Best Eco Friendly Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

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1. Biodegradable Kitchen Drawstring Garbage Recyclable

Biodegradable Kitchen Drawstring Garbage Recyclable

If You Care kitchen and household items are carefully crafted to have the least environmental impact possible, while at the same time delivering the highest quality products. Large capacity trash bags can hold both wet and heavy kitchen waste and large volume of redundant materials occupying space. Go to the state you want. The size of a 49 liter bin-bags is 31.5 x 23.4 inches. The 13 gal trash bags can hold both wet and heavy kitchen waste. It can be used to store household items. The portable trash bag is convenient and quick to lift your hands and protect your soft hands and skin from harm. The kitchen trash bags are made of double-thickened material to retain strong toughness and the edges are tightly connected with fine seams, strong load-bearing and not easy to tear and leak proof. The 100 garbage bags are easy to use, they are connected by point-breaking type, the breaks are clearly distributed, and the tearing off is neat. The 100 garbage bags are easy to use, they are connected by point-breaking type, the breaks are clearly distributed, and the tearing off is neat.

Brand: Yheel

👤They are advertised as eco-friendly, but they do not seem to be bio-degradable.

👤I was looking for bags that were non-toxic. I became suspicious of it being non-biodegradable after receiving them. These are not eco friendly. I reported this item to Amazon because it was lying about being bio-degradable. I was not asking for the money to be returned. I want the product to be non-biodegradable. It's sad to think that the few people who try to use less plastic end up getting ripped off by this company. It has been several months since Amazon said they would have the item removed.

👤We always have to deal with some trash, no matter how much we recycle or compost. I chose these eco-friendly trash bags in order to remain sanitary. When I received them, I was impressed with the quality. They are very similar to the traditional trash bags that I have been using. There is a slightly different feel to them due to the fact that they are made from a non- plastic material. They fit in my trashcan. It was snug around the rim. The traditional trashbags are the same as when I remove it. I don't waste bag trying to tie it or use another product to tie it before taking it out to the trash bin because that is very efficient. If you are like me, you know that your trash is likely taking years to biodegrade in the dump because of your plastic trash bags. This product is cost friendly and effective, so I highly recommend it to anyone.

👤I was shocked. The product was not normal. The plastic feels thicker. There is no smell. We put the garbage in a bag and left it outside. The bag held up well. It worked great because there were no leaks. I don't know why we don't use this technology on other things. When loaded with a lot of weight, it holds well. I would love to see shelves, through away plates, bowls, bags for stores, table covering for parties, streamers, toys, and more. It would be great to stop killing trees and marine life. Please try this product and we can fix all the problems we have. Have a blessed day.

👤After our previous ecofriendly trash bags went out of business, we switched to this brand. I've seen other reviews that said our bags were thin or that they leaked. The bags are thinner than your Hefty and need to be able to break down in a landfill. I've never had an issue with leaking with any ecofriendly garbage bag, I think it's a function of how much garbage is being stuffed into a single bag. There is a These are a great option if you want to make a shift to more ecofriendly bags.

👤I wanted to like these bags but they tear more than 50% of the time. I usually put my garbage bag under the trash can. To prevent it from folding. It's time to change them. I'll pull the string from the bag after lifting the can. The pull string area is where it wants to tear. I try to close it with the string. I grabbed further down into the bag to knot it. I'm not using a lot of force. There is a design flaw that it wants to tear along that lining area.

2. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash

Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash

There are 13 Gallion plastic trash bags. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash bags have stretchable strength, traps, locks and odors are eliminated to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. The last honeybee control is long. The bags that keep your kitchen free of trash odors and fresh scent with Febreze Freshness are durable. FORCEFLEX TECHNOLOGY: Glad's patented dual-layer protection is designed to give extra flex as it expands around sharp edges and heavy loads while resisting punctures, rips and tears. It is strong enough to handle the heaviest load and has double side seals and a reinforced bottom to trap liquids and prevent leaks. Multi-use fit is similar to simple human H, Q, K, M, N, J liners and trash cans. The bag is kept in place by the durable drawstring.

