soap and stain removal bar. I can put the stain removal under the sink and it won't leak.

👤The design is really great. Sometimes it comes apart in my washbag. It would be better if the blue bit was attached at one side.

👤A handy container for soap. It is easy to take top off when you are in the shower.

4. Kitsch Pro Nourishing Shampoo Bar

Kitsch Pro Nourishing Shampoo Bar

High-quality hair care. Kitsch Pro's Castor Oil Nourishing Shampoo Bar is made with pure essential oils and bio-based ingredients that balance the PH in your hair. Healthier results: The ingredients in the Shampoo Bar will make your hair soft and strong, which will make it look healthy. It makes hair easier to untangle. This bar is gentle enough for washing your hair on a daily basis and free of harmful ingredients. This bar is not cold-pressed to provide the proper PH balance to keep your hair hydrated and nourished, and it does not contain any oils that are saponified. There is zero-wheat packing. Save the equivalent of two bottles for every bar you use. They have been working for several months to find a way to take those salon-quality ingredients and concentrate them into a bar.

Brand: Kitsch

👤I opened my package the second time. The smell of the bar is amazing. It smells clean and luxurious to me. This bar smells better than all of the other products on the market, and I worked in a salon that had the most expensive hair products on the market. It's rich girl hair in a package that reduces two plastic bottles. There is a Kitsch, please make a dry wash and body oil for this smell. Maybe a candle. This isn't a cheap, fruity smell from a drug store, this is your daughter's herbal essence shampoo. There is a I hung the bag on the hook from my shower caddy because it was not sitting in water. I like how it lathers with the bag. I love bringing this bar because it is a body soap and hair soap in one. I brought half of the bar with me for my travel kit. If you want more lather, lather up the bar in your hands first, I don't like rubbing the bar on my head.

👤I feel like my hair smells like wood. It isn't my favorite thing. I like the smell of cedar wood essential oil, but it isn't what I want to smell like as a woman. It could be a little bit of Ho wood, or it could be something else. Some women like a wood smell, but it seems masculine to me. I asked my friend if my hair smelled like a man and she said it didn't. It was a very natural scent. I was impressed with how my hair looked. I used the conditioner bar from this company. The bar lathered well and was easy to clean. I conditioned in the shower and then ran the conditioning bar back through my lengths to use as a leave-in after reading the instructions. I usually use a leave in conditioner followed by a hair gel to form my waves, so I used the same method here and followed up with the same hair gel I normally use. My hair looked great and felt great despite the fact that my pattern seemed to be loose. I would continue to use this product if it weren't for my dislike for the scent. The cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials. I am not sure if they can be because the inside of the box has a high gloss finish. If this info was helpful, please hit the button.

👤I don't use any hair care products. I wash with conditioner. When I switched to conditioner bars, I found that they don't always cleanse my hair as well as bottled conditioner. My roots looked greasy and I debated. Is it a good idea to go back to bottled conditioner? Is there a way to stick with the eco-friendly bar conditioner? I decided to try adding a bar to my routine, but I was hesitant as I had tried a bar before and it made my hair feel like straw. This one was amazing. It made my hair soft and clean. Absolutely cannot recommend enough! I love the Kitsch brand conditioner bar. This bar feels different than a lot of other bars because it feels like bar soap on your hair. If you've ever tried a bar and hated it, give it a try.

5. Rice Water Hair Growth Shampoo

Rice Water Hair Growth Shampoo

The all-in-one product which gently cleanse, fertilize your hair and scalp is the inspiration for the hair fertilizer effect. This bar is made with rich ingredients to restore the beauty of hair. Special ingredients for hair care. The bar contains rice water and natural oils which will nourish your hair. They avoided ingredients that can irritate your skin. Customers with sensitive skin can use their bar. The volume of one bar is equal to 3 bottles of liquid. The 5oz bar is larger and lasts longer than other bar products, which makes it a better value. One bar is equivalent to about 3 bottles of liquid shampoo. 5oz volume is longer lasting than other bars, giving you more bang for your buck. Good things are in small packages. Their bar has the best of both worlds. They aim to be a sustainable beauty brand. The bar is made with natural ingredients. They use sugar cane paper for their eco friendly packaing. Solid is better than Liquid.

