Best Eco Friendly Spoons and Forks Disposable

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1. HeloGreen Eco Friendly Tea Spoons Cornstarch

HeloGreen Eco Friendly Tea Spoons Cornstarch

It's not composted, so it's a natural alternative to plastic and wooden utensils. Reducue Carbon Footprint - You will feel better knowing that you are making a difference when you eat. The cutlery set is made with 70% cornstarch, a renewable and sustainable plant resource, and 30% PP. Smaller disposable utensils that are inadequate to simply enjoy a meal are no longer a problem. Their large 6.5” spoons allow for a comfortable firm grip while picking up food such as cold ice-creams, soups, beans, and rice. Each package is sealed for easy storage and transportation. STURDY WITH PREMIUM, HEAVYWEIGHT QUALITY AND HIGH HEAT RESISTANT is a better alternative to plastic utensils and wooden ones that snap in half with minuscule pressure or cannot stand the heat. Their disposable spoons are designed to last for a long time. Put them in the microwave and they will be able to handle the heat without being damaged. Enjoy your food with non-GMO corn-based utensils. Toxic chemicals are free. They guarantee that your eco-friendly cutlery will arrive without any issues or that they will replace it completely free of charge. They are perfect for weddings, camping, fancy dinners, lunches, and on-the-go lifestyles. You can contact them at any time. What are you waiting for? Think green, choose HeloGreen, and start saving the earth.

Brand: Helogreen

👤They were used for the grad party. They are not made from plastic and are not harmful to the environment.

👤These were cheap but not as strong as I expected.

👤HeloGreen is a heavy duty eco-friendly car.

2. Palm Naki Bamboo Cutlery Count

Palm Naki Bamboo Cutlery Count

If you don't like it, they will give you a full refund. Palm Negara. There is a Bleeding Dispensable Cutlery. Their disposable eco-friendly utensils allow for the convenience of tossing when used while also being kind to the earth. Their bamboo utensils biodegrade in a few months. It's possible to post and be effective. Their plates and utensils are made of high-quality sturdy material, meaning they can be used for a long time and not cause a mess. Their bamboo cutlery are stunningly beautiful and will give your party or barbecue an edge. Their disposable cutlery has a beautiful wood look that pairs well with any décor. Palm Naki is an ideal alternative to plastic for all occasions. Sturdy yet sleek, the cutlery won't bend or absorb liquid, making it the ideal choice for any event. Palm Naki products are free of harmful chemicals and glues, so there is no concern about what might leak into your food. Enjoy your meal with their bamboo utensils.

Brand: Palm Naki

👤The product is not made from bamboo. It sounds like you'll be getting a bamboo product. I got a pressed palm leaf product. I will not use this brand for any other purchases, even if I tried the palm leaf spoons next. I refuse to give money to a company that uses deceptive marketing practices because the spoons I got were acceptable for general use.

👤Cheap wood wrapped in plastic film. If you want sustainable bamboo products, avoid this product.

👤I don't like him because they are paper thin and break when you use them to pick up something, they are not bamboo and are dangerous for children to have around them.

👤It's worse that they taste bad than being something like wood. I bought these for coffee, but they ruin it.

👤It was stronger than expected. Would buy again.

👤They were great to use. These are the things we are converted to. Good bye plastic!

👤The material is what I expected.

👤They plant trees for every product sold.

3. Compostable Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery

Compostable Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery

We want you to receive the very best in sustainable products as they work together to care for their planet, and they know you will be pleased with the quality of this wooden cutlery set. They will buy it back from you if you are not. You can get your compostable cutlery today. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. Enjoy your food with Non-GMO Corn Based Cutlery made in a registered facility. This renewable resource is grown in the USA. There are no Toxic Chemicals in disposable plastic utensils. There is no risk of splicing or Popsicles after eating or tasting Wooden Utensils. 60 day money back guarantee. They believe you will be satisfied with their products. It's perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, BBQs, party, wedding and restaurants. They will give you a full refund if you don't. San Diego, CA is where they are based. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute and TUV, which complies with USA and European standards. Accept no lower standard than the BPI Certified Compostable Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances.

