Best Eco Friendly Toilet Brush and Plunger Set

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1. BOOMJOY Silicone Bathroom Cleaning Tweezers

BOOMJOY Silicone Bathroom Cleaning Tweezers

MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact them. TPR bristles and aluminum rods are less likely to wear and tear and are more sturdy. The upgraded aluminum rod material does not rust. The brush head doesn't get dirty, it dries fast after cleaning the toilet, no places for stains to hide. The invisible Tweezer. It's easy to remove hairs and pull out tweezers. The high-quality PP base won't tip or collapse easily, so you can keep your bathroom clean. Brand and quality assurance, reliable seller, never authorize to others.

Brand: Boomjoy

👤This was a good idea. The nylon brushes are more prone to drying than the Silicone bristles are. The problem is that the brush doesn't remove the dirt from the toilet bowl. It was useless.

👤The first brush was so bad that I didn't bother to open the second one. The brush head is threaded onto the handle. The dirty toilet water sits in the threads. You have to disassemble it to get it clean.

👤The rubber nubs in the brushes don't do a good job of cleaning. They don't get up under the toilet rim and have to be used to clean the bowl. Very disappointed.

👤These brushes are very good. They clean without scratching, get up and under, and rinse cleaner than nylon brushes. The best thing about Silicone is that it can drain off quickly. There was never a puddle in the holder. I've been doing that job for more than 50 years and they are the best thing I have ever used to scrub a toilet. I didn't think I'd be writing a glowing review about toilet brushes.

👤I like the brush of the toilet bowl holder. First thing... The brush color is black. The stains look gross. It makes sense that the black color is black. The bristols are soft enough to clean under the rim of the bowl, but hard enough to be effective. I have had brushes that were too stiff. The brush and holder are clean, and you don't notice next to the toilet.

👤This is a great deal for the toilet brushes. The base is plastic. They are small enough to fit in a tight area. The base is about 6 feet wide and 16 feet high. The handles will not come out once you screw them in. That is a plus.

👤The brushes were easy to assemble. You can just screw the sections together. There is a hidden pair of tweezers tucked into the top of each handle that can be used if you have hair caught in the drain. I love the shape. It will be easy to keep the bowl clean. I hope it's a while, but time will tell how long they will last.

👤The description of the product should have pointed out that it wasn't scratching your toilet. Are they Silicone bristles? There is a reason brushes aren't made with silicone. It doesn't scratch the porcelain, but I can't remember ever using a brush to scratch a toilet's porcelain. I can tell you that it doesn't scrub away the bits of the biological material which are the prime things you're trying to scrub away in the first place. I don't have the feature. We can talk about why one might need a tweezer to scrub their toilet bowl if they start with making a brush that actually brushes. Don't buy.

👤I thought I could replace my brush with this. I was wrong. Doesn't clean the bowl. It's good to get the toilet fixed. But that is all.

2. MDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Bathroom

MDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Bathroom

The toilet brush with individual holder provides simple and discreet storage that keeps floors clean and dry, the attractive body and handle combined with bamboo is striking, and the bowl brush adds a sleek, modern and decorative touch to bathroom decor. Sturdy-bristled brush deep cleans hard to reach places for a sparkling bathroom, and the holder keeps the brush head out if closet or cabinet space is limited. The clean modern look works with any decor and is perfect for half and full baths, guest bathrooms, powder rooms. The construction is made of durable plastic and is easy to clean. Clean with mild soap and water and dry completely. Measures 3.6" diameter x 14.7" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤The style works in my bathroom. The problem is that the brush and handle twist on, which makes it hard to scrub your toilet. It was fun to try to get the brush back on without having to touch it. I have to be careful with it, it can come loose and I have to push the brush into the toilet to hold it in place. I can work around it, but it is annoying.

👤The first time I used it, it broke. You screw the main brush together. The threading insert on the handle separated from the handle was the first time I used the brush. I'm hoping that Gorilla Glue can fix this. I don't have to make a mess of returning it. It was pretty disappointing.

