Best Eco Friendly Tape Measure

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1. ADHES Friendly Writable Non Coated Packaging

ADHES Friendly Writable Non Coated Packaging

Compostable plates are perfect for all occasions. The disposable plates can be used for events. Enjoy the event without worrying about the mess after the party. The heavy duty kraft tape has a high-tensile strength so that it can be used for sealing carboard and heavy-duty packaging for moving, shipping, or long-term indoor storage. It is possible to recycle with a box without separation. There is a non-coated surface for pencils,pens,water-based marker pen,oily markers and more. It is easy to use, no water, scissors, or knives are necessary. This tape is noiseless to use. It's suitable to use at night or when quiet is required.

Brand: Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection

👤I wanted to use eco-friendly packing tape for my package, but it doesn't stick to the packages. I wish I wouldn't have brought so many of them because the tape doesn't work.

👤The tape is nice, but disappointing that markers and pens don't write well on it. The markers look like bubbles on the tape and can be washed out. Pens don't work.

👤A better tape will cost you more. The tape doesn't stick to itself.

👤Does not stick to anything. Wanted to use it on the back of mounted pictures to give a finished look, but it won't stick to paper. Can't be used for boxes or anything that is worthless.

👤The tape is of good quality. I had to reseal the boxes with other shipping tape because it did not stick.

👤There isn't much tape on the roll.

👤Weak and thin for any use.

👤If you read the reviews for this tape, you will see that many people are not happy with its adherence. The truth is in the middle. It is a fact that its adherence is not as strong as a typical Scotch tape. It is meant to be used on cardboard. If you need to change it, you have time to do it. After a few hours, the bond gets stronger and it will tear the surface of the cardboard. It's still not close to the level of adherence that is found in duct-tape. It can easily be torn by hand, so it can be used as masking tape when using dry media. With 3 tapes, you'll be able to tape a lot of boxes. The price seems fair when compared to similar tapes sold in Canadian hardware stores. They can be purchased for a couple of bucks per roll. So fairness is relative.

👤The tape is usually durable enough to be used. It's meant to be used on porous cardboard, not anything with a glossy surface, because it is PACKING tape. I think the easiest way to describe this product is that it has the same amount of strength as the black packing tape used in the Amazon shipping box. It works well on boxes that are rough. I tried it on some glossy, printed and laminated style boxes and it didn't adhere well to a shiny surface, so it may become hit or miss. There is a This is strong enough for use on plain cardboard. I think it's important to note that it is also non-biodegradable and that it eventually ends up in the trash.

👤I got Adhes heavy duty paper tape in order to find an eco-friendly tape. This works, but it is more of a hassle than regular packing tape. I knew when I bought the paper tape that it couldn't be used to cover labels or have them still show. Sometimes I need to use water to make the tape stick to the boxes, but for the most part it sticks. There is a It's not perfect, but at least it's recyclable, which I like about it, and I will use this all up.

2. FITINDEX Bluetooth Measuring Retractable Measurement

FITINDEX Bluetooth Measuring Retractable Measurement

If the tape measure extends a long way, you can press the button in the middle to make the tape measure come down quickly, or there will be loud noise. Data will be sent to the app. Smart Digital body tape can be used with the Fitindex app. The Fitindex app can be downloaded for free through the app store or the Play store. A large, bright and clear monitor display makes it easy to read and measure data. It is easy to measure a body part with a single hand. Accurate measurement. Retracting button and pin lock can help you fix body parts and get accurate measurements. Track data with weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. unlimited users can be added for whole family use, and the app can record up to 8 body parts. There are 2 units and measure mode. Both measure inches and centimetres, as well as length and circumference. It's great for weight loss, muscle gain, and fabric tailoring. The Fitindex digital smart tape is powered by a CR2032 battery.

Brand: Fitindex

👤I have been on my fitness journey for a few years now and am at the point where the scale won't budge. I have known for a long time that I should be tracking inches. I also have a fit index scale and this uses the same app. There is nothing new to download. There is a If you don't already have the app, the instructions are very clear. There is a clip on the end. There is a button that you push to tighten the tape measure. Once you have your body part measured, you can use the location on the app to save your measurement. You can see trends over time with it. You can see what my graph looks like over time. There is a Multiple users can use it. My son is trying to get me to let him measure his arms. When you shop online, you can just open the app and find out what your chest size or hip measurement is, it's added perk. With a regular tape measure, I was always wondering how hard it was to pull the last measurement and where I should put the sticky note. This is very simple. I'm going to buy a few for my fitness buddies.

