Best Eco Friendly Toilet Paper 12 Rolls

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1. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Biodegradable Friendly

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Biodegradable Friendly

Their bamboo toilet paper is made from sustainable grown bamboo, a fast growing grass, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree based bath tissue. The toilet paper is biodenatured and safe for all disposal systems. The perfect toilet paper for boats and campers. Their eco friendly toilet paper is non-GMO, non-allergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, lint free, and uses an chlorine free bleaching process. The perfect combination of bamboo's strength and soft fibers is provided by SOFT, STRONG 2 PLY toilet paper. There are 12 double rolls with 300 sheets. Caboo toilet paper is panda friendly and accredited by the BRC Global Standards.

Brand: Caboo

👤I can't speak to all the rolls since someone removed a roll prior to packaging. The ones I received were quite nice. I hope that everything went smoothly for whoever stole my 24th roll, but I'm happy that their ass is clean and dry.

👤The product was not great, but I was willing to put up with the flaws since it is eco friendly. The family of two was reordered in September and I noticed the old rolls were larger than the new ones. The width and length of the roll are less, as shown in the attached pics. Caboo is trying to make more money. The price increase and the fact that it is not a great tp means I will not be buying again.

👤The TP is very similar to Cottonelle, except that one side has ripples and the other side has small dots. It cleans better than Cottonelle because of those dots. The main difference is that this TP can make a slight sound when crinkled. I really like this paper, even though some people have complained. It doesn't feel like sandpaper. I like the way it's grown. It works very well. It doesn't leave any lint, which was a problem for me with many TPs. If you want TP that does the job well and leaves nothing behind, this is a great brand to buy.

👤Made from fast-growing bamboo and sugar cane, it's soft and affordable. What's not to love? Even if our elected officials don't care about our future, I care.

👤Caboo's 2-ply bamboo bath tissue is treeless, septic-safe, and free of the chlorine bleach and "fragrance/parfum" that can cause skin irritation, and unlike 3-ply, it is very durable. This stuff is better than recycled toilet paper and its bleached-out reincarnations of inkjet-printed tree products. Both bamboo and sugar cane are growing fast. If we pursued eliminating tree-sourced TP with the same aggressiveness we demonstrate toward single-use plastic, how great it would be. One butt-wipe at a time! This soft, tree-free, fragrance-free,BPA-free, chlorine bleach-free, non-GMO, biodegradable bath tissue is sold at a low price that's always getting lower. Was this "Helpful"? Cheers!

👤I ordered them religiously last year. I ordered a new bunch a month or so ago and I don't know what they did, but don't buy. The new approach is similar to third world toilet paper. Sandpaper on one side and wax on the other. Absolutely horrible. They managed sustainable without pain. I don't believe in splinters.

👤I was excited to try a more sustainable option. Charmin prices are not acceptable for Dollar General quality. The layers come apart when I grab a piece. The paper is very thin in my photo. It is not as harsh as it looks. I will not be buying this brand again.

👤It is rough enough to require alternating TP brand usage with a softer TP. There is a My biggest pet peeve is that the roll is larger than the tube. This one has the TP cardboard rolls inside. There is a It is terrible.

2. Scott 67805 Recycled Bathroom Tissue

Scott 67805 Recycled Bathroom Tissue

There are 12 rolls per case, 1,000 feet per roll, 12,000 feet per case, and a small case size for convenient commercial toilet paper storage. Non-perforated, 2-ply, white jumbo roll toilet paper is efficient for businesses. One large roll equals 1,000 feet or nearly five standard rolls to reduce run-out and refill times. Big rolls are compatible with most JRT tissue dispensers. The Scotts JRT toilet paper is certified by ECOLOGO and meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content. There are sewer and Septic Safes.

