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1. Scotch Brite Greener Non Scratch Plant Based 6 Sponges

Scotch Brite Greener Non Scratch Plant Based 6 Sponges

It's safe on non-scratch pans, countertops, dishes and more. The scrubbing fibers are made from plants. There are plant-based fibers. Plants make cleaning power. The construction is durable for scrubbing. Re-use after washing in the dishwasher. Heavy Duty is also available for tough messes.

Brand: Scotch-brite

👤The rating was reduced from 4 to 2 stars. My initial review was 4 stars because I believed they contained all natural components. I realized that this is greenwashing and the scrubbing side is made of synthetics and not coconut fibers. Very disappointed in this. I thought I could compost the entire sponge. I bought a different type for the future. The sponge holds up well and is decent. I wish it was more transparent in the packaging, which is made of plastic that can not be recycled. Even if this was all natural, it wouldn't break down if you threw it in the garbage. People need to understand that landfills do not work on organic matter. 3M has said that the sponges are made from paper and wood. The 50% NYLON/ POLYESTER part is called the "Scrubber" part. You can't compost the sponges that are just the scrubber. If you can separate the scrubber from the sponge, you can compost the sponge portion and landfill to never break down the scrubber part.

👤Product is encased in plastic stamped with a lot of eco-marketing spin. This product is disappointing for those that care about the environment. There is a I went back to look at the package pictures I took. There was no mention of the outside wrapping being recyclable. The company has a new development on it. Will not be purchasing online sight unseen if in store.

👤I didn't know there was an environmental issue with regular sponges until I read an article that said most of them contain plastic. I believe in the phrase, "Be the change you wish to see". I bought these and felt good about it. I would say that they are at par with the Scotch-brite blue sponges in their initial uses. The blue ones are more durable than the Greener version. A blue sponge can last a long time. The Green version lasted about two weeks. I want to love these for their environmental friendliness, but I don't like that they fall apart so fast. I will end up throwing away more sponges than I would normally do. I am not sure which is more eco-friendly.

👤These are not true. They aren't good for scrubbing and aren't compostable. It is a marketing trick. It is colored so that it looks natural but it is still a sponge that is made with a percentage of natural material, which makes it a lousy scrubber.

👤I've been buying these sponges in 4-packs at the grocery store for years, but found out I can get them in 6-packs on Amazon for $1 more. If you wring them out after every use, they will last a while, but eventually they will smell, so I wash them in a laundry bag, but only a few times. We have a long life out of them. Food can get stuck in the scrubbers if not cleaned regularly.

👤These sponges are made from recycled material. The Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge scrubber is made from natural fibers. The sponge is made from recycled paper. The scrubber is made of polyester. There is a These sponges are doing a good job while doing the dishes. I wash my dishes manually because I don't want to waste a dishwasher cycle on little things. My cat has taken the fancy to use one as a prey that ends up being chewed on and spat away. Only the scrubber part seems to have some level of resistance. She has not gotten sick since she started doing this, and most of the sponge is made from recycled materials. There is a In conclusion: For normal use, 4 stars.

2. Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge Compostable

Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge Compostable

If you don't love your set, they'll give you a money back. No questions were asked. Airnex's sponges are made from white and coconut fiber. The kitchen sponge is 100% plant-based and can be used in the kitchen. Their natural dish sponge can last a long time without being stinky. It has a porous structure that helps it dry up quickly, making it less likely for illness-causing compounds to breed. The eco friendly dish sponge with a unique S shape is easier to use than a rectangular one. The risk of straining your hands is low. Non-scrutch multi-patterned scrubbing is a safe way to clean dishes and delicate surfaces. This eco kitchen sponge can help you clean up grease, dirt, and other gunk. Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started.

Brand: Airnex

👤The sponges don't scrub on the scrub side, but they do absorb on the sponge side. I use sponges to clean my kitchen counter. These sort of things float over the top and leave a watery mess. Too bad. I had my hopes up.

👤These sponges are eco-friendly and work better than conventional sponges. The sponges last longer than conventional sponges, and the walnut scrubber side is great for removing gunk. It doesn't smell weird even when you don't wring out completely. I would definitely recommend them and purchase them again.

👤The shape is adorable and I really like it. The scrubber side works better than most, and the white stays white through cleaning. It doesn't have a sour smell. It's worth paying a little more for a great sponge.

👤I like these sponges but they are not going to last very long because they cracked.