👤Five stars. I put the battery in the box and took the Smart Body Tape Measure out, and it showed the icon on the phone. I opened the app to add the device and there was a tape measure icon in the top right corner. I thought to myself, I have never seen that before. It was my tape measure that was connected to my app. It just connected without me having to take any steps. There is a The use is very easy. The check mark is the button that changes from centimeters to inches. Measure and save the body part by pressing it on the app. You take 12 measurements around your body. The scale is a mini review. I return to the navy calculator to figure out my body fat percentage with my newly acquired and digitally accurate measurements. I used my neck and waist to enter the other information and the calculator gave me the same percentage as the scale stated. I am not sure about the scale's use of an algorithm. It was nice to know that it is accurate, but I need a DEXA Scan. There is a It is nice to know that my scale is giving me accurate numbers and that this measuring tape helps keep a closer track on progress with its digital readout and decimals vs rounding up or down. I will consider more products after I have a simple plug and play connection.

👤This little tape measure is very impressive. Simply download the app, create an account, insert the included battery, and you can start. I have never had an easier time measuring myself and it is probably more accurate than any other measurement I have taken. I took all the specified measurements in a record time. Pull the tape out, select a body part, wrap it around the body part, connect the end to the device, press the check mark, and you're done! It's great that measurements are automatically saved for future comparison. I don't know how they could have made it easier. A time saver and boost in accuracy!

3. Komelon SM5425 Gripper Acrylic Measuring

Komelon SM5425 Gripper Acrylic Measuring

Body, Tailor, Sewing, Handcraft, and other Accurate Measurements. The graduations on the blade are fractional. The blade is non glare white. The jacket is thick and easy to grip. Stud markings are noted on the blade. Stud markings are noted on the blade.

Brand: Komelon

👤I bought this tape measure earlier this year, before I started any home improvement projects. The tape fell from my pocket clip while I was hanging up the backer in the garage. The end hook was bent backwards when I used it again. The reason I bought this tape measure was because of the product description. The end hook on the case was strategically designed to protect it. There is no need to worry about dropping the tape measure. Why would I worry about dropping it off a ladder? There are valid reasons to refuse a replacement. End hook is bent from being dropped, stepped on or accidentally hit. If you buy this tape measure, make sure you don't drop it because the end hook could bend and be a waste of money.

👤1. There is no indication on how long the case is. It is a common practice to measure inside corners. The back of the case is rounded, which is problematic for this tape measure. The tape measure marker has a square base at the bottom of it, but the round case back makes it useless for inside measurements. 2. The angle of the tape coming out from the case is not in line with the base of the case. I like to mark a board with a tape measure over it to make it appear larger. You can't do that with a tape measure. If you pull the tape out and let the case sit naturally, the tip of the tape will be 1 inch off the work surface.

👤I always remain objective and honest when reviewing products. I always review with information that I feel others would like to know about the product, as I always assume what I'm writing will affect the purchase. I try to go beyond surface characteristics and input into quality, value and application. I will always end the review with an answer as to whether or not I would purchase the item again, which I believe is the most critical question pertaining to the item. Let me know if you want me to review your items. I like the Komelon Gripper Speed-Mark tape measure. I wanted a new one because my old one pushed me to the brink. I have a Craftsman that I use as well. If you're using a cheap tape measure, you know how hard it is to get the tape to stay extended with our bending because of the cheap gauge of metal used in the tape. Not so with this Komelon. It's very strong. I can extend the tape measure almost 8' before it breaks. It's pretty incredible. There is a The gray tape is very easy to read and I love the fact that the measurements are listed in 1/6th of a second. The locking mechanism is sturdy and secure. There is a It's easy to skimp on a tape measure early in life when you don't understand the difference between quality and quantity. You'll never go back when you upgrade. This is the case with this Komelon. If I need another one, it's an easy purchase. I've thought about replacing my Craftsman.

