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1. 200 Pack 100 Plant Based Compostable Straws

200 Pack 100 Plant Based Compostable Straws

A bottle of 100% naturally derived, skin-friendly soap for earth-friendly people is what you get. To be kind to your skin and Activated Silk technology to your hands. No pollution was created from Nature. The material is made of plant based material and complies with the standards. You can enjoy drinks on the sofa or bed without getting up or turning your neck with Eco Friendly Flexible PLA Straws. They are friendly to people with disabilities. They are a great alternative to plastic straws. The straws will not become soggy or break into pieces. Good for your health, no hazardous substances will be released due to overheating, and no ingredients will be blended into the drink due to oily substances contact. 200 bendy straws with the size of 8.25" are included. It's suitable for most beverages, containers and different occasions.

Brand: Plasticless

👤I compost. These aren't compostable. They have been in my composter for over a year and have no sign of decay. I had to pick through my compost to get rid of them. They won't decay at the dump. These are either plastic or something that will break down in 20 years. They are plastic straws, so everybody seems happy that they are sturdy. Don't fool yourself or ruin your compost, get some glass or metal straws instead.

👤I use a plastic straw but don't like the paper straws. These are amazing. They could be called "I can't believe it's not plastic."

👤I wouldn't be so upset if these straws were made in China a year ago. I looked at several products on Amazon and found two that weren't plastic and one that wasn't made in China. Six buyers noted the straws came from China in the reviews, so it was bad on me to forget. I shouldn't have to look at reviews to find out where the straws were made. Give us a break, Amazon, and include the country of origin in product descriptions.

👤A product that looks like a straw but doesn't draw the ire of people under the age of 60 is finally here. These straws do not need a bottle brush to clean them. Thank you!

👤This type of straw is not harmful to the environment. Before purchasing these straws, please read up on them. We thought we were doing something good for the environment. The straws are resistant to 150 degrees F, according to the box. You can't compost these straws. There are better options that are less harmful. We heated one in 200 degree water for over 5 minutes, took it out and put it in cold water, and were able to reuse it. Use it. It's better to use a brand of straws that are disposable. This seller is not the same as 4Ocean. If you think you are getting a 4Ocean endorsed product, it is not. I would send them back if I could.

👤It was described that there was no difference between regular plastic straws and regular plastic straws. My son likes to drink with straws so I decided to use an environmental alternative when I am done with them.

👤In the summer, we use a lot of straws. I wanted to try something different. These straws are what we needed. They are easy to drink from. I'll be a regular customer and won't use plastic again.

👤The straws are made of compost. I found non-plastic straws while doing what I can for the environment. They fit my purpose. I carry my straws in a side pocket of my purse when I buy drinks from Fast Food places. I always show them that I don't want their straws. There is a Thanks for creating them.

2. Stainless FDA Approved Reusable Drinking Food Grade

Stainless FDA Approved Reusable Drinking Food Grade

100% of steel. It is Silicone. The value set is plutonium material. The metal straws set includes 20 bent metal straws, 20 Silicone tips, 5 straw cleaning brushes, and a travel case. The drinking straws are made of 18/8 steel. The wall thickness of their straws is less than half a millimeter, making them look a little yellow. They are both strong and moderate weight. There are 20 food grade Sicilian tips. Their package includes 20 soft silicone tips that keep your lips from getting cold or hot, and protect your teeth and lips from chipping. There are 10 different colors for your family. Excellent quality and reliability. These straws and covers are made of top food grade silicone and smilanese, and are free of metal, lead, and BPA. They are scratch proof and dishwasher safe. Replacing hundreds or thousands of plastic straws can be done with one set ofstainless steel straws. It's for most turbans and wide application. You can use these straws to drink milk, coffee, ice tea, cocktail and other beverages with the help of these straws. You can clean your straws more easily with the special scrub brush and carry bag that comes with it. The drinking straws are easy to carry with your handbag.

Brand: Mutnitt

👤All items were listed in the description. The brushes seem to be a great size for the straws, even though some people say they are too small. I gave it a low rating because the package I received did not have any identifying labels on it, other than being made in China. I don't know if what I received is FDA approved as lead free or not.

👤I like these straws. Being paralyzed makes it so much easier for me to drink. Thank you for selling these straws. I got more straws for my money. Awesome!

