Best Eco Friendly Sunscreen Reef Safe Hawaii

Safe 17 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Safe Anti Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion

Safe Anti Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion

Safe Sea Jellyfish Sting Protection. The world's first Jellyfish and Sea sunscreen with SPF50+ is available. Sun protection is designed to last longer in water. Good for open water swimmers. Safe Sea sunscreen and lotion was found to be effective in preventing sting from most Jellyfish, Man-o war, Sea Lice, Sea Nettle, Atlantic box jellyfish, Rhopilema, and Fire Corals without harming the ocean life. For sensitive skin, it has been tested. After 80 minutes of swimming, sweating or towel drying, apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure or entering the water. Jellyfish can be dangerous. This product is not a guarantee against sting and should not be considered a recommendation to go into the water.

Brand: Safe Sea

👤I wouldn't purchase this again. It is very messy to apply. It did not do a good job as a sunscreen. I got sunburned when I wore it. It was difficult to wash it off. I can't tell if we kept the jellyfish away or not. It was expensive because of all the things I mentioned and it was not something I would do.

👤There is both sunscreen and protection against the stinging insects. It worked on my granddaughter. Her friend got stung and only had SPF 30 on.

👤Jelly fish were everywhere during my swim in the bay. I was stung a lot but this product helped it not get worse.

👤This stuff is very similar to petrol. It seems to be waterproof for the ocean. On a recent trip to Jamaica, worked well. We didn't need to reapply as often with this option.

👤Well absorbed and environment friendly. It's easy to apply. There was no trace of the cream after application.

👤It protects against the sun and fish.

👤I'm not sure if it's the weather or the fact that there is not a true season for jellyfish, but I fear it. A friend introduced me to SafeSea after I was stung several times. I can feel the sting of the jellyfish, but they don't. The barbs can't penetrate my skin because of the crackles. After being stung by a man, I can't explain how relieved I am that I won't get stung. I really like this stuff. I'm afraid to get in the water when I'm without it. This is great. You need to remember to reapply after 80 minutes if you get sunburned, just like with all other sunscreens. Get back into the water by setting a timer. I sent some to my nephew when he visited during the season. He did not get stung. There is a I have an older version of the newer one and will be purchasing it as a 100% reef safe one.

👤It works well as a deterrent. Kids were swimming in the ocean with no sting. It's important to coat all exposed areas because the lotion is very thick and can be difficult for small children to apply themselves. It works well but again.

👤I have not experienced any burning when wearing this suncream. I wore it for a channel relay swim in July 2021, and only encountered a sting on the sole of one foot, where I had not applied the sunscreen. I don't know if I touched any other jellies, so I can't say how effective the sting protection is. I would use it again.

👤It was great for the holiday. The ocean was protected.

2. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 1 7

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 1 7

Their most popular SPF, Unseen Sunscreen is a completely invisible, weightless, scentless formula that provides oil-free sunscreen protection for all skin types, tones, and lifestyles. This feel-good, antioxidant-rich facial sunscreen helps protect against blue light, as well as UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. A super-powered primer. The formula glides onto skin, giving it shine control and leaving a makeup-gripping finish. As the last step in your skincare routine, apply generously and evenly. Their everyday sunscreen contains clean, powerful ingredients like soothing frankincense and hydrating meadowfoam seed that nourish and protect your skin. This broad spectrum sunscreen is great for beards.

Brand: Supergoop!

👤Y'all. I almost didn't like it. I have done a lot of research on sunscreen. A lot. SPF is a must for me because I use retinol and acids in my skin care. I have tried many brands of mineral sunscreens and they always look like ghosts. Nothing helped, not even a good match on the tinted versions. They all felt greasy and heavy, stung my sensitive skin, and gave me a ghost face. The super goop was a top rated pic because of the research I did. I put it off for the price and thought it was worthless. I was going to dislike it so I would be like "I KNEW it!". There is a Well... I love it and it's worth the price. You don't even feel it! It almost feels like a really good primer and there is no cast to skin tone. The hype was earned.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this because of the high price, but it was worth it! I use a lot of skin care products, but I usually have issues with sunscreens and moisturizers making my other skin care products peel. I did not experience peeling or white caste like you would with mineral sunscreens. The texture doesn't look greasy or like a foundation primer. It is definitely worth it.

