Best Eco Friendly Straws Smoothies

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1. Bio Agave Biodegradable Standard Friendly

Bio Agave Biodegradable Standard Friendly

There is a guarantee of success. If the straws you received were damaged or not perfect, please contact them and they will offer you a solution. The box has 150 standard Biodegradable Straws made from Agave Fibers and is 8 inches long. It's bio-degradable. Agave Wrapped Straws are made from Agave and are 100% recycled. It is safe to use in hot and cold drinks. It's great for your drink if you don't get soggy in your drink and don't break your drink with normal use.

Brand: Bio Agave

👤These are perfect. I don't like paper straws because they get soggy and have a paper taste. It's really hard. These plastic ones don't get soggy for a long time, and they don't have any taste. The best in the market so far. The one review says that it isn't biodeficiency because of acid, and that if GLASS is biodeficiency, it should be. The straws don't have to be dissolved in acid. Do you know that alcohol erodes plastic? There are different types of chemical reactions in life.

👤This seems to be a common problem when these arrive and read other reviews. They're not even bio-degradable. They look like plastic, but with a brown translucent look and specks of dark brown which isn't a good look for something you put in your mouth. I'm going to try coconut straws, everything I've read is promising. If they don't work, I'll have to edit them out, but otherwise they're the way to go. If you haven't tried metal straws, definitely. I've been using those for a long time but need another option for portable use or if the straws are in the dishwasher. Coconut and metal straws might be the way to go.

👤I bought these for a party and loved them. I have tried many alternative straws. The metal ones are not sanitary. I have tried plastic straws, but this is the best alternative. The straw does not get wet and it feels very close to a regular straw. Will purchase again.

👤The box they use needs to be improved. The straws fell from the bottom onto the floor after being removed from the package. The reason the replacement opened was the same.

👤These are the perfect replacement for plastic straws, without sacrificing the qualities people like in plastic straws. Paper straws break down in your glass/cup after a week. They are not plastic. There is a I only say that these are stronger than plastic because my fiancĂ©e still likes to chew plastic over these. We will have to address that habit later.

👤My wife and I ate at a taco place that used straws. We wanted to replace plastic straws at home. The waitress told us what kind of straws they were. When we got home, we had them waiting on us. The mouth feels great, the taste is good, and the look is good.

👤Great product. The box came open as I was removing it from the package. When opening, be careful.

👤Throwing a green plastic product into a landfill is not the way to create and consume bio- and compostable plastic. Many people think it will break down eventually. But... It probably won't. These special plastics need air, water and sunlight to break down and unfortunately, landfills deprive them of these elements. It is up to you to make sure that the plastic ends up in a composting environment.

2. Phade Eco Friendly Sustainable Biodegradable Individually

Phade Eco Friendly Sustainable Biodegradable Individually

Customer service is performed by professional and caring employees. Webake tolerates zero quality issues and values customers' satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with its performance. phade has an eco-friendly straw that answers today's safety needs without the high cost. phade straws are home and industrial compostable. phade is a good choice for today and tomorrow. The straws are made in the USA with PHA, a new sustainable biopolymer. They are the first of their kind in the U.S. and answer the call for a product that performs like a straw should with greater environmental benefits. Each straw is wrapped to make sure it is safe to eat. Paper straws are less durable than phade straws. The Giant straw has a 0.284-inch outer diameter and comes in 10.25" and 8.5" lengths. There is a pack of 250, 300, or bulk cases of 1,200 or 2,000. phade Giant straws are the perfect size for tall drinks. In compliance with applicable laws in California, Washington and Maryland, phade products will be packaged as home and industrial compostable, but information provided about this item does not mean an offer to sell product labelled or packaged as marine biodegradable in California, Washington or Maryland.