Brand: Ecovita

👤Next month, I will be at a wedding. I was able to overlook the higher price point in exchange for what I thought would be an equivalent quality-to-price product, because the wedding theme is a rustic, eco-friendly wedding and one look at this product packaging and the flawless number of 5-star reviews, I was able to That was not the case to me. The quality of the utensils doesn't justify the price point for me. These forks are very simple to use. When I stab food, prongs pop off. I don't think plastic fork tongs should be used in older guests' food. The descriptions were vague and not quick to give a thorough description of the product, which is what a buyer actually gets. With this review, I wanted to give a more detailed explanation of this product so that others can make a more informed decision about it.

👤I have tried other eco-friendly utensils. When I host an event where I produce waste to communicate to the public that I am doing it in a sustainable way, it is very important to me. Most products are a disappointment due to their poor quality where they break or can't pick up food. The funny taste in your mouth is caused by wooden spoons. I was compelled to write a positive review after I ordered and re-ordered from Ecovita. The word " 100% Compostable" is stamped on every utensil. I get my message out, the forks pick up everything, and the knives cut a steak. A customer asked me to give them a few so they could go camping. I was happy to accommodate the box with over 400 pieces. These are the best in the market.

👤These are better than what I have used before. I tried bamboo, recycled paper, plastic and what not. These are really good. They are much more sturdy than cheap plastic. The more expensive plastic is just as good as the cheaper ones. They have a unique feel to them. It's hard to describe, so I'll leave that part as it is. There is a The handles could be a little longer. The cheap plastic category includes this aspect of the product. You pay the premium for the more expensive plastic tableware because it covers that issue again. There is a It's better than cheap plastic and wood, but not as good as the more expensive plastic. There is a It's perfect for a picnic at the beach or on the back porch. Not meant for a formal gathering. Ron.

👤I thought these were great, but they aren't. I like the fact that they are 100% compostable, but most of the spoon and fork handles are bent when I take them out of the box. The knife cuts better than most plastic utensils. Another purchase is unlikely because of the price of these. I bought them because they are compostable, so I will look for another brand that is cheaper.

👤I sent them back. The new laws that took effect in California on January 1st are not Compostable. They are thrown into the garbage.

4. WoodAble Disposable Alternative Biodegradable Replacements

WoodAble Disposable Alternative Biodegradable Replacements

CONVENIENT - Throw them away and have peace of mind. WoodAble takes an estimated 90 days to compost and performs better than flimsy plastic. They can eliminate plastic waste and bad experiences. WoodAbles are a better product because they are very durable, smooth and splinter free. For a better experience, each product is created for 3-6 hours. WoddAbles are the only disposable wooden utensils certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. WoodAble is the only manufacturer and supplier that can certify that its product is from a sustainable source. Their utensils are made the same way they've been making wooden products for many decades. Their parent company has been tending the same land for more than 115 years. They plant 4 trees for every 3 that they harvest. Chinese manufacturers source wood that is illegal. Today's market for disposable wood products is contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Brand: Woodable

👤They looked amazing, came as ordered, undamaged, and made for a really cute display. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known how gross it felt on the tongue and how hard it was to pull them out of your mouth. I bought them for my daughter's rehearsal dinner. People could not use the forks or spoons, they discarded them and found my silverware drawer. They were intolerable to everyone. They couldn't even make a salad. My daughter had to ask for substitute because I wasn't paying attention to how they were being discarded. You'll look super cool and conscientious if you have these, but you'll end up using them to stir coffee and then discard.

👤These are packaged nicely and are an alternative to plasticware. I think you will be happy with your purchase. There is room for improvement. The spoons are too shallow. This is true. soup would be impossible to eat. This needs a redesign with a deeper bowl. There is a The wooden material works well and is sturdy. There is a texture that is dry and unplesant. Think of a popsicle stick. I am not sure if they can engineer it out, but you will experience it. There is a They are functional, good looking, and we may but them again. If I can find another brand with a better spoon design, they will earn my business.

👤These are durable and disposable. I have good comments about it. It was very comfortable and resistant to all kinds of food, and also resistant to plastic ones. It gives the party a bit of fanciness since they have a nice natural-wood color that fits well with any type of decoration. The best thing for ecofriendly people like me is that it is recyclable. I will buy again.