👤I have burned my skin while using this sunscreen. There is a The first time I thought I was in the sun too long, but after the second time, I realized the sunscreen is not SPF 40. There is a I applied a thick layer of Unseen Sunscreen to my face, neck and shoulders before I went shopping. I walked in and out of stores and under shaded walkways for 1.5 hours and both my face and shoulders burned. There is a line where my sleeveless top ended. There is a My normal SPF 15 is better at protecting me from the sun. The texture of this lotion is amazing. I would have spent money on it on my face, neck and shoulders if it had worked out. I wrote to the company directly about the SPF problem and they responded within an hour, requesting additional information which indicates that they care about the quality of their products. I hope my SPF was not a problem for them.

👤My doctor recommended this. I like it. It's easy to apply. It feels like silk. Light skin encourages me to use it. I disliked the feel of my sunscreens. I can use this on my make up or on my skin. It may be expensive, but a little goes a long way and it lasted me for a couple months.

👤This primer+sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen, which is great for the lightweight feel and completely sheer finish, but not so great for my skin, which is very sensitive and prone to acne. If you have this skin type, you should avoid it and use a mineral sunscreen. I haven't been wearing a sunscreen for 20 days because it broke me out so badly. I only used it for 3 days. : It did not work for me, so I wanted to give an alternate opinion to any sensitive skin/acne prone people out there.

3. Alba Botanica Coconut Hawaiian Sunscreen

Alba Botanica Coconut Hawaiian Sunscreen

One container. Alba Botanica SPF 50 Sunscreen is in a bottle. The sunscreen is made with coconut extract and shea butter. It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. No oxybenzone, octinoxate or gluten. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it.

Brand: Alba Botanica

👤I was disappointed. I was excited to find a spray sunscreen that did not contain avobenzone, a chemical that I am allergic to. The first ingredient is avobenzone. The pictures are not correct.

👤I ordered this because it doesn't have avobenzone in it. The cans that showed up at my house looked exactly like the pictures, except that avobenzone is the first ingredient. Other ingredients are not the same. I assume Alba changed their product, but Amazon needs to change their description to reflect that.

👤I bought this because we are going to a resort that does not allow traditional sunblock. You need to use reef safe. This was the perfect product for us. I decided to try it out to make sure it was adequate for my kids. I applied 3 different times at the beach because I felt my skin burning. The bottle is almost empty just a day after being used. I had to cover myself with a towel for the last hour because I knew it was going to be bad. I was correct. I was in pain and peeling 5 days later. This product did not work for me. I burned badly despite applying.

👤Avobemzone is in the product. Avobemzone is not listed as an active agreement in the photos. This misrepresentation is allowed by Amazon.

👤This stuff smells good. It doesn't leave a smell on my skin, and it sprays evenly. I am a woman of color with medium skin tone with yellow/golden undertones and almost every sunscreen leaves a weird lavender hue on my skin. Most people of color understand what I am talking about. I never wore the cast because it was left with sunscreen. I promised myself that I would be responsible and wear sunscreen this summer and this product helped me keep that promise. It smells okay, it doesn't leave a greasy smell, and it looks like a nice glow. It is clear going on. My friends are rejoicing! No more lavender skin! There is a If there is a small amount of water on your hands, it creates a sticky film that is nearly impossible to wash off. Even after applying the spray, I would get a sticky mess between my fingers when I washed my hands. For the simple fact that it is clear, I would buy again. And it works. I deducted 2 stars for the sticky feeling.

👤Honest review here. I struggled to find a chemical free safe sunscreen in Florida. I want to make sure my kids are protected from the sun and harsh chemicals. There is an article that I recently read that has a list of good sunscreens. This was one of the few spray ones that were on the list. It works great but must be applied well. It is spray and 50 and lasts for up to 80 minutes of swim time. It's also waterproof! It was one of the best on the list. I highly recommend.

👤This item is not listed correctly. I need a sunscreen that does not contain Avobenzone. The product arrived with a different label that listed Avobenzone as the first ingredient. Even though there is a no return policy for this item, I was able to get my money back from Amazon.