👤I used this sponge for washing dishes. It is difficult on the scrub side. It looks cute.

👤Sponge is great, leaf design one fits into corners when doing the dishes and they look pretty, and better for the planet.

👤These natural kitchen sponges are made in China. The yellow sponges are used with the green scrubber on the other side. These sponges are shaped the same as my yellow ones, so I like that. The sponge part is white. It seems clean. There is a The scrubby side works well. I told my husband where I got the sponges. I like them, he said. Someone who is pretty oblivious to my cleaning products has praise for me. There is a I just love the leaf shaped ones. They are small but do a good job. They look cute in my dish organizer. Both styles of sponges do a good job for me. After each use, I put them in the dish organizers and they have never smelled bad. I did the same thing with my yellow sponges and they were slimy and smelly after a few days. This is a new concept for me, but I really like it. They came out of the dishwasher as well. There is a The sponges are very expensive at the time of this review, costing about $1.83 each. That's a lot for a sponge. A leaf shaped sponge. Even though I like the sponges, I would not buy them because of the pricing. If the price was lower, I would recommend them.

👤We looked and saw what other options were available after Scotch-Brite changed their kitchen sponge to where it's much thinner. We have always purchased sponges from the store, but we discovered eco-friendly sponges. There is a We decided to try some of these sponges. Even though they cost more, these scrub are more durable and last longer. After scrubbing with my Scotch-Brite, I can go back and remove more debris. I wish we discovered them sooner. The tear-drop shape of this sponge takes some getting used to. It works. I'm not sure if I need all the points and cuts to get my job done. The shape makes it easy to hold, but it's also more expensive than the others. There is a Hopefully this will help you make a purchasing decision.

3. AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

AIRNEX Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

We are committed to creating the durable, eco-friendly home and dish washing accessories you need for a clean, sustainable home. They use their sponges in their home to test for long-term quality and function. Their Customer Happiness Promise is why they back their dish scrubbers. They will make it right if you don't love your sponge. Airnex's sponges are made from white and coconut fiber. The kitchen sponge is 100% plant-based and can be used in the kitchen. Their natural dish sponge can last a long time without being stinky. It has a porous structure that helps it dry up quickly, making it less likely for illness-causing compounds to breed. The eco friendly dish sponge with a unique S shape is easier to use than a rectangular one. The risk of straining your hands is low. Non-scrutch multi-patterned scrubbing is a safe way to clean dishes and delicate surfaces. This eco kitchen sponge can help you clean up grease, dirt, and other gunk. Zero waste natural cleaning scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use. They'll plant a tree on your behalf with this purchase and gift you a free ebook to help you get started.

Brand: Airnex

👤I put one in my home compost and it was gone. There was nothing but soil left.

👤I don't have to buy an unsustainable sponge again. Thanks. It cleans my dishes perfectly and lasts a long time. There is no reason to buy a synthetic sponge again. There is a It costs a little bit more. The real question is not how much it costs but how much it will cost if we don't use products like this. Every person has a responsibility to do their part. No matter how small.

👤They look nice, don't get smelly, and take a lot of abuse from me, plus they help the environment. If they didn't work better than other sponges on the market, I wouldn't buy them. They get my pans clean, but they never scratch them. They get a lot of wear from me and are easy to rinse. I use them for dishes, but also for cabinets, walls and woodwork, and if you put it in the microwave for a few minutes, it will kill the sponge, and if you cool it for a minute or so, you will be able to use it again. Coconut fibers are a bit stiff so be sure to wet it thoroughly. They softened a bit, so that they could feel comfortable and clean beautifully.

👤I found these when I was using walnut sponges that didn't have as much scrubbing power. I love them! Before you use them, make sure you drink some hot water. This will help to make the stiffness softer. After a few uses, they are completely flexible and great for getting around inside bottles or glasses. It's gentle enough for glass or plastic but can also burn food in pans or on baking sheets. I don't have to feel guilty about replacing sponges since they break down.

👤I like the look of these sponges and they're not made from fossil fuels. It took a couple weeks for the white part of the sponge to turn yellow or orange after a few uses, but I was surprised that it took that long. The scrubber will detach from the sponge around this time, so plan to replace them every 3-4 weeks. I would like them to last a bit longer.

👤I wanted to like these but so far every sponge begins to separate from the scrubbing side within a week or so and continues until you have 2 pieces. Everyone who wrote glowing reviews must be high.