👤We all know that plastic straws will end up in the ocean and damage our precious eco system, and especially those poor sea animals who end up getting them stuck on their bodies or inside their bodies. I am happy that companies are making more of these straws. I bought the straws for my son and the students I teach because I wanted them to use them. The softer tip makes it easier for people who can't handle a metal tip. You don't need the tip if you don't mind it. If the rubbery feel makes it feel weird, then you should use the straw, and if it doesn't feel weird, then you should clean it with the dishwasher. I assume that the material is very tough. I don't want to wash the tip in the dishwasher. I wash it by hand. The first time I washed it, it was fine because I don't normally use the straw with the tip. It depends on what you're drinking. It would be easy to clean if you were drinking clear liquid. If you're drinking a smoothie or chocolate milk, you need to get a deeper cleaning. It comes with a little brush so that could be useful.

👤We waited a while before writing a review. We haven't experienced any rust or anything after using them daily. I think my only complaint is that the silicone pieces don't fit perfectly over time, but I guess that's to be expected. I was really happy they came with me, because I didn't like the straws without them as much.

👤Everyone loves the 2 packages. Thank you!

👤I drink a lot of water. Got tired of throwing straw away. I bought these because they came with cleaner and Silicon tips. When I brought out the metal straw, people thought it was weird, but now they want to know if I can give them one. If you want to get re-usable straws for home or on the go, this is a great purchase.

👤I ordered the straws to include in the utensils I was making for the family for Christmas. There is a I wanted a safe alternative to plastic because it is easy to break. Most of my family use the chopsticks from another seller for several take-outs and purchased silverware at a local store, so I ordered cloth pouch for another seller. I popped in a fork, knife and spoon as well as a straw, with a tip of either that person's favorite color or one that matched the case and a pair of chopsticks. All were very pleased with their sets, they loved the metal straws with tip and silverware, which is much easier to use. The straws are tall and easy to fit in taller cups. There are others, such as Yeti, Ozark Trail, and others. There is a One niece was especially grateful as she has become germaphobic due to the times and the metal straw will not collapse like the paper straws her school uses. When I was a kid, I remembered those straws and mentioned how my fellow students were. I tried to deal with paper straws by only putting them in the box when you are ready to drink, if they get too soggy, pull them out and flip them upside down, or rip off the soggy piece and hope the straw can still be used. :P I told her that I usually just open the box and drink out of it. The fails of paper straws were saved.

3. Reusable BPA Free Colorful Printing Drinking

Reusable BPA Free Colorful Printing Drinking

A safe and suitable alternative to plastic straws is a family gift. They are hard to clean and break tore, so it is time to switch to metal straws. There are 30 assorted color and pattern straws, every straw has a rubber ring, and cleaning brushes are included. It is not possible to use food grade material in dishwasher and microwave. Long straws are good for 20 Oz, but there are other things you can use like hard plastic lid, milk bottles, old fashion drinking glasses and so on. It's great for milk, coffee, juice, tea,smoothies,cocktails. There is a wide application. The plastic straws are great for any event. You can reuse them at any party you throw, or you can let your guests take them home as party favors. The ring design prevents long drinking straws from falling into the large cup or being pulled out of the cup if your toddlers like to pull them out. Also include a dishwasher safe cleaning brush.

Brand: Janyun

👤I don't like the straws. I bought these because my 2 year old loves using straws and I don't want to throw away disposable straws. The straws are pretty boring to a 2 year old. I was expecting a lot of straws. Half of the straws were the same red and white striped pattern. Half of the straws had a lot of repeating patterns. There were some Christmas patterned straws in there as well. It was disappointing that the photos they use to advertise the product show a bright, colorful assortment. I was hoping for something more visually fun, but I suppose they will work the same.

👤These straws are strong. They fit in a yeti cup. The paint on the straws strips is very easy to remove, so I am dropping a star. I don't think it's safe to consume this paint, but they make great straws.

