Best Eco Friendly Straws Individually Wrapped

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1. Footprint Paper Straws Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Footprint Paper Straws Biodegradable Eco Friendly

All straws are made in the USA and are food grade. There are bulk purchase sizes available. Finally. Paper straws work! PERFORMANCE: The performance of Footprint straws is superior. You will be surprised at how their straws perform. It's biodeGRADABLE / COMPOSTABLE / MARINE. It's deGRADABLE. Unlike plastic straws, their straws pass biodegradability testing standards.

Brand: Footprint

👤I would have had a negative number of stars. I didn't let it sit in my glass for long because I didn't want it to break. The soft drink I just opened tasted terrible because of the straw. I poured the rest of my soft drink into my glass and it tasted fine, even though I dumped what was left out of my glass. The straw was what it was. If you can't make paper straws without being treated with chemicals, then I won't buy paper straws again. When there were only paper straws, they knew how to make them tasteless, and they used to do it all the time. It seems that 60 years later, you should be able to find a manufacturer that knows how to make paper straws that are free of chemicals.

👤I disliked the taste of steel and silicone straws so I tried these. The paper straws I've been offered at fast food places barely taste of paper, but I found this one to be far more durable. I was able to use one in my Crystal Light for several hours and refill it several times, and it stood up to my hot tea well enough to enjoy two large cups. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this straw works, even though paper can't perform like plastic.

👤I like the subtle taste of these straws. They can fit inside a tall glass or thermos. Sturdy enough to be used again. They are shipped in a flimsy box. You need to find something else to store them in after the box arrives a mess. The first box that I was sent didn't make it and my money was returned. The box broke and the contents spilled out. I put the second order in a box for storage.

👤I ordered these based on the description. They say they can be used for shakes and other drinks, but with the ID of them only about 2, there's no way anyone is sucking a thick drink through them. I was expecting them to be jumbo like the other advertised paper straws with an ID of around.35". There is a The straws are not what I expected.

👤The straw is made from high quality materials. I had used other paper straws. The 10” length allows me to use various drink containers without worrying about the straw being too short. It is worth paying more for the fine quality. I leave some of these in the car and at work so that they are accessible wherever I am as my goal is to take care of our Earth as much as possible. I found Footprint Paper Straws.

👤This is the best alternative to plastic straws. It is strong for a long time. The straw is wrapped in paper and the box it came in is beautiful. I would like the company to promote this product to restaurants, hotels and fast food stores.

👤The straws are great for the price. Surprisingly strong for cardboard. They last for a while in your drink. The long length is perfect for tall cups but can be cut in half to the right size for children's cups. Will buy again.

2. Pack Compostable Straws Inch Long

Pack Compostable Straws Inch Long

It was certified. This material is certified by several organizations. Let them help save the turtles. These straws are made from plant based plastic and are environment friendly. Made from renewable materials. The straws are wrapped around drinking straws. The classic straight drinking glass straws that complement various beverages can also be used as a stirrer since they don't breakdown like paper straws. These are perfect for sipping your favorite drinks. It's convenient to keep stocks on hand. The pack of 400 pieces of eco straws is perfect for business, stores, party, cafe and everyday home use. It is a good idea to serve your kids drinks to avoid spills. A fun drinking experience. The clear straw design makes it easy to enjoy your drinks. It's ideal for drinking stations, suitable for any occasion, with efficient service, elegant presentation and easy clean up. Great value. Best to use for pure liquid drinks, water, cocktails, fresh fruit juices, sodas, iced coffee, milk tea, Frappaccinos, chocolate milkshakes straws, smoothie straws and more.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤These straws are great. I like that I can have individually wrapped straws with each drink, and not feel like I'm killing the environment. Not made for use in hot beverages and a little shorter than expected, but otherwise, a great buy.

👤Break quickly. Not worth it at all. Don't buy.

👤These straws are great. They help the environment and hold up well with drinks.

👤Good quality at a reasonable price. Very happy.

👤We used great straws for drinks at the party.

3. Best MOON Disposable Drinking Individually

Best MOON Disposable Drinking Individually

Jumbo size is 7.75" long. Heart shaped straws are making people happy and bright. People feel like they are under cherry blossom when they fill the space with pink heart straws. The heart shaped straws are perfect for daily drinkings. It's great for parties like Halloween, birthday, celebration, baby shower and bridal shower party and coordinate with any party supplies from Unique. It is easy to cut and wrapped individually.

