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1. Coral Safe Sunscreen All Natural Biodegradable

Coral Safe Sunscreen All Natural Biodegradable

EXPERT SUN PROTECTION. This broad-spectrum sunscreen is enriched with Zinc Oxide. It is made with the skin-loving oils of aloe Vera and keeps your skin hydrated and soft. Great for all skin types. The stick glides onto your skin gently to make it easy to apply and keep it away from your hands. It keeps germs away from your face and hands. Their SPF 50 sunscreen is micro-tested and is reef-safe. They don't test on animals, so you can rest assured that this sunscreen is 100% cruelty-free. They are committed to bringing you the highest quality, safest, and purest products. Coral Safe has a high quality sunscreen. They are committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Coral Safe

👤I was looking for a reef safe sunblock stick for a trip that I am going on. I bought it before the event. Why? The product is very small. The tube is about the length of my middle finger and only has a small amount of product in it. It was easy to spread and was white in colour. I was going to take this with me on vacation, but it looks like I will have to find something else. It was reef safe and there wasn't a scent to it, but that's what I liked about it. I will be returning the product because I am very disappointed with the amount of money I spent. Buyers beware, this is a waste of money.

👤I had to write a review for this product. I am always on the go and looking for a sunscreen that is small enough to fit in my packet and safe for the whole family. Well, found it! I like the fact that it is clear. A little goes a long way. Definitely recommend it.

👤This doesn't bother my skin at all. It doesn't make me look pastey. The stick format is great for keeping my skin clean and bringing my sun protection on the go because I have sensitive skin. It's eco-friendly. It's a good thing. Highly recommended.

👤I have a sunblock that will fit in my pocket and it is next to my wallet, so I don't forget my sunscreen. I will keep one in my camera bag and one in the glove box of each car. It works great and I love the convenient size that is reef safe. I'm moving to Arizona and will need a lot of this.

👤This is something you use to remove small spots on your face. Maybe ears and neck. It works well, but it leaves a little of a white look. It is easy to fit the container in your pocket and take with you when you are outside.

👤We like water activities so we keep them eco friendly. It protects you from the sun, but leaves a light white paste on you. My son had to put it on sooner than I did.

👤$10 for a stick. The stuff inside isn't all the way to the cap and the mechanism and base take up room. It's just a little more than what you see.

👤It was bought for our adventures in Hawaii. I don't know how good it was at protecting us from the sun there. It did help. The main thing we wanted was to keep the fish and coral safe. It is easy to apply curse. You don't get a lot so use it wisely. The fish are giving up 2 fins.

2. Banana Boat Sunscreen Performance Spectrum

Banana Boat Sunscreen Performance Spectrum

Water can be resistant to 80 minutes. There is a spray that is invisible. No cap, twist and lock spray.

Brand: Banana Boat

👤The title and text say it's reef friendly and safe for use near natural reefs, but all of the active ingredients on the back are banned in Hawaii. If you're using this sunscreen outside of a pool, you may be damaging our environment. Our reefs are being killed by the chemicals in sunscreens in the ocean, so lakes and rivers may be fine, but not there. Even if I didn't care about that, it feels like an LIE to put "reef safe" on the label and heading of the product when it's clearly not! There is a I can't use this sunscreen because I don't want to hurt my skin. I am out the money because I am not able to return it because it is considered a dangerous item to ship. I paid for the items.

👤The product is either counterfeit or factory seconds as it does not work. This product has been used by us before and we like it. I had to apply the product every 30 minutes, but it didn't prevent sunburn. I bought a new can of the same stuff from a store. It worked the next day. Someone is wrong with this lot. This item can cause injury if they are removed from sale.

