Best Eco Friendly Sponges for Cleaning

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1. Natural Kitchen Sponges Washing Dishes

Natural Kitchen Sponges Washing Dishes

Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started. Their sponges are made of 100% Natural Plant Based Coconut Fiber and Wood Cellulose that are odor free. The Kitchen sponges pack has 10 Eco Friendly Sponges. The scrubbing action of the natural sponge with tough but non-scratch durable pads can break through toughest grease and stuck on food stains. It's safe to use on dishes, pots and pans, cast iron and glassware. The Multipurpose Dish Scrubber Sponges are great for scrubbing grease and food stains. The multi-purpose dishwashing sponges are great for cleaning countertops, stove tops, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and much more, a great replacement for paper towels and silicone sponges and plastic brushes. Natural sponges are plastic free and help redefine a Eco-Safe lifestyle. The packaging is all natural and can be recycled. They will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you choose an eco friendly sustainable choice for kitchen sponges and scrubbers. They will give you a full refund if you are not satisfied. Send them a message. They are here to help.

Brand: Jk

👤Don't compare it to plastic scrubbers, it's natural and better for the planet, thanks to a guilt free sponge.

👤The product is organic. As it is spent on use, the set allows for healthy replacement.

👤These sponges are rough and wear out quickly. They aren't very absorbent.

👤I would love this to work and I love the packaging and concept, but it is also an environmental point that the product should last at least two minutes.

👤I can't prove it's not made with wood and coconut fiber, but it should be. I'm happy to see them. The sponges are effective. They are strong for the job. The scrubby side is not as abrasive as a plastic-sided sponge. It seems to be working. There is a The chainmail scrubber is useful for cleaning stubborn objects, but I will never let cast iron get to looking like what they showed in the picture. The scrubbers are better for cleaning the bits off. There is a I was quite pleased with these. It would be great if they were priced a bit more reasonable for the average person to be able to afford. You can use the address to make a small donation to a charity of your choice when you buy things there. Here is the information:

👤These natrual sponges are made in China. I'm new to natural sponges and decided to try them out. The green scrubby side is where I usually use the yellow sponges. There is a I decided to give these a try and they work very well. They scrub my sink, counter and stove top like the yellow ones. Even though I keep the yellow ones in my sink organizers where they can drain, they get pretty slimy and stinky in a short period of time. Ewww... There was no odor after a week when these sponges were put into the organizers. They were not slimy. This is amazing. There is a They fit my hand just as well as the other sponges. I wanted chain mail for my skillet. A scrambled egg in the morning can be served in a 6 inch skillet. This one was used for a grilled cheese, heavy on the cheese, and a bit crusty. I wanted to try the chain mail on it. The picture shows that the chain mail is small. It doesn't cover the bottom of my pan. My pan is back to being without grilled cheese crusties after it did the job. It's good! It is still seasoned. I like the chain mail for my cast iron. The pricing on these sponges at the time of the review is pretty good. It's double what I pay for the yellow sponges, but they get stinky and have to be dealt with regularly. The natural sponges seem to last just as long as the yellow sponges. That's good for me. The chain mail did the job for my pan. That's a win. It's a good idea to recommend it.

2. Delaware Durables Kitchen Dispensing Eco Friendly

Delaware Durables Kitchen Dispensing Eco Friendly

Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started. Delaware Durables DuraSeal stops leaks. Release detergent when you want it. There is a heavy duty dish wand, 5 non-scratch sponges, and a bristle dish brush. Simple - lock the bristle dish soap brush onto the dish wand. Don't leave the hassle behind by chopping and changing as you please. Sturdy body construction, elegant appearance, reliability and resilience. The handle is non-slip. The eco-friendly manufacturing process of thermoplastic rubber is a testament to its high impact resistance.

