Best Eco Friendly Shower Curtain Liner Bamboo

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1. Amazer Curtain Polyester Bathroom Curtains

Amazer Curtain Polyester Bathroom Curtains

Simple elegant design protects privacy while letting light through, so you can enjoy your bath time. You can either use the frosted shower curtain alone or with a decorative shower curtains. The shower curtain liner is made of premium polyester fabric and has 120 grams per square meter. The shower curtains of other brands are the same size. The shower curtain and liner are waterproof. The shower curtain liner has a water-proof coating that promotes water bead formation. The water bead stays on the surface quickly, thanks to the treated fabric. It can be used alone in the bathroom, no need for a shower liner. Two heavy duty clear stones. Heavy duty clear stones on the bottom corners of the shower liner keep it from moving when you are taking a shower. The fabric shower liner is machine washed and works with straight or curved shower rods. The Amazer shower curtain has 12 rust-resistant metal grommet holes, which helps easily attach to shower curtain hooks, promoting easier hanging and durable usage.

Brand: Amazer

👤I bought this because I wanted a liner that felt more like cloth than plastic, and because they said it was "fabric", I thought I'd be getting that. It feels more like plastic than cloth. A tent or tarp. There is a It was not what I was expecting, but it was decent quality for what it is.

👤It's easy to clean. We get a lot of mold on our curtain. It is easy to clean, just pop on the washer and it will come out new. I did not put it in the dryer. I hung it because it was almost dry after the spin cycle. I am happy with the price and quality.

👤When I opened the package, I found the box in my lap and the shower curtain in it. When I opened it, there was a weird smell. I found black mold on the cardboard when I pulled it out. I pulled out the cardboard and found mold on the curtain as I looked at it. The back of my throat feels weird, as my chest feels tight. I immediately went to Amazon to get it back. I was told that I was not to send it back to them. I didn't open the shower curtain all the way. There is a mold on the edge of the cardboard. It reminded me of magnetic metal. I put the cardboard, shower curtain and packaging back in the shipping box and taped it up so that I wouldn't see the mold, but I put it in the trash because I didn't want to see the mold. I pray that this doesn't make me or any of us sick. I will go to a brick and mortar store to buy a shower curtain.

👤The shower curtain liner passed the test. Images show water in a sink. The side is dry. The image shows the size of the magnets at each corner. The ringlets are at the top of the curtain. The curtain is well made. Synthetic material is heavy duty. Pairs well with hooks.

👤I was looking for a shower curtain that didn't have a liner. The curtain is heavier than I expected. The product is described. I was hoping for a brighter white, but it will be fine.

👤It works well. Resists mold for a while. A light mist of a bleach based cleaner. It will be mold free for about a month.

👤An item is horrible. This shouldn't be marketed as a shower liner. It's not even close to being water resistant. I looked like someone poured a gallon of water on my floor. Water saturates the curtain, bath mat and floor. Don't waste your money.

👤I didn't care what liner I picked, but this one is proving to be a good quality and allows for the light to glow through better. I never looked back after I upgraded from an older dark blue shower curtain.

👤What can be said about it being a shower curtain?

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2. BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner Compatible

BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner Compatible

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. Protect your shower curtain from dirt and discoloration by keeping water contained. The BigFoot shower liner keeps the floors dry and the water out of the shower. Waterproof is a type of vinyl. The shower water runs down the curtain liner. The shower curtain is made of cloth. Their shower curtain is made of heavy duty metal and resistant to tears and punctures. Magnetic weights keep it out of the shower and away from your body. 6 feet of top-to-bottom and side-to-side coverage is provided by the 72” X 72” size. It can be used as a clear shower curtain that lets in an abundance of light while you bathe. It is odorless, non-toXIC. BigFoot shower curtain liners are free of harmful chemicals. Their shower liner is free of noxious smells and harsh chemicals, which makes it a great bathroom accessory.

