Best Eco Friendly Toilet Brush Set

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1. Plant Based Biodegradable Vegetable Replaceable Eco Friendly

Plant Based Biodegradable Vegetable Replaceable Eco Friendly

100% of customers are happy. If you don't like your purchase, they're so confident that you'll love their zero waste product. They will guarantee your satisfaction if you contact them. Zero risk and zero waste. Go back to nature. The HelloNature Kitchen scrub brushes give people the chance to choose a sustainable product. Their plastic-free dish scrubbers are made from sustainable sources and free from toxic chemicals. There is no guilt over adding more plastic. Quality made and long lasting are included. Their brushes are very durable and non-scratching. It is easy to scrub out stains on a variety of surfaces with the use of high density bristles. This set of brush will compliment your Eco-friendly, Zero waste, Plastic-free lifestyle and also your kitchen. A comfortable holding and scrubbing design. Long handled brushes are designed to get into hard to reach places and cut through tough grease. Perfect gift idea for any occasion. This vegan friendly brush set is a gift that will be appreciated for Christmas Gift, housewarming parties, wedding gift registry, birthdays, Mother's Day, and more. 100% happy customers If you don't like your purchase, they're so confident that you'll love their zero waste product. They will guarantee your satisfaction if you contact them. Zero risk and zero waste.

Brand: Hello Nature

👤I was excited to get this but the hands were too thin and the set was too short for me. I told the company I would review the brushes I cold use because of the outbreak. I'll start with favorite to favorite. The bristle brush was too short. It was difficult to get to the back of the water bottles. The brush part was too skinny and didn't reach the sides of the bottle because it was straight. There is a I felt like I was poking at the cups with a hard stick, because it didn't really clean glasses. I had to wash off the fibers and original goop from my coffee cups as some of them stuck to them. If there is no handle, the POT BRUSH would be a B. The Handle was hard to scrap at burnt food in pits with anything but the edges of brush. When I had a large skillet, I squeezed a brush with my hand and scrubbed it with the FLAT side of the OVAL, which worked well because the fibers were stuck to the pan. It was really shocking! A lot of fibers came off the pan. If this was a hand brush that had a small handle on one side, and used all the FLAT side, you could get into the sides of the pan with the hard edge of the brush, and it was a lot easier to remove the food that sticks on. I think it's somewhere between a B- to an A Beautiful to look at, and has a nice texture. Don't know if it should be used as a body brush or a dry brush. I don't want to be digging out bits of purple skin from the brush, so it's too nice to use as a veggie brush. I'm not sure if it's a tub brush or something to scrub shower scum off walls and glass doors. During the monsoon season, I think it's a good idea to carry a squirt bottle in the car to scrub off mud on the front and back of the car. There is a I won't use a brush in the crowded sink area. D-E) Replacement head for the Dish Scoop. A+ some days and C others. I liked this brush at first. $30 for the rest of the set was not enough for me. Even though the stick is small, it fit my hand well. I liked the way it cleaned the pot. It seemed to do it fast and with just a few twirls of my wrist, instead of my whole hand squeezing my Adobe and my wrist twirling in all directions! I gave up the Adobe for this brush because I wish it had a short handle. There is a On my bad arthritic days, the TOO skinny handle combined with the shorter bristles that are shorter than the above mentioned brush just feels heavy and hard to get into the sides of a rounded skillet. It could be me and my illness, but it doesn't feel comfortable every day. There is a This brush is my favorite in the set. It comes with a replaceable head, which makes me happy. I need my husband to replace my handle, but it's too skinny on a good day. On a good day, I have to grip tighter because of that skinny, which is tiring and painful. There is a It is amazing for only a few dishes. It only takes 3 seconds to twirl around a big plate. It is easy to serve silverware. A short handle option would make bowls as easy to use as plates. I think of old movies where barbers swirl SOAP on a man's face and I think of my brush swirling SOAP on the bowl's face. It makes a nice lather that just sings "CLEAN!" There is a My favorite set would be the DISH BRUSH with a wider long handle and the replacement head with a 2 inch handle. The POT BRUSH with either no handle and held like a SOS pad or with a 2 piece set would be an amazing addition to the 3 piece set if they could attach the fibers tighter together so they didn't shed as much and make it easier to remove food. There is a The company is amazing and I will be looking at their store every now and then to see what they have. I wouldn't have asked for a return for the DISH BRUSH!