👤The appearance of this toilet scrubber is good and it is a good deal. The wooden top was bad with time. I owned this for a while. I had to shake off the brush after I scrubbed the toilet, but it will be a bit moist after use. The wooden top was pretty bad to discover because of the mold.

👤They are lightweight and fragile, so be careful when unpacking and assembly. They are too flimsy to last, so I keep them.

👤This is a cute toilet bowl cleaning brush. I love the color pink. It is slim and sleek for small spaces. I wanted something that I could keep in the second bathroom so that I wouldn't have to get the other one and carry it to this bathroom every time but I have no storage space in this second bath so I needed something that I could leave out.

👤If you apply pressure to the brush, it will become loose. The brush head is cheap and small. It is not worth buying.

👤The brush is the same as the pictures show. I chose the mint color because of the teal details in my bathroom. The bathroom is the smallest part of my apartment. The wooden details bring an extra cozy flair to this product. I am very pleased with the purchase. I recommend.

👤It took less than 3 months for him to break. Doesn't do a good job. It does look nicer than the typical brushes, but it's not worth the money since I already have to replace it.

👤It's okay for the money, but you should be careful not to tip over.

👤The handle snapped after 6 months. There is a The quality of the Rubbish.

👤It snapped after use. You would hope that the toilet brush could be used with care.

👤The product broke at the first use. Don't buy! The product was bad.

👤It is nice but expensive.

3. MR SIGA Toilet Plunger Bathroom Cleaning

MR SIGA Toilet Plunger Bathroom Cleaning

The high-quality PP base won't tip or collapse easily, so you can keep your bathroom clean. The product contains a high efficient toilet brush, a powerful toilet plunger and a two-compartment steady holder. It's a must-have accessory for your bathroom cleaning because of the space saving design and convenient storage. The heavy duty toilet lifter is built with a rubber cup that provides the most powerful plunging power for clearing tough toilet bowl, shower drain and sinks. It's great for commercial and residential use because of the ergonomics. The high efficiency toilet bowl is available. Strong bristles are not easy to get damaged, they are economical and practical, and the dense nylon bristles offer thorough and deep cleaning of under-rim area and those hard-to-reach corners. The water easily drips off the bristles into the holder. The compact space saving design keeps your toilet brush hidden and provides a convenient storage. It's ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. White and black will work in any bathroom. It's Measures 6.3 x 8.2 x 18.1 inch. MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Mr.siga

👤Had high hopes for this product, but could not keep it because of the terrible rubber smell and it ended up in the garbage. It didn't look very effective as a plunger. Kinda flimsy.

👤The toilet brush works well, but be sure to unfold the lip inside the plunger to hold water inside. The handles are short, so I have to bend over next to the dirty toilet. You can't peel off the giant sticker on the holder without leaving behind a ton of sticky paper fibers.

👤The toilet plungers are not flat. The drain plungers are flat. It's going to be hard to plunge a toilet with a flat plunger. If you don't pull the inner part out first, you're going to have a harder time plunging a toilet with this one. There is a I don't recommend using it on multiple things if you're using it in a toilet, and it comes with a toilet brush, that's what it's intended for. Push the inner part of the tub back in if you don't have a flat one, because you're desperate to get rid of your tub. I haven't had to use the plunger yet, but it seems like it'll get the job done when the time comes. Pull out the inner part by pushing in on the top of the rounded part while pulling on the lip inside. There is a The toilet brush is very good. The bristles are nice and hard, but not too hard, and they reach into the lip of the toilet under the seat. There is a The plastic holder is light and cute, but it doesn't look like trash. It's a thing. I put it between the bathroom and the wall. There is a The only issue I had with it was the fact that it came in a huge box, and was the only thing in it, and wouldn't have been enough to keep it from rattling around. It wasn't damaged, but it could have been.