Brand: Scott

👤We decided to purchase this TP because it was the last available one on We are definitely set for a few months or years. The TP is functional and fine, the rolls are about a foot across. It could be tough for some people, but it is not textured. One reviewer claims that it does not "disintegrate upon use". Sorry, what? Scott 1000 is safe for plumbing, it's sturdy, but no problem pulling from the roll. There are no problems with quality. I wish I didn't have to buy such large rolls, but that's not the fault of the seller. The times!

👤Don't read the reviews. The Scott toilet paper is the same quality as the larger roll. Don't like the heavy stuff that people seem to like. To each of them. I buy Scott big rolls at the grocery store. It is the best.

👤It is not super soft but it is a good sturdy TP. We didn't have to hunt down TP at the market because we bought a case for home use.

👤I like the fact that you can get 12 big rolls for 34 dollars. It is a bit thin but it will work. The paper not being individually wrapped does not bother me. The brown cardboard fibers from the box on the sides of some of the rolls are fine with me. It only took 4 days to get to me, instead of the month it was supposed to take.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase. Due to the COVID-19 supply/demand, we have no other resource for this item. It fits our existing stand. In some of my bathroom, installing a commercial dispensers was not an option. I don't consider this TP to be thin or course. It is the same as any TP you would find in a commercial location.

👤The cheapest 1000' is available. It is very thin and easy to separate from its layers. If quality is important, don't purchase. The price on Amazon is usually the lowest if quality is not a factor.

👤The product is good for use, but not cheap. I have lived in this double house since 1996. The main pipe is shared with the sewer main. There is a We never had sewer back up issues until this toilet paper was used. The sewer backed up for the first time after I bought the first case. There is a We thought it was because my neighbor was using wipes. There is a She stopped. There is a It backed up again a couple of months later. There is a The sewer line was suspected to have shifted. There is a It backed up again. There is a A different plumbing professional said there was nothing wrong with the sewer line. There is a It backed up again. There is a The final plumbing professional said that wipes are used to stop using them. There is a No one was. There is a The problem went away when we stopped using the toilet paper. There is a You can figure it out.

3. Charmin Toilet Family Cushiony Packaging

Charmin Toilet Family Cushiony Packaging

There are 18 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper in this pack. Their unique Chinatown touch. It is available at Amazon. Superior comfort without sacrificing strength. Charmin Family Mega Roll has more sheets per roll. A softer way to use less and get clean. There are two things that are safe for the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment The Roto-Rooter was approved.

Brand: Charmin

👤I have toilet paper right now. I have an opinion about my purchase of these ridiculously narrow sheets. They don't tell you that they took the liberty of cutting it from somewhere else. Absurd! Cutting down my toilet paper is one thing, but it's another thing to say I'm getting more bang for my buck. Charmin is very uncool. We wouldn't notice the difference. I need an extra sheet to make up the difference. Not saving anything here. It looks ridiculous in the dispensers. Bad Charmin!

👤The rolls are not the same width as the regular ones. They are 4 inches wide. The site doesn't state that these are narrow 4 inch rolls. It states that one roll equals 5 regulars rolls. The small 4 inch wide sheets are on a roll. Can you say it's deceptive? There is a The rolls have always been 4.5 inches wide. It's disappointing when we get four inch rolls. Hello, Charmin. Do you think we wouldn't notice? What's next? Three inch Super Fluffy Tactical Ginormous Gaming rolls. There is a We have to decode Regular, Single, Double, Mega, Supreme, Jumbo, Big, Plush, Ultra plush, Soft, ultra comfort, eco comfort, etc. There is no standard that these companies have to follow. A gallon of gas has a standard size. A roll of toilet paper can be any size they want it to be. * Soft Organic is pro. Tactical. There is gaming. Rolls are 4 inches wide, compared to regular rolls that are 4.5 inches. There is a The end of the rant. Enough sheet for now.

👤I save for this and subscribe. It should be #18 rolls. I have not had a problem until the last shipment when I received 6 huge rolls instead of 18. These rolls are hard to use. They don't work. Going from 18 rolls to 6 does not work. If you are paying for a monthly membership, they should not be able to substitute other products.