2. Marbrasse Compact Bathroom Toilet Stroage

Marbrasse Compact Bathroom Toilet Stroage

The construction is made from PP andABS, it is flexible and durable, it doesn't hurt to the toilet and capture dirt, never wears out or changes its shape, maintaining perfect cleaning. The handle is stiff and comfortable, and it's not made of metal. Aspherical brush head design for deep cleaning under the rim and other hard-to-reach places will give you a clean toilet. No need to press for perfect cleaning with the comfortable non-slip handle design. Soft brush fibers are easy to clean. It will help you to clean the bathroom. The space-saving design fits into tight bathroom areas, the opposite side of the holder is hollow designed, and the cleaning brush is placed in a hanging position. It's measures 2.75" diameter x 14.8" high.

Brand: Marbrasse

👤The poor design allows water to enter the handle, which could be a breeding ground forbacteria. Returned right away.

👤The only curved handle toilet bowl brush is this one. The head needs to fit through the hole. The brush is medium so it can clean hard water stains easily. This is the most important feature of the brush. The curved handle and shape of the brush make it easy to brush under the rim of the toilet bowl. The forward and backward motion is used. This brush is for the rim. The design of the second angle brush is very similar to the "STRAIGHT" handle. The brush motion is sideway. I felt like scratching my right ear with my left hand while using the handle brush. There is a The brush is hung from the bottom of the housing to let it dry.

👤The toilet brush has the correct angles. The design of the toilet bowl makes it more efficient to clean it. The bristles are firm. I think it is the best toilet bowl brush available. I think it would be more compatible with a standard size toilet bowl if the vendor/manufacturer produced a slightly larger size. The handle could be longer. For appropriate customers, keep the smaller size. I bought the larger brush 6 times. This could be a homerun if the company made it so that we only have to replace the brush and a third of the handle.

👤The features of this brush are unparalleled, but most bowl brushes on the market do the same. The brush is useless if I can't get under the rim. I have mostly used the poorly designed ones. I used this brush and was amazed. I was surprised that I could use a lot of pressure on the handle without it flexing. This brush is good. The base allows the brush to sit in mid air and dry. It is not important to me because it is a flimsy holder. The form is weighed by the function far out. This brush is good.

👤The newer low water use toilets have a squarish opening at the bottom of the toilet. The brush fits under the rim. The shape of the handle prevents it from going into the discharge port of the newer toilets. We didn't flush the toilet during the night because of a hard calcium deposit in the toilet which makes it difficult to see if you get a good flush. We are trying to correct the problem that we caused. Will flush the toilet after every use. The handle shape would not have gotten 5 stars.

👤The one in our bathroom was not as nice as this one. It became one of those things that you don't notice until you use it, then you tell yourself that you'll order a new one, but you forget. The first Pilgrims settled here and I put that old one there. I finally remembered to order one, it's really nice, works well, and it came with two. I had one for the upstairs half bath.

3. GREATIN Silicone Flexible Bendable Standing

GREATIN Silicone Flexible Bendable Standing

The All In One Cleaner is the perfect solution for toilet bowls, as well as BBQ grills, tiles, and other items. Their two pack means you can use one on the toilet and the other on the other. Are you concerned that the cleaning power of the Silicone toilet brush is not strong enough? This problem is solved by their toilet brush. The longer and thicker bristles make it easier to clean stubborn stains. The flat toilet brush head is easy to clean and won't damage your toilet surface. It can reach any corner, especially for the cleaning of the toilet lid edges. The toilet brush has a holder base. It keeps the floors clean. You can choose between standing holder or wall mounting with two traceless stickers. The stickers have a strong grip and are high in stickiness. The toilet brush can also be used to clean sinks and basins. Excellent for use in hotels, hospitals, care homes, offices and RV. Please check the package content as you receive the toilet bowl cleaner brush and holder. If you have a question, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Greatin

👤I use this tool for cleaning the toilet because it is so easy to clean and it is not as heavy as the toilet brush.