Brand: Mimosu

👤I wanted to give an honest review so I waited a bit. I have naturally curly Hawaiian/African-American hair that grows out rather than down. I have been using this product for about a year now, and I can say that I have noticed growth in my hair. Tension baldness caused by putting my hair up in ponytails during my youth has caused some areas of my hair to regrowth. I am very pleased with the results of this bar and will purchase it again.

👤I love this bar. It lathers up with rich suds and rinses easily, making my hair feel thicker from the start, and ridding my head of all the "sandy" feeling on my head. It has a clean smell so it doesn't compete with my other fragrances and it doesn't attract insects the way some fragrances do.

👤This product is amazing. It leaves my hair clean. When I wash the drain, there is no hair. Will definitely order again.

👤This has made my head itch and break out. Even with conditioner use, my hair feels gluey.

👤My hair is long and thin, it has a light scent, and it adds a lot of body to my hair that lasts a long time. I will buy this again.

👤This has been a magic experience for me because I have been fighting with oily skin for more than 8 years. I have tried many products and nothing worked. I am very happy.

👤I like it because it makes my hair soft.

👤It took me a long time to find these bars, but they are perfect for my hair. They condition my hair just enough so that it isn't weighed down, and they lather up easily. I am fine with the fact that I will probably have to add a bit of leave-in conditioner in the winter. I am stocking up on this product and recommend it to others. 3

6. Volumize Shampoo Control Sulfate Free Product

Volumize Shampoo Control Sulfate Free Product

No plastic, ever. They never use plastic of any kind in the packaging of their products. Hello HiBAR, goodbye plastic. Saol-QUALITY FORMULA. They need a plastic-free product that is up there with the best, they believe to help save the world from single-use plastic. It means that colored hair is safe. There are three types of hair. Volumize for thin or lifeless hair if you maintain for normal or oily hair. Their maintain formula uses honeyquat and shea butter to make your hair shine, their moisturize formula uses coconut oil and rice protein to nourish your hair, and their volumize formula uses African dates and vitamins B5 and C. All without being weighed down. Girl method-friendly. All of their bars are gentle to curly hair. It is long-lasting and fun to use. A bar can be as long as a bottle. Customers have been using the same bar for over six months. The compact design is excellent for travel and it is easy to hold. The scent is derived from a blend of essential oils.

Brand: Hibar

👤I have been using this solid hair product for a while. The actual formula is very good. It does not weigh hair down. It does what it says it will do. The scent is mild and pleasant. I hate the shape of the bar, and it's mild. It's pretty. It's fine to hold, but I don't think it's a good idea to rub it on your head. The round shape is what I prefer. I think the bar is weird and confusing, but I don't think it's an improvement over the others. I still recommend this low-waste, efficient, effective hair product. Over the course of a long period of time, I have tried many of them, and this one is by far the best.

👤I have been using this for several months and I love it. It works well and lasts a long time. I am not happy about the fact that my hair is wrapped in plastic.

👤Dry, oily hair. I have tried all of the products. Even YL and Monat. These little bars have changed my life. Really. I have good hair all the time. I used the Volumize Shampoo for two rounds and loved it. It is summer. I tried the conditioner because my hair was getting dry from being outside all day. I have always hated conditioner. The way it made my hair flat was not good. There is a They are not in plastic bottles and last a long time. I use a soap dish in my shower. There is a One more thing, you know how a product can make your hair look dull. These don't. I love these things.

👤I like this one better than the others I've used. I have thin, very fine hair and it is affected by a lot of detergents. Not this one! Even without styling my hair, it dries naturally. I have to rub a bar of shampoo on my wet hair before I get some foam. I get a nice clean out of it once I have enough on there. I've been using it for a month. I only used half of the bar. A good quality product and a way to eliminate single-use plastic from my life.

👤I love this product. We also have the conditioner. I can say that this product does its job. After every use, my hair is clean and soft. I don't wash my hair everyday. I have colored hair and live in a place with hard water. This product can handle both.

