Best Eco Friendly Sunscreen Spf 15

Sunscreen 2 Oct 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Coral Safe Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Coral Safe Natural Mineral Sunscreen

SPF 30 mineral sunscreen. When applied as directed, high Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB protection can be provided. The sunscreen creams give a protective shield to the skin from the sun's harmful rays. It goes on clear! Coral reef is safe. Save the coral reefs. The oceans' coral reefs are in danger due to harmful chemicals in traditional, chemical sunscreens. The best skin care. All of their products are safe for most skin types because they are all natural and effective. Special formula applies clear coating to skin for maximum protection. It can be used to keep the burn off for 80 minutes. This is also non-allergenic and does not contain chemical fragrances or chemical preservatives. It's great for all ages and ideal for eco-nature parks where only mineral, biodegradable, and environmentally safe sunscreens are allowed. It is made in the USA. Their products are great for kids and babies as well.

Brand: Coral Safe

👤The product works very well. There is no burn or tan to speak of. I purchased this product because I wanted to be respectful of the nature of the Caribbean islands and protect the coral reefs. I liked the product, but I would have liked it more if it didn't leave a white cast on my skin. I think darker skin tones will have a hard time getting the product to blend and not leave a white haze on the skin. This is an excellent product for blocking the rays and preventing tanning, all while being reef safe.

👤The product was described as clear. It is not. It is hard to spread. Doesn't spray either. Returned it.

👤I don't like sunscreen. This stuff is great. It is easy to rub in. This isn't an aerosol spray so it won't blow everywhere. My kids preferred this more than spray on sunscreen.

👤We need sunscreen all year long in Colorado. This is all natural. It's easy to use, and I appreciate that it's not an aerosol. I gave the scent 5 stars because it doesn't have much of a scent, I think that's a win. This product and the small sunscreen stick were purchased by me. I prefer the stick for taking along wherever I go.

👤It was very difficult for Diogo to open it. I got a pen. It was a bit sticky when I applied it. It was fine. Neither good nor bad.

👤We have been using this product for over a month and it has been great. It's like a spray of cream. It's easy to spread, especially for kids. Look forward to the next one!

👤Doesn't go on clear. The sheen was white.

👤The product would buy again. I like the spray-on feature, but the product lasts much longer than normal spray-on bottles. It's easy to spread the sunblock.

2. Coral Safe Sunscreen All Natural Biodegradable

Coral Safe Sunscreen All Natural Biodegradable

EXPERT SUN PROTECTION. This broad-spectrum sunscreen is enriched with Zinc Oxide. It is made with the skin-loving oils of aloe Vera and keeps your skin hydrated and soft. Great for all skin types. The stick glides onto your skin gently to make it easy to apply and keep it away from your hands. It keeps germs away from your face and hands. Their SPF 50 sunscreen is micro-tested and is reef-safe. They don't test on animals, so you can rest assured that this sunscreen is 100% cruelty-free. They are committed to bringing you the highest quality, safest, and purest products. Coral Safe has a high quality sunscreen. They are committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Coral Safe

👤I was looking for a reef safe sunblock stick for a trip that I am going on. I bought it before the event. Why? The product is very small. The tube is about the length of my middle finger and only has a small amount of product in it. It was easy to spread and was white in colour. I was going to take this with me on vacation, but it looks like I will have to find something else. It was reef safe and there wasn't a scent to it, but that's what I liked about it. I will be returning the product because I am very disappointed with the amount of money I spent. Buyers beware, this is a waste of money.

👤I had to write a review for this product. I am always on the go and looking for a sunscreen that is small enough to fit in my packet and safe for the whole family. Well, found it! I like the fact that it is clear. A little goes a long way. Definitely recommend it.

👤This doesn't bother my skin at all. It doesn't make me look pastey. The stick format is great for keeping my skin clean and bringing my sun protection on the go because I have sensitive skin. It's eco-friendly. It's a good thing. Highly recommended.

👤I have a sunblock that will fit in my pocket and it is next to my wallet, so I don't forget my sunscreen. I will keep one in my camera bag and one in the glove box of each car. It works great and I love the convenient size that is reef safe. I'm moving to Arizona and will need a lot of this.

👤This is something you use to remove small spots on your face. Maybe ears and neck. It works well, but it leaves a little of a white look. It is easy to fit the container in your pocket and take with you when you are outside.

