Best Eco Friendly Tape Roll

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1. Greener Standard Engineered Mending 812 10P

Greener Standard Engineered Mending 812 10P

There is a spatula roll that is sold separately. The Tape Terror Tape Dispenser comes with a roll of tape. Each roll of tape is different. The original invisible Scotch Magic Tape has been replaced with a more eco-friendly version. Made from recycled or plant based material. invisible tape The original Scotch Magic Tape was great. It's ideal for paper mending.

Brand: Scotch

👤I've opened three rolls of this tape and all of them have split at least once. It's almost impossible to find the end and restart it. Their quality control has gone downhill, maybe they have gone to making it thinner. I'll look for a better tape next time. I will be updating this in 2021. I just opened the fifth roll of tape and it has split just like the 4 before it. It is very time consuming to get it started and the tape is wasted. I will not buy this tape again.

👤Who doesn't use tape? I've already burned 2 1/2 rolls and Christmas isn't until next week. Good job, man! The only things I use.

👤I received a roll of tape that was filled with air bubbles and stripes and it was just weird. I have never received a roll like this before. I worry that quality is going down.

👤I used a lot of tape to do expense reports. I use the tape to tape the receipts to the machine paper. I use it to send out our paystubs. I put the tape on the back flap because they wouldn't open. You can't really see the tape because it disappears. I like this tape.

👤The purchase of Scotch Tape has made my life complete. I haven't been so happy since I went to John Belushi's Scotch Tape Boutique. I'm looking forward to buying a piece of paper.

👤The Scotch Tape is the same as before. It's the best tape on the market.

👤We were running out of tape. This was a good decision to make sure we don't run out of gas.

👤I've used this brand tape for a long time and it works great. I think it's a good idea.

2. Transparent Dispenser Wrapping BOMEI PACK

Transparent Dispenser Wrapping BOMEI PACK

It's ideal for paper mending. The value pack contains 24 rolls of transparent tape, enough to meet all your needs. The roll tape width is 0.75 inch and the length is 1000 inch. It is easy to cut and tear off the office tape dispensers from the crystal clear surface. Their transparent tape refill rolls will stick well to paper, book, letter, mailing documents and so on. Office tape dispensers are ideal for mending documents, notes, sealing envelopes, packaging light objects and gift wrapping. A good tool for many things.

Brand: Bomei Pack

👤The tape works in a dispensers. It stretches so it doesn't cut cleanly with a tape dispenser that works well with other brands. You end up snapping it rather than cutting it when it stretches harder. The tape is thinner to the point where it folds in on itself easily, and more frequently when you have to pull hard to get a piece. It ruins itselt when you work hard to get a piece. I'm tossing 23 of these rolls because I'm just ordering another brand.

👤The standard core tape dispensers do not fit these rolls of tape. They are too small. Don't waste your money.

👤I took a chance because of the mixed reviews, but I was a little afraid to buy this. I have a no name brand one and it fit well in my dispensers. If you want to start a new roll, dig into the starting tab, once you have it lifted, you're good to go. It is worth it for the price.

👤Let me see if I can explain this. I use a lot of tape. I pull off several hundred pieces of tape per day and it's important that I have ease and speed. The tape is hard to tear and it screws up my flow. I have to take extra time and effort every time I try to grab a piece of tape. It's a big pain if you add up the number of pieces of tape a day. I returned the tape and went for the Scotch brand because I guess you get what you pay for.

👤You'll never go back if you discover clear tape over the invisible tape. I use this tape in my office a lot. The package of tape is great. The rolls are 3X the length of the rolls that came with my dispenser, and they fit the little spool better. Highly recommended.

👤It's not bad for your money when it comes to price per unit. The tape's ability to stick to paper is terrible, it barely sticks to regular paper and it is worse on other items.

👤The value is great. Fast delivery. The only issue I have found is that the tape doesn't tear easily when used with a tape dispenser. Pull marks on the tape make it difficult to be perfectly clear.

