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1. AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The best towel for your kitchen is soft to the touch and durable. Cleaning in your kitchen and household, such as cups, mugs, and other items, as well as using for the bathroom, pets, car, garden, and office. Airnex's sponges are made from white and coconut husk. The kitchen sponge is 100% plant-based and can be used in the kitchen. Their natural dish sponge can last a long time without being stinky. It has a porous structure that helps it dry up quickly, making it less likely for illness-causing compounds to breed. Non-scrutch multi-patterned scrubbing is a safe way to clean dishes and delicate surfaces. This eco kitchen sponge can help you clean up grease, dirt, and other gunk. Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started.

Brand: Airnex

👤The sponges are very stiff for the first dozen washes.

👤Sponges are a household item that you either love or hate. I have a complicated relationship with them. I don't like how they can start smelling after a short period of time. They make my life easier, but I don't like that sour scent. The sponges by Airnex may be different. There is a They are affordable. You get 18 sponges for $19 on Amazon, which comes to about $1 plus tax. The sponges can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom. For any household job. There is a Depending on the project you are working on, these sponges are double sided. The side made from coconuts can be used on non-stick pans. It provides enough abrasiveness for hard to get stains. You can wipe the counter with the soft side. It's perfect to use in the bathroom. These sponges are made from plants. I like this feature because we compost. It's a plus for consumers that are into recycling to know this fact. There is a There is a lack of scent. Some sponges have a scent when they get old, likemoldy or spoiled. There is a There aren't any positives. There is a I would recommend them.

👤Easily composted box, too, made in China. This is the third time I've tried these. These have been flooding through Amazon from the foreign AliBaba-esque resellers all summer. I love them and will never use anything else. There is a There are coconut strands here. That's the only thing I have seen that's negative. The sponge is soft and absorbent. I haven't found one that's slimy, they just drain fast and dry. There is a The odd coconut strand is not something I care about in the least. There is a I haven't been able to test the claim yet, but I'm keeping an eye on them. There is a The texture of the coconut is non-scratching and it breaks in, usually first or second use, so it doesn't feel harsh. You can use the address to make a small donation to a charity of your choice when you buy things there. Here is the information:

👤The sponges work well, but they have some major problems. The scrubbing side of the sponge is made with shredded coconut shells and it will splinter. If it happened once or twice, I would have missed it, but it happens to me a lot with every sponge. The coconut side starts to break down as you use the sponge, and there is a point at which it starts to splinter for a few washes. The price is the next big issue. I don't want to pay this cost to my wallet. I have kids to feed. It's crazy that a sponge costs $1. I get a pack of sponges for $1 and they work just as well. They do degrade quicker but not as fast as before. We have a composter, so I will be testing it out. These sponges are not worth the price. If they were 50% off, I would buy them again. Unless you can afford to save the earth, don't recommend.

2. Plant Based Non Scratch Biodegradable Scrubbing Anti Bacterial

Plant Based Non Scratch Biodegradable Scrubbing Anti Bacterial

The Travel-Friendly loofah body scrubbers come with their own carriable packaging for women and men and they will provide professional after-sales support service. If you have any concerns, please contact them. Wavebeexs team will make sure you are satisfied. Natural material is made up of the highest quality natural ingredients. The green cleaning sponge could be used to clean the entire house and save landfill space, while also protecting it from harmful organisms. Natural Cellulose Sponge is made of safe and environmental material. They used the best mix of natural fiber and synthetic recycled fiber. These sponges are non-toxic because of the Cellulose and Breathable design. They don't have bad odor or germs, and you can safely wash them in the dishwasher. Each scrubber sponge has been reinforced with a powerful antimicrobial agent, they have improved their Natural scrubber pad with SCRUBIT's antibacterial design. It is important to keep your house fresh. The Dish sponge is double-sided, which means it will collect all dirt, grease and grime from any cleaning job. A hard, tough scrubbing pad is needed for jobs like washing floors or scrubbing pots. The Natural Scrub Sponge will keep your work surfaces clean. No need to worry about scratches. Glass windows, non-stick pots and pans, and expensive glassware can be lightly scrubbed. The non-scratch surface will not leave marks, scratches or streaks.

