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1. EWG Best Rated Non Mineral Sunscreen

EWG Best Rated Non Mineral Sunscreen

OCEAN FRIENDLY - Made in the USA with reef safe ingredients, and bottled in 100% recycled plastic collected from the coastlines of Haiti, Honduras, and Mexico. A sunblock that protects your skin and the planet. 2 is the EWG score. Their unique mix of added skin friendly ingredients makes their Sunscreen the best in class. You can keep your skin hydrated and safe from the sun with the blend of vitamins and minerals in each bottle. Water resistant up to 80 minutes with spf30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. The sun screen is made without oxybenzone, a harmful chemical in sunscreens that can cause serious health problems if it is not properly applied. The sun block is dermatologist tested and rated safe for sensitive skin. It is strong enough to protect against sun rays and gentle enough for delicate skin. Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Retinyl Palmitate, and Paraben are all free of animal products. The moment it arrives, start using your Seven Minerals Sunscreen Lotion. If you love it, they'll give you a full refund. You have to order now.

Brand: Seven Minerals

👤If you want to be reef safe, do not buy this product. It is not true. false advertising. The active ingredient in this sunscreen is avobenzone, which is killing marine life, and I think it's my fault for not researching the ingredients. Do not buy it. I will be buying a sunscreen with zinc oxide and it is reef safe. I fell for the green washing because I wanted to save our corals. The sunscreen is lying on the beach. It is not.

👤This is not a sponsored review. My own thoughts about my experience with Seven Minerals and this particular product I purchased. I like this sunscreen because I am a black American man with dark skin. It protects my dehydrated skin, does not irritate it, and does not leave a white cast on my skin. It is not oily. I only use this on my body, but I would feel comfortable using it on my face if I already have another sunscreen for my facial skin. A faint typical sunscreen smell does exist, but it is very light and not very noticeable. I enjoy spending time outside, so it is nice to have this sunscreen to protect me from harmful rays. The packaging is made out of non- harmful materials and it is cruelty-free. It is comforting to have that knowledge. There is a If you have a deep complexion and have dehydrated dark skin, this is the sunscreen for you.

👤Avobenzone is a substance that harms coral reefs. The state Senate passed a bill in March, 2021, that would ban the sale of sunscreens with two harmful chemicals. Coral resilience can be reduced due to the high ocean temperatures that are killing corals worldwide. This product has false claims and should be avoided. Other substances are harmful to the reefs. According to the sustainable tourism association of Hawai'i, sunscreens with the "reef safe" label may still contain harmful chemicals. The best option for you and the reefs is to cover up. You need to check the label if you still need to apply sunscreen. Avoid products with avobenzone. This product contains all of these chemicals.

👤I wouldn't buy it again. Since we have a pool, I have tried about a dozen brands of sunblock. My kids have sensitive skin. I was looking for something that wasn't mineral. There is a Family owned recycled packaging is a pros. Even for a long time in the pool, reef friendly works well against the sun. Consistency isn't smooth when you rub it in, and would prefer a higher spf.

👤The Reef Safe Sunscreen made it's way to the average consumer and I am happy about it. It's easy to order and delivery on the Amazon platform. Seven Minerals helped save the planet. This formula was created for Sensitive Skin and Face because of my dislike of sunscreen. Excellent recommendation!

👤I burn easily because I am fair skinned. I want a sunscreen that's safe for me as well as the environment, so naturally I've tried every mineral sunscreen known to man. Mineral sunscreens don't work well for people who burn easily. I was overjoyed when I saw this chemical sunscreen on EWG, it's a physical sunscreen, but it's considered chemical if it isn't zinc. It has a nostalgic sunscreen smell, but is very light compared to most. Non-active ingredients make this sunscreen different from others. The sunscreen that helps bind to your skin making it water resistant is what Dimethicone is. Amodimethicone is a 1 on EWG and is better than dimethicone to keep it 80 min water/sweat resistant. I use spf 50 most often during high UV index TOD and spf 30 for earlier and later TOD. Remember to layer your sunscreen on thick, let it soak in for a bit, and reapply after 80 minutes.

2. MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals Shield Clear Spray

MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals Shield Clear Spray

Mychelle sun screen is full sun protection. An SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against the harmful rays of the sun. The sunscreen spray has Jojoba, safflower seed oil, and linoleic oil, which help heal, soothe, and protect the skin. It does not contain retinyl palmitate or chemical UV absorbers. Shake well before use, apply to clean, dry skin and allow sunscreen to absorb completely before applying makeup, apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure, and use water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. Their sun care collection is designed to protect your skin against premature aging symptoms through a broad-spectrum formula.

Brand: Mychelle Dermaceuticals

👤If you want to know which one I thought was the best, scroll down to point 6 below. I have placed this exact review on every otherMSS I have used. I decided to go with mineral-based sunscreens because of all the talk about the environmental effects of the other sunscreens, but I am willing to avoid non-mineral sunscreens given the minimal investment on my part. There are a few important points in this review. No one paid me to write this review. I put down my own money to get all 13 of them. I wanted to find the best one by limiting bias. My wife gave me the look of a crazy person, but I guess I am stuck now. 2. There is a quick sunscreen lesson. We should try to get an SPF of 30. To hit SPF 30 you have to have at least 18% zinc. A combination of zinc and titanium will get you to SPF 30. You must add zinc to titanium because it isn't good enough to block UV-A light. I calculated the SPF based on the zinc and titanium percentages on the label, but they might be adding more SPFs from other ingredients, but I can't say for sure. SPFs 30+ were calculated by nine of the 13MSSs. Only four of the 13 had a calculated SPF greater than the label SPF. 3. The most important elements of anMSS are avoiding burns and eye irritation, because I can't judge cancer prevention or aging blockade in the short term. I tested everyMSS and it did the same things. 4. I am South Asian and not Caucasian. If you don't know what that is, you can either watch Russell Peters standup comedy or Wikimedia. My skin color is similar to Benjamin Bratt, but I am not in the same league of overall looks as he is. The ability of a white-coloredMSS to blend is important to me. Even brown people need sunscreen. It would be terrible for me to have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, but I would dodge those bullets with diet and exercise and luck. 5. I like the scent of most things. A lot of things that are labeled "unscented" have an odd, unpleasant smell to them. The scent score is a 3, a 5, or a 1 if it is truly unscented, and a 1 if it smells bad. 6. The final conclusion is here. Only 3 of the 13MSSs I tested had a combination of characteristics. SPF 30+, smell score 3+, and blend score 4+ were calculated. Neutrogena Zinc, Aveeno Positively Mineral, and Blue Lizard were the top three. Neutrogena and Aveeno were only half the price of Blue Lizard. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc and Aveeno Positively Mineral were tied for first place. Blue Lizard is twice as expensive as the others, but might be slightly easier to maneuver on your face with a smaller stick. There is a This will help you choose your next mineral sunscreen stick. A2

3. Anti Jellyfish Protective Hypoallergenic Jellyfish Prevention

Anti Jellyfish Protective Hypoallergenic Jellyfish Prevention

Safe Sea Jellyfish Sting Protection. The Jellyfish and Sea protective lotion is good for open water swimmers. Sun protection is designed to last longer in water. Safe Sea sunscreen and lotion was found to be effective in preventing sting from most Jellyfish, Man-o war, Sea Lice, Sea Nettle, Atlantic box jellyfish, Rhopilema, and Fire Corals without harming the ocean life. Contain vitamins E and B, and for sensitive skin. After 80 minutes of swimming, sweating or towel drying, apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure or entering the water. Jellyfish can be dangerous. This product is not a guarantee against sting and should not be considered a recommendation to go into the water.

Brand: Safe Sea

👤Be careful not to refer to marine safe. The term is not regulated. I bought something useless in the ocean and exploited the trust of people with false advertising. It was banned in Hawaii. Don't bring it to the islands. The product contains 20% banned substances. There is a Homosalate is 10%. Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is a phenotic acid. Any form of microplastic sphere or beads Shameful.