👤I bought these rolls several months ago and just got them out this week and found out they are too small for my dispensers and will not work at all, so the money and tape are useless. I have a lot of gifts to wrap and now have to find tape at the busiest time of the year.

👤The clarity of the tape is great. There is no visible on wrapping paper. I decided to buy a multipack since I ran out. I like the frosted look of both of these types. This one is a good width and cuts easily. If I had to remove it, it was not sticky. It should last a while.

3. Kraft Paper Tape Writable Meter

Kraft Paper Tape Writable Meter

Water-activated tape is repulpable. Made in the USA. The color looks like a cartoon. It was made from 100% paper. No tools are required to tear apart. It is possible to writable using any pen or marker.

Brand: Because I'm Happy

👤Great stuff! It has good elasticity. It can gunk up a pair of scissors. You can't really write about this in my experience. It feels like paper but is too slick. Sharpie looked terrible. Other markers and pens didn't work.

👤I don't know what the reviewers are using, but in my experience this tape is useless when used as packaging tape. It doesn't stick well to cardboard, so when you wrap a box, the tape starts to unstick where it overlaps, and then if it gets rubbed against another surface more tape can pull off, and the box contents can fall out.

👤Wow! I just wrote a review. This is the first time I have ever seen tape like this. I bought this on the fly as an alternative to washi tape for some gift packaging needs, and since then I have found many uses for it. I love that it is not flimsy. It is the perfect finish to write on. I will check for other widths now. You will use this all the time if you use it for anything. Definitely recommend.

👤I have no doubt that this tape will hold my packages together. It doesn't stick to itself. Can be written on with a permanent marker. Eco friendly alternative to normal packing tape.

👤This product is good for mailing. I wrapped my Christmas gifts with the same paper. The color was brighter than the paper. It did a great job of holding everything together.

👤The tape is better than I anticipated. It is very sticky; it holds up well. It holds plastic packing tape, but you can rip it. I have used it on boxes and plastic. I resealed a used plastic mailer and it worked perfectly. A plastic butter container broke and I patched a hole in a bag of cereals. Love the non-plastic tape option. I have not found a downside.

👤It's nice to have an alternative to plastic. It's much easier to tear and find the end of the roll than it is to be wet. It was performed as advertised.

👤I wanted paper tape to fix boxes. This does the trick and looks good. It's very sticky. It's difficult to cut. I need clean lines. I use a razor blade to cut it. That works well. The scissors wouldn't cut it. I would buy it again because it is for a specific need. I wouldn't want packing tape.

4. ALIENTAPE Multipurpose Removable Adhesive Transparent

ALIENTAPE Multipurpose Removable Adhesive Transparent

It's ideal for paper mending. The double-sided tape is ideal for mounting. High capacity allows mounting on many surfaces. Not for use on dry painted surfaces. Installation does not require curing or drying, just press the item against the surface with tape in between for mounting. The temperature and weather pattern. This tape is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors to stop furniture, rugs or carpeting from moving. Alien tape can be re-used multiple times, and it should work the same as it did the first time. Before applying it to a new surface, rinse it off in the sink. It has a thickness of 2.0mm, width of 3.0 cm, and length per roll of 10 feet. It is durable enough to handle the pressure of up to 17 pounds of weight without being ripped or otherwise not doing its job.

Brand: Bell+howell

👤I do a lot of decorating in my home and my family's homes, and I have tried many products that say it's best to buy. When I saw this product on Amazon, I thought, "Yes, I need to get it." It holds up to 17 lbs. I was hanging around 3-4 lbs, but it was probably no more than 17 lbs. I got everything ready and figured out where I was going to put the shelves. I was going to give them a whole day to settle before I put anything on the shelves. The picture shows what I found when I came downstairs. I was shocked and not happy. You can see that it damaged my wall. It's going to be awhile before I can fix my wall. I had bad luck with it.

👤I received my alien tape today and was excited to use it. It is a pile of junk. I used it on two pieces of metal art that I just purchased. I loved the dolphins and the mermaid. I put Alien tape on each piece and it was light in weight. They were put on a clean wall. The mermaid came crashing down after just 5 minutes. The dolphins crashed to the floor. I didn't get to enjoy either piece. Don't ever use this product on someone you really love.