👤The straws are cute, but I like the fact that they are disposable. Plastic straws are thrown into the environment. There is a slight bend in the straw that I received. The straws are too wide to fit in the top of my Yeti knock-off, but they will still fit in. I don't think it's wide enough to be used for thick beverages like shakes or smoothies, but it should work for anything else. The pack of straws I received were good for group use. Keeping the straws clean is my biggest concern. I wanted to scrub them before using, but it was difficult to find a container large enough to cover them in soapy water. I decided to use a pitcher. The scrub brushes that are supplied with the straws are too short to reach through the entire straw and only go about 1/3 of the way through the length, leaving me with concerns about getting them really clean between uses. The set comes with 2 cleaning brushes, which is nice. I haven't had a chance to use the product yet to see if the patterns on the straws will wash off.

👤They are very bright and attractive. I received 30 just like I was supposed to, but I got an extra straw cleaner which was awesome. Some of the straws had a tight bend in them. I got no doubles, which was great. There is a One of the straws has a very heavy spring inside that looks very industrial, and that's my biggest complaint. I went through the pack before I split up with my parents.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find 30 bright, colorful pieces in my new straws. No two are the same. There is one with tiny hearts. I washed them in warm soapy water. I took precautions after reading some of the reviews because I was concerned about the prints being damaged by cleaning. I didn't have any problems. There is a The straws are long enough to be used for taller containers and bottles. I can't wait to have a picnic this weekend. I was very happy with my purchase.



The Biggest Set of Silicone Straws in the market will be included with the best price, and you will get 2 Cleaning Brushes. The Straws are regular in size. 10 inch long and an inner diameter of 0.2 inch. The Juju World Straws are perfect for kids and toddlers. These Straws will bring a big smile to your children's face and cause no harm. You can enjoy a Tasty and healthy drink or water with the Juju World Straw. They made these straws for drinks that were thicker. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. These Straws are 100% safe for your health, and they are made of 100% Silicone. Remember to wash them with dish soap and use the cleaning brushes before use. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: At Juju World, they value your satisfaction the most. If you are not happy with your purchase, please let them know and they will make it right. Their number one goal is to gain your SATISFACTION.

Brand: Juju World

👤The straws are not perfect. They are easy to clean. The twisting motion makes it easier to insert and remove the brush. I ordered these from another manufacturer and thought they were the same. This was not true. The straws have a sharper bend. The liquid doesn't flow through the straw properly because of the sharper bend. They still work. I wouldn't purchase this style again and will make sure any future purchases have a more gentle bend to allow for better flow.

👤These aren't pure Sicilian. They have plastic in them when pulled or bent. Completely disgusted by the deception. Will be back.

👤The straws arrived quickly. The bright colors and large size of the wall of straws made them look like they would work well for us. An important aspect of reuse the straws is the ability to clean them properly, and the two extra long cleaning brushes did not accompany the straws. I contacted Juju instead of Amazon. It was easy to contact them with the business card enclosed with the straws. I thought they could send me a couple of brushes to clean the straws. If we didn't have the brushes to properly clean the straws, I wouldn't keep them. There is a I heard from them before the sun set. The representative apologized for the mistake and said that I could keep the straws and that they would credit my account. I was asked to change the straws once I received credit back into my account. I received a new order with brushes included two days after I did that. The cost had dropped by a buck because I got credit for the initial order. I don't think I was fortunate. I believe that the experience of purchasing products from Juju is more important than the satisfaction of the customers. I feel guilty that I was able to keep the initial order. I was in touch with her to make sure that everything was going according to plan. They were great to deal with and I believe we will be very happy with the straws being made in a variety of colors and guests will be able to keep track of their drink by the color of the straw they began drinking with. It's perfect for a Super Bowl party.

👤It's great in open cups. My problem is that I drink from containers that are lidded. There is a I have a good chance of not spilling anything when I shake hands. The straws have larger holes than the plastic one, but I make them work. I had a small problem with their texture. We have to do everything we can to rid our planet of plastic. It's a start.

👤The straws have a nice feel to them, but they can't compete with ice in your glass. They can't maneuver past the ice to the bottom of the glass because they bend too easily.

👤I purchased this to carry on a trip to Disney World since Florida banned plastic straws and I found the paper straws at the park to be a bit soft after a few minutes. They can be put in a sandwich bag to keep them clean in the park bag. They bend and destroy their shape. I used mine for slushies. It worked well between them and was cleaned up recently by running hot water over and through them. They didn't add any strange tastes to what I was drinking.