4. Reef Sunscreen Moisturizing Biodegradable Repair

Reef Sunscreen Moisturizing Biodegradable Repair

ReVOLUTIONARY SUN CREAM is waterproof for up to 80 minutes in the sand, sun, sea or surf. Protection from both UVA and UVB rays is strong. PA+++. CORAL REEF SAFETY is a zinc oxide based reef safe sunscreen that is completely chemical free. It is safe for marine and aquatic life. Their sunscreens are free of Parabens, Silicone, and Titanium Dioxide, and have proven safety for you and your family. Their A+ grade zinc oxide gives you and your family the strongest mineral sunblock UV protection available while playing in the sun. It is now easy to apply. No White Castle is a water based formula. This sunscreen doesn't cause a white cast or ghosting effect, it spreads evenly on your skin, and it's easy to use. It doesn't cause excess sweating and won't leave sticky or greasy feeling on your skin. Their 100% natural formula is a revolutionary layer of sun protection, moisturisation and repair for new, sensitive or damaged skin. Extra sun care and protection is possible with the use of red raspberry seed oil and coconut oil.

Brand: Reef Repair

👤The first day it was used in the Caribbean, it got burnt.

👤I use this sunscreen for fishing trips and need to keep the rivers and lakes free of the drug. I got good protection from the sun while standing outside. It's not slippery and can still rig a line after using it. Will definitely buy again.

👤I bought this sunscreen because it is in 3oz tubes so you can fly with it. It is reef safe as required by our vacation destination, but I ended up liking it more than I thought. It goes on a bit thicker than most sun cream but that makes it easier to know that it is applied everywhere and that it is protecting more effectively. The scent is the kicker. It smells like oatmeal cookies. We won't need sunscreen for a long time now that we're back home, but I would happily buy it again for next season.

👤I originally ordered 2 packs of sunscreen. The package only had one tube of sunscreen. There was a sticker on the shrink wrap that said 2 pack. I originally gave the product a 1 star review because I didn't have time to return or order another product. The company reached out to explain that there was a problem with shipping from Amazon. They rushed me with more sunscreen and lip balm. They made it right. And then some! I will order the products again before my next beach trip.

👤We bought the reef proof sunscreen because we knew we'd be swimming in the ocean and cenotes and we didn't want to leave any sunscreen in the water. Many places require you to use reef proof sunscreen. There is a It's best to just use a small amount of sunscreen and rub it in. It's not going to spread like your regular sunscreen, but it will give you great protection and last a long time.

👤Reef repair smells like oatmeal. It has a good texture and is not thick. It has been protecting me for a while now. Good stuff! There is a Eco friendly product.

👤The rubs were better than the ones I bought. Would recommend.

👤If you put this on your face and sweat or get wet, you're going to have a bad time. I'm not sure if that's all reef safe, but it's an issue with this one.

5. EWG Highly Rated Non Mineral Sunscreen

EWG Highly Rated Non Mineral Sunscreen

OCEAN FRIENDLY - Made in the USA with reef safe ingredients and bottled in 100% recycled plastic collected from the coastlines of Haiti, Honduras and Mexico. A sun block that protects you from the sun. The score is 3. Their unique mix of added skin friendly ingredients makes the Sunscreen the best in class. You can keep your skin hydrated and safe from the sun with the blend of vitamins and minerals in each bottle. Water resistant up to 80 minutes with SPF50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. The sun screen is made without oxybenzone, a harmful chemical in sunscreens that can cause serious health problems if it is not properly applied. Their sunscreen is safe for sensitive skin. It is strong enough to protect against sun rays and gentle enough for delicate skin. Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, retinyl Palmitate, and Paraben are all free of harmful substances. The moment it arrives, start using your Seven Minerals Sunscreen Lotion. If you love it, they'll give you a full refund. You have to order now.

Brand: Seven Minerals

👤If you want to be reef safe, do not buy this product. It is not true. false advertising. The active ingredient in this sunscreen is avobenzone, which is killing marine life, and I think it's my fault for not researching the ingredients. Do not buy it. I will be buying a sunscreen with zinc oxide and it is reef safe. I fell for the green washing because I wanted to save our corals. The sunscreen is lying on the beach. It is not.