👤This is one of the worst TV products I've ever purchased. It's impossible to install with the initial side coming off. Pressing down for 30 seconds doesn't help. When they send you 3 rolls, I should have known this was false. I don't recommend you purchase this product and use 3M or industrial velcro. This is a trap.

👤I liked what I saw. It was easy. I made a boo and it stuck again. I was not impressed by the instructions that said it could damage paint and Sheetrock. I was trying to make a seal on a door and it worked out well. I put a piece on a rail to hold it while I was working on my project, but when I removed it, it was gone. The wood came off the tape. This was after I had put most of the rolls around the door. Oops. I hope the door is okay when I need to take it off. There is a The back of my rug is shown in the picture. My dog was able to unstick it. The rubber came off. I washed the tape off the floor. It came clean, but not the same as before.

👤This stuff is great. It was originally given to my fiancĂ©e to hang around the house. I put up some acoustic foam panels in my office. It is great. Help up my Surface Pro for about 20 minutes. I bet it will stay up until you want to take it down. There are only 2 complaints in the application. You have to rip it when you cut with normal scissors. You are trimming a tree. The plastic was difficult to get off of my fingers. If you have nails, you will be fine.

5. Ninico Rolls Washi Tape Set

Ninico Rolls Washi Tape Set

Scotch Magic Tape refill are compatible with all of the Scotch Brand dispensers. The dimensions are 0.4in wide x 16ft long and have a colorful pattern. The 30 Rolls are non-toxic and Eco-friendly. It's perfect for kids, teenagers and adults and is compliant with the requirements of card making. 10 years experienced washi tape factory guarantee is high quality Every roll fits to the standard of "No Stain, No Damage" and Moderately, not too sticky, for easy removal. No Residue, Easy Tear and Stick, No Color Fade with Long Period, No Damage to Walls and Furniture, and Many Recollections for Festivals, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, are some of the features. Will reply as soon as possible and give guidance of using.

Brand: Mpopuul

👤The prints are not as vibrant as I would have liked, but for the price and quantity, it's amazing. It sticks, the prints are not off, and there is a nice variety.

👤The designs are worth the money I paid for. There are many options to use on planners.

👤The washi tape is a good deal. There is a wide variety of patterns but I only got two that were the same. Some of the patterns are printed off center and the foil on the tape below will peel if you peel them from the underside.

👤I got this set for gift wrapping, scrapping, and just crafting stuff. For different purposes, I like both sets a lot. This tape feels like paper and can be easily peeled up if you misplace it. It came in designs that look upscale. The tape is very thin and I used a pencil to show the width. It is great for paper projects. I will use the thicker one for gift wraps.

👤This set is nice. Good for crafting. I use these around little holiday decorations that I make, and then I seal them with tape. They are pretty cute. There is a My kids like to wrap their phone cords with tape. Everybody knows who his cord is and nobody can steal it. It keeps everyone honest and keeps the arguments to a minimum. There is a Unless you want to stick it someplace else, the tape and here are nice. Make sure you know where you want to put it the first time because it won't stick as well. You should be fine. It stays there once you lay it down. The colors are bright. I like the set.

👤I didn't know how small they were, but I'm happy with them. I can't wait to use the designs in my planners.

👤There is a total scam. When buying, it says 60 rolls, but at some point it changes to 30? I thought I had made the mistake myself, but I have no idea. I bought this thinking it was 60, but it was 30. I noticed that the article said 30 so I thought, yeah, I was going to write a review. I made a mistake. I accidentally ran into a screen grab of the product that said 60 rolls before I made the purchase.

👤I don't read through product specifications much because I don't change my opinion on buying. In case anyone is wondering, these rolls of tape are not what I expected. They will work for my kids, but I'm rationing them because I didn't get as much as I thought. I am aware the title says 10mm, but who measures that out visually before ordering?