👤This is garbage. It doesn't work as well as our other one. It doesn't work. It makes a mess when trying to return it to its holder because it retains water in the rim.

👤So far, the brush and plunger set is great. It plunges as needed after getting off the toilet. It works around the hole in the toilet. It had a strong rubber smell when I opened it. That would be the only negative thing I would say. Everything else is great.

👤It matches my decor and feels flimsy, but probably couldn't handle a lot of use. My house is in a guest bathroom so it works well for what I need.

👤This set is cheap and looks terrible in my bathroom. The toilet is still not working because the plunger is small. I would return the item if it was not a used one. The item is overpriced by about 15 dollars.

👤The game is fast. It was perfect for the price. I will give it a 4 star because it was a little broken.

4. Full Circle Scrub Queen Replaceable

Full Circle Scrub Queen Replaceable

Every LO HO WONDERZ is called GUARANTEE. The toilet brush has a money back guarantee. If you have a question about the products, you can contact them through the Amazon message. The bristles have a "mohawk" design. Tucks in a sleek ceramic holder. Dry Earth absorbs water. Full Circle is a New York based B-Corp that creates sustainable and thoughtfully designed home care products.

Brand: Full Circle

👤I like the look of the toilet bowl brush. The stone in the bottom of the cup absorbs the water and allows it to evaporate. I have purchased these for every bathroom. They are great. I like them. I stocked up on the refill in case they became unavailable. These are a big winner.

👤I like the idea that I can replace the brush head if I need it. The handle is something I don't like. I'm starting to get arthiritis in my hands and it's difficult to hold on to the handle. This brush would be the best one ever if there was a way to make it better.

👤Can a toilet bowl get scratched? The bristles are stiff. A note is not necessarily a complaint. This works well so far, I had it for a couple of months. I like that the base absorbs water.

👤The design is great. The look is great. If you have a longer arm of the brush, you don't need to use the toilet to clean. The accessories should be available on Amazon if the item requires them. There are no accessories available through this platform.

👤The brush works well, but the sustainable thing is important to me.

👤The set looks great, but you should buy the plunger for the full effect.

👤I liked them so much that I bought multiple for each bathroom. Very clean and cute.

👤The bathroom has a nice pottery base. I would buy it again.

5. Toilet Plunger Brush Bathroom Cleaning

Toilet Plunger Brush Bathroom Cleaning

The round ball container and brush is just the right size to fit in an out-of-the way spot, behind the bathroom garbage can, or near the back of the toilet bowl. The toilet plunger and bowl brush combo make it easy to handle heavy duty toilet cleaning. You can clean your toilet bowl with the brush. A handy helpers, the heavy duty toilet plunger creates an ultra-tight seal around the drain, provides maximum plunging power for clearing tough clogs in toilet bowls, shower drains and sinks. The rubber cup is compatible with most drain sizes. The full range brush head is made of all black and can remove stains from every corner of porcelain toilet bowls. The base of their toilet set has been upgraded with a state-of-the-art drainage system to help keep bathroom floors clean. Proper ventilation is supported by the capture of drips. The design of the caddy is simple and discreet. Extra tough and extremely durable rubber can be purchased without risk. The space-saving toilet brush can be used in residential or commercial settings. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Uptronic

👤I needed to replace my toilet brushes in my bathroom. When I ran into this two pack set that also came with plungers, I had to look around for something else. The basic ones I had were not as good as these ones. The brush has strong bristles and is a great quality. I like that they came with their own stands, so they aren't sitting on the floor. I want my bathroom to look nicer. I couldn't have picked a better set, the stands that hold them also have hidden drip catchers. I recommend based on quality and look.

👤I like that it is a set of 2. It's the best option for the money and you can go to Walmart. You have to be very careful. There is a One of my items snapped because I was too strong and the head and 2 parts of the handle were not strong enough. I had to get a new item for this, but it was assembled well and works well, even though I had to be careful with the next one.