👤When I moved to America, it was hard to find tree safe utensils in store. I found these on Amazon and they are very similar to the ones at home. I am very happy that I can continue to use wooden disposable utensils. They can scoop rice, cut chicken thigh, and pick up meat. No bending. The wood has a soft smell and taste similar to a couple we tried. Most of the families who have relocated to America that I know from my home, I referred them to this as we come from the same lifestyle. I would recommend anyone not to use plastic to not harm forests. Extra benefit. The preservation of the trees and forest in the Chilean forest is something that I really appreciate.

👤. It's disgusting to eat off of. It was like eating from a cardboard box. I wanted an eco-friendly alternative to cheap plastic utensils, but they don't serve the purpose if no one will eat them. I'm happy to have saved the landfills from 200 plastic forks. I can't recommend.

👤We ordered the 100 mix because we were looking for an alternative to plastic utensils. We've used them a few times. The knives are better than the plastic ones because they have no problem cutting through meat, and the forks are stronger than cheap disposable plastic forks. The utensils have smooth edges and we haven't found any splinters. There is a The cardboard box they come in is great since it can be used to store unused utensils and is easily recycled. We've tried other brands which pack the utensils in plastic bags, but they are bound by a paper strip. There is a We will definitely be ordering again soon.

5. GreenWorks Compostable Heavyweight Disposable Biodegradable

GreenWorks Compostable Heavyweight Disposable Biodegradable

These cuts are not created by Green Ware Fal. Facilities that are certified commercially compostable may not exist in your area. It's healthy and reliable. Made from Non-GMO corn based polylactic acid. The weight is heat tolerant to 200F. 100 forks are packed in a box.

Brand: Greenworks

👤These are disposable. I bought them for a large dinner party because we didn't want to have to wash dishes and we didn't want to add more plastic to the landfills. You will be hard pressed to find a place where they can be composted. I couldn't find a place in the San Francisco Bay Area that would accept this type of plastic. They have to go through a special process to biodegrade. The normal plastic utensils can be recycled more easily. You should research what type of recycling and composting is available in your area. You may be able to get a composting facility that will take these utensils. I recommend them if you do.

👤We have been without a kitchen for several weeks, and I bought these thinking they are better than plastic. They need to be composted industrially, and things that are composted aren't supposed to be recycled. We do not have industrial compost. They go to the garbage. The knives are ok, but the forks don't stand up to pressure. All in a waste for us. Plain plastic would have been cheaper.

👤The collective conscience is becoming aware of the problem of plastic pollution and I decided to find a way to do my part. I bought Greenworks spoons from the seller. The spoons look different than usual plasticware. They break easily but are still usable. I tried to research Greenworks products on the internet, but could not find much information. It was made in China by a Chinese company and is only available in industrial facilities, which most people don't have easy access to. I saw a warning on Amazon that these products should only be sold by "GreenTide" and that others may be fake. Does that mean I didn't get the authentic product from my seller? It's a huge problem on Amazon. Third party sellers are making a lot of money. Since the retailer is based in China, I wasn't able to get information directly from them. I will never know the ingredients of the disposable spoons unless I get a biochemist to analyze them. We'll all be suckers if more transparency on Amazon isn't provided.

👤We didn't have enough utensils for the party so we bought these. We didn't want plastic to end up in a landfill. We put them in the active compost system after we used them. They have been there for over eight months. Everything else is broken down. The forks look brand new. They are not breaking down. We bought some cups and they were the same as before. Don't fall for a scam.

👤I am very impressed with the quality of these. When I saw these compostable ones, I wanted to try them out at a party I am hosting, since I don't like using disposable products. I was surprised to find that they look more appealing than standard plastic utensils. The only problem I had was that when I opened the shipment box, the box the utensils were in was ripped and all of the utensils broke. It is hard to believe that it broke so easily. I had to put a lot of pressure on myself to break one. It is hard to believe that the box ripped the way it did during shipment, which leads me to believe that there was an issue when it was being packaged or it had already been ripped open. I was sent a replacement pack and a shipping label by Amazon. I will include pictures of it.