👤Charmin make them like you used to when you gyup the consumer, we will notice you are not charming anyone.

👤The previous Charmin tp was about 1/3s the width of these. This "batch" is shorter than the last because we put them next to each other. We feel a bit ripped off. TP is what it is. It doesn't change your butt.

👤Rolls are not worth the cost. The family Megatranslates into better have child size hands. Don't buy again.

👤I love the product. A roll of toilet paper is missing from an open package. It is the only way to get a replacement or refund.

👤This is the only tp that won't irritate my husband's delicate buttocks. We are a Charmin family, what else can I say?

👤No hay mas comentarios, porque yo habia.

👤sper suave y resistente.

👤No caben en un porta rollo estndar, la calidad del papel es buena. Wearlo un poco antes de Poderlo colocar. En el porta rollo.

👤Producto y calidad nica. Gracias.

👤Un producto malo.

4. Quilted Northern Toilet Supreme Regular

Quilted Northern Toilet Supreme Regular

Premium toilet paper has 3 layers of cushiony-soft layers. The Supreme Roll has 319 3-ply sheets and is equivalent to 4 Regular Rolls, so you change it less often. Their sheets are 3X thicker and 3X more absorbent than the leading value brand toilet paper. Each roll has a luxurious texture for ultimate comfort. The Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper is in each pack.

Brand: Quilted Northern

👤We used it for about 2 years after setting up a subscription. Two weeks ago, our sewer plugged up. There was a thick cap of toilet paper when we opened the tank. We had to call a sewer guy to come out after he pulled the snake out of the tank and found full sheets of toilet paper on it. Do you use northern toilet paper? He said stop, it is the worst. We had to dig up the yard because the baffle was full of toilet paper. After getting wet, toilet paper should be dissolved within 30 minutes. The toilet paper is not able to be dissolved. Put it in a cup of water for 30 minutes and then stir it with a straw. It will be a full sheet. The savings were wiped out by the $200+ bill for cleaning the sewer line.

👤It's still the best toilet paper. It would be great if they had a chart of their names. If you think it's the same as four regular rolls, then regular rolls don't have much anymore. Didn't that used to be 100 4.5 x 4.25 sheets? There is a The paper is thinner now, so fitting the dispensers is not a problem. There is a If that is your biggest problem, you should find some regular rolls and be prepared for some family members to go through multiple rolls per day. Quilted Northern doesn't seem to compare their multiple offerings. "Supreme" has 319 4 x 4 sheets. "Mega" is 330 x 4 sheets.

👤They should show you the total square footage when you order this product. They changed the product and kept the old reviews from the previous product. I received this product after ordering it in January of last year. There are three big packages in one box that each have 8 rolls. There are 24 rolls in one box. Each package has 8 Rolls, which is 283.5 sqft. The box is 24 rolls in size.

👤I pee a million times a day and need toilet paper that lasts a long time and is cost effective. Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Charmin Ultra Soft, and Cottonelle are some of the brands I purchase. Quilted Northern is soft and nicely quilted. The rolls are small and don't last long. Angel Soft is cheap and lasts me a day. Charmin is a step up from that and the rolls last me 1.25 days, but is more expensive. Cottonelle is the most expensive and lasts me 1.5 days, but it is the best material and absorbent. I spend a lot of money on toilet paper. I needed something better and more cost effective. Amazon has it all. It's very cost effective. The material on one of these rolls is soft and absorbent and lasts me at least 2 days. I will not go back to those brands.

👤I normally don't write reviews, but felt this needed to be shared. We've been using quilted northern for a long time because I didn't like how other brands left fuzzies. It looked like it had snowed on my floor when the most recent batches from Amazon came out. There is fuzz all over the rolls. I noticed that the previous roll was shorter than the new one when I replaced it. I don't know if I'm getting as much as I'm paying for. I'll stick to getting these from the store.