4. Pack Measuring Knitting Measurements Retractable

Pack Measuring Knitting Measurements Retractable

The tape measure can be used for Cloth tape measure, body tape measure, Sewing tape measure, andmeasuring tape tailor. Good sewing tool, accurate tape measuring for sewing, tailoring, body, waist measurement or measuring any curved surface. It is possible to provide you accurate measurements, suitable for a seamstress, crafter, quilter or anyone who just needs a flexible measuring tape. 2 pack soft fashion pink and retractable black measuring tape set A portable,durable tape measure. The measuring tape is small and light. It is easy to read and measure. The tape measure has clear markings in both inches and centimeters, making it easy to read. There is a wide application for home office school supplies. Measure any curved surface with great measuring tape for body, sewing, tailoring, weight loss, ordering clothes online, waist measurement or measuring any curved surface. Also, note: The black tape measure is not static. There is a button in the center that you can press if you want to pull the tape out or put it back in. One soft fashion pink tape measure and one retractable black tape measure are included in the package. Multipurpose measuring tape for sewing and knitting. A great gift idea is for family friends. The measuring tape is portable and easy to carry or put into your bag.

Brand: Ibayam

👤The retractable tape measure is very useful. It is a bit inacurrate. It starts at 212 inches.

👤The regular non-retractable is 1/3 off if you go a long way. The one that is retractable appears to be accurate. I measure my tapes against a cutting mat or straight ruler to make sure they are accurate. Order elsewhere and save yourself some time.

👤I haven't removed the measuring tape from the wrapper. The retractable one is the subject of this review. Within 30 seconds of use, the case fell apart and the internal wire that held the spring in place flew out. This is very flimsy and dangerous. It would have gotten my baby as well. I'm not sure how much worse this could have been.

👤2 pack of tapes. Why not get 2 for the price of one? One is cloth and the other is retractable. Each has their own applications. Cloth is easy to use for measuring and retractable for flat surfaces. Both are marked on one side and on the other side.

👤I wanted a cheap measuring tape for light sewing. I grabbed this offer because I saw it at a single price. One is on a plastic spool with an auto-retract button, and the other is a pink measuring tape. These are not high quality items, but they serve my purpose and are not expensive. They arrived a day early.

👤Love the pink tape measure. The pale white lettering on the black tape is hard to read.

👤The first time I pulled the tape out, it broke. I am a smaller person and not very strong, so I am very upset about this. There is a I had to take my measurements for a bridesmaid dress, so I ordered this and took it out of the package, and brought it inside, only to start measuring around my 25th birthday. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh How? There is a Oh my gosh, worthless. Don't waste your money! If I could, I would not give it stars.

👤The tape measure is very good. It fits in my pocket and is always useful. The retractable feature is amazing. How did they do that in a small item?

👤I use this tape measure when sewing. It works as expected.

👤Really pleased with this duo. I don't need the long pink tape measure. It is fine. I have a cracked version from the 1980s that could go into retirement. The thick pink tape is good for measuring larger items. There is a The retractable tape measure is useful. It is much easier to store a retractable tape measure in a bag or pocket if you need to take it out and about. The tape inside is very thin and flexible, like a plastic ribbon. There is a As you pull the tape out, it clicks after every inch that comes out of its hiding place. As it clicks, it holds the tape in place. If you don't want it to click loads, just hold on the button until you want it to stay in place. And it will hold it. There is a 150 cm of tape is in the retractable tape measure. You have 60 inches of measuring pleasure if you flip it over. The whole tape will whip itself back into its housing when you press the button. I think it is best to hold the tab on the end of the tape to avoid tangles. There is a I hope it will stand the test of time.

5. Komelon SL2825 Self 25 Foot Power

Komelon SL2825 Self 25 Foot Power

Stud markings are noted on the blade. The self locking mechanism allows the blade to be extended smoothly. The push button allows the blade to be pulled. The blade is nylon coated. The case is impact resistant. The case is impact resistant.

Brand: Komelon

👤I waited 3 months to post a review because I wanted to be accurate. Don't buy. It is complete Gaga. I use a measuring tape all day. It is heavy and feels like it should be durable, but the spring loaded spindle inside broke after about 6 weeks, leaving the tape to not go back inside. You can save yourself the hassle. Buy a better one.

👤I liked it and had one for a while. I bought 3 more and none of them lock well as the tape often slowly slides back in. I threw one in the trash. It was difficult to pull out once it got to a point. The rest of the tape was pulled out when I got to just over 24. Garbage!

