Best Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Bamboo

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1. Seventh Generation Toilet Recycled Packaging

Seventh Generation Toilet Recycled Packaging

Two-Ply bathroom tissue is soft and strong. 100 percent recycled paper and made without dyes or fragrances. It's safe for low-flow toilets. There is a pack of Seventh Generation bathroom tissue.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤This ad is a bait and switch ad. The ad says it is 4, 8, or 12 rolls. I assumed it would be 12 rolls. I received 4. If the description was clear. I wouldn't have ordered only 4 rolls.

👤GoTo used to be my brand for bath tissue and paper towels. The current version of tissue is useless. It tears, frays, and leaves lint stuck to you, even though it is tripled or doubled. The texture of the rolls is a sham because it makes them look fat and fluffier. Half the time the perforations fail to tear cleanly, bits and pieces and shreds result in a neat tear. The way in which the end of the roll is laminated through multiple layers causes the 2 plies to be offset by a couple of inches, so that one tears at the perforations and the other just shreds between them. It has a scent added to the cardboard roll. I will not buy Seventh Generation tissue or towels again because the paper towels have the same problems.

👤I've ordered several brands when we could find them on sale here with Prime, and I've never had a problem with them. Until this. It's unyieldy and stiff so it doesn't break up. I spent a whole weekend dealing with it after I had a long overnight shift of 'treating the toilet' last weekend. There is a I looked at the roll we had been using and it was plugged in again. Since this was purchased, I have used other rolls occasionally. It's obvious that the semi-industrial toilet is blocking up because of the stiffness, and I had to buy so many supplies to plug it myself, and the hours lost from all the other projects I needed to do, because I had to use other people's. It's not possible to say it's safe for different and even low-flow toilets. I'm going to ask them to take the other 2 back, it's not worth it.

👤I thought they were going to be cheap toilet paper, like some brands they sell one roll at a time. When I bought these because we were out of toilet paper, I was surprised that the quality of the layers and the price were the same, even though they were soft. We don't have shortages again anytime soon but if we ever do this is a brand to stock up on! I think this brand works to make the environment more friendly.

👤Is it soft? Yes, very. It's almost like facial tissue. I started using it as that after buying a better toilet paper. This will fall apart very quickly. If you have a skin disorder, a baby, or are sensitive to texture, you will like this. It will fall apart quickly when faced with fluid, which makes it not a value purchase. I used more toilet paper than others. Post consumer paper is used in the recycling process. This was replaced with a brand I had purchased. Unless there is another TP shortage due to (censored) panicking or taking advantage of others in a crisis situation, I won't be buying it again.

2. Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue Recycled

Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue Recycled

You may receive flowers or butterflies now that their paper pattern has been updated. There is no difference in sheet count, ply, materials, or other components. 2 ply bathroom tissue is strong and soft. It is compatible with low flow toilets in RVS and campers. One 48 rolls is included in the shipment. Whitened without chlorine.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I have been using this TP for many years and am willing to pay a little more for a healthier alternative. When my local stores stopped carrying larger quantity packages, I started ordering them online. I received my new order and there is more than the packaging has changed. The paper is very thin. The paper seems to have been rolled more tightly to give it the appearance of being the same diameter as the old rolls. There are pictures of my old rolls next to the new ones. It is a bit more rough. I will be looking for a different brand next time.

👤We've purchased this item for over a year. The wife and I noticed that the product had changed. It wasn't soft, but it was sturdy, recycled, and not the dingleberry creator that it has become. 7th Generation has changed the formula and added cushiony/ softness, but at the expense of: 1) losing sturdiness, and 2) less sheets per roll. What are we going to do? Who would like to spend time researching TP? We don't want to spend time at the store so we subscribe and save. We are going back to the drawing board for a TP that will be similar to the original formula.

👤This product is not the same as the one that was sold a few months ago. The quality of the paper is not nearly as absorbent as it used to be, and it is rougher than it used to be. I noticed a lot of price changes on this website with this and the comparable product from GF in both directions, almost like the change in this product has caused market instability. I will be reverting to the comparable product from the other side of the world as it is currently of better quality and less expensive.