Brand: Bigfoot

👤This shower liner is the best I have ever used. I have tried many non-toxic liners that claimed to be mold and mold resistant, but they would start to show up after a few weeks, even if they were actually durable. The liners accumulate a lot of dark mold and pinkish mildew quickly. The shower ring holes would need to be replaced if they couldn't make it to the 3 week mark. The magnetic weights weren't strong enough to hold the liner in place. I replaced liners every 6 weeks. I was stretching it. They would need to be replaced sooner. I bought the shower curtain liner on August 26, 2020. I am having to replace it because I tugged on it hard when one of the curtain hooks got caught on the rod, causing a few of the grommets to pop out. It's sagging. There is not a single trace of mold on this liner. The grommets held up well against abuse and impatience. The magnetic weights are still intact and do not fall apart. The liner is large enough to keep water out of the tub, and it extends past the outer corners. The price is very good. I've paid for liners that turn out to be junk more than once. Unless the design or performance of this liner changes for the worse, this one will remain my go-to! I'm impressed!

👤The shower curtain I ordered was advertised as Heavy Duty. It is not as thick as Saran Wrap. Even though the magnets are at the bottom, it flows around in the shower. I don't know if it's resistant to mildew, I don't think it will last long enough to find out. The curtain had no smell when I took it out of the package.

👤This shower liner is not advertised as a heavy duty shower liner. The flimsy shower liner is thin and cheap. I don't know who is giving it more stars because it is not the "Heavy Duty" liner they describe. You will give it 5 stars if it is listed as "lightweight" in the rating.

👤This is not a good shower liner. The light weight of the plastic makes it undesirable. I've bought many shower liners, but this one was the worst I've ever had. Within a week, I replaced it. If it's going to be lightweight, it needs to be more flexible.

👤I just washed the shower curtain and put in a new liner after I cleaned the bathroom and put this up. I would like to read the reviews first. I ordered the Heavy Duty magnet liner after reading positive reviews. I think it did not have an odor when it was opened, but the positives end there. It is so thin it will blow in on you, the magnets are small and barely hold it to the tub. It was 70” long and the magnet was only 4 inches from the bottom of the tub. I will be going to pick up a heavy duty liner. Will not order again.

3. Adwaita Watercube Plastic Chemicals Eco Friendly

Adwaita Watercube Plastic Chemicals Eco Friendly

Easy care. The 72 x 72 inches standard size fits most shower or bathtub and is machine washed for freshness. The new 3D water cube EVA shower curtains are completely different from the cheap shower curtains. You will get what you pay for. They promise that the high quality EVA material will be perfectly weighted. You can see the difference once you receive the delivery. The material is soft and odorless. Rustproof metal grommets are convenient for handling. 72''*72" is the standard size for a bath. The average weight is 16 ounces of easy care. Just wipe with a damp cloth. There is a shower curtain liner, 12 plastic shower curtain rings, and a rod.

Brand: Adwaita

👤I bought a second shower curtain for my second bathroom because I was so impressed with the quality of this shower curtain. I give this shower curtain a 10 out of 10. I would recommend this shower curtain to everyone I know. It is the best shower curtain I have ever owned. I'm done buying cheap shower curtains. The quality of the shower curtain and the metal rings at the top of it exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with his product. The shower curtain is a must have.

👤I love this product. I don't like dark shower curtains so I've been buying clear shower liners. You can use the shower curtain itself with the privacy you need. It does have some weight to it.

👤The person who reviewed this said it wasn't as advertised, but then showed pictures of actual curtains, which is window treatments. It's funny. That is not how they are advertised. There is a I didn't notice that this is not a curtain, but a liner, even though I searched for it on Amazon. I would like Amazon to stick to my search words. I would have typed the liner if I wanted it. I am bright that way. Trust me, I work for Amazon. I was pretty disappointed but I can't fault the product for that. The photos make the thing appear to be a greenish to blueish transition of color not a blue, because it is shot with a background of tub and tile that makes it appear to have a color range. They should have a photo of the thing in front of a white wall to show it is a uniform color. That part let me down. A blue to green fade would be cooler. There is a This will be going back since I didn't need a liner, and a $17 liner better make me a latte and give massages to be worth $17. I don't care what my liner looks like. No one will know if I didn't clean it recently if I sell them with a pattern of orange colored mildew. Why bother? The shower CURTAIN is for beauty and cloaking. I don't wear my jacket inside out, so I don't care what my jacket lining looks like. Just saying. As liners go, this works well. Might make good drapes too. hmm. Nah. That would be silly.