👤This measure is what I wanted. I thought I'd have to shell out another 25 bucks for a new one after my last one snapped. The Komelon has a self stop feature and a button that won't hit you in the face. For one reason, I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. The packaging is made of plastic. It takes forever to get this material off. I needed scissors and a knife. It was very dangerous because of the sharp edges from the plastic and tools, and I could have easily cut myself. By the time I was done, I was very angry. The hardest part was getting the belt clip free, as it is swathed above it, on the sides, and below it. I can't believe that some moron came up with this design, and other morons approved it. They picked this one because it was the easiest way to package the tape measure. Unless they change the packaging, I won't buy another one. I would rather pay the extra money than grieve over opening this one.

👤I received a second one after the first one didn't lock well and I had to return the first one. I wondered if there was a design issue after opening the back and taking a closer look. The rubber wedge that's supposed to hold the tape in place slipped slightly with one side that had a tab on the left. The little tab on the right has been locked without any issues since I cut it off. It works better with zero play once it locks. I've had this tape measure for a long time but it broke so I would buy a second one. The 25ft version is the same as the 25ft version I have. There is a If it's slipping, you should remove the tab on the rubber wedge. A 10 year old can modify this tape measure. I have two working 16 ft tape measures which I'm not complaining about.

👤I bought this tape because it's an autolocking tape to use on small jobs and because it's large and heavy. I'm happy with that. It feels good in the hand. There is a The main numbers are easy to read. The numbers and other markings are smaller when there is a small tape blade. If you use it for difficult jobs, you will probably be disappointed. If you want a tape that is easy to carry and use for small jobs, this is the one for you. The autolocking feature is worth the price of tape alone. When you're trying to move quickly, I love not having to fuss with trying to lock a tape.

6. Measure Flexible Measurement Centimetre 60 Inch(White)

Measure Flexible Measurement Centimetre 60 Inch%EF%BC%88White%EF%BC%89

It's wide used. The white masking tape can be used as drafting tape or painting tape. The tape is an excellent choice for many things. The range is 0 to 60 inches and 0 to 150 centimeters. The scale is printed in inches and centimeters. Both sides can be measured. It's possible to put one in your pocket or backpack without taking up a lot of space. Tailor Vinyl tape measure won't stretch or distort, it provides superior measurement consistence, and Soft tape measure, a flexible and portable tape measure, white color, is made from soft plastic material. Black markings on bright white tape is big enough for you to read, the tape has metal tabs on each end of the cloth tape measure to butt-up against the item you are measuring, and the metal ends can prevent fraying. The tape measure can be used for Cloth tape measure, body tape measure, Sewing tape measure, andmeasuring tape tailor. Good sewing tool, accurate tape measuring for sewing, tailoring, body, waist measurement or measuring any curved surface. It is possible to provide you accurate measurements, suitable for a seamstress, crafter, quilter or anyone who just needs a flexible measuring tape.

Brand: Gdminlo

👤Not accurate. It was compared with a wooden ruler. Go clear.

👤The ruler I purchased was made in the USA. The ruler is made in China. It's pretty annoyed.

👤It is a measuring tape. It measures things. This will measure something if you are trying to. I use this to measure my puppy's growth. I know the right size vests and collar for him. It gets the job done. I use this to measure my bicep. The arms of the son could buy beer.

👤The soft tape measure is perfect for me. There is a The tape measure has standard and metric, which is a good feature, however, both units of measurement are slightly inaccurate when gauged against a scientific ruler. I will only use this measure for all of my measurements, so I am okay with the slight inaccuracies. The tape measure is inexpensive.

👤I ordered this because I needed my specific size to purchase a tailored jacket. The tape was flexible and did the job well. The build quality is similar to what a professional would use, and it folds up for easy storage.

👤My wife needs this measuring tape to send her measurements. It was pretty handy. It was much easier to use a string and tape measure. We can use it in the future because it is made of durable material. We are happy.

👤The rating was lowered due to the price. I get these at my dollar store for a buck and they are more flexible. The product was okay. I got it on Amazon.

7. Greener Standard Engineered Mending 812 10P

Greener Standard Engineered Mending 812 10P

There is a spatula roll that is sold separately. The Tape Terror Tape Dispenser comes with a roll of tape. Each roll of tape is different. The original invisible Scotch Magic Tape has been replaced with a more eco-friendly version. Made from recycled or plant based material. invisible tape The original Scotch Magic Tape was great. It's ideal for paper mending.