Brand: Dd Delaware Durables

👤I blew through all these dish heads in a few months and couldn't wait to get a store brand wand. This dish wand is the leakiest I have ever had. I would let it sit on the sink between washings and the dish soap would drain out of it and get all over the sink. I had an issue with the area where you put the soap. This has a flimsy rubber plug on the side of the wand that can be removed for refill, instead of the cap that is usually used. The tab would pop off when I was in the middle of washing the dishes. There's no way to shut it down. All the soap will pour out if the lightest tug removes it. The standard head didn't scrub dishes very well unless I pressed on them hard. Go with the store brand wand.

👤When not in use, soap leaks out of the handle. I have a caddy that leaks out when I sit it upright. The button doesn't work if you press it to enter the sponge. It gets stuck at the back of the sponge and doesn't absorb into it where I can use soap to scrub. I have to grab a bottle of soap and put it on the dish I'm cleaning. It defeats the point of buying one of these. I'm not using anything fancy. I would not have paid that much for just a wand because it's decent, but it's 2 stars because it's decent as a basic sponge wand. I wanted something to hold detergent.

👤I used this to clean the bathtub with my own Dawn/vinegar cleaner and the brush came off when I started to scrub a little. I gave up and used the scrub brush without the handle. If the brush is attached securely, it would be an okay product, but I would have preferred to use a spray bottle.

👤Not impressed! When it is closed, detergent leaks out. The night before, it was filled with a wand and sponge was left on the sink ledge. The wand was sitting in a puddle of detergent and the container was closed, but the sponge had leaked out and was slimy. The sponge is not flexible enough to mold to the corners of dishes like a sponge in the hand can. I wouldn't buy it again. Have not used it with the brush.

👤It is more sturdy than other brands. The way you add detergent is nice. The amount is the right one. I am glad I bought it.

👤I love buying replacement sponges for this dish wand. It's better than the ones you can get at the store. The mechanism for letting soap into the sponge or plugging it up saves soap from leaking out, so you have exactly as much as you need. I love how quickly it is to switch back to the sponge after snapping the scrub brush on. Sometimes the scrub brush comes off unintentionally, but it's not enough for me to knock off a star. I love this little thing.

3. Scotch Brite Greener Non Scratch Plant Based 6 Sponges

Scotch Brite Greener Non Scratch Plant Based 6 Sponges

It's safe on non-scratch pans, countertops, dishes and more. The scrubbing fibers are made from plants. There are plant-based fibers. Plants make cleaning power. The construction is durable for scrubbing. Re-use after washing in the dishwasher. Heavy Duty is also available for tough messes.

Brand: Scotch-brite

👤The rating was reduced from 4 to 2 stars. My initial review was 4 stars because I believed they contained all natural components. I realized that this is greenwashing and the scrubbing side is made of synthetics and not coconut fibers. Very disappointed in this. I thought I could compost the entire sponge. I bought a different type for the future. The sponge holds up well and is decent. I wish it was more transparent in the packaging, which is made of plastic that can not be recycled. Even if this was all natural, it wouldn't break down if you threw it in the garbage. People need to understand that landfills do not work on organic matter. 3M has said that the sponges are made from paper and wood. The 50% NYLON/ POLYESTER part is called the "Scrubber" part. You can't compost the sponges that are just the scrubber. If you can separate the scrubber from the sponge, you can compost the sponge portion and landfill to never break down the scrubber part.

👤Product is encased in plastic stamped with a lot of eco-marketing spin. This product is disappointing for those that care about the environment. There is a I went back to look at the package pictures I took. There was no mention of the outside wrapping being recyclable. The company has a new development on it. Will not be purchasing online sight unseen if in store.

👤I didn't know there was an environmental issue with regular sponges until I read an article that said most of them contain plastic. I believe in the phrase, "Be the change you wish to see". I bought these and felt good about it. I would say that they are at par with the Scotch-brite blue sponges in their initial uses. The blue ones are more durable than the Greener version. A blue sponge can last a long time. The Green version lasted about two weeks. I want to love these for their environmental friendliness, but I don't like that they fall apart so fast. I will end up throwing away more sponges than I would normally do. I am not sure which is more eco-friendly.

