Best Eco Friendly Tape Dispenser

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1. Reinforced Activated Fiberglass Eco Friendly Recyclable

Reinforced Activated Fiberglass Eco Friendly Recyclable

There are uses for cotton muslin bags, which are used for packaging fruits, herbs, spices, coffee beans, party favors, toys, dust covers, candles, and jewelry. The strong adhesion plant has a glue melting water. Glass fiber mesh reinforcement has high strength and good seal. It has Viscosity Stability. The glue is stable and the surface is not sticky before wet water. It can be used in cold areas with warm water, but it has no effect on the use of tape. Eco-friendly waste disposal. The materials that make up the composites are easy to dispose of and can be recycled with the packaging.

Brand: Lucasng

👤You have to wet the glue. It's like locking an envelope. I use a cloth to apply glue and tape. It has a good adhesion when it dries.

👤I researched online the best tapes for cardboard. Duct tape doesn't work well with cardboard and it began peeling off when I made a cardboard house for my granddaughter. The stuff does not peel off. It is not sticky when you get it, but it is activated by water. I use it by cutting a piece of it that I need and then placing it where I need it. It sticks quickly but not immediately, giving me the chance to flatten out air bubbles and shape to the seam, but not requiring me to hold it for long. It does what I bought it to do.

👤The only thing that was not great was the sticky factor. I used a damp sponge, one wipe across it, and stuck it to the box. There is a The glue needs to be worked on. It's usable.

👤I have to send my watches for service. The package needs to be closed with reinforced Gummed Tape. The tape is permanent when dry.

👤Needed this for the strength of the box.

2. Perfectape Rolls Total Adhesive Packaging Shipping

Perfectape Rolls Total Adhesive Packaging Shipping

The tape can hold a big barrel with 18.7L water and is designed to be Super Strong and Anti-Splitting. The standard width is 1.88". Each roll is 60 yards long. The better is The Thicker, The Better. They increase the percentage of glue they use to have a better adhesion than the other tapes. High transparency. The clear packing tape has good transparency to serve you better. The packing tape is not Formaldehyde. It is easy to use. The tape can fit into the gun. : You can make a stab at the tape by bending the end. If you want more rolls, there are also 12-Pack and 36-Pack options.

Brand: P Perfectape

👤This is tape. I guess it was fair for Amazon to send me a request to write a review so I could let you know that this is good, standard clear packing tape. It forms a strong layer to seal my packages and to keep them closed in case of rough handling. It sticks to the cardboard boxes that I use. I appreciate that the seller tells me the diameter of the roll, because I have a simple red plastic manual dispensers with a cutting edge, not a fancy tape gun. The dispensers fit perfectly. I can write on it. I don't know what to tell you. There is tape. There is nothing wrong with this tape. This is good tape. I can think of one caveat. I was going to send some to my sister in Florida. She said that she doesn't need this much at a time, and that she doesn't want to send a lot of tape to her sister in Florida. Is it possible that I blather on too much? Thank you for asking for my review. Of tape.

👤I ordered the tape because of the good reviews. I needed strong tape to move. The tape I received was not good. It seems to stick to itself. It's almost impossible to free it if the loose end touches the roll. It takes 5 minutes to sort out and you lose another 6 inches of tape in the struggle because the end splits and shreds. The tape doesn't want to stick to the boxes. I've tried rubbing each piece and praying. I have a house full of stuff and this tape is making the process of packing it up so much more time consuming, labor intensive, and frustrating than it needs to be. The boxes have to be reinforced with more strips of tape in order to keep them closed. There was suspense! Will the tape give way? Will the boxes not fall apart?

👤This tape is the worst I've ever used. It smells of chemicals. If it worked, I could live with that. It is impossible to get a strip off the roll without it tearing from the sides, so you end up with a 1mm thick strip in your hands. I could not get more than 10 feet of full width tape off the roll before it started to split. You can find the split part left on the roll. Look at photos. How is it possible that this tape is so good? I threw away 10 x more than I could use because it took me ten minutes to get enough tape to wrap a package. 5 stars for the ability to glue; zero stars for quality and value for money.