Brand: Glad

👤Oh my god, the perfume. I didn't think these things would smell so bad. After putting two bags into the trash can in my kitchen, the entire house smells like febreeze. The treatment is over the top. Yuck. I came back to Amazon today to buy new trash bags to throw them in. The smell is so strong that I just smelled my hands after putting the bags in. Maybe this is a manufacturing error. YUCK!

👤The bag held up well for me. Two months was the length of time I had. I decided to go with the scent. It's not overwhelming like others are saying. I read the reviews before buying it. I think it's a good thing to have your trash not smelling like trash, because it's not strong like they say. I'm disappointed that it isn't a strong smell like people claim. The whole smell of the trash can is not masked by it. It does more than a regular bag. I would say by 75%. Good enough for me!

👤I had trash everywhere, and the bags were splitting at the seams. The majority of the bags and from both rolls were not one or two bags. I was unable to return to Amazon because I exceeded my window on returns. There is a box full of useless trash bags.

👤I have been using these bags for a long time and they are my favorite. I immediately ordered this deal on Amazon because it was so cheap, it was worth the wait. After ordering, I started reading the reviews that said they were tearing easily and splitting at the seams. I ordered a huge box of knock off glad garbage bags because I know they are good, but I was a bit worried because I know people said they were bad, but I think they are. They came today. I stretched out a few of them and inspected the box and everything, they are the real bags, which are great kitchen garbage bags, and these are the best. I think they smell great. I don't smell them around my house, only when I open the garbage which is exactly what I want. The big box is going to last me for almost a year.

👤It's really durable and smells great.

👤I am not very sensitive to smells. The smell of Febreze is overpowering. I took an aspirin after moving the garbage can to the front porch to get rid of the smell, and also moved the bag out to the porch to get rid of the smell. I regret the purchase, but I don't want to release the other109 in the box.

👤My trash can has a flat back and an oval front. I bought the first bags a year ago that were easy to fit on the canister. The scent traps smells. If you don't over fill or make too heavy, it's very sturdy. We have two trash pick ups per week and I use two bags a week. I don't know if the scent/odor protection lasts more than five days. We keep our lid closed because we have dogs and cats. As long as it stays a Prime item, I will continue to purchase. The bags should last me at least two months.

3. Reli Recyclable Eco Friendly Trash Gallon

Reli Recyclable Eco Friendly Trash Gallon

A process that safely returns the organic carbon from which plastic is made to the natural bio-cycle as a food source for microorganisms. Premium Value is well-sized (30"x36") with eco friendly toughness. The materials are made from min. 20% post consumer recycled content. It is certified. Their garbage bags are made in the US for convenience and quality. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤I use them in the bathroom for paper towels after people wash their hands. I have to double or triple bag each can because they tear so easily. I wanted to like them.

👤I got these bags to use because we tend to stuff our primary trash bin. Some holes were developed in the first bag. It was not too bad, but it could have been worse if something went into the garbage. Just adjusting use, still using them. I like the promise of eco-friendly.

👤I didn't pay attention to the fact that it is recycled. A big plus. I wanted a black trash bag between the 13 and 55 gallon. This is where I need it to be. It looks like it's between 23 and 25 gallons. I need it for my odd trash can. perfect

👤Great, but very thin. Even when not full, he keeps tearing.

👤The item is easy to rip. Will not purchase this product again. It's eco friendly, but only because of its food.

👤It's a waste of money. It's seriously. These bags are so flimsy that they can tear. Don't waste time. We should head read reviews before buying.

👤Over the past couple of weeks, I've purchased many bags, trying to find the right size for my trash can. This fits and I'm happy, not too thin either.

👤These bags are used for trash. They were purchased for their biological qualities and we were happy to discover that their main function is a sturdy bag.

4. Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 12 16

Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 12 16

These bamboo sheets will save you money and help the environment. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact them and they will help you out. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Compostable is in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Compostable: Each tall kitchen trash bag is made from plant based materials. 13 gallon compost trash bags are tear- resistant and leak-proof. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤The bag is sturdy but not bio-degradable. The bag should be read. It needs a very specific facility to be processed. It says on the bag that these facilities don't exist in many communities. Always read the fine print. This company printed it and conveyed the details clearly. Many of the companies don't use slimy tactics.