6. Disposable Forks Plastic Utensils Supply

Disposable Forks Plastic Utensils Supply

The plastic forks are break- resistant and will not be easy to bend or break. The material of plastic forks is tasteless and non-toxic. The material of plastic spoons has been tested to resist heat. Made from quality plastic materials. The plastic forks could be used to serve food. The disposable plastic forks are around 7.2 inches in weight and have a variety of colors. The black plastic forks are suitable for all kinds of occasions and without any sense of incongruent. The plastic forks make it easy to serve food at a party. The black plastic cutleries help ensure that friends and guests are readily available for any celebration, gathering, parties, or home use. The plastic knives are easy to clean. You don't have to clean the mess when the party is over. The sides of the boxes have a design for easy ripping and small windows to see what's inside, this is a thoughtFUL PACKAGING DESIGN. When you start to use these cutleries, it is convenient to know the amount of black plastic cutlery left.

Brand: Posate

👤The item was shown in the advertisement. I bought the extra forks just to have on hand at the party I was hosting. I needed the extra forks. The forks were affordable and looked great when they arrived. They looked great. This item was placed on my favorite list.

👤I think they are small. They will not be allowed to eat other foods.

👤Excellent product! There is a Traveling and working on the road. I want to make sure that I have clean forks. There is a Well worth it!

👤A plastic fork is strong and durable.

👤There is nothing worse than a flimsy fork. The forks are very sturdy. Will definitely be buying again.

7. Mozaik PM80CAM Eco Friendly Plant Based Compostable

Mozaik PM80CAM Eco Friendly Plant Based Compostable

We plant 4 trees for every 3 that they harvest. Chinese manufacturers source wood that is illegal. Today's market for disposable wood products is contributing to the destruction of the environment. 80 pieces of 100% compostable cutlery are included in the set. It is a plant based renewable resource. The high heat cutlery can last up to a year. This set is perfect for a wide variety of events. It's strong enough for steak and delicate enough for cake. It's perfect for every occasion. TUV Austria is industrial certified.

Brand: Mozaik

👤The price was worth it after my oil burner stopped working, leaving me without heat or hot water, and my 2 chihuahuas without heat or hot water. We have keys to each other's homes. I can shower there when she is working, but still have to boil water to wash dishes, so I got paper plates and these, and thought I would be happy to get a meal. I keep 2 of each for 'pup only' use and clean them last, with a small amount of the same disinfectant I use for my masks. Then rinse thoroughly with boiled water... I'm not saying that they stand up to the knife. I have used them to cut meat and they have no problem. I would think they were worthy of washing/storing in re-sealable bags for another time, but don't use your silver/flatware. Stay safe.

👤They are called compostable, but it is a bit misleading. I went to the company's website to see how long it took for these to break down after disposal, and it said that they were composted in an industrial facility. I would need to bring them to the nearest compost facility. While these are still better than plastic, I wouldn't call them "compostable" without adding a note that you need an industrial facility to compost them. The quality is great. I would. If you wanted to, you could wash them and reuse them.

👤I bought a set of silverware for the breakroom because I wanted to be nice at work. There is a dishwasher in that place, so people could just pop their dirty silverware in after use. Did they do that? Absolutely not. They rolled the dice and thought about taking the silverware out of the break room and never seeing it again. Let's do it until every piece of silverware is gone from this breakroom for the rest of our days. Plastic ware is bad for the environment, so I didn't want to buy it. What could I do? Should I go ahead with the plan that my coworkers suggested to me, which was to buy another silverware set? There is a No. They can't win. The spoons were the answer to my problems. I think they are better for the environment, affordable, and a nice shape if you want to feel fancy. My coworkers are out of luck because the box is hidden in my office. One of them came into the breakroom and said there weren't any spoons. I hid in my chair and laughed. Not my problem anymore.

👤I was sad to know that these utensils aren't naturally compostable, but they are sturdy.

👤I ordered this set to get me through the winter without water. There was no way to wash silverware and cheap plastic utensils were not appealing. These have survived a lot of meals and trips through the dishwasher. The design is clean and sculptural and they are more substantial than most. I have only broken one piece, which is very different from standard plasticware. The pieces are strong enough for reasonable use. The boxed set is a great solution for a good outdoor season.