👤Do I like the fact that they're recycled and not bleached with chlorine? Yes. Is the paper good? Absolutely. There is a Is the price fair? No. I don't know how much it costs to make such a product. There is a The reason this didn't get a five-star rating is because there's about half the toilet paper on each roll. I don't know if they did this to make it fluffier or something, but when you pay that kind of money for something that you can't afford, and you trash the environment, it's hard to not do that. It doesn't make you feel better. When shopping for a product like this, be aware of your limited options. There are two decent quality and slightly reasonable prices on Amazon. They're all expensive. If you like the sound of the product, buy it. The quality is good. Be prepared for what you will get.

👤It doesn't go away. At the very least. We had to pay a plumbing company $300 to clear the main line in our home. He pulled out a bunch of toilet paper. Don't buy it. The environment is not doing any good with this toilet paper.

3. Bumroll Absorbent Ultra Soft Biodegradable Sustainable

Bumroll Absorbent Ultra Soft Biodegradable Sustainable

Their toilet tissue set contains 24 rolls with 400 wide sheets, 2ply of softness and absorbent texture. The perfect size of each sheet is 4 X 4 Inches. There are 9600 sheets in each unit. The bathroom tissue is compatible with low flow toilets in RVS, campers, and Septic safe. The bath tissue is sewer-safe. Sustainably Sourced from forests that are managed well. The toilet tissue paper is safe and sustainable. Their soft toilet paper is made in the USA and free of dyes, fragrances, and other harmful chemicals which will harm your health and leave a negative impact on the environment. All Bumrolls are soft and absorbent. Their toilet paper is American made. Plants. - Their mission is to create stronger communities for all of them by investing in their country and environment and planting trees to give a helping hand to Mother Earth. Bumroll donates 2% of its profits to the National Forest Foundation. Taking care of the next seven generations is a priority. The toilet paper is bulky in size and also 2-ply compact with strength and softness.

Brand: Bumroll

👤This is the best toilet paper I have ever tried. I don't usually leave reviews. I had to help Bumroll. It is soft and strong. This company plants a tree for each order and it is made in the US. I'm never buying toilet paper in store again because it came so fast. This is it. You will not be disappointed if you try today.

👤So far, the new customer is very happy. I like that it's recycled. That is great for the environment. I want to support my fellow American businesses, and that's because it's also made in the USA. When I support American products that support the environment, it's a win for all.

👤I usually buy the Scotts 1000 rolls, but I decided to try these. The box was small. The rolls are light. I'm not sure if I would get these again.

👤There is toilet paper in the church.

👤There was a lot of packaging wrapped around the roll. What a waste!

👤The name is cute, but not a good one.

👤The grand scheme of things is going to be based on the reuse of paper. Investing in future modernization of household consumables costs less than the price.

👤The toilet paper is wrapped nicely and is cute. I think the size was a bit smaller than expected. The softness was not there. The texture of the paper had a lot to do with the absorbency. It does the job. I don't think I would spend as much money on this product as I would on other products.

4. Cheeky Panda Plastic Toilet Tissue

Cheeky Panda Plastic Toilet Tissue

Their bamboo toilet paper is soft and gentle on the skin. The sheets are strong and durable, so you can wipe yourself clean after every use. Every day, 27,000 trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper rolls. They made theirs from fast-growing bamboo to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. The bamboo tissue rolls are safe for the whole family. A pure, plant-based toilet paper that is gentle for all skin types is included. Unlike other sanitary tissues, Earth-friendly packaging is earth-friendly. The packaging of the bamboo tissues is good for the environment. They make their products vegan and cruelty-free. All of their ingredients and formulas were not tried on animals.

Brand: The Cheeky Panda

👤I was looking for a more sustainable option for toilet paper. I have never experienced bamboo TP before. I really like that there is no plastic. Paper packaging. The TP is strong and absorbent. It is softer than a gas station TP, but not as plush. It is soft enough for me. I use less at a time. I would buy again.