Brand: The Best Moon

👤Straws are very small. I think they are for kids. I sell these for adults and they won't work for my business. These are not disposable. They are cute but I wish they were stronger.

👤I was looking for straws with high sentimental value. If that wasn't possible, I would have used a plastic straw in a more intriguing shape. I wanted to make it feel more like an experience, a set of moments that might be captured and held in the heart for years to come, because I have a specific fluid regimen that must be followed for medical reasons. I am blind and buying straws in multi-colored would not enhance the experience. I needed a nice texture, a nice shape, and a neutral or pleasant overall flavor. It is almost impossible to find a glass travel mug with a lid that will fit a glass straw. Now what? These straws do fit my requirements. You can enjoy the feeling of those hearts with your lips and tongue. The shape of the straws is not intrusive as to detract from the experience of drinking. You feel like you are using a straw when you enjoy a novelty item. These do not taste like plastic straws. I don't detect any flavor in the typical highly-absorbant plastics. These are very sturdy. They work for hot or cold beverages, which is important for this time in my life. They're small for soups, but they're perfect for drinks like Chai, shakes, and cocoa. Sometimes we do, but they are flexible enough to cut. These are disposable. We have washed and re-used them from time to time. I love the shape of the heart, it adds pink and color to my life and my medical experience. I will be buying them again.

👤I like the straws. The ends of the straw are not pinched and are heart shaped. If you wanted it, it could be washed and reused. I like that they are single wrapped, I bought the red now I want the pink. They make me happy.

👤They are perfect for my cups. One review said they were slim like a coffee stirrer, but that is not true. It is a normal straw but it is very cute. I will buy these forever. The soft pink which I have been looking for in this height is what the girl doesn't like. They come individually wrapped, which is great for storing purposes and germaphobes.

👤One of the prettiest purchases I have ever made. They are individually wrapped and are super sturdy.

👤Sturdy and keep the heart shape.

👤I use these straws to add a bit of personality to the mango smoothie I make for my friends. Everyone commented on the attention to detail to buy these. Try not to make your drinks too thick because they are thin. It's still worth buying for me.

👤These straws are gorgeous. They look nice on my coffee bar for breast cancer awareness.

👤I can keep them in my purse and car because they are wrapped individually. There is a It's worth it for Starbucks trips and avoiding paper straws.

4. Naturalik Biodegradable Eco Friendly Restaurants Decorations

Naturalik Biodegradable Eco Friendly Restaurants Decorations

We will find a solution that works for you if you don't like your Zunii Biodegradable Paper Straws, so please contact them if you don't like them. Naturalik 300pc Premium Brown paper straws are 1/3 more durable and sturdier than regular paper straws. They are free of toxins, taste and odor. 7.75" long and 0.25" diameter. There are Bulk Paper Straws for Juices, Smoothies, Party Decorations and Restaurants. Also available in bulk packs. You can find B07NTGCQG1 on Amazon. Eco-friendly and disposable drinkware. Made from 100% renewable materials. The plastic is plastic free. Their paper is from forests that meet the strictest environmental and social standards. Wide application. And top quality. These paper straws are great for daily drinks, such as juices, shakes, smoothies, iced coffee. Birthday parties, baby showers, wedding reception, bridal showers, housewarming parties, picnics, cake pops and more are all great for them. It can be used in crafts. The environmental impact. They use 500 million plastic straws a day in the U.S. It takes two and a half times the amount of plastic waste to wrap the entire earth. Paper straws are an ecological alternative to single use plastic. One paper straw at a time is how you can help save the planet. There is a guarantee of success. If the product you received was damaged or not perfect, please contact them and they will offer you a solution.

Brand: Naturalik

👤We decided to switch to paper because we use straws every day. These straws are made of plastic and last a long time. The straw stayed sturdy even after I refilled my water glass 5 times. I exceeded my expectations.

👤I was a little afraid before buying because some reviews said they weren't sturdy enough, but I really like them. I use them on my commute to work. So far, there has been no problem. There was no funny smell or taste. I love it!