👤The prints are bright and cute. 6 feet of tape per roll is great. I took away the star because I didn't get 30 rolls as promised.

👤These are disappointing. The patterns are great, but they are not transparent. They rip too easily when you try to use them, and there isn't a lot on the rolls. Save money. Don't buy this product.

6. T R U WAT WAE Activated Reinforced Gummed

T R U WAT WAE Activated Reinforced Gummed

Office and home ready for work. Water-activated tape has a seal that discourages theft. Only one strip of tape is needed to create a strong seal. A hand-held tape gun can create repetitive motion stresses, but water-activated tape is applied using a tape dispenser. Water-activated tape can be used in environments that are dusty, dirty, cold and hot. Water-activated tape is repulpable. Made in the USA.

Brand: Ggr Supplies

👤The USPS can stamp along the edges of the cartons to make sure the package has not been opened. This tape is used for the task. A sponge is needed to wet the tape. If you only needed one carton, it was a huge roll. You can leave the rest to your kids and let them figure out what to use it for.

👤After drying the tape, the edges flared out. The edges of the tape were not presentable after it had been applied correctly.

👤The best packing tape I have ever used is this stuff. You can use it to block out graphic material on boxes so you can reuse them. It was handy!

👤Saves money and sticks to it. The user said curling at the edges. Don't think so! I have not had a problem with this tape. The packages are strong and professional.

👤I have used a few different brands of water activated tape and they were all adequate, but this sticks better than the rest. I think it has more glue. It doesn't loosen up while it is drying. This makes a difference when you need to pull a box together.

👤If you get the tape over wet, it will be hard to get it over again. It is a good packing tape when used correctly.

👤I used a sponge to wet the glue. It's nice and sticky, but messy without a dispensers. The water on the sponge was cold, so I used a warm heat transfer iron to make sure it was good bonding. Next day there was no peeling edges. It looks more professional than regular plastic tape.

👤I thought I was buying a quality product. I wet the tape thoroughly and within 10 minutes it started curling at the edges and dropping from my project. I used glue to stick the tape back on. I wasted hours trying to make the tape stick and was very frustrated.

7. U Haul Packaging Tape Yard Roll

U Haul Packaging Tape Yard Roll

The length is 55 yards and the width is 2 inches. U-Haul has a bestselling brown paper box tape. No water, scissors, or knives are needed to tear by hand.

Brand: U-haul

👤My life was not going well. I was feeling weak. Everything inside of me was threatening to fall out. I need something to hold me together. I found this amazing product. A beautiful shade of brown that was perfect for me. It held me together when I felt the mounting pressure of things starting to stack up and weigh me down. It got me moving in less than a day.

👤I can't add anything that hasn't already been said in previous reviews. I've tried to find a cheaper alternative, but have come up empty-handed, so I'm content to pay a premium for this stuff. We're trying to head in a "plastic free" direction with all of the scary news about plastic getting into everything. I'm a regular guy who sees waste plastic everywhere. This tape is heavy paper and appears to seal just as well as plastic shipping tape, so I'll pay a bit more to help the environment. It looks more classy when you seal boxes with something other than plastic tape.

👤Sometimes things need to be returned, but I like shopping on Amazon. The packing tape works well at holding boxes and plastic bubble wrap bags together. You can use this tape to hide other bar codes. There was no noticeable odors from the glue backing on this tape, for me, it was the best of all. A good change from clear tape is better for the earth.

👤Don't mess with the clear stuff. I was worried that it wasn't as heavy duty as I had thought but it is. It's easy to tear and use. I packed 25 boxes for a cross country move and loved this tape. The boxes held up perfectly after being reloaded and unloaded at their final destination, because we had a moving company that loaded our boxes on a truck, unloaded them and reloaded into another truck, then unloaded them again at a warehouse, reloaded and unloaded at their final destination. Don't forget to cross tape, buy extra and cross take cross tape.

👤When I was moving, I found this tape while buying boxes from U-Haul. I used to use clear shipping tape, but it sticks well and doesn't dry out and fall off, like this one. It's great for covering up writing and pictures on boxes so you can write labels on them.