👤We like water activities so we keep them eco friendly. It protects you from the sun, but leaves a light white paste on you. My son had to put it on sooner than I did.

👤$10 for a stick. The stuff inside isn't all the way to the cap and the mechanism and base take up room. It's just a little more than what you see.

👤It was bought for our adventures in Hawaii. I don't know how good it was at protecting us from the sun there. It did help. The main thing we wanted was to keep the fish and coral safe. It is easy to apply curse. You don't get a lot so use it wisely. The fish are giving up 2 fins.

3. Banana Boat Protect Sunscreen Ingredients

Banana Boat Protect Sunscreen Ingredients

Mineral enriched sunscreen is available in the spray so you don't have to take sun care. Rub into the skin. High endURANCE vs. low end. SWEAT is sun protection that stays on so you can play. SPECTRUM COVERAGE protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. The superior formula is water and sweat resistant. It's light and non-greasy, making it perfect for everyday fun. REEF FRIENDLY is made without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

Brand: Banana Boat

👤The add above says that the product is reef safe, but when you look at the ingredients list, you see that it is not reef safe. They list that none of these are in the product, but you will find that every one of them is on the not safe for the reef. Don't buy this and think you're doing something to the environment. I have requested a refund.

👤The listing for this item was different between the time I ordered and when I received the shipment notification. I've used and liked the old formula of this sunscreen and reordered the same version. The formula and packaging have changed. I would not have ordered it because it is now 100% mineral. It is definitely a different product and they should have created a new listing for it. It is very confusing and annoying. I will use it on my kids as they don't mind a white cast, so I won't have to go back.

👤I use spray on kind because I am a big sunscreen user. Usually. I have had great experiences with Banana Boat products, but it has been a while. My go-to is usually a store brand spray. I decided to give it a try. I was surprised to find that it sprays on in a thick film, which defeats the purpose of a spray, it doesn't spray evenly, and it felt heavy. I did not get sun burn. I was aware that the product was on my skin. I will stick with my store brands.

👤One can not last long. Maybe one day. If you're going to go on a trip in the sun, you're going to need at least one of these per day. My husband and I went on a cruise in French Polynesia. We had to buy sunscreen on the third day. It blends in. The spray into hand method will keep you out of the wind. I will not be buying this type again. I bought it because it was cheap. Not a good choice.

👤I needed a sunscreen and purchased the spray and lotion for its reef safe claim. I hope it didn't hurt the reef because it didn't work as a sunscreen. Every person in my family has used this liberally and applied it frequently. We bought a different product at the resort gift shop which worked better than the one we had been using.

👤I thought it would smell like bananas, but the good news is that it doesn't. I wish it wouldn't sting my eyes when it starts melting into the skin. I eventually feel the burn when I avoid the eye area. I wish I didn't have to buy 3 tubes at the same time. It was recommended by a health magazine as the go-to sun blocker. I went to Amazon for the 3-tuber because local stores didn't carry it. I know the sun block properties of a product only last a year or two, so it's unfortunate that I have a lifetime supply.

4. Babo Botanicals Continuous Fragrance Sunscreen

Babo Botanicals Continuous Fragrance Sunscreen

A fast-absorbing, ultra-sheer and lightweight sunblock is good for you and your family. It's water resistant and perfect for kids and adults. It's for very sensitive skin. This sunscreen is made with 100% non-nano zinc and has 80 minutes of water and sweat resistant coverage. It's safe for the baby and the entire family. It's fragrance free. ZINC-BASED, MINERAL FORMULA is a sunblock that is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. Babo's organic Nutri-Soothe Complex enriched me. It is reef friendly. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. It is safe on the reef. There is no roxybenzone. The sunscreen is mineral based. Hypoallergenic means that it reduces the risk of allergic reactions. The Environmental Working Group rated the number #1 in safety. Almond, peanut, almond and walnuts are free. Made in the USA and B Corp certified. It's enough for the entire family, so just apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. It is recommended to apply after swimming, sweating, or towel drying.

Brand: Babo Botanicals

👤My search for a safe sunscreen is over. I've been discouraged by the fact that most of the safe ones are pasty and white and require a lot of rubbing. The product is rubbed completely in about two times. You can see where it landed when you sprayed it. It is completely non-oily when you rub it in. This is light enough that the skin can still breathe, which is something I have never liked using sunscreens for. I forget I am wearing it. If I am dissatisfied with its protection powers, I will change this. I've used this for a week now. Protection has been very good. I took more sun than usual and never burned.