👤These reviews have to be fake. We put this on a lot. Stung, myself badly... We are not in an area with a lot of them. It made the sting harder to treat.

👤I have been using this sunscreen for a while. I don't know how it works, but he has not had an issue with sea lice since he has been using it. We travel a lot. He has gotten bit under his rash guard and shorts, but he hasn't gotten bit on his extremities by sea. It has worked well for us. I use sunscreen on his face because I worry about chemicals, not because he has ever had a reaction. He has never been sunburned with this sunscreen.

👤After reading comments from other people, I purchased a Disney Cruise. I'm not sure if this product prevents sting or if there were sea lice in the area when we visited, so I can't say for sure. None of us were stung or sunburned. If you are concerned, I would recommend Safe Sea Protective Lotion.

👤I contacted the company through email and they have not responded for a week. I bought a sea safe to protect me from the sun. The description said it was a barrier against stinging insects. It's not clear by the label if it says nothing about jelly fish. I'm not sure if it contains the barrier. I was hoping for answers from the company I sent the emails to. I haven't tried it yet. I wanted the jelly fish barrier in it, so I hope it's not expensive.

👤This doesn't work. 3 out of the 4 family members were stung. Absolutely terrible product. We were all sunburned while wearing this product. We are 60 days out and I wish I could come back for a refund. Find something else if you are warned to do so.

👤Multiple sea lice sting were the result of the first trip to Fiji. I took this with me on the next few trips. You know how bad sea lice sting can be. I take this on every snorkel and scuba vacation.

👤I spend my winter in Florida but have started to get a bad reaction to jellyfish. I was disappointed that I couldn't go into the ocean again. The product has helped. I put a very heavy sunscreen on my torso under my bathing suit and it seems to work.

👤It is a good sun screen but not an anti-Jellyfish sting lotion. Does not work against lions mane.

4. TropicSport SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen Stick

TropicSport SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Tropicsport is reef friendly and safe on your skin. They spent 6 years formulating a sunscreen that is free of all three of them. Their sunscreen is made from the only two active ingredients that the FDA deems safe for humans, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. The best water resistance is passed by both the U.S. and Australian tests. It lasts up to 3x longer than other sunscreens. You should reapply at least every 2 hours to maintain the best protection. Surfers demand the best sun protection for long periods in the most extreme water environments. It is safe for the whole family. It is gentle on sensitive skin. Everyone in your family should be protected from the sun with broad spectrum coverage and no active chemicals. It's safe for all skin types. No thick, goopy white look, goes on clear, goes a long way. Zinc Oxide is a high quality, non-nano Zinc Oxide which dries clear and sheer on your skin. You use less of it if you use mineral sunscreen. It sits on top of your skin and reflects the sun's rays whereas chemical sunscreens enter your bloodstream.

Brand: Tropicsport

👤The sunscreen stick I keep in my purse has some of the worse-for-you chemicals in it. It is usually pulled out at soccer games when I forget to apply it to my 8 year old and she will suffer a sunburn as a result. This is a mineral sunscreen. This one actually rubs in enough so that you don't end up looking like a ghost with it on. The smell is pleasant and does not burn the eyes.

👤This brand has been great for preventing burns for a light-skinned family but I was disappointed in this particular item in their product line because I got it for the purpose of sticking in my purse. It's in the car and on the go. It doesn't come up the tube when you try to roll it up. I'm sure it works if it's warm but I'm not going to need it. There is a It is reef friendly and it is very healthy for your family. It goes on very white. That's what you get when you use a good sunscreen. I can't use Lost Stars if I can't get the product out.

👤Sooo... I gave the face stick a 2 stars because I didn't get burned, I applied it every 70 to 80 minutes, and gave it 15 minutes when I got out of the water. There is a I developed a rash on my face and cheeks after using it for 2 days. I don't have sensitive skin and have never had a reaction to any other product. After 3-4 days of using the face stick on my tattoos, a rash started on my forearm and I used the facestick sometimes. It took nearly a week for the rash on my face to go away.