👤The packaging is eco-friendly. bamboo is a much faster growing tree than other trees. The toilet paper is absorbent and does not leave any particles behind. It's not as soft as the world's softest toilet paper, but it's not rough. I absolutely love this product and have been using it for a month now and am very pleased. It's expensive, but worth it to me.

👤The title of the review says it all. The TP was not destroyed when a guest placed it in a puddle. I stuck it in front of a box fan and it was dry and undamaged in about an hour, but it was on the other side of the roll. When the time came to do its' real job, this TP did a great job. The product does not break down when it gets wet, so it would be an excellent choice to dry your "bits" after using a bidet. I wiped my "bits" after testing its' performance by holding a small folded piece of it under the faucet. It was a good TP. It's worth the price of a couple bucks per roll, especially in times like we are currently in, where TP costs a couple bucks per roll anyway. I like this TP. I live in an old industrial building with 75 year old plumbing and share a toilet with 2 other people. Plumbing hasn't backed up, the TP has no problem with it. I like it. Buy it. You will praise it to everyone you know.

👤Not like charmin, more like a triple ply commercial toilet paper. If bamboo toilet paper can match the quality of brands like Charmin, I will pay more for it.

👤This company is trying to do something. The tissue is not pillow soft or promoted by bears. The panda says bamboo is better. We need to stop cutting down trees for paper and use less plastic.

👤I read the other reviews and decided to get this one. I liked the honesty that others put in their reviews. You don't talk to people about toilet paper every day, right? I had always bought the cheapest at Walmart. The cheap stuff started to burn for me. I ordered this brand because I thought this change might help. Well, it did. There is a No more burning! I use less, but don't judge me. The toilet paper is a little harder to tear, which is a good thing, as in you slow down, use less, but still get the job done. If you are more sensitive, I will be ordering more soon. Sometimes, using cheap toilet paper can cause problems, like if you knew that it was a commonly used household item. I hope this helps someone.

5. Quilted Northern Strong Supreme Regular

Quilted Northern Strong Supreme Regular

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong toilet paper is made from sustainable materials. The Supreme Roll has more sheets than the leading value brand of toilet paper when wet. Three trees are planted for each tree used, one through their suppliers and two through their partnership with the arbor day foundation. They use energy-efficient manufacturing to save 30% more water and use 30% less energy.

Brand: Quilted Northern

👤Not good for the Gals. It leaves too many pieces. Yuck. The tp dispensers gathered thick TP dust. I have never seen toilet paper do this. It was double yuck. It is time to move on to something else.

👤They have made changes to the thickness over the past few years and it has irked me because this was my go to brand. It used to be very soft and plush. It is garbage after cheapening the product several times to make more money. There is a lot of lint on the floor. There are little lint balls inside the packaging just from the rolls touching each other. I put the roll in the holder after I rub off the lint balls and hold it over the trash. I'm done. Once this package is gone, I'm shopping for a new brand.

👤I ordered this item around March 3rd, when toilet paper was still available. Everyone was talking about how isolating ourselves could be a good thing. I opened my first pack of this TP last week. I know what Northern is like and what I received is not the real product. The product you buy in stores is not good. The rolls aren't quilted. The 2 plies are not a single sheet of TP. It isn't pressed or made into a single sheet. I got nothing but soft Northern. Is there a time limit when it comes to TP? I received something else than the real Northern toilet paper. I guess I shouldn't complain because there is a different story on March 3. This practice is dishonest.