👤I liked this product. I don't have to worry about my hair getting greasy for at least 40 hours with this product, I only wash my hair once every two days. It leaves my hair clean and glossy and my hair gets nice Curls when allowed to dry naturally. Would buy again.

👤I am not sure if the bar is supposed to be covered in a white haze, but we received it. It smells like butter. The smell was described as disgusting by someone in my household. The bar I got does not lather as well as the shape would suggest. I wonder if we received a good or bad bunch. It's ok to leave hair clean but dull. It is not as good as my previous bar from a different brand which did wonders for bringing out the definition of wavy/semi-curly hair. I will probably not buy it again.

7. IndulgeMe Solid Shampoo Conditioner Bar

IndulgeMe Solid Shampoo Conditioner Bar

Zero waste and plastic free. Are you trying to live a plastic free life? The set is made with the planet in mind. 100% plastic free. There are no plastic bottles. This will save up to 3 plastic bottles per bar. The set is made with the best hand made, organic and vegan products. The 2 shampoo bars are free of SLS, Paraben, and other harmful substances. A tea tree bar set is a good way to get the benefits of tea tree oil into your hair. It is possible to get hair that has dried out from using harsh hair treatments with the help of the oil. It is great for fighting hair loss. It will make dull, oily hair shine. It has a sweet, citrus smell. It's easy to take on the go. These bars are ideal for travelling, camping, or taking to the gym. Imagine travelling with only one small product. Say no to palm oil and save the orangutans. Did you know that palm oil is a major driver of the destruction of some of the world's most biodiverse forests, including the Orangutan, Pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino? Products with Palm Oil are not recommended.

Brand: Indulgeme

👤I bought this because I was going to Puerto Rico for 9 days and was going to only bring a carry on bag. This was a great alternative to liquids, and I was able to save 4 bottles for security. One bar lasted longer than my trip. It worked well on my hair, and I have curly, thick, bleached & colored hair that I use a lot of high end products in, so the fact that this didn't destroy my hair texture, wash out my dye quickly, or make it feel gross was a bonus. They smell good and sud up nicely. I ran out of my regular soap at home and opened the second bar, I could use it all the time, I would buy it again.

👤I bought this for camping with my children. My toddler has long hair and it's hard to wash her outside when she's young. I didn't expect her hair to be so soft and shiny, but I was pleasantly surprised. I may be replacing my home products with these bars.

👤The bar smells good. My kids use it to cut down on bottle waste and they remember to put it on a shelf so it doesn't get wet. I don't have to worry about broken off pumps or water being added to bottles. The joy of children. Thanks for making life simpler and smelling great, Indugeme!

👤I was not sure what to expect. Could a bar be used as a body wash? The bar is small. I ran the bar over my wet hair and it sudsed up. It doesn't seem to leave a scent on my straight Asian hair. I didn't need an additional conditioner if my hair was dry. You don't need multiple bottles in an RV or travel. I took off a star because of the price. I don't know how long it will last, I've only used it a couple of times.

👤I didn't have to travel with liquid soap and shampoo because I bought this. Rich lather worked well for both hair and body. If you leave it too wet, it will get gummy, but that is on the user. The travel tin is nice. If you are only looking at a per-ounce cost, this is a bit pricey. You are getting a product that is great for a specific niche. If you want a solid 2-in-1 bath product, I would recommend you to travel with less liquids.

👤I bought these a couple weeks ago and thought I'd use them while traveling. They wash away cleanly, I love them. I came back to buy more and it was more expensive. I've been watching the price go up and down for a week now. It was a bit expensive to start with but I'm not comfortable buying another set. I hope the first one lasts until after vacation. I'm disappointed that the product is having a pricing problem.

👤I was traveling and needed a portable product. I have long hair and this was like washing it with no conditioner. After a month my hair was dried out and stripped of its natural oils.