👤I bought this product in hopes that I could use a more eco friendly alternative to wasteful plastic garbage bags. I think this product is close to being amazing, but it has a few issues that I hope are fixed in the future. I have a simple garbage can. The bags themselves are very sturdy and I really like them, however they are not designed for smaller garbage cans and can cause a mess if you slip the bag into the can. The top of the bag is cut at a straight line making it difficult to tie the top shut. If you added a drawstring or a rippled top to the design, it would greatly improve it. It is a nice product, but could use some improvements.

👤These are the same as advertised. They are a great replacement for the 13 gallon kitchen bags that are non-biodegradable as they are mostly made out of polyethylene. You get a lot of bags. Fast shipping and a great seller. It is nice to support these green technologies as they continue to improve and take over more of the market. I will buy these instead of the plastic ones that are found in the big box stores.

👤California has a new law that requires food garbage to be put in green waste. We didn't want to put food waste in the green waste can because it would be unsanitary and attract pests. The flip lids on our receptacles are only used. The bags are made of compost. Drop them in with the green waste when they're full. They are strong enough to do the job.

👤They aren't big enough to fit in our 13 gallon bin. They rip very easily. The Amazon box that they came in ripped the first bag in, not the end of the world for us because it is dry recyclables. The bag was pulled from under the bin because it was too short to stay under the lid. We are looking for alternative bags to collect our recycling.

👤This bag is not a great bag as there were punctures from some plastic or box edges, and we are used to compacting trash down before adding a new bag. This bag is doing the world a favor if not pressing down. I would like the bags to be a bit longer or have handles that could easily tie off, this would allow more trash per bag, as I either don't tie off or don't let trash go to the top.

👤I love the idea. I have to double bag my garbage because it's the lightest it can be. Was a lot of money. 13 out of 90 count box can't be returned, so they don't know what to do with the rest. Stick with regular trash bags.

5. Compostable Certified Standards Eco Friendly Convenient

Compostable Certified Standards Eco Friendly Convenient

Trash bags from virgin plastic are more sustainable. 30 bags per roll is the product information for Superbio compostable bags. The tie has a handle. Compostable certificates: SuperBio compostable bags have been awarded official compostable certificates from the following: OK compost, TUV, and the US ASTM D6400 standard. Superbio compostable bags will degrade to humus, CO2, and water within 180 days when placed in a standard compost pile. Storage and usage: keep product away from heat and store in a cool, dry place. 18 months. When the bag is holding organic waste, it is a good idea to dispose of the product within 3 days. It's suitable for a variety of household trash disposal usages. Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load. Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load.

Brand: Superbio

👤I can't rate the trash bags higher than 3 stars because I love the idea of using them. They are not as strong as 13 gallon plastic trash bags, and can't hold as much trash. These are barely 13 gallons and more like 11 or 12 gallons. I'll be looking for a 13 gallon trash bag when these are used up. Nice attempt to the mfg. I hope you can improve on the bags.

👤I bought these thinking they were worth it. They are good for the planet and people. The color is nice. Downsize is the right size for my can. The bags are very thin. They have a purpose in their products, but I don't think they are quality.

👤I have been using bags made of compost. They are thin and break easily. Not these! I ripped up the carpet in my house and forgot to buy construction bags. I thought they wouldn't stand up to it. I was wrong. They held sharp objects. The bags didn't explode despite the nails and wood poking through. I dropped them from my balcony into a garbage can. Every so often one of the handles will come undone. My only wish is that they were a bit bigger as I have an oval shaped can and it would mean less strain on the bag as it fills. These are the best I have tried in a long time.

👤When you fill it, tear it. Make sure you don't stuff it.

👤We used these for our can in the kitchen. The bags are a good idea, but they leak. What a mess. We just use regular bags in the can and put them in the green bin. We wash it out and reuse it.

👤I have to sort my trash thoroughly because of a new trash law. The only way I could get rid of the food trash was to put it in paper bags. It is easy to throw out food with these bags.

