Best Eco Friendly Sponges for Body

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1. ATTEASAY Sponge|body Scrubberw|Eco Friendly Strap|Body Exfoliating

ATTEASAY Sponge%EF%BD%9Cbody Scrubberw%EF%BD%9CEco Friendly Strap%EF%BD%9CBody Exfoliating

One side of Natural Loofah leaves your skin more receptive to creams and gels. A soft cotton fabric is used to remove body oils and dirt. loofahs help cleanse the skin with that youthful glow. The 10 Pack High-Quality Natural oofah Sponges Set is an ecological set. Not every has the same size, so include: 1 back scrubber, 1 soap foam sack, 1 shower brush, 1 loofah sponge, 2 loofah double side scrubbing strap, and 3 hooks up. A 100% natural product. It is compressed. It should be soaked in Warm Water for several minutes. You can use your favorite shower gel or soap to wash your body, remove dead skin, and leave your skin smooth. Enjoy your bath. It's great for household cleaning and scrubbing. It can be used to clean dishes and pans. Please change the sponges every 6 weeks. They believe in quality and customer satisfaction. If you have a problem with their product, you can contact them.

Brand: Atteasay

👤The pads and washing surfaces will remove dead skin cells. If you're not careful, they may take a few live ones. I think that's correct. I'm not serious. If you want that, they are rough. I was looking for rough feet because they look like a dry river bed. So far, so good. The stitching on the pieces is very high quality. I was surprised. These look like they will last a while. I'm happy so far.

👤It was made with tons of loofahs. A body scrubber, gloves, and more. Highly recommend all made with great quality material and a good price.

👤This would be a great recommendation.

👤These are ok, but could be better.

👤This is a great set. The items that came in the set are all great. It would be a great gift.

👤Nice products. Help the skin be softer.

👤I bought this with a bath set. It was a nice gift.

👤The feel of the loofahs in this set is really nice, and the fake loofah mitten is easy to use. The length of the loofah for your back is shorter than some others. I'm under 5', so it'll be too short for taller women and men. The bristles on the brush seem softer than I thought. I'm glad I bought this.

2. Natural Non Toxic Biodegradable Eco Friendly Packaging

Natural Non Toxic Biodegradable Eco Friendly Packaging

There are two sets of 100% Natural Konjac Body Sponges. Plastic free packaging! There is a warning If you are new to Konjac body sponges, you will need to replace them. This is normal for any Konjac sponge. Konjac plant is both luxurious and effective. The root is rich in vitamins, minerals, and oils, and it is also known for being a good source of Omega 3s. It helps balance the skin's natural pH level. Konjac plant is both luxurious and effective. The root is rich in vitamins, minerals, and oils, and it is also known for being a good source of Omega 3s. It helps balance the skin's natural pH level. Massaging for sensitive skin. Their sponges are soft to help cleanse and clean the skin, leaving it bright and smooth. It's ideal for oily, dry, and sensitive skin. It's perfect at the end of facial routines to help remove the last bits of makeup and oil. The highest quality guarantee. Konjac body sponges are the highest quality on Amazon. Let them know if you are unhappy with your order. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Our Earth Beauty

👤I'm trying to become more conscious of the environment and use natural sponges with my two toddlers. I don't like synthetic sponges and laundered washcloths smell bad after 2 uses. We have been using natural sea sponges for 2 years. I bought these because they come in a two pack and I thought I would save money by buying them in a single pack. The sponges are very soft and appropriate for kids, babies or people with sensitive skin. They are a good size. I wouldn't use this as a body sponge for adults. The sponges are not the same size. I don't know if that is intentional, but I have one sponge that is thicker than the other. It has a rubbery texture but kids aren't bothered by it. After reading other reviews, I'm not sure if they will hold up to the demands of washing children, especially mine who enjoy using their sponges as an additional bath toy. I'll return with an update in a month because I'm not very confident that they will hold up. I think these are a good option for people who want a product that is friendly to the environment.

👤I was happy to find this new brand of sponges. I tried two other brands, but this was the only one with plastic free packaging and no added colors or chemicals on the sponges. These sponges fit perfectly in your hand. Make sure to soak them in water before using them, they are soft enough to use on your face. It's highly recommended to anyone trying to be more eco-friendly.