Brand: Phade

👤I paid $19 for a box of 250 individually wrapped 10.25 inch straws from the company. There is a I paid a premium for the straws because of their claims of being bio-degradable. There is a The straws look and feel like regular plastic straws. They don't get wet like paper straws. These are for cold drinks. The straws are made from a product. I don't understand the science but it uses a more eco-friendly oil. I can only give it a neutral 3 star rating since there is no information about how long it takes to break down the straws, and the product claims to be marine bio-degradable. There is an update for 4-16-2021. Danimer Scientific makes Nodax PHA. The Wall St. Journal questioned the amount of time it takes to break down and compost the product. I did a dirty test of myself. I put a piece of straw in bottles. One was filled with NYC tap water, the other had sea salt and the tap water. There is a The sea salt would make it look like ocean water. I shook up the bottles. The straw in the bottle fell to the bottom. The straw in the bottle with sea salt sank to the bottom after floating for a few minutes. The water at the bottom is very cold. How will these straws ever be bio-degradable if they sink to the ocean? It's much harder to clean the bottom of the ocean than it is to clean the plastic floating on top of the ocean. Testing and information is needed. I have to reduce my rating until then.

👤They're great. They don't go all soggy like paper straws and feel like normal plastic straws. If you don't want to contribute to plastic waste, you should use these. I love nature and the ocean. I try to be aware of what I buy and use and stick to sustainable products. Nobody will carry metal or bamboo straws around in their pockets to save the environment, they're gonna use whatever's cheapest and easy to reach. We end up with straws in public. They absolutely suck. I hear the chemicals used to make them, but I'm not posing as an Internet scientist so don't take my word for it. These straws look and feel like the real thing, so I hope they become the next thing, and that I'll start seeing them at drive-throughs.

👤The straws are the same size as the Starbucks straw. The reason for my 4 star review is that they have a weird feel to them, not like a normal straw. If you are sensitive to the way things feel, it might bother you.

👤I don't like paper straws and they seem to be popping up more and more. The metal straws are hard to clean and don't fit in my purse, while the Silicone ones are just a pain. I wanted straws that I could throw in my car or purse whenever I wanted. These are perfect! They are wrapped individually to keep them sanitary. I like them.

3. Biodegradable Eco Friendly Unwrapped Straws 100ct

Biodegradable Eco Friendly Unwrapped Straws 100ct

The tumbles are made of steel and are lightweight. Silicone sleeves with strip design make it easy to hold and protect your hands from hot or cold beverages, and can help to identify which cups is yours. 100 Unwrapped straws per pack is a great value. Their straws are made from 100% biodegrABLE and are an ideal alternative to paper or plastic straws. Their straws are not plastic and feel like plastic. The straws are made of vegetable fibers. They do not use plastic or color coating. Non-toxic materials are used to make them. The non-smoggy and long-lasting works with hot and cold beverages. 32 F / 0 C. 302 F / 150 C. It will not get wet in your drink. Since they are flavorless, they won't affect your drink's taste, and you only need one straw per drink. They are USDA Certified Bio-based, ISO Certified and ASTM Certified. You can discard their straws, knowing that they are 100% non-biodegradable.

Brand: The Veggie Straws

👤I heard about them from a channel on the internet. I stopped using plastic straws because I didn't want to use metal or paper. These were a good option. I left them in the fridge overnight and there was no change to their flexibility or durability. I'm happy with these, they're a good option.

👤These straws are the best I have ever tried. I used them in both cold and hot drinks, and never had them get soggy or melt. They don't overflow soda, unlike paper straws. The reason I think it's the best is because there is no taste of the drink in it. I thought my taste buds were just sharpening when I first used this. When I tried to use some leftover straws from another brand, I realized it was the straw that affected the taste. This one is not at all. I think it will be my go-to straw now. I deducted a star because of 1. It would be cheaper to use regular straws, so that the transition could be more sustainable and affordable for many. I'm not sure if this was well packed. I opened the carton box to find some straws touching the Amazon packing envelope, because it was torn open during transit and the plastic inside was weak, but they were able to make sturdy straws. I suggest to package the straws so they don't open up during transit, because most people don't wash disposable straws before using them. I had to wash mine before storing them.