Brand: Scrubit

👤The website says "biodegradable" and " 100% natural material". The actual label says that 50% of the scrubbing fibers are made from plant. I looked at the page again. The sponge is a mix of natural fiber and synthetic recycled fiber. That is plastic, and it isn't sustainable. The page is self-contradictory. Few are willing to separate the sponge from the scrubber. They work well, but the only reason I bought this was to support a 100% biodeficiency product.

👤The sponges are moist and don't smell bad. The sponges work well, but there is a mistake on the label. The label says that 50% of the scrubbing fibers are made from plant, but what about the other 50%? I am not sure if these are real or imitations. I got the sponges because they are supposed to be non-toxic. If they are not legit, I should have just bought cheaper sponges.

👤The sponges are the bomb. They hold up better than any other brand. They stay clean. I'm not sure if it's because of the plant-based material they're made from or something. We used the first sponge for two weeks and it looked the same as it did when we got it. This is the first time that this has happened with any of the store-bought sponges we've purchased. They have a green, plant-based scrubbing side that works well for our cookware. I will be buying these sponges for the rest of my life because they are plant-based, they hold up well, they don't stink after a few days, and they look like new after two weeks of hard use. They come in brown paper, which is Earth friendly. No plastic! HOORAY! I'll be a customer for life if it stays up. There is a Thanks for taking the time to research what you sell!

👤I wasted money on something I can't use because I didn't know that these are not supposed to be used on a kitchen sink with a STAINLESS STEEL one.

👤These are better for the environment and I love that they came with zero plastic. It makes me stop and think, what the heck is the point of buying this stuff, when so many other "environmentally friendly/biodegradable" products come packaged in so many LAYERS of plastic wrap and bags and bubbles. " I will never buy that product again. When paper/cardboard is sufficient, anything that is earth friendly shouldn't be covered in plastic. It's crazy.

👤This was my second purchase of these. The first time I liked them, I noticed that the plastic wrapping on each sponge was not in line with the natural goal. They changed the packaging and now offer this bulk pack in paper. All plastic is gone. There is a It's great that the manufacturer is listed on the request. The product is a great Environmental product.

👤The sponges I bought were made of plastic. I imagined bits of plastic going down the drain and entering the ocean, which would add to the pollution. I was happy to make a tradeoff and expect these sponges to perform worse. There is a I'm still on sponge #1, and it's doing just as well as it used to. I wash it in the dishwasher and it comes out perfect. I use the scrubbing side for tough cleaning, and it's as good as the plastic ones. There is a The sponges are cheaper than the plastic ones. What's not to like? Great performance, and cheaper... I am a convert. (). When they fall apart, my county runs an industrial scale composting operation that will break down this sponge. There's no waste either.

3. Ultra Durable Scrubber Washing Dishes

Ultra Durable Scrubber Washing Dishes

Their products are available in 3 sizes in order to meet everyone's needs. The length of the loofah is between 5.12" and 5.91". BEdeLITE shower loofah sponges are ideal for men, women and children of all body types. These dish rags for washing dishes are non scratch and will remove tough stains and messes with ease. These cloths are safe for all surfaces. The dish scrubber sponge is ideal to clean all surfaces. There are great pads for pots and pans. Their scrub pads are designed to be used as netted scrub pads for dishes. The built to ensure durability of the one non scratch scouring pad. The scrubbing cloth dish rags are difficult to clean. This pad is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. It is easy to clean. The nylon scrub pad can be washed, dried and used again. These scrub pads are the best sponge alternative. Get rid of smelly sponges, scrub pads, and dishcloths. These scrub pads are strong and clean and can be used to clean dishes that do not smell. The no odor sponge is the best pot cleaner. Their dish rags are easy to clean. Eggs and melted cheese won't stick to this pad. Food can be washed out of the netted scrubber cloth. The dish is clean and the sponge is nice.