👤The product did not hold up. The sponge layer began to break after less than a week of normal kitchen usage. The sponge is not appealing as a dual use scrubber because of its stiff and inflexible scrubbing layer. This product doesn't feel worth it because it's not intended for economic or environmental reasons.

👤These sponges are affordable and eco-friendly. I have removed one star because the scrubbing part detaches from the sponge after several uses. They stay white as another reviewer mentioned.

👤I have bought sponges that are more durable. When you first use it, the scrubby bit on the back is very stiff. I don't think I'll buy them again.

4. Natural Hemp Sponges Dishes 100 Compostable

Natural Hemp Sponges Dishes 100 Compostable

Do you mean washing dishes before the plastic kitchen sinks are installed? The scrubber is hand knitted from green organic materials. Plastic sponges and metal scrubbers can be composted. Discipline and practice are important. The re-usable hemp scruber does not absorb odors. It will last for 3-6 months without losing its appearance. There is no need to clean the dishes. No scratches are left on the non-stick coating of the dishes and pots. There is a loop for drying. You will receive scrapers in a box of recycled paper that you can reuse. A practical gift. People who stick to the zero waste lifestyle or those who are just at the beginning of the journey will be happy with the gift of a scraper.

Brand: Kolo Nature

👤I threw them away. The idea of the packaging was very appealing to me. I tried washing and soaking them, thinking essential oils dish soaps could get rid of the smell. Nothing worked. I didn't try soaking these in chlorine bleach. That's right. I have used natural knitted dish cloths for a long time. Natural fibers don't have the smell of gasoline or diesel. This is not a natural fiber.

👤Love the size. The box has no advertising or stickers. My daughter has a plan. There is a Amazon needs to follow their lead in packaging.

👤I was looking into low-waste options for hand dish washing, but I didn't want to buy all the different brushes most posts talk about. These scrubbers are natural and good quality. They can do the job of a dish sponge. Food debris can easily be washed away with water. I washed it in the laundry with my towels, and it still looks the same. They will last a long time. If you don't mind washing dishes by hand and touching the water, give these a try. My boyfriend tried them but he didn't like how small they were. I have no complaints about the size or how they feel. It can be difficult to use alternatives, but you can use soap and warm water and they will work.

👤I can't recommend this product. I can't stand the smell of cleaning dishes and surfaces, they work great and seem durable, but I can't stand the smell. The smell of natural fibers is not the same as the smell of petroleum products. Is it coated in aPreservative? I followed the instructions and put them in the machine. The items that were washed in that load now smell like petrol, because the smell didn't wash out. I don't like it. I can't use them because of the smell, otherwise they would be great.

👤I like to wash my dishes over the sponges. They absorb my soap bar and rinse it out. I don't think it's an issue for me that it has a wet jute smell. The soaps retain their lather very well with this sponge. I have not seen any shed for me so far. I can use my dish brush to wash dishes the way I need to. I used to have to replace my scrub daddy sponges every month since they would just fall apart, but I have had it for over a month and it holds up like new. All packaging was recycled. There is a I told myself that these sponges are expensive and that I could have knitted some of them. Alas, no. I will not knit them myself and they work well. I am sticking with what is available to me and what works for my dishes and environment.

👤I bought this to be ecofriendly and reduce the amount of plastic I use. The value is not there. There is a It seems more eco friendly than plastic, as long as you clean your dishes with typical foods. The hanging strap was useful when drying, but it was difficult to clean off if you wash something with flour, it will get stuck to the scrubber.

5. Scrubbing Cellulose Dishwashing Cleaning Scrubber

Scrubbing Cellulose Dishwashing Cleaning Scrubber

The scrub sponge is made of natural wood, palm fiber and natural rubber, which have strong cleaning ability, and it is made of 2 sides. The dish sponges are easy to clean, and the natural material gives them properties that will not collect bad odor, so they are not a problem to use. The non-scratch sponges can wipe away grease, dirt, and other stains without leaving marks on the dishes, saving you both time and efforts. Kitchen scrubbing sponges are great for scrubbing dishes, pots, and other objects in the kitchen, they are also great for cleaning windows and walls. The soft sponge side can easily collect grease, dirt and grime, and the hard side can finish tough scrubbing jobs with ease.