👤The straws are strong and sturdy, just as many other reviewers said. Very impressed! They are used for mixing meal replacement powder with water. Works well! Straws can hold up with warm liquids. Really pleased! There is a If the company doesn't already offer a bendable/flexible version of this straw material, I'd enjoy it. Making a bendable version of the straw a little narrower and shorter would be ideal. There is a The company made these sraws available to us.

👤These straws are made of plastic. I don't like paper straws. I ordered them for a party and everyone loved them. We used them all night and never had them leave our drinks. I will buy these whenever I need them. They don't have a weird taste or texture, they are smooth and slick, and don't give you the feeling that you're going to eat paper like you're going to get a paper cut on your lips.

👤They have the same feel as a plastic straw and do not get soggy at all.

👤These straws are great. I was looking for an alternative to plastic straws. I bought these. They work well and don't get gummy.

👤Can stop the use of straw. This isn't like paper straw. It was left in a half finished drink for 3 days. There is no flavor and it feels like a straw.

👤Comes in a plastic bag. If you're trying to reduce the amount of plastic, what's the point?

4. 200 Pack 100 Plant Based Compostable Straws

200 Pack 100 Plant Based Compostable Straws

A bottle of 100% naturally derived, skin-friendly soap for earth-friendly people is what you get. To be kind to your skin and Activated Silk technology to your hands. No pollution was created from Nature. The material is made of plant based material and complies with the standards. You can enjoy drinks on the sofa or bed without getting up or turning your neck with Eco Friendly Flexible PLA Straws. They are friendly to people with disabilities. They are a great alternative to plastic straws. The straws will not become soggy or break into pieces. Good for your health, no hazardous substances will be released due to overheating, and no ingredients will be blended into the drink due to oily substances contact. 200 bendy straws with the size of 8.25" are included. It's suitable for most beverages, containers and different occasions.

Brand: Plasticless

👤I compost. These aren't compostable. They have been in my composter for over a year and have no sign of decay. I had to pick through my compost to get rid of them. They won't decay at the dump. These are either plastic or something that will break down in 20 years. They are plastic straws, so everybody seems happy that they are sturdy. Don't fool yourself or ruin your compost, get some glass or metal straws instead.

👤I use a plastic straw but don't like the paper straws. These are amazing. They could be called "I can't believe it's not plastic."

👤I wouldn't be so upset if these straws were made in China a year ago. I looked at several products on Amazon and found two that weren't plastic and one that wasn't made in China. Six buyers noted the straws came from China in the reviews, so it was bad on me to forget. I shouldn't have to look at reviews to find out where the straws were made. Give us a break, Amazon, and include the country of origin in product descriptions.

👤A product that looks like a straw but doesn't draw the ire of people under the age of 60 is finally here. These straws do not need a bottle brush to clean them. Thank you!

👤This type of straw is not harmful to the environment. Before purchasing these straws, please read up on them. We thought we were doing something good for the environment. The straws are resistant to 150 degrees F, according to the box. You can't compost these straws. There are better options that are less harmful. We heated one in 200 degree water for over 5 minutes, took it out and put it in cold water, and were able to reuse it. Use it. It's better to use a brand of straws that are disposable. This seller is not the same as 4Ocean. If you think you are getting a 4Ocean endorsed product, it is not. I would send them back if I could.

👤It was described that there was no difference between regular plastic straws and regular plastic straws. My son likes to drink with straws so I decided to use an environmental alternative when I am done with them.

👤In the summer, we use a lot of straws. I wanted to try something different. These straws are what we needed. They are easy to drink from. I'll be a regular customer and won't use plastic again.

👤The straws are made of compost. I found non-plastic straws while doing what I can for the environment. They fit my purpose. I carry my straws in a side pocket of my purse when I buy drinks from Fast Food places. I always show them that I don't want their straws. There is a Thanks for creating them.