👤I am very happy with this sunscreen. It is easy to rub in with little white residual. There were no burns on our skin. Purchasing more will allow you to go to the beach. It does not contain ingredients that will make bathing suits discolored.

👤My six year old son has been burned by many mineral-based sunscreens. I like to keep it natural, so I don't skimp on quality. The stick is very strong and can stay on for 60 minutes on him. I will use it the only way I can.

👤A friend recommended this product line and I've been looking for a natural mineral facial sunscreen. If you rub it in, the white cast will disappear. I used it many times and got burned every time. I went in the water for a swim, not a heavy water sport like skiing. I don't know if it's the water resistance or something else. The dial mechanism doesn't work that well and it's a cute little package. If you twist up too much, the product won't come back down into the tube. I would return it. I was outside the window one day.

👤I got this for a trip to Hawaii and it worked well. It is a little white on application, but can be rubbed in and invisible. I didn't want to get sunburned on my face.

5. Coppertone Continuous Sunscreen Spectrum 5 5 Ounce

Coppertone Continuous Sunscreen Spectrum 5 5 Ounce

This high-performance sunscreen protects you from the sun with a durable and water-resistant formula that leaves a light, airy feeling on your skin. Reapply as directed. Continuous spray works at any angle for maximum coverage. The sun's most damaging UV rays are protected. Your skin's defense against oxidation is refueled by the use of moisturizers and vitamins E and K. It's important to use a tough sunscreen for outdoor activities where every moment counts, whether it's at the big game, the jobsite, running or cycling. Two SPF 30 sunscreen sprays are included in this pack.

Brand: Coppertone

👤I have used Coppertone with both of my kids for years and never had an issue, so I don't know what is going on with this particular product on Amazon. It didn't work for my kids. My three-year-old got burned on her upper thighs/buns after swimming for six hours and applying every single hour. Not a happy camper! Two kids are still fried even though they used an entire can in one day.

👤I don't think it's a coppertone sunscreen. I got sunburnt when I tried it twice. I buy coppertone at the drugstore and have used it for years. I threw them away. The money was wasted. I won't buy it from Amazon again because it isn't something I want to take a chance with.

👤I bought my son a block early this year. Why? I am embarrassed to say that I did not check to make sure it was a reef ocean. It's safe. I don't remember if I used this sunblock, but I've been using it for a long time. I'm not knocking them. I bought it in Hawaii and they make it. I'm not saying that these bottles aren't. I said that I didn't check so I'm going to always check. Hopefully you will as well. You just see the little circle. I don't know if they're going to make it clear that it's safe now that they say it's all of this cancer causing stuff. I'm not sure if the sun will give you cancer or if the sunblock will. It's a nightmare. I have been using this for as long as I can remember, and I'm sure I used up the three bottles, because I live in San Diego. I like bronzed skin. I don't want to get skin cancer. I have nothing bad to say about them. I am happy that they are also reef and ocean safe.

👤These are similar to buying potato chips. You get half a bag or can of product. You have to apply, reapply, and then you're out the next day. Is this cheaper than getting melanoma? Yes.

👤We like how easy it is to apply this sunscreen. I notice more staining on suits and tshirts when we use spray than when we use lotion. That doesn't stop us from buying it.

👤I am a scuba diver. I am a guy and guys don't usually let other guys use sunscreen on them, and being a bit reserved I would like to ask a female that I don't know to do this. I can get the necessary coverage over my back without having to get someone else to do it. I will apply on the stern of the boat so that I don't cover anyone else on the boat. I have never gotten burned or overly tanned while using this product.

👤The price is perfect for a sunscreen. You can't beat this price, I love this stuff. The price was the same at Walgreens. It was at Walgreens for one. I recommend buying it on Amazon. The spray is hard to get.