5. Bio Agave Biodegradable Cocktail Friendly

Bio Agave Biodegradable Cocktail Friendly

There is a guarantee of success. If the product you received was damaged or not perfect, please contact them and they will offer you a solution. The box has 150 Cocktail Biodegradable Straws made from Agave Fibers and is. It's bio-degradable. Agave Wrapped Straws are made from Agave and are 100% recycled. It is safe to use in hot and cold drinks. It's great for your drink if you don't get soggy in your drink and don't break your drink with normal use.

Brand: Bio Agave

👤Throwing a green plastic product into a landfill is not the way to create and consume bio- and compostable plastic. Many people think it will break down eventually. But... It probably won't. These special plastics need air, water and sunlight to break down and unfortunately, landfills deprive them of these elements. It is up to you to make sure that the plastic ends up in a composting environment.

👤I bought these straws because I don't like the alternative paper straws. Excellent to have on hand.

👤I am not a green person but I am starting to like a few things that are earthly friendly and I gotta say I love these straws they are healthy for the world but also when you drink they don't bend with one sip

👤We were in Key West and I was enamored with these straws. Great product.

👤I have metal straws but they get hot when I drink hot tea. I love how they hold up in water and feel like plastic straws.

👤Short straws! I am bad for not reading because I didn't realize how short these straws are. I would have liked it as part of the label. Straws are great if you want them short.

👤They are long, but love the durability. A 16oz glass is too short.

👤These straws are different and a great way to help the environment. I like them. They are made of plants and can be dissolved into the earth in a helpful way. They have a neutral scent and draw nicely. I will buy again. Thank you for doing something good.

6. Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Drinking Disposable

Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Drinking Disposable

We want to build sustainable products. Their products maximize existing natural resources and minimize waste. As they enter the earth, they leave it. Their products come from regions that support farming. They want to support the community as much as they can. The straws are made from natural bamboo fiber and comply with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. If they re-enter the environment, they will biodegrade safely. WYMOON straws can hold up for 24 hours in drinks. They do not crack or peel while drinking, which is convenient for everyday use and all day long events. Bamboo fiber straws last in hot and cold beverages from -5F to 180F. They won't change the flavor of your drinks. It's suitable for hot coffee, juices, iced tea, and other beverages. Their straws are made with 100% natural plant fiber and are plastic-free, chemical-free, and safe. The bamboo straws are food contact grade approved and are safer for you, your family and the environment. 200 bamboo straws are disposable and come with a paper packaging. They use materials that are completely eco friendly.

Brand: Wymoon

👤We thought about the same after our city banned plastic straws. We don't use a lot of straws at home because we use cups or bottles with plastic or metal included or have a few metal straws. We have a box of straws in the cupboard for when disposable straws make sense. There is a We've tried a few different straws, but they tend to dry out, crack, and otherwise not last a drink experience. They will add something as they fall apart. There is a These don't seem to do that. They hold up when they're not drinking. They are able to handle the pressure needed for a thick smoothie. They don't snap when squeezed or bitten. If you have a straw-biter, they'll stay flat and flexible, but they aren't as flexible as some plastic straws. I've used them as stir-sticks and in crafts, and they hold up. They've been covered in yarn and glue. There is a They are a little more expensive than a disposable plastic straw, like 7 cents each. If you don't use them often, want to consider the environment, and are looking for a solid stand-in, these fit the bill. I think this box of 200 will last for a couple years at the rate we use disposable straws.

👤The bamboo straws seem to be a decent substitute for plastic straws. They are sturdy for at least 18 hours and don't bend easily. I probably won't try to wash them. They will probably absorb some liquids and soaps. These straws are very strong. I can imagine a person making it to the ocean intact and being eaten by sea life. Maybe they should be cut into smaller pieces before putting it in the trash. It's just a thought.

👤It's a great alternative to plastic straws. My family likes the first one.

👤There are four different styles of non plastic straws that we have ordered from Amazon. The strongest bamboo straws were from these Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Straws. They don't bend oddly and create small holes like other people did. We keep them in the fridge for an hour or two. The bamboo straw can hold that.

👤I was happy to find these bamboo straws after using paper straws for many years. I like that they are plain white.

👤Their intentions for helping reduce plastic use are commendable. My issue is too thin, end crushes quickly.