5. SmoothieSips Reusable Cleaning Smoothies Beverages

SmoothieSips Reusable Cleaning Smoothies Beverages

The plastic cup straw replacement was made with high quality acrylic. It will be a staple in your kitchen for a long time. The travel tube has 2 large hotsips SmoothieSips. HotSips is a soft and durable FDA grade material. It was designed to fit tall tumblers. Minimize staining of teeth, prevent drips and dribbles, and help prevent distracted driving.

Brand: Brilli Baby

👤They work well. Either hot or cold. No bend like regular straws. When I put powder in my water, I use it to stir. Mother used it for coffee when she was recovering from an episode of dizziness. It is easy to clean. I just pour a small amount of liquid down the straw to get it inside and outside. Just rinse both ends and inside. There was no smell or taste. There is no more plastic straws. I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher. I wouldn't feel safe if they were clean. They are very light and could fall out of the silverware basket.

👤I use these all day for drinks. It takes less effort to suck the fluid through the straw and I can feel the difference. I will never go back to traditional round straws after using these. My tea tastes great and I don't have to worry about burnt lips. Will buy again.

👤I bought these to use with my new drink. Love them so far. They seem to clean easily with a thorough rinse and I haven't noticed any issues with flavor. I would like to get in there better every few days. I will see how it progresses. It doesn't heat up on my lips and I use it for coffee. It's not possible to drink from the mouth of the cup. My mom is usually having cold drinks with ice and no complaints from her, so I gave her one. I would like to have at least one other case. I don't carry all of them with me, so I would like to take a second for restaurants and drinks on the go. I don't want the straw in my bag to rub against everything.

👤I had bonding done on my front teeth and drink coffee every morning and the straw keeps the coffee out of my mouth which has kept my white smile fresh and white. The straw keeps your lips cool. I hope this helps.

👤I received the red with blue stripe but not the black and green I ordered. It was not enough of a big deal to go through a return. My husband likes them and uses them. The dentist recommended to prevent coffee and tea stains.

👤I use these with my hydroflask. The lid has a small slit for drinking. The straw lid made by Hydroflask was awkward and cumbersome. I was hoping that a straw would work with my lid. The straw is the perfect height to use with the hydroflask lid. It doesn't pick up any residual flavors like some other straws. Highly recommended.

👤Great! These are a good shape to fit through the opening on many different types of lids. I bought these because they are made in the US and I want to go to Disney World with them. I love these! We use them at home and they worked well on our trip.

👤When I am out, the two long straws and two shorter straws fit my regular cups. They don't give off any odors or tastes. They should come with a straw brush that fits their unique shape, because it takes my regular straw brush several passes to get both sides of the straw. When we have smoothies, it is not an issue. I will purchase more in the future if the product is not great.

6. Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Drinking Disposable

Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Drinking Disposable

We want to build sustainable products. Their products maximize existing natural resources and minimize waste. As they enter the earth, they leave it. Their products come from regions that support farming. They want to support the community as much as they can. The straws are made from natural bamboo fiber and comply with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. If they re-enter the environment, they will biodegrade safely. WYMOON straws can hold up for 24 hours in drinks. They do not crack or peel while drinking, which is convenient for everyday use and all day long events. Bamboo fiber straws last in hot and cold beverages from -5F to 180F. They won't change the flavor of your drinks. It's suitable for hot coffee, juices, iced tea, and other beverages. Their straws are made with 100% natural plant fiber and are plastic-free, chemical-free, and safe. The bamboo straws are food contact grade approved and are safer for you, your family and the environment. 200 bamboo straws are disposable and come with a paper packaging. They use materials that are completely eco friendly.

Brand: Wymoon

👤We thought about the same after our city banned plastic straws. We don't use a lot of straws at home because we use cups or bottles with plastic or metal included or have a few metal straws. We have a box of straws in the cupboard for when disposable straws make sense. There is a We've tried a few different straws, but they tend to dry out, crack, and otherwise not last a drink experience. They will add something as they fall apart. There is a These don't seem to do that. They hold up when they're not drinking. They are able to handle the pressure needed for a thick smoothie. They don't snap when squeezed or bitten. If you have a straw-biter, they'll stay flat and flexible, but they aren't as flexible as some plastic straws. I've used them as stir-sticks and in crafts, and they hold up. They've been covered in yarn and glue. There is a They are a little more expensive than a disposable plastic straw, like 7 cents each. If you don't use them often, want to consider the environment, and are looking for a solid stand-in, these fit the bill. I think this box of 200 will last for a couple years at the rate we use disposable straws.