Brand: The Crown Choice

👤I have not heard of these yet. There is a It almost makes me excited to cook. It cleans very well. I don't have to scrub and scrub like I do with those green scrubbies that stop working after a few rounds of dishes. It doesn't get stuck in the material and it takes off the dried food easily. That is the worst with sponges and scrubbers. Not anymore! It looks brand new, even after I cleaned out my cast iron skillet. It doesn't smell or feel gross. You can put it in the dishwasher. I feel better now. It is a nice large size, they did not skimp on it. I think it is perfect, despite the fact that some find it too big. The material seems like it could be cut smaller. Reviewers say that a single one lasts for 6 months or more. This is the best value for a pack that will last you a long time. You will not have to go through sponges every few weeks anymore. I don't think anyone would regret this purchase. I'm still happy with these! I bought a pack in September of last year. I threw them away because I used them for cleaning rather than dishes, which made me feel weird. I think my next pack will last longer.

👤What a great product! The instructions that came with the pan said not to use anything harsh to clean it, because it had ruined one small saucepan due to an inexplicable insistence on using it to heat milk. I didn't and that's how it stayed. I decided to do better. I could have bought an enamel pan, but it seemed like the way out. Time for some online research. I read the reviews and decided to get a new saucepan and some of the Scouring Pads. That was three months ago. Positive reviews were accurate. I warm my milk, pour it into the mug with my coffee, rinse out the pan, wet and wring the pad and wipe out the milk remnants with the barest of effort. The pan's interior shines and I beam. Success! There is a It does a great job of cooking the usual foods in other pots and skillet. The motivation to buy these pads was the milk removal. I can understand why the manufacturer would use "Pads", based on its intended purpose. Not a real issue. I gave this product 5 stars for its longevity, but I can't find a sign of wear on the one pad I have been using. It came in a pack of six and I may not live to see it. Oh. It's also an attractive item with no scuzziness. There is a Each package of two contains one silver and one gold pad. I can designate one color for use on items that touch food and another for general cleaning. sponges came this way, I have wished for a long time. It shows the attention to detail by the manufacturer, a trait I believe will bode well for the longevity of this product. I think it's a great idea. It's enjoyable to use and the price is reasonable.

4. AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

We are committed to creating the durable, eco-friendly home and dish washing accessories you need for a clean, sustainable home. They use their sponges in their home to test for long-term quality and function. Their Customer Happiness Promise is why they back their dish scrubbers. They will make it right if you don't love your sponge. Airnex's sponges are made from white and coconut fiber. The kitchen sponge is 100% plant-based and can be used in the kitchen. Their natural dish sponge can last a long time without being stinky. It has a porous structure that helps it dry up quickly, making it less likely for illness-causing compounds to breed. The eco friendly dish sponge with a unique S shape is easier to use than a rectangular one. The risk of straining your hands is low. Non-scrutch multi-patterned scrubbing is a safe way to clean dishes and delicate surfaces. This eco kitchen sponge can help you clean up grease, dirt, and other gunk. Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started.

Brand: Airnex

👤I put one in my home compost and it was gone. There was nothing but soil left.

👤I don't have to buy an unsustainable sponge again. Thanks. It cleans my dishes perfectly and lasts a long time. There is no reason to buy a synthetic sponge again. There is a It costs a little bit more. The real question is not how much it costs but how much it will cost if we don't use products like this. Every person has a responsibility to do their part. No matter how small.

👤They look nice, don't get smelly, and take a lot of abuse from me, plus they help the environment. If they didn't work better than other sponges on the market, I wouldn't buy them. They get my pans clean, but they never scratch them. They get a lot of wear from me and are easy to rinse. I use them for dishes, but also for cabinets, walls and woodwork, and if you put it in the microwave for a few minutes, it will kill the sponge, and if you cool it for a minute or so, you will be able to use it again. Coconut fibers are a bit stiff so be sure to wet it thoroughly. They softened a bit, so that they could feel comfortable and clean beautifully.

👤I found these when I was using walnut sponges that didn't have as much scrubbing power. I love them! Before you use them, make sure you drink some hot water. This will help to make the stiffness softer. After a few uses, they are completely flexible and great for getting around inside bottles or glasses. It's gentle enough for glass or plastic but can also burn food in pans or on baking sheets. I don't have to feel guilty about replacing sponges since they break down.