👤It is expensive to clear tapes. It's ugly on boxes, doesn't adhere well to recycled cardboard, and is not the most user friendly tape out there. If needed often, stay with clear packing tapes.

👤I bought this tape from U-Haul. Being able to tear the tape without using scissors is a huge help. There is a The packing tape is just as good or better than the usual packing tape, but it is easy to remove without leaving a trace. I was pleasantly surprised to find it on Amazon.

👤It's great for moving boxes because you can rip it with your hands. There was no cutter or scissors. I'm not happy with the sound of plastic tape because I spend all my time trying to make sure I don't lose the end. This tape is very easy to apply. I don't think there's any plastic in it.

8. ADHES Friendly Writable Non Coated Packaging

ADHES Friendly Writable Non Coated Packaging

Compostable plates are perfect for all occasions. The disposable plates can be used for events. Enjoy the event without worrying about the mess after the party. The heavy duty kraft tape has a high-tensile strength so that it can be used for sealing carboard and heavy-duty packaging for moving, shipping, or long-term indoor storage. It is possible to recycle with a box without separation. There is a non-coated surface for pencils,pens,water-based marker pen,oily markers and more. It is easy to use, no water, scissors, or knives are necessary. This tape is noiseless to use. It's suitable to use at night or when quiet is required.

Brand: Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection

👤I wanted to use eco-friendly packing tape for my package, but it doesn't stick to the packages. I wish I wouldn't have brought so many of them because the tape doesn't work.

👤The tape is nice, but disappointing that markers and pens don't write well on it. The markers look like bubbles on the tape and can be washed out. Pens don't work.

👤A better tape will cost you more. The tape doesn't stick to itself.

👤Does not stick to anything. Wanted to use it on the back of mounted pictures to give a finished look, but it won't stick to paper. Can't be used for boxes or anything that is worthless.

👤The tape is of good quality. I had to reseal the boxes with other shipping tape because it did not stick.

👤There isn't much tape on the roll.

👤Weak and thin for any use.

👤If you read the reviews for this tape, you will see that many people are not happy with its adherence. The truth is in the middle. It is a fact that its adherence is not as strong as a typical Scotch tape. It is meant to be used on cardboard. If you need to change it, you have time to do it. After a few hours, the bond gets stronger and it will tear the surface of the cardboard. It's still not close to the level of adherence that is found in duct-tape. It can easily be torn by hand, so it can be used as masking tape when using dry media. With 3 tapes, you'll be able to tape a lot of boxes. The price seems fair when compared to similar tapes sold in Canadian hardware stores. They can be purchased for a couple of bucks per roll. So fairness is relative.

👤The tape is usually durable enough to be used. It's meant to be used on porous cardboard, not anything with a glossy surface, because it is PACKING tape. I think the easiest way to describe this product is that it has the same amount of strength as the black packing tape used in the Amazon shipping box. It works well on boxes that are rough. I tried it on some glossy, printed and laminated style boxes and it didn't adhere well to a shiny surface, so it may become hit or miss. There is a This is strong enough for use on plain cardboard. I think it's important to note that it is also non-biodegradable and that it eventually ends up in the trash.

👤I got Adhes heavy duty paper tape in order to find an eco-friendly tape. This works, but it is more of a hassle than regular packing tape. I knew when I bought the paper tape that it couldn't be used to cover labels or have them still show. Sometimes I need to use water to make the tape stick to the boxes, but for the most part it sticks. There is a It's not perfect, but at least it's recyclable, which I like about it, and I will use this all up.

9. Packaging Shipping Dispenser BOMEI PACK

Packaging Shipping Dispenser BOMEI PACK

There are wide applications. You can apply at the depot, home or office. The tape can be used to remove clothing dust and pet hair. 100% noiseless silent tape will not disturb others when packing. The 1.88 inch clear packing tape rolls are perfect for gun tape dispensers. There are multiple purposes of the tape. It can be used to organize household items. It is easy to start the clear silent packing tape rolls, use with ease, and save time. The tape has a strong glue and is heavy duty, providing excellent holding power to cardboard, shipping box, carton...