👤I like the streamlined look of this and the ability to stick it on the tile low beside the toilet. I prefer that In is not on the floor. You have to scrub vs a typical brush, that's my only disappointment. The rubber or Silicone head makes it harder to remove a ring of build up from the bowl.

👤The old reliable toliet brush works better than the Silicon one. Do not buy it and save your money. The silicone one was too bendy to clean thoroughly. If I could, I would return it. Terrible product for cleaning.

👤It is very easy to assemble. It's very convenient and easy to use.

👤I like this thing. It's much better than normal toilet brushes. And it. It sticks to the wall.

👤Don't buy. It's good for cleaning.

👤The toilet brush can be hung on the wall. It is close to the toilet in my small bathroom.

👤I don't like the softness. Not strong enough. I didn't like it. I gave my granddaughter it because she likes it.

4. POPTEN Bathroom Aluminum Silicone Organization

POPTEN Bathroom Aluminum Silicone Organization

The soft toilet brush can go deep into pipes and grooves and easily remove dead corner stains, compared to the traditional toilet brush, which can make invisible micro scratches. The brush head is strong and lint-free. The design drain brush base has a hollow out base that can catch excess water or dirt water, and the Ventilation slots in the tray allow water to quickly evaporate and no water accumulates on underneath, keeping them sanitary more effectively. You only need to put the toilet brush base under the faucet to wash it. It's a good idea to dry quickly for a better bathroom. The toilet brush handle is made of waterproof PP and aluminum and can be completely assembled without gaps. You don't need to worry about the rusting of the handle. They are concerned about the neatness of the toilet brush and holder, as well as the cleaning of the bathroom. The center of gravity design makes the base no turning over and falling, and the ergonomics of the handle makes it easy to grip. The aluminum and PP material toilet brush handle is built to last for a long time. The hangle can be hung on a hook. The brush would fit in the small space by the bathroom sink. Professional after-sale service. If you are not completely satisfied with their toilet brush and holder, you will get a 12 month after-sale service. If you need help, please contact them.

Brand: Popten

👤This is a great toilet brush. If needed, it can be disassembled and put back in its own box. This is great if a person lives in a small area. My son rents one room and one bathroom in a house he shares with other people and I got this for him. He has a small amount of living space and needs his stuff to be small. There is a The toilet brush is nice. It is not one of the more heavy duty ones you would expect to find in a cleaning basket. If you use it for exactly that, you should have no issues. The bristles are made of rubber, not plastic. The toilet brush is cheap. It is not one of the more heavy duty ones you would expect to find in a cleaning basket. If you use it for exactly that, you should have no issues. The bristles are made of rubber, not plastic. It would clean the inside of the toilets if you cleaned it while it was still fresh. If you allow it to dry, I believe it will be difficult. There is a I don't see why this wouldn't be a great toilet brush for anyone out there if you clean regularly.

👤I am loving this brush. It cleans the toilet really well and gets in every nuke. Silicone brushes are easy to clean and the holder has a water catcher that detaches for easy cleaning. I hate how gross the bristles on the regular toilet brushes are, and the nasty toilet water is sitting in the bottom of the holder. The new style of toilet brushes doesn't hold gross germs. This brush is very good.

👤This is a great idea of a head brush. It cleans my toilet better than a regular brush. Very sturdy and well made. It looks very stylish and that is a plus.

👤I would need a toilet brush to use this one. I was looking for something that was easy to clean and sanitize and the silicone brush helped with that. I hated how my last one got funky even though I tried to clean it. It seems to clean the toilet bell as well, so I'm satisfied with it.

👤Don't care for this brush. The bristles on the toilet bowl are not very clean. The rubber drags over the bowl without really cleaning the dirt. The old nylon brush is 1000 times better. The old fashioned nylon bristle brush was replaced at the dollar store. My toilets are clean.

👤This doesn't perform as stated regardless of the good reviews. It folds down and moves water. There were areas that were left dirty. I threw this away and used my normal brush.

👤We've owned this product for over six weeks. This is a very contemporary look and it gives the user a feeling that pressure may be applied during use without concern of the handle breaking. The brush is easy to clean with a high pressure hose and the rubber tines on the brush allow hair and toilet paper to flow right off.