8. GreenWorks Eco Friendly Disposable Tasting Cornstarch

GreenWorks Eco Friendly Disposable Tasting Cornstarch

mini sporks are made from plant and food grade materials. It's healthy and reliable. It is heat tolerant to a maximum of 236F. It's not composted, so it's a natural alternative to plastic and wooden utensils.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I was looking forward to receiving these, but the box I received was the basic type. I kept the cheap ones I had because I didn't have time to send them back or record them. What a let down. There is an update. The small designer sporks that they sent me are cute. They corrected their mistake on their own, and it was good for them and me.

👤The wrong size was sent, but the wrong ones worked out better. We received one box that was correct, but they were too small for my husband to handle. We replaced our typical plastic spoons at our wedding shows as we wanted to also show our potential clients we are thinking about the environment. These are the best bang for your buck, quality, and honestly the best if you're looking for those qualities.

👤Customers will use these at my booth at the bridal show. These tiny sporks are sturdy and eco friendly. The value was great.

👤The mini forks were perfect for the event. They were strong even though they were made from recycled ingredients. I will buy them again.

👤It worked perfectly for samples.

👤I wish it cost less.

9. Compostable Cutlery Disposable Tableware Flatware

Compostable Cutlery Disposable Tableware Flatware

The washing brush can enter from both ends of the bamboo straw. The eco-friendly tableware can be washed in the dishwasher. The bamboo yellow color is adorable and adds more fun to the dining experience. 140 Forks, 120 Spoons, and 100 Knives are part of this piece. Individually wrapped 20PCS/pack. The Cutlery set is Compostable and complies with USA and European standards. Money Back Guarantee: Any Dissatisfaction can be Returned orRefunded to you. There are three certifications for safe and environmental friendly products. The new Arrivel is perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, party, restaurants, and weddings.

Brand: Cc3d

👤I have used disposable cutlery before that, but it tends to be a bit flimsy. It holds up well and is full sized. They added diamond cutouts to reduce the amount of material. I didn't think this would have a negative impact. I like the fact that this set has more forks than spoons and more spoons than knives, which matches my household's usage much better than equal numbers of each utensil. I would buy this set in the future if we ran out, because it's only about 7 cents each.

👤The cutlery is compostable and eco-friendly. There is a The cutlery is not disposable. It is easy to wash. If you choose. If you have a strong cut of meat or vegetable, chances are you will break the knife or spoon. These items are not flimsy, but they are not like regular silverware. They are a little more expensive than a regular plastic cut, but the fact that they are eco-friendly makes up for it. The ocean will not choke the marine life. There is a Extra plastic should be kept out of the oceans and landfills. This is a good way to start.

👤Near the top are these. The more wood/bamboo ones are bad, I always feel like I'm going to get a splinter in my lip or tongue from them. These are easy to use for light use. I don't think the spoons would hold up to a thick cut of meat, and the fork and knife wouldn't hold a sturdy cut of meat, but they aren't made for heavy-duty work. The handle decoration is cute, but I would rather see a solid handle for the spoon or fork. I would recommend a nice set of disposable utensils to those who need them.

👤I ordered this set because we are moving. The knives are strong enough to remove peanut butter from a jar. In my video, I show you how to make a tuna salad using one of the forks. I have not had any broken knives, forks, or spoons. We have not had any issues eating hot soups using the spoons. I put them in the recycling bin. I will use this product for parties in the future.

👤The set is pretty good. There is a You get a lot of forks, knives and spoons for the price, and they're very well made. You can grab one to work or a family picnic from these 20-piece packs. I've used these to cut through some tough meat, and they held up well. They are doing a good job. This set of cutlery is pretty eco-friendly. I would recommend these for your next outing or picnic.

👤I am surprised that these are less expensive than plastic. They are larger than a salad you would get in a store. I think they have been the same as I would expect from a plastic spoon. You have to try to get it to break. They work well.

👤If you were so inclined, you could wash them and reuse them. I thought about it. The design is pretty and they are well made.

10. Disposable Friendly Biodegradable Backyard Compostable

Disposable Friendly Biodegradable Backyard Compostable

Heavy Duty and 3D Design. The utensils have a curvy grip. Bamboware utensils are made out of bamboo and are top rated.