Brand: Scotch

👤I've opened three rolls of this tape and all of them have split at least once. It's almost impossible to find the end and restart it. Their quality control has gone downhill, maybe they have gone to making it thinner. I'll look for a better tape next time. I will be updating this in 2021. I just opened the fifth roll of tape and it has split just like the 4 before it. It is very time consuming to get it started and the tape is wasted. I will not buy this tape again.

👤Who doesn't use tape? I've already burned 2 1/2 rolls and Christmas isn't until next week. Good job, man! The only things I use.

👤I received a roll of tape that was filled with air bubbles and stripes and it was just weird. I have never received a roll like this before. I worry that quality is going down.

👤I used a lot of tape to do expense reports. I use the tape to tape the receipts to the machine paper. I use it to send out our paystubs. I put the tape on the back flap because they wouldn't open. You can't really see the tape because it disappears. I like this tape.

👤The purchase of Scotch Tape has made my life complete. I haven't been so happy since I went to John Belushi's Scotch Tape Boutique. I'm looking forward to buying a piece of paper.

👤The Scotch Tape is the same as before. It's the best tape on the market.

👤We were running out of tape. This was a good decision to make sure we don't run out of gas.

👤I've used this brand tape for a long time and it works great. I think it's a good idea.

8. EZlifego Multipurpose Removable Transparent Household

EZlifego Multipurpose Removable Transparent Household

Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business. Their transparent double-sided tape is incredibly strong,durable, easy to install, no tools are required,Instant Bonding does not require curing or drying stage. The tape works well in temperatures from 0F to 200F. Reusability, Retention, and Transformation are all included in REMOVABLE & REUSABLE & TRACELESS. The double-sided tape is easy to remove and leaves no mess. When you need to reuse the tape, wash it with water and dry it. It is not recommended to use it on unstable paint. When removing tape from the wall, it's important to avoid causing the wall to fall off. It's easy to use, the length is 9.85 feet and the width is 3.0 cm. Strong holding power can hold up to 18 pounds on smooth surfaces. It can be cut to any size you need. The only thing you need to do is stick the tape on the item. Versatile uses meet all your needs. The double sided tape will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface. It can be used to fix or paste items such as pictures, photos,frames,wall stickers,posters,hooks,shelves,phone holders,carpets,flowerpots,power sockets,decorations, do it yourself items... Double-sided tape is an essential for your daily life. Quality testing has been done on their tape. This sticky transparent tape can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Ezlifego

👤It's too much if you want to keep it for the rest of your life. If you want to seal a mummy's tomb, you need this tape. The government should use this stuff to keep it in place if there is an earthquake and California falls into the ocean. The South would not have been able to break away if Lincoln had this tape. This stuff is so strong that it can not be defeated in the physical realm. It will keep your relationship going. If your boyfriend is going to leave you, you can show it to him. You don't have to apply it. He will not be able to leave you because of its power. The bond created by this tape cannot be broken. Use with care.

👤This tape is strong. I'm not sure how anyone can get it off once it's on, it's so strong, but it says you can wash and reuse it. I used it to mount ceramic planters to my RV walls, and I was impressed because these guys aren't going anywhere. I will buy more of this stuff.

👤Don't hang something up with a hammer and nail. This is the real thing.

👤There is a Every once in a while, I make a purchase that stands out as one of the best things I've ever spent money on. This tape is one of those things. Need to illuminate a workbench? Check. Do you need to put a power strip on a desk? Check. Do you need an external hard drive for a PS4? Check. Do you need to attach two cell phones to a window frame? Check. Do you need to attach two minirouters to a piece of wood? Check. Do you need to attach a powered hub to a piece of wood? You have it. Do you need to hang a TV from the ceiling with an indoor/outdoor thermometer display? Yeppers! What else can I say? The stuff works. It was as advertised. No BS. The best thing I've bought from Amazon is now.

👤Do not buy this item. I don't write reviews but I wanted to warn against this tape so you don't regret buying it. There is a I ordered the tape for hanging the thin nail polish shelves, but it didn't hold them in place, and I had to remove them because they were scaring the living daylights out of us. There is a I have to buy new nail polish shelves because the tape just clean took off the drywall and stuck to the shelves. I can not get some of the tape off the wall because it is so bad. I don't recommend buying this tape. I hope this makes someone change their mind. You don't have to deal with the same issues as I did.