👤These are being plastic-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable, and I love that idea. They turned out to be a huge let-down. There is a They are too small even after being soaked in water. The surface area is too soft and the Sponges hold little soap, and what you end up with is a very disappointing scrubbing experience that feels like you're wiping your skin with a cloth and not scrubbing anything at all.

👤I threw it in the compost after 5 weeks. I'm happy to have a product that makes my skin soft.

👤Alright, now to change this review. The girl bought it. I thought I would give it a try. They work well, they are nicely sized, gentle and not as harsh as a traditional loofah which I have used for decades. Holds the soap better and longer, cleans my skin after work, and all together works great. It's a win because it's eco friendly. These are perfect for tough skin or sensitive skin, and don't shred you from facial hair stubble. Speak to anyone.

👤I heard about Konjac sponges and thought I would try them out. I am so happy I did. The sponge works well, it doesn't get that smell like a wash cloth, and it's better for the environment than a plastic luffa. When you receive two sponges from Earth Beauty, they are small and dry, but when you soak them in water they grow in size. I didn't use mine for 6 weeks. I soaked it in water and it softened up as new. I would highly recommend these products.

3. Charcoal Loofahs Essential Whale Life

Charcoal Loofahs Essential Whale Life

The whalelife loofah spongelle is a natural loof. Adding Natural Bamboo Charcoal can be used on sensitive skin. The easy FOAM is. The shower balls can save 20% of the bath foam. The technology is advanced. The Luffa is easy to hold and hang. Enjoy your shower time. The body scrubber is fit on the mens body wash. They offer a gift for you, one comb for free in the body scrubber set.

Brand: Whalelife

👤I use Amazon to get puffs a few times a year. I try to replace them every month and they usually fall apart around that time. Not so with these. They last and last. Never give up. They lather up well with my body wash. I think they are medium to firm. They won't hurt you. I have had softer. They scrub well. They seem fresh even after months of use. They cost more but are worth it. They are large and great for full body.

👤I'm a discriminating man. I do my research when it comes to my personal hygiene. When I try something out, I usually buy the cheapest thing. I'll choose a better version until my needs are met. I know that there isn't always a better version. Especially when it comes to poofy scrubby washing balls. I've used poofy puffy scrub by washing balls before. There are some washing balls that are not talked about in polite company. There is a These puffy scrubby washing balls are excellent. They last a good while before they separate, they're not very expensive, and they're black! You know, for men. Back in the day, you could choose from a huge bin of poofy puffy scrubby washing balls and grab all the blue, red, grey, sand, or green poofy puffy scrubby washing balls you hold in your cart! It's a good thing. But not anymore. It's not the same. Good times. There is a These puffy scrubby washing balls are great. My wife likes the black poofy puffy scrub that I use to wash balls. That's because she is a B.A.B. You understand. Adding these puffy scrubby washing balls to your daily routine is not going to be a problem. You will thank yourself.

👤Absolutely horrible. The first one was used for the first time this morning. It fell apart as I was washing. I was not happy. It's complete waste of money. These are small. To wash with, just find another puff.

👤Customer service was great after they read my review. They sent me a new pack and it seems the poufs that were unraveling were part of the same pack. All good now. I have a surplus of loofahs, so I haven't had to purchase more. I accidentally bought 2 packs. The unraveling happened in the 3rd week. It was such a sad thing. This poof couldn't last as long as the grocery store did for me. There is a It's soft, but now it's unraveling. It was very disappointing.

👤My mom told me that the black shower puff has an anti-bacteria effect. It is very comfortable applying shower cream.

👤When it comes to household supplies, WhaleLife products are my first choice. The packaging is presentable and could be used for gifts. The pack of 4 loofahs is perfect if you change them out frequently to avoid germs.

👤This is the best one I have ever used. It cleans really well and holds up grease. I will be buying more when I run out. If I ever run out. The pack should last me for about 8 to 10 months. It's soft enough to not scratch the skin. I like these things.