👤I like the look of these sponges and they're not made from fossil fuels. It took a couple weeks for the white part of the sponge to turn yellow or orange after a few uses, but I was surprised that it took that long. The scrubber will detach from the sponge around this time, so plan to replace them every 3-4 weeks. I would like them to last a bit longer.

👤I wanted to like these but so far every sponge begins to separate from the scrubbing side within a week or so and continues until you have 2 pieces. Everyone who wrote glowing reviews must be high.

👤The product did not hold up. The sponge layer began to break after less than a week of normal kitchen usage. The sponge is not appealing as a dual use scrubber because of its stiff and inflexible scrubbing layer. This product doesn't feel worth it because it's not intended for economic or environmental reasons.

👤These sponges are affordable and eco-friendly. I have removed one star because the scrubbing part detaches from the sponge after several uses. They stay white as another reviewer mentioned.

👤I have bought sponges that are more durable. When you first use it, the scrubby bit on the back is very stiff. I don't think I'll buy them again.

5. ENEY Eco Friendly Plant Based Biodegradable Plastic Free

ENEY Eco Friendly Plant Based Biodegradable Plastic Free

The perfect alternative to your plastic kitchen sponge is a simple natural product that is highly effective. Their kitchen sponges are made from natural, unbleached Loofah, a fast-growing vegetable and part of the cucumber family. Some sponges may still have dried seeds. Most kitchen sponges are made from plastic and will never biodegrade. This product and its packaging are made of 100% plastic and will biodegrade in your compost or landfill. Sponges will last for about 8 weeks with regular use. The sponge should be placed on the side of the sink. This will prolong the life of your sponge. Four natural kitchen sponges will be in each box. These will be compressed to help their pledge. Put them in the water and watch them grow. The sponges are 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Brand: Eney

👤I love sponges. The regular grocery store sponges are slimy and stinky and don't last long. These sponges help me use less soap, they have no smell, and they help get grease off easily. I will never go back to regular sponges again.

👤You can see what the fruit looked like when it was alive. They have great scrubbing power, and can be cut to any shape or size. I cut them in half to expose the inner veiny structures which are great for scrubbing. This way a box of loofah becomes 8 regular size kitchen sponges at the same price of a package of plastic sponges which eventually start to smell of mildew and take forever to degrade.

👤I only used the half loofah, half sponge version of these and hated throwing them away when the sponge side looked gross. The best part is these. They grow into a palm sized item when wet, scrub beautifully, dry quickly and don't smell bad! Excited to have found this item.

👤Why didn't it happen? I am aware of this product sooner. I like them. They work just as well as regular sponges. I need to worry about adding more trash to the land field because this product is organic and compostable.

👤I hated using sponges because they smell bad and can hold junk. I decided to give these a try a year ago when I bought a dish washing brush. There is a We don't use a dish washer because it's quicker to hand wash everything as we go. There is a We put these sponges through a lot and just ordered a new set because they are the best sponges I have ever used. There is a You should give them a try. Give them a good squeeze and leave them sitting upright, they dry out easily and don't leave a mess. They are better for the environment. There is a We have been using this one for a few months and it still looks new.

👤It doesn't smell musty and is very durable. I am amazed at how well this works. The loofah sponge only gets used to wash dishes that have been washed, because we use a scrub brush to rinse our dishes. The selling point for us was that it is non-toxic, unlike foam sponges. We put it on a drying rack and it hasn't gotten smelly.

👤It is a perfect eco friendly cleaning option. I have been using these to wash dishes for over a year and have had a great experience. They last about 3 months before needing a new one. It's usually thrown in the dishwasher about 2 months in. It doesn't smell bad like sponges do. It's not great for scrubbing stuck on food, but it does a great job. Replacing your regular sponges with these is highly recommended.

👤I've placed my 3rd order for these sponges. The sponges are large and easy to hold, and they are much stronger than you would think. I don't mind if there are a few plants. I highly recommend them.