👤I received my last delivery in December. Not happy. The price went up and the quality went down. I have never seen so much lint. I switched to Charmin before the next delivery. There was a shortage and a Pandemic. I went to buy tp in a grocery store for the first time in a long time, but I didn't go in early enough, so I ended up with 4 packs of the Quilted Northern Soft and Strong. It's completely different. The stuff from the grocery store is clean. What is the deal? The picture is a side by side comparison of a grocery store and an Amazon store. I grabbed a roll that was less linty than the average. The difference is still visible. Every sheet has lint on it. It was gross. The subscription was filled after all. I have 24 rolls of this stuff. I thought that Amazon would fix the problem with their supplier after all the negative reviews, but the latest batches are worse. This is not a good idea.

👤The rolls are large and have a lot of paper on them. I have never seen a roll as large before. It's important to make sure that your bathroom toilet paper roll dispensers are big enough to hold a huge roll. I want to show you how large these rolls really are before you buy them. I hope this review helps you make a decision.

6. Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue Sheets

Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue Sheets

The bathroom tissue is designed for strength. 100% recycled paper, no added dyes, or fragrances. Low-flow toilets are compatible with RVS and campers. For the next seven generations.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤When I opened the large box I found it was a counterfeit product. It is not 2-ply and does not look or smell the same. I think the labels are not right.

👤These 500-sheet, 2-ply rolls have been used by my family for a while. They are a more cost-effective, no-plastic TP option that I have recommended on my websites. We are trying to become a no-new-plastic household and that is the reason I order these rolls from Amazon. It is the only way I can get them. I loved the Amazon service and product for a long time. The rolls were held in a container that was perfect for holding them. The paper was soft enough, didn't scratch or abrade, and didn't have any issues when used like so many softer products. A single roll was the longest tissue. There is a The past few orders have been disappointing. The quality of the paper has gone down. The rolls don't last as long because our habits haven't changed. The price has gone up a lot. In December of 2012 we had a shipment of $73.53, a year later it was $48+. The last is an increase of 14.17 percent from one shipment to the next with no warning and for lower quality. The rolls were shipped in two boxes. The box that fits the rolls perfectly was packed inside a much larger box. The reason we buy this stuff from them is because of the plastic pillows. I'm very disappointed in both Amazon and Seventh Generation. I'll be looking for a more eco-friendly option. There is an update on 08-20-2013. I wrote to Seventh Generation again about this issue on 8/12 and received an answer on Monday, 8/19. " The 500 ct Bath Tissue should only be ordered in a cardboard box with a paper wrapped product inside. Extra packaging is something Amazon likes to add. I'll run low on tissue again in about a month and order directly from Seventh Gen.

👤We've been buying Seventh Gen products for a long time. We decided to purchase a case of bathroom tissue in order to cut down on smaller purchases and to have a larger quantity on hand. This is also 2-ply, and we've only bought their 2-ply in the past. This is not the same tissue. It is very rough and not soft. We didn't know that Seventh Gen makes more than one type of 2-ply. It's great that there's no plastic packaging involved, but that doesn't make up for the fact that the rolls are larger. The tail end sticks to the roll after it is torn off. We'll make it through the case, but then they'll have to buy their other 2-ply weekly.

👤Y'all. I don't know why it didn't occur to me when I ordered them, but they are individually wrapped rolls, which has proven to be an excellent attribute given the current times. Did you know that you can have your groceries delivered? It was boom! Cash tip, thank you note, and a roll of untainted paper. The paper is comfortable. It's not your favorite soft paper, but it's also a cry from the one ply transparent sandpaper TP. We kept most for ourselves due to the fact that the shelves in our neck of the woods have been emptied, and I'm happy with the purchase. It was a good price for it.

7. EnviroPanda Unbleached Sustainable Biodegradable Hypoallergenic

EnviroPanda Unbleached Sustainable Biodegradable Hypoallergenic

100% sustainable beer. sugarcane is made with bamboo for a true luxury quality and feel. Their bamboo toilet tissue is tree-free and helps sustain habitats. The strength of their 3-ply bath tissue makes it a better choice than flimsy 2-ply toilet paper. It's completely flushable for use in RV's, mobile homes, and more. No chemicals, dyes, fragrances, or bleach are included in the price of EnviroPanda, which makes it a pure and safe choice for you, your family, and the environment. Their 3-ply double rolls are the equivalent of traditional rolls, which means you can get the best value for your money without exposing you to harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The reduction of CO2 Emissions can be achieved by taking part in the reduction of bamboo and hardwood trees. The toilet paper made from bamboo is completely panda safe because it takes just 3-4 months for it to grow back.