👤This is not a sponsored review. My own thoughts about my experience with Seven Minerals and this particular product I purchased. I like this sunscreen because I am a black American man with dark skin. It protects my dehydrated skin, does not irritate it, and does not leave a white cast on my skin. It is not oily. I only use this on my body, but I would feel comfortable using it on my face if I already have another sunscreen for my facial skin. A faint typical sunscreen smell does exist, but it is very light and not very noticeable. I enjoy spending time outside, so it is nice to have this sunscreen to protect me from harmful rays. The packaging is made out of non- harmful materials and it is cruelty-free. It is comforting to have that knowledge. There is a If you have a deep complexion and have dehydrated dark skin, this is the sunscreen for you.

👤Avobenzone is a substance that harms coral reefs. The state Senate passed a bill in March, 2021, that would ban the sale of sunscreens with two harmful chemicals. Coral resilience can be reduced due to the high ocean temperatures that are killing corals worldwide. This product has false claims and should be avoided. Other substances are harmful to the reefs. According to the sustainable tourism association of Hawai'i, sunscreens with the "reef safe" label may still contain harmful chemicals. The best option for you and the reefs is to cover up. You need to check the label if you still need to apply sunscreen. Avoid products with avobenzone. This product contains all of these chemicals.

👤I wouldn't buy it again. Since we have a pool, I have tried about a dozen brands of sunblock. My kids have sensitive skin. I was looking for something that wasn't mineral. There is a Family owned recycled packaging is a pros. Even for a long time in the pool, reef friendly works well against the sun. Consistency isn't smooth when you rub it in, and would prefer a higher spf.

👤The Reef Safe Sunscreen made it's way to the average consumer and I am happy about it. It's easy to order and delivery on the Amazon platform. Seven Minerals helped save the planet. This formula was created for Sensitive Skin and Face because of my dislike of sunscreen. Excellent recommendation!

👤I burn easily because I am fair skinned. I want a sunscreen that's safe for me as well as the environment, so naturally I've tried every mineral sunscreen known to man. Mineral sunscreens don't work well for people who burn easily. I was overjoyed when I saw this chemical sunscreen on EWG, it's a physical sunscreen, but it's considered chemical if it isn't zinc. It has a nostalgic sunscreen smell, but is very light compared to most. Non-active ingredients make this sunscreen different from others. The sunscreen that helps bind to your skin making it water resistant is what Dimethicone is. Amodimethicone is a 1 on EWG and is better than dimethicone to keep it 80 min water/sweat resistant. I use spf 50 most often during high UV index TOD and spf 30 for earlier and later TOD. Remember to layer your sunscreen on thick, let it soak in for a bit, and reapply after 80 minutes.

6. Coral Safe Natural Sunscreen Fragrance

Coral Safe Natural Sunscreen Fragrance

SPF 30 mineral sunscreen. When applied as directed, high Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB protection can be provided. The sunscreen creams give a protective shield to reflect the UV rays away from your skin. Coral reef is safe. Save the coral reefs. The oceans' coral reefs are in danger due to harmful chemicals in traditional, chemical sunscreens. The best skin care. All of their products are safe for most skin types, including oily, dry, and sensitive skin, because it is an effective formula with no harsh chemicals. There are water retention lots. It can be used to keep the burn off for 80 minutes. This is also non-allergenic and does not contain chemical fragrances or chemical preservatives. It's ideal for eco-nature parks where only mineral, biodegradable, and environmentally safe sunscreens are allowed. It is made in the USA. Their products are great for kids and babies as well.

Brand: Coral Safe

👤I bought this sunscreen and Alba Botanicals because I knew it was safe for the coral reefs. The brand did not work for me. It would not spread on my skin. The Alba Botanicals went on without a hitch. The mineral sunscreens are supposed to be spread on top of your skin to protect it from the sun, but this one was not really spreadable. I threw the bottle away because I didn't want to fly home with it. The Alba Botanicals brand is a good choice.

👤The life saver was this sunblock. Most of the water parks and Cenotes require you to have a sunblock that doesn't contain harsh chemicals and while most people were left without this, I and my girlfriend were saved by this. It was accepted in all the places we went. It doesn't harm the coral reef.