5. Reel Toilet Tree Free Bamboo Tissue

Reel Toilet Tree Free Bamboo Tissue

Premium bamboo toilet paper. By the way they treat each other, and by the world they leave behind, they are all connected. The most sustainable toilet paper on the market is made of 100% bamboo. That is how they roll, you will love it. There are 24 rolls in a box. There is a tree-free 3 ply. The quality of the toilet paper is not sacrificed for the sake of the environment. They use plastic-free packaging and individually wrapped rolls and materials are non-toxic. Even the tape! The roll and wrap are made without trees being harmed. Reduce your carbon footprint. The use of earth-friendly, sustainable paper products is promoted by Reel. By purchasing Reel, you are supporting their mission to provide access to clean toilets to those in need around the world while also giving American households a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Feel good. The reel bamboo toilet paper is made Sustainably. No dyes were used. Good for you and the environment. At Reel, they are more than just a paper company. They are a team of like-minded, big-hearted individuals who have a vision for the future. Their vision is shaped by the challenges they see in the U.S and around the world. Climate change, lack of sufficient resources, food deserts, and an absolute need for them all to take better care of the planet are some of the challenges.

Brand: Reel

👤I've settled with Reel after trying many bamboo TP brands. The perforation between sheets mostly tears cleanly, with 2 per 10 sheets suffering that annoying ripping. The bamboo TP brands are soft. Don't use more than one sheet at a time. There was no smell or lint. I justify the cost because I'm not contributing to a cause that's important to me, and the company donates a portion to help poor communities. My case did not arrive in a wasteful second box and I had the Reel Paper logo printed on the sides.

👤My pipes are being blocked by this product so I changed the review to one star. We spent 300 dollars to get the sewer lines cleaned out. When you purchase, please be aware of this. I tried out a few different brands and this one is the preferred one for our family. Since I switched to this tissue a few months ago, there have been no complaints from my family or me. It was 'hey...what is up with the TP?' with other brands. Can we not get this again? The reel is soft and strong enough to get the job done and doesn't cost much more than tree paper tissue.

👤I don't know about this from an environmental perspective. There is a big box inside of a smaller box filled with brown packing paper. Who needs their TP all individually wrapped when the inner Reel box has dirty footprints all over it? It seems wasteful to me.

👤Love that they are sustainable, but they are very small rolls. We fly through a couple rolls per week with our family of three. If you've never bought them before, you'll need more.

👤The paper is a little thin, it takes 4-5 sheets for one wipe. The packaging is nice and without plastic, but it comes in a large box, which is unnecessary. If you work with Amazon, you can tell them to not put a box outside of your product, which is the whole idea of being sustainable to the planet.

👤I switched from Charmin Soft to Reel because I was looking for something that was more eco friendly and easier to use. I use Reel as my new go-to toilet paper product. The rolls are not large. The paper is absorbent. I have a family of 5 with 4 bathroom and the box lasts about a month. I can't wait to see their paper towel products.

👤Some of the reviews say these are small rolls. I have had mine for a month and I am still on the second roll. They are not really small, they are denser, and I find them soft. I will definitely keep buying these because of their eco-friendly nature. I don't spend much more on toilet paper because I go through it less. I like this bamboo TP.

👤We bought Reel for use in our travel trailer/RV, but I like it so much I might switch. It is soft, but durable. It doesn't leave anything behind. The paper doesn't get stuck in the RV and is more sustainable than traditional paper. Each piece is wrapped individually so it doesn't get dirty.

6. Natures Greatest Bamboo Sugarcane Toilet

Natures Greatest Bamboo Sugarcane Toilet

You care Plushi bath tissue is eco friendly and baby sensitive. Their bamboo toilet paper is made from 100% grown bamboo and sugarcane and will provide a soft and luxurious feel to your butt. There are 4 rolls of paper. This toilet paper is completely sustainable and safe for use in your system. Waste up cycling Their sugar is used to make their cane. It's good to know that there's no chlorine bleach, fragrances or BPA. It's animal-free. At Nature's Greatest Foods, they advocate every day to find the best products they can for their customers who are making a conscious effort to find organic and natural products.