👤I wanted pink things around me after 2020. One reviewer wrote that the material was very thin. It was the Thickest I have ever had. There is a I love the new transparent aqua blue curtain. There is a You look rosy because of the color. The magnets at the bottom aren't the strongest, but they hold the corners a bit. They hold the curtain away from you and allow it to dry. I used plain, white ovals that were easy to install and hang from the curtain rings I had. Love it.

👤If you don't have any hooks, it works. There is a The picture is misleading and not very Refractive. There is a Hooks are very strong. Didn't use them.

4. Amazer Resistant Bathroom Curtains Rustproof

Amazer Resistant Bathroom Curtains Rustproof

The shower curtain is made of waterproof and family-friendly material. The smooth surface design resists water and promotes water bead formation for quickly rolling off the shower liner, keeping the floor dry and clean. The design is 8G thick. The weighted shower curtain liner is designed to last for a long time. Each shower liner has metal holes that can be used to accommodate shower curtain hooks. The metal grommet holes and reinforced headers make hanging easier. Clear stones are heavy-duty. The shower curtain liner is kept in place and away from your body by the weighted clear stones at the bottom. The water won't splash all over the floor. It's easy to clean the shower curtain liner with wipes. It's an excellent choice for bathroom and bathtubs in your home, camper, hotels, motels, dorm showers, and more. It can be used as a curtain or a liner. A 72"x72" shower curtain liner can be used for any standard size shower or tub and works with straight or curved shower rods. The shower liner is elegant and will never go out of style.

Brand: Amazerbath

👤I can see my wife's butt through the curtain now. I got it because it does not grow mold.

👤I have been annoyed by the shower curtain blowing in against me for a long time. This product is great. They replaced the useless magnets with decorative rocks along the bottom of the curtain. The curtain stays hanging straight down. The thickness of the curtain shows the quality of the product. The bathroom didn't smell like a shower curtain when I removed the new product from the packaging. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤It is what I was looking for. I like the quality of the curtain and the stones on the bottom of it make a difference, so it doesn't open and stay on it's place. This item is recommended by me.

👤I haven't had a shower curtain in decades, but recently moved into a house with a tub. I needed one. I used to think of these things as having to buy a new one on a fairly regular basis. I lived with this one for several months and I am very impressed. After several months of use, my newSPANKING looks brand new, and shows no sign of any mold or soap scum stain. Whatever it is, water and soap just remove magic material. I recall from the bad old days that there was an issue with the smell. In the years since I bought a shower curtain, they have come a long way. I can't recommend this one enough.

👤Wow! The liner is amazing. The dollar store stuff is very hard to beat. It won't tear from the hooks because it has actual grommets. I needed to replace my old one. The plastic is four times thicker than any other liner I have ever had. The fact that there is a couple extra inches on the end so that it wraps nicely around my tub is something that I love, but it is not mentioned in the description. All of these features are for less than $10. I may have gotten a cheaper liner at a dollar store, but the key word is cheaper. If the water proof and mildew resistance qualities work, I feel I got a wonderful bargain - less replacements needed.

👤A simple shower curtain that can tolerate a real cleaning and is a good heavy weight material is all that is needed. It has glass stones in small pockets that work better than magnets for showers and non metal tub to keep it hanging nicely. The shower rod Grommets are well made.

👤Somewhat disappointed. The curtain in the picture was almost like a fabric, which I wanted. I received a very thick pink liner. The fold seems to be permanent after removal from the package. There was a sweet smell. The curtain was treated with corn flour to reduce sticking after reading the package. The corn flour was gagging even though I was grateful for no chemical out gassing. The curtain was washed with warm water to get rid of corn flour. The curtain was hung to dry and the smell subsided. A black smudge was in one of the outer folds of the curtain. . I had to scrub the black smudge with a bleach cleaner and a scrubber and it had to be there during the manufacturing or packaging process. The curtain was hung to dry. The corn smell is gone. The clear marbles at the bottom of the curtain are nice. There is a The color pink is pretty, but I need a fabric curtain because what I bought is no more than a liner and will serve that function. I decided to write a lengthy review because I really appreciate other shoppers who do this and it helps to have the information to make an informed decision.

5. Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain Liner

Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain Liner

A 72"x72" shower curtain liner can be used for any standard size shower or tub and works with straight or curved shower rods. The shower liner is elegant and will never go out of style. Water-Replenishment: To dry the water, sheds it. The Downluxe shower curtain liner will keep your bathroom dry. The shower curtain liner is made of mesh-Reinforced and can be hung hard to tear. The 72x72 inch bathroom is ideal for most standard size. The Clear Shower Curtain Liner can be used as a stand-alone curtain or as a liner for a cloth shower curtain. Excellent for showers and bathtubs in hotels and other places. Magnet inserts stick to the tub's side to reduce billowing while you're showering. There are options. They have shower curtain liners in different weights and colors that are perfect for many families. If you have any quality problems, please contact them.

Brand: Downluxe

👤The shower curtain liner is a small thing but it can affect your shower experience. I used a standard shower liner that billowed and stuck to you, even though the magnets were in the bottom. I couldn't keep it clean no matter how many times I scrubbed it. It builds layers of soapscum and mold. Imagine being in a shower and being surrounded by a garbage bag of soapscum and germs. This has been one of my top purchases. The 8g is the perfect thickness for the curtain to lay flat and the magnets can do their job with the thicker weight. In terms of cleaning. All I have to do is wipe it down. I'm good. There was nothing growing on either side of the plastic. The package was opened and the curtain hung up, so I didn't notice a scent when I opened it.

👤The Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain creates a sense of luxury when it comes to personal hygiene, from the first rush of hot water to the last frothy rinse. You may have tiles missing from your stall. The grout may be black. You may be standing in the cold water from the last person to use the bathroom. Hang this shower curtain and you will forget. There is a The pink type shower curtains seem to attract mold, slime and mildew. Some of them are flimsy, making them less protective than hanging a few sheets of Saran Wrap. We tried to save money. Not this one! The elderly are prone to fall and can't get up if they don't have water on the bathroom floor. The Downluxe Clear Plastic Shower Curtain is an absolute must-have.

👤The one sale in Walmart looks worse than this one. There was no strange plastic smell. The weight of the product is heavier than average. I'm happy with what I got.

👤I was not expecting much from a $6 liner, but this is better than I expected. The plastic is thick. The magnets are easy to set up and work. It doesn't streak. I am not in a rush to get the outer curtain. I was happy to go with this one.

👤I am very impressed with this shower curtain liner. There is a Excellent quality! Does not have a smell like some others I have purchased. Doesn't get dirty or grow mold. I hung it up for 6 months. Excellent price! Fast shipping! Shipped in a sturdy box. There is a This is much nicer than I expected. I ordered more and had them shipped to my adult sons homes. Santa will be putting a few of these into gift bags this year. There is a I have shared the link with my family and friends. I had to share my find because it sounds weird, but everyone uses shower curtain lines. There is a I did not know about these before. There is a Over all. I will purchase this again. I will keep sharing the link with everyone. There is a If you are shopping for a shower curtain liner, it is time to buy now. You will be happy you did.

6. Heavy Shower Curtain Liner 72x72

Heavy Shower Curtain Liner 72x72

The fresh clear shower liner can make your bathroom brighter and cleaner. The clear shower curtain can be used alone or with a decorative shower curtains. The waterproof design is. Ultra smooth speciality design resists water and promotes water bead formation so water quickly rolls off the surface, keeping your bathroom dry and clean. It can be used as a stand-alone curtain or as a shower curtain. It's convenient and hardy. If you have a straight or curved shower rod, the Liba shower liner fits any standard size shower or tub. The metal grommets are rust proof and the reinforced head protects from tearing. Made with high quality and safe PEVA material. No unpleasant plastic smell or harmful chemical fumes can be found in this recipe. The better choice for you and your family is the PEVA shower liner, it is more stable than the other liners. The #1ELLING CURTAIN LINER BRAND is a result of major news publications like Real Simple, Yahoo Life, and more. The extra distance is taken to make sure their shower curtain liners are of the highest quality.

Brand: Liba

👤The piece of plastic has holes in it. Don't buy! Garbage. You can get one for $5 and save $4. Total rip-off!