👤There is a spray form for natural sunscreen. It works well and is convenient. My daughter is a fair skinned red head and it lasts for hours in the pool in the afternoon without re-application. I'm not sure I can afford to use it all summer. Make sure to spray in the grass and away from anything that might be damaged by it. After a few weeks of storms, I still see it on my garbage can and concrete patio. It seems to wash off in the shower.

👤Your kids are white! I had my daughter pose.

👤I was excited to find a spray sunscreen that was zinc oxide. It protected from the sun. After the second day of use, I had a rash on my neck, inner elbow, and chin. My daughter had a similar rash, but it was less severe. It worked well for my husband, who does not have sensitive skin.

👤This is my favorite toxicity sunscreen, especially for kids. You can run it in quickly because it sprays on easily. If you don't rub it in right away, you end up with white skin. It works really well and is the lowest toxicity rating on EWG for a spray. It smells good. Stays on. Kids don't complain. I am a huge fan.

👤This is the best zinc spray I've tried. It doesn't make you look like you have very white or silver skin, and it rubs in pretty easily. Some of them are so bad that they make you look like a crazy person and force you to use less healthy options. I will stick with this one until there is a clear option.

👤I spent a lot of time researching spray sunscreens to use when I was too lazy to re- apply when I went for a walk. Good ratings on EWG. It sprays on white because of the high zinc levels, but that doesn't bother me. It is possible to rub it in but it takes a bit more work. This is a spray sunscreen that I would recommend.

👤I ordered the Babo liquid sunscreen, Babo face stick sunscreen and Babo sunscreen to take on our Florida vacation. We went to the beach after coating our bodies with these products. We coated again after about an hour. After only 3.5 hours in the sun, this is the result. My husband and daughter burned very badly. All of us have olive skin tones. My husband was 800-273-3217 I tried to return the products, but they wouldn't let me. Don't buy this brand.

5. THRIVE Natural Moisturizer Mineral Sunscreen

THRIVE Natural Moisturizer Mineral Sunscreen

A zinc oxide sunscreen creates a physical barrier to the sun. Safe and healthy alternative to sunscreens. There is no white cast, fast absorbing, non greasy, non sticky and doesn't sting eyes. Non-tinted mineral sunscreen. Their formula helps reduce pilling and allows better layers on your skin. Sun Defense and Repairing Face Moisturizer is an all natural daily face cream that protects against the harmful rays of the sun. The sun block formula helps repair skin damaged by sun and environmental stressors. Juanilama, Fierrillo and Coralillo are Costa Rican super- plants that are rich in vitamins and minerals. The formula helps reduce redness and irritation while repairing skin from sun exposure. Coralillo is a plant that brings a boost ofAntioxidant, skin soothing and skin healing benefits. No chemical sunscreen filters, benzene free, cruelty-free, vegan, PABA-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, no synthetic colors or unhealthy ingredients are included. Two new innovative plant derived ingredients are more gentle for your skin and are replacements for their previous preservatives. There was no synthetic fragrances added, only a subtle scent from natural essential oils. If you don't like your Thrive, they'll give you a full refund. Supporting Costa Rica Rican farmers is possible with every purchase, you get a natural facial moisturizer and sun screen. The business model and supply chain of Thrive is designed to help farmers restore degraded soil on their land.

Brand: Thrive Natural Care

👤This sunscreen is great as it protects my skin from the sun and it blends well with my dark skin tone. I can go in and out of the ocean more than 5 times before I feel like I need to apply. I highly recommend this sunscreen because it is more safe than other products and it is environmental friendly.