👤These are not true. They aren't good for scrubbing and aren't compostable. It is a marketing trick. It is colored so that it looks natural but it is still a sponge that is made with a percentage of natural material, which makes it a lousy scrubber.

👤I've been buying these sponges in 4-packs at the grocery store for years, but found out I can get them in 6-packs on Amazon for $1 more. If you wring them out after every use, they will last a while, but eventually they will smell, so I wash them in a laundry bag, but only a few times. We have a long life out of them. Food can get stuck in the scrubbers if not cleaned regularly.

👤These sponges are made from recycled material. The Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge scrubber is made from natural fibers. The sponge is made from recycled paper. The scrubber is made of polyester. There is a These sponges are doing a good job while doing the dishes. I wash my dishes manually because I don't want to waste a dishwasher cycle on little things. My cat has taken the fancy to use one as a prey that ends up being chewed on and spat away. Only the scrubber part seems to have some level of resistance. She has not gotten sick since she started doing this, and most of the sponge is made from recycled materials. There is a In conclusion: For normal use, 4 stars.

4. UKEENOR Cleaning Reusable Absorbent Friendly

UKEENOR Cleaning Reusable Absorbent Friendly

6 packs are great for all kinds of kitchen cleaning tasks. The sponge is designed to last longer than traditional sponges. The bamboo fiber material has higher cleaning power. It is possible to make your life easier with durable and long lasting materials. The amount of sudsy water that this sponge absorbs will impress you. When it comes to home cleaning, bamboo is the top material. You will never go back to that sponge. It's good for kids' health to clean their plate and bowl with Eco friendly bamboo sponges. These bamboo sponges are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine.

Brand: Ukeenor

👤People have asked what the cleaning sponges are made of. I will take one for the team because I don't know how many people are willing to open them. The burn test was used to figure out the material. The outside of the sponge burned cleanly, but the tery cloth behind the loops left a hard, dry, brittle piece of melted substance behind. The white inside sponge left a small amount of greasy hard substance behind. The product is plastic so it is not good for cutting out single use plastic for those of us who are trying to cut down. I hope this helps someone.

👤There were a lot of reviews about the smell of this sponge. How often do you stick the sponge in your face to smell it? And a. Once you use it, it will be fixed immediately. This isn't a deal breaker. I have had these for a few months and have washed them all at least once, and they seem to hold up well. Definitely recommend not buying disposable ones.

👤These sponges do not last very long. After three weeks of use, the textured side becomes torn. I have used multiple and they seem to tear at the same place. I thought it must have been on something, but now I think it's just not meat to last more than a month or two. There is a Nice looking. The water is absorbent. It's easy to put in the dishwasher. If you plan to wipe down slick surfaces like granite counter-tops, Sponge is too water absorbent after a month of use.

👤All of my expectations were met. They have held up well after being washed at least five times, and I have used three and washed them at least three times. They work well on greasy pots and pans because they are absorbent. They need to be washed and squeezed after doing dishes. You need a separate scrubber as these are very soft, but they are great for sponges. They have gotten very dirty during use, but always look brand new after a wash. There is a The best part for me is that I don't have to worry about sponges. Sending sponges to the landfill is no longer possible.

👤Great sponges! I've been looking for sponges that don't leave fuzz and hairs after wiping. I have tried microfiber and it will leave behind fuzz and hair which is very annoying, however this product is great, it cleans very well and is easy to machine wash. If you use these in the kitchen, I suggest boiling them in hot water for 15 minutes with a small drop of dish detergent and the smell will go away. Very happy with the product.

👤It doesn't fall apart like regular sponges. It was very absorbent.