Brand: Nature's Greatest Foods

👤Charmin is on the right and Bamboo is on the left. Very disappointed. I want to become more eco friendly. I'm seriously considering returning. I haven't opened the package yet. The Charmin roll is 2 ply 265 sheets and this is half the size. I don't think this could last as long as the Charmin. The tube in the center of bamboo is bigger than it should be.

👤I grabbed what was available because it was too coarse. Don't buy this unless there's a big problem.

👤The toilet paper would last me for a month or two. . I've moved around a lot and haven't purchased my last role in awhile. And fell on hard times. I believe the 4 rolls lasted at least a month before I needed to purchase again. I did a lot of work in my car and warehouse during this time frame. I used to use the bathroom at work. There is a But! I think it was not too rough on my bottom. I don't understand why people buy thick toilet paper. If you're not wiping your butt off, you don't need those Extra Plush toilet papers that end up in your toilet. If you don't care about that stuff, this is perfect. I use the toilet paper from the dollar tree. I don't understand why we spend money on other name brands. I'd rather invest money in bamboo toilet paper and feel like I'm doing a little justice for the environment than buy other toilet paper at a dollar store.

👤I want to praise the effort of using bamboo to solve the issue of deforestation in toilet paper and tissues. Excellent! I don't like the tissue. It was too corse, a bit too thin and at times didn't tear consistently. Fix those things and you will have a winner. There is a I will try this product again in 6 months. Keep going.

👤I thought I ordered paper towels but didn't feel like canceling the order, so I thought it would be nice. Let's try it, I was wrong. You had a locker room stall in high school. The rules are so small that it becomes fibers when you wipe them down. Don't go with the dollar tree brand, it isn't worth the trouble to clean my butt.

👤It feels like paper towels. I had to get a steriod cream because of the rash. Do not recommend.

👤I can get cheaper at the store.

👤The cardboard is three times as heavy as a standard tp roll, so it must be sold by weight. The paper was thin and it looked like half the roll was missing when I got it. You get toilet paper next day delivery.

7. WHOLEROLL Organic Regular Hypoallergenic Lasting

WHOLEROLL Organic Regular Hypoallergenic Lasting

100% ORGANIC BAMBOO - Ultra Soft, 12 Mega Rolls, 45 Regular, 3 ply Super Strong 300 Sheets, Hypoallergenic, FSC Certified, great for RV, septic safe and camper perfect. No animals were tested and no tissue was used to hold it together. The packaging is free of waste. A clean wipe. Happy quotes, who couldn't use a little inspiration in these times. There is a quote on the back of each roll. Their wrappers are great for gift wrapping and the tubes are great for making starter logs.

Brand: Wholeroll

👤The only thing that matters is that vegan bamboo's 100% organic bath tissue is brutal on the buttocks. It will make you want to buy a new one. If you still want to read about its many great attributes that don't mean a thing as a result of its disqualifying harshness, then here are the positives: These are wonderfully thick rolls that last a long time on the TP dispensers. The texture of vegan bamboo makes it attractive, and it is built to grab and not fall. There is no lint to accumulate on the floor snow globe-stye. There are uplifting messages to reflect upon when perched atop The Throne. This stuff will tenderize your backside. Aspirational intent, but avoid. Especially at this price point. Was this "Helpful"? Cheers!

👤I think they spent more on the individual wraps. The only positive thing is that it is clean. Some products are 1 ply.

👤Absolutely love this TP! We were using the seventh generation TP and I was looking for an upgrade. It had to be free of pesticides. The rolls are smaller, but the tissue on the roll is more tightly bound, so I never felt like I went through the roll any faster. Keep these in stock. Well worth the money.