👤I'm obsessed with this tape. I wanted to keep the shelving in my built-in, but not ruin the service. I can display my nail polish collection with ease.

👤Fix it with a staple gun or duct tape, I'm not good at it. This stuff is great. You can re-use it if you want. I have a gate to keep my dog out of the kitchen without the big screws that are in the walls. A 6 month old kitten is tearing up my house. I taped the plant stand down so it wouldn't ruin my floors. I didn't have to drill holes in my new gate to hang the dog sighn because the candle stick is no longer rolling around the tub. As time goes on, I may buy another roll.

9. CRAFTSMAN Measure Classic 25 Foot CMHT37325S

CRAFTSMAN Measure Classic 25 Foot CMHT37325S

The case is impact resistant. The retractable tape measure has 7 feet. Added grip. For added grip, rubber overmold is used. Product life can be improved by durable blade coating. Product life can be improved by durable blade coating.

Brand: Craftsman

👤Measure tape is needed when you need measuing tape. My wife and I can talk after that day. 5/5

👤I own a Stanley tape measure. The tape layout, markings, and feel are almost identical to my Stanley tape measure, even though the body of this Craftsman is different. I was shocked at how similar they were. The end hook of the Craftsman is different from the Stanley's. The Stanley is yellow on the tape. There are 3 more The product branding is different. There is a That is really all. These two perform the same way. The good news is that I was able to compare Stanley and this Craftsman tape and I ended up hooking them both to a flat metal lip. The two tape measures disagreed at 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 I don't know which one is off. Is the Stanley long? Is the Craftsman too short? There is a This is an adequate tape measure that is almost identical to the Stanley.

👤I live in the USA. I am an engineer. I was tired of messing with the USA measurement system. What is 1/2 of 11 feet 5 and 11/16th. I bought this tape measure to simplify my life. I like it. Have been working on a ladder. It works great when dropped on concrete.

👤The price is good, but you get what you pay for. I used it for the first time yesterday and had to count the number of times I used it. The lines are there, but the inches are written out. There isn't a metric either. It is "Craftsman".

👤The tape measure was only for a short time. The lock to hold the tape stopped working after about two months, and when I pulled the tape out it snapped, hitting my fingers. The lock button wouldn't work no matter how hard I tried. It wasn't worth the trouble of returning it. I threw it.

👤It is great for the price but also basic. The measurement will begin in inches and continue until it splits. On the bottom of the tape, it will continue counting up and on the top of the tape, it will start over again, going back up to 11in, 2 ft. If you don't need these markings, this tape works just fine.

👤There are three reasons I bought this tape. There is a It's 25 inches long enough to measure anything you need to. I use the tape on a daily basis at work. There is a I don't have the largest hands in the world. I like its size and it fits well. I prefer the smaller size for daily use because I don't need the extra five or 10 feet. There is a I like that this tape is easy to read, because most tape measures are yellow. There is a The only way to make it better is to use a clip where the backside of the rivet is catching instead of the actual end of the tape. I only have one suggestion to improve this tape. A piece of duct tape can be used to solve this issue.

10. CRAFTSMAN Measure Self Lock 25 Foot CMHT37225S

CRAFTSMAN Measure Self Lock 25 Foot CMHT37225S

Product life can be improved by durable blade coating. The blade of the retractable tape measure is easy to use. There are quick and easy measures. There are fractions on the blade. Added grip. For added grip, rubber overmold is used. Added grip. For added grip, rubber overmold is used.

Brand: Craftsman

👤I lost my ability to see things when I was in my 40's. I kept the reading glasses in the house. I received a tape measure for my 50th birthday and now I want to keep 6 of them in the house. I have tape measures of many brands. The 25' Komelon self-lock had standard measurements on one side of the tape and metric on the other side, but it was my favorite. The Komelon tape was hard to read and I can't see things that are not at least arm's length away. If I held on to the tape at 1 and let the body fall from the top of a ladder, it would continue to let out tape, which I didn't like. This Craftsman corrects everything I didn't like about the Komelon and has an added benefit I didn't know I needed. The tape is 25' long and has standard measurements. The 26' has both. I will summon the tape. I can lock it up even more so that I can lower it as far as I want without it falling off the floor or hitting the 25' mark. The tape is white. I had no idea it would be so easy to read. Every inch is marked in black on the top of the tape and every eighth increment is marked in red on the bottom of the tape. Stud references are marked in red blocks. I bought two more at 25' and 16'. I want to buy 10 more and use them for stocking stuffers. I would give it 10 stars. I highly recommend the product and I am completely satisfied with the purchase.