Brand: Patelai

👤The first time I bought these, they were very durable, each one lasted a long time before I felt they were getting gross, and just the right amount of abrasiveness on the rough side. The sponges fall apart after just a couple of uses, the only thing different this time around. I don't mean that the abrasive part falls off the spongey part. I mean the spongey part is broken into pieces. These are not to be avoided. There are a lot of other options.

👤The sponges in stores are more expensive. They work great and hold up to a lot, but are a little thinner than most.

👤It smells bad after a week. I pulled out the sponge for about a week. It is a nice size and works well, but it smells like a regular sponge.

👤The color of the sponge isn't the point, but they looked more beige in the photo, and that's what I thought I was buying. I was surprised by the color when I received them, but I'm sure they'll do the job.

👤Love it. You should wash and scrub. No ofors.

👤These are great! I can compost because there is a good sponge there. It's good!

👤It is absorbent and durable. Doesn't smell.

👤The scrubbing side is completely flat. Not even close to the pictures.

6. Natural Sponges Friendly Coconut Kitchen

Natural Sponges Friendly Coconut Kitchen

Also available in non-scratch. The cleaning sponges you use are made from coconut fiber and wood cellulose, which are 100% eco-friendly. The sustainable way of cleaning dishes is by using Sponges that are both tough on dirt and soft on the dishes. The best sponges for cleaning. There is a non-scrutch orchid. Sponges are very efficient and durable, they stay odor-free and last a long time, and at the end of their life, sponges will be naturally biodegradable. Zero waste eco stewardships are included in the 08 pack. Their box is 100% recyclable, and their sponges are made from naturel coconut fiber and wood, so you can help save the earth. The key to sustainable lifestyle is bio cleaning with your natural kitchen sponges.

Brand: Magix World

👤I like sponges. The sponge is white and clean in the kitchen. I haven't used one long enough to know for sure, but so far they are doing great. The red hot sauce washed out of the sponge after being cleaned up.

👤The package is made of paper and plastic free, and the yellow sponge is great because I don't harm the nature while washing my plates. They are doing a great job. It is definitely worth it! Will buy it again. Thank you so much!

👤The sponges lasted less than a week before they separated.

👤They last longer than other sponges. Synthetic ones still work great. I would recommend it.

👤It is not as durable as a synthetic sponge. I like it because it is softer on my hands and dishes. I like the color as well. It isn't an eye sore sitting by my sink. The synthetic sponges stick out like a sore thumb in my house, which is more neutral colors. The price is good for the quality. Will buy again.

👤It is much bigger and more durable than others.

👤The sponge does not smell.

👤It's nice to find something that is functional.

7. PANYEE Biodegradable Friendly Compostable Cellulose

PANYEE Biodegradable Friendly Compostable Cellulose

You can save a lot of money by using a single dishcloth as many times as you want. The package includes 4 purple, 4 green and 2 red sponge dishcloth. Kitchen sponges and scrubbers are made from all natural materials. The scrub sponge are made of the same materials as the walnuts and coconut sponge. This natural kitchen scrub is great for cleaning dishes, pots, pans and many more. The issue of dish sponges is always bad smell after a few times used. Why not use their 100% Eco-friendly and ODOR free kitchen sponge? They don't collect bad odors and germs like other plastic sponges. Natural Cellulose Sponge is made of safe and environmental wooden pulp, the scrubbing side they have used high quality natural sisal fiber, no synthetic chemical fiber. Both of the materials have a good job of Breathable. It's easy to use 888-405-7720 These kitchen cleaning sponges are easy to use and will quickly and efficiently clean your kitchen. It is easy to fall apart and short lasting, but natural fiber sponges are 10x compression and Enhanced synthesis technology made to more tightly scrubber materials, they last longer compared to traditional sponges to provide you long term and reliable use. Sponges made on the planet are sustainable and renewable. Their sponges are made from plant fibers. When your natural sponge has outlived its usefulness, it can be composted. Non-scrutching and biodegraded: The natural dish sponges are designed to provide efficient and thorough cleaning without scratching or harming your dishes. They stay soft even after multiple washes. Their sponges are made from plant-based fibers that help reduce landfill build-up.