👤I'm not sure how long they will last. I don't worry about getting every stain and crumb off dishes with the sponge because I use the dishwasher anyway. I don't think they will last very long for the person who uses them to wash dishes. The side that is supposed to be tougher isn't very tough. I'm wondering if there's another natural material that can be used as a Brillo scrubber. They work for me for about two months.

5. JEBBLAS Natural Absorbent Cleaning Reusable

JEBBLAS Natural Absorbent Cleaning Reusable

You can reuse in the dishwasher. The sponge is made with bamboo fiber. The bamboo dish sponges are great for all kitchen cleaning tasks. Bamboo Fibre is grown without the use of chemicals. For kitchen, dish cleaning, and household use, the bamboo sponges are stain and oil resistant and odor-free. The bamboo sponges are easy to clean, simply toss them in the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. They're the versatile cleaning tool you've been looking for, they're super absorbent and ideal for dishes, stove tops, and kitchen counters.

Brand: Jebblas

👤These are not 100% bamboo. The inside is a yellow synthetic foam sponge. The sponges absorb too much water, so when I squeeze it out, it flies everywhere. After a few washes, they have begun to fall apart. I have used them for a few weeks with regular washes and thought they would be a more attractive alternative to synthetic sponges. Back to the blue ones.

👤Excellent construction, thickness and absorbency. The sponge is non-scratch. I use less soap because it foams up. The price is great. There is a They hold their shape, size, and texture after washing and drying. Baking soda and vinegar can be used to refresh. Do not use bleach. So awesome! If packed in paper and cardboard, it would be more eco-conscious. It's not tough enough for baked-on or dried-on food.

👤Great sponge! I have been using them daily since I purchased a pack 2 years ago. The sponge is the photo. I got my money's worth even though some of them splintered or came apart. It cleans wonderfully. I highly recommend.

👤I thought they would be free of CHEM. They're advertised as 100% bamboo natural. They smell of chemicals and it's weird, not the smell I'm used to smelling on American products. I think this is the last time I'll buy anything from China. I don't think they have any kind of consumer protection laws, and I don't think they care if Americans are poisoned with their products.

👤These sponges are too small to wash my car with and are not what I am looking for. I don't think it has a good scrubby side. I'm having to work harder to get my pots and pans clean. I don't know if I want to use all the sponges I got. They're not right for what I need.

👤I have bought these sponges many times and they always impress me. I use them in the kitchen and they would work great in the bathroom. They are thick and absorbent, with a soft netted side for dishes and pots. I microwave the sponge for 30 seconds on each side to keep it away from food odors.

👤I loved the idea of a sponge that would be easy to recycle at the end of its life span. These sponges are thick and hold on to water so they smell sour. All sorts of bugs have taken up residence in the sponge if they smell sour. Yuck! Unless you bleach them, the sour smell/bugs don't really go away. bleach defeats the more earth friendly living I was trying to implement.

👤I switched to save the planet. It absorbs so much that I use less detergent. It's not hard to clean my pans and it's not abrasive.

👤Not all bamboo is described. The sponge is made of plastic.

👤It's great for washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom. They are going to last a long time.

👤This is my first purchase and I love it.

👤Within a week of using, you can get a cheap yellow sponge inside. Nothing eco about them. Terrible product.

6. SIMPLYCASA Eco Friendly Biodegradable Cellulose Cleaning

SIMPLYCASA Eco Friendly Biodegradable Cellulose Cleaning

SIMPLYCASA is an Eco-friendly kitchen cloth made of 70% cotton and 70% wood. It's 100% Biodegradable. The material was made in Germany. The size is 6 by 7 inches. The absorbent material absorbs and holds more water than it weighs. The cloth is stiff at first and can be printed with beautiful illustrations, but they become soft when wet. Each dishcloth saves earth by replacing up to 15 rolls of paper towels. This concept will save money and be friendly to the planet because there will be less waste. It's perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom and office. It's safe to machine wash. Simplecasa Swedish cloths are inspired by the Nordic countries.