5. FEBU Vegetable Scrubber Dishwashing Biodegradable

FEBU Vegetable Scrubber Dishwashing Biodegradable

If you put the brush in the soap dispensers, you need to drain the water of the soap dispensers. You want to make an impact with a zero waste home, but don't know how. The FEBU plastic free kitchen scrubber set is 100% compostable and is more durable than plastic. Tough on grease and gentle on your hands. Their new formula makes sure that your family can use your new kitchen sponges and scrubbers. They stay fresh for months and are odorless. durable and powerful- The wood handle dish brush, coconut husk scouring pad, and sink scrub brush have staying power. The tough bristles allow you to clean with minimal effort. Make sure to dry thoroughly. The Tawashi Scrubber can be used as a cast iron cleaning brush, vege brush, fruit brush scrubber and floor scrubber. It works as a dish scrubber, skin exfoliatior, bar of soap holder, and soap saver. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If the Eco Dish Scrubber set is not what you want, just message them and they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Febu

👤I never had a chance to use the cleaning tools that I love, but I love the idea of using them. The bottle brush is too short to clean my bottles. The bottle brush is only 8 1/2 inches long.

👤I bought this for the skinny bottle brush and vegetable scrubbers because I wanted natural products, but the bristles keep coming out and that's a huge pet peeve for me. I think natural is not for me. One of the sponges was split in half and not really usable because it is so thin. I tried to use the sponge, but they're pretty awesome. I didn't know how much they would expand. The broken one is weird on the backside and I think I can use both pieces as their own sponges, so it's like I ended up with 3 sponges!

👤Overall, it looks great. The loofah sponges are useless, but I support a zero waste product. They sliced it in half and looked like they had taken a thin sponge. Not a lot of waste about that. I made the second one last as long as possible to try to make up for the first one that fell apart. The rest seems to be of decent quality. Maybe it was a mistake.

👤I hang to dry after washing with these. I love the quality of the brushes and they never mold. The set is great for dish washing and scrubbing counter tops, but I can't clean bigger bottles because the handles are short. The small detail of the loofah can be easily brushed off.

👤These pieces are easy to use. I bought this for the bottle cleaner, but I have used all of the pieces, and they all worked well. The only thing I don't like is the rope on the scrubber, it gets wet and will get water everywhere if I'm not careful. It is an easy fix because I could easily cut it off. I have not tried the pieces yet, but I am happy that they are fully compostable. It is recommended to everyone, even my friends who are not green. My most materialistic friend swears by this set.

👤I decided to stop using single use household supplies and plastic after moving into my new home. I settled on this set because of the price for value, after looking and looking for the right kind of dish brush set. I haven't used the sponges yet, but the brushes are great. I wait until the bristles have softened up a bit before using on more sensitive surfaces. Their strength gets the food off. I hang mine to dry and after a month of daily use I don't have any issues with it falling apart/molding, so I would say that hanging these to dry out completely between use is a must! The pan brush has a good idea of a handle, but it does tire the wrist more than a top grip would, so I think it's time to change it.

6. Temples Pride Toilet Scrubber Holder

Temples Pride Toilet Scrubber Holder

The tote bowl and holder set is made from 100% recycled plastic, so it's more eco-friendly than just your pocket. The labels are also removed. It's a basic, round, compact and flimsy brush that can be packed into small places and taken with you when you go camping or travelling in your RV or camper van toilet. You can get a pair of gloves for free if you want to use your toilet cleaner brush. They have solved that with a free pair of scrub gloves that are water resistant. There is no need for you to worry about the toilet tips falling off. Their brush design is simple yet effective with no joins, has a flexible handle that aids in manoeuvrability, and nylon bristles that are not too tough but just the right amount of tension to hug the surface and clean effectively. If there is anything wrong with your bathroom toilet brush set, let them know right away for a replacement or a full refund, they will give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Temples Pride

👤Who knew that toilet bowl cleaners would be so expensive? It's one of those Necessities that you have to have, but don't know that it can be very expensive. I bought these because they were cheap and in a multi-pack for all the bathroom at my house, but I'm going to have to throw them away because the bristles turned orange and red, but for the time being they worked. I've bleach them and let them be out in the sun, but no success. They were worth the price. Everyone needs a clean toilet.