👤I bought these straws because I wanted to take away the hurt from marine life and because I like to drink Boston Coolers. I will purchase more straws when I run out. I don't find myself sucking in air with my drink like I do with fragile plastic straws. Lipstick doesn't get stuck around the surface and end up where you don't want it, like it does on slippery plastic. I started using paper straws because of how bad plastic straws are.

👤The straws are very strong and last through a lot of drinks. The straws go into the compost bin. I will be buying these again.

👤I have finally found a straw that is very durable. These straws are the best we have tried. We use straws almost daily and wanted to keep them out of the environment and contribute to the plastic problem. We take our own straws everywhere we go. I would buy it again.

👤We like the idea of straws made of paper. I reuse them at home and carry them with me to use in restaurants.

👤I love these. I am amazed at how sturdy the paper straws are, as I am familiar with the paper straws from Animal Kingdom. I reuse the same straw throughout the day, which makes up for the cost. If you're a daily user, the taste may be off-putting at first, but by the end of the week you won't taste a thing. The taste of the straw has been made worse by juices. After a few days, you get used to the taste of water, if you use a straw to drink it. This straw really does last. I left it in a bottle of water overnight, and it didn't turn into shreds.

👤This is what we have been waiting for. 24 hours in plain water is very sturdy. One photo of a turtle with a plastic-straw-infested nostril was enough to convince me to stop buying plastic straws. What are the alternatives? There is a Nice idea, steel straws. There was a lot of effort. The potential for gunk is high. There is a Nice idea, bamboo straws. Is it possible to really sterilize them? There is a After a few minutes, paper straws become part of my drink. But not these. These straws are made of paper. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Sono le prime cannucce, ero un p scettica ma sono assolutamente valide. Sono cos resistenti, sotto l'acqua corrente e riutilizzare. It's valid!

5. Plant Straws StrawPanda Individually Wrapped

Plant Straws StrawPanda Individually Wrapped

It's great for parties. You can put the box on the counter, bar or display near the drink station. You can use the extra straws in your bag. Their straws are made from renewable resources and do not have the environmental impact of plastic straws. The bendy straws are great for home, parties, restaurants, the beach, or as an eco-friendly gift. The bendable straws are kid friendly and can be used anywhere that does not allow disposable straws. It's perfect for cups, mugs, glasses, or any beverage holder. Their straws are strong and sturdy, unlike paper straws which can fall apart after being in your drink. Their straws will hold up in your drink and provide long lasting support. Compostable and Eco Friendly. All of the requirements are met for their straws. Use these drinking straws to replace your disposable straws without guilt. The 200 pack of individually wrapped clear bendy and flexible straws will provide you with the best drinking experience. These straws are eco-friendly and will quench your thirst.

Brand: Strawpanda

👤What is not to like? These are 100% Compostable. My kids were asked to try these and compare them to a standard plastic straw. They couldn't tell the difference and I couldn't.

👤The straws came in a plastic bag, and not in the box, as shown. They may have been repackaged in the warehouse because of damage or spilling out of the box. The second order is in a bag. It will be hard to store and access these in my cabinet. I explained my concerns to the agent who just resented a replacement, and apparently didn't know that packaging wouldn't match the picture. When I ordered this, I was expecting more.

👤We wanted to find something more earth friendly and these are awesome, sturdy and I feel better about using disposable straws when needed. Big box lasts us awhile too, have ordered several times now.

👤These straws were so glad I found them. It is nice to be able to use straws and not feel guilty about throwing them away. They were delivered quickly and as advertised. I was worried that they would be flimsy and fall apart, but they actually look and hold up like plastic straws. Every penny spent on these straws is worth it... We will be back soon!

👤I have been ordering more for a long time. I feel better about using straws if I know they will break down and compost. I rely on straws a lot. You can bend them because they don't disintegrate in your drink. People who need bendable straws have an excellent solution.

👤The straws arrived as the picture shows, with the straws exposed to the paper shipping envelope. There was nothing to keep them sanitary. I don't know if they are alright straws, because they are getting returned.

👤The straws are amazing and saving the earth. There is a These are strong and come in handy. There is a So happy to have found these.

👤Great product! It is sturdy. holds up. There was no taste or smell. The only time I saw any changes was when I put it in hot coffee. The straw doesn't get wet. happy to find a sustainable product They are made from corn. It's cool.