Brand: Simplycasa

👤It's hard to tell the life expectancy of these swedish dishcloths. Alright, let me get into the details. If they hold up to the same or greater length of time as the original swedish dishcloths, they are a good buy. The dishcloths in this set are very colorful and have the same texture and structure as the originals, they absorb water with the highest degree of absorption, they glide well on most surfaces, and they don't smell like dish soap. They are made in Germany and packaged in china. They are not machine dryable, can be laid flat to air dry, and can be used in the bathroom and kitchen. I was glad I tried the original for $6.00/ea because it was $4.00 cheaper and I could get a decent swedish dishcloth for less. There is at least one concern now. I don't like buying food, drinks, cosmetics, rxs, and cloth products from China. USA, China, and any other countries are trying to make a quick buck. If you don't already know, let me explain. Food, drinks, cosmetics, water, soap products, cloth products, bedding, and prescription drugs are all contaminated with deadly ingredients. Since these swedish dishcloths are processed in china despite them being produced in Germany, I feel that it's unfair for me to assume that these and many other products produced or packaged in the US are also processed in china. buyer beware of anything that you buy from anywhere! I still recommend these dishcloths for their wonderful features and I hope to get a year of wear like others have stated for the original swedish dishcloths!

👤I don't normally write reviews but I'm a little perturbed by something with my order. I love these types of rags. I've been using them for a long time and they are beautiful. It has been difficult to get this set. The first order said it was shipped, but it became undeliverable. I'm still waiting for the money back. I ordered again because I loved the patterns. One of the 10 rags has already been used. They shrink a little and become more stiff once they are used and it has some brown stains on it. I'm keeping the set because the other 9 seem fine, but I'm not happy with the seller. I still give 3 stars because I love the rags. Sorry.

👤I bought some Swedish cloths a few months ago and really like them. They are very good at getting the last bits of sand from the counter so we can get fresh produce. They don't leave a watery mess on the surface. You can squeeze them dry with one hand. They are machine washed but not dry, which is not a problem as they dry quickly. There have been no smell issues with mine. The Simply Casa Swedish cloths are thinner than the ones I had been using. I don't know if this is a good thing or not and it is probably a personal preference.

👤I have found this to be the best thing to do dishes. It is the right size and absorbs quickly. When I finish cleaning, I rinse, squeeze dry, fold over and put in the sponge holder. I pour out the water from the sponge holder after it is completely dry. There is no bad smell. I have stopped using paper towels and sponges.

7. Natural Sponge Pack Biodegradable Scratch Odor

Natural Sponge Pack Biodegradable Scratch Odor

It is not easy to break after kneading frequently. It is a good idea to rinse it with water after the work is done. The cleaning sponge can be used again and again. Save money with their new premium 12 pack of natural sponges and feel good knowing you are supporting reforestation through their partnership with National Forest Foundation. The sponges were designed to fit your home and the planet. Clean sponges are made from sustainable and renewable materials, and their packaging is 100% recycled. They are a safer alternative to synthetic sponges. Powerful cleaning. Their plant-based sponges are great for the environment because they clean away stubborn marks and leave surfaces sparkling. BREATHABLE: Their sponges are dry and Breathable so they don't cause bad smells in your home. They want to create high quality cleaning products that they can be proud of. They will give you a refund if you are dissatisfied.

Brand: Present Clean

👤I will keep buying these. I like that these sponges are natural and last longer than the ones I usually buy. There were sponges in the box. When I get sponges, there are usually a few in the package. They are from a woman-owned business. I have to take a gift to a Christmas party where the theme is "support a small business". A box of these will be part of my gift. The box of sponges was the most stolen in the game we played where guests could choose a gift that had already been opened or one that had not been unwrapped. The most popular gift was the most practical.

👤I would give 10 stars if I could. I am amazed at the quality of this product. They work as well as the old fashion ones, but they don't get the same smell as the traditional ones. Absolutely odor free! There is a I haven't seen any scratches on the dishes or glasses. I don't have a dishwasher so I use these scrubbers every day and they last 3 months. I will keep buying them. There is a They help the planet too.