8. CLEANSING Natural Shampoo Conditioner Sampler

CLEANSING Natural Shampoo Conditioner Sampler

Cleaning and Co is trying to have a plastic-free life. Their bars for hair are made with the planet in mind and are proudly PLASTIC FREE. Their packaging is made from plants. The cleaning and CO bars are made in New Zealand by a small boutique family business which takes pride in providing top quality and sustainable products. VEGAN-FRIENDLY PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Their Shampoo bars are designed for all ages by using their naturally derived ingredients from sustainable products. This bar is a good choice for men, women and kids. A pack of 6 sample size bars for hair comes with 6 unique scents and is designed for all ages. Long lasting and travel friendly. The bars are designed to be long lasting to reduce plastic consumption. The design is small and easy to fit into any carry-on bag. The size and weight were cut down. A great addition to any gym, camping, beach, or overnight bag. They are very confident in the quality of their organic bar. They love using them and they know you will too. Please contact them if you have any issues with your purchase.

Brand: Tawz Cleansing & Co

👤I want to cut our plastic use. I was skeptical. I was expecting it to be fine, you just have to lather it up. I thought the conditioner would fail. I have thick hair. There is a The hair product is fine. Lathers clean my hair. I was surprised by the conditioner. It goes into your hair like a balm, and it's different. After using my hair is soft and light. I like how my hair looks. The products are very cool. My girls like them.

👤I liked that they came in a container that was eco-friendly. They smell good. That is all I liked. The bars have very little of anything that is good for hair in them. I still used them because I didn't want to waste them. It was almost impossible to get the products to work through my hair. The conditioner bars made my hair dry. I think it's due to the amount of alcohol in them. I will not buy again.

👤I was not sure why I thought they would be bigger. My husband wasn't a fan of bars. Didn't lather as well as other brands. It smells pretty!

👤I love these! I got these to see if I could get my hair to grow back. I love the smell and it foams up very quickly.

👤I love that you can try all of the different conditioners before buying a full set. I have only used one so far, but it worked well. Can't wait to try them all.

👤The box wasn't in great condition, as it wasn't wrapped in the soft shipping envelope it came in, and incurred damage in transit. There is no way for me to tell. There is a The bars smell good.

👤Perfect size! The scent combo is great. You can get this if you lather the conditioner a lot.

👤I have long curly hair and it didn't work well with my hair, but it worked great for my mom's straight hair, she was having some hair lost and she now has new growth!

👤I bought this pack because I was unsure what type of bars would work well with my hair, having never used a bar before. I smelled the bars as soon as I opened them. The hair felt silky and smooth after being lathered up. The coconut are favorites in our house, can't wait to try the other ones. I will upgrade to the full size bars when we finish the sample bars. The product came as pictured, thanks to the quick and efficient delivery.

👤Good size. Good variety for a budget sampler. There is a The scent of the purple ones is very sweet to me and makes me sleepy. Bars have a higher ratio of good hair oils. There is a The low price of the sampler is a good thing.

9. VIORI Shampoo Bars Citrus Phthalate Free

VIORI Shampoo Bars Citrus Phthalate Free

The Evoke the Senses is a fresh, fruity-smelling bar. All natural, sulfate-free, and eco-friendly shampoo bars are ethically and sustainable, with 5% of profits donated back to the Red Yao Tribe, from which their rice issourced. Natural benefits include: Strengthens, Rejuvenates, Volumizes, Increases Natural Shine, Repairs, and Gently Cleanses Hair and Scalp. It's best for normal to oily hair. Natural ingredients and their function. Longsheng Rice is a type of rice. Cocoa Butter is soft. The conditions of the butter. Rice Bran Oil and Hydrolyzed Rice Protein increase shine and volume. It is possible to use the word "alacho Vera" to mean "renewal, rejuvenation, repairs, conditions, smooths, increases shine." Smooths, repairs, rejuvenation, and shine are some of the benefits of bamboo. Natural essential oils include mandarin, peach, and vanilla, and are used in the making of fragrance. Their fragrances are free of many potentially hazardous chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, organ toxins, acute toxins, prop 65 chemicals, and any other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Their products are compliant with IFRA.