👤Other brands take notice. The heavy duty tape stays in its place. This tape is used for moving heavy boxes and for shipping heavy boxes. If you have this tape, you don't have to be scared because the box may bust open if you don't double wrap it. You can use one layer of tape and be on your way. This is better than everything at Walmart, Target, and the Staple's brand, and even the grey heavy-duty duck tape which I desperately tried. If the value remains good, I will not order any other packaging tape. If you want to save money, buy this tape now. This is the best stuff I've tried so far. I would be happy to have an unlimited supply of this tape. It's great! Please save me some and keep this in stock... Thank you!

3. Earth Hugger Bandit Packaging Inches

Earth Hugger Bandit Packaging Inches

12 rolls of transparent tapes are eco-friendly. It is easy to tear, please pay attention. Their invisible tape rolls can be used for a variety of purposes. Heavy duty and high-quality tape that assures boxes are securely packed can be used for moving, shipping, and storage. It works well with the Earth Hugger Bandit dispensers. Tape cuts out sound when used for packing or mailing. 55 yards of clear packing tape is ideal for label or address protection. The postal regulation.

Brand: Earth Hugger

👤Two stars because it is thick. It is not eco friendly. The actual tape is not eco friendly. The tube that holds the tape is plastic and not recycled plastic. I should have done more research.

👤I wish they didn't use plastic. Duck brand uses a cardboard spool. You would think Earth Hugger would do the same. They don't. There is a For unknown reasons, they don't list the recycled content percentage. I contacted the manufacturer to find out it was made from 50% recyled plastic. I use Earth Hugger tape since it's the only packing tape I've found made, but even Scotch brand tape offers a "Green" tape that has 65% PCRC, but since that's only wrapping tape and not packing tape, I also use it. There is a It's ok but frustrating at times because it likes to stick to itself more than other tapes I've tried. If I'm not careful, it will result in arinkly appliation. It does the job, and I appreciate that it's 50%. It was recycled. I'll keep buying until someone comes up with something better.

👤Don't understand why a product that is labeled as eco friendly has a plastic spool in the middle.

👤I've seen people complain that the tubes aren't paper or cardboard, and that they don't understand how the tape is "green", as these aren't "green" in the sense that they'll have cardboard or paper rolls. Chances are that the plastic is recycled. If you're looking for a product to make yourself feel good about using and validation of your green ideals, then you should look for something else.

👤I use these to cover name labels and remove lint from clothing. I use them all the time. I haven't thought of many uses yet. I like to be prepared. It was good to have on hand. They are strong.

👤It is good tape. It is not a standard size. I used it and kept it. I was going to put it on my packing tape dispenser. I think I should have looked at the measurement, but I have never bought packing tape that didn't fit the dispensers. Good quality and thick.

👤I found Bandit tape to be less toxic than another brand. This tape is not sticking to anything. It might have been in the warehouse too long. I'm not sure if I'll buy tjos brand again.

👤I like heavier tape for boxes that are going into storage. This is my third purchase.

👤Carefully read the description. The tape is not eco-friendly. It's amazing. They get around it by saying their dispensers are made from recycled material. Shame on Earth Hugger, no hugs for you!

👤I don't know if I should use this tape for shipping. When I used this tape for wrapping boxes, I thought it was too good for taping boxes. This is very smooth, not too thick, not too thin, something fancy tape. I'm going to use it for something other than shipping. Thanks for the product.

4. Scotch® Dispenser Heavy Duty Shipping 3850 2ST

Scotch%C2%AE Dispenser Heavy Duty Shipping 3850 2ST

All of the Scotch Brand desktop dispensers can be used with Scotch Magic Tape Refills. The packing tape is guaranteed to stay sealed. 3M will refund the purchase price if the box does not stay sealed. Proof of purchase is required. It's a good bet that your moving boxes have a tape with good holding power. All your moving, shipping, and office needs can be covered by the super strong holding power, which can stick on all moving boxes, packages, and more. All your important belongings are protected and sealed with a strong solvent-free hot melt adhesive. A heavy duty packing tape with a clear backing. Resists splitting, and tearing, leaving you with a hassle free packaging experience. The packing tape has a release coating.

Brand: Scotch

👤The tape is good, but it's only good for carrying with you in a dark alley, if you keep the dispenser loaded, you can punch the thug on the head with it. If you drag his body back to your place, you can make him help you tape some boxes, because the only way we were able to get this dispenser to work was with two people.