👤There is a shelf of sunscreens. I am trying to find a sunscreen that protects my face. I am fair skinned, so if it is a white cast, it isn't noticeable. I would like to not have to worry about it. I don't like using chemical sunscreens. I use those on my body but not on my face. The physical sunscreens are better for me. If you're looking for a physical sunscreen, this is fine for darker skin tones. There is a This is a nice sunscreen. I don't bother with my expensive skin care routine since I am likely to sweat it off, I know where I will be sweating a bit. The sunscreen has some skin care goodies. I feel like I am still doing something for my skin. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties, and is more effective than vitamins E and C. The hydrolipid barrier is regenerated to promote hydration. It smells like a punch of fruit. It lingered for a while then dissipated. They don't get upset when I get it near my eyes. It is a strong scent for something that is likely to go on the face. There is a There are no synthetic colors, fragrances or ingredients in bottles. "Fragrance" is vague, and although not synthetic, it should be clear as to what it is. There is a The company says that the scent comes from essential oils. They should list the essential oils used. I think it's a blend of two things, but essential oils are different thanfragrance. It would be helpful to know the exact oils used. It wasn't mentioned that essential oils are used to create fragrance, but that it would be naturally occurring from some of the other ingredients. Which is it? If it is the latter, the company would be doing themselves a favor by removing the word fragrance from the ingredient list since it would be redundant to keep it in there. A product can have a scent because of other ingredients that have a scent that is naturally occurring. If it is a matter of it being from essential oils, then that should be listed as well. Some people have strong reactions to essential oils on their face, whether it's from scent or activity. Some don't have a reaction. Some people have strong reactions to "fragrance" as an added ingredient. Normally I see "fragrance" on a bottle and choose something else, as it typically depicts synthetic, and if it isn't synthetic then it doesn't need to be listed generically as fragrance, but specifically as to what the fragrance is derived from. There is a I thought I would add that as I am sure potential customers will be looking at the ingredient list and this may help them. I hope the review helped you. I will come back to update if I learn anything new. Take care of yourself and your family. Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Phytic Acid, Arrabidaea Chica, Lippia Alba, and Tasmannia Lanceolata Fruit Extracts are used in Seed Oil. There is a leaf extract and a fragrance.

6. Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Hydration Moisturizing

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Hydration Moisturizing

Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB coverage keeps your skin looking its best. SPF 15 is available. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it. It is recommended that you use an effective UV sunscreen. Silk Hydration Weightless sunscreen spray feels as if it's barely on, it's a unique formula with a light, airsoft texture that feels as if it's barely on. It's easy to apply spray-able sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun for 12 hours and leaves it soft and glowing. Their formula is made with a variety of island botanicals. The sunscreen protects the skin from the sun. The luxurious tropical scented sunscreen is infused with their classic coconut fragrance and mango fruit extract to give you an authentic island feel no matter where you are.

Brand: Hawaiian Tropic

👤This was kind of weird. I ordered a bottle of spf 15. I received 4 small bottles of spf 30. It was odd to get something completely different than what I ordered. I decided to keep what was delivered. The children can use the higher spf with the small spritz bottles. I missed the big bottle of spf 15 that I ordered.

👤I broke out in pain, and I have never had sensitive skin. I have used this product before and never had a problem. I'm not sure if this is even sunscreen. It's the most painful thing ever. Beware!

👤I bought this thinking it was what I have been using for a long time. I was wrong. Amazon allows to be sold under the Hawaiian tag, which is a fake product. It has a terrible scent that isn't normal, leaves a matt finish on your skin, and burns! There is a The worst part? Since the fine print is that it can't be returned, they don't care that it's a fake. Avoid all costs.

👤I love this sunscreen. It feels clean and dry after being applied. I didn't feel greasy and it didn't affect my skin like others have. It stayed on. I wish the can had more product inside.

👤The latest suntan sprays, oils, lotions, and gels have just been amazing, and Hawaiian Tropic has been my goto sunscreen for over 30 years. The spray has a familiar coconut smell and SPF 15 sun blocking abilities, but it's not as bold as the dark tanning oil, but it's there and it works great! I spent all day in the 90 degree sun washing our driveway and backyard porch without getting burned. I would recommend buying and rating it 5 stars.

👤This spray is very easy to apply. It's easier. I can't get it in my eyes, nose, and mouth. I find it easier to burn with this one than the Sport. It doesn't seem to stick as well, and it goes on "thinner" so it's harder to get a good level of protection.

👤I have a full star rating. It does what it is supposed to. It is a very feminine sent. I was expecting the traditional coconut smell, but it is not that. My expectations don't take into account the fact that this is a great sunscreen. The scent was too feminine for me.

👤It has a light beachy smell, absorbs well, protects my skin from burning, and provides hydration, but still allows me to tan.

👤I love this product.

7. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Lotion Sunscreen

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Lotion Sunscreen

REEF SAFE Sunscreen is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. The coconut scent is classic. There are exotic botanicals and extracts. The skin is healthy.