👤These straws are great for cold drinks. I needed to drink coffee through a straw because of my dental work. I ordered them and put them in a cup on my counter. They don't get soggy. I use the same straw for multiple cups.

👤I have used these straws. They don't break down after drinking. I've tried many different options. I am not bothered by the taste of paper and metal from other plastic alternatives, but these straws have no such issue and are great for drinking warm beverages. The item came in great condition and was packaged in a nice way. It is easier to take out the box from the side than it is from the top because the box opens on the side. Will be reordered in the future or as a gift.

7. Color Changing Reusable Straw Multicolor

Color Changing Reusable Straw Multicolor

Their Glass Drinking Straws can be used for many things. You can use a 10mm straw to drink. Cool colors. The color of the straw changes as the plastic reacts to liquid. Cold weather can affect the color change. Allow product to come to room temperature to allow for most efficient change. The straw can be reuse time and again. The straws are made in the USA. It is easy to clean. The color change straw is dishwasher safe and low maintenance. There are flood colors. Mood products that change color with temperature, cold liquids, or sunlight are the original home of them. The packing and size are important. There are 24 plastic straws in the package. The Straws are long and small.

Brand: Aakron

👤These aren't heavy duty at all. I throw them away all the time because they feel like regular straws. I am really disappointed because it is advertised as reuse. Bummed. Don't buy them.

👤I wish I'd read the reviews before buying them. My definition of "reusable" is completely different to the company's definition. High quality, hard plastic, metal, or glass are what I use for reuse. The quality of what I received was the same as what Mcdonald's sells. These are for you if that's what you're looking for. Don't buy these if you want a straw that won't fly around the inside of your dishwasher.

👤These straws are not made of plastic. They're not strong enough to be in a fast food drink. It's definitely not strong, hard plastic like you'd get with a Starbucks tumbler. Not what I was looking for.

👤I should have read the reviews because the first few started out with that statement. I am definitely sending back these, but I didn't open them and try them. I expected them to be heavy duty since they say they are dishwasher safe, but they are not. No thanks for the price. I was looking for something to do with my kids. This definitely isn't it, so I could get the 1000 crazy straws out of my drawer.

👤The yellow straw didn't change at all, half of them changed color. They are also not disposable. They are a tad thicker than a fountain drink straw. Very disappointed. The other colors were not as drastic as the pink/purple my daughter thought was cool.

👤The color change is brighter than I had expected. The straws aren't as strong as I had hoped. If you put one of them into a cup of soda, they will float up like flimsy straws because there isn't much weight to them. They feel like straws you'd get at a restaurant for a drink more than something intended to be recycled. The color changing makes me and my guests happy.

👤My son wanted to do root beer floats for his birthday treat, so we bought these to surprise his class. The kids and teacher loved it. We only used the extras for water and washing them wasn't easy so we threw them away after a couple days.

👤I got these and was disappointed. I wish I would have read the reviews before buying, as I was debating between buying these and another kind, and now I wish I would have gone with the other ones. They're just regular plastic straws and not worth much. Ignore the part of the listing that says they are not disposable. Unless you can wash and reuse regular disposable plastic straws, they're not.

👤The straws were damaged and sent in a torn open bag. One-time use is not a quality that can be used again. It's very disappointing but returning requires a shipping cost.

8. Phade Eco Friendly Sustainable Biodegradable Individually

Phade Eco Friendly Sustainable Biodegradable Individually

Customer service is performed by professional and caring employees. Webake tolerates zero quality issues and values customers' satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with its performance. phade has an eco-friendly straw that answers today's safety needs without the high cost. phade straws are home and industrial compostable. phade is a good choice for today and tomorrow. The straws are made in the USA with PHA, a new sustainable biopolymer. They are the first of their kind in the U.S. and answer the call for a product that performs like a straw should with greater environmental benefits. Each straw is wrapped to make sure it is safe to eat. Paper straws are less durable than phade straws. The Giant straw has a 0.284-inch outer diameter and comes in 10.25" and 8.5" lengths. There is a pack of 250, 300, or bulk cases of 1,200 or 2,000. phade Giant straws are the perfect size for tall drinks. In compliance with applicable laws in California, Washington and Maryland, phade products will be packaged as home and industrial compostable, but information provided about this item does not mean an offer to sell product labelled or packaged as marine biodegradable in California, Washington or Maryland.