👤The tape dispensers I have used have been the worst. I shouldn't care about a tape dispenser, but that's how bad it is. There is a The blade comes out when you press a lever. The lever isn't sharp enough and you will have to use your hands to press it. The metal glide that keeps the tape straight is not good. The tape is67531 out of place. There is a Someone should have to tape up 100 boxes to see how bad this gun is.

👤I didn't notice all the negative reviews. This is the strongest tape dispensers ever made. It is difficult to get the tape across the blade due to safety-guards. 99 times out of 100, you shred the packaging and end up with a long strip of tape. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It will slow down your productivity, cost you money in wasted tape and packaging, and frustrate you. I had several people try to use the dispensers and we all had the same problem. I should have returned it immediately. Tape is good. Use it with a scissor.

👤The cutting mechanism that caused me to waste tape was poor. If I could go back in time, I would have preferred the smaller, handheld version. The tape wouldn't go on straight, which became even more frustrating because it kept slipping out of the side. I wouldn't recommend or buy this product. Poor design and craftsmanship. If you do buy, I suggest you purchase more tape as we used both reels quickly.

👤It would be a huge improvement if there was a 2 star tape gun. This is not for you if you don't need to use the entire roll in one shot. If you like a professional look again, this is not for you. This is not for you if you prefer not to swear.

👤This has a safety mechanism that makes it impossible to use. The main problem with it is that it leaves a lot of tape dangling from it. I think it's a design so you buy more tape. The old-style dispensers can cause minor cuts to clumsy people.

👤Follow the directions. I attached a copy of the sheet that came with the dispensers to be in case the instructions were thrown away. This works well if you follow their suggested use. The only reason I bought a new one is that my previous one seems to have lost it's shape.

👤I've used tape dispensers in my company's mail room for many years, but this particular model seems not to work as well. I have trouble cutting the tape after applying it to the package surface. When I'm ready to cut the tape, it's a chore, but I've followed the instructions in terms of loading and applying the tape. Maybe my companies buy more expensive models of tape dispensers.

5. Painting Painters Labeling Journals Decorations

Painting Painters Labeling Journals Decorations

Office tape dispensers are ideal for mending documents, notes, sealing envelopes, packaging light objects and gift wrapping. A good tool for many things. You will get 6 tapes. They are in red, yellow, orange, green, dark green and navy blue. The colors are rich and vibrant. The craft tapes are exactly what you were looking for. These colored masking tape will make your kids fun, and can increase their creativity and imagination. Art tapes can be used to create wall murals, do it yourself crafts, party decorations and more. Made of high-quality textured paper, it is odorless, waterproof, and easy to tear. Their masking tapes can be used to decorate your supplies. The high-quality glue on these masking tapes is easy to stick and remove, and will not leave sticky traces after being removed. It can be written on with a pencil and marker. Before use, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Happy Family colored masking tape is fun for kids and can help them develop their imagination to create their own world. Colored tape is a good present. Make your life more colorful.

Brand: Owlkela

👤masking tape is used to date and label leftovers. I know I'm weird. I like the glue on this tape. It's not too sticky so if I forget to take it off before I put it in the dishwasher it won't leave a mess, but it's sturdy enough to stick to containers in the fridge.

👤Not what was pictured. I have ordered this tape before for my son. I got the colors in the picture for the first time. My son isn't happy. There are two different shades of green. No color other than purple.

👤The size of electrical tape rolls makes them small. They were not a rainbow of colors. I got 2 green and 2 orange.

👤The product is wonderful. I needed a solution to make a board for my writing. It has been reliable. It has never been easier to create color coding ideas. Try it. You will love it!

👤I got these for my daughter to do art and have fun with the colors, but it doesn't stick well. It's frustrating when she tries to stick something on the wall and falls off.

👤You will fail if you stick things together with this. I bought them to label my space jars, which is perfect. It's time for new spices anyway, because the color coding on the labels is easy to write on and they come off when the jars are empty.

👤It reminded me of when I was a kid and I couldn't help myself. It was a great buy and I love the tape. I'll figure out a way to use it.