👤I'm not happy that earth friendly products are expensive. I want to help save the planet, but it's double the price of normal toilet paper. 30 cents a roll is normal. The wrapper of each roll has a quote on it. I won't order again. It was scratchy.

👤These are wonderful! The packaging of the toilet paper is perfect. I am happy with the way the coronaviruses care packages turned out. The logo was covered with themed stickers. The back has inspiring messages.

👤The roles should be wider and there should be more on the roll. The toilet paper is strong.

👤The TP is the pooh. That is the most positive and sincerest sense. A TP with an ethical mission. It's vegan, fair trade, no plastic, sustainable, and comes tightly wrapped around TP roll.

👤I have been looking for a good TP that is not wrapped in plastic. This is not it. A guest said it felt like he was wiping with cardboard. This is not the one.

👤I don't mind spending money on a good product, however this is far from what they have advertised. It's smaller than our usual roll, so it wouldn't equal 45 rolls. The price is the only 3x you get. It is brighter than the snow. Will not order from this company again. Don't spend your money.

👤I didn't realize how absorbent this paper was until I returned to my regular tissue. I discovered that this roll lasted better than my regular paper. I could get used to it.

8. Scott Sheets Toilet Paper Tissue

Scott Sheets Toilet Paper Tissue

The Scotts JRT toilet paper is certified by ECOLOGO and meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content. There are sewer and Septic Safes. The average bathroom tissue breaks up four times faster. The toilet tissue is sewer-safe. Tissue paper is safe for use in boats and RV's. The Forest Stewardship Council. Certified from responsible sources.

Brand: Scott

👤I have been buying Scott toilet paper on Amazon for a long time and I am starting to feel that the prices are going up every time I order it so I would recommend shopping around before hitting the reorder button!

👤I didn't realize that I was ordering 8 rolls for 15 bucks. They are small and wrapped individually. Not worth the price. I like scott toilet paper. This was a bad buy.

👤I would give a 0 if I could. There are 8 rolls of toilet paper.

👤There are small rolls. Not worth the money. I did not read the reviews. Will read them from now on.

👤I could have had 27 rolls instead of 8 if I had read the reviews. Definitely a rip off.

👤The Scott toilet paper is very expensive and thin. Tissue paper is softer and more absorbent. It's so thin that you have to use it 3 times more than other brands. The one positive thing that I can say about this toilet paper is that it will be easy on your plumbing as it starts to degrade while in your hand, leaving nothing between your hand and whatever you are wiping off of yourself. I have been buying Scott tubeless toilet paper from Amazon for years and have been very happy with it, but apparently Scott has stopped selling it.

👤The package of 20 was very disappointing. You have 8 rolls for a ridiculous price.

👤I don't like soft tissue from other companies so I ordered this. I need the paper to fall as I wipe my ass. I have been using this paper for a long time. I will continue as long as the paper is the same.

👤Each roll costs $4.00. That's a lot of money for toilet paper. I would have liked to have stocked up.

9. Caboo Plastic Friendly Biodegradable Dissolving

Caboo Plastic Friendly Biodegradable Dissolving

Their bamboo toilet paper is made from sustainable grown bamboo, a fast growing grass, which makes it a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree based bath tissue. The toilet paper is biodenatured and safe for all disposal systems. The perfect toilet paper for boats and campers. Their eco friendly toilet paper is non-GMO, non-allergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, lint free, and uses an chlorine free bleaching process. The perfect combination of bamboo's strength and soft fibers is provided by SOFT, STRONG 2 PLY toilet paper. There are 9 double rolls with 300 sheets. Caboo toilet paper is panda friendly and accredited by the BRC Global Standards.

Brand: Caboo

👤There's no plastic in this product. The only thing that would make this toilet paper better is if they got rid of the interior tube, it's not necessary and there aren't enough art projects in the world to recycle toilet paper rolls!