6. Thrive Natural Mineral Sunscreen Ounces

Thrive Natural Mineral Sunscreen Ounces

The zinc oxide sunscreen creates a physical barrier to the sun with water resistant skin protection for up to 80 minutes. It's perfect for any outdoor adventure. Safe and healthy alternative to sunscreen. Compared to mineral SPF 50, there is a less greasy and oily white cast. Mineral sunscreen is non-tinted. Sun defense and repairing body sunscreen SPF 50 is all natural and provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. Sun block formula for men and women helps repair skin damaged by sun using clinically-proven natural ingredients. SPF 50 Sunscreen is powered by Costa Rican super-plants Juanilama, Fierrillo and Coralillo, and is delivered in a tube made from plants, not petroleum, for a lighter environmental footprint. Their formula helps reduce redness and repair skin from sun exposure. Natural sunscreen with no chemical sun screen filters, cruelty-free, vegan, PABA-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, no synthetic colors, fragrances or ingredients is guaranteed. If you don't like your Thrive Natural Sunscreen, they'll give you a full refund. Every purchase supports Costa Rica Rican farmers, who produce their super plants through regenerative farming, with a healthy natural zinc sunscreen. The business model and supply chain of Thrive is designed to help farmers restore degraded soil on their land. Customer purchases help grow this positive footprint plant by plant.

Brand: Thrive Natural Care

👤This sunscreen is great as it protects my skin from the sun and it blends well with my dark skin tone. I can go in and out of the ocean more than 5 times before I feel like I need to apply. I highly recommend this sunscreen because it is more safe than other products and it is environmental friendly.

👤There is a shelf of sunscreens. I am trying to find a sunscreen that protects my face. I am fair skinned, so if it is a white cast, it isn't noticeable. I would like to not have to worry about it. I don't like using chemical sunscreens. I use those on my body but not on my face. The physical sunscreens are better for me. If you're looking for a physical sunscreen, this is fine for darker skin tones. There is a This is a nice sunscreen. I don't bother with my expensive skin care routine since I am likely to sweat it off, I know where I will be sweating a bit. The sunscreen has some skin care goodies. I feel like I am still doing something for my skin. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties, and is more effective than vitamins E and C. The hydrolipid barrier is regenerated to promote hydration. It smells like a punch of fruit. It lingered for a while then dissipated. They don't get upset when I get it near my eyes. It is a strong scent for something that is likely to go on the face. There is a There are no synthetic colors, fragrances or ingredients in bottles. "Fragrance" is vague, and although not synthetic, it should be clear as to what it is. There is a The company says that the scent comes from essential oils. They should list the essential oils used. I think it's a blend of two things, but essential oils are different thanfragrance. It would be helpful to know the exact oils used. It wasn't mentioned that essential oils are used to create fragrance, but that it would be naturally occurring from some of the other ingredients. Which is it? If it is the latter, the company would be doing themselves a favor by removing the word fragrance from the ingredient list since it would be redundant to keep it in there. A product can have a scent because of other ingredients that have a scent that is naturally occurring. If it is a matter of it being from essential oils, then that should be listed as well. Some people have strong reactions to essential oils on their face, whether it's from scent or activity. Some don't have a reaction. Some people have strong reactions to "fragrance" as an added ingredient. Normally I see "fragrance" on a bottle and choose something else, as it typically depicts synthetic, and if it isn't synthetic then it doesn't need to be listed generically as fragrance, but specifically as to what the fragrance is derived from. There is a I thought I would add that as I am sure potential customers will be looking at the ingredient list and this may help them. I hope the review helped you. I will come back to update if I learn anything new. Take care of yourself and your family. Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Phytic Acid, Arrabidaea Chica, Lippia Alba, and Tasmannia Lanceolata Fruit Extracts are used in Seed Oil. There is a leaf extract and a fragrance.

7. Every Man Jack Continuous Sunscreen

Every Man Jack Continuous Sunscreen

Protect and care for your skin with ingredients you know, like shea butter, and vitamins E, and it's free of harmful chemicals. Sun care for all is specially formulated to offer broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 protection; protects skin from the sun's damaging rays without harsh chemicals or oxybenzone; water and sweat resistance for up to 80 minutes; non-comedogenic. It's ideal for all skin types. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization (PETA) has never tested on animals, and the ocean and reef are safe to use. San Francisco born, manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Every Man Jack

👤What more could you ask for? I will be ordering more once the two bottles I ordered run out. I was protected from the sun for several hours. No burn! It feels lightweight and goes on easy. This product is very good. It stays on when you're in the water, sweating, or sitting on the beach. All good for you. It's good for the planet to have safe oceans and reefs. A great product from a great company. I'm glad Every Man Jack released a sunscreen. I will apply this to my body every morning. I use a sun stick on my face. It's a great combo to stay protected from harmful UV rays.