👤It's hard to put on your skin and it looks white after you apply the sunscreen.

👤I would give it a 0, but that is not possible. I give you a 1 There is a The sunscreen was terrible. It was really hard to apply and it was not good. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤This was the worst purchase I have ever made, because I was told that I had to use a sunscreen that was non-biodegradable for my trip to Mexico. I tried hard, but it did not blend into my skin. My husband said I looked like a mime after I put it in my face. I had to wash my face and skin several times. Zero sun protection was provided by it. Beware of the buyer.

👤We took this on our trip to Hawaii and it was great.

👤The product smells like glue. It was so sticky and tacky that it was hard to spread. It was difficult to get off and leave a rash.

7. Brush Block Protection Phthalates Translucent

Brush Block Protection Phthalates Translucent

Easy to apply powder sunscreen. The easy twist-open feature of Brush On Block makes it easy to apply powder after a simple twist to open. Sheer and light. Your normal skin tone is not affected by the powder sunscreen from Brush On Block. CONVENIENT: Their small, easy to fit, mineral sunblock application is used in purses, sports bags, and make-up bags so it can be reapplied easily throughout the day. All-natural. The mineral sunscreen from Brush On Block is vegan and safe for sensitive skin. REEF FRIENDLY: Their sunscreen formula does not contain any of the harmful substances like Octinoxate or Oxybenzone.

Brand: Brush On Block

👤Unreliable! When I tapped it on the side of my hand, I could see the powder coming out and I knew it was a good thing. After 1.5 hours, it was dead on the face, arms, shoulders, and d├ęcolletage. The concept of this product is a good one. I had used Sweat brand before and loved it, but decided to use this brand because it was cheaper. Lesson learned and back to Sweat.

👤Many people are saying they don't know why the powder isn't coming out. You have to click the bottom segment of the cylinder left to open it to read the ingredients list. Remove the cap, lower the plastic sleeve, and apply. As you apply the powder, you will see the dust. You can click the bottom to close it. Simple.

👤I really wanted to love this product but was unable to open it, so I moved the bottom section to the open position. I took a chance as I was about to go to Africa and wanted to have the convenience of this sunblock, but I saw some other reviewers who had this issue. I anticipate getting a full refund after returning it. The design needs some tweaking. The brush was difficult to get back under the cap. In the past, I have used a similar product where you can "recess" the brush and the powder was ready to use when you opened it again.

👤I have fair skin and like to tan into various shades of lobster dinner. I used a brush-on sunscreen while I was in Iraq. It was portable, had many men borrow it from me, and protected my skin well, and was more convenient than liquid sunscreen. I liked that it could be applied to my ears, hands, and other body parts. I was sticker shocked when I decided to get a new one for my trip to the Caribbean. $50 for a new tube. I got the last one for $25 from a boutique. The brand was suggested by Amazon. I compared the ingredients. Similar. Not correct. It's pretty close. This one doesn't seem to put much sweat/water resistant advertising in like colourscience does. I think it's important to carry this with you because it's a powder setting on the face. With that said. I didn't get sunburned a lot in Iraq. I haven't gotten any sunburns with this either, with me biking around town training in the sun. Reapplying every 30 minutes. When I'm out and about in the Caribbean for 2 weeks, sweating and touring, I'll update at that time. It is definitely worth the savings if it does well. If you flick them with some effort, they will give you a spray. The container of colourscience is thicker and it has a better mechanism for covering the brush when done. The brush will only work when you click it down into place. This may have changed since the last time I bought it. It doesn't seem to matter, nor does it click smoothly into place. It rubs against the edges and stops. The amount of product coming out seems sufficient on both brushes. I have been using it daily since it arrived to help protect my skin, and am liking the results I'm getting so far.

8. Blue Lizard Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen

Blue LIZARD Sensitive sunscreen is made with no oxybenzone or Octinoxate. Zinc oxide and titanium Dioxide are mineral active ingredients that provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It's ideal for sensitive skin because it's Paraben-free and fragrance-free. The container should be protected from excessive heat and direct sun. It's twice as long as Blue Lizard Original sensitive formula.