👤The tape rolls were very small. I should have read it carefully. The rolls would be the standard size. I wouldn't buy them again.

6. Acrylic Gold Tape Dispenser OfficeGoods

Acrylic Gold Tape Dispenser OfficeGoods

Scotch Magic Tape refill are compatible with all of the Scotch Brand dispensers. The OfficeGoods Acrylic Tape Dispenser has function and style in common. You can now have attractive office tools that work. The tape dispensers are boring, but this one is just as effective. It's essential to use for business owners, workers, students, and more. This must-have modern dispensers is strong enough to be used with one hand. It is weighted so that you can tear off a piece of tape without using both hands. A rubber button foot increases its stability. The best way to use this dispenser is with a large amount of tape. It has been designed to hold standard, large and extra large rolls of tape, making this not just attractive, but versatile! The beauty of this tape dispensers will inspire you to be creative while you're in the office, school, or at home. It has metal in either gold or silver. This is wrapped in a bubble bag and is in a blue box. The insert card is packed well to ensure the good condition of the product when you receive it. Check out more OfficeGoods products.

Brand: Officegoods

👤This is a beautiful dispensers. The grooves for the roller were too close to the back of the dispensers. It is impossible to load a roll of tape. The box of magic tape has a Jumbo on it. It looks like a full roll of tape and not jumbo; the 1000" rolls that work with this dispenser look skimpy. It looks like the jumbo rolls could have been handled by the dispensers. I hope they adjust this detail in the future.

👤My wife's thoughts on this are different than mine. She likes it for its looks. Very modern looking. She may rate it 4 to 5. The lack of weight is something I have a problem with. I expected it to be heavier to keep it from sliding. I know the regular tape dispensers add sand or something similar to add weight to it, but with a clear one you can't do this. Add 4 non-slip pads instead of 2. This would help it slip when using one hand. The price was not bad, I paid 14 for it. I would buy it again for my wife, but maybe not.

👤The tape dispensers are nice looking. Presents well with my other office pieces. The piece that goes in the tape to hold it in the dispensers made it difficult to use. I have to put my finger on top of the hole so it doesn't slide out with the roll of tape as I try to cut off a piece of tape. That piece could be malfunctioning. I will be looking for a new desk.

👤The corners are sharp. Not enough to cut you. It would have been nice to have them a bit more rounded. It has a nice weight. If you had to throw it at someone, it would definitely knock them out, but it will break easily once it hits the floor. When my guy dropped it on a concrete floor, it got busted and we only had ours for a short time. There was no way to glue it all back together. It did what it was supposed to do. Look pretty and function.

👤I had one of those old, ugly, manila tape dispensers along with a non-matching 1950's style, green metal stapler sitting on my neatly arranged and well organized office desk and they just looked gross and out of place. I found this tape dispenser online and it had a gold stapler. I decided to buy them both. The company was great, the products arrived quickly, and they are beautiful. My co-workers have given me great feedback. Everyone wanted to know where I got them, they look more expensive than they are. I am very happy.

👤The whole thing coming up is not weighted enough to pull tape out. It's annoying when you work in an office. It looks cool but not worth it.

👤I had a small hand-held tape dispenser that was stored in a drawer and didn't know if I would like it. It's great to see it from the corner of my eye as I pay my bills or work at my computer. I've had people compliment me on how attractive it is. It's a good function. It is easy to cut the tape. It is possible to do it with only one hand. I am very pleased with the customer service offered by the seller. Humans at the other side of the cyberlink write personalized emails instead of using prewritten forms. I enjoy it a lot. There is a I am very excited about this purchase and it's probably silly to be excited over a tape dispenser.

7. U Haul Packaging Tape Yard Roll

U Haul Packaging Tape Yard Roll

The length is 55 yards and the width is 2 inches. U-Haul has a bestselling brown paper box tape. No water, scissors, or knives are needed to tear by hand.

Brand: U-haul

👤My life was not going well. I was feeling weak. Everything inside of me was threatening to fall out. I need something to hold me together. I found this amazing product. A beautiful shade of brown that was perfect for me. It held me together when I felt the mounting pressure of things starting to stack up and weigh me down. It got me moving in less than a day.