Brand: Hawaiian Tropic

👤I ordered this on 6/28. I have been using this oil for a few years. This is not an oil but a jello and it smells great. It does not smell like coconut but like acetone. Someone would do this to make a few bucks. Don't order it when you do!

👤SPF 8 works well for me in Arizona. Most people don't know that 30 is double protection of 15 and that's not true. SPF 4 gives 98% sun protection, SPF 8 gives 98%, SPF 15 gives 98%, and SPF 30 gives 98%. For an hour or two, I'm happy with the sun rays.

👤This smells terrible. Like paint thinner and chemicals. I get that tanning is bad for your skin. You don't have to insult the injury... Returned!

👤If you have ever used Hawaiian tropics before, you know it is a fake product that smells like paint and acetone mixed with a hint of coconut oil. I am so crazy. I did not listen to the reviews. I usually buy my tanning oils at the store. I hope this helps the next person. Don't waste your money.

👤I used this for two hours and it worked great. Don't leave it in the sun! It will be wrapped in a towel or something and left inside.

👤Cocoa butter was purchased. Webage shows active ingredients: Octocrylene and Oxybenzone. Avobenzone and Octocyrlene are active ingredients. I believe that the Cocoa Butter I purchased is a fake, and it contained active ingredients. Avobenzone and Octocyrlene have a 1.0% and 2% respectively. SPF 8 would have more active ingredients than SPF4 but it wasn't the case. I got burned a little with the SPF 8. It caused a lot of redness on my body, and it seemed to be chemical. I don't use sunscreen to start with in DR, Mexico, Hawaii, FL, etc. I bought this because I wanted to take better care of my skin. I didn't get burned when I put 4 on. My wife was burned with the SPF 8 and not the 4. I didn't use any sunscreen after a few days in the sun. There is a The bottles I received have plastic wrap, which is different to the bottles that are store bought. The quality of the plastic wrapping is better than the SPF 8 and 4 I received. There are a lot of numbers on the bottles.

👤It has a plastic label, does it not seem original? Is it possible that I have other store bought that are not labeled with plastic?

👤I went to look at their sunscreen at the store. I saw Hawaiian Tropic, SPF 30 and it has the same plastic wrap around the bottle as the one I saw. Maybe it's a new packaging. I'm not sure if this one is legit on Amazon due to the different active ingredients. There is a The packaging, ingredients, and scent are all mentioned in the other reviews. I agree that the label doesn't look right, and every picture I've seen online says "Sheer Touch", and this Amazon product image says the same. The bottle I received has a picture of Cocoa Butter on the front, but the Active ingredients don't match what I see on the Walgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond website. They both show Octocrylene and Oxybenzone. Walmart ingredients match this Amazon imposter... and it is an online only purchase sold by a third party. There is a Maybe Hawaiian Tropic changed the recipe? I agree with the others that this could very well be a fake, so I will return this either way. Maybe the seller will convince us that it is not. I have purchased other Hawaiian Tropic products from Amazon and have no complaints, so I decided to buy this somewhere else.

8. Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive 5 Ounce

Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive 5 Ounce

This broad spectrum sunscreen is great for beards. They love the reef and their Sensitive sunscreen is free of both Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. Mineral sunscreen acts like thousands of tiny mirrors that reflect UV rays away from your skin. Mineral active Zinc Oxide provides true broad spectrum protection. It's ideal for sensitive skin because it's PARABEN-FREE & FRAGRANCE-FREE. Water resistance can be up to 40 minutes.

Brand: Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

👤I am African American woman and I am from NC 50 in mac. I have a skin that is sensitive to oil. I was looking for a physical sunscreen to wear before I start using aha/bha. I wanted the sunscreen to have healthy ingredients and not cause me to have white powder on my face. I thought my journey was over when I landed on the Blue lizard. I chose this because the ingredients were great, they had a sensitive formula so the chances of irritation were low, and I read reviews on here that stated that you won't look like a cowboy. I thought I had hit the big time until I put this on my face. I used a pea size amount on my face for the first time because I was afraid it would make my face look ghostly. I didn't burn it so it does a great job. This sunscreen made me look like a pirate. My face was covered in small cysts all across my face. I thought it was my new regimen that was causing it. I didn't attribute it to this. I used the correct amount of Blue lizard the next day and I looked like a member of the blue man group. After washing this off, I saw large cysts on my face, chin, and cupid's bow. I stopped using it for 4 days because I thought it was breaking me out, and my skin came back to normal. To make sure that I was breaking out in my new regimen, I put the ingredients to all the products on, and every single one had either 1 or 0 for the irritant column. One of the ingredients in the blue lizard was comedogenic. If you have oily, sensitive, or dark skin, this won't work for you.