👤I bought two sets of these and thought they would be good for a while. I made sure they were snug when I screwed them together. The rubber doesn't create a strong seal and is so soft that it's 888-282-0465. Ended up folding on itself. Absolutely garbage. Don't buy. The selling company didn't respond to my contact.

👤I would give it zero if I could. The brush broke when the handle was screwed into it. I didn't even apply pressure to make this product. I have to return this stuff for a refund as I didn't have the option to just replace the broken brush.

👤We bought this for our bathroom in the basement and we love it. There is a It was in a nice box and we just had to screw in the handles. There is a The stand that can hold and store both plunger and brush is nice and it has a space to catch any water after using it. The brush is large enough to clean the inner areas of the toilet and the plunger is deep enough to move water to the toilet bowl. Any toilet model will work with the rubber suction design. The bathroom looks very simple and clean. Highly recommend them!

👤Both toilet scrubbers have a long attachment on them, but the plungers do not. One has a long one while the other has a short one. The picture shows both of them. I would have sent them back if I'd noticed it before.

👤I will only get one set of two sets of plunger when I place my order. It seems like it will last for a while.

👤The brush and plunger are great. It is a two pack. I'm putting one in each bathroom. They are replacements. There is a very strong place. I like how well made they are. It is easy to put together and clean. They are made from high quality materials. Theses are great. It is worth the price. Highly recommend as replacements. Throw the other ones away. I like that they have. There are containers.

6. ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush

ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush

MR.SIGA's mission is to make housework easier and make the world cleaner. If you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact them. When you lift the brush on the kit, the lid opens and the pressure of the brush closes the lid. It's a great addition to your bathroom accessories and you can find it when you need it. It's important to have a lid on the toilet bowl brush container to keep the dirty work of cleaning the toilet bowl out of sight. The heavy-weight base of the toilet set will make sure your brush stays upright, so it's a good idea to say good-bye to cheap plastic bowl-brush combo that constantly flip over and get water and germs on the floor. The container and brush is just the right size to fit in an out-of-the way spot, behind the bathroom garbage can, or near the back of the toilet bowl.

Brand: Toilettree Products

👤Looks nice. Light weight and cheap plastic. It's not waterproof, so dirty toilet water runs out the bottom of the container all over the floor.

👤Gave it a test run and threw it away. I will be purchasing a different one after this review. Don't buy this one, buy a different one, wait for another, and clean up the dirty toilet water. Not what I was expecting. It is light weight, plastic and cheap. When you put the brush in the container, the lid closes, but the brush can fit in the container and cause a mess of dirty toilet water. If the brush holder was larger and the water didn't leak out of the container, it might be a good purchase. You should check the dimensions of toilet brushes.

👤It's a little smaller than I expected, but it's pretty and useful. It is not very durable. It is not worth the money. It is coming apart after being used for a month.

👤I liked it at first. The lid wasn't attached to the handle, which is a huge pet peeve. The brush began to rust on the handle after about 4 mos. The bristles would fling water when entering or exiting the container. The brush and container had a snug fit and the bristles would rub against the top of the container if the brush entered or exited at an angle. I bought another product from a big box store after throwing it away.

👤The lack of weight made it difficult to pull out the brush. If you try to yank it very quickly, the base is on the floor and the brush comes out. The small tab on the underside of the lid is an auto close feature. The tab is closed when you brush those back in, so you don't have to touch it. I might buy another bathroom.

👤It looks great at first, but there's no way to get the water on the bottom to evaporate. The "stainless steel" was rusted.

👤Before you buy something, read it. I don't think this is a good idea. I put this back in the box because I didn't want to take it out for a picture. It looks like the picture. It was well made. Will do the job but not for me. I will return it. The brush is held in a small cup. Every time you pull out the brush, the edges are grazed. There is a lip on the lib that will cause spilling. I am a germaphobic so those things bother me. I think it will bother a clean person. I take a picture of liquid on the brush after it leaves the bowl or the toilet, it comes out of the brush and runs down the sides. That is gross. So not for me. The rim holder needed to be a bit bigger.