Brand: Panyee

8. Antimicrobial Non Abrasive Antibacterial Replacement Polyurethane

Antimicrobial Non Abrasive Antibacterial Replacement Polyurethane

Kitchen sponge clean is worth it's health benefits. The brushes on the silicone sponge are soft and scratch free, so use it on your kitchen tools set. Stinky sponge? No thanks. The gross stuff that creates odors can be mitigated with foam and a special agent. They've added a fading monogram to help you understand what's happening. Throw your sponge out and get a new one. The scrubbing pad that rinses clean is great for dishes, countertops, and wherever else your cleaning spree takes you. You don't have to reach into the sink to dry bread because it's quick. You're welcome. A clean sponge that holds less gunk is a better way to keep your house clean. Forget about what you know about cleaning. A Made in the USA sponge is smart, sexy, and so much more ick-free that can be used in any kitchen.

Brand: Skura Style S

👤You can buy a regular sponge for less than these sponges. You need to replace the sponge every two weeks to keep them from smelling. If I replaced a sponge every two weeks, I wouldn't have a problem with it smelling. I was fooled, don't you think?

👤I liked that these sponges didn't smell after a few uses. The scrubber separated from the sponge part in a few days.

👤Took the orange one out of the package and put it under the water. I was almost gagged. The water made the sponge smell bad. I could smell it in my whole kitchen. I immediately washed the hands after throwing it in the trash. There is a The sponge was orange. NotRECOMMENDED!

👤I have used the pitchforks for more than a year and love them. If a person wasn't concerned about the spread of germs, they should be in the current environment.

👤I bought this product because I liked the colors and design, but I didn't know it would be a kitchen saver. My husband is the chef of the family and although his dinners are grand, he makes a mess on the stove top. My stove top is sparkling and the stains from the beets are gone. The sponge doesn't smell bad. I plan to bring hostess gifts with me. It's highly recommended for anyone who likes a clean house.

👤I think the only reason for not giving 5 stars is that the logo fading is a silly marketing ploy and that 2 weeks is enough time to use any sponge. I have been using mine for a long time and it has no smell or signs of breakdown, I think they can last much longer than the recommendation.

👤I have been using the Skura Style sponges for a long time and they are one of the best sponges I have ever used. The scrubbing pad works wonders on stuff that gets stuck and is hard to clean. The fade logo technology is nice. I know when to change my sponge. Before using this product, I didn't know how gross my sponge was. This sponge is very good.

👤These sponges are a game-changer. I didn't know or appreciate the difference in sponges. I thought they were the same. I was wrong. When the sponges need to be replaced, you can let them know. Even the toughest jobs are clean because they are absorbent. The anti-microbial element is important to me as I have young children. I highly recommend this product.

👤Aunque el tema antibacterial es dificil, estamos gusto a simple vista. Las recomiendo.

9. All Natural Scouring Pad Scrub

All Natural Scouring Pad Scrub

All surfaces can be used with these scrub pads. Kitchen, dishes, pots, pans, floors, walls, bathroom, tiles, and more. It can remove stains without scratching. 100% natural. These sponges are free of the harmful chemical BPA. Sisal is a combination of coconut shells and plants. Good for the environment and your family. These all natural cleaning pads are made from tough stuff. They are made from durable materials that have been specially chosen and combined to provide the longest lasting natural scouring pads. Cut through grease and germs when cleaning pots, pans and dishes. The kitchen sponges that fight all types of grease will make your cleaning experience easier and more enjoyable. It's great for the whole house. Natural sponges are good for more than the kitchen. This pad will take on and defeat any patches of dirt you find. The bathroom, living area, kitchen, or even outside, it's all there. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because you will be satisfying nature and satisfying yourself by using these pads. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days and they will give you a new one.

Brand: Scrubit

👤Found the page to find out where this was made. One person said it was "responsibly made in Canada". This is no longer the case as it now says "Made in China". When things aren't ethically made, it's a bit upsetting, but it's a lot worse when this info is hidden. Say where the item is made to avoid confusion. If you think it's bad for marketing, you should think about it before choosing exploitative manufacturing processes. Money grab. Will be back.

👤They look like they will work well. They come in three layers of plastic, which is not the cleanest for plastic free shoppers.

👤I purchased these with high hopes. They do well. The material seems to be as effective as the synthetic scrub pads. They don't seem to lose fibers like synthetic ones do. There are lengths of colored thread in each pad. I asked about the nature of the threads but got no reply. The packaging is terrible. The Amazon photo shows a paper cuff, but mine didn't arrive in it. Two lots of six are bundled in another plastic wrap, and each lot is wrapped in thin plastic wrap. Double plastic wrap. People who purchase eco-friendly products do not want them wrapped in plastic. There was no information on the product or what I received to assure me that what I ordered was what I ordered. There is a lack of transparency. I will use them, as they might be better than what I can buy at the grocery, but I will continue looking.