👤There are zero stars from this family. We are walking around with blisters and burns. I wondered how anyone would want to give a review with zero stars. Well, I wish I could, but here's why. The product is not effective at preventing sunburns. When it comes to my children, I use a religious sunscreen. I had my usual sunscreen with me. I thought I'd bring more backup. I bought this banana boat sunscreen spf 30 because my usual coppertone was out of stock. There is a I was able to use what I had left of our coppertone sunscreen on the first day. A whole day in the river. We went to the river for 2 days. I didn't know that this banana boat sunscreen would fail my family and I on day 2. We applied regardless of whether we were in the water or not. I applied the product and waited for it to dry so my children could play in and out of the water. We usually use the same brand as I do. I put my faith in this. It did not work and my family and I both suffered from burns from the top of our feet all the way to the tips of our ears. I apply this banana boat sunscreen to all places. How can a product fail so badly? Photos of my burns have been included. I would look twice at this product if I were you. Don't buy it. If you try to prevent sunburn with this product, you will be Miserable. I will return the faulty sunscreen for a refund. I just hunted for the coppertone and I wish I had done it earlier. The banana boat will never get a dime from me. Don't sacrifice your skin for money. I hope I can save people from reading this review. I am unable to return this product because it is dangerous. Go figure. I will write Banana Boat directly and see if it makes a difference. I still have faith in my review. Unless you like sunburns, don't buy.

3. Coral Safe Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Coral Safe Natural Mineral Sunscreen

SPF 30 mineral sunscreen. When applied as directed, high Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB protection can be provided. The sunscreen creams give a protective shield to the skin from the sun's harmful rays. It goes on clear! Coral reef is safe. Save the coral reefs. The oceans' coral reefs are in danger due to harmful chemicals in traditional, chemical sunscreens. The best skin care. All of their products are safe for most skin types because they are all natural and effective. Special formula applies clear coating to skin for maximum protection. It can be used to keep the burn off for 80 minutes. This is also non-allergenic and does not contain chemical fragrances or chemical preservatives. It's great for all ages and ideal for eco-nature parks where only mineral, biodegradable, and environmentally safe sunscreens are allowed. It is made in the USA. Their products are great for kids and babies as well.

Brand: Coral Safe

👤The product works very well. There is no burn or tan to speak of. I purchased this product because I wanted to be respectful of the nature of the Caribbean islands and protect the coral reefs. I liked the product, but I would have liked it more if it didn't leave a white cast on my skin. I think darker skin tones will have a hard time getting the product to blend and not leave a white haze on the skin. This is an excellent product for blocking the rays and preventing tanning, all while being reef safe.

👤The product was described as clear. It is not. It is hard to spread. Doesn't spray either. Returned it.

👤I don't like sunscreen. This stuff is great. It is easy to rub in. This isn't an aerosol spray so it won't blow everywhere. My kids preferred this more than spray on sunscreen.

👤We need sunscreen all year long in Colorado. This is all natural. It's easy to use, and I appreciate that it's not an aerosol. I gave the scent 5 stars because it doesn't have much of a scent, I think that's a win. This product and the small sunscreen stick were purchased by me. I prefer the stick for taking along wherever I go.

👤It was very difficult for Diogo to open it. I got a pen. It was a bit sticky when I applied it. It was fine. Neither good nor bad.

👤We have been using this product for over a month and it has been great. It's like a spray of cream. It's easy to spread, especially for kids. Look forward to the next one!

👤Doesn't go on clear. The sheen was white.

👤The product would buy again. I like the spray-on feature, but the product lasts much longer than normal spray-on bottles. It's easy to spread the sunblock.

4. Blue Lizard Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen

Blue LIZARD Sensitive sunscreen is made with no oxybenzone or Octinoxate. Zinc oxide and titanium Dioxide are mineral active ingredients that provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It's ideal for sensitive skin because it's Paraben-free and fragrance-free. The container should be protected from excessive heat and direct sun. It's twice as long as Blue Lizard Original sensitive formula.

Brand: Blue Lizard

👤This stuff is very strong. I see this product all over the internet as amatologist recommended. Mineral sunscreen is the best for face and body. There is a When you start rubbing it in it becomes a ghastly kabuki clown white. Wait, be prepared to be shocked. It is on a scale of 1 to 10, no more than a 1.5 or 2. It is amazing. When the product squirts out, it appears thick, but when you rub it, it becomes clear. Even with my sensitive and thin skin, you don't have to rub in a lot. It is easy to wash off with soap and water. I trust the EWG to keep me safe because of the titanium dioxide mineral content and the high zinc oxide and zinc oxide content that assures me of the sun protection. I am applying a full 1/2 teaspooon to my face and neck. It seems like a lot but when it dries down, you will be happy to have enough on to make sure no more hyperpigmentation or dark spots appear. I am a Pacific island of descent. I would have to be out there all day to burn, and sunscreen is helping me to avoid further damage from my youth. sunscreen is important because I am treating my sun damage with retinol and lactic acid. This says a lot to me. I have only used a few of the sunscreens I tried. I like mineral over chemical. I like to buy cheap products. This one is close to being the one. The FDA proposed rating system will not pass the UVA rating according to the EWG. I am more interested in UVA protection than it claims, so it is not enough for me. I have turned down this sunscreen and lowered it to 1 star. The zinc oxide's actives mineral content is only 10%. The bare minimum protection is verified as not being the sunscreen for me. I threw the bottle away.