Brand: Enviropanda

👤The people who rave about how soft this is must steal toilet paper from their local gas station. A guest in my house uses this. I value eco-friendly. I think bamboo and hemp are not sustainable. This is not how you do it.

👤The toilet paper is a joke. It isn't what was described. I had to use more of my usual brand because it is so thin. It started to fall apart after contact. I need to find a brand that is worth buying. There is a The bamboo/sugar cane face tissue was not listed in the description. It was super thin and rough. They are not for sensitive skin. There is a They are outrageously expensive because of the quality of the product. Caboo is the brand I bought. Don't waste your money on toilet paper and facial tissue.

👤Not cutting down trees for toilet paper is an excellent decision.

👤I have used other bamboo brands, but they are better than this one. This wipes well. It's not soft, but not crazy.

👤I saved and put on my ship. It works just as well as ripple 2 ply cottonelle, it is absorbent, soft, and I use less. If you lean on the side of being a clean freak and don't require 3 sheets of paper towel to wipe your privates, this is worth trying out.

👤This is better than the top brands. It is strong and soft. It's not necessary to roll hand 3 to 5 times. You will never use bamboo tissue if you try it out. If you clean your glasses, it doesn't scratch them.

👤I was hesitant to buy because I had never used bamboo toilet paper. There was another shortage because of a spike in COVID-19. I paid a little more for this brand. It's strong and absorbent.

👤Over a year ago, I started using unbleached bamboo and it has been a great move. Not all bamboo tp's are the same. This one is a good value for the price. I am not getting any more burns.

8. Amazon Brand Presto 308 Sheet Ultra Strong

Amazon Brand Presto 308 Sheet Ultra Strong

There are 4 packs of 6 mega rolls with 308 2-ply sheets per roll. 96 Regular Rolls are based on a regular roll with 77 sheets. The leading 1,000 count brand is up to 80% thicker and stronger. They invite you to try Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. The toilet is strong. The bath tissue is safe. Are you running low? Restock by saying, "Alexa, order Presto!" You can use toilet paper through your device. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Presto!

👤I said in my original review that we weren't picky about the toilet paper. We are now. We ran out of the Presto and had a busy month. Charmin Ultra Strong was bought by my husband. I don't think I've ever been so sad about using toilet paper. I didn't know how the sheets of Pretso thought. We had to use paper thin Charmin. We are obsessed with the Presto! I add to my orders after reading the reviews and questions. It's only $20 for 24 rolls, so I was a little leery. I thought about what it could hurt. Our household doesn't care about toilet paper. We want it to be soft and hold up. When I opened the package, I was surprised at how large the rolls were. Cottonelle is on the right in the picture. I haven't seen any dusting from the store. I usually find a lot in the packaging, but there was very little dusting. We are very happy with it so far and will stay subscribed to it.

👤The product is not worth the savings. It's very thin and can be seen dissolving on contact with liquid. I don't understand the reviews. I love Amazon, but they didn't do well on this one.

👤It is rough and falls apart. The gas station has toilet paper.

👤This stuff is AWFUL. It is almost impossible for it to be rolled up into shreds. Charmin Ultra Strong is an extra $0.71 and you can just buy it.

👤The toilet paper is very strong and soft. I've been using Charmin Ultra Soft for a long time and I'm going to compare this to it to see if it's any better. Charmin is half an inch larger than Presto. It is slightly thicker and has better tear resistance. If you compare them side-by-side, you won't notice a huge difference. It's a night-and-day difference when compared to public toilet paper. Both have the same amount of soft tissue. Charmin is a bit silkier than the Presto, but it's still soft, and slightly more durable. If you tend to have moist or wet feces. Charmin does a better job than Presto for more dry droppings. Will I switch over? Depending on which one goes on sale or cheaper.