👤These fit my trash can perfectly. Exactly what I wanted.

6. Compostable Trash Bags Unscented Wastebasket

Compostable Trash Bags Unscented Wastebasket

Glad's plastic trash bags are constructed with thicker plastic at the bottom to ensure leak protection. There are trash bags. The 13 gallon trash bags have a L*W of 24.8 and a 31.4 inch. Fit round garbage bins with diameter of 15.7” and height of 27.4” and rectangular wastebaskets with longest side of 12.4” and height of 27.4” It's suitable for most small bins. The trash can liners are sealed with an octagonal bottom to make them strong and durable. It's not easy to tear it and it doesn't leak when the garbage is wet. The material of the medium trash bags complies with the European standard. The bag can be composted in the backyard or home facility. The clear green bags help them identify the garbage so as to better sort it. It's suitable for offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, baby diapers and garbage recycling. Compostable trash bags are made of plant starch material and can be composted in backyards or home composting facilities. These bags are pure and odorless. Compostable trash bags are made of plant starch material and can be composted in backyards or home composting facilities. These bags are pure and odorless.

Brand: Forid

👤The bag was rejected by my service. The product seemed plastic-like compared to the bags I have used before. Amazon needs to do a better job of protecting consumers.

👤I don't believe all of the environmental claims made about these bags. There is nothing on the box that says it's certified. A big "Made in China" I couldn't find the company listed under the OK Compost Home certification either. There is no mention of these bags or its environmental claims on the website. These are plastic bags. There is a Let me know if there is proof of my claims. I confused these with UNNI bags, which is a company that is listed under the certification of the British Product Improvement Agency. I recommend Evolution bags. I was suspicious from the beginning but didn't research until after ordering because the real products are more expensive. I regret that decision. There is a I have to go through 80 of these before I buy a product that is not harmful to the environment. I would like to see Amazon restrict misleading product pages. Nov 2021. I have been contacted by the company several times and asked to remove the review. I suggested they address the issues I brought up in the review, but have not seen any movement on that.

👤These bags are great. It's perfect for my trash can. Why would I order bags made of compost? They wrap it in plastic. I got these bags for a reason. Wrap your boxes in paper.

👤I will probably return the bags I received. The box does not indicate that the bags are certified, even though the information on Amazon states that they are. I was assured that the bags are certified as compostable after I email the support. Something tells me that they are not. I couldn't find anything online to verify their certification.

👤I am trying to limit my impact on the environment. It's a great step to switch to bags that are non-biodegradable. I saw some ratings that were low. Compost should not be in a bag because it requires air, water, and enzymes to break it down into soil. It will break down and be composted or left in a landfill if it's called "biodegradable." I have found them to be strong. There were no leaks or holes. They fit in a 13 gallon can. One box will last me a year, and the price is good for the quality and number of bags. I already recycle paper and plastic, so the garbage bags will only manage trash that doesn't fit those categories. I recommend you try them.

👤I love how strong they are. I ordered these 4 gallon for my 2 gallon compost can so that I could tie the ends together and they are perfect! I was very happy with my purchase. There is a sign on my compost that says these are not accepted by my waste company. They don't have a stamp on them. Check with your waste company to see if they allow them. I will have to buy a different brand. It's really bad.

7. Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen Trash

Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen Trash

Extra strength is ideal for kitchen waste. Convenient closing. Made from recycled plastic. Trash bags from virgin plastic are more sustainable. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I was searching for trash bags that were actually non-toxic when these popped up, but no where on the box or website did I find out they were actually non-toxic. If you want to use a bag made from recycled plastic, do not buy it, it will last forever in a landfill.

👤Very good value for the price. I fill them up with all kinds of stuff, including jars and sharp items, because they aren't the strongest. I emptied the entire can into the dumpster because I was too nervous to pull it out. These hold up well for most of the time. I will be buying them again.

👤The bags were cheap. They aren't durable. They broke quickly. I ripped the trash bag out of the trash can. I thought it was just that one bag. It was not possible to double the bags because they will rip.