👤The description states that it has heavy magnets. It doesn't. It has no finished edges, no seams, and the only one that is the top where the hooks are. It is a big clear plastic tarp. I will return it.

👤I have used a lot of different shower curtains over the years, but this one is just ridiculous. It comes off the hooks when it is moved in almost any way. If you have firmly closed hooks, it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't. Sending it back.

👤I replace shower curtains every few months. The bathroom in my house is very damp because we have only one shower and five people in it. The shower curtain does not have any mold. I didn't use my daily shower spray to see how it would hold up. It has been fine for months in the most humid summer in years. Very happy.

👤This thing is not 72" sq. It extended the shower on both sides. How am I supposed to shower when the curtain is covering the shower head? Then it buckled on the floor. It's completely not pliable and it's so stinky. It looked like an alien had invaded my shower. I had to sit on the floor and figure out how to fold it "just so" so I could spend another 20 minutes trying to match the original crease. It was wrestling with the damned thing to get it back inside its original package. Don't waste your time. It's a nuisance.

👤I got this a year ago. We have not had to clean it yet. The shower water runs off it. I got it the day before. The magnets keep it in the tub. It's the best shower curtain I've ever had.

👤The shower curtain is heavy. I was looking for that because I have a special needs child who ripped the shower curtain I bought from Walmart. My child won't be able to rip the shower curtain because it is so heavy. I gave it one star because it is a shower curtain, but that is irrelevant because it is a shower curtain. I am happy with the purchase.

👤The liner is definitely heavy duty. I like that it's heavy so the wind doesn't push it in like it happens with others and it sticks to you while you are bathing. Don't have a problem with this one. I like that it's clear and allows more light in. The material is able to prevent the build up of mold.

👤I told Amazon that the item I ordered was not as described because there were words printed with large orange and black lettering on the curtain. I donated the liner to charity after getting a full refund. It would work for a teenager's bathroom.

👤I have not had it for a while. I can't speak to the easiness of cleaning. I thought it was heavier than it is. It rises in the shower. The ends don't have regular magnets to help with this. There is a It is okay. I would look for a liner with magnets.

7. MAYTEX Microfiber Fabric Shower Curtain

MAYTEX Microfiber Fabric Shower Curtain

Weighted magnetic bottom hem. The metal grommets are Rust proof. Measures 70" x 72"

Brand: Maytex

👤All the cleaning products can't get the marks off the left color mark on my tub.

👤I didn't expect the water on the floor when I took a shower, but I am aware that this item is not waterproof. The water that falls on it goes through the material and ends up on the floor. The product was very disappointing. I will replace it as soon as possible.

👤The curtain has magnets on the ends so that when the shower is running the curtain will billow into the space. I am trying to decide if I should discard it or sew some magnets into the bottom to see if it works. It probably isn't worth it, given the price. The shower was adjusted so that some of the spray hit the curtain.

👤I bought this shower curtain liner for its machine-washable capability. washability is the only positive aspect. It took well to a light spray of water-vinegar mixture to help ward off the bugs, and washed nicely in the washing machine. I hung it up to dry. There is a It's performance as a shower curtain liner is very disappointing. I don't recommend it to others. I now understand why they call it water "repellant", but I would still expect a shower liner to handle more water splash than it did, even though other reviews say their "waterproof"-advertised versions were ineffective as well. If you have a small shower, you should not get a curtain liner as you want to avoid big water spashes onto it. If your shower head is spraying directly onto it, it will flood your floor. If my shower is large and I don't have to worry about splashing on it, then it would be fine to hold on to it for a while, but I think it's just not a good product in general. There is a The curtain has weights on the two bottom corners. Since my shower tub does not work with magnets, I can't say if the magnets work, but I know that the curtain is heavy enough to keep the corners down, and that the heat and steam will billow and float the rest of the curtain. Two magnetic weights on the corners aren't enough, you need more along the bottom to keep the rest from floating. There is a The white color was easy to wash and let a lot of light through. I can't consider it a shower curtain because it was so useless. I'm not buying this shower liner again and will switch it out as soon as possible.