👤I was upset to see that this formula contained both aluminum and alumina. I would rather avoid questionable ingredients.

👤Not for people of color. This is how my skin looks on me. It feels very greasy. Disappointed! I used 1/2 of the amount they said for face and neck.

👤I hope this review helps someone. I have red hair and light skin. I went to Hawaii two months ago and it was amazing. I have always used various sunscreens, but they didn't give good protection, or if they did, I would get really itchy and uncomfortable skin when I washed my skin after being outside. There is a Good protection! I used a loofah and a body wash and it came off easily, but it was too white. I agree that it is very white, but if you massage it in for a few minutes, it will absorb and you can't see it. My friend who is very dark skinned used some and initially was a bit upset with the color. I told her to rub it in, but a few minutes later she couldn't tell. It's a good thing that it doesn't blend well at first, but you can see what you have covered and what you haven't. The amount of times I missed a spot is unbelievable. This is to protect you, not to look like a model.

5. Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Resistant

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Resistant

This isTINTED SUN PROTECTION. SPF 50. A makeup base or a cream can be used with tinted sunscreen. The weightless sunblock blends into most skin tones and is water resistant up to 80 minutes. The non-chemical SPF 50 formula with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide offers broad-spectrum protection that blocks and protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. BLESSED WITH AUSTRALIAN BOOTANICALS - Formulated with soothing ingredients like Kakadu Plum, with the highest Vitamins C and E content, which fight free radicals and nourish the skin. This tinted facial sunscreen is made for every day adventures and is free of any fragrances. It provides good protection from the sun. Excellent for daily use. The range of sunscreens for children, toddlers and adults is free of harmful substances. It is tested for both diseases. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Australian Gold

👤This stuff works. My son tried to put the sunscreen on himself before he went out. He missed half of his back because he was born with one hand. You can see the difference. He was in the pool all the time. About 2 hours.

👤I work at the YMCA as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and I spend between 4 and 7 hours in the sun and pool each day. I have very sensitive skin, so I'm interested in covering it up. I burn badly when I use Neutrogena sunscreens in the pool because they wash off after an hour. Even after getting my face wet to let it'soak in', it still runs into my eyes, and I burn through many of them. This product doesn't run because it's a very thick consistency, and since it's zinc and not a chemical sunscreen, I don't break out as badly. Since this is tinted, it doesn't leave a white cast, and I don't have to wear anything to cover my skin, it keeps my skin tone even in the pool where I don't have the option of wearing something. Even if you rub your face with your hands, it will stay on for a while. This is designed for light to medium skin tones and there is only one shade, so it's not in different shade options. A person with a medium to deep skin tone would not be able to wear this without a cast on their skin. It looks tan on me when I use it, but once I rub it in it isn't as intense as it looks when you first see it. It appears orange in some lighting, but once rubbed in it is not orange anymore. I started using this about 2 months ago. I have been using this product for two months and have been getting some new skin problems, but I'm pretty sure it's because of hormones, not the sunscreen. There is a I would recommend this to anyone with light to medium skin tones who wants a thick, powerful sunscreen that lasts and doesn't have the white cast.

👤I bought this because it was recommended by hotn flashy. I don't think this is a good product for mature skin. I don't think it's good for a mature face to be protected from the sun.

👤I am not a makeup type of person. The less, the better. I've been wanting something to help my complexion but it's still not very useful. The tinted facial SPF is here. Most things are dark for me because I am fair skinned. Surprisingly, this is not. It's enough to even things out a bit, but I can't tell. It is one of the least greasy sunscreens I've tried. There is a I have half of my face done. The product is on the right side of my picture. Tl;dr... I would buy this again.