👤I bought this before I went to scuba dive in the Caribbean. I bought this product and another brand based on reviews and ratings on Amazon. I checked a number of snorkeling and scuba diving websites to make sure that they are really reef-friendly. I was very pleased with the performance of this sunscreen. I didn't get a sunburn, it didn't turn my skin white, and no coral were killed, because it took a little more effort to get it rubbed into my skin than I typically use. I have recommended Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen to all my friends and I will definitely use it whenever I get in the ocean.

👤This stuff is amazing. I have been suffering from a photosensitivity allergy for a year. If I went out in the sun for more than 15 minutes without sunscreen. A severe allergic reaction would last for days. Itchy rash, swelling, trouble breathing, the whole 9 yards. I read that a physical sunscreen like this one or a chemical sunscreen helped some people. I was skeptical but thought it would work out. There is a And it worked! I can't believe it. I don't have to worry that I'll end up with a red mess for 3 days. For the past two weeks, I've eaten lunch outside in full sunlight, without even a hint of itch or swelling. I can't say that it will work for everyone, but it is worth a try. There is a Make sure you shake the bottle before using it. The bottle should last you a while because you only need a small amount of product. When you rub it in, it looks like it's been there a long time. Within a minute, the whiteness fades. The brief moment of white helps me see where I've missed.

9. Sun Bum Moisturizing Protection Hypoallergenic

Sun Bum Moisturizing Protection Hypoallergenic

The original SPF 15 sunscreen spray is still in use. They use this every day. The smell of sunscreen is like summer. They made a sunscreen to protect people who love the sun. Sun protection is Mokturian. The sunscreen is non-comedogenic and is packed with vitamins. Their oil-free, water-resistant and reef friendly. SPF 30 spray is good for all skin types. How to use. 15 minutes before sun exposure, apply liberally to all areas of the skin and avoid the eye area. After 80 minutes of sweating or swimming, apply for the best results. Sonny has a tip. For maximum sun protection, apply every 2 hours. Protect your skin. The key to practicing safe sun is to protect your skin. Their Original Sunscreen line is Hypoallergenic, Octinoxate,Gluten, and Paraben Free to ensure a fun day in the sun. The Bum is a good place to trust. What does that mean? It means that the people who live on the beach need products that work on the most intense days in the sun. When you make products to protect the ones you love, you make them better. The Bum is a good place to trust. What does that mean? It means that the people who live on the beach need products that work on the most intense days in the sun. When you make products to protect the ones you love, you make them better.

Brand: Sun Bum

👤Terrible. Absolutely terrible. It is only 76% alcohol and that is all you will smell. Terrible. It is not possible to return it because it is dangerous. It's unbelievable. Your skin needs to be dried out. I wasted my money.

👤I used this product to make my swimsuit and towel orange. The plastic on the boat was orange. The product had a year left and was not expired. If you want your items orange, I wouldn't recommend buying this product from this company. I contacted the company, but they didn't do anything about it.

👤The review is for Amazon service, not item itself. I received a can that didn't spray, but I can't return it because of Amazon policy, so I have a full can that doesn't spray. So disappointing.

👤I like all of their products. Good stuff. I got a nice tan out of the first two applications after buying this for a trip to Mexico. It was empty by day three. A little disappointed. I didn't use that much. I don't need a whole bottle because I'm a fit dude.

👤SunBum makes the best products. My husband with fair skin and my son and I have medium skin tones and it works for us too. My husband and I use the 50 SPF face block for protection from the sun, and my son loves the stick for his face.

👤SunBum is an eco-friendly sunscreen that does not sting and is a great value to buy at Amazon's sale prices.

👤The scent is great. It works well in the Florida sun. Re-apply often. The company and product are great.

👤Sun Bum is the best. All around. Everyone in the family has a spf. My son is in laws from baby to butt white. Use a lot of their other products too. It is the best!