👤The product works well, lasts a long time, and I feel comfortable throwing it in the green barrel. I would like to see them in more eco friendly packaging. Sending a product double wrapped in plastic makes no sense. The last time I ordered them, they came without plastic wrap. There is a cardboard sleeve.

👤These are great to wash dishes with. I wanted to wash my baby's dishes and utensils. It was wrapped in a plastic bag. There was no "Scrub-It" label. I wanted a label. I know I'm not buying a fake product. I expect the exact label on my purchased product when I receive it, if you list your product with a label. They need to work on their packaging. I don't want a nasty plastic bag surrounding my scrubber, if plastic containing a harmful substance will be touching the product, I might as well not buy a product with a harmful substance in it. The product should be packaged in paper.

👤I'm not sure if I agree with these. I might cut them in two for cleaning dishes because they are very stiff and large. They seem to be compostable, and that was my main requirement. I wish they didn't come with so much plastic.

👤I have used one of these for a couple of weeks and it has been great. I use it to clean my stove grate, cast iron pans, and all my normal dishes. It is scratch free and works as well as a green brite pad. It has held up well. I expect to use it for a while. It is very flexible and creates a lot of bubbles. There is a I knocked off one star because of packaging. The scrubbers were wrapped in plastic and both bundles were wrapped in plastic. I expected the item to have cardboard sleeves, but I would have been fine if they had just been put in the envelope. They will be perfect if they ditch the plastic wrapping.

10. SCRUBIT Natural Scrub Sponge Plant BasedCleaning

SCRUBIT Natural Scrub Sponge Plant BasedCleaning

The user manual is in-depth. There are tips on how to assemble, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of your body, after shave treatment, increasing the life of the blades, and 2 bonus homemade shaving recipes. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used. The green cleaning sponge could be used to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and the entire house, while protecting it from chemicals or toxins. The Dish sponge is double-sided, which means it will collect all dirt, grease and grime from any cleaning job. A hard, tough scrubbing pad is needed for jobs like washing floors or scrubbing pots. The Natural Scrub Sponge will keep your work surfaces clean. No need to worry about scratches. Glass windows, non-stick pots and pans, and expensive glassware can be lightly scrubbed. The non-scratch surface will not leave marks, scratches or streaks. 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied with the natural dishwashing scrubbers within 30 days. They are behind their products. They are happy to let you try them at their risk.

Brand: Scrubit

👤The product is great, but the fact that each sponge is wrapped in plastic makes it hard to buy eco sponges. The plastic is not marked so it can't be recycled. Otherwise great. Will not buy again because of the way it is packaged.

👤It makes no sense to call yourself eco-friendly when your sponges are wrapped individually in plastic and then in larger plastic, this is not the earth friendly alternative. Sponges work well for me. I don't trust if they are really non-toxic.

👤It seems to repel water, which is important to reducing the number ofbacteria. The sponge is not becoming slippery like traditional ones, so I don't have to use a method to test the levels ofbacteria. The scrub side is working well. We tried a synthetic sponge, but it only lasted a week before falling apart. The move to these sponges is a better option for my family's health than traditional sponges, and the packaging isn't a big issue for me. Life is not about arriving on a magic wand. Maybe they will find a better packaging option in the future, but I think startup funding is tight. Increased sales should give them more opportunities. They can fine tune the product and explore better packaging options if they support them.

👤The sponges work well and I will dump them in my compost when I'm done with them. When you individually wrap each sponge in a plastic film, your message of good for the earth gets lost. You lost 2 stars because of that. You must find a better wrapping that is not made from fossil fuels.

👤The sponges I received had no plastic at all, and I saw a lot of outrage about that. The manufacturer might have heard everyone. My bag was a reclosable brown waxed paper bag. There's that. There is a The sponges are as durable as the plastic ones I used to use, because they don't oxidize right away when I use cleaning products with bleach. It's been almost two months since I started on my first one. I use a lot of cleaning products with bleach so they don't smell bad yet. I like the shade of green and tan they come in.