👤This set is very small. If you don't shake out the water after each use, it will jump off when you replace it with a new one. I have had to do that with other brands and designs as well, but this one is particularly touchy. There is a The brush does a great job of removing gunk. The water where I live is very heavy in minerals and leaves a hard deposit on the bowl. The brush does a better job of removing the deposit than most brushes. I have not owned it long enough to assess how sturdy it is, but so far, it is very good.

7. ToiletTree Products Modern Freestanding Plunger

ToiletTree Products Modern Freestanding Plunger

It's ideal for storing next to the toilet because it's large enough with a rubber base to prevent it from tipping or sliding. This professional-quality plunger and toilet brush combination caddy set has a decorative matt finish on the handles and heavy-weight double holder, and it's sitting next to your toilet bowl. The brush and plunger are hidden in the back of the canister set, so you can't see them, and it keeps the dirty work of cleaning your bowl hidden. The black rubber plunger design is strong, has a good grip, and will help clear up a backed-up toilet in just a few pumps. The well-made toilet brush with black bristles does the job of cleaning and scrubbing in the most sanitary way, with any drips landing in the covered storage holder once done. This set has a trendy look and a solid and secure stand that won't flip or tip over when you use it, like cheap plastic plunger and brush combo do, no need to worry about water and germs all over the floor, and the brush stays firmly inside the sturdy canister.

Brand: Toilettree Products

👤I expect a quality product when I spend 40 bucks on a toilet set, not to have to use the handle on the first use because it popped off! Less expensive plastic offerings wouldn't have this problem. It's still functional, but it's not worth what they're charging. We will see if they care about customer service.

👤The plunger was too small. The end of the toilet went into the bottom and the handle came off as they tried to plunge it. That wasn't fun getting back out. There is a The bowl cleaner works well, but the plunger is worthless.

👤The item was in use immediately after it arrived. My husband used the plunger. I experienced disappointment for the second time. A small head is unable to get a good blow up. Needs to be larger. It doesn't work the second time around, but I'm not sure how my husband got it to work the first time. It is expensive if this is a one time use. The toilet brush is working. The lightweight holder is easy to use.

👤The product works well. The look and style of the product is sleek. The material is easy to clean. I dropped the rating because of the smell of the product. I don't know if it is the one I ordered or if all of them smell the same. It has a burnt rubber smell. That was in a bathroom all day. It was spelled this way in my bathroom. I thought it was the strong smell from the box that would eventually go away. The smell is still strong a month later and I can still smell it. It was set outside for 2 weeks and 3 weeks. There was no justice. I am not happy with the product. If there was not so much time left. I would have returned it. I would have liked my money back.

👤This is the worst investment I have ever made. The toy that does not work is the plunger. It's too small to work in normal facilities and once you push on the plunger, it doesn't return to its previous position. It stays in the plung position because the material it is made out of appears to be a stiff pseudo rubber. If you didn't have to use it, it would look nice as a decoration. You are stuck with a piece of junk if you buy it and don't use the plunger until after the 30 day return period. I don't know why Amazon allows this product to be sold. It is not right.

👤The design of the combo plunger and brush made me purchase it for use in a guest bathroom. The combo looks good. There are two problems with it. There is a The head is too small. It's not effective to plunge water down the drain because it doesn't seal at the bottom of the bowl. This could be fixed by using a standard-sized head and re-engineering the base. There is a The base should either be heavier or have better traction. The base slides around the floor rather than being released or re-inserted.

8. Full Circle Royal Plunge Plunger

Full Circle Royal Plunge Plunger

It's Measures 3.75" x 3.75" x 16" high. A no-slip/no-scratch base is used for the ceramic holder. Dry Earth absorbs water. There are recycled aluminum, bamboo, and ceramic.