Brand: Phade

👤I paid $19 for a box of 250 individually wrapped 10.25 inch straws from the company. There is a I paid a premium for the straws because of their claims of being bio-degradable. There is a The straws look and feel like regular plastic straws. They don't get wet like paper straws. These are for cold drinks. The straws are made from a product. I don't understand the science but it uses a more eco-friendly oil. I can only give it a neutral 3 star rating since there is no information about how long it takes to break down the straws, and the product claims to be marine bio-degradable. There is an update for 4-16-2021. Danimer Scientific makes Nodax PHA. The Wall St. Journal questioned the amount of time it takes to break down and compost the product. I did a dirty test of myself. I put a piece of straw in bottles. One was filled with NYC tap water, the other had sea salt and the tap water. There is a The sea salt would make it look like ocean water. I shook up the bottles. The straw in the bottle fell to the bottom. The straw in the bottle with sea salt sank to the bottom after floating for a few minutes. The water at the bottom is very cold. How will these straws ever be bio-degradable if they sink to the ocean? It's much harder to clean the bottom of the ocean than it is to clean the plastic floating on top of the ocean. Testing and information is needed. I have to reduce my rating until then.

👤They're great. They don't go all soggy like paper straws and feel like normal plastic straws. If you don't want to contribute to plastic waste, you should use these. I love nature and the ocean. I try to be aware of what I buy and use and stick to sustainable products. Nobody will carry metal or bamboo straws around in their pockets to save the environment, they're gonna use whatever's cheapest and easy to reach. We end up with straws in public. They absolutely suck. I hear the chemicals used to make them, but I'm not posing as an Internet scientist so don't take my word for it. These straws look and feel like the real thing, so I hope they become the next thing, and that I'll start seeing them at drive-throughs.

👤The straws are the same size as the Starbucks straw. The reason for my 4 star review is that they have a weird feel to them, not like a normal straw. If you are sensitive to the way things feel, it might bother you.

👤I don't like paper straws and they seem to be popping up more and more. The metal straws are hard to clean and don't fit in my purse, while the Silicone ones are just a pain. I wanted straws that I could throw in my car or purse whenever I wanted. These are perfect! They are wrapped individually to keep them sanitary. I like them.

9. Sugarcane Biodegradable Eco Friendly Compostable Restaurant

Sugarcane Biodegradable Eco Friendly Compostable Restaurant

Natural Agave Fiber from the Stems. The straws are made from sugarcane fiber. Mixed drinks are used for weddings or food service. The Compostable Straws can hold up in a lot of beverages. The drinking straws are plastic free and have no metal in them. It's safe for you and the environment. The standard size of the straws is 8 inches in diameter. There is a pack of 100 pieces. The straw has a caramel scent. Sugarcane Straws have a temperature range from -20C to 70C. The straws are strong enough to handle hot and cold drinks. It will be sturdy again within 1 minute, even though it may turn soft in hot water. It won't get soggy, melt or become mush after a long time use. The sugarcane straws are great for a variety of occasions. Within 6 months, the plastic free drinking straws can be composted into water and carbon dioxide.

Brand: Shaumn

👤I don't like using plastic straws because they are not really eco-friendly. Paper straws are an ok option, but they tend to break as you use them. I don't like the metallic taste of metal straws when drinking. The Sugarcane Straws are a great alternative to the paper straws because they don't become soggy and have a metallic taste. These straws are eco-friendly, they are sturdy even after many hours in your drink, and they are not harmful to the environment. I like that these straws have some flexibility because I have a bad habit of chewing on straws and these haven't cracked from my chewing like the plastic ones always would. I highly recommend the straws.

👤I bought these straws because they won't get soggy like plastic ones. They seem to work well so far. They have a sweet smell but it doesn't affect the taste. These are wrapped in plastic. I assumed Amazon would be in a plastic bag, but I was hoping the companies would be paper. They are in a bag. I think they are better than paper or plastic straws, but I am disappointed by the plastic wrapping.

👤I used the straws in my morning tea to see if they were good for hot drinks. I measured the temperature of the tea and the straw after two straws collapsed in on themselves. The straws collapse and become useless at about 47C.