👤The bamboo straws seem to be a decent substitute for plastic straws. They are sturdy for at least 18 hours and don't bend easily. I probably won't try to wash them. They will probably absorb some liquids and soaps. These straws are very strong. I can imagine a person making it to the ocean intact and being eaten by sea life. Maybe they should be cut into smaller pieces before putting it in the trash. It's just a thought.

👤It's a great alternative to plastic straws. My family likes the first one.

👤There are four different styles of non plastic straws that we have ordered from Amazon. The strongest bamboo straws were from these Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Straws. They don't bend oddly and create small holes like other people did. We keep them in the fridge for an hour or two. The bamboo straw can hold that.

👤I was happy to find these bamboo straws after using paper straws for many years. I like that they are plain white.

👤Their intentions for helping reduce plastic use are commendable. My issue is too thin, end crushes quickly.

👤These straws are great for cold drinks. I needed to drink coffee through a straw because of my dental work. I ordered them and put them in a cup on my counter. They don't get soggy. I use the same straw for multiple cups.

👤I have used these straws. They don't break down after drinking. I've tried many different options. I am not bothered by the taste of paper and metal from other plastic alternatives, but these straws have no such issue and are great for drinking warm beverages. The item came in great condition and was packaged in a nice way. It is easier to take out the box from the side than it is from the top because the box opens on the side. Will be reordered in the future or as a gift.

7. Compostable Smoothie Drinking Plant Based Alternative

Compostable Smoothie Drinking Plant Based Alternative

ALINK provide 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE, not completely satisfied simply, contact them and they will solve it for you. Compostable and plastic free straws are made from a plant-based material. The straws are WRAPPED in bags made of PLA. It's ideal for areas that have been banned from using plastic. Plastic straws are as good as paper straws. Quality doesn't have to be sacrificed to be eco-friendly. The straws won't get soggy even in hot water. They look and function like disposable straws. Save the thighs by changing your Carbon Footprint. 100 bulk pack neon straws, 25 counts each color, 4 different colors wide straws: Green, Yellow, Rose red, Blue. Colored straws are perfect for all occasions. The straws are made from compost and are specially designed to fit thick beverages like smoothi, shake, slushie. The guidelines are from the ASTM 6400. The European food- grade standard. Customer service is performed by professional and caring employees. Webake tolerates zero quality issues and values customers' satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with its performance.

Brand: Webake

👤I was happy to find these large straws at a great price. I use them for weeks before I replace them. These straws are perfect for drinking Dr. Pepper out of a large plastic cup, like the kind you'd get as a hospital patient. You won't be disappointed.

👤The straws do not hold up very well. Every morning we drink a smoothie and go through 2 or 3 straws to finish it. We won't buy this brand again because we don't know if this batches had holes or if they just broke that easily.

👤Maybe for sipping water or a craft or other random use, but don't do it with a Smoothie straw. Weak and folded. Not happy with all the straws.

👤The straw is eco friendly. The width is great for smoothies. Must drink fast. When drinking through the straw after a short period of use, it breaks down quickly.

👤I need to use straws, and I have had luck with other straws that I have gotten from Amazon, but they won't last more than an hour or two. I usually stick a straw in my beverage and drink throughout the day, but I have noticed that most of the time these straws will bend and squeeze shut after a few hours.

👤Sturdy straws, great price. Have purchased many times.

👤These straws are not good. If you suck very hard, or after sitting in a drink for awhile, or even touching ice, they will split. They are terrible straws.

👤It feels like a normal plastic straw and will buy again.