6. FAAY Non Scratch Handmade Cleaning Dishwashing

FAAY Non Scratch Handmade Cleaning Dishwashing

100% of the time, it's a 100% LOOFAH DISH SPONGE. Their dish sponges are made of 2 pieces of loofah sewn together with a small amount of fiber in between, making them thicker and more comfortable to use at the size of 234”x434” loofahs leave no micro plastic on your cookware, which makes it safer to eat. They are suitable for any type of cookware, and not melted when used with a hot range cooker. 100% eco-friendly: The loofah is collected from a sustainable loofah field. Their sponges come in a variety of colors, but they all allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and healthier kitchen experience. Their sponges are friendly to both humans and the environment. They leave no trace even after being used. All loofah sponges are made by a group of elderly women. The skilled people are far away from where to sell their products. They help them connect with you and make sure everyone gets what they deserve. Buying their sponges is a way to show how much you appreciate their work, and they will send you a thank you card if they improve the product quality for you. Their sponges will be compressed flat to make it easy for shipping. Put them in warm water for a couple of minutes and they will come back to their normal shape. Shake off the water and then wash the soap off. sponges can be kept in a dry place for a long time. The sponge should be replaced if it becomes squishy to clean cookware. 100% warranty is guaranteed. If their sponges are not like what you've seen, please let them know within 30 days and they'll send you a new one. They appreciate all of your comments. They are used to develop and improve their handmade and heartcrafted products.

Brand: Faay

👤A loofah sponge can be used to clean all kinds of things, but it won't scratch a delicate surface. The sponges are in a box. They plump up to twice their size when you soak them in water. I used one of them to clean my bathtub. The tub was cleaned with the help of the loofah. I had to scrub very hard. loofahs can be used to clean a lot of stuff. I didn't wear gloves when I cleaned the loofah, but maybe I should have. There is a I learned a lot after I ordered this. There are articles on the internet that say you can clean a loofah sponge, but after you hang it up to dry in the air, it could be colonized withbacteria. It is possible that you could be exposed to harmfulbacteria if you wash yourself with a loofah sponge. That's why the dermatologists don't recommend using loofahs. The skin of loofahs is very harsh. It was still damp two days after I used a loofah sponge. They don't dry well. When you wash dishes with a loofah, the dish soap may be able to clean it up. I don't think these loofahs are enough to clean pots and pans. They are not like pads. They were all natural and came in a paper bag.

👤I have a busy kitchen and no dishwasher so I put these to good use before my review. There is a There are pros. It's enough for tough dishes and gentle for glassware. The hands feel soft after doing dishes. There is a The size is a bit smaller than I like. It was necessary to re sew after the edging came undone. It was stained easily. Quickly turned shabby-looking. Would I buy them again? Nope! There is a After a few uses, they look shabby because the edging came undone on every single one.

👤I'm trying to find a sponge that lasts longer. I used a different seller's brand before this and my main complaint was that the thickness of the sponges was never consistent and I had to apply dish soap every now and then. This brand is basically a big shredded wheat, and I have a few complaints about it. It hurts my hands when it falls apart so quickly. It's so thick that it's hard to get into small corners. I liked being able to wring it out and let it dry. I leave this one in the sink because it's hard to do with shredded wheat scrapping your hands. This brand requires less soap than my last one, but it lasts less than my last which only lasted a few weeks. I only got 1.5-2 weeks out of it. I am in a household with two people and we almost always eat at home. We do a lot of dishes outside the dishwasher. Maybe it lasts longer for other people.

👤These are perfect. The size and shape are comfortable. I was worried that they would fall apart or the stitching would come loose, but they didn't. For us, it's possible to switch them out each month, but mine last me just as long. They feel cleaner than a regular sponge, food stuffs seem to wash easily, and I have never seen one change color or absorb food stuff color. We end up throwing them out because the luffa starts to break down. There is a The texture is soft enough to scrub, but textured enough to be soft. Outside of the Amazon shipping stuff, the packaging for the luffas is also non-biodegradable. I love these.

7. UKEENOR Cleaning Reusable Absorbent Friendly

UKEENOR Cleaning Reusable Absorbent Friendly

6 packs are great for all kinds of kitchen cleaning tasks. The sponge is designed to last longer than traditional sponges. The bamboo fiber material has higher cleaning power. It is possible to make your life easier with durable and long lasting materials. The amount of sudsy water that this sponge absorbs will impress you. When it comes to home cleaning, bamboo is the top material. You will never go back to that sponge. It's good for kids' health to clean their plate and bowl with Eco friendly bamboo sponges. These bamboo sponges are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine.