Brand: Blue Lizard

👤This stuff is very strong. I see this product all over the internet as amatologist recommended. Mineral sunscreen is the best for face and body. There is a When you start rubbing it in it becomes a ghastly kabuki clown white. Wait, be prepared to be shocked. It is on a scale of 1 to 10, no more than a 1.5 or 2. It is amazing. When the product squirts out, it appears thick, but when you rub it, it becomes clear. Even with my sensitive and thin skin, you don't have to rub in a lot. It is easy to wash off with soap and water. I trust the EWG to keep me safe because of the titanium dioxide mineral content and the high zinc oxide and zinc oxide content that assures me of the sun protection. I am applying a full 1/2 teaspooon to my face and neck. It seems like a lot but when it dries down, you will be happy to have enough on to make sure no more hyperpigmentation or dark spots appear. I am a Pacific island of descent. I would have to be out there all day to burn, and sunscreen is helping me to avoid further damage from my youth. sunscreen is important because I am treating my sun damage with retinol and lactic acid. This says a lot to me. I have only used a few of the sunscreens I tried. I like mineral over chemical. I like to buy cheap products. This one is close to being the one. The FDA proposed rating system will not pass the UVA rating according to the EWG. I am more interested in UVA protection than it claims, so it is not enough for me. I have turned down this sunscreen and lowered it to 1 star. The zinc oxide's actives mineral content is only 10%. The bare minimum protection is verified as not being the sunscreen for me. I threw the bottle away.

👤I was upset to see that this formula contained both aluminum and alumina. I would rather avoid questionable ingredients.

👤Not for people of color. This is how my skin looks on me. It feels very greasy. Disappointed! I used 1/2 of the amount they said for face and neck.

👤I hope this review helps someone. I have red hair and light skin. I went to Hawaii two months ago and it was amazing. I have always used various sunscreens, but they didn't give good protection, or if they did, I would get really itchy and uncomfortable skin when I washed my skin after being outside. There is a Good protection! I used a loofah and a body wash and it came off easily, but it was too white. I agree that it is very white, but if you massage it in for a few minutes, it will absorb and you can't see it. My friend who is very dark skinned used some and initially was a bit upset with the color. I told her to rub it in, but a few minutes later she couldn't tell. It's a good thing that it doesn't blend well at first, but you can see what you have covered and what you haven't. The amount of times I missed a spot is unbelievable. This is to protect you, not to look like a model.

9. Banana Boat Mineral Based Sunscreen Ingredients

Banana Boat Mineral Based Sunscreen Ingredients

Sun protection that moms can trust for their little ones was tested. The National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance was granted to the 100% Mineral Sunscreen. It's easy to rub in a formula that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It's light and non-greasy, making it perfect for everyday fun. REEF FRIENDLY is made without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

Brand: Banana Boat

👤I ordered this because I was expecting "Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids tear-free", but I had an empty small can on the right that I was trying to replace. There was a big can on the left. It has different ingredients in different amounts and is not tear free. You cannot return it. I was walking through the steps of getting a replacement when the nice Amazon employee walked me through it. I told him that it had to be Simply Protect. He said he would make sure. There is a A can of Kids Mineral Enriched arrived a few days later. It's a pity. I have two huge cans of kid's sunscreen that I can't use on my kids. Very angry.

👤This is a good sunscreen. Several brands that I checked were clean of nasty chemicals that are bad for the environment. I don't want to kill off all the marine life, but I am not a tree hugger. The problem with most of these sunscreens is that they are hard to spread and cakey. It's not good to buy a spray bottle and have it spray a thick stream of white. I would have bought the bottled kind. The best clean sunscreen I have found is this one, it isn't streaky or cakey and white, and strikes a happy medium between the two. It does take a few touches to fully rub it in, but not endless passes like most of them on the market. Even if I spray her and let her go splash in the sprinkler a few minutes later, it does a great job on her. It doesn't make her or me look like a ghost. It is clear on the skin once rubbed in. I am buying more this month.

👤My daughter gets a red rash whenever we use sunscreens with chemicals or fragrances. Some sunscreens marketed for babies contained fragrances. There is a Her skin is protected from the sun by this sunscreen. It works and doesn't irritate sensitive skin because it's thick and spreadable. There is a If you're looking for something for a small child or sensitive skin, this is worth a try.