👤The absolute best bamboo toilet paper I've tried so far. It's incredulously incredible that bamboo paper is completely bamboo, it's an extremely important quality in toilet paper for obvious reasons, but other bamboo paper is not as durable. There is a If this isn't perfect...

👤The leading TP brand is twice as expensive. Being eco friendly costs. This is a two ply TP. It is very sturdy and you need less per square foot than you would for single ply. This paper is not soft. I would not describe it as soft because it is a little stiff. I like that the wrapper is paper and not plastic, so it's easy to recycle. The rolls are strong. Much so.

👤I'm happy with this product, but I wanted to let people know that it's not a double roll, it's just a single roll, and it's not as big as our usual TP roll. The Caboo roll is on top of the other roll. I wonder what their standard roll looks like if that is a double roll. Good product, but don't appreciate the inflated description.

👤The toilet paper is functional and I didn't expect it to be as soft as it is. It functions but requires a larger quantity followed by a wet wipe to be effective. I am confident that the two ply version of these products will be better as they move forward. Time, ingenuity and resources will be required and I am willing to buy the less than ideal version to support the research, work and development necessary to attain the goal of a competitive bamboo toilet tissue. Think of the beginning of health food and limited versions of food. Walk into Whole Foods. There is variety and excellence. It took a while but has been done. There are foods that are free ofgluten. They were rather ghastly at first but ingenuity and determination has moved it forward with amazing speed and progress. We should all support these less than perfect products because we will help the progress that will have us able to enjoy green alternatives that are soft, and fine, as the brands that will soon be morphing into joining the future or will be a memory.

👤It was okay. It seemed to last as long as regular toilet paper. It did have a breakthrough though. I found a bamboo that was three ply and did a better job.

👤We are proud to be on the side of sustainable and it does cost a bit more.

👤Doesn't turn into small paper balls.

10. EnviroPanda Unbleached Sustainable Biodegradable Hypoallergenic

EnviroPanda Unbleached Sustainable Biodegradable Hypoallergenic

100% sustainable beer. sugarcane is made with bamboo for a true luxury quality and feel. Their bamboo toilet tissue is tree-free and helps sustain habitats. The strength of their 3-ply bath tissue makes it a better choice than flimsy 2-ply toilet paper. It's completely flushable for use in RV's, mobile homes, and more. No chemicals, dyes, fragrances, or bleach are included in the price of EnviroPanda, which makes it a pure and safe choice for you, your family, and the environment. Their 3-ply double rolls are the equivalent of traditional rolls, which means you can get the best value for your money without exposing you to harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The reduction of CO2 Emissions can be achieved by taking part in the reduction of bamboo and hardwood trees. The toilet paper made from bamboo is completely panda safe because it takes just 3-4 months for it to grow back.

Brand: Enviropanda

👤The people who rave about how soft this is must steal toilet paper from their local gas station. A guest in my house uses this. I value eco-friendly. I think bamboo and hemp are not sustainable. This is not how you do it.

👤The toilet paper is a joke. It isn't what was described. I had to use more of my usual brand because it is so thin. It started to fall apart after contact. I need to find a brand that is worth buying. There is a The bamboo/sugar cane face tissue was not listed in the description. It was super thin and rough. They are not for sensitive skin. There is a They are outrageously expensive because of the quality of the product. Caboo is the brand I bought. Don't waste your money on toilet paper and facial tissue.

👤Not cutting down trees for toilet paper is an excellent decision.

👤I have used other bamboo brands, but they are better than this one. This wipes well. It's not soft, but not crazy.

👤I saved and put on my ship. It works just as well as ripple 2 ply cottonelle, it is absorbent, soft, and I use less. If you lean on the side of being a clean freak and don't require 3 sheets of paper towel to wipe your privates, this is worth trying out.

👤This is better than the top brands. It is strong and soft. It's not necessary to roll hand 3 to 5 times. You will never use bamboo tissue if you try it out. If you clean your glasses, it doesn't scratch them.