👤OK. I was looking for a tinted moisturizer and found ILIA which is expensive. After sending in my photos to get color matched, I went to get it again, but this time I ended up with a shade that wasn't for me. Ilia was too oily and didn't give good coverage. There is a It matches me more perfectly than anything I have ever ordered off Amazon. It's absolutely zero white cast, blends in and soaks in. It is a higher SPF. It is a fraction of the price of the brands at the store. It doesn't feel like you have to pay attention when you blend it because it gradually dries and soaks into your face. I feel like I can get out the door after putting my face cream on because I have no other time to do my make up. There is a I am returning the stuff I bought at the store because they do it all for free. I have used a tinted sunscreen from Josie Maran for a long time and it looked a bit oily. I wish I had found it sooner. You will not regret buying this!

6. Sun Bum Sunscreen Protection Hypoallergenic

Sun Bum Sunscreen Protection Hypoallergenic

SPF 30 is used for sunscreens. Some of them like to go outside. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection from UVA/UVB rays is provided by their natural, zinc-based Mineral sunscreen spray. Chemical free sun screen. The zinc-based Mineral collection was created for lounging. The Sun Bum collection is lightweight and silky and will leave your skin feeling clean and protected. How to use. 15 minutes before the sun exposure. After 80 minutes of sweating and swimming, apply again. Sonny has a tip. A white tint is normal, as the rad screen sits on top of your skin, not absorbing into it. Protect your skin. The key to safe sun is to protect your skin. The Mineral Sunscreen line is Hypoallergenic,Gluten and Cruelty free to ensure a fun, clean day in the sun. The Bum is a good place to trust. What does that mean? It means that the people who live on the beach need products that work on the most intense days in the sun. When you make products to protect the ones you love, you make them better.

Brand: Sun Bum

👤I researched sunscreens to make sure they were safe for me and my boyfriend to use, as well as healthy for the sea life and coral. I bought 6 cans of this sunscreen to be used on my first destination vacation. Both of us are fair-skinned. Both of us burned. I burned many times. There is a It's frustrating that anything that comes in contact with your skin even after rubbing in aggressively will be white. It does not have to be wiped off by rubbing or baby wipes. You have to wash clothing, bags, whatever and everything with detergent or dish soap. I didn't think I'd have to wash so many things. Your skin will be white. It'suck. The purchase was made on January 24, 2019. I used this sunscreen on my first day in the sun in Aruba. After a few days of using it, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I left the remaining cans open so I could return them when I got home. It's too late for me to return them. I hope SunBum will allow me to return the remaining 3 cans, as I will never use them.

👤I bought this product to protect coral reefs. I enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling and want to be able to enjoy the beautiful reef systems. If I am sitting by the pool, I will use whatever I have laying around. I've tried a lot of sunscreens. I think this is the best I have tried, because it comes in a spray, when many don't, and it sprays consistently. My friends who don't seem to care about coral reefs always make fun of my mineral sunscreen. Are you done with your mime makeup? Mineral sunscreen will leave behind some white particles, or it won't work. The Sun Bum spray leaves less than most. There is a This product helps keep my skin and environment healthy, if it was only a little cheaper.

👤I was hesitant to buy it after reading the reviews. A lot of people said that there was a white sheen. I made the purchase because I couldn't find anything else that was reef safe for my trip to Maui that had better reviews. This smells amazing and it rubs in well. I am on the fair side so I didn't want anything that would make me look white. This did not leave a sheen. It does get on your clothes a little, but it wasn't crazy and compared to the other reef safe sunscreens we used while we were there, it really wasn't bad. I went back to this one because I liked that it went on white and felt a lot better after, and I was able to see where I put it. I like the SPF coverage on this one.

👤If you've been looking for a mineral spray, buy it now. I used it all last summer and I live in Arizona where I have a pool for 5 months of the year. It works well. It's better than any mineral cream I've used. The whiteness is not as bad as other mineral creams I've tried, but it is more clear.