👤It feels good in the hand and has a reliable hook on the end so you can stretch it out over long distances. The scale doesn't show the number of inches in between the foot markers, so it's not as cool as I thought it would be. The scale showed the total number of inches, as well as the number of inches since the last foot marker, on my imperial-only measure. I'm not sure how much I miss this as I'm counting the number of inches from the previous foot marker. It's a tough one to explain and I hope it isn't too confusing. There is a The recoil is not good. When I press the button to release the tape, it doesn't always go back to where it came from, and I have to either feed it back in with my other hand or point the tape to the ceiling. The Craftsman measure I bought to replace was far less usable and functional. If you don't really use metric measurements, I would suggest you use an imperial-only measure.

👤This was bought for our son who has a learning disability. It works great, it gives him confidence, where school wasn't always supportive. I would recommend anyone that has a child that struggles with reading to them.

👤Don't buy a tape measure. The numbers on the tape are easy to read. The product is heavy duty but the tape folding feature broke on me after about 5 uses. It was not abused. It's used in normal situations. It was broken and will not be rendered useless. The waste of money. The name of the person is not worth much. It is now considered junk.

11. Singer 00218 Tape Measure 1

Singer 00218 Tape Measure 1

One soft fashion pink tape measure and one retractable black tape measure are included in the package. Multipurpose measuring tape for sewing and knitting. A great gift idea is for family friends. The measuring tape is portable and easy to carry or put into your bag. 60-inch, flexible and durable vinyl tape measure. The perfect tailor's tool is a 5-foot soft vinyl tape. Pink tape has a black print on it. There are inches and centimeters. Tabbed edges keep it from happening.

Brand: Singer

👤I am a good measurer. I am the only one who knows any other good measurer. I am the best. People like that I make my measurements so good. I know that. I was measuring everything from my desk to my bathroom. I am the best. I will use this measuring tape to build something big. You will be able to see it. Stay informed. If you are going to use it as a professional, don't buy it. The first inch is not accurate and will probably not go back. The inch marked will not be an inch anymore. I measured my eyes. I am the best.

👤The inches measurement is completely wrong on the tape I received. It's geometric meaning the longer the item, the larger the error, and measuring anything in both cm and inches and converting will give about a 30% error. I'm confused about how I received such a bad item, considering all the positive reviews here. It's a measuring tape, it has one job, and I only use it in metric. It's time to switch.

👤The side is off by a long way. I compared it to a different tape measure and they didn't match. There is a It's just fine on the side in centimeters. Do not buy this tape if you want to use it in inches. This item is not a Prime item. It took almost a month for it to arrive from China.

👤Terrible product. It took months to ship and was not accurate. The inch on this was between 1.25 and 1.5 inches. The product was completely useless given the time I spent.

👤I bought it to replace the tape my puppy chewed. The new one has a missing first quarter of an inch. If you start measuring from the 2 mark, you might be accurate. My old Dritz is blue and the pink one is Singer.

👤Good product. I'm upset because of how fat my measurements are. That's not the fault of the tape measure. It's funny.

👤I use this for body measurements and nothing else, so my review is not for those using this for sewing or other more precise needs. The material sticks to the skin and makes it much easier to work with. The first inch of the tape measure is not short by the stated amount, but mine was. The metal pieces on the ends are fastened securely, and the measurements are all there.

👤I am happy with the price, color and quality of this item. Many of you keep a tape measure in a junk drawer where it hides in the shadows. The pink color makes it easy to find. The quality of this tape is excellent and it is inexpensive. Several reviews were negative for a number of reasons, but the one I just received is all that it should be and nothing is wrong with it. It is a small investment on your part. If you want to get a good one, send it back to Amazon within 30 days.


What is the best product for eco friendly tape measure?

Eco friendly tape measure products from Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection. In this article about eco friendly tape measure you can see why people choose the product. Fitindex and Komelon are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly tape measure.

What are the best brands for eco friendly tape measure?

Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection, Fitindex and Komelon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly tape measure. Find the detail in this article. Ibayam, Gdminlo and Scotch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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