👤These are environment friendly. You need to push your arm through to open the bag because they are wrinkled. The garbage smell will go through because they don't hold air, and they have tiny holes. They are so thin, candy think they are strong. Any box can make a hole. They are smaller than regular bags. I'm sad that a good sturdy environmental bag hasn't been created yet, but I'm also sad that I lost my money here. Going back to a regular brand. Don't spend your money on these!

👤I didn't notice any smell like others did, because scented bags are gross. These things are very fragile. Not strong or durable. My fingers are like paper. I don't recommend. I like many other 7th Gen products. These are failures.

👤I love most seventh generation products but was excited to see these! I used to not use garbage bags but my wife thought that was disgusting and now we use bags. I think she was correct because now I don't have to clean the garbage can as often. These aren't terrible for the environment since I have to use bags. They are a little pricey but worth it. We haven't had any issues with tearing or looking with these.

👤I ordered them multiple times and had no problems, but I got a hole in the bag when I lined the trash with a bag. Maybe it was just an off day. I am happy with the way Amazon Refunds my money quickly.

👤I feel like I was deceived. I typed in the number of trash bags in the search menu. I saw these were a good price and they were highly rated. I bought them. There are 20. I take most of the blame for not reading this more carefully, but 200 and 20 is a big difference when searching.

8. Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 16 25

Reli EcoStretch Compostable Trash 16 25

The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around. Compostable is in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Compostable. Go green! These bags are made from plants. The D6400 is certified. The liners for the trash cans are tear- resistant. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤The rolls of bags come in a plastic wrap that isn't recycled, so they are not more eco-friendly. I will not be buying these again.

👤So far, so good! I was worried if they would hold up to a week of trash. They did! I don't recommend pouring a pan of hot grease into them, but for regular kitchen waste, they are very strong and work well, even if there is a lot of wet stuff. Even with some volume to spare, the size is perfect for a tall, large kitchen trash can. It is finally an option that is safe to use. I don't mind paying more because I'm not adding to the plastic problem. I highly recommend these trash bags because they have been a good solution for me.

👤We compost for a year. The garbage bin was downsized because we are composting. I don't like smell. During the week, I use the compost bin and the bags in the kitchen to fill the bags in the kitchen. No smell and very sturdy!

👤You should read the fine print. These are only for composting facilities. Not for home composting.

👤The bags I wanted. I was angry when I found the bags were small and we were not 13gal bags. I took a chance on these bags, they have a 16-25 number. They fit my trash cans. These bags are great.

👤I was looking for compost bags that were good quality. The ones I am able to buy are expensive. These fit my bin well and are not subject to the tearing that I was experiencing with the other brand. I will buy them again in the future.

👤I bought these because I wanted to help the environment. These things are easy to fall apart. They are very thin. Look nice, smell nice, but not durable. I wouldn't use them with a lot of garbage. This is a waste of money since I have normal home garbage.

👤We use a city composting service, and they ran out of compost bin liners. Reli bags work just fine.

9. Biodegradable Recycling Degradable Garbage Bathroom

Biodegradable Recycling Degradable Garbage Bathroom

Trash bags that are bio-degradable. Their 1.2 gal trash bags are made of non-toxic materials. The plastic can be naturally decomposing in the environment. 150 counts of 6 rolls are in the small trash bags. The trash-can-liners fit small size trash-cans. The trash-bin-bags are thick enough to hold daily garbage. Tear and Leak resistant Their trash-can-bags can hold 4.5 liter and 8 angle seal on the botton to avoid leaks. They make sure that you can carry without worry. The Little Trash bags are used for trash. The 1.2 gallon garbage bags liner can be used for many things, including small office, restroom, bathroom, waste-basket, countertop, kitchen small bin and paper shredder trash. YHEEL mini trash bags are made of eco-friendly materials. Replacing plastic bags with green bags. Make the earth better by embracing the green life.

Brand: Yheel

👤I use a trough system to feed the wildlife. The bags are the right size for my compost bin. I think it's dumb to dump a coffee can in the trash, but I'm now a composter and I'm going to use my bag to compost. There is a It works.