👤I bought this set as an alternative to the expensive ones with under the lid option. It's small enough to fit under the sink. It's gross to have a toilet bowl cleaner that is hidden in a fancy holder sitting out for years. They should be cleaned and changed at least yearly. I plan to buy this set again. It's cheap and effective to get the job done.

👤You get what you pay for, and here you get 3 very basic toilet bowl brushes for not a lot of money. We have them in guest bathrooms that are seldom used and thus seldom cleaned, and they seem to be below dollar store quality, so I'm not sure I'd use them in a frequently- cleaned potty.

👤The bathroom is used for toilet cleaning. Thought these would not hold up, but happy to be wrong. I have spent more money on them. Very sturdy, but small. If you want a good little brush set to clean, this is it, it is made in the USA.

👤I use some of these as bottle brushes with dishes, and some as brushes for kitty litter boxes or ceramic plant pots. There is a I received 4 brushes instead of 3 because my bundle of brushes had softer brushes than I expected.

👤These are great. They are a great value. They still get the job done, even though they are small. Behind the toilet is a good place to hide. You don't have a big thing showing. Some users say you should throw them away and get new ones once they get gross. These are cheap enough to do that. It's a good recommendation! You get free gloves. These would be perfect for a wedding gift. Everyone needs a few toilet brushes. . Highly recommended.

👤It serves its purpose if it is quality. I don't think they will last a year with weekly use. Didn't expect much for the price. If you want a brush that is going to last, you should spend the money on the better quality ones.

👤I could have bought it for $5 at the dollar store. I could have bought better quality items at the dollar store. As soon as I received it, I would return it. My daughter used the gloves after opening it. I feel like I've been ripped off.

7. Silicone Cleaning No Slip Bristle Mounting

Silicone Cleaning No Slip Bristle Mounting

Customer's satisfaction is their ultimate goal. If you have any questions about the toliet brush, please contact them and they will make it right to you. The brush head is bent to different angles to make it easier to clean the dead corner of the toilet bowl. It is good to pack a quick drying holder with a stable base to keep the base clean. The un closed design base facilitates the use of air and can quickly evaporate excess water on the toilet cleaning brush. The built-in drawer is very easy to clean and can prevent water stains from entering the floor. It is possible to clean toilet, bathtubs, wash basins and sink on ceramic plastic glass. You can put it on the floor or hang it on a smooth wall. No risk to purchase their product. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, they will give you a full refund. They are open to contact them for any reason. Their encouragement is to chase high quality product.

Brand: Lm Bodycare

👤The brush looked like a good idea, but it wasn't very good. It was too short to bend and needed a lot of pressure scrubbing to clean. I've never had a brush with bristles like this. There are drain holes in the holder. I can't let it rain on the floor because I can't attach it to the wall. I can't recommend this product.

👤The brush didn't clean any better than a regular brush, but it's ok. There is a I don't know what the people were thinking. And why? The holder had no bottom. The toilet water gets all over the floor when the wet brush is put in it. If you didn't have it up, then all over the wall. I don't know why anyone would want that.

👤The bottom of the container is open, so I am not going to use this product. Who wants the dirty toilet water draining all over their bathroom floor? The lack of bottom of the holder makes it less than one star, and the poor drainage containment makes it less than one star.

👤Doesn't work. It doesn't fit in the spots around the toilet to clean the hard to reach cracks. Don't waste money or time.

👤It worked better than any of the old bristle brushes I have used before. It took me about 5 minutes to clean my toilet. I used the bristles to clean the old toilet in the first step. I'm going to buy more for upcoming projects. I bet it will work well on my Jeep wheels.

👤The brush holder has no bottom. I understand the concept of letting the brush air out, but how do I keep the water out of my bathroom? I wish I had looked at the reviews before buying.

👤It takes some time to get used to a new experience, but it's worth it. There is no water build up in the brush holder. It's easy to clean after using. I bought them for every bathroom. I would recommend this product. I have been seeing a lot of negative reviews on this product. After cleaning your toilet, everyone should wash their hands and use the toilet brush at the back of the toilet, it would not leak on the floor and it is nice to hand at the back of the toilet.