👤It may be a good or bad thing that these do not have a sweet taste to them. These straws are very durable and have no taste. I can use the same one as long as I want, and it won't fall apart like a paper straw. It breaks down more easily than plastic so I feel better using it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered these. They hold up well in cold drinks and not crazy hot drinks. I bought them for cold drinks. They are a million times better than paper straws and I feel less terrible using them than plastic straws. I haven't noticed any flavor. I'll buy them again.

👤This is a very good straw and I hope it is an all-sugarcane product. I don't usually buy paper straws but this is the best one I've ever used and it's not plastic. I drink my coffee with a straw, but it does tend to bend and lose its strength in hot drinks. It's the same as any other plastic straw in cold drinks. I plan to compost them. I'll see how that goes. I'll be buying them again!

👤These are perfect, they don't get wet. I will never use plastic straws again.

👤I thought these would have a mildly sweet flavor but the texture next to your lips is like cardboard or fine-grained sandpaper and I was wrong. Not happy, won't buy again.

10. Silicone Straws Reusable No Rubber Collapsible

Silicone Straws Reusable No Rubber Collapsible

You can clean your straws more easily with the special scrub brush and carry bag that comes with it. The drinking straws are easy to carry with your handbag. Premium 9” Softy Straws are the #1 rated best Silicone Straws. Quality and safety for you and your family are ensured by a lab test. Free from lead, mercury, and PBBs. Children and adults are safe due to their non teeth chipping silicone construction. It's very soft to bite down on. Their straws don't get hot when you drink hot or cold. After each use, use their straw squeegee straw cleaning tool to clean your straws and liquids. The dishwasher is rated -40 to 500 degrees. The big size is 9 inches wide and 7 inches deep and has a 7mm inner and 9mm outer. It's perfect for drinking water from a smoothie. The gift idea is cute and vegan. It is compatible with most 20oz - 32oz tumblers.

Brand: Softy Straws

👤I was skeptical after reading a few reviews that said the product did not pass the "pinch" test. I really like these straws after I got a lot of information about the testing and safety of this product. The company says that the straws are still pure silicone and do not have any fillers. The ones I received were perfect for my 16 ounce Kleen Kanteen tumbler. I will probably purchase again. I did not get any discounts or products for my review, I am a real customer.

👤I love this product. I'm glad someone thought of it. I decided to buy all kinds of stuff that can replace what we are currently using because I watched a documentary about plastic and wanted to support the campaign. Small effort. I think 1 less plastic user should make a difference. There is an update. I was recently sent their updated straws and I can't tell you how much I love them, they come in different fun colors and the straw feels a lot thicker than the first one I ordered. The first straw design was used when my daughter was one. She learned how to drink from a straw and it's easier to drink green juice from it. My mom threw all the straws away when we moved in October, the only time she stopped using it. I was very happy when they asked if they could send me an updated straw. My daughter can use it for her drinks now, and this would be perfect for the silicone lid I got for her.

👤The straws are wide and good for smoothies. If you drink smoothies, the cleaning tool is very good. I bought these straws because I want to stop using plastic disposable straws, and the ones I got are hard on my teeth. I use these straws at home. I don't drink from straws in portable vessels. My husband, who is retired, washes the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, and he thought the straws and cleaning tool were amazing. He doesn't use straws, but he washes mine. I recommend these straws if you want to save your teeth. I am old-fashioned and the colors are modern, so they are not an issue.

👤I already own 3 plastic straws with Silicone tip, but they did not fit inside my travel mug, which was a big problem for me. I went looking for other types that could fill that gap. I found these straws. There is a I adore how flexible they are. The squeegee makes it easy to clean and it works on my straws as well. I got more value than I paid for. I think they're a good choice. I can slip them inside my travel tumbler and still use the straw, even though it's not as big as the one shown here. There is a I would buy these again if I ever need to replace them, but I don't think they're that durable.