👤The bags have the same feel as fruit in the grocery store. They are a light mint green color. They don't have a scent. They seem to be doing a good job. They are a great substitute for plastic bags. It's perfect to spread them throughout your house because they are packaged in six rolls. One will have enough bags to keep going for a while, all while using a much more eco-friendly product, if they have 150 bags.

👤I am not sure if the bags I received were made of Corn Starch or not, as they look like plastic, only thin and clear, but still plastic. Compostable bags are required for food scrapers that are collected with yard garbage. I had to return them.

👤I am not happy with the trash bags. We had trouble with these bags and I wanted to love them. They can't hold much. We have to fetch trash out of the bottom of the bin and then re-bag it into a new bag because the bag that we put heavy/bulky items in doesn't fit in these bags. I wouldn't recommend these. The only thing that is not nice is that they are not made from fossil fuels. If they don't do the job, what good does that do?

👤This is perfect in our bathroom trash can. They've held up well so far. Not too small. We've used other small bags, but they were held up better. The color is nice, compared to a black or white bag in the bathroom. I have to tie it to stay put, but it's bigger than a plastic bag, which I've had to use before.

👤The next best choice was compostable. We don't have much to toss, but our guests definitely need trash bags, and this option makes us feel less guilt when taking out trash.

👤The outer bag was open when they arrived. The box of bags didn't fall out. They were poorly packaged. There is a Most of the bags rip because they are nearly impossible to tear at the perforation. I use them to dispose of litter that I pick up from the cat litter box. I would buy them again if they were better.

👤I used these but have decided to try another brand. These tear very easily. I want a bag that is non-toxic but it has to hold kitty litter. This can't do it. I can't put them in my garbage can.

👤These are more expensive than the dollar store garbage bags, but they are made of corn starch and can be broken down, unlike the other ones. A paper box can be recycled. The trashcans are perfect for my bathroom and bedroom trash bins. The city where I live has strict organic waste collection rule, not all liners can be used. I will use them as liners, but in case they don't work out. There is a Reducing and reuse is the best way to go if we can't completely eliminate garbage.

10. Glad Medium Kitchen Drawstring Package

Glad Medium Kitchen Drawstring Package

There is a white plastic. Trash bags. Glad's garbage bags have a fresh scent and are medium in size. A tight grip on trash cans is ensured by the drawstring closure, which makes it easy to remove with a quick cinch. The last honeybee control is long. These bags keep your kitchen free of noxious trash odors with a steady release of fresh clean scent. The gasoline can liner. Glad 8 gallon trash can liners are ideal for medium trash cans, general household needs and are just the right size for cars and on-the-go travel. Glad's plastic trash bags are constructed with thicker plastic at the bottom to ensure leak protection.

Brand: Glad

👤I thought the box was a torn box. After opening it and using the first garbage bag, it was obvious that it was switched out for a cheap plastic-like roll. It tore right away. There is a I received a product that was switched out.

👤The bags that were laid out in the breezeway to air out are still not usable because of the overwhelming scent. My cat starts sneezing when she goes through the room. Going to try to get them back. There is a Sorry but I am glad. Good product, but you ruined it with the smell. The bags seem fine from a quality standpoint, but the scent is overpowering. I understand the desire to hide the smell of garbage. If you have allergies or asthma, it's a good idea to remove some of them from the box before using them.

👤I paid for a new one after the product came in an opened box. I am not sure if there are 80 bags inside. Not what is expected!

👤The garbages bags had a return sticker on them. The box of garbage bags was ripped apart when I opened it. It's an understatement to say that was shocked. They are garbage bags. It is a pain to return things all the time.

👤These fit a garbage can. They are strong enough that you don't have to worry about tearing them when you fill them up. They were a good value compared to similar bags from both premium and generic manufacturers. I am satisfied with them, only one complaint. The bags come in a continuous roll and it is difficult to separate them. I took a star off for it because it was frustrating, but I don't know why they made them like that. I was pretty pleased with my purchase.

👤The size and smell were perfect. I couldn't keep the bags in the damaged box. Good product.

👤The bags smell bad. Not good. Just bad. The smell is strong. The whole garage smells bad after my wife put them in the garage. There is a If you're a little paranoid about scented bags, don't get them. There is an update! We tried to pick it up, but the first one tore it open.