👤The spray is the best we've ever tried. The company that sold it was very good.

👤Ich ist die Sonnenschutz in Hawaii, das unser Sonnenschutz aus gegangen ist. Htten ist das es in DEU, so bekommen ist. Meine Haut ist eigentlich, aber bei alles super.

👤J'ai connu aux USA, sche qui hydrate et protge.

10. CeraVe Sunscreen Hydrating Mineral Titanium

CeraVe Sunscreen Hydrating Mineral Titanium

There is a Sheer TINTED SUNSCREEN. The tint leaves skin with a healthy glow and offsets the white-cast typically associated with mineral sunscreens. A physical sunscreen is a 100 percent Mineral filter based sunscreen that protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays. Three essential chemicals are used to lock in magnetism. The ceramides help restore the skin's natural barrier and lock in hydration. It is SAFE and GENTLE FORMULA. A tinted primer with SPF 30 can be worn alone or under makeup.

Brand: Cerave

👤The product was not made for other ethnicities. The tint was very light and not appropriate for my skin tone.

👤Mineral/physical blocks and chemical blocks are used to choose a sunscreen. It comes down to what works best for your life style, your skin and what other needs you are trying to gain from it, and each offer pros and cons. I like mineral sunscreens because they work well for me, and I have fair skin tone and the white cast isn't noticeable. Many of the tinted mineral sunscreens attempt to reduce the white cast but still leave a hint of a white cast, which is fine for me. It doesn't include a lot of other skin tones. It's usually necessary to use a chemical sunscreen to avoid the white cast, and to use an SPF that is hydrating or tinted to protect against the sun's harmful rays. Some people don't like chemical sunscreens. Conundrum! My skin is sensitive and I like a mineral sunscreen. I like to use a sunscreen that can double as a moisturizer, and since sunscreen is the most important thing, I tend to keep my day time skin care simple. I feel a little more polished because of this light coverage tint. I can tell there is a tint. It is sheer. There is a The CeraVe is made of CeraVe. A broad spectrum SPF of 30 can be achieved with a tinted mineral sunscreen. It has a sheer tint that initially appears dark and orange against my fair pink toned skin. I applied it to my face and forearm. This formula blended perfectly into my skin. After application, off coloring dissipated. It's most noticeable on my arm. I included pictures of it being applied and absorbed, just as it was spread on. I am not seeing any white cast. I'm not sure how dark of skin tone one can go before it appears too light, but if the seemingly darker color is absorbing into my skin, then perhaps it works similarly to those further along in color spectrum? My skin is light, pink and not too dark, but it does add a touch of warm color. There is a My skin feels hydrated and a bit smilfy. Not greasy. Not protected from the sun. I like that my skin leans dry. It contains a skin barrier protecting ceramides, which helps hold skin together by forming a protective layer that limits hydration loss and protects against pollution and other environmental stressors, as well as niacinamide, which works with the natural substances in your skin to help. Allergy tested, non-comedogenic for sensitive skin. It is gentle on the skin. I can apply it after my usual skin care routine, or just this as my only skin care. I've tried it under make up and liquid. It plays well with both. No pilling on my side. I like CeraVe. This has been great for me.

👤I have been a Cerave product user and consumer for a long time. Cerave is the supplier of most of my facial products. I was very excited when they released this product as the pictures they used to promote it showed it being used on darker complexions. I am a brown woman with warm skin in my early 20s, no sun spots, and no lines orwrinkles. The product is called Protection. The product protects against the sun. I did not experience this with the Cerave product because I have mildAcne that gets irritated when exercising or is exposed to direct sunlight. There is a The Viscosity and color are related. When using other sun products, you get a white color, but the lotion seems to be darker in color. The tinted lotion gave me hope. The lotion feels a bit heavy. I would call it putting a thin layer of Vaseline on your face. It was not true to say that it was a light-weight formula. There is a Application and more. The overall review is done. I tried this on in a day to day basis and even did a workout with it. There is a Is it workout friendly? Absolutely not. The product ran into my eyes as it caked up. It looked like a paint line on a wall after I had spray painted it. Cerave does not specify that their product is resistant against sweat, but it is something to note, as they do not specify that. I had a cast on my face when I applied this product. It was the color that appeared in the tube when you first showed it. It left me with dry, patchy spots on my face. I use a lot of serums below so there was no reason for the sunscreen to make my face look dry. The product name should say a lot about the promotion of this sunscreen. There is a I don't recommend this product for people with darker complexions because it is not compatible with melanin. This is not the best facial sunscreen for oily or sweaty people. I don't recommend the product for people with more Melanin in their skin, because it wasn't for me. I would have to argue that Cerave used models with darker complexions and gave the illusion that this was for darker skinned people, even though it did not work for me. I give it an overall 2-star rating.