Brand: Full Circle

👤I am pretty sure I will love the product. I have been replacing a lot of the cleaning tools in my home with full circle products. My problem is with the packaging. This is the second one I have received. The first was in a large box. It had some packing material in there, but it was broken. I was surprised that this one arrived all in one place, since no attempt was made to protect the ceramic bowl the plunger sits in. Please do better, Amazon.

👤It might be the best looking and worst plunger ever. The problem is that even though one would like their plunger to be discreet, they need it to actually work in their bathroom. The rubber is very flimsy and so when it collapses, it doesn't spring back like it should. The head stays compressed until it springs back on its own. A good plunger has a handle. This one doesn't. The only redeeming feature is that you can return it when you are done using the toilet. This design is useless for something you really need to do. Don't waste money or time. Back to the drawing board.

👤I have used a lot of plungers. This was the best review online. Must have been written by the manufacturer. The handle was short. This one didn't just splash the floor but soaked my legs and feet. If you were looking for a reason to finally take a shower, this product is for you. Oh my gosh!

👤It was broken when it arrived. I would have to send it back if I wanted a replacement, because I am in the city during a Pandemic. I kept it. It's too bad because the product is beautiful and well designed, but it's just packaging and thoughtless shipping.

👤It looks like it will be nice, but not yet. It was damaged when it was delivered. They are sending a new one. Will write a new review after this one is replaced.

👤This is a nice tool. I love the dish and the disk. The plunger pictured is not what I received. I received a regular drain plunger.

👤This looks better in my bathroom. The plunger works well too. I put a glove on when I flip the folded part back in. After every use, I rinse it. This works and it looks nice. I also have the toilet brush.

👤I bought this and the brush. I could have a set. They look nice and turn a gross necessity into a decoration. Quality product on top of that.

9. Temples Pride Toilet Scrubber Holder

Temples Pride Toilet Scrubber Holder

The tote bowl and holder set is made from 100% recycled plastic, so it's more eco-friendly than just your pocket. The labels are also removed. It's a basic, round, compact and flimsy brush that can be packed into small places and taken with you when you go camping or travelling in your RV or camper van toilet. You can get a pair of gloves for free if you want to use your toilet cleaner brush. They have solved that with a free pair of scrub gloves that are water resistant. There is no need for you to worry about the toilet tips falling off. Their brush design is simple yet effective with no joins, has a flexible handle that aids in manoeuvrability, and nylon bristles that are not too tough but just the right amount of tension to hug the surface and clean effectively. If there is anything wrong with your bathroom toilet brush set, let them know right away for a replacement or a full refund, they will give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Temples Pride

👤Who knew that toilet bowl cleaners would be so expensive? It's one of those Necessities that you have to have, but don't know that it can be very expensive. I bought these because they were cheap and in a multi-pack for all the bathroom at my house, but I'm going to have to throw them away because the bristles turned orange and red, but for the time being they worked. I've bleach them and let them be out in the sun, but no success. They were worth the price. Everyone needs a clean toilet.

👤I bought this set as an alternative to the expensive ones with under the lid option. It's small enough to fit under the sink. It's gross to have a toilet bowl cleaner that is hidden in a fancy holder sitting out for years. They should be cleaned and changed at least yearly. I plan to buy this set again. It's cheap and effective to get the job done.

👤You get what you pay for, and here you get 3 very basic toilet bowl brushes for not a lot of money. We have them in guest bathrooms that are seldom used and thus seldom cleaned, and they seem to be below dollar store quality, so I'm not sure I'd use them in a frequently- cleaned potty.

👤The bathroom is used for toilet cleaning. Thought these would not hold up, but happy to be wrong. I have spent more money on them. Very sturdy, but small. If you want a good little brush set to clean, this is it, it is made in the USA.

👤I use some of these as bottle brushes with dishes, and some as brushes for kitty litter boxes or ceramic plant pots. There is a I received 4 brushes instead of 3 because my bundle of brushes had softer brushes than I expected.