👤A friend recommended these sponges. I didn't know that existed. I wondered how effective they would be if they were completely made of non-biodegradable materials. I was surprised by its scrubbing power. It works the same as a regular sponge with one side spongy and the other rougher. The coconut made scrubber side probably does a better job of getting stuff off than the regular sponges. It reminds me of the bath loofah. The price is more than reasonable. One usually pays more for green products. Each sponge costs less than its counterpart from Dollar Tree. The delivery was on time. The packaging is made of recycled material. It's perfect for stocking stuffers.

👤The detergent made for a good amount of dishes being washed with just 2 pumps of soap. It's made of natural material. It was washed well and absorbent.

👤The quality of the sponges makes them eco friendly. Sponges that use hot water get broken in parts. I love them!

👤This is the best type of sponges I have tried, and I need to say that. It is durable, but it does not smell like other ones I have tried. There is no plastic involved in the fabrication process. I won't try anything else. The sponges I want to use have been found. I wish the small business was the best so more people could benefit from it.

👤I was surprised by the sponges. Highly quality, durable and odor free. Highly recommended. Good amount for the price. I am completely satisfied.

👤It is a good quality sponge and it is also made with environmental consciousness. There is a We need more products like this.

8. Scrubber Dry Fast Eco Friendly Antibacterial Dishcloths

Scrubber Dry Fast Eco Friendly Antibacterial Dishcloths

The kitchen should be upgraded with colorful and unique design. Their crocheted dishcloths are available in many colors. Their dishwashing cloths will make your kitchen look better and add a touch of class to it. It will make your cleaning and dishwashing easy and enjoyable. Dry-fast, no-odor, eco-friendly, durable dish sheaths. There are many fibers on the surface that are soft and flexible. After washing food, use dishwashing detergent to prevent odors. Each scrubber lasts more than six months. The scrubbers will last longer than 6 months. Soft wash cleaning shears are never used. Their cute dish sponge is used to clean the kitchen sink. It works great on a lot of things, including the kitchen sink, stovetops, appliances, shower tiles, bathtub and more. Their dish washing net cloths are good for removing oil and food debris. There are many little fibers that can reach small spaces. Baking soda is an effective way to wash fruits and vegetables to remove dirt, chemicals, and wax. You can try it wherever you want. It will surpass your expectations. Feel free to try! 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like your dish scrubber. Their priority is to make the best quality goods. They try to make their customers happy.

Brand: It's Senah

👤My mother-in-law gave me a dish called "sponge" years ago. I had to go back to regular sponges after it kicked the bucket. I like these. They are what I've been looking for. It lasts through my dishes if I don't put it under water. They are also good scrubbers. It's perfect for me, and pretty.

👤The sponges are amazing. They don't last six months easy on the hand, you need a little bit of soap and your washing lots of dishes dry fast no smell, I have recommend and bought more given them away, I wish they sent me a coupon. How much do we love them?

👤I absolutely adore these. No more stinky sponges. The water runs down when I lay them in the drain. They lather well, which is less soap use. I thought it was smaller. The right size. The feel of it is comfortable. You can fit it into every corner. I was so happy to find these. I plan on buying more.

👤I was looking for a scrubber that my mom would like. I've tried different places but never found it. I ran across these and they are great. Her old one is not the same as this one. She loves them too.

👤My daughter received these items as a gift and they were very well made, fit her hand well and were dishwasher proof. The material doesn't absorb food bits so there is no stinky smell. It's great for non stick pans. Buy with confidence.

👤I like the dish scrubber because it doesn't scratch the surface and a little soap makes it sudsy. I like the different colors and patterns. I gave away several sets as gifts to my family and friends. They are happy with the product. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the product. From Hawaii.