👤I was hesitant to buy because I had never used bamboo toilet paper. There was another shortage because of a spike in COVID-19. I paid a little more for this brand. It's strong and absorbent.

👤Over a year ago, I started using unbleached bamboo and it has been a great move. Not all bamboo tp's are the same. This one is a good value for the price. I am not getting any more burns.

11. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

There are 18 rolls of Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper in this pack. The number of sheets in Charmin Regular Roll bath tissue is used to calculate the Mega Roll. Charmin Ultra Gentle is the only toilet paper that has a touch of soothing lotion. Even irritated skin is gently cleaned. There are two things that are safe for the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment The Roto-Rooter was approved. Charmin is committed to making their toilet paper work hard to make a difference. 100% of their paper comes from forests.

Brand: Charmin

👤It is full of mold. They need better quality control.

👤It is toilet paper. We need to realize we need bidets in every bathroom until we are as advanced as other countries. My friend told me that wiping with this TP is like wiping with grandma's quilt, it's thick, soft, and won't rip or come apart on your butt. So. There is a It was a quick request. You should stop showing cartoon bears in your ads. We all use it, we don't need a picture of a disappointed mama bear telling her baby to wipe better. It's a good thing.

👤I have a dislike for Charmin Sensitive. No one likes butt lint or chafing. When Charmin Strong was out, I stumbled across the Charmin Sensitive. Is it a TP infused with a substance? Is that high maintenance? I was out of TP. There is a This stuff is like wiping your butt with a butterfly's wings. I don't want to go back to using toilet paper in the country. There is a A roll can disappear in a blink of an eye. When there was only one size of toilet paper, you made your selection based on whether you were broke or rich, or if you were a hippie. Has anyone seen a regular sized roll of toilet paper in the store recently? There is a I go through a lot of toilet paper between peeing and reading a review for toilet paper. I don't think it's right that I can go through an entire roll in a day or two and my two roommates don't use toilet paper. Cats are gross. There is a Charmin Sensitive's sweet soft caress are available for two people. There is a Two people are down for a small roll.

👤The product I received was not the usual stuff you would find at the grocery store, but I love this type of tp. It wasn't as strong. I'm not sure if I got a dud because of the packaging. I'll have to keep ordering from the store.

👤The box had the Charmin logo. The Charmin logo and cartoon bears looked legit in the wrapper. What about the TP itself? 1. There is no "Charmin" logo 2. Is 2-ply, but has a rough texture. If Charmin was rushing this product out the door, it was incumbent on Charmin and Amazon to alert potential buyers. A fake? I'm complaining to Amazon. The poison emptor can be used.

👤It's still better than the others even though it isn't as good as the original. It's been my go to paper for a long time. It would be great if these companies stopped changing greatness.

👤I ordered 3 packages, each with 18 mega rolls for $21. I received 3 packages that each contained 6 mega rolls. There is a photo of what I got. I was charged for the 18 mega roll packs.

👤This is the only toilet paper that doesn't make me angry. I've bought it for a long time. I take some with me when I go somewhere. The soft, soft, soft... This does the job. There is a It doesn't look like it's soft. It is. I usually don't order things like TP on Amazon, but it's one of the only places I can find this TP. It's worth every penny. The roll is a little shorter than others and it looks weird on the TP holder. Give me a break, I don't care if my TP looks nice or not. If you have people complaining about the rating, then you need new friends.


What is the best product for eco friendly toilet paper 12 rolls?

Eco friendly toilet paper 12 rolls products from Caboo. In this article about eco friendly toilet paper 12 rolls you can see why people choose the product. Scott and Charmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toilet paper 12 rolls.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toilet paper 12 rolls?

Caboo, Scott and Charmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toilet paper 12 rolls. Find the detail in this article. Quilted Northern, Reel and Nature's Greatest Foods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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