4. Daily Shower Exfoliating Scrubbers Biodegradable

Daily Shower Exfoliating Scrubbers Biodegradable

The Egyptian loofah is made of soft material and is best for removing dead skin cells. The shower sponges that are harsh with the scrubbing are not a good choice. The loofah scrubber with no chemical-based content will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and provide a healthier and more radiant complexion. The Egyptian Body sponges are perfect for hanging, with a diameter and height of 6'' and 6.5'' respectively, and a strong attachment for hanging. The DaIly Shower luffa sponges are all-natural and eco-friendly with nothing artificial, they are ideal for men, women, and children. These loofahs can be used as back scrubber loofahs for shower, face sponges, and bath scrubbers. The Daisy Shower loofah natural can be used as a bath sponge, face sponge, and as a homemade loofah soap. You can make your own loofah soap from this large loofah, it can be used for feet as a dead skin scrubber.

Brand: Daily Shower

👤It feels great to wash them. When they get wet, they become much larger. More for large hands.

👤I have used natural loofah before and it is the best when wet.

👤I've recommended these to my family. Absolutely love how soft the skin is. It's soft enough to use on my face, but strong enough to remove dead skin from my body. The large size helps me get to my back. It was perfect.

👤There are 3 of them, and they are shaped and size 2X as large as convenient. The right degree of abrasiveness is what it takes to get rid of dead skin. Would purchase again. They may last a long time.

👤These are a gift for a girlfriend. She likes them more than the plastic scrubbers. The scrubbing material is soft and rough.

👤I bought them because they are an eco-friendly alternative. It is not very comfortable at first. It gets softer after a few uses.

👤The seller is A+ in my experience. The loofahs are better than I expected. Thank you!

👤The handles on the sponges are easy to use.

5. Friendly Facial Sponges Cleansing Exfoliating

Friendly Facial Sponges Cleansing Exfoliating

The face scrubber helps you clean your skin thoroughly without being too abrasive. Use the facial scrub pads to clean your skin. The face sponges are made in the US out of recycled materials. The face exfoliator sponges can be dried and used multiple times. This product is not tested on animals. You can help take care of the planet. The buff puff facial sponge has deep exfoliation properties to help remove dirt and dead skin cells. You can wash off your face and neck with a facial cleansing sponge. The face sponge can be used to help restore your skin. The face scrubber will help your skin look younger. The buff puffs will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Simply add cleanser and warm water to the face pads and scrub in a circular motion until the skin feels clean. The sponge can be left out to dry before being used again. Have one on hand for this pack of 10.

Brand: Impresa

👤The trademark for the device was called a Buff Puff and it lasted because of its dense quality. The item has the same scrubbing capacity, but it doesn't last as long. Four or five uses, and it is washed up. Quality is no longer possible because industry is too interested in turning a buck.

👤I'm a long time user of BufPuf. I came looking for an affordable alternative because they're getting a little pricier. This isn't it. They are labeled eco friendly, but I disagree. I don't know what these are made of, but they don't feel the same as the original. I can use my BufPuf for a full month. The hot water soak is boiled. When you give them the hot soak, they will back up. I only used this one for 4 days, but it looks like it's been used all month. It didn't fall in the hot water soak. It feels weird, like something I've encountered before, but I can't quite put my finger on it. They are a lot thinner. If you have to get out a new one every week or less, it's not really eco friendly. Will be coming back, but will stick with the original.

👤I've been using microdermabrasion to improve my skin tone and texture. For the last few years, I have used a brush machine and a scrubbing cream. When I was looking for a buffer to replace a machine that had stopped working, I remembered that I had used the buff puffs when I was a teen. A pack was ordered. I think this will work out well. I have control over how long and how long I scrub.

👤I liked the size of the puff and it lasted about 2 weeks. I would have liked the puffs to be softer. There is a The price is not bad.

👤These work well. Your baby's skin is soft. Yes, they are very sore. We're the original brand that I've bought since the 80's. I have no irritation from this product. I load them up with dove by rubbing all sides and edges of a dove bar so they are soapy, this helps minimize the feeling of being wet, and it also helps to have a lot of lubrication while scrubbing. I cut them in half or thirds because you don't need a whole one for your face. I will order again.