👤The straws are decent quality. There is a I don't know how well they work because they took so long to get here, I was too old to suck anymore.

👤These are an alternative to plastic. The new alternatives that are fibre-based just go soggy. Well done on the product. Thanks!

👤Just as described. I find myself being sustainable.

6. Shawberri Biodegradable Recyclable Disposable Smoothies

Shawberri Biodegradable Recyclable Disposable Smoothies

They are USDA Certified Bio-based, ISO Certified and ASTM Certified. You can discard their straws, knowing that they are 100% non-biodegradable. 100% bio-degradable and PLANET FRIENDLY: Eclipse straws are 100% bidegradable, use 3X less energy, and produce 3X less green house gas emissions than the leading plastic straw competitor, creating a more sustainable future. Shawberri Eclipse straws are a safer alternative to plastic straws because they are formulated to be naturally bio-assimilate, leaving behind no microplastic waste in landfills or oceans. DURABLE: shawberri Eclipse straws are more durable than paper straws, which can break or get wet after a single use, and bendy flexible straws, which can break or get wet after a single use. There is a metal substitution. It is a better alternative to go green. It's perfect for coffee, juices, smoothie, water, tea, punch, or any of your other favorite drinks. Can be used at all major holidays and functions. All straws are made in the USA and are food grade. There are bulk purchase sizes available.

Brand: Shawberri

👤I live in a state that does not allow the use of plastic straws. If you want a soft drink or a milkshake, be prepared for the soggy paper straw or the need to use a germ. These straws were found by me. I like the idea that they are not made from fossil fuels. Win! A straw that doesn't turn into a mess, foster germs and is not horrible to the environment is a good choice.

👤The value is great. As advertised, the quality is great.

👤Finally, I found a straw that doesn't taste like cardboard.

👤There is no problem with the Straws. There is a It will be great if they are sustainable.

👤These straws are small. They aren't bendable. They have a nice demeanor to them. There is a The listing tries to show how much better these plastic straws are than other plastic straws. It is honestly. I don't know if there is such a thing as good plastic. I am not a scientist. I hope that the extra cost of these straws is worth it in the end. The current price is.035. Zero microplastics can be achieved with Smart Plastic's bio-assimilation process. The science behind ECLIPSE is irrefutable. I like the fact that these straws are made in the USA.

👤That's correct. The science is sound from what I can tell. Not much else to say about them, that already isn't in their listing or that another reviewer hasn't explained. I wish I didn't have to use straws, but my neck is frozen and I can't tilt my head back. Can you imagine what it would be like for a man to shave or drink? Silicone and metal straws haven't been cutting it. Update June 13th, 2021. There is a I counted these a few more times, and each time I came up with the same thing, 3 straws short, for a total of 447. It's not a big deal to me or many of you. I'm mentioning it because it could matter to someone. I don't think it's cool to do that to paying customers. That's the reason for taking a star away. Sorry. Shawberri...

👤The good: 100% non-toxic. The bad: 450 straws. The best part is that they fit our Coca-Cola straw dispensers. What more do you want? 5-stars!

7. Straws Preferred Eco Friendly Alternative Plastic

Straws Preferred Eco Friendly Alternative Plastic

200 bamboo straws are disposable and come with a paper packaging. They use materials that are completely eco friendly. Agave Stems are used to make their drinking straws. Compostable, 100% Natural, Organic, and Biodegradable. This product is an absolute substitute for plastic. Agave straws are made from organic material. Sea Turtles and Wildlife are protected by your choice. Sturdy in respect to Paper Straws, Durable and Not Soggy, Best for One-time use in Birthday/ Cocktail/ Housewarming Party, Gatherings, promotion and wedding. The best Straw in Florida was voted on. Natural Agave Fiber from the Stems.

Brand: Bamboorganic

👤We took them to Universal Orlando, where only paper straws are used. My kids disliked the straws. I pulled these out to prevent meltdowns. They did a great job. There is a texture to them that is odd but they hold up great.

👤I thought this would be a failure. I was wrong. They don't have any taste at all. They don't fall apart like paper straws, and they don't change the taste of your drink. They feel like plastic. I left one in a drink to see if it dissolved. It will buy again.