👤These are great. They are a great value. They still get the job done, even though they are small. Behind the toilet is a good place to hide. You don't have a big thing showing. Some users say you should throw them away and get new ones once they get gross. These are cheap enough to do that. It's a good recommendation! You get free gloves. These would be perfect for a wedding gift. Everyone needs a few toilet brushes. . Highly recommended.

👤It serves its purpose if it is quality. I don't think they will last a year with weekly use. Didn't expect much for the price. If you want a brush that is going to last, you should spend the money on the better quality ones.

👤I could have bought it for $5 at the dollar store. I could have bought better quality items at the dollar store. As soon as I received it, I would return it. My daughter used the gloves after opening it. I feel like I've been ripped off.

10. Tieralia Bamboo Kitchen Sustainable Eco Friendly

Tieralia Bamboo Kitchen Sustainable Eco Friendly

Give these to your friends and family to show your love for the planet. These sponges are ideal for people who love to clean and for people who want to make a difference. Eco friendly products that fit your everyday needs are all-in-1 kitchen cleaning. Compostable sponges and bamboo dish brushes are high quality and efficient for fighting caked on food, grease, and grime in the kitchen. The dish scrubbers are made from 100% plant based materials. Chemicals and plastic are not allowed. Their natural cleaning products are safe in your home. A small footprint on the planet but a big step to an earth conscious lifestyle.

Brand: Tieralia

👤As soon as I opened this set, I felt a sense of sustainable- thinking and patritical design. Each tool has sturdy bristles that are different in strength based on the intended use. I don't mind leaving the brushes out in the sink when not in use because they have the Tieralia logo laser engraved on them with no words. The packaging is made with paper to keep the utensils separate and a pamphlet with cleaning solution recipes which was a nice surprise. I had a bamboo short dish brush from another brand, but the full Tieralia brush set provides different levels of pressure for cleaning different messes. The short brush has a good grip and stiff bristles. The sponges have a rougher material sewn to them. The sewed on backing of the sponges is still in tact after 1.5 months of use. The round brush is great for rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. The brush gets more wear than the rest of the set. The design of the brush allows for the brush portion to be removed from the handle for easier replacement and less waste. I would be interested in Tieralia offering sets of individual replacements of each brush/sponge type so that I could replace them as needed. There is a The dish brush set is a great addition to any sustainable efforts. It's great to support a small business.

👤The items are large. I used all of the pieces while cleaning the kitchen. The brush is great for getting stuck food particles off of dishes, scrubbing gunk off of the stove and scrubbing down the sink after you finish cooking. The bottle brush looks very different from other brushes I have used. I prefer it to the others because it works perfectly. Excellent piece for glasses that are slender. The brush with handle is great for larger pots and pans. My kids love using all the pieces when they are on duty. Happy for the doubles.

👤The product arrived smelling bad and still smells even after being cleaned.

👤This set is made in China. There is a Sometimes I think I know what I want and then I find out I want more. This is one of those times. It's good! Win! The bamboo brushes are very nice. I wanted the small brush in the 3rd picture. They are perfect for that. I prefer a dishwasher for the dishes. It's a good thing. The brush has a lot of bristles and does a great job on my potatoes. The wooden handle has a cute design in the top and is finished with a laquer. Is that varnish? It's pretty and shiny. There is a The long handled brush was a surprise because it cleans a lot of places that are smaller on items that are hand wash only like the aluminum paddle for my Kitchenaid mixer that Kitchenaid in their infinite wisdom decided should be made of something that can't go in the dishwasher! The brush in the 5th picture works great on that paddle and gets into the tiny areas well and is completely clean. The wooden part of the brush is covered in lacquer or varnish. The ring on the end is not as strong as I would like it to be, but it is still very sturdy. The bottled brush surprised me. It should do bottles, but the little curl on the end makes it easy to get under the rim of a canning jar. I love that because that is an area where it is hard to get clean in the dishwasher without scrubbing it out, and that is where the food coagulates in the head space and sticks like crazy. This brush is easy to use. Great surprise! The handle on this brush is a bit stronger to be able to scrub without feeling like it will break. The handle is coated in the same color as the other wooden parts of the set and has a hole in it so you can hang it. It's in my sink organizer. There is a And finally the sponge. Oh the sponge! I have always preferred the yellow sponges with green scratchers, which smell better after a couple of days. Not so with the sponges that are natural. The scratchy side works just as well as the other one for me. They don't stink, that's the really great thing. I put it in my sink caddy and it doesn't stink. That is wonderful! It can also be put in the dishwasher to clean and kill bugs. These guys are amazing. That also fits nicely in my sink organizers. I love it. There is a This would be a great gift. The set is nicely presented and would be a great gift for newlyweds. Highly recommended.