👤These straws are wonderful. I drink a lot of lemon tea every morning and have been warned about the effects on my teeth. Since it heats up pretty quickly, I bought a straw made of a steel. I bought these straws again and I love them. I can drink hot beverages without melting my lips off, and I don't have to worry about getting coffee stains, because the straws don't kill off the funny looks I get for drinking out of a hot cup with a straw. There is a I can be that girl drinking red wine out of a straw to avoid tooth staining. You get more liquid with each sip because the straws are wider. They come with a cleaning wand that is easy to clean. Unless you're terrible at drinking out of straws, it's very easy. I drink my morning smoothies with these, and they work great for thicker drinks. I keep two at work and two at home, so I'm very pleased that these come in a pack of four. All the things to drink!

11. Bamboo Drinking Eco Friendly Sustainable Reusable

Bamboo Drinking Eco Friendly Sustainable Reusable

If there is an issue with their Silicone straws, you can contact them and they will solve your problem within 24 hours. They offer the best with the cheapest price. Reduction of waste by avoiding single-use plastic straws can be achieved through reuse, biodegrABLE, and compostABLE. You can use the 10 premium straws for months with Ibambo. When it is time to dispose of these straws, there is no guilt. Ibambo Natural Bamboo Cutlery sets pair well with these bamboo straws. The product is made from 100% natural bamboo material and has no harsh chemicals like plastic straws. Their straws are free of dyes, inks, and chemicals which are used in plastic straws. Don't hesitate to use their straws regardless of the temperature of your drink. While plastic straws melt in hot beverages, bamboo doesn't shrink, melt, or burn your lips. The taste of your drink will not be different with Ibambo. You don't get the taste of metal or wooden straws. bamboo doesn't bite your lips and is compostable. Their handmade bamboo straws are perfect for users with sensitive teeth. The bamboo drinking straws have a beautiful design. They have a natural beauty which you won't get from artificially colored plastics and cold looking metals. You can help the environment and the oceans.

Brand: Ibambo

👤It was great to receive the package. I have been waiting for my straws. I love the idea of using natural resources instead of plastic straws. The delivery was longer than I thought. However, seller and buyers! Quality control is not good. It is dangerous for consumers to use. I wish the biggest straw was good for drinking coffee. The inner side of the straw has very sharp splinters. I can't get them off. It will be dangerous if people use it. It could fall and cause a lot of trouble. Quality control is important to sellers and they should pay more attention to it. It is for your own good and reputation. You don't want to be involved in a medical lawsuit with a bad product. The small efforts you could make in the first place were overweight by the bad outcome.

👤If you leave one sitting in a drink for more than 15 minutes, it will take on a funky flavor. I really want to love them. The price is good. They are not like other ones I've had. I can't get past the taste because I wash them thoroughly after each use.

👤The BIKO straws are eco friendly. We love that a portion of the proceeds go toward saving the pandas, because we are saving the Earth by not using plastic. Can't wait for BIKO to have a variety of sizes.

👤I bought them to drink fruit and fraps. Can't do that. The bamboo thinks I can't suck anything up the straw. I will look at the opening in the store to see if I can find some. They are not usable for what I wanted. Adding the dimensions of the inside of the straw to the product description is something the maker might consider doing.

👤The product is unique. This is a product that even someone who isn't very concerned about the environment would enjoy. I don't use straws that often, but I can't stop using them since I bought them, I normally drink straight from the glass. Whenever a company asks where I got them from, I get a compliment. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the different material of the straw, but after a few uses it feels normal. As it should. Everyone should have bamboo straws.

👤I was sent a whole new box after the company contacted me, instead of just sending out the missing straws. I was impressed with their quick response. There is a These straws are great. I wouldn't recommend them for hot beverages. I know, straws shouldn't be used for hot beverages. The box clearly says 12 straws, yet there are only 10 in the box.

👤I don't like these straws. They absorb liquid if they sit in a cup for too long and you can't wash it off. They change in color. They will dry after I wash it. If it absorbs drinks over and over again, how clean is it? The inside of the straws are different in size. If they didn't vary, I wouldn't mind them because trying to fit a wire straw cleaner is hard and I have to use tools to pull it out. I don't like these straws very much. I have a big pack.


What is the best product for eco friendly straws reusable?

Eco friendly straws reusable products from Plasticless. In this article about eco friendly straws reusable you can see why people choose the product. Mutnitt and Janyun are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly straws reusable.

What are the best brands for eco friendly straws reusable?

Plasticless, Mutnitt and Janyun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly straws reusable. Find the detail in this article. Juju World, Bio Agave and Wymoon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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