Brand: Bomei Pack

👤This tape is very slippery. I bought it because I was going to do a lot of late night packing and didn't want to bother my neighbors. It's very quiet, true to its name. If you have an awkward box to carry, be careful where you place it. It doesn't like sticking to itself, so it's quiet. Again, be careful where you place it, and don't rely on it sticking to itself to keep a package sealed.

👤The tape says it is noise free. I knew you had to part with something. They leave tiny air pockets all over the tap. It is great for noise, but if your main goal is to get the tape to stick, pass this one up.

👤I pack a lot of boxes. The sound of the tape gun was so loud that it was annoying. I thought "Yeah, sure" after I came across silent tape. " It is worth the cost even if it is a bit more expensive. I can talk on the phone. No kidding! You won't regret it if you buy some.

👤The tape doesn't stick to boxes. I returned it immediately after I used it for my small business. The tape starts peeling off the box after taping it. Not usable. It's harder to come off the roll than other brands.

👤I do a lot of shipping. Silent tape is a must have for me since I have a baby and toddler who sleep so I need to get work done. This tape is more affordable than other brand names you see at the store, and it does it all. I will continue to purchase this. Thank you!

👤I have insomnia, hearing sensitivity, and have always enjoyed scrapbooking. There is a The only problem is that I live with other people so using clear packing tape made it impossible to craft at night. There is a With this amazing tape, I can craft all night without the horrible sound of packing tape. I am very happy that this product exists. Thank you!

👤One roll of tape lasts a long time. I bought this expecting to use all of the rolls for my small apartment move, but I am only about to move onto my second roll. I double taped boxes because of the thinness of this tape. I recommend it.

👤packing tape makes noise when you use it You don't have a problem with this tape. When you apply the tape to the box, you don't hear anything. When you cut the tape with a tapegun, you only hear a sound. The tape is made of plastic and the glue sticks to the box very well. I didn't see the tape peeling off when applied to the box. This was the case for some of the brands I bought. They cost a little more than the regular tapes, but I think they are worth every penny.

10. Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive Mounting Picture

Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive Mounting Picture

The write-on surface has pen and marker ink as well as pencil lead. It's special formula compensates for minor surface irregularities, you don't need any tools other than a pair of scissors, and it's a strong hold. A single 10 cm tape can hold up to 1 pound. You don't need to drill holes into the wall to hang up something with the easy to use double sided tape. You don't need to have any special skills. Simply clean the contact surface with alcohol or any silicone-free detergent, stick the tape on the object and press it against the wall. Any object mounted with these tape can be removed. There will be no visible traces of it. There were no holes to cover. There were no damaged tiles. There were no traces of bonding agent. There is nothing to worry about. The double-sided tape is a fast and easy way to stick to any surface. It can be used to fix items such as car phone holders, posters, photo frames, wall stickers, hooks, gadgets, sticky pads, decorative patches and other items. It can be used in a lot of places and can be used to solve a lot of problems. UV-resistant:. Age-resistant:. It holds up to 1 pound. The area of use is indoors and outdoors. The application temperature is from 0F to 200F. The thickness is 2000 m.

Brand: Beswlz

👤Excellent product! It is lightweight and thick. In no time at all, you will have multiple pictures. When hanging on painted walls, make sure you twist the frame while removing it. If you don't twist the wall, you will have to rip it off with tape. I had to find out the hard way. I removed the rest of the pictures and replaced them with new ones. I used a small amount of NANOTape in two corners of a large rug and it hasn't moved. Purchase this product and you will not regret it.

👤I wouldn't recommend it. I removed my picture before it fell because I saw it slip to a severe angle. I took the fresh paint and plaster with me as I took it away from the wall. My husband wanted everything we used it on to come down. The painting fell the night before. He was not a fan of this product. I get to listen to him complain about the wall.