👤Most suncreens were too greasy and smelly. There is a Excellent spray that covers quickly and does an excellent job of protecting from the sun... and it is not harmful to the skin.

👤This is a spray. It is completely clear that it is hard to see coverage. I don't recommend this product if you are going to be outside for a long time playing sports or in the water. Yes, I am hanging outside for a 2 hour barbecue.

👤It's not a problem to use this spray on sunscreen for the golf course, it's just that I have to grip the clubs. Also, you don't have to worry about broken caps exploding sunscreen all over your bag. The job is done quickly and portable.

👤I need sun protection for long days of training in the oppressive heat and humidity of the south. This stuff works. The spray application holds up after hours of use. The performance is second to none and I like knowing that the products are eco friendly and cruelty free. The new sun care products are recommended by me.

👤He shaves his head and plays golf. In the summer he has used all kinds of sun screens but nothing works and he has to re- apply and still get burnt. He puts it on before he leaves the house so he can use it all day. He doesn't get burned anymore. He now buys all of the Jack products.

👤On a 3 day trip on a river, I had no sunburn. It was applied easily and worked well. I have used the best sunscreen.

👤I don't like heavy greasy sunscreens. This is very easy to apply. It is light and dry. It seems to give good protection.

8. Banana Boat Sunscreen Performance Spectrum

Banana Boat Sunscreen Performance Spectrum

Water can be resistant to 80 minutes. There is a spray that is invisible. No cap, twist and lock spray.

Brand: Banana Boat

👤The title and text say it's reef friendly and safe for use near natural reefs, but all of the active ingredients on the back are banned in Hawaii. If you're using this sunscreen outside of a pool, you may be damaging our environment. Our reefs are being killed by the chemicals in sunscreens in the ocean, so lakes and rivers may be fine, but not there. Even if I didn't care about that, it feels like an LIE to put "reef safe" on the label and heading of the product when it's clearly not! There is a I can't use this sunscreen because I don't want to hurt my skin. I am out the money because I am not able to return it because it is considered a dangerous item to ship. I paid for the items.

👤The product is either counterfeit or factory seconds as it does not work. This product has been used by us before and we like it. I had to apply the product every 30 minutes, but it didn't prevent sunburn. I bought a new can of the same stuff from a store. It worked the next day. Someone is wrong with this lot. This item can cause injury if they are removed from sale.

👤There are zero stars from this family. We are walking around with blisters and burns. I wondered how anyone would want to give a review with zero stars. Well, I wish I could, but here's why. The product is not effective at preventing sunburns. When it comes to my children, I use a religious sunscreen. I had my usual sunscreen with me. I thought I'd bring more backup. I bought this banana boat sunscreen spf 30 because my usual coppertone was out of stock. There is a I was able to use what I had left of our coppertone sunscreen on the first day. A whole day in the river. We went to the river for 2 days. I didn't know that this banana boat sunscreen would fail my family and I on day 2. We applied regardless of whether we were in the water or not. I applied the product and waited for it to dry so my children could play in and out of the water. We usually use the same brand as I do. I put my faith in this. It did not work and my family and I both suffered from burns from the top of our feet all the way to the tips of our ears. I apply this banana boat sunscreen to all places. How can a product fail so badly? Photos of my burns have been included. I would look twice at this product if I were you. Don't buy it. If you try to prevent sunburn with this product, you will be Miserable. I will return the faulty sunscreen for a refund. I just hunted for the coppertone and I wish I had done it earlier. The banana boat will never get a dime from me. Don't sacrifice your skin for money. I hope I can save people from reading this review. I am unable to return this product because it is dangerous. Go figure. I will write Banana Boat directly and see if it makes a difference. I still have faith in my review. Unless you like sunburns, don't buy.