👤This is the worst smell ever. The smell is like a guy with cheap cologne. Terrible, terrible. I love GLAD, but this scented stuff is not good and I want my money back and free nose clips. HorRID.

👤The scent of the trash-bin lid makes you smile. I have to deduct two stars from Glad's claim, "DRAWSTRING TRASH BAG: The drawstring closure ensures a tight grip on trash cans and makes for a simple removal with a quick cinch of the durable drawstring". There is a The bag needs to be secured around the trash bin's lip. I can't see how the container can be kept securely around the drawstring. When you pull the string, it just withdraws. I'll wait for feedback on how this is supposed to work. I can't figure it out. I don't see how you can sinch the entire bag when you remove it, but you can throw it out.

11. OKKEAI Biodegradable Garbage Bathroom Wastebasket

OKKEAI Biodegradable Garbage Bathroom Wastebasket

Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them. The small Garbage Bag has a capacity of 19 inches by 23 inches. Fit medium size trash bins, round garbage bins with diameter 20inch, height 18 inch, rectangular wastebaskets with longest side 18inch and height 15inch. Medium garbage bags are made of materials that are degradable. Composting in backyard or home facilities doesn't damage the environment. No smell or Eco-friendly. It's easy to identify see-through bags. It's possible to easily remove the receptacle. It makes trash disposal much easier by eliminating leaks, messes and spills. The bag is clear. It allows to see and identify the contents of the bag to separate it from non-recyclable. The design hasTear Resistance and Thickened Design. These garbage bags are tough and are not easy to tear. Perforated, compact and friendly. They have been tested to be able to handle a maximum weight of 15-20L. The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around. The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around.

Brand: Okkeai

👤I like this product. It is clear with a white tint and it is stylish. We use a lot of single use plastic. Why don't I use a bag made from recycled materials for my bathroom?

👤These are not advertised to fit the trash cans they are advertised to fit. I think they would fit better in a 3 gallon trash can, but they are too small for my 5 gallon cans. The bag slides off the can after you throw the trash in, so stay on the cans. This defeats the purpose of a trash can liner.

👤The bags have worked out well for me and I am happy with them. I use them in every room and will buy them again.

👤I wanted a bag that was small enough to fit in my kitchen garbage can. The large ones are too big. This one doesn't have the strength to handle kitchen waste. It's useful for the bathroom office and craft room.

👤I have had tissue paper with more substance than these bags. There were so many wasted bags that they tore. I like the idea of shopping for products that are friendly to the environment.

👤I got these after reading many reviews. I poked holes through them while positioning the bag. There was no stretching involved. Would not buy again.

👤It's perfect for our trash baskets. The bags definitely do the trick.

👤I've tried several types of bags, and they are great for bathroom and kitchen waste.

👤Look at my picture to see what you will get. I put a 15-20L bag in a 15L garbage and it wouldn't work over 15L. The package says "degradable", but it's not a word, it's spelled degradable, and in the ad and their picture it says that. That isn't on the package at all. These aren't bio-degradable, they have no markings or English words that say they are, so it's a scam. Don't buy them.

👤C'est cheap, mal, difficiles ouvrir, a reste petit. Je ne recommande vraiment pas ces sacs.

👤The cost of compost bin bags is usually very expensive, and with composting becoming more popular, I find it annoying. The price is excellent and these are of good quality.

👤They stand up to all kinds of organics, even though they don't feel sturdy. I've used almost a whole roll. They are a good size.

👤Je satisfait de ces sacs. J'en pas mis de 5. Is it possible to have a Utilisé? Deux ou trois jusqu'ici. Alors, on verra s'ils.


What is the best product for eco friendly tall kitchen trash bags?

Eco friendly tall kitchen trash bags products from Yheel. In this article about eco friendly tall kitchen trash bags you can see why people choose the product. Glad and Reli. are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly tall kitchen trash bags.

What are the best brands for eco friendly tall kitchen trash bags?

Yheel, Glad and Reli. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly tall kitchen trash bags. Find the detail in this article. Superbio, Forid and Seventh Generation are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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