👤These straws are the best I've ever purchased. They are long-term, high-quality and have no aftertaste like paper straws. I will be ordering them again soon.

👤These are better than paper straws.

👤I hated using plastic straws. These are disposable and eco friendly. When I go out, just keep some in my car.

👤These straws are my favorite. I found out about them when I was in Mexico. The straws are blow away. They don't fall apart in your drink. I would like to find them sooner.

👤I wish more people knew about them.

8. DuraHome Plastic Straws Individually Wrapped

DuraHome Plastic Straws Individually Wrapped

It is easy to cut and wrapped individually. The boxes of plastic straws are individually wrapped in paper for maximum Sanitation. The paper sleeves are easy to remove. The straws are 8 inches long. The diameter is 6mm. The standard size is straight. It's ideal for drinking water, juice, milk, tea and soda. It's great for both hot and cold beverages. Restaurant style straws are perfect for diners, school cafeterias, bars, fast food take outs, food trucks, Catering, camps, community events, commercial and institutional use, parties, and everyday. Quality plastic materials are made of non toxic plastic. Food is safe with polypropylene. The pack is in two boxes. It's great for parties. You can put the box on the counter, bar or display near the drink station. You can use the extra straws in your bag.

Brand: Durahome

👤Disliked that they were smaller than restaurant straws. Not equal to those from McDonalds. The quality in restaurants is not the same as the length.

👤I love these straws. I take comfort in knowing that they will last a long time so that archeologists can dig it up and know that I enjoyed my sugar rich caffeine soda or a lucky seagull. The paper straws are wonderful and give a bright orange glow in the daily garbage burn.

👤I bought this item after I reviewed the rating. I didn't use it until last week. It is too short and narrow for me. We use the ones we normally use in restaurants.

👤I'm very happy with these for thin liquids. Each straw is individually wrapped in the 2 boxes they came in. Being uncontaminated is important to me.

👤These are good for hot coffee and tea. A lot of places are going to paper or compostable straws and they quickly become soggy dissolving in hot drinks and leaving a nasty taste. Some of the straws are rigid and won't fit in the hole of my cup, they are fragile, metal ones get hot, and I have glass straws which I use. I only use them when I get a coffee from Starbucks. You need to be careful not to bend them or you will get a break in the straw.

👤I was in a hurry but way

👤I needed coffee stirrers that were individually wrapped. They work well for that and for a straw.

👤The straws are perfect for home or on the go. Basic straws are very good and nothing to complain about. I keep some in stock because they are individually wrapped.

9. Sugarcane Biodegradable Eco Friendly Compostable Restaurant

Sugarcane Biodegradable Eco Friendly Compostable Restaurant

Natural Agave Fiber from the Stems. The straws are made from sugarcane fiber. Mixed drinks are used for weddings or food service. The Compostable Straws can hold up in a lot of beverages. The drinking straws are plastic free and have no metal in them. It's safe for you and the environment. The standard size of the straws is 8 inches in diameter. There is a pack of 100 pieces. The straw has a caramel scent. Sugarcane Straws have a temperature range from -20C to 70C. The straws are strong enough to handle hot and cold drinks. It will be sturdy again within 1 minute, even though it may turn soft in hot water. It won't get soggy, melt or become mush after a long time use. The sugarcane straws are great for a variety of occasions. Within 6 months, the plastic free drinking straws can be composted into water and carbon dioxide.

Brand: Shaumn

👤I don't like using plastic straws because they are not really eco-friendly. Paper straws are an ok option, but they tend to break as you use them. I don't like the metallic taste of metal straws when drinking. The Sugarcane Straws are a great alternative to the paper straws because they don't become soggy and have a metallic taste. These straws are eco-friendly, they are sturdy even after many hours in your drink, and they are not harmful to the environment. I like that these straws have some flexibility because I have a bad habit of chewing on straws and these haven't cracked from my chewing like the plastic ones always would. I highly recommend the straws.

👤I bought these straws because they won't get soggy like plastic ones. They seem to work well so far. They have a sweet smell but it doesn't affect the taste. These are wrapped in plastic. I assumed Amazon would be in a plastic bag, but I was hoping the companies would be paper. They are in a bag. I think they are better than paper or plastic straws, but I am disappointed by the plastic wrapping.