Brand: Ukeenor

👤People have asked what the cleaning sponges are made of. I will take one for the team because I don't know how many people are willing to open them. The burn test was used to figure out the material. The outside of the sponge burned cleanly, but the tery cloth behind the loops left a hard, dry, brittle piece of melted substance behind. The white inside sponge left a small amount of greasy hard substance behind. The product is plastic so it is not good for cutting out single use plastic for those of us who are trying to cut down. I hope this helps someone.

👤There were a lot of reviews about the smell of this sponge. How often do you stick the sponge in your face to smell it? And a. Once you use it, it will be fixed immediately. This isn't a deal breaker. I have had these for a few months and have washed them all at least once, and they seem to hold up well. Definitely recommend not buying disposable ones.

👤These sponges do not last very long. After three weeks of use, the textured side becomes torn. I have used multiple and they seem to tear at the same place. I thought it must have been on something, but now I think it's just not meat to last more than a month or two. There is a Nice looking. The water is absorbent. It's easy to put in the dishwasher. If you plan to wipe down slick surfaces like granite counter-tops, Sponge is too water absorbent after a month of use.

👤All of my expectations were met. They have held up well after being washed at least five times, and I have used three and washed them at least three times. They work well on greasy pots and pans because they are absorbent. They need to be washed and squeezed after doing dishes. You need a separate scrubber as these are very soft, but they are great for sponges. They have gotten very dirty during use, but always look brand new after a wash. There is a The best part for me is that I don't have to worry about sponges. Sending sponges to the landfill is no longer possible.

👤Great sponges! I've been looking for sponges that don't leave fuzz and hairs after wiping. I have tried microfiber and it will leave behind fuzz and hair which is very annoying, however this product is great, it cleans very well and is easy to machine wash. If you use these in the kitchen, I suggest boiling them in hot water for 15 minutes with a small drop of dish detergent and the smell will go away. Very happy with the product.

👤It doesn't fall apart like regular sponges. It was very absorbent.

👤I'm not sure how long they will last. I don't worry about getting every stain and crumb off dishes with the sponge because I use the dishwasher anyway. I don't think they will last very long for the person who uses them to wash dishes. The side that is supposed to be tougher isn't very tough. I'm wondering if there's another natural material that can be used as a Brillo scrubber. They work for me for about two months.

8. CELOX Non Scratch Cellulose Cleaning Absorbent

CELOX Non Scratch Cellulose Cleaning Absorbent

If your experience is less than perfect, you can get a full refunds on the dish sponges you add to your cart. Their natural wood sponge is made from wood. The material has characteristics of being oil resistant and can remove stubborn oil stains. The cleaning scrub sponge will not become damaged in the water. It is easy to remove oil stains and dust without damaging non-stick cookware. It's good for cleaning all kinds of kitchen items. Children can make their lives more pleasurable by doing their own fun and multi-purpose cleaning at home. Their sponges are great for cleaning outdoors. The sponge is very absorbent and can absorb more water than a normal sponge. It can produce rich foam by wiping gently, saving detergent and getting perfect cleaning effect with dishwashing liquid. It is not easy to break after kneading frequently. It is a good idea to rinse it with water after the work is done. The cleaning sponge can be used again and again.

Brand: Celox

👤These sponges are half as thick as the usual sponges. That is an important change. They release the water between uses so that it becomes a sponge that begins to smell. I think we have purchased long lasting sponges.

👤I change my sponges every few days, but these ones have been there for a week or more. They are great to use in our kitchen or for cleaning.

👤acts like a sponge. The size is smaller. I think it's as good as the usual store, but I'm interested in how long it lasts and not too funky.

👤These sponges are very versatile and absorbent. You can keep the sponges fresh until you need them. They are soft and ready to use immediately. There is a I have used these sponges to clean dishes, cabinets, countertops, and even the dash and console of my vehicle. There are many uses for these sponges.