11. Full Circle Bottle Replaceable Bristle

Full Circle Bottle Replaceable Bristle

The brush should be replaced every 30 days. Only in the top rack of the dishwasher. The bottle brush is perfect for on-the-go drinking. The design is ideal for bottle necks. Replacement heads extend use and minimize waste. Stores upright for quick drying. The design is made of nylon bristles, bamboo and recycled materials. Plastic.

Brand: Full Circle

👤I ordered the Full Circle bottle brush about four months ago and it has held up better than the OXO version that I was previously using. I replaced the top part once because of the Amazon order, but I also retired the older brush to clean the bathroom tiles and tub because it works great for that. There is a The OXO bottle brush had two complaints. I was doing dishes and it would often twist apart. The bristles were worn out quickly. I used to use an OXO brush a month, but with the Full Circle brush, I only need to replace the head every two or three months, which is saving us money and the environment. The Full Circle brush looks better in the kitchen than it does in the OXO version, since it is made of a plastic. We don't have a dishwasher and cook most of our meals on the stovetop or in the oven, so I was skeptical about how the Full Circle brush would hold up. I'll probably replace the entire thing the next time I place an order on Amazon because I noticed the bamboo section was starting to crack. There is a I plan to replace my other cleaning tools with Full Circle products. Be sure to check the prices on Amazon and The Container Store. I noticed that Amazon was a bit more expensive for a few products.

👤I need this to clean water bottles. I chose it because it looked nice. An I liked the replaceable head feature. It won't fit in a water bottle I own. The bristles are very stiff and oriented downward toward the end, and the brush won't compress enough to get through the narrow bottle mouth. The square shape is good for cleaning mugs, but I'm frustrated that I need a second brush to use on bottles.

👤The kitchen is attractive and works well for its intended purpose. There is an option to replace the brush head. The brush doesn't last. I'm on my third brush. I bought the optional replacement head so I could use it if I needed it, but the handle hasn't lasted long enough for me to use a replacement. The bamboo handle has a white plastic end cap. The bare handle end of my first brush was rough enough to irritate my hand, but I liked the look of the second brush and bought it. I thought I would just deal with my scratched skin after the end cap on the second brush fell off. After a while the bamboo became more discolored and cracked, which was unattractive. There is a I bought a third brush. The end cap fell off again. I bought a tube of clear silicone caulk and used it to fix the end cap. So far, so good. I'm hoping that I can find another use for the caulk before the rest of the tube ends up in a solid mass. There is a The brush bristles are medium soft, making it easy to clean, but I needed a different brush for pots with cooked food still clinging to the inside. There is a This is an attractive brush, but a little care from the manufacturer would have made it a more worthwhile purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly toilet brush and plunger set?

Eco friendly toilet brush and plunger set products from Boomjoy. In this article about eco friendly toilet brush and plunger set you can see why people choose the product. Mdesign and Mr.siga are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toilet brush and plunger set.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toilet brush and plunger set?

Boomjoy, Mdesign and Mr.siga are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toilet brush and plunger set. Find the detail in this article. Full Circle, Uptronic and Toilettree Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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