👤I used the straws in my morning tea to see if they were good for hot drinks. I measured the temperature of the tea and the straw after two straws collapsed in on themselves. The straws collapse and become useless at about 47C.

👤It may be a good or bad thing that these do not have a sweet taste to them. These straws are very durable and have no taste. I can use the same one as long as I want, and it won't fall apart like a paper straw. It breaks down more easily than plastic so I feel better using it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered these. They hold up well in cold drinks and not crazy hot drinks. I bought them for cold drinks. They are a million times better than paper straws and I feel less terrible using them than plastic straws. I haven't noticed any flavor. I'll buy them again.

👤This is a very good straw and I hope it is an all-sugarcane product. I don't usually buy paper straws but this is the best one I've ever used and it's not plastic. I drink my coffee with a straw, but it does tend to bend and lose its strength in hot drinks. It's the same as any other plastic straw in cold drinks. I plan to compost them. I'll see how that goes. I'll be buying them again!

👤These are perfect, they don't get wet. I will never use plastic straws again.

👤I thought these would have a mildly sweet flavor but the texture next to your lips is like cardboard or fine-grained sandpaper and I was wrong. Not happy, won't buy again.

10. Bio Agave Individually Biodegradable Standard

Bio Agave Individually Biodegradable Standard

These straws are perfect for daily drinking. You can use these straws for shakes, smoothies, iced coffee, juices and more with this 200-pack paper straws bulk assortment. The box has 2000 individually wrapped standard Biodegradable Straws and is handcrafted. Regular. It's bio-degradable. Agave Wrapped Straws are made from Agave and are 100% recycled. It is safe to use in hot and cold drinks. It's great for your drink if you don't get soggy in your drink and don't break your drink with normal use.

Brand: Bio Agave

👤When we receive the correct product it's great, but now I can't order these because I don't know if we'll get the correct product delivered.

👤The best straw you can ever get, makes you feel like finally somebody did this instead of world polluted plastic or paper, it looks little weird but we explain it to our customers and they love it.

👤They advertised that they were individually wrapped. They were not wrapped up.

👤The agave straws are made of agave fiber. There is a video on the internet showing how these are made, but not for pit straws. Those are good, but don't use the plastic and corn straws.

👤Fantastic product. The straws have a better texture than paper straws. If they get wet like paper straws, they don't colapse. There is a This is a great substitution for plastic straws.

👤I wanted to replace the plastic and paper with these. I use these straws for a lot of things. They work well. There is a They are wrapped individually so I can carry them in my bag. There is a I love my purchase.

👤The straws and effect are amazing.

👤Excellent quality. It was delivered before expected time.

11. World Brand Stronger Wrapped Straws

World Brand Stronger Wrapped Straws

5X STRONGER: Their jumbo drinking straws are wrapped in premium wrapped kraft and feel thick and sturdy. Eco-friendly and bio-friendly. Their straws are made to be eco-friendly. These straws are free from plastic, dyes, toxins, and odor making them a great ecological alternative to save their planet. There are wide applications. Their straws are easy to carry and are ideal to be used at restaurants, hotels, cafes, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding reception, bridal showers, housewarming parties, and picnics. The size is perfect. Their disposable drinking paper straws are standard sized which fit most types of cups and drinks. It's a great product to keep spills and stains out of your party. The customer satisfaction guarantee. World Brand is your Eco-Friendly Supply. If the product you received was damaged or not perfect, please contact them and they will offer you the best solution to ensure your satisfaction.

Brand: World Brand

👤I was shorted 18 straws, but I have no problem with the straws. I found 3 covers that did not have straw. I counted the straws in the box to see if I got 200. The box only had 182 straws.

👤These straws are hard to use. Fall apart easily and you will end up replacing a few drinks.

👤It is environmental friendly and stylish.


What is the best product for eco friendly straws individually wrapped?

Eco friendly straws individually wrapped products from Footprint. In this article about eco friendly straws individually wrapped you can see why people choose the product. Fit Meal Prep and The Best Moon are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly straws individually wrapped.

What are the best brands for eco friendly straws individually wrapped?

Footprint, Fit Meal Prep and The Best Moon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly straws individually wrapped. Find the detail in this article. Naturalik, Strawpanda and Shawberri are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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