👤These sponges are great. They come in a paper bag and are not individually wrapped. Amazon still shipped them in plastic. These sponges are great for scrubbing. They don't smell weird, except for the dishwasher refresh which doesn't damage them. I don't like washing green micro-plastics down the drain when I wring out my sponge. I highly recommend these! The package of sponges should last a long time. My only complaint is that the packaging is incorrect. The scrubbing material is 50% plant material, and not what the other 50% is. That is not what the description on the Amazon selling page said. I was led to believe that all plant material is non-toxic. I suppose they have to put the scrubber on the sponge to make it work. I feel better about the baby steps towards FEWER plastic in our landfills from the packaging and plant based scrubbers. There is a If a better solution is to buy the all-natural sponge and scrubbers separately, from this company, not glue them together, then I could try that after I use these up.

11. Composty Compostable Friendly Biodegradable Long Lasting

Composty Compostable Friendly Biodegradable Long Lasting

There are multi-use shooges. The sponges are made from natural cellulose. They have a tough and textured feel and are designed to be non-scratch. This allows for enhanced cleaning when compared to traditional sponges. Many of their customers say their sponges work better than traditional sponges. They are a family business. Plastic free and fully compostable Sponges are a good way to feel good and save the world. The family business is based in the UK. They wanted to create a fully compostable sponge, but also its packaging. When you are done with the sponges, just throw them in the compost bin and give them back to the environment. Space-Saving Magic Swords are available. Their sponges are compressed up to 90% of their original size, which saves space in your store cupboard and reduces carbon emissions in delivery. Simply add the sponge to the water. Too many products contain hidden chemicals, not ours. There is no glue or plastic on the scourers here. They have designed a product in the UK that will leave you with a healthy conscience and will remove your need to worry about greenwashing. They live in a world where they need more trees. They will plant one tree for you through their tree planting partners if you buy this pack. The tree will be planted in countries that their followers have chosen.

Brand: Composty

👤I can buy cheap sponges in the store, but they don't serve my needs and the size or quality is wrong. I was thrilled to find a sponge that performs and acts like the regular cheap sponges I can buy at my local grocery store. These sponges are all natural and made from the same material as a human hair. You can put the sponges in your compost pile when you cut them up. The sponges are cheap in the stores, but you can get 12 for this price, and they last a long time. The company is run by a family. They plant trees when they sell a package of sponges. It's a win, a win, a win all around. I usually don't write many reviews, but I had to let everyone know what a great company and product this is. You will thank me later, if you try it today.

👤Sometimes a product is sacrificed in order to reduce the carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment. The use of these sponges is not one of those times. They work just as well as the plastic-wrapped, plastic-made sponges, and they last longer, and can be used in many ways after their life in the kitchen. There is a The fact that they're a family-owned and family-run business is already a great thing, but Matt and Helen also respond to questions or comments quickly, personally, and make you feel like you could be friends. You'll feel good about using these sponges and the environment will benefit from it.

👤I was never excited about a kitchen sponge. I love supporting a small business, having a tree planted for each purchase, and having a compostable product all in one. It is affordable and seems like it will last. I think the sponge is going to last longer than conventional plastic sponges because it feels denser. The quality stayed the same after a wash in the washing machine. I cut my sponges in half so they last twice as long. It is gratifying to watch them grow. I will recommend these to my friends and family in the future, and I will be a forever customer.

👤We love sponges. They are strong. Even on tough scrubbing jobs, they don't fall apart. It is a "feel good" bonus that they are compostable. The space saving design is great for our kitchen drawer. The tree planting is the icing on the cake. Who would have thought a sponge could deliver so much? Fantastic eco-friendly purchase!

👤I use these sponges whenever I pack my liquids in my purse or suitcase because they save me time and money. The compressed sponge absorbs any liquid that spills or leaks. I put a sponge into space. Saver bags are used to keep clothes nice and dry.

👤This is a great product. The package takes up no space, the sponges are strong, and they are eco friendly. The price was fair. Highly recommended.

👤This business stands for everything and I love it. It's not hard to make packing that will hurt the planet in the long run, and they have figured that out. The dry sponges look like sheets of paper, then you hit them with water and a boom. They love the different colors. Highly recommend this product.


What is the best product for eco friendly sponges walnut?

Eco friendly sponges walnut products from Scotch-brite. In this article about eco friendly sponges walnut you can see why people choose the product. Airnex and Airnex are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sponges walnut.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sponges walnut?

Scotch-brite, Airnex and Airnex are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sponges walnut. Find the detail in this article. Kolo Nature, Patelai and Magix World are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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