8. Footprint Cocktail Paper Straws Biodegradable

Footprint Cocktail Paper Straws Biodegradable

After-sale service. If you have a delivery problem, please contact them. They are dedicated to providing you with the best service. Finally. Paper straws work! PERFORMANCE Footprint straws are known for their superior performance. It's biodeGRADABLE / COMPOSTABLE / MARINE. It's deGRADABLE. Unlike plastic straws, their straws pass biodegradability testing standards.

Brand: Footprint

👤I love these for my dipped treats. It's nice to see the sticks. The color is not dull and they are sturdy.

👤The quality and value are great. I found the best straws on Amazon.

👤The mason bee tubes that came with the enclosure are the same length as these. Can be used for either now.

👤I like these straws. I have purchased straws in the past that were not as strong. It's the perfect size for short glasses.

👤The straws are perfect for my drink.

👤I loved these. If you would like them smaller, they are easy to cut. They were sturdy and cheap.

9. Sugarcane Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Restaurant

Sugarcane Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Restaurant

The customer satisfaction guarantee. World Brand is your Eco-Friendly Supply. If the product you received was damaged or not perfect, please contact them and they will offer you the best solution to ensure your satisfaction. The straws are made from sugarcane fiber. Mixed drinks are used for weddings or food service. The straws can hold up in many beverages. The Eco friendly drinking straws are plastic free and have no metal included. It's safe for you and the environment. The length of the drinking straws is 8 inches. There is a pack of 200 pieces. The diposable straw has a caramel scent. Sugarcane Straws have a temperature range from -20C to 70C. straws are sturdy for both hot drinks and cold drinks, it won't get soggy, melt or disintegrate, after long time use. The sugarcane straws are great for a variety of occasions. Within 6 months, the plastic free drinking straws can be composted into water and carbon dioxide.

Brand: Shaumn

👤A replacement for plastic straws. Made from sugar cane fiber, tasteless and sturdy. It feels like a plastic straw.

👤These straws are strong. I didn't notice any difference between paper and metal straws.

👤Saving sea turtles one straw at a time.

👤Good product! It's sustainable and environmentally friendly. These don't get soggy like paper straws. It's perfect for one time use.

👤It said that the sugarcane is not plastic. The reviews say that the taste is good.

👤Sturdy straw when stirring in sugar and coffee.

👤The straws are perfect for kids. They allow you to use and think about the environment. When done break down, they are durable but easy to break down. The straws are perfect for kids.

👤I was surprised by the straws. I have been using paper ones with the forever problem of getting soggy in a short time, these ones are not a challenge for it. Love them.

👤An upgrade over paper. It lasts very long in the drink.

10. Biodegradable Smoothie Straws Eco Friendly Compostable

Biodegradable Smoothie Straws Eco Friendly Compostable

Glad Paper Straws are animal friendly and are EARTH FRIENDLY. The straws are made from natural bamboo fiber and comply with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. If they re-enter the environment, they will biodegrade safely. WYMOON straws can hold up for 24 hours in drinks. They do not crack or peel while drinking, which is convenient for everyday use and all day long events. Jumbo Straws are 9 inches long and 0.47 inches in diameter, with 100 bamboo straws disposable. It's great for smoothies, boba, bubble tea, shakes, and slushie. Bamboo fiber straws last in hot and cold beverages from -5F to 180F. They won't change the flavor of your drinks. Their straws are made with 100% natural plant fiber and are plastic-free, chemical-free, and safe. The bamboo straws are food contact grade approved and are safer for you, your family and the environment.

Brand: Wymoon

👤The quality is better than paper straws. The straws work very well, and I love the texture of them. Even in hot drinks, these straws don't turn soggy. I drink from the straw with no weird smell or taste. Definitely a good purchase.

👤I replaced plastic straws for supports in a 3 tiered wedding cake with these. It was easy to cut to the exact height I needed for each layer and I was able to hold up in the ride to the location where the cake was subjected to lots of bumpy roads. I found a non-plastic option for cake stacking.