7. Babo Botanicals Continuous Fragrance Sunscreen

Babo Botanicals Continuous Fragrance Sunscreen

A fast-absorbing, ultra-sheer and lightweight sunblock is good for you and your family. It's water resistant and perfect for kids and adults. It's for very sensitive skin. This sunscreen is made with 100% non-nano zinc and has 80 minutes of water and sweat resistant coverage. It's safe for the baby and the entire family. It's fragrance free. ZINC-BASED, MINERAL FORMULA is a sunblock that is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. Babo's organic Nutri-Soothe Complex enriched me. It is reef friendly. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. It is safe on the reef. There is no roxybenzone. The sunscreen is mineral based. Hypoallergenic means that it reduces the risk of allergic reactions. The Environmental Working Group rated the number #1 in safety. Almond, peanut, almond and walnuts are free. Made in the USA and B Corp certified. It's enough for the entire family, so just apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. It is recommended to apply after swimming, sweating, or towel drying.

Brand: Babo Botanicals

👤My search for a safe sunscreen is over. I've been discouraged by the fact that most of the safe ones are pasty and white and require a lot of rubbing. The product is rubbed completely in about two times. You can see where it landed when you sprayed it. It is completely non-oily when you rub it in. This is light enough that the skin can still breathe, which is something I have never liked using sunscreens for. I forget I am wearing it. If I am dissatisfied with its protection powers, I will change this. I've used this for a week now. Protection has been very good. I took more sun than usual and never burned.

👤There is a spray form for natural sunscreen. It works well and is convenient. My daughter is a fair skinned red head and it lasts for hours in the pool in the afternoon without re-application. I'm not sure I can afford to use it all summer. Make sure to spray in the grass and away from anything that might be damaged by it. After a few weeks of storms, I still see it on my garbage can and concrete patio. It seems to wash off in the shower.

👤Your kids are white! I had my daughter pose.

👤I was excited to find a spray sunscreen that was zinc oxide. It protected from the sun. After the second day of use, I had a rash on my neck, inner elbow, and chin. My daughter had a similar rash, but it was less severe. It worked well for my husband, who does not have sensitive skin.

👤This is my favorite toxicity sunscreen, especially for kids. You can run it in quickly because it sprays on easily. If you don't rub it in right away, you end up with white skin. It works really well and is the lowest toxicity rating on EWG for a spray. It smells good. Stays on. Kids don't complain. I am a huge fan.

👤This is the best zinc spray I've tried. It doesn't make you look like you have very white or silver skin, and it rubs in pretty easily. Some of them are so bad that they make you look like a crazy person and force you to use less healthy options. I will stick with this one until there is a clear option.

👤I spent a lot of time researching spray sunscreens to use when I was too lazy to re- apply when I went for a walk. Good ratings on EWG. It sprays on white because of the high zinc levels, but that doesn't bother me. It is possible to rub it in but it takes a bit more work. This is a spray sunscreen that I would recommend.

👤I ordered the Babo liquid sunscreen, Babo face stick sunscreen and Babo sunscreen to take on our Florida vacation. We went to the beach after coating our bodies with these products. We coated again after about an hour. After only 3.5 hours in the sun, this is the result. My husband and daughter burned very badly. All of us have olive skin tones. My husband was 800-273-3217 I tried to return the products, but they wouldn't let me. Don't buy this brand.

8. Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion Spectrum 3 Fluid Ounce

Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion Spectrum 3 Fluid Ounce

Designed to stay on strong when you sweat, this high-performance sunscreen protects you from the sun with a durable and water-resistant formula that leaves a light, breathable feeling on your skin. This sunscreen is water resistant and won't sting you, it protects your skin from up to 98% of the sun's most damaging UV rays. Your skin's defense against the sun is refueled by the use of moisturizers and vitamins. Depend on this tough sunscreen for outdoor activities where every moment counts, whether it's at the big game, the jobsite, running or cycling. The pack includes a bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen.

Brand: Coppertone

👤This worked well for our week on the beach. We took three bottles in our carry-on for a week in the Bahamas and it turned out to be a lot. The quality of this sunscreen was really good. I think the trick is to give it 15 or 20 minutes to set in. I made it the entire week with no sunburn, so I'm very pleased.

👤I have used this product for a long time and it lasts a long time. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't seem to affect my pours. I use it on my face and apply it before applying my foundation. It protects until I remove it before going to bed, and it isn't greasy like some sunscreens I've tried. Hopefully, they won't change the formula.