👤I can't add anything that hasn't already been said in previous reviews. I've tried to find a cheaper alternative, but have come up empty-handed, so I'm content to pay a premium for this stuff. We're trying to head in a "plastic free" direction with all of the scary news about plastic getting into everything. I'm a regular guy who sees waste plastic everywhere. This tape is heavy paper and appears to seal just as well as plastic shipping tape, so I'll pay a bit more to help the environment. It looks more classy when you seal boxes with something other than plastic tape.

👤Sometimes things need to be returned, but I like shopping on Amazon. The packing tape works well at holding boxes and plastic bubble wrap bags together. You can use this tape to hide other bar codes. There was no noticeable odors from the glue backing on this tape, for me, it was the best of all. A good change from clear tape is better for the earth.

👤Don't mess with the clear stuff. I was worried that it wasn't as heavy duty as I had thought but it is. It's easy to tear and use. I packed 25 boxes for a cross country move and loved this tape. The boxes held up perfectly after being reloaded and unloaded at their final destination, because we had a moving company that loaded our boxes on a truck, unloaded them and reloaded into another truck, then unloaded them again at a warehouse, reloaded and unloaded at their final destination. Don't forget to cross tape, buy extra and cross take cross tape.

👤When I was moving, I found this tape while buying boxes from U-Haul. I used to use clear shipping tape, but it sticks well and doesn't dry out and fall off, like this one. It's great for covering up writing and pictures on boxes so you can write labels on them.

👤It is expensive to clear tapes. It's ugly on boxes, doesn't adhere well to recycled cardboard, and is not the most user friendly tape out there. If needed often, stay with clear packing tapes.

👤I bought this tape from U-Haul. Being able to tear the tape without using scissors is a huge help. There is a The packing tape is just as good or better than the usual packing tape, but it is easy to remove without leaving a trace. I was pleasantly surprised to find it on Amazon.

👤It's great for moving boxes because you can rip it with your hands. There was no cutter or scissors. I'm not happy with the sound of plastic tape because I spend all my time trying to make sure I don't lose the end. This tape is very easy to apply. I don't think there's any plastic in it.

8. EZlifego Multipurpose Removable Transparent Household

EZlifego Multipurpose Removable Transparent Household

Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business. Their transparent double-sided tape is incredibly strong,durable, easy to install, no tools are required,Instant Bonding does not require curing or drying stage. The tape works well in temperatures from 0F to 200F. Reusability, Retention, and Transformation are all included in REMOVABLE & REUSABLE & TRACELESS. The double-sided tape is easy to remove and leaves no mess. When you need to reuse the tape, wash it with water and dry it. It is not recommended to use it on unstable paint. When removing tape from the wall, it's important to avoid causing the wall to fall off. It's easy to use, the length is 9.85 feet and the width is 3.0 cm. Strong holding power can hold up to 18 pounds on smooth surfaces. It can be cut to any size you need. The only thing you need to do is stick the tape on the item. Versatile uses meet all your needs. The double sided tape will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface. It can be used to fix or paste items such as pictures, photos,frames,wall stickers,posters,hooks,shelves,phone holders,carpets,flowerpots,power sockets,decorations, do it yourself items... Double-sided tape is an essential for your daily life. Quality testing has been done on their tape. This sticky transparent tape can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Ezlifego

👤It's too much if you want to keep it for the rest of your life. If you want to seal a mummy's tomb, you need this tape. The government should use this stuff to keep it in place if there is an earthquake and California falls into the ocean. The South would not have been able to break away if Lincoln had this tape. This stuff is so strong that it can not be defeated in the physical realm. It will keep your relationship going. If your boyfriend is going to leave you, you can show it to him. You don't have to apply it. He will not be able to leave you because of its power. The bond created by this tape cannot be broken. Use with care.

👤This tape is strong. I'm not sure how anyone can get it off once it's on, it's so strong, but it says you can wash and reuse it. I used it to mount ceramic planters to my RV walls, and I was impressed because these guys aren't going anywhere. I will buy more of this stuff.

👤Don't hang something up with a hammer and nail. This is the real thing.