👤I'm a germaphobe about the bathroom. I don't like the shower curtain in the bathroom. I seem to fight. The ones I've used in the past claimed to be clean, but they never were the same again. I thought about using the same kind as hotels. The curtain is open. I like it. A lot. I like that I can wash it in warm or hot soapy water and it will come out sparkling white and smelling fresh. I don't have to bleach it because I use a bit of oxyclean alone. The curtain does an excellent job of repelling the water, unlike the plastic ones. I hated it when the curtain touched me while I was showering. That doesn't happen anymore. It's good! There is a If you're looking for a shower curtain that's easy to clean, then this is the one for you.

8. MDesign Waterproof Resistant Bathroom Bathtubs

MDesign Waterproof Resistant Bathroom Bathtubs

The water-resistant. This curtain is waterproof so that you can keep your bathroom floors free from splashes and sprays of water, and it's made to endure damp, moist environments. The reinforced top hem combined with the grommets ensure that the curtain will not be torn or pulled out of shape when installed with shower curtain hooks or rings. The shower curtain liner is weighted and has magnets at the bottom to keep it in place and reduce billowing. Quality construction is important. Made of 100% PEVA with reinforced grommets for hanging, Encased magnets and weighted hems. Clean with a damp cloth and open it after each use. Each measures 72" wide x 72" tall.

Brand: Mdesign

👤Within a few days of it being set up, the weight pockets gave way. I'm attacked by shower curtains when I take a shower. It was the worst part of the day. The product would be better if the pockets were sealed stronger and the liners stayed where they were.

👤The shower curtains in my home always turn a gross reddish color, no matter what the quality is. Probably from the hard water. I decided I wouldn't spend 30 dollars on something that will probably be thrown away, so I thought the 2 for 10 was a great deal. My cats like to play in the tub and there are a few holes in the current one, but they are a bit thin. The white color is67531 because I like hiding the shower items in the bathroom and giving it a more clean look. It is not as transparent as it could be, so it blocks the light from the window in the shower. It's a good deal. I would buy these again.

👤These things would be invisible if the plastic was thinner. I am stuck using it and it drives me crazy because it flies everywhere and the magnets don't hold it in place. Buy yourself a heavy duty one if you spend the extra couple of bucks.

👤When I stumbled across this bundle, I thought it was convenient and the reviews were good. I gave this product a try. I have a deep shower tub combo and the shower curtain, but I can't remember if it came with magnets on the bottom, but that's good because I have a deep shower tub combo and the shower curtain, but I have a deep shower tub combo and the shower curtain, My roommate who uses the second bathroom is clumsy but she has not been able to rip the curtain so she is not worried about it being damaged.

👤We couldn't find long enough shower curtain liners in local stores so we bought this two-pack. These are not heavy duty. There are three weights in the bottom, which don't provide enough weight to keep the curtain from falling. It would be great if the top holes had metal grommets. I wouldn't buy this set again because they'll do the job for now.

👤I always buy cheap shower curtain liners. This is the worst I have ever had. The shower curtain liner is cheap and light, but it sticks to you when you turn the water on it. I tried to hold it down with magnet clips and made small holes in it for the air to escape, but nothing made a difference. The thing will billow again in a couple of minutes if you spray water on it. I had to tear it down after 5 days.

👤It is made of cheap material. I showered after installing it last night. When sliding the curtain with this liner to the side to get out of the shower, all the water was caught on the magnet area and the liner lifted up over the tub. It was not effective. The liner was pushing inward from the air when I was in the shower. I thought the purpose of the magnet was to prevent the indraft air from pushing against the curtain. I am most upset by this product. The liner touched me and 2. There was a huge puddle after water was dumped outside the tub.

9. Amazon Basics Resistant Curtain Grommets

Amazon Basics Resistant Curtain Grommets

Easy care. Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Don't dry low and remove immediately. Wrinkle and fade are resistant. There is a clear waterproof shower curtain liner. The liner is made with vinyl to keep it close to the tub. There are 12 rust-proof metal grommets. The smell of vinyl products may be slight. After airing out, this odor should fade. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Amazon doesn't like buying a lot of things from products like this. It's crazy that Amazon would tarnish the Amazon Basics brand name with this liner. I've bought pillows, mattresses, winter gear, and anything else that has a review about odor. There was never a time when I was bothered by any of those items. This is not the same. The comment about burning your eyes is the best way to describe it. If you attempt to air out the bathroom with a fan. The smell is gross. If Jeff Bezo knew it was called AmazonBasics, he would have an aneurism. I should have listened to the reviews, but I didn't know how bad the smell would be. I have a new shower curtain liner on the way that will be better for you than this BS.