👤I have used this type of product for 30 years. I scrub lighter because this product is stiff. This is a great deal. I am giving my kids the extra. They came as promised.

👤I love that they keep their coarseness for a long time. They remove the soap from my face and keep it clean before I apply makeup. If you are a fan of exfoliants like I am, you should definitely recommend it. I use it on my shoulders as well. The bumpy upper arms are eliminated. I'm happy...

👤These are great for getting rid of dead skin. Highly recommend, pressure and Frequency of use can be determined by your skin type.

6. Loofah Exfoliating Shower Sponge Brush

Loofah Exfoliating Shower Sponge Brush

Both men and women can benefit from the luxury bath and shower sponge mesh puff. The shower sponge poufs are soft and fully recyclable. The sponge is soft enough for daily use. The nylon cloth fabric works well for soap lathering and removing dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin. Use their cloths with your cleanser. They will make a thick lather while you scrub away the stress of the day. The back of your legs. If you have a hard time reaching different areas of your body, these are great. A very eco-friendly and durable mesh sponge, equipped with a tight fabric tape loop, will not easily fall apart. The body bath sponges come in a pack. It is an ideal gift for friends and family. They want to make you happy and they believe in high quality customer service.

Brand: Mr.cui'shop

👤I have been looking for these for a long time. I found the right name. The arrived. I ordered 3 more bags in case I ever have trouble finding them again. A person hated the scratch. I like how clean they are when I shower. If you like a good clean and don't mind the scratching, I would recommend these to you. It was just perfect.

👤I was looking for a rougher scrubfah. I saw reviews about size but they didn't deter me as I am a small person. I would not recommend this loofah to a taller person as it is very small. It is rated 3 stars for size and possible issues.

👤I will buy these scrubby's frequently. I like that they have a coarse texture. They are not soft. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend them. They have a coarse texture but I like that about them. They maintain their texture for a month on my second one. I am enamored with this product.

👤I was very excited about these. There is a They are just like the picture, except small. There is a The shower pouf is larger than the smaller one. I will try them in the shower. Since they are so small, I don't think they will be as practical as I would like. There is a There are some shower decor. There is a The shower pouf idea is great, but it would be better if they were larger. There is a I was attracted to them because they are the same material as the clothes I use. There is a I tried it in the shower. There is a Not too rough and not too soft are some of the qualities of a great total body exfoliant. These will serve their purpose, even though they are a bit bigger.

👤I was not prepared for how well these little things would work. I had dead skin on my towel after using a shower. These are just abrasive enough to remove dead skin cells. My skin is soft and smooth. I feel comfortable using the same towel the next day. These are highly recommended.

👤I like them very much. A little soap goes a long way with these. They last a long time as well. If they were larger, they would get 5 starts.

👤I have been looking for bath sponges for a long time since Walmart no longer sells them. Gave them a try after finding them. They are absolutely perfect! They provide a good scrub in the shower. I bought another package in case they ran out.

👤I like it. It's a little rough, but once you wet the loofah it gets soft. It is smaller than other plastic loofahs. It's a good knock off brand like Earth Therapeutic Super loofah that you can get from the store, and it's a great alternative if you want to go plastic free.

7. Exfoliating Eco Friendly Biodegradable Naturally Exfoliates

Exfoliating Eco Friendly Biodegradable Naturally Exfoliates

The package includes a natural loofah sponge, soap saver pouch, and shower hook, all in a small and light package. The organic natural loofah is sun-dried, skin-friendly, soft, and chemical-free. The loofah is made from plants. It is an organic sponge. The soft loofah is made by traditional crafts and has a soft texture that leaves your skin rejuvenated and more receptive to lotion. To achieve the effect of use, immerse it in warm water. They make your skin more receptive to beauty products. The lanyard on the top is designed to keep dry after bathing. They strive to provide the finest products, service for a great experience for you. If you have a question, just contact them, the WAVEBEEXS team will answer it within 24 hours.

Brand: Wavebeexs

👤I had these loofahs hanging in my shower on the hook for 14 days, and I noticed that both sofas were black. They were growing mold in the shower. It seems like a loofah is made to be wet and in the shower. The two were thrown away, complete waste of my money.