👤The carryon size is perfect. Not enough if you are spending a lot of time on the beach. I am not saying that this product doesn't work, but it didn't work for us. Spring Break sunburn is bad. We spent hours in the sun in Puerto Vallarta, but the burn is bad even after applying as often as every 30 minutes.

👤On a recent trip to Wyoming, this stuff was applied liberally every morning. I spent a lot of time over 10k'. My skin only got a slight tan. I was protected on a trip to the water park in the summer. Take care of your skin!

👤I work in the sun and the dermatologist recommended this sun screen for me. There is a It is the perfect size to carry with you. It is about anywhere. Good protection and easy to spread.

👤I went for a dip in the water twice after spending about 6 hours in the Rio de Janeiro sun, just in case. There were no burns. There were no issues carrying this through the airport. I'm looking for two things in sunscreen. It doesn't feel sticky and there is no scent.

👤I put this on my feet and it looks like I have ashy feet. I'm not dark skinned and I'm not too light. I wear sunscreen and have a caramel complexion. They need to make a sunscreen that doesn't give us a film on our skin because we are not fair skinned.

👤This came out. Why? How do I know if this is coppertone in this bottle?

9. Safe Anti Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion

Safe Anti Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion

Safe Sea Jellyfish Sting Protection. The world's first Jellyfish and Sea sunscreen with SPF50+ is available. Sun protection is designed to last longer in water. Good for open water swimmers. Safe Sea sunscreen and lotion was found to be effective in preventing sting from most Jellyfish, Man-o war, Sea Lice, Sea Nettle, Atlantic box jellyfish, Rhopilema, and Fire Corals without harming the ocean life. For sensitive skin, it has been tested. After 80 minutes of swimming, sweating or towel drying, apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure or entering the water. Jellyfish can be dangerous. This product is not a guarantee against sting and should not be considered a recommendation to go into the water.

Brand: Safe Sea

👤I wouldn't purchase this again. It is very messy to apply. It did not do a good job as a sunscreen. I got sunburned when I wore it. It was difficult to wash it off. I can't tell if we kept the jellyfish away or not. It was expensive because of all the things I mentioned and it was not something I would do.

👤There is both sunscreen and protection against the stinging insects. It worked on my granddaughter. Her friend got stung and only had SPF 30 on.

👤Jelly fish were everywhere during my swim in the bay. I was stung a lot but this product helped it not get worse.

👤This stuff is very similar to petrol. It seems to be waterproof for the ocean. On a recent trip to Jamaica, worked well. We didn't need to reapply as often with this option.

👤Well absorbed and environment friendly. It's easy to apply. There was no trace of the cream after application.

👤It protects against the sun and fish.

👤I'm not sure if it's the weather or the fact that there is not a true season for jellyfish, but I fear it. A friend introduced me to SafeSea after I was stung several times. I can feel the sting of the jellyfish, but they don't. The barbs can't penetrate my skin because of the crackles. After being stung by a man, I can't explain how relieved I am that I won't get stung. I really like this stuff. I'm afraid to get in the water when I'm without it. This is great. You need to remember to reapply after 80 minutes if you get sunburned, just like with all other sunscreens. Get back into the water by setting a timer. I sent some to my nephew when he visited during the season. He did not get stung. There is a I have an older version of the newer one and will be purchasing it as a 100% reef safe one.

👤It works well as a deterrent. Kids were swimming in the ocean with no sting. It's important to coat all exposed areas because the lotion is very thick and can be difficult for small children to apply themselves. It works well but again.

👤I have not experienced any burning when wearing this suncream. I wore it for a channel relay swim in July 2021, and only encountered a sting on the sole of one foot, where I had not applied the sunscreen. I don't know if I touched any other jellies, so I can't say how effective the sting protection is. I would use it again.

👤It was great for the holiday. The ocean was protected.