👤This is the first time I have found a liner that is heavy duty, very thick, and stays in place, so there is no concern for it not having magnets on the bottom. There is no folded seam on the bottom or sides. Straight cut edges are what all the edges are. I didn't use the outside curtain because I love it so much and we are enjoying the light that lets into the shower area. If you are sensitive, you should be warned that this will give off an odor. After hanging it up, I used a small fan to blow the gas out of it. It is summertime. I put a cotton ball with citronella essential oil on a nearby shelf to help clarify the air after the smell was not as bad the next morning. I was able to turn off the fan. There is a There was a white powdery substance on the outside of the curtain which was easy to wipe off with a damp rag, I thought it was applied to make sure you can easily unfold the curtain. Who knows, just a guess. There is a After having this up for over a month, the water spots started to bother me so I sprayed it with spray foam and it just dripped down and I didn't have to rinse it. I'm really in love now. It's funny. We have hard water. I didn't deduct a star for the smell since it is stated as being PVC and it was my error in not catching it, but I did overlook it because I was rushing to pull the trigger. I am glad I did because I enjoyed it over the shower curtain. It is worth the short off-gas and I would not have had an issue if I had remembered the hint about using essential oils to clarify the air sooner.

👤The top line of the shower curtain is not level. Some sit higher and some sit lower. I got it hung up, but one of the grommet fell off. What a waste of money. There is an update. 7/12/18 I received a new shower curtain that is very nice. There is no need for magnets to hold this curtain down. The hooks don't come off the grommets when they are in a straight line. I will buy again, but will be hoping for more control over the quality of the curtains. I thought 12 holes was universal when I purchased this again. This curtain had 13 openings. I give up, it's not worth it.

10. Waterproof Curtain Resistant Bathtubs Pebble Pattern

Waterproof Curtain Resistant Bathtubs Pebble Pattern

Heavy duty. The shower curtain is strong and thick and it won't stick to you when you shower. The liner has 3 magnets on the bottom to keep it in place and no water gets out onto the floor. The shower liner is made of high quality material, it will allow you and your family to have a dry bathroom environment. No need to worry about the liner being wet, it's waterproof to keep it clean and fresh. STURDY & DURABLE. The shower liner is thick and will never tear because of the reinforced and rust proof metal grommets. It is 0.2mm strong enough to hold up against normal liners of 0.1mm or 0.15mm. It can be used as a curtain. 3D ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Very modern and classy clear with pearl white 3D pebble design that allow enough light to come through and let you have privacy. It's suitable for straight or curved shower liner rods. The shower curtain liner can be used in many places. It is easy to clean and maintain. If the liner has any stretch or rip, you can contact them for a replacement without any excuse.

Brand: Bostofy

👤I like the extra thick shower curtain liner. It hangs nicely and doesn't try to touch you while you are showering.

👤It doesn't stick to you, it doesn't stick to anything else, but it does stick close to the edges of my shower and prevents water from splashing out. The shower curtains I've had in the past have a strong plastic smell.

👤The shower curtain had a strong smell. I have never brought a shower curtain that smelled like that before, but almost everything that comes from china has an odor. It's not good for our health. I hung the shower curtain up at the shower and the smell was gone by the next day. There is a The shower curtain was light but the magnets on the bottom kept it down. The curtain was cut to fit the stall. The pebble design gives you some privacy.

👤The picture was taken in 8 months. I am happy with the look.

👤I have a small bathroom. The shower curtains make the bathroom look bigger than it is. The curtain is cute and gives my bathroom a personality. The picture of my hand is very close to my face. I can't see out of the shower so I don't think people can see in clearly. It looks blurry because of the design. I would highly recommend this purchase.

👤This shower curtain is great! It's nice to look at heavy duty. This product is easy to hang and would be a good purchase again. Cheers! William is a man.

👤If you want to use it for your primary curtain, you might want to put a liner behind it.