11. Australian Gold Continuous Non Greasy Oxybenzone

Australian Gold Continuous Non Greasy Oxybenzone

SPF 15 formula is designed to provide ultimate hydration that deeply moisturizes the skin, and the caramel bronzer gives a faux sun-kissed golden glow for an instant tinted look. A rich blend of Kakadu Plum extract and Tea Tree Oil, both powerful anti-oxidants, fights off free radicals and leaves skin fresh. It has a scent of Coconut, Orange, andVanilla. BROAD SPECTRUM SUNBLOCK protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Before stepping out or reapplying, generously apply this lightweight, non-greasy sheer sun protector and tanning spray. The quick dry is fireproof. The spray bottle that comes with this Continuous Spray is convenient to use, it quickly gets absorbed by the skin and dries fast so you remain active at all times. Australian Gold's time-tested formula is designed to be free of all harmful substances. It is vegan, water resistant, and never tested on animals.

Brand: Australian Gold

👤The summers are hotter in the south than you know. I burn very quickly when I am in the sun. This sunscreen/tanning oil is the best, I mean, it's amazing. I use this for about a month and spray myself down whenever I go out, even if it's just for a few hours. I love it! It doesn't last long and it seems they're sold out from most stores.

👤I like this sunscreen. It is easy to use, provides long lasting protection from the Sun, dries quickly, and smells amazing.

👤It was easy to apply and it gave me a gorgeous tan. I use a lot of each application so it runs out fast. You can see where you sprayed. I usually get 3 applications for each bottle. It gives a nice tan. Evens out your skin. This is my new sunscreen.

👤I ordered this product to be used with my son. It was very difficult to spray during the first use. I contacted the seller. The seller said it was outside of the window. It's tough for us. If you bought this at the store, you could take a DEFECTIVE product back for an exchange, which is all I wanted and actual product that works. It's a waste of money to have something that won't spray.

👤I used mine for the first time today and I was really happy that it was very subtle. I can't tell if there's any added makeup. It is not greasy at all. I tanned outside for 20 minutes and didn't need to shower because I didn't get sweaty or stinky. The sunscreen smells great. I like continuous spray because I can spray my whole body. There is a The UV index during that time of the day was very high, but I didn't get burnt. I have light skin and it takes a while for me to get tan, so I will change this when I see a difference. I had some tan lines after today, but I don't know if it's from the instant bronzer or not.

👤I went to the Bahamas in February. I was skeptical about this because of the orange cast other ss with instant tanning left me with, but I wanted to bring a tan back to the great Northeast. It's unbelievable! I put it on before I went to the beach. I didn't have to worry about orange palms afterwards. I had a gorgeous tan when I came back, even though I didn't use it until I went home to snow and fake springtimes.

👤This stuff is amazing. If you know the Australian Gold scent, you will know that it protects you from the sun. It goes on smoothly, stays on and doesn't feel greasy. I burnt to a crisp when I missed a few spots when I was applying. Rub the sprayed area to make sure everything is covered.

👤Australian Gold is one of the best smelling sunscreens and works well. I was horrified by the smell of the Australian Gold Extreme Sport spray I bought. It smelled like cheap perfume. Most Australian Gold products have a wonderful tropic scent, but that wasn't the case. It was sticky and shiny. I had to wonder if this is real Australian gold. It is not up to their usual quality if it is. That explains everything if it's a fake.


What is the best product for eco friendly sunscreen spf 15?

Eco friendly sunscreen spf 15 products from Coral Safe. In this article about eco friendly sunscreen spf 15 you can see why people choose the product. Banana Boat and Babo Botanicals are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly sunscreen spf 15.

What are the best brands for eco friendly sunscreen spf 15?

Coral Safe, Banana Boat and Babo Botanicals are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly sunscreen spf 15. Find the detail in this article. Thrive Natural Care, Hawaiian Tropic and Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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