👤I really wanted to love it but it won't stay on the wall. It is sitting on the ground at the side of the toilet. It did a good job. I gave it 2 stars because of that.

👤Del depsito se filtra. Se tiene una sellar con cola.

8. Updated Version Natural Beechwood Bathroom

Updated Version Natural Beechwood Bathroom

If you have a question about the products, please feel free to contact them. ECO-FRIENDLY TOILET BRUSH The toilet bowl brush was designed in Japan. Quality and sustainable thinking are what they stand for as brand owner. The packaging bag is made of corn starch and other plant renewable resources, which is 100% biodegradable, and this is a zero waste toilet brush. BASIC BUT TOUGH. The toilet cleaner brush is made of durable material. The Solid bristles are made of Coconut Firths and the handle is made of beechwood which will not rust and last for a long time, the best choice for environmentalists. The wood toilet brush has a perfect shape and size. The extra bristles at the top are great for cleaning the hard to get area under the rim. It works well to scrub at that dirt. The wooden toilet bowl brush is easy to handle. You can hang it behind the toilet with a sturdy gift hook. Every LO HO WONDERZ is called GUARANTEE. The toilet brush has a money back guarantee. If you have a question about the products, you can contact them through the Amazon message.

Brand: Loho Wonderz

👤They sent it to me with a plastic bag over the packaging, which was not really happy. I'm not sure why a plastic bag was put over this. The whole point of buying this product is to not use plastic and support unnecessary packaging. Two thumbs down for the packaging. The product works well. It's not a big deal because of the bristles. You should flush the water when you're done cleaning. It works well and is sturdy. There is a I just ordered my second one and it has plastic on it. I will not order from this company again until they fix their packaging.

👤I like the shape of the brush and the materials used are not plastic, but the wooden handle gets tacky after the first use. I don't use chemicals and the brush gets hung up after each use. The hanging tab they send is made of plastic and does not come with instructions. I liked it so much that I ordered two more. I wish I would have waited a bit longer and used it a few more times before ordering the other two because the handle got sticky. There is a There are other people selling the same brush at a lower price.

👤I love this thing more than a toilet brush. I was skeptical at first. Very. I try to keep a sustainable home. I wanted to try this brush. I didn't use it right away because I was looking for the right container. I was surprised at how well it worked. It reaches along the underside of the bowl. You think it's more abrasive. It feels very comfortable in your hand and I think it's a perfect shape. Just go for it if you've made it this far. You're already doing a better job, so go for it, it's not just more aesthetically pleasing, but it works better than most out there. I spent too much time choosing a toilet brush for my new place, it's a small thing, but it's important. I've done some research for you. I was torn between this and the simplehuman one, but I followed my beliefs and it worked out well. I'll be ordering another one for my upstairs bathroom and will recommend them to all the sustainable people in my life.

👤I got another one for our guest bath after ordering one that I liked so much. There is a The wood on the toilet brushes feels like a treat and the handle is longer. There is a The way the bristles are tied up cleans the bowel without much effort. I used the cute hook that comes with it to hang it on the toilet. I hang the bowl up until all the water has dropped into it and there is no water on the floor. I didn't think I would recommend a toilet bowl brush. This is the best!

👤This type of toilet brush helps protect the environment. No plastic! I tried another brush. Even when it was hanging, the brush shed. The brush does a good job of cleaning the toilet and looks good. I could not be happier.

9. MDesign Compact Freestanding Bathroom Non Skid

MDesign Compact Freestanding Bathroom Non Skid

The toilet brush with individual holder provides simple and discreet storage that keeps floors clean and dry, and the foam base keeps the bowl brush secure. Sturdy-bristled brush deep cleans hard to reach places for a sparkling bathroom, and the holder keeps the brush head out if closet or cabinet space is limited. The clean classic look works with any decor and is perfect for half and full baths, guest bathrooms, powder rooms. Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water - is made from shatter-resistant plastic. It is 4.25" diameter x 16" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I'm in the middle of my 30th year with 4 failed relationships. I've written a review on a toilet brush. What can I say? It's a good toilet brush. After drinking too much Jack Daniels, it cleans very well. The design of the brush is similar to a normal brush with 100,000 bristles and a handle large enough that you won't get covered in toilet water that looks delicious to dogs but not humans. I thought it would be bigger, like I thought I'd be more successful in life than I am now. I'm writing metaphors while listing to the band about a toilet brush. I think the toilet brush will last me a while. The quality is good and it looks good. It makes you want to take it out to a nice meal and then have it destroy your dreams. Some reviews say it arrived broken. It was in perfect condition. The delivery person did a great job. There is a I don't think any of you will read this.