👤These sponges are of good quality. I prefer sponges with a pad on one side. These are a good size and hold soap well. If I need this type of sponge again, I would purchase these again.

👤These sponges are great for cleaning. They are thin but great. It is very absorbent and flexible. The price seems to be sturdy and long lasting.

👤These are good for anything that requires elbow grease to be removed. There is no true strength on these, but they are very absorbant and seem sturdy.

👤Even for a low price, it will never buy again.

9. All Natural Scouring Pad Scrub

All Natural Scouring Pad Scrub

All surfaces can be used with these scrub pads. Kitchen, dishes, pots, pans, floors, walls, bathroom, tiles, and more. It can remove stains without scratching. 100% natural. These sponges are free of the harmful chemical BPA. Sisal is a combination of coconut shells and plants. Good for the environment and your family. These all natural cleaning pads are made from tough stuff. They are made from durable materials that have been specially chosen and combined to provide the longest lasting natural scouring pads. Cut through grease and germs when cleaning pots, pans and dishes. The kitchen sponges that fight all types of grease will make your cleaning experience easier and more enjoyable. It's great for the whole house. Natural sponges are good for more than the kitchen. This pad will take on and defeat any patches of dirt you find. The bathroom, living area, kitchen, or even outside, it's all there. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because you will be satisfying nature and satisfying yourself by using these pads. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days and they will give you a new one.

Brand: Scrubit

👤Found the page to find out where this was made. One person said it was "responsibly made in Canada". This is no longer the case as it now says "Made in China". When things aren't ethically made, it's a bit upsetting, but it's a lot worse when this info is hidden. Say where the item is made to avoid confusion. If you think it's bad for marketing, you should think about it before choosing exploitative manufacturing processes. Money grab. Will be back.

👤They look like they will work well. They come in three layers of plastic, which is not the cleanest for plastic free shoppers.

👤I purchased these with high hopes. They do well. The material seems to be as effective as the synthetic scrub pads. They don't seem to lose fibers like synthetic ones do. There are lengths of colored thread in each pad. I asked about the nature of the threads but got no reply. The packaging is terrible. The Amazon photo shows a paper cuff, but mine didn't arrive in it. Two lots of six are bundled in another plastic wrap, and each lot is wrapped in thin plastic wrap. Double plastic wrap. People who purchase eco-friendly products do not want them wrapped in plastic. There was no information on the product or what I received to assure me that what I ordered was what I ordered. There is a lack of transparency. I will use them, as they might be better than what I can buy at the grocery, but I will continue looking.

👤The product works well, lasts a long time, and I feel comfortable throwing it in the green barrel. I would like to see them in more eco friendly packaging. Sending a product double wrapped in plastic makes no sense. The last time I ordered them, they came without plastic wrap. There is a cardboard sleeve.

👤These are great to wash dishes with. I wanted to wash my baby's dishes and utensils. It was wrapped in a plastic bag. There was no "Scrub-It" label. I wanted a label. I know I'm not buying a fake product. I expect the exact label on my purchased product when I receive it, if you list your product with a label. They need to work on their packaging. I don't want a nasty plastic bag surrounding my scrubber, if plastic containing a harmful substance will be touching the product, I might as well not buy a product with a harmful substance in it. The product should be packaged in paper.

👤I'm not sure if I agree with these. I might cut them in two for cleaning dishes because they are very stiff and large. They seem to be compostable, and that was my main requirement. I wish they didn't come with so much plastic.

👤I have used one of these for a couple of weeks and it has been great. I use it to clean my stove grate, cast iron pans, and all my normal dishes. It is scratch free and works as well as a green brite pad. It has held up well. I expect to use it for a while. It is very flexible and creates a lot of bubbles. There is a I knocked off one star because of packaging. The scrubbers were wrapped in plastic and both bundles were wrapped in plastic. I expected the item to have cardboard sleeves, but I would have been fine if they had just been put in the envelope. They will be perfect if they ditch the plastic wrapping.