👤These are great! I am buying for my kids and adults. They are sudsy with soap. It takes awhile to rinse sponges.

👤I like everything about this sponges. They work well. I recommend it. You will love it.

9. Dishcloths Cellulose Eco Friendly Reusable Absorbent

Dishcloths Cellulose Eco Friendly Reusable Absorbent

You should feel good about your choices. The Honest Weave kitchen dish towels are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, and each one can help save dozens or even hundreds of trees by replacing the need for paper towels and other paper-based products. They invite you to join them in protecting and respecting the environment. CLOSE TO NATURE10 Pack assorted colors is 7.5" x 6.8" It is made from natural cotton and wood. The materials are more absorbent than cotton wipes and have a longer service life. The weight of their dish cloth is more than 15 times its weight. It feels soft when wet and hard when dry to clean almost all surfaces. It can leave a streak-free surface when used for wet dust removal. disposable paper towels, wipes or dish rags are not worth the money. The hand towel can be washed up to 200 times. You can save up to 15 rolls of paper towel with each piece of Reusable Swedish dishcloth. The dishcloth can be used over and over again. The criss-cross stripe and linear stripe design is lovely. It's the best gift for the one you love because it's safe and healthy, odor resistant, and durable. There is aNEY back guarantee. Customer satisfaction is the first priority in Swedish dishcloths. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your dishcloths.

Brand: Cfq

👤These are fantastic and I have bought several of them. You can easily cut out most paper towel use with these. They are great for cleaning up spills as they are very absorbent and don't get stinky, and they last longer. One of the main reasons I got them was because the thought of all the germs living in a sponge made me cringe. I use them for all types of cleaning jobs and think they are great.

👤I have purchased a number of different kinds of dish cloths that have failed in that area, because I have an increased sense of smell. These are perfect. They absorb a lot. I love them.

👤They are the same as stated. My first purchase was a different brand. They are the same to me. Just wash them in the washer and they are ready to use. When you feel like it is time, throw away. It lasts for weeks and weeks. As some people say they smell, be sure to let it dry. It will use forever if you have that problem.

👤The Swedish dishcloths are better than the fabric ones I have used before. They are disposable after a few weeks. They are a perfect thin sponge and they make cleaning up dishes and kitchen counter quick and easy. They can besanitized in the microwave by a few seconds. I like to have a handy supply.

👤I received this a few days ago. I used one right away. I thought it would be very durable. I like that I can wipe my counter without touching it. I'm hoping that it will stay out of the way ofbacteria and smell. Good so far.

👤They clean well and dry hard. To what it is put on. They can get smelly if they wash in a washing machine. We have several packs that keep going. I love how they hold dishwashing soap.

👤It's easy to use, it's nice to pick up spills quickly. My husband uses it a lot in the kitchen when he cooks. I keep it around when I'm crafting.

👤I use these dishcloths to clean sinks, countertops, and stovetops. They hold up well. The product reduces the number of paper towels.

10. Natural Hemp Sponges Dishes 100 Compostable

Natural Hemp Sponges Dishes 100 Compostable

Do you mean washing dishes before the plastic kitchen sinks are installed? The scrubber is hand knitted from green organic materials. Plastic sponges and metal scrubbers can be composted. Discipline and practice are important. The re-usable hemp scruber does not absorb odors. It will last for 3-6 months without losing its appearance. There is no need to clean the dishes. No scratches are left on the non-stick coating of the dishes and pots. There is a loop for drying. You will receive scrapers in a box of recycled paper that you can reuse. A practical gift. People who stick to the zero waste lifestyle or those who are just at the beginning of the journey will be happy with the gift of a scraper.

Brand: Kolo Nature

👤I threw them away. The idea of the packaging was very appealing to me. I tried washing and soaking them, thinking essential oils dish soaps could get rid of the smell. Nothing worked. I didn't try soaking these in chlorine bleach. That's right. I have used natural knitted dish cloths for a long time. Natural fibers don't have the smell of gasoline or diesel. This is not a natural fiber.