👤It works well. My skin isn't even slightly pink because I was out in the sun all afternoon. It's easy to spread. It's not pretty and it gives you a grayish appearance. That means you can see that it's working. I wore the coat all day and it was still on my arms at the end of the day, no burning at all. This really works well, stays on all day, and yes, it makes your skin white, but that's to be expected with a mineral based sunscreen.

👤The first one worked great and we bought two more. I really like this product. I'm giving it a one star because we just started using the second one and the spray nozzle is jammed. The return window was closed two days ago because the container was full. We would be happy to change our rating to five stars if we could exchange this can of spray for another one. We can't even exchange the can because it's faulty. We bought a two-pack and wouldn't have had a reason to try the second one yet, so the exchange window should be bigger.

10. Thrive Natural Mineral Sunscreen Ounces

Thrive Natural Mineral Sunscreen Ounces

The zinc oxide sunscreen creates a physical barrier to the sun with water resistant skin protection for up to 80 minutes. It's perfect for any outdoor adventure. Safe and healthy alternative to sunscreen. Compared to mineral SPF 50, there is a less greasy and oily white cast. Mineral sunscreen is non-tinted. Sun defense and repairing body sunscreen SPF 50 is all natural and provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. Sun block formula for men and women helps repair skin damaged by sun using clinically-proven natural ingredients. SPF 50 Sunscreen is powered by Costa Rican super-plants Juanilama, Fierrillo and Coralillo, and is delivered in a tube made from plants, not petroleum, for a lighter environmental footprint. Their formula helps reduce redness and repair skin from sun exposure. Natural sunscreen with no chemical sun screen filters, cruelty-free, vegan, PABA-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, no synthetic colors, fragrances or ingredients is guaranteed. If you don't like your Thrive Natural Sunscreen, they'll give you a full refund. Every purchase supports Costa Rica Rican farmers, who produce their super plants through regenerative farming, with a healthy natural zinc sunscreen. The business model and supply chain of Thrive is designed to help farmers restore degraded soil on their land. Customer purchases help grow this positive footprint plant by plant.

Brand: Thrive Natural Care

👤This sunscreen is great as it protects my skin from the sun and it blends well with my dark skin tone. I can go in and out of the ocean more than 5 times before I feel like I need to apply. I highly recommend this sunscreen because it is more safe than other products and it is environmental friendly.

👤There is a shelf of sunscreens. I am trying to find a sunscreen that protects my face. I am fair skinned, so if it is a white cast, it isn't noticeable. I would like to not have to worry about it. I don't like using chemical sunscreens. I use those on my body but not on my face. The physical sunscreens are better for me. If you're looking for a physical sunscreen, this is fine for darker skin tones. There is a This is a nice sunscreen. I don't bother with my expensive skin care routine since I am likely to sweat it off, I know where I will be sweating a bit. The sunscreen has some skin care goodies. I feel like I am still doing something for my skin. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties, and is more effective than vitamins E and C. The hydrolipid barrier is regenerated to promote hydration. It smells like a punch of fruit. It lingered for a while then dissipated. They don't get upset when I get it near my eyes. It is a strong scent for something that is likely to go on the face. There is a There are no synthetic colors, fragrances or ingredients in bottles. "Fragrance" is vague, and although not synthetic, it should be clear as to what it is. There is a The company says that the scent comes from essential oils. They should list the essential oils used. I think it's a blend of two things, but essential oils are different thanfragrance. It would be helpful to know the exact oils used. It wasn't mentioned that essential oils are used to create fragrance, but that it would be naturally occurring from some of the other ingredients. Which is it? If it is the latter, the company would be doing themselves a favor by removing the word fragrance from the ingredient list since it would be redundant to keep it in there. A product can have a scent because of other ingredients that have a scent that is naturally occurring. If it is a matter of it being from essential oils, then that should be listed as well. Some people have strong reactions to essential oils on their face, whether it's from scent or activity. Some don't have a reaction. Some people have strong reactions to "fragrance" as an added ingredient. Normally I see "fragrance" on a bottle and choose something else, as it typically depicts synthetic, and if it isn't synthetic then it doesn't need to be listed generically as fragrance, but specifically as to what the fragrance is derived from. There is a I thought I would add that as I am sure potential customers will be looking at the ingredient list and this may help them. I hope the review helped you. I will come back to update if I learn anything new. Take care of yourself and your family. Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Phytic Acid, Arrabidaea Chica, Lippia Alba, and Tasmannia Lanceolata Fruit Extracts are used in Seed Oil. There is a leaf extract and a fragrance.