10. Coral Isles Octinoxate Oxybenzone Protection

Coral Isles Octinoxate Oxybenzone Protection

Hawaii is Reef Friendly, free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. Protection from the UVA/UVB. It's not a problem if you're free of gluten. PABA, fragrances, and parabens are free. It is hypoallergenic. It's safe for all skin types. It's non-greasy and lightweight. It's great for active sports or everyday wear. Feel the difference! Water resistant for 80 minutes. After toweling off, apply 15 minutes before sun exposure or every 2 hours. Adults and children 6 months and older can use it. The risk of developing skin cancer, skin aging, and sunburns can be reduced by using this sunblock. A bottle of Coral Isles Sunscreen SPF 50 lotion. Not a mineral formula. Does not contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Hawaii has banned ingredients that are harmful to coral reefs. Please check your destination's standards for sunscreen.

Brand: Coral Isles

👤I had skin cancer and need the 50 sunscreen. The ad leaves a greasy or white look on my skin. Spread it all over my face for protection against the sun and to plump up my dry shin.

👤I received an empty bag with no sunscreen and I would like another one sent to me with it.

11. Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive 5 Ounce

Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive 5 Ounce

This broad spectrum sunscreen is great for beards. They love the reef and their Sensitive sunscreen is free of both Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. Mineral sunscreen acts like thousands of tiny mirrors that reflect UV rays away from your skin. Mineral active Zinc Oxide provides true broad spectrum protection. It's ideal for sensitive skin because it's PARABEN-FREE & FRAGRANCE-FREE. Water resistance can be up to 40 minutes.

Brand: Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

👤I am African American woman and I am from NC 50 in mac. I have a skin that is sensitive to oil. I was looking for a physical sunscreen to wear before I start using aha/bha. I wanted the sunscreen to have healthy ingredients and not cause me to have white powder on my face. I thought my journey was over when I landed on the Blue lizard. I chose this because the ingredients were great, they had a sensitive formula so the chances of irritation were low, and I read reviews on here that stated that you won't look like a cowboy. I thought I had hit the big time until I put this on my face. I used a pea size amount on my face for the first time because I was afraid it would make my face look ghostly. I didn't burn it so it does a great job. This sunscreen made me look like a pirate. My face was covered in small cysts all across my face. I thought it was my new regimen that was causing it. I didn't attribute it to this. I used the correct amount of Blue lizard the next day and I looked like a member of the blue man group. After washing this off, I saw large cysts on my face, chin, and cupid's bow. I stopped using it for 4 days because I thought it was breaking me out, and my skin came back to normal. To make sure that I was breaking out in my new regimen, I put the ingredients to all the products on, and every single one had either 1 or 0 for the irritant column. One of the ingredients in the blue lizard was comedogenic. If you have oily, sensitive, or dark skin, this won't work for you.

👤I bought this before I went to scuba dive in the Caribbean. I bought this product and another brand based on reviews and ratings on Amazon. I checked a number of snorkeling and scuba diving websites to make sure that they are really reef-friendly. I was very pleased with the performance of this sunscreen. I didn't get a sunburn, it didn't turn my skin white, and no coral were killed, because it took a little more effort to get it rubbed into my skin than I typically use. I have recommended Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen to all my friends and I will definitely use it whenever I get in the ocean.

👤This stuff is amazing. I have been suffering from a photosensitivity allergy for a year. If I went out in the sun for more than 15 minutes without sunscreen. A severe allergic reaction would last for days. Itchy rash, swelling, trouble breathing, the whole 9 yards. I read that a physical sunscreen like this one or a chemical sunscreen helped some people. I was skeptical but thought it would work out. There is a And it worked! I can't believe it. I don't have to worry that I'll end up with a red mess for 3 days. For the past two weeks, I've eaten lunch outside in full sunlight, without even a hint of itch or swelling. I can't say that it will work for everyone, but it is worth a try. There is a Make sure you shake the bottle before using it. The bottle should last you a while because you only need a small amount of product. When you rub it in, it looks like it's been there a long time. Within a minute, the whiteness fades. The brief moment of white helps me see where I've missed.


What is the best product for eco friendly sunscreen lotion?

Eco friendly sunscreen lotion products from Coral Safe. In this article about eco friendly sunscreen lotion you can see why people choose the product. Banana Boat and Blue Lizard are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sunscreen lotion.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sunscreen lotion?

Coral Safe, Banana Boat and Blue Lizard are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sunscreen lotion. Find the detail in this article. Australian Gold, Sun Bum and Babo Botanicals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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