👤These sponges are hard to use after many months of use. The skin is very harsh. I've used loofahs before and they're much more gentle on the skin. You're getting ripped off because of the size and quality of the sponges.

👤I can use it across my body, but it is a bit more coarse than I like. The little elastic handle piece is in the way and it is the reason it is getting 4 stars. I flip it to the side I am not using.

👤The shower loofahs are perfect. Theloofah bag was included and I loved it.

👤As a rock and fries are curled up, loofah sponge stays hard. It does not uncurl. I've never purchased a worse loofah sponge.

👤The first use was great, but continuous use made it softer each time. I had it for a month. I need to replace it.

👤It's waste! It was hung to dry. We are black and discolored the next day. The rough texture doesn't change at all. I felt like I was washing a tree branch.

👤I'm very pleased with the product. I will buy them for my family.

8. Body Sponge Natural Colors Exfoliation

Body Sponge Natural Colors Exfoliation

There is only one body sponge with two unique sides. It has a smooth surface for a gentle cleanse and a textured surface for deep exfoliation to remove the oil and gunk from deep within your pores. Comes with 2 pieces. The sponge is made from pure foam and has an ultra soft surface that is comfortable to the skin. Less soap and more lather will give you more lather. The sponge has a high density and can create a richer lather with less soap. Spongentle's bendable shape will adapt to every angle of your skin, giving you the deepest cleanse. Spongentle is more eco-friendly than PE and PVC sponges because of its sturdy PU construction. It is a solid and durable structure.

Brand: Sunlite Sports

👤It's not a bad product, but it does have a downside like it takes forever to get rid of the soap and suds from the sponge after you're done using it, and also constant squeezing of the sponge makes it break apart. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. That's my experience.

👤I like duck because it's soft to touch. I didn't use it for bathing, but just put it on the desk so I could feel better. You are not alone if you like this way.

👤Love them. They were in a package of three. One for the bath, one for the shower and one for travel. The size is very soft to the skin. I switched from the net ones to these. I will be ordering again.

👤Positives are large enough for a sponge. The rope is convenient for hanging. The material wasn't sturdy enough when wet. You can find the same material in discount stores. Not worth the price. Before using the sponges, I was pre-judged. I didn't think they would do as well as they have. The body sponges were not real Konjac. One side is smooth for facial use and the other side is more textured. I could assign one for face and body if they came in another color. Grey. Don't change the texture.

👤The material was much rougher than I expected. I hang up on a hook when I squeeze water out. In less than a month, mold was developed on a sponge.

👤Useful for showering. Keep soap in your hand. I wish there was a better way to keep the sponge in your hands. The rope loop is small enough for someone with arthritis in their hands. I will work with the prize if I keep dropping it. Purchase is something I would recommend.

👤My kids play with this every day in the bath. I use to wash their hair. We haven't had a single instance of them tearing apart like others have. They only last 3 months because they get moldy, but I think that would happen with any sponge.

👤Firmness is between a natural sponge and a looFA. I like this better than the soft ones. I will have to see if this is durable. I think it's too much for what you get because manufacturing and shipping cost is minimal.

9. BAIMEI Exfoliating Exfoliator Cleaning Scrubber

BAIMEI Exfoliating Exfoliator Cleaning Scrubber

There are two different colour sponges included. The bath sponge is easy to drain out. The bath sponge makes the skin feel moist. The loofah body scrubber sponges hold soap. Apply body wash on the sponge and massage it to create suds. Allow the bath sponge to air dry and wash after each use. The bath sponge can dry nicely if there is a string on it. They recommend rinsing the luffa sponge completely and hanging it to dry to keep it clean.

Brand: Baimei

👤Please soak it! They expand a lot. These sponges were what I was looking for. They feel luxurious once soaked and expanded. I have dry skin and haven't felt pampered in a long time. My skin was soft and smooth, and the sudsing made me feel like I was using a spa product. If you are looking for something less scratchy than other sponges and not all plastic, you can go wrong here. You should not judge them by the packaging. Some reviews complain about how thin and hard they are. Sponges are like night and day on size and texture, and can compress more than you think. Give them a chance!