Brand: Daisy

👤These wooden utensils are very nice. They are sturdy and good for the earth. It's much better than using plastic. People discover them and want to use them as well. That is the best part. You have to get them.

👤I liked everything about this product. It's not expensive and it's performed perfectly. Good for the planet.

👤The set was a good value and is a better alternative to the steel utensils. The only negatives are that the forks are not straight enough to catch many foods and the spoons are not deep enough to catch a lot of liquids. The knives can be used to cut soft things.

👤Not impressed. The knife was barely working. Most of the forks did the same.

👤Everyone loved it for the birthday party.

👤Great product.

👤It's ideal para su uso. Idioambiente.

👤This is worth more than cheap plastic spoons. Thank you for helping us!

11. Disposable WoodU Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable

Disposable WoodU Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable

Any occasion will be special with wooden utensils. Each set of disposable knives, forks and spoons has 100 pieces. 100% ORGANIC ALL: NATURAL. Their disposable utensils are completely non-toxic,BPA free, and the best alternative to toxic silverware. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Go green! WoodU Specializes in Eco-friendly disposable, Compostable, Biodegradable Utensils. The USDA and CFIA have been approved. High quality and resilience. The bamboo utensils are made of Smooth Birchwood and are heat Tolerant and have no strong wood taste. The Wooden Flatware products are manufactured by a trusted brand. It's ideal for everyday use, such as home lunches, school lunches, Birthday, Picnics, Parties, weddings, family gatherings and even art projects.

Brand: Woodu

👤We wanted disposable utensils that were also attractive so we ordered these for Thanksgiving. I was happy to find these since most of the wooden utensils out there look like popsicle sticks. They get a star who is attractive. They are flimsy and overpriced. It became an ongoing joke during the meal because so many forks snapped in half. We had fun burning these utensils in the fire pit after everyone had a sense of humor about it. It would have been a lot more fun if they had not cost me $30. This product should not be sold by Amazon.

👤We were trying to be more eco-friendly and did away with plastic utensils while camping. We used to use plastic straws, but now use paper ones with better results. I ordered a package to use at an upcoming event because it looked like a good alternative. I was not expecting to be able to cut a steak with a wooden knife. Sometimes compromises are necessary in the name of good stewardship. I expected some level ofFunctionality, but it was so failed that I would rate them with negative stars so that I could take ratings stars others have given them away. There is a No, Burgers - nope. Ground beef won't be cut by Forks. Even if you want to spread peanut butter on white bread, knives are useless. soup is not a possibility because of the collapse of spoons. They wouldn't hold up to mashed potatoes either. I'm sure there are products that are both eco-friendly and help prevent malnutrition. This isn't it. The handle on the spoon will hold up to "Cheez-Whiz" to help get the dog's pills in. The failure of canned dog food after just one scoop is much to the dogs' disappointment. Save money. They are a bit pricey for fire starters, but they are combustable. I haven't been able to find an appropriate use for them.

👤This helped cut down on guilt. The utensils were all sturdy and did not break. I want to be embarrassed to set the table with them. The knife worked well as a serrated knife. The spoon is fine, but I wasn't serving soup with it, and it wasn't a soup spoon. We did what we had to. There is a The fork is the big thing for me. I tasted wood and bamboo and it was odd. Had I been paying attention, I would have gone for something that looked more "plastic"

👤This is the best cutlery I have ever owned. They were bought to outfit our trailer. I have a dilemma if it's better to use metal utensils that have to be washed with scarce water or plastic utensils that have to be thrown away. It's difficult to be green. These wonderful utensils can be thrown in a compost bin or burned in the campfire without adding toxic fumes to the surroundings. They nest so tightly that they take up very little room. The photo shows all the utensils in a small tray. Win, win, win! You have to get used to not having completely slick utensils against your lips. It feels odd at first, but you get over it quickly.


What is the best product for eco friendly spoons and forks disposable?

Eco friendly spoons and forks disposable products from Helogreen. In this article about eco friendly spoons and forks disposable you can see why people choose the product. Palm Naki and Ecovita are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly spoons and forks disposable.

What are the best brands for eco friendly spoons and forks disposable?

Helogreen, Palm Naki and Ecovita are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly spoons and forks disposable. Find the detail in this article. Woodable, Greenworks and Posate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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