👤The shower liner was stuck together when I received it, but it was fine and I liked it. It's perfect, not too long or short. Magnets are a good size so they can grab hold of the tub quickly.

👤Very disappointed. If you are looking for a curtain that won't bother you while showering, this is not the one for you. If there were more magnets, the product would work better. The shower curtain still gets sucked in and attacks you even though there is only 3 of them. The smell of a dirty used ashtray lingered for a day after it arrived, but it went away after the bathroom vent ran for 24 hours.

👤Its fine, and looks great. I had thought it was thicker. I have never washed one of these. I probably won't wash this one because I didn't know you could, but I can't comment on that. I might buy another one for my sister, so I can get a second one for less. ('-')

👤Me gust mucho el material y elo, lo suficientemente grueso. Se ve a la baera.

👤The magnets add weight so it sits inside the shower and no water comes out.

👤The shower liner has nice patterns.

11. LOVTEX PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

LOVTEX PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

The shower curtain liner is made from thoroughly tested PEVA material, which is free of harmful chemicals or unpleasant smell. The waterproof shower curtain liner will keep the bathroom floor dry and clean by blocking the shower water. The CONVENIENT and DURABLE are. Their shower curtain has rustproof grommets that are resistant to tears and punctures. The shower stall curtain liner can be used with straight or curved shower rods. The bathroom shower curtain liner has 3 magnets on the bottom that keep it out of your body. The shower curtain liner is in the box. They have shower curtain liners of different thickness and styles to meet different needs of your family.

Brand: Lovtex

👤There aren't many requirements when researching clear shower curtains. It needs to be clear and it needs to be a shower curtain. That's all. Is it better to have a three mil option or an eight mil option? I got the 8 mil and thought it would be better. The shower curtains can be fired at. They will defend you from the next bomb. Next time there is a tornado warning, I'm going to take my children to a shelter under this curtain. I will update my review after we try them on 50 cal and tank cannons. If you need 8 mil, you should purchase this. I can assure you that you do not need 8 mil if you are not sure what you need. They're a pain in the butt because they are very stiff and they are often coming off of the shower curtain hooks. I will buy the thinner curtain next time.

👤I put this on my chicken run to block the rain and wind. It is a perfect fit, does the job well, and should hold up for use next year. The girls can see out and I can see in to do head counts.

👤I didn't want to spend an arm or a leg for something that would be hidden behind my shower curtain. The liner is perfect and doesn't have a chemical smell like most plastic products do.

👤The product is not accurate. The description mentioned metal garments, but in my picture they are not the case. This is a light weight with magnets on the bottom.

👤I was really impressed with this shower curtain liner and I was excited to review it. The customer experience is important. The process was smooth and I got my packages in time. The curtain was wrapped in plastic. There is a I can say that the product is made of quality material after using it a couple times. The stitching looks great. It has a nice weight, is clean, and doesn't have a smell, which is a huge plus. I don't want to keep buying and replacing these since it adds up, so the product is also washable. I'll be buying another for my bathroom. Absolutely! This is the one shower curtain liner that is affordable and durable.

👤A light weight but not cling to you. It does not have a chemical smell. Would buy again.

👤The shower curtain liner was bought to go under the shower curtain. It is clear because of the thick and love. There is a It seems nice enough for now, and it has PEVA, a non-chlorinated vinyl. It does not have the harsh chemicals being released. There is a The think reinforced hem along the top is one of them, so you don't have to worry about the inconvenient tears that come with other shower curtain liners. The curtain is kept down while you take a shower because of the weights in the bottom. You don't have to worry about it blowing up or moving around when the air conditioner is on. The weights in the bottom keep it in place. There is a It is easy to keep clean. It was easy to put up and I expected it to be easy to take down again. You will not regret this purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly shower curtain liner bamboo?

Eco friendly shower curtain liner bamboo products from Amazer. In this article about eco friendly shower curtain liner bamboo you can see why people choose the product. Bigfoot and Adwaita are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly shower curtain liner bamboo.

What are the best brands for eco friendly shower curtain liner bamboo?

Amazer, Bigfoot and Adwaita are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly shower curtain liner bamboo. Find the detail in this article. Amazerbath, Downluxe and Liba are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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