👤Love the size. The box has no advertising or stickers. My daughter has a plan. There is a Amazon needs to follow their lead in packaging.

👤I was looking into low-waste options for hand dish washing, but I didn't want to buy all the different brushes most posts talk about. These scrubbers are natural and good quality. They can do the job of a dish sponge. Food debris can easily be washed away with water. I washed it in the laundry with my towels, and it still looks the same. They will last a long time. If you don't mind washing dishes by hand and touching the water, give these a try. My boyfriend tried them but he didn't like how small they were. I have no complaints about the size or how they feel. It can be difficult to use alternatives, but you can use soap and warm water and they will work.

👤I can't recommend this product. I can't stand the smell of cleaning dishes and surfaces, they work great and seem durable, but I can't stand the smell. The smell of natural fibers is not the same as the smell of petroleum products. Is it coated in aPreservative? I followed the instructions and put them in the machine. The items that were washed in that load now smell like petrol, because the smell didn't wash out. I don't like it. I can't use them because of the smell, otherwise they would be great.

👤I like to wash my dishes over the sponges. They absorb my soap bar and rinse it out. I don't think it's an issue for me that it has a wet jute smell. The soaps retain their lather very well with this sponge. I have not seen any shed for me so far. I can use my dish brush to wash dishes the way I need to. I used to have to replace my scrub daddy sponges every month since they would just fall apart, but I have had it for over a month and it holds up like new. All packaging was recycled. There is a I told myself that these sponges are expensive and that I could have knitted some of them. Alas, no. I will not knit them myself and they work well. I am sticking with what is available to me and what works for my dishes and environment.

👤I bought this to be ecofriendly and reduce the amount of plastic I use. The value is not there. There is a It seems more eco friendly than plastic, as long as you clean your dishes with typical foods. The hanging strap was useful when drying, but it was difficult to clean off if you wash something with flour, it will get stuck to the scrubber.

11. JXF Eco Life Natural Sponge Scrubber

JXF Eco Life Natural Sponge Scrubber

We know that they have created a high quality loofah sponge, and that you will be satisfied with your purchase of their eco-friendly cleaning products. They are happy to try and make things right if you don't like the loofahsponges. Please let them know if you have any problems. Natural Sisal and Cellulose Fiber are Eco-friendly, high quality with natural coconut fiber and wooden Cellulose in the production of these natural sponge scrubbers. Make your toilets and bathtubs look great! At every stage of processing, production and packaging, they are dedicated to zero waste. All of their sponges and packaging are made from renewable resources. Saving resource and money - 12 pack so you get more for your money and long- lasting cleansing action in each one. Don't collect bad odors when you reuse it. Scour and scrub through the toughest grease and stuck-on food with ease. The natural dish sponge is sturdy and well made. Hard tasks like scrubbing pots and pans, cleaning walls, and washing the floor are alleviated by a tough but non-scratch scouring pad. Eco-friendly sponges are made from sustainable materials with a natural coconut fiber scrubber and wood sponge.

Brand: Jxf Eco-life

👤This sponge was able to help remove excess dirt from my cups and help maintain the surface texture without leaving any scratches behind. There is no difference in table wear between porcelain and steel, but I recommend it for cups and cookware.

👤A friend gave me this sponge. It is a plant based product. Out of curiosity. I bought a pack. It stays soft, don't scratch the dishes, after using it for a week.

👤Good for the environment and good quality are what plant based products are good for.


What is the best product for eco friendly sponges for cleaning?

Eco friendly sponges for cleaning products from Jk. In this article about eco friendly sponges for cleaning you can see why people choose the product. Dd Delaware Durables and Scotch-brite are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sponges for cleaning.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sponges for cleaning?

Jk, Dd Delaware Durables and Scotch-brite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sponges for cleaning. Find the detail in this article. Ukeenor, Jebblas and Simplycasa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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