9. Banana Boat Sunscreen Formula Approved

Banana Boat Sunscreen Formula Approved

Super Ior EnduRANCE vs. SWEAT & WATER provides strong sun protection that stays on so you can play on. Broad spectrum protection protects you from harmful rays. Light weight, oil-free formula won't weigh you down. Water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes. REEF FRIENDLY is made without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

Brand: Banana Boat

👤The product is marketed as reef friendly because it does not contain oxybenzone. The four active ingredients used instead are not reef friendly.

👤I ordered them for the trip. I needed a sunscreen that was reef friendly. The original sunscreen I received was not reef friendly. I did not get the sunscreen pictured in the photo. It was useless. Money was wasted.

👤I looked at the ingredients in the photo. I wanted Reef Friendly sunscreen. There was a fourth chemical that wasn't in the photo online when the product was delivered today. According to a search I did for acceptable sunscreens in Hawaii that are reef friendly, that chemical isn't allowed. These were a great price and the right size to carry on the flight, so I'm very disappointed.

👤Don't buy. The stuff was expired. I ordered this as a pack of three because I was having a hard time finding travel sizes in the middle of winter. I applied this stuff every hour. I had the worst sunburn of my life. I didn't understand why pale people who applied less often didn't get burned. She told me that sunblock loses its effectiveness when it expires. I lost a few days of my trip because of the sun poisoning. I was disappointed.

👤Banana Boat Sport is a great sunscreen because it holds up through sweat and sea water. I have never gotten sunburnt while wearing it, but I do reapply it every hour and a half to two hours depending on what I am doing. My husband and I are going on a week-long beach vacation, only taking carry-on bags, and need sunscreen, so I was excited to find small travel size bottles of it. We fit 20 bottles in a quart size bag, which is equivalent to two standard 8oz bottles. See the pictures for reference. One of us will bring a quart size bag of toiletries with us, the other will have everything else. I am very happy with my purchase. There is an edit. We bought a pack of bottles.

👤I saved my skin in Costa Rica. I was sweating like a pig there. This sunblock did it. I only reapplied when I needed to after swimming or showering, and we were in the hot equator sun. I'm a fair skinned redhead. That's saying something. The travel size was great. We only did carryon luggage so the travel size was necessary, but the size was also great so I could carry a bottle in my purse/ hip bag when out on excursions.

👤I think this is one of the best sunscreens out there, as you don't really need anything more than SPF30 for effectiveness. The spf30 doesn't feel heavy on your skin, and it spreads quickly. I use this frequently because I live in a place where there is plenty of sun. It doesn't sting as much when it runs in your eyes as some other sunblocks. I like having these scattered around where I get dressed for the day, so I remember to apply, if just a little bit.

10. Hint Sunscreen Oxybenzone Pineapple Compressed

Hint Sunscreen Oxybenzone Pineapple Compressed

SPECTRUM PROTECTION:BROAD. The subtle hint of fruit that flavors hint at delicious waters is added to a broad spectrum SPF 30 formula to provide your skin with a mist of sun protection that's easy to apply and water resistant. It is easy to apply. It is easy to get the sun protection you need with each of the Hint's Sunscreens. The compressed-air spray has an extra-fast drying time. Only the good stuff. There are no propellant chemicals in the Sunscreen Hint, it is a more natural feeling coverage. It's not greasy like sunscreen and won't leave a sticky, white mess. Love the sun. The hint sunscreen mist is fruity and water resistant, and it protects you from the sun's harmful rays. Incomparable performance. Sunscreen is water resistant and it competes with brands like Coppertone, Alba Botanica, Think Baby, Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Sun Bum, Hawaiian Tropic, Eltamd, Laroche Posay, Biore, Aveeno, Blue Lizard, or Cerave.