👤When they are new they are too rough and when they get old they are too soft. I have tried those sponges and they don't lather. The sponge is perfect. It is rough and perfect for removing dead skin cells. It is squishy like a car sponge. I lather up well. I have been using the perfect size for about a month and it looks and feels the same as the first day.

👤I expected them to be smaller, but they are larger than I expected. The sponges seem to break in when I use them. I like them and would probably buy again. These are better than the plastic loofahs that fall apart quickly. These feel better on the skin. I can still tell that I am getting some skin care products.

👤Great sponges! I don't know about longevity yet. I guess I can update later. They are a good price for a dual pack. I don't see the sponge type in the store. I thought online would do fine. I like to scrub dead skin off with them. I like that they are close knit so they don't catch hair easily. They arrived flat with the air sucked out of them, but they fluffed up just fine.

👤This is soft and holds a lot of soap. I only need one pump of body wash for my entire shower, which is half of what I used to use. I felt a clean after.

👤The product description and photos are correct. They were vacuum packed so they looked thin before opening the package. They quickly grew to be large. The soap is held for a strong lather. Look like they will hold up. My use has been limited. I would recommend.

👤These bath sponges are very absorbent. My regular loofah wasn't helping remove my winter skin, so I've been trying to get my skin cleaned. If you have sensitive skin like me, I suggest rubbing the sponge across your body in slow to medium circles. I will review more on the durability after a month.

👤I have been using this for a while now and I am very happy with it. Not too rough or soft. It's textured enough for daily exfoliation. Very happy with it.

👤PRO 1 is the number. The sponge gives light exfoliation. The rough texture is light and won't dry out your skin. You can feel the removal of dead skin on some areas, but not on others. The texture is similar to a sponge. There is a PRO 2. It's the same thing. It's a large sponge that can cover your whole body. There is a PRO 3. It's the same thing. Storage is easy because it is compressed. When it arrives, you have to open it and wait for it to fluff up, but it looks exactly as pictured. CON 1 The parts were ripped after the first use. The holes are in the picture. They are not a huge issue as they are tiny pieces. CON 2 is the second one. I have trouble with the lather. It makes a lot of soap bubbles. I have to squeeze the soap onto my body. It's not a big deal for me. Maybe I need to try different soaps.

10. Exfoliating Egyptian Loofah Glove Pad

Exfoliating Egyptian Loofah Glove Pad

One side of Natural loofah leaves your skin more receptive to creams and gels. There is a soft cotton fabric that can be used to remove body oils and dirt. Naturally safe and non toxic. There are harmful chemicals in synthetic shower poufs. Crafts Of Egypt luffa sponges are all natural and eco-friendly. Softer yet more effective. Forget the Chinese loofahs. These Egyptian vegan body loofa scrubbers are gentle on dead, dry skin. Why settle for chintzy puffs that fall apart quickly? The body pads are made for long-term use. Simply hang to dry after Pop in the dishwasher. With their soft texture, Crafts Of Egypt loofahs help cleanse the skin and promote healthy circulation.

Brand: Craftsofegypt

👤The first use was seperated by the loofah part. It's not very thick. I suppose if they sewed a loofah side and a terry cloth side together it wouldn't be much thicker. It was in a pack of 2. I need both. I think that's correct.

👤I've been using loofah sponges for 40 years. This one is too thick and lacks flexibility. It will become more flexible with time. I like the way that the surface is rough. Next time, I'll look for a smaller one that has an elastic strap to hold the hand. Not meant for the left hand.

👤If you want to return this loofah to it's intended shape, you need to soak it in water for 15 minutes. They compress due to shipping concerns. The second one was not as good of a shape. It's still usable, but would've been better if both had returned to their previous shape after soaking.

👤The scrubber has both soft and rough sides. It's easy to get your hand out. The rough side is good for people who are already looking for a standard scrubbing. If you have sensitive skin, be careful around sensitive areas. Make sure the bath scrubber is cleaned out and dried between uses to keep it clean.