👤What a miracle product! These things replace plastic straws and they are better for your taste. It's like the old plastic types combine with other materials and get junky. Plastic straws are not good for the environment. These bamboo straws save the day. These are a great product and have a good feel to them. It was very SATISFIED. Thank you very much.

👤The straws are better than paper straws. The straw is still intact even after I have finished my drink. Helping the environment without sacrificing quality is gratifying.

👤The size for boba tea is very high.

👤Do the job! Big enough for a smoothie. It's form doesn't degrade right away, unlike paper straws.

👤There was weird powder on them. Before every use, rinse. Other than that straws.

11. 200 Pack Plant Based Wrapped Compostable Straws

200 Pack Plant Based Wrapped Compostable Straws

No pollution was created from Nature. The plant material was made in accordance with the standards of OK COMPOST. You can enjoy drinks on the sofa or bed without getting up or turning your neck with flexible PLA straws. They are friendly to people with disabilities. They are a great alternative to plastic straws. The straws will not become soggy or break into pieces. Good for your health, no hazardous substances will be released due to overheating, and no ingredients will be blended into the drink due to oily substances contact. 200 bendy straws with the size of 8.25" are included. It's suitable for most beverages, containers and different occasions.

Brand: Plasticless

👤We are strong environmentalists. We believe in preserving the environment. We only use disposables. I was surprised to see a replica of plastic straws for so little. We bought this straw to see if it is plasticless. It is not. It is made of plastic and corn starch. You can smell plastic and see it burn if you burn it yourself. This is the epitome of false advertising. This straw is not eco-friendly. A company is selling a plastic straw in hopes of catching a market. There is a This is not an eco-friendly straw. The straw is made of plastic. You can look at the straw. It will smell like plastic and melt like plastic. It is plastic. This product is not real. The straws are eco-friendly. We can show you the lab results of the product and show you that it is almost entirely made of plastic. This item is not eco-friendly. There is a You are lying about your product information. You are not selling straws made of plastic. I want you to change your product listing. There is a As a human. As a person trying to save the environment, change your information.

👤These straws are made of plastic. They are not individually wrapped. Not convinced anything on the label is true, so these straws are potentially not even from modified corn starch, so they might not be bio-degradable, and if recycled, usual precautions needed to avoid causing issues in for recyclers. It will be returned after a request for a refund.

👤These do not get soggy in fluids like paper straws. I will buy them again. There is a Thank you, Amazon.

👤These are not straws. I think they can hold up coffee or hot chocolate for a couple of hours. I feel like disposable kitchen waste should be thrown away. One had to sacrifice quality and cost in order to go compostable. Not anymore. Nonbiodegradable utensils, plates, napkins, straws, cups, or bowls should not be used in food service. There is a The bendability of the straw is a nice touch. It is definitely worth the money.

👤I have recently invested in braces. My teeth are very sensitive and my dentist recommended I use a straw to avoid pain. My daughter and I are huge supporters of saving the planet. These straws are perfect. They look like a regular straw. I am pain free, guilt free, and save our planet at the same time.

👤We use this for a 1.5 year old kid who loves using straws. We cut down the length of the baby cups, but that works and there is no problem. I don't know if that is eviro friendly because I don't have a lab to test it on. It is good so far.

👤The family uses straws. We are 888-349-8884 We have always had a problem with straws. I didn't like the idea of a reuse straw. These straws are very eco friendly. I hope they are as clean as they say they are. The bendy straws are always a hit. It's a little expensive up front. The end result is what you pay for. That is worth every penny.


What is the best product for eco friendly straws smoothies?

Eco friendly straws smoothies products from Bio Agave. In this article about eco friendly straws smoothies you can see why people choose the product. Phade and The Veggie Straws are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly straws smoothies.

What are the best brands for eco friendly straws smoothies?

Bio Agave, Phade and The Veggie Straws are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly straws smoothies. Find the detail in this article. Plasticless, Brilli Baby and Wymoon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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