Brand: Hint

👤I bought this in advance of our vacation in Florida. I have applied the sunscreen to my arms to see if it was oily or white tacky, because those are usually issues I find when I purchase sunscreen. I used a great sunscreen last year, but the spray was white and tacky, and would stick to my stroller fabric. This sunscreen smells like a dole whip and is not oily, greasy or lotiony. I'm going to order another bottle before we leave. I hope they never stop making this.

👤I'm giving this sunscreen to others. I think most should know about the small issue before buying it. The sunscreen worked great, smelled great, and all that jazz, but it leaves an orange stain on white clothing and does not wash out very well. When we went camping, I was really excited that this stuff worked, but when we got home, we found the white clothes we wore had orange rust from the sunscreen. This sunscreen is great if you don't wear white in the sun. Light colored clothing in the sun will stain your clothes. I will not apply with light colored clothing again.

👤The smell is awesome! I have been buying a similar product that is more expensive, but I love the water that this company makes, and I hate the smell of sunscreen. I bought this for a trip to Mexico. I loved it so much. The smell is amazing and I found it to be very resistant to water during my workouts and swimming in the ocean.

👤It is worth it to not have to smell like a normal sun block. When we went to the water park, no one had any color by the time we left, so we just kept applying it. My son has very bad skin and it did bother him. I have bought all of the scents since we used it at the water park.

👤The best sunscreen ever! It is lightweight and not greasy. You can't tell you're wearing sunscreen when you apply it. And the smell. So good. I work in California in the summer and need good sunscreen. I have tried many brands and nothing comes close to this one. Thank you for the great product! It's worth the extra couple bucks.

👤Do you wait as long as possible before applying sunscreen? You might get burnt in those first 20 minutes. The pineapple sunscreen has made a difference for me. I want to wear it because it smells like pineapples. The extra few dollars are worth it if use is the end goal. It's an amazing business to support. The only downside is that there is an oily top of water when you go in the ocean or pool after applying. But it works!

👤I used this for the first time on a trip to Disney World. It got the maximum testing. It smells like pineapple dole whip. The spray function seems to come out evenly. It has a wider spray than other bottles. Before I went to the parks I would have to apply it in the shower since there was no way to keep it from spraying out wide and on to the walls and floor. I feel like this sunscreen is a little more stickier than most others. It takes a bit of time to get to that point once it dries down. If you don't get it to that dry-dry point before you go outside, it feels like you're sweating to death. It probably doesn't and just feels that way as I didn't have any burning issues. I would apply once around 9am and be out in the sun until 12 or 1pm, without any signs of burning. That is pretty impressive, with all the sweating and high UV index. I don't like the way it feels. I did break out into a rash and I narrowed down the culprit to one item, so I would caution you in case you have sensitive skin, or if you want to test it out on only one body part and use something else familiar elsewhere. To make sure.

11. SEA SKI Broad Spectrum Continuous Sunscreen

SEA SKI Broad Spectrum Continuous Sunscreen

Beyond UV Anti-Aging helps keep skin looking young. It's specially formulated to help protect skin from environmental early aging. It is recommended to use it during extended sun exposure. Beach '55 is the signature scent of SEA & SKI and it transports you to the beaches of youth. It's inspiring to stay a while and experience unknown adventures. This is the beach that you dream about. Their continuous sprays use pure air bag-on-value technology, recycled components, total product dispersion, and completely sterile product packaging. Better for the environment and better for your skin. The difference between the two is called the SEA & SKI difference. "Made in America" is about pride and independence. The small-batch skincare is made with high-quality ingredients. They left out everything you don't want, like animal testing, and what's left is proven sun protection, made in America.

Brand: Sea & Ski


What is the best product for eco friendly sunscreen reef safe spray?

Eco friendly sunscreen reef safe spray products from Seven Minerals. In this article about eco friendly sunscreen reef safe spray you can see why people choose the product. Mychelle Dermaceuticals and Safe Sea are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sunscreen reef safe spray.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sunscreen reef safe spray?

Seven Minerals, Mychelle Dermaceuticals and Safe Sea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sunscreen reef safe spray. Find the detail in this article. Tropicsport, Coppertone and Thrive Natural Care are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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