👤Love is love. It was perfect in the shower. I use the two pack all the time, it's very handy, use one store for later.

👤I like it. It's too small to hold in your hand.

11. Friendly Non Scratch Biodegradable Scrubber Compostable

Friendly Non Scratch Biodegradable Scrubber Compostable

We live in a world where they need more trees. They will plant one tree for you through their tree planting partners if you buy this pack. The tree will be planted in countries that their followers have chosen. Kitchen sponges and scrubbers are made from all natural materials. The scrub sponge are made of the same materials as the walnuts and coconut sponge. This natural kitchen scrub is great for cleaning dishes, pots, pans and many more. The issue of dish sponges is always bad smell after a few times used. Why not use their 100% Eco-friendly and ODOR free kitchen sponge? They don't collect bad odors and germs like other plastic sponges. Natural Cellulose Sponge is made of safe and environmental wooden pulp, the scrubbing side they have used high quality natural sisal fiber, no synthetic chemical fiber. Both of the materials have a good job of Breathable. It's easy to use 888-405-7720 These kitchen cleaning sponges are easy to use and will quickly and efficiently clean your kitchen. It is easy to fall apart and short lasting, but natural fiber sponges are 10x compression and Enhanced synthesis technology made to more tightly scrubber materials, they last longer compared to traditional sponges to provide you long term and reliable use. Sponges made on the planet are sustainable and renewable. Their sponges are made from plant fibers. When your natural sponge has outlived its usefulness, it can be composted. Non-scrutching and biodegraded: The natural dish sponges are designed to provide efficient and thorough cleaning without scratching or harming your dishes. They stay soft even after multiple washes. Their sponges are made from plant-based fibers that help reduce landfill build-up.

Brand: Panyee

👤I'm on my first sponge. They are long lasting and friendly to the environment. I made a vow to help the planet and the ocean. I use less power and ride bicycles to cut down on emissions. These sponges work well.

👤These sponges are from I like grove. I paid over $5 for two sponges. This is a better deal. I will continue my membership, but I will buy my sponges elsewhere.

👤I bought these when the green sponges I used to buy were no longer being sold. I don't like sponges so I didn't have high hopes. The green ones were soft and fluffy. That was a pleasant surprise. Once they are softened, they are great because they take a couple of good washings to get soft. They are natural fibers and not made of plastic.

👤This is the first time I've ever bought this type of product. I usually buy a generic yellow sponge with a green scrubber, however they don't last more than a week before they fall apart. I always cut them in half so that they last longer and are more efficient in cleaning. They have held together better than the normal sponge and pots and pans. I'm happy to switch to a more eco friendly product, and I'm also happy that they are of equal quality as the typical fish sponge.

👤I bought some walnuts sponges from GROVE and they were amazing. They looked like these on Amazon. The grove ones were soft and didn't need much dish soap to foam up. These were not like those. The sponge stuff is hard to make when washing and trying to get into a cup because of the glue used to attach the brown part to the white. They need a lot of dish soap.

👤I ordered the white sponges because they looked best with my countertops. They are great little sponges and they don't stain as fast as I thought. It's still usable, but slightly smaller than the most popular store brands. I hope they don't make them smaller. I'm very pleased with this product.

👤Since we don't have a dishwasher at the moment, hand- washing dishes is a way of life in our kitchen, and I wanted to get away from plastic sponges that are so bad for the environment. The sponges are a little stiff out of the box, but they do an excellent job of dealing with light to stubborn soil. I was afraid that the white would stain, but it does not. I'm very pleased with the sponges and will definitely order more in the future.

👤They are stiff when you first use them. They are perfect after a short time. I can wash them after they are softened. There is a The scrub sponges are the same as the scrub sponges. They will not be around for a thousand years because I can send them to the landfill. Definitely recommend these.


What is the best product for eco friendly sponges for body?

Eco friendly sponges for body products from Atteasay. In this article about eco friendly sponges for body you can see why people choose the product. Our Earth Beauty and Whalelife are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sponges for body.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sponges for body?

Atteasay, Our Earth Beauty and Whalelife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sponges for body. Find the detail in this article. Daily Shower, Impresa and Mr.cui'shop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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