Brand: Viori

👤People who have severe allergies to scent buy unscented products. There is a I was excited when I found this product, but it wasn't until I got it that I realized it was unscented. There is a The shipping box was perfumed with a flowery perfume scent and the cardboard wrapping on the bar was very perfumed as well. The bar absorbed the scent from the outer wrappings. There is a It is not usable. I had to remove all the packaging from my house so I can't return it. I was very disappointed that I wasted my money.

👤The smell of the bars and the packaging are amazing. The scent I chose was "Terrace Garden". I got the package in time for my shower. When I used it in the shower, I noticed my tangles were easy to deal with, and after applying the condition, my hair was softer and silky. My hair won't feel great in the shower, but not after drying off, because my hair has had time to soak up everything I've used. Not this time. When I was finishing my after shower routine I had to use a little split end saver on my hands and I couldn't stop my hair from growing out. No knots! My hair is soft and smells great. 100/10 would recommend, but it would be 110% and will buy again.

👤I put off buying this product because of the price. Sulfate free products are expensive and stink, and I have Psoriasis at the nape of my head. I bought the fruit. The smell of the citrus is amazing when you open the box. It's not strong, just right. I washed my hair. You don't have to lather it up a lot. Rub through your hair and use your hands to lather it up. When you rinse your hair, it doesn't take as long to rinse as regular shampoos do. My hair is still clean two days later. My skin condition doesn't bother me by scratching. The conditioner bar was purchased by me. I will definitely be buying more of this product.

👤I am washing my hair. I am losing my hair but the smell is nice. I tried to leave a review for the bar shampoo, but the web page doesn't show, so I didn't. It's bad, you can see it by the picture. I used this product for the last time today. I regret buying a set for my son at the viore website because he lost a lot of hair.

👤I liked the smell of the bar, but it didn't clean my hair or my scalp, which is oily, and it dried out my hair. It may be good for other people's hair, but I have coarse hair. My hair dried out after I used this bar. I spent my money on it. I won't use it on my hair again.

👤I wouldn't recommend this product. I lost more hair than I normally do.

👤This product was used for the first time yesterday. The soap lathered well and the conditioner was special. My hair has not felt good in a long time. Will buy again after purchase. My face, neck, and forehead have all broken out in hives. This is the only new item in my routine. My face stays the same. I have a lot of mess from this bar. Absolutely do not recommend it.

10. Ethique Eco Friendly Conditioner Oily Normal Wonderbar

Ethique Eco Friendly Conditioner Oily Normal Wonderbar

Wonderbar is a sulfate-free vegan conditioner bar that can be used as a shaving bar and an in-shower moisturizer. It's best for those with oily hair. The St Clements bar is a good match for this. Natural dehydration. Hydrate hair without adding weight or oil with a wonderful coconut scent. Cocoa butter and coconut oil are used. It is safe for all skin types. Their bars are free of soap and safe for damaged hair. Palm-oil and aluminum are free. Excellent value and eco-friendly. The conditioner bars are packaged in boxes. The bar is good for up to 80 uses. No more plastic bottles. There are products that are safe for the environment. There are no synthetic fragrances, dyes, or silicones. Ethique's full line of hair care, skin care and self care products are made from fair-trade cocoa butter and coconut oil. There are bars for pet and kid hair.

Brand: Ethique

👤I assume that this review is about the ingredients used in your products which claim to be free of palm oil. I was disappointed to find many palm derived materials in your bars. Cetyl alcohol, steary alcohol, stearic acid, decyl glucoside, caprylic/capric triglyceride are not derived from palm oil. I don't know about the Face Sampler because you don't list the ingredients that are against FDA labeling requirements. If you want to sell products that are truly palm free in the US, I will return all products and encourage you to reach out to the Palm Free Council.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews, but I felt obligated to publicly praise this product. I like to A/B test every product in my bathroom, but after trying ethique, I don't need another conditioner. I have strict requirements, and this bar performs better than I expected. It's a great price for how long it lasts. There is a Despite being a bar, it's easy to use and it's chemical free. It's suds free so it doesn't hurt the environment, and it doesn't contain apple cider vinegar, which can damage hair over time. The conditioner has made my hair soft without causing the oil issue. When I went to my hairdresser, she noticed a difference in the texture of my hair and remarked on how healthy it looked. This is the first time it has happened to me. I felt like a champion. Store the bar in a container so it can dry out between uses. Don't be fooled by the small size of the bar, I have a jar with a screw-on lid on the side of my tub. If you have oily hair and are nervous about using the bar, you can just use it on your palm and apply it manually. If you feel like you didn't get enough, you can always build up with another layer, and once you realize this is the best conditioner you've ever used, you can buy in bulk directly from the company so that you ship only once using eco-friendly packing materials! Woo!