👤This is the best invention since the paper plate. I enjoy this stuff a lot. I want to put stuff on the walls of my house. I think they could have kept the heat shield tiles on the Challenger if they had it then.

👤I bought this item because I wanted to set up a light weight system in my house. They don't have a way to affix them with nails, so they thought this would be a perfect semi permanent glue. It was not. When the 4 hour mark came around all of them were hanging on by a thread, no matter what wall type I put them on. I don't think the roll was worth the price. I'll keep it around to see if I can use it on another project. So sad!

👤It's strong enough to hold my Christmas stocking and stuffers. Also put up Christmas decorations. It works perfectly.

👤Purchase based on the reviews that mentioned the held up led rope lights. We didn't have good results. The lights came off after a few days.

👤This seems to be a completely new product. I use it daily. You won't know what they are until they happen. Interesting product!

👤I used tape to attach the wood cutouts to my cabinets. It was very easy to re-position. I bought a second roll for my daughter. Highly recommended.

11. Duck Clear Packing Refill 441962

Duck Clear Packing Refill 441962

Double-sided tape is an essential for your daily life. Quality testing has been done on their tape. This sticky transparent tape can be used for a variety of purposes. It's important to have a strong and secure hold to keep your valuables safe. Shipping and storage can be done in hot or cold temperatures. The hold on boxes is perfect for storage. For a professional look on boxes or taping address labels, use crystal clear to the core. Postal regulations for shipping tape.

Brand: Duck

👤I placed this order because I had full faith in the Duck brand. My packed boxes are stacked in my dining room waiting for the time to load onto the moving truck. The tape was coming off. I blamed it on the heat. Within 20 minutes, the tape had started peeling off. You might wonder if I had something on my hands. I did not. I don't touch the tape even if I had. I slide it along the box and tear off the end with a cutter. I use the edge of the roll to press the tape more securely. The orange tape is placed on top of Duck tape to indicate where it should be placed. It doesn't affect the Duck tape. I will have to retape every box before the movers load them onto the truck. I have 5 more rolls of useless tape.

👤This is very frustrating. I bought these rolls of tape to start packing because I'm moving in August. Every single box I've put up has come undone. The tape doesn't stick to the boxes and just pulls up. I wasted my money because I have no tape and have to retape all these boxes, including the bottom of some heavy boxes, because they are just U-Haul boxes. I don't think anyone should buy tape. It's not a nice way to out it.

👤I bought this packaging tape. It is the worst quality I have ever used. HD is a joke for packaging tape. It splits a lot and it's hard to find the remaining end, so I have to use a straight strip to tape it. I had to order a better brand so I could complete the job. Don't waste your money on inferior packaging tape.

👤I re-visit this review almost a year later, to say that every roll in the 6-pack I bought has had the same horrible "Slivering" problem. I have thrown away more tape than I have used. The original review was not a good one. The tape is hard to use. I have to keep the leading end intact and off the roll. It's nearly impossible to free the end from the roll if it sticks there. It ends up splitting like an opening door when I try to pry it free. I have to pull foot-long sections of tape off the roll until I can restore unity. The industry calls this particular annoyance "slivering". Who knew?

👤I used to get the Duck brand packing tape, but decided to try this tape out. It works, it tapes down my shipping labels securely. The noise when pulling the tape off the roll is very loud and I am not used to it. It doesn't stay in the old Duck tape dispensers. I had to peel the tape from the roll with my finger nail every time I needed a strip. When peeling the tape off, it would get a tear in the middle of the section, which would cause me to waste the tape. Maybe it would work better with a more heavy duty tape dispenser, instead of the plastic one I bought from a drugstore.


What is the best product for eco friendly tape roll?

Eco friendly tape roll products from Scotch. In this article about eco friendly tape roll you can see why people choose the product. Bomei Pack and Because I'm Happy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly tape roll.

What are the best brands for eco friendly tape roll?

Scotch, Bomei Pack and Because I'm Happy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly tape roll. Find the detail in this article. Bell+howell, Mpopuul and Ggr Supplies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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