👤It's plastic, but nice quality. The bristles are black, so they don't look like they're made of feces. It's what adulting would be like if you cared about the look of your toilet bowl brush and then wrote a review about it.

👤I have a weird energy efficient toilet. This is fine for that. Our bathroom has a regular toilet, but it's not okay because the lid is too far away from the brush and it would get submerged. It does okay at some places, but it doesn't do well at some places, such as the inside of the flushy hole part at the bottom or around the rim. PoorFunctionality wouldn't purchase again. It looks stylish.

👤Okay. It's confession time. The old white one was in my guest bath. You know how disgusting these things are, and the only color at the grocery store is white, which just tends to show, so you should rinse and clean it every once in awhile. I bought one for the upstairs bathroom because I loved it so much. I've included two pictures, one with flash and one without so you can see the bronze-like color. It's plastic, but it looks so good you won't mind keeping it out of the corner.

👤I was worried that it would look cheap because it is made of plastic. I'm very happy with the appearance. The color is as pictured, but it isn't plastic. The black brush hides the dirt better than the white ones. I don't know how long it will last, but I don't think there will be any problems.

👤I love it a lot. I wish it was bigger.

👤It is simple and won't rust. We have had issues in the past where we have bought metal ones and they rust out.

👤Excellent item. That's something that I love. Is it plastic? It's lighter and easier to clean because the brush is concealed and the handle is upright.

👤They were bought for someone else.

10. Bambaw Bottle Brush Set

Bambaw Bottle Brush Set

The Pan brush is 7 inches, the dish brush is 3.1 inches, the cup brush is 1.9 inches, and the vegetable and fruit brush is 9.2 inches. If their cleaning brushes set doesn't meet your standards, please contact them first. They can solve the problem for you. Enjoy the purchase. There are bristle brushes. The bottle brush set is the best set to clean bottles and glassware. The bottle cleaner set covers all the bottles and glassware you need to clean. There is a soft-cotton tip. The soft cotton tip of the bottle brushes is a great way to wash the bottom of bottles and jars. It is important to use a soft tipped bottle cleaner for jars and bottles because of theScratches inside. ReUSE: The bottle cleaning brush set will allow you to clean and reuse your bottles and glassware. These glass bottle cleaners can help you reuse glass containers. A zero-waste lifestyle requires reuse of glassware and bottles. ECO-FRIENDLY: The brush is made of cotton, cotton and sisal. These materials can be recycled. The bristles are made from the plant. There are multiple functions. The 3 sizes of the brushes will ensure that you have all your cleaning needs covered. To make sure the kitchen brush fits in the neck of the item you want to clean, check the minimum entry diameter of the brush.

Brand: Bambaw

👤The scrub brush is great. It lasts much longer than plastic brushes, and it doesn't hold onto the dirt like plastic brushes do. Thanks to the metal wand, it's strong. The cloth at the tip makes it easy to clean the lunch box. I clean it in the dishwasher. This brush is my new favorite after purchasing other scrub brushes that didn't last.

👤I bought the brush set to clean out bottles that looked like wine bottles. The cotton tip at the end of the largest brush was too large for the bottle. It was worse when it got wet. I used the larger size, but it was not long enough to go all the way to the bottom, so overall, not what I could use. The set is being returned.

👤The cottony-soft tip at the end of the bottle brushes really helps to get items super clean without all the scratching. I am a registered nurse who recommends them to others.

👤I've been looking for a bottle brush for my bottles, but no one has found it. Years ago I jury-rigged a brush like this to reach the bottom corners, but it fell apart. I wanted to love them. The tip of my bottle was too large for the opening to be shown in the photos. Will return them.