👤There is a Every once in a while, I make a purchase that stands out as one of the best things I've ever spent money on. This tape is one of those things. Need to illuminate a workbench? Check. Do you need to put a power strip on a desk? Check. Do you need an external hard drive for a PS4? Check. Do you need to attach two cell phones to a window frame? Check. Do you need to attach two minirouters to a piece of wood? Check. Do you need to attach a powered hub to a piece of wood? You have it. Do you need to hang a TV from the ceiling with an indoor/outdoor thermometer display? Yeppers! What else can I say? The stuff works. It was as advertised. No BS. The best thing I've bought from Amazon is now.

👤Do not buy this item. I don't write reviews but I wanted to warn against this tape so you don't regret buying it. There is a I ordered the tape for hanging the thin nail polish shelves, but it didn't hold them in place, and I had to remove them because they were scaring the living daylights out of us. There is a I have to buy new nail polish shelves because the tape just clean took off the drywall and stuck to the shelves. I can not get some of the tape off the wall because it is so bad. I don't recommend buying this tape. I hope this makes someone change their mind. You don't have to deal with the same issues as I did.

👤I'm obsessed with this tape. I wanted to keep the shelving in my built-in, but not ruin the service. I can display my nail polish collection with ease.

👤Fix it with a staple gun or duct tape, I'm not good at it. This stuff is great. You can re-use it if you want. I have a gate to keep my dog out of the kitchen without the big screws that are in the walls. A 6 month old kitten is tearing up my house. I taped the plant stand down so it wouldn't ruin my floors. I didn't have to drill holes in my new gate to hang the dog sighn because the candle stick is no longer rolling around the tub. As time goes on, I may buy another roll.

9. Scotch Brand Magic Inches 810K6

Scotch Brand Magic Inches 810K6

The invisible tape was the original. It was invisible on the job. It was preferred by millions. Comes off the roll with ease. For permanent paper repairs. Write on it with a pen, pencil or marker.

Brand: Scotch

👤There is no starter tab on these rolls. It is nearly impossible to start the roll without shredding it, and when you pull it, the tape will adhere to itself and strips as you pull. I wish I'd read the other 1-star reviews first.

👤Either counterfeit or old product. The tape simply wouldn't budge. Would tear the roll in half. We could throw a lot of tape away if we first got a fresh straight edge of tape and then the tape would adhere to the roll and not the width of the tape coming out. It should look the same from the side view of the tape, to the inside of the tape, when you take a roll out and lay it down. It doesn't. You can clearly see the layers of the tape, which would suggest that it was either old or counterfeit, as it is far below previous Scotch brand tape that we have used for decades.

👤I used to think Scotch was the best tape, but after purchasing this, I no longer think so. You have to go slow and watch what you're doing because it will shred if you don't. I will not buy this again. A waste of money.

👤I put the 6 rolls of tape on the dispensers and 4 of them split in the middle. There is no way to use it after it splits. It's almost impossible to find the split, so it becomes trash. It's too late to return this tape, because it was opened just before. The return window was closed on Jul 15, 2020.

👤I'm not sure if I'm imagining things, but this tape seems flimsy compared to how it used to be. I have to keep scratching at it and it comes off in bits and pieces after I stick this on something.

👤After using the tape from my dispenser, I came back to find the end of the tape on the cutting edge was gone, into a thin triangular section. The section of tape that separated from this is now attached to the tape spool. Fingernails dig it out and bring it back to normal, but then I return and see it happened again. It is a strange thing.

👤Scotch Tape is the best tape money can buy. Why would anyone want to compete with the 3M corporation, if they knew what other company makes tape? Maybe Bruce Springsteen? Chuckle, laugh. They have cornered the market with this product. Maybe I speak out of ignorance, because there are other companies that make superior tape of this type. I doubt it. I feel like rating tape. This product has been around for at least sixty years. I have never had a problem with Scotch brands. The tapes are sturdy. What else can I say?

👤Did you ever highlight something on a page or in a book for future reference, but then go back and make it hard to read? I threw away my highlighters after buying Scotch magic tape. I put Magic tape over the passage I want to highlight and it disappears, but you can see where it is by moving the paper. I can write on the corner of the tape in a variety of ways, and the text is legible when I read it. I used to own my own business and did a lot of shipping. I printed my postage from a stamp company so that the text wouldn't get wet. To make sure the address would always be readable, I would cover it with Scotch Magic Tape. There is a Scotch Magic Tape is a great companion for gift wrapping. The wrapping paper is held in place. You have to like this tape for it's different uses and reliability. Good prices and fast shipping with Amazon.