11. SurfDurt Resistant Pigmented Sunscreen Container

SurfDurt Resistant Pigmented Sunscreen Container

SurfDurt is a reef safe sunscreen made with 11 food grade ingredients and non-nano zinc oxide. Natural sunscreen protects your skin and keeps marine and aquatic life safe. Natural mineral sunscreen. Non-nano zinc oxide is the only active ingredient in SurfDurt. The mineral base is made from coconut,avocado, and jojoba oil. SPF 30 protection that is water-resistant up to 80 minutes is the performance driven. You can see and trust the thick and spreadable coverage. This natural sunblock is produced in San Diego, CA, with all of the ingredients being sustainable. A safe sunscreen that protects. You're the real solution. The people who choose to use reef-safe sunscreen make a difference because of the amazing natural sunscreen with non-nano zinc oxide. The real solution is you.

Brand: Surfdurt

👤I surf for hours on end. I usually use surf yogis which is a similar product with the same ingredients but it will stay on for long sessions. This stuff does not. It is very soft and can be wiped off. I like the ingredients but they need to be reformulated to stick more. During short sessions, it doesn't last that long. I wouldn't recommend using this to surf. It has a great chocolate smell and would be good for chillin on the beach.

👤I have been using this sunscreen and I am very happy with it. During our last trip to the beach, it protected me and my toddler. The tint was great and it stayed on. The tint improved my complexion. I felt like I was getting my makeup done. I've been searching for a long time for an eco-friendly/non-toxic sunscreen that I can recommend.

👤I'm a man. The makeup is thick and beige. The bathing suit was stained permanently. The stains won't come out in the wash. I only used it at a crowded pool and had to change my bathing suit because of the brown stains on it. I wish I could get a reimbursement for the new bathing suit.

👤This stuff is outstanding in Maui. It gets warm. I look like a mime the whole day because the other reef safe sunscreens are white. This is not white. You don't look ridiculous! It is very thick and you are protected. The smell of chocolate does not linger. It rubs on my bathing suits and clothes. You feel horrible swimming without sunscreen. The original review I wrote was from Massachusetts. I ordered this because of the outstanding reviews. I am suspicious of it before I try it. It smells like chocolate and has the texture of lip balm. I don't know how I'm supposed to apply this all over my legs and back. I will smell like chocolate. I thought it would smell like the ocean. I am not sure if I will get this back. I spent 40 dollars on 2 and couldn't believe how small it was. I might be used to large amounts of white lotion. The smell of chocolate is weird.

👤Superb product. I surfed for 3-4 hours and still had the durt on my face. Very happy. Does not make your eyes itch. I like the tan color. It's recommended that you don't like looking like a zombie.

👤This is smooth in a tropical climate. If you can help it, you will need to apply it before you head outside. If I don't do this, the product won't last as long in the surf. It clings to the skin a bit better after a short time on the face. I think the % of oils to wax is what makes it go on smoothly, but it may also want to stay soft and smooth. There is a A tin for travel. The smell is great. Eco-friendly. Good price-point.

👤I spent a week surfing in the Pacific. The color of the product looks natural in photos. This is as good a protection as Head Hunters. I like the consistency of the products. It stays on for hours in the water. I use this at home as well. This is the stuff; look no further!


What is the best product for eco friendly sunscreen reef safe hawaii?

Eco friendly sunscreen reef safe hawaii products from Safe Sea. In this article about eco friendly sunscreen reef safe hawaii you can see why people choose the product. Supergoop! and Alba Botanica are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sunscreen reef safe hawaii.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sunscreen reef safe hawaii?

Safe Sea, Supergoop! and Alba Botanica are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sunscreen reef safe hawaii. Find the detail in this article. Reef Repair, Seven Minerals and Coral Safe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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