👤Finding a bottle brush with enough bristles to clean is a problem. There is a These are perfect. They are used to clean my cats automatic watering system, which has challenging spaces to clean. There is a I will be buying more if I need more.

👤The bottle neck is too small for the longest one that I need for my bottles. The smaller ones won't reach the bottom. If you want to clean wide mouth bottles or short narrow neck bottles, this is a good set.

👤This set of brushes is very useful. Many brushes have no bristles. The cotton on the tip is very soft. I have used them many times since purchasing them.

👤They are great for cleaning nooks and crevices. I had a set of 3 and they wore out. A better quality cleaning is a game-changing change.

👤Someone mentioned it. The big one doesn't fit a 2 cm wide bottle. There is a The bottle bottom is too short to be washed. I am stuck!

👤No use for kilner bottle. The long brush won't fit in and the shorter brush won't reach the bottom.

👤I make vases out of glass bottles which are normally thrown away. Nothing goes into them for cleaning. These sturdy brushes are great for cleaning dirt. There is a great range of sizes. It was a bit large. Maybe Amazon could collect their own boxes from customers for re-use, since there is a shortage of boxes.

👤It is possible to clean bottles, metal straws or anything deep that is hard to reach. The cotton bottoms really make sure the bottom is cleaned well. When I finish using them, I hang them up on a hook. They are plastic free and eco friendly.

11. TRENTI Silicone Ventilated Ergonomic Flexible

TRENTI Silicone Ventilated Ergonomic Flexible

Sturdy and durable, the toilet brush with holder set is made of shatter-resistant plastic long handle and nylon bristles. Will keep your bathroom and toilet clean. Clean with soap and water. These are the toilet brushes and holders of the modern age. Their toilet brush set is designed to match all d├ęcor styles. TRENTI has toilet brushes to keep commodes clean. ULTRA FLEX SILICONE BRUSH It's made out of Silicone and is soft yet dense and sturdy. Never occupy hairs or wear out, built with upgrade TPR material. You could deep clean hard to reach places with this toilet brush. The built-in tray catches excess water and the slots in the tray allow water to quickly evaporate. It's a good idea to dry quickly for a better bathroom. It's easy to hold hands. The extra-long plastic handle reaches deep to help prevent icky back splashes, as well as an ergonomics designed to support a safe, secure hold and non-slip grip to prevent slips. There is no risk to purchase. No worries to purchase. There is a toilet brush and holder. If you're not completely satisfied, they'll replace the brush or give you a full refund. Let them know what the reason is.

Brand: Trenti

👤The TRENTI 2-Pack Toilet Brushes with Ventilated Holders are very easy to assemble. The silicone bristles are soft and flexible, and sturdy, so they can get into hard-to-reach areas, and leave no scratches. The handles are comfortable to hold. These are easy to use. We're very happy with them. The product is nice.

👤I was skeptical about the brush being Silicone and not getting deep clean, but I am happy. I want to see how it holds up.

👤I have a set of Silicone towel brushes that are very heavy duty and easy to clean, I like that they don't scratch my toilet bowls, and my old cheap toilet brushes don't work very well.

👤The rubber bristles are nice for cleaning and don't absorb dirt or poop stains. They don't clean well. The plastic bristles on other brushes are cleaner. The design of the brushes is nice, the holder is nice, and the air vent is nice. There is a These don't clean up my poop stains on the toilet and plastic bristle brush units. I will keep an eye on how long they last since I have already washed them.

👤I like the fact that it looks nice in the bathroom, it doesn't smell or stain like traditional ones, and it doesn't hold water. The rubber on the brush takes more pressure to clean than the bristles. It takes a bit more time to clean the toilet. Otherwise it is great.

👤The bristles are hard to clean the toilet. Not the best toilet scrubber.

👤It is a brush for gross work.

👤They are sturdy and clean well in my bath rooms.


What is the best product for eco friendly toilet brush set?

Eco friendly toilet brush set products from Hello Nature. In this article about eco friendly toilet brush set you can see why people choose the product. Marbrasse and Greatin are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toilet brush set.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toilet brush set?

Hello Nature, Marbrasse and Greatin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toilet brush set. Find the detail in this article. Popten, Febu and Temples Pride are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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