10. Biodegradable Friendly Scrubber Sustainable Products

Biodegradable Friendly Scrubber Sustainable Products

10 compressed sponges in a plastic free packaging are in each box. The compact packaging reduces the carbon footprint of shipping and packaging. The kitchen sponges are made from coconut fibers. The sponges are great for cleaning dishes. The sponges are soft. There is no harmful effect on the earth. Natural plant sponges have no bad odor. Material is from coconut plants and gentle on dishes. The scrubbing sponges are easy to dispose of. It's essential for the kitchen. Kitchen scrubbing sponges are an essential tool for cleaning dishes and crockery. Natural sponges are gentle on scrubbing. Kitchenware is clean and scratch free. The set of 6 cleaning sponges are perfect for cleaning kitchen utensils, glassware, and kitchen surfaces. Their promise is to serve their consumers with honor and pride. They are proud to satisfy them with quality products. Their purpose is to keep their planet clean and green.

Brand: Generic

👤I had to let everyone know that this is a sponge that doesn't stink. The sink was left wet over night and there was no smell. The scrub side is great for non stick pans because it doesn't scratch them. I ordered more boxes because I will not go back to smelly sponges again. It absorbs soap very well. I don't have to add more soap to it. They look great next to my sink. Excellent!

👤I will use this sponge to clean my dishes. It is perfect! It's tough to remove sticky messes from my cookware, but soft enough to not scratch my dishware. The sticky messy don't stick to this sponge.

👤We've had these sponges for a month now and we love how good the coconut fiber is at scrubbing. These are able to handle the amount of dishes a family of 4 creates.

👤I am very impressed with the sponge that I got to use. You would expect both sides to work. The absorbency is very good. This is the perfect replacement for traditional sponges.

👤This sponge works well. The scrub side is firm for tougher messes but gentle enough to not scratch the surface.

👤I love sponges. They look and feel different than the sponges I've used before. Wow! I will definitely be purchasing more of these soon.

👤We were looking for a new set of sponges to use in the kitchen. They are a great addition to our kitchen. They are an added bonus because they are eco-friendly.

11. Natural Dish Sponge Biodegradable Sustainable

Natural Dish Sponge Biodegradable Sustainable

They're so confident that they'll meet your expectations that they'll give you a full refund on your purchase, no questions asked. Natural sponges for dishes are odor free, the best choice for cleaning tasks day after day, and a perfect Natural Cleaning Products Dish Scrubber for All Kitchen Dishes, Pans, Sink and Bathroom Bathtub Cleaning! There is a natural soil scrubber. Their sponges are made from the highest quality coconut fiber and wood cellulose so they are made to save the earth. Eco-friendly satellite dishes. Your sponges are very efficient and durable, and they are very effective for the toughest stains on pots and pans. QUALITY SUPERIOR. Magix World Natural Sponges are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase. Sponges are designed with heavy-duty natural products that guarantee their longevity. Compostable sponges are 100 % compostable with a package 100% recyclable and Biodegradable so with Zero Waste Products they ensure environmentalsustainability!

Brand: Magix World

👤I like sponges. The sponge is white and clean in the kitchen. I haven't used one long enough to know for sure, but so far they are doing great. The red hot sauce washed out of the sponge after being cleaned up.

👤The package is made of paper and plastic free, and the yellow sponge is great because I don't harm the nature while washing my plates. They are doing a great job. It is definitely worth it! Will buy it again. Thank you so much!

👤The sponges lasted less than a week before they separated.

👤They last longer than other sponges. Synthetic ones still work great. I would recommend it.

👤It is not as durable as a synthetic sponge. I like it because it is softer on my hands and dishes. I like the color as well. It isn't an eye sore sitting by my sink. The synthetic sponges stick out like a sore thumb in my house, which is more neutral colors. The price is good for the quality. Will buy again.

👤It is much bigger and more durable than others.

👤The sponge does not smell.

👤It's nice to find something that is functional.


What is the best product for eco friendly sponges kitchen?

Eco friendly sponges kitchen products from Airnex. In this article about eco friendly sponges kitchen you can see why people choose the product. Scrubit and The Crown Choice are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sponges kitchen.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sponges kitchen?

Airnex, Scrubit and The Crown Choice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sponges kitchen. Find the detail in this article. Airnex, Eney and Faay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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