10. Scotch Invisible Photo Safe Engineered 812 12P

Scotch Invisible Photo Safe Engineered 812 12P

Thanks to its excellent BOPP, the attachment is strong. Office tape can stick to paper. The tape falling off was not a concern. The original invisible Scotch Magic Tape has been replaced with a more eco-friendly version. Made from recycled or plant based material. invisible tape The original Scotch Magic Tape was great. It's ideal for paper mending.

Brand: Scotch

👤I have used the "green boxed" Magic tape for decades, but made a mistake buying the "greener" version. It was difficult to get the tape back to pulling right after it was pulled apart. 900 inch roll vs 1000 means you throw away the plastic core 10% more often. The Magic tape seemed to be a bit more sticky. The one roll was trashed, the other 11 were put in the donation bin, and the 1000 inch Magic tape was bought.

👤It's Scotch tape. If you push it with your finger, it is mostly clear. The shipment was 25 yards and was 900 inch in size. They feel like they have less tape than they need. I don't think a tape dispenser needs this small of a roll. Get at least 36 yard rolls. I would not have purchased this block of tiny rolls if I had not looked at the cost per linear inch. I shook the box and could hear a small roll of tape inside, but I didn't know it was a mistake. The inside diameter is 1 inch and a standard size. The width is also standard. The amount of tape on the core was 900 inches. If you need tiny rolls, just use them in any regular dispensers for a while, and you will have this size.

👤I was excited to see a green version of plastic tape. I hope I don't buy it for others. When you try to pull a strip, the first roll splits and you have to take the roll from the dispensers and try again. I have 8 rolls.

👤The regular type of Scotch tape is superior to this tape. I received this and have barely begun to use the first roll. It is not the best quality.

👤The shading of the tape made me dislike it. I wish it was clear when applied.

👤This tape holds well and tears well.

👤The tape sticks things together. 3M mission accomplished.

11. Greener Standard Engineered Mending 812 10P

Greener Standard Engineered Mending 812 10P

There is a spatula roll that is sold separately. The Tape Terror Tape Dispenser comes with a roll of tape. Each roll of tape is different. The original invisible Scotch Magic Tape has been replaced with a more eco-friendly version. Made from recycled or plant based material. invisible tape The original Scotch Magic Tape was great. It's ideal for paper mending.

Brand: Scotch

👤I've opened three rolls of this tape and all of them have split at least once. It's almost impossible to find the end and restart it. Their quality control has gone downhill, maybe they have gone to making it thinner. I'll look for a better tape next time. I will be updating this in 2021. I just opened the fifth roll of tape and it has split just like the 4 before it. It is very time consuming to get it started and the tape is wasted. I will not buy this tape again.

👤Who doesn't use tape? I've already burned 2 1/2 rolls and Christmas isn't until next week. Good job, man! The only things I use.

👤I received a roll of tape that was filled with air bubbles and stripes and it was just weird. I have never received a roll like this before. I worry that quality is going down.

👤I used a lot of tape to do expense reports. I use the tape to tape the receipts to the machine paper. I use it to send out our paystubs. I put the tape on the back flap because they wouldn't open. You can't really see the tape because it disappears. I like this tape.

👤The purchase of Scotch Tape has made my life complete. I haven't been so happy since I went to John Belushi's Scotch Tape Boutique. I'm looking forward to buying a piece of paper.

👤The Scotch Tape is the same as before. It's the best tape on the market.

👤We were running out of tape. This was a good decision to make sure we don't run out of gas.

👤I've used this brand tape for a long time and it works great. I think it's a good idea.


What is the best product for eco friendly tape dispenser?

Eco friendly tape dispenser products from Lucasng. In this article about eco friendly tape dispenser you can see why people choose the product. P Perfectape and Earth Hugger are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly tape dispenser.

What are the best brands for eco friendly tape dispenser?

Lucasng, P Perfectape and Earth Hugger are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly tape dispenser. Find the detail in this article. Scotch, Owlkela and Officegoods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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