👤I'm going to do a low impact beaty routine. I bought this bar because I was ready to swap out my conventional conditioner for something solid. It has a different light texture than the conditioners I've used before. When my hair dried, it was very soft.

👤I've been on my curl journey for a while now. I've tried a lot of different products. I have loved some and not so much. The excessive plastic consumption is constant. Even though I recycle, it's really bothering me. It seems unnecessary. I've been looking for items that use less plastic. There was a conditioner bar from Amazon popping up across my feed. I copied the ingredients from the beauty bar and found it was approved for curly girls. I got the Wonderbar the next day after ordering it. The smell is pleasant and subtle. The cardboard box it came in is not harmful to the environment. I rubbed the conditioner bar over my wet head after washing it. I was able to spend more time on areas that I had noticed were dry as well as the areas that have curly hair. I am happy with the results. The conditioner didn't make my hair fall and the smell doesn't linger. I also have a nice shine. I'm pretty sure I'll keep using the Wonderbar for cleanse days. It is a good choice.

11. Soapbox Coconut Shampoo Friendly Silicone Free

Soapbox Coconut Shampoo Friendly Silicone Free

Their coconut shampoo bar can be used to repair damaged hair. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins E, K, and fatty acids. It has shea butter, coconut oil and coconut oil. There are no parbens, SLES or SLS in the naturally derived ingredients. It's sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, and vegan. A light scent of coconut. Travel friendly, eco friendly packaging reduces the use of single-use packaging.

Brand: Soapbox

👤I like the product. I was disappointed that it was wrapped in plastic. I want to eliminate single use plastic and that is the reason I am trying to switch to a bar.

👤It's good for any situation that you might shower in, so it would be great for travel. Some people claim that it requires a lot of rinsing. My boyfriend has used nicer things than me, but I have not run into that. He was suspicious but one day he ran out of his luxurypoo and had to use mine. He asked me to buy him a bar after he exclaimed that he liked it. It gets chlorine out of my hair. I have wavy, caucasian hair.

👤I have tried a number of bars. The one in the top two is this one. The scent is not overpowering and suds nicely. It leaves my hair soft and clean. I would love it if the price was lower, but I wish that was not the case. I will purchase this again for myself and as a gift.

👤Absolutely love this cleanser, it cleans well, lathers and rinses off completely. My hair is soft and not heavy.

👤We've tried a lot of bars. My husband likes this one because it doesn't dry the hair and it doesn't strip the hair. The hair is softer and more healthy.

👤It was difficult to cut the cord from the bottle. I am satisfied that I did because the solid bar works just as well. There was a bonus no plastic container. The bar has a small scent and my hair is left feeling clean and sudsy. Applying the bar to the hair is the same as applying the bar to any other part of the body.

👤It cleans my hair. Not drying. I don't need a conditioner because it has moist content. It makes me happy to see a bar in the shower. Let's get plastic out.

👤I never would have considered using a bar product for my hair until I was introduced to this product while on a business trip. There is a My hair is manageable, a bit shiny, and the lather rinses a lot faster than liquid products.


What is the best product for eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bar sets?

Eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bar sets products from Peach Not Plastic. In this article about eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bar sets you can see why people choose the product. Auromere and Foamie are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bar sets.

What are the best brands for eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bar sets?

Peach Not Plastic, Auromere and Foamie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bar sets. Find the detail in this article. Kitsch, Mimosu and Hibar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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