👤Charmin Ultra Strong was the only toilet paper that I had used before this one. That type of Charmin is soft, strong, and completely white. The Presto tp has all of those features and more. The Charmin rolls had a lot of glue on the first sheets which made it harder to unstick from the rest of the roll, but no such issue on the Presto. The Charmin carboard center tubes are often not round, so I have to squeeze them a bit in order to get them to hang nicely on the tp holder. The prestos have been much more round from the beginning, so it's just a bonus. The sheet sizes of both brands are the same, but the Presto is a little bigger. Both types of toilet paper are very similar, but I give the edge to Presto. There is a The original review has been updated. The cardboard center tubes in the last two boxes are not the same as they were in the first box. It's just in case.

9. Cheeky Panda Hypoallergenic Plastic Free Eco Friendly

Cheeky Panda Hypoallergenic Plastic Free Eco Friendly

Their absorbent bamboo toilet paper rolls are soft and gentle on your skin. The long fibers of the soft toilet paper sheet will not irritate your skin or cause any skin allergies. Paper Towel Rolls are an alternative to traditional tissue paper. They made their toilet wipes from fast-growing bamboo to reduce carbon emission. The bathroom tissue rolls are safe for the whole family. A pure, plant-based formula is gentle for all skin types. The Cheeky Panda bamboo toilet tissues are stored in paper packaging. The towel roll core can be recycled. They make their products vegan and cruelty-free. All of their ingredients and formulas were not tried on animals.

Brand: The Cheeky Panda

👤Do you want to do better for the environment? Do you want cotton paper wrapped in oil packaging? Want bamboo paper that is stronger and better and bamboo that absorbs 5x more CO2 and uses a fraction of the water and grows much faster than cotton? The panda is great. Attached is the image. You have to chop down the entire Amazon rainforest to get this toilet paper. They put 8 rolls in a paper back, 5 bags in a cardboard box, and a giant box of cardboard on top of each other. I think it's better to buy cotton-wrapped-in-oil. A full grown human could be shipped overseas in a big box that was so thick it would be completely undamaged.

👤I've had good luck with this. The actual rolls are small. In my experience, this doesn't matter. I feel like bamboo toilet paper is more absorbent than regular toilet paper, so you need to use less of it. The bamboo paper I use for toilet paper is better than the regular paper, and I have to pick up dog poop with it. I've tried a few brands of bamboo TP and I like this one the most. The other ones I tried were much thinner. I usually got the 2 or 3 ply Quilted Northern or Charmin in regular TP. This is superior to that. The switch to bamboo hasn't caused any problems for anyone who's visited my place. I like that the inner roll is much stronger than the lightweight cardboard rolls inside regular TP, and that there's no glue involved. It makes it better for recycling, but also I feel like I can use some of the rolls if I need them. I'm very happy with this. I got a pack of 9 rolls for the first time. I got a bulk order after I loved it so much.

👤I didn't expect it to be so soft, but the rolls are hard as concrete because they haven't puffed the material all full of air. It's better than the recycled paper I was using. It is strong, absorbent, and does not seem to be giving my plumbing system any problems. I'm sold.

👤If you are going to switch from a traditional toilet paper to a bamboo one, you should know what's going into it. These are not soft if you are used to it. I knew about it but made the switch anyways. This toilet paper is very absorbent. It doesn't shed much like the main stream toilet papers. Three different bamboo toilet papers were tried. This one is my favorite.

👤The great paper products shortage of 2020 caused me to buy this TP again. I like it. I look for products that work and don't cost a fortune. I bought 45 rolls because I liked it so much. It isn't the lightest tp in the world. It is still more than acceptable. It is also in paper packaging. I pick up single-use plastic when I clean up. Every little bit helps.

10. Essential Professional Business Individually Standard

Essential Professional Business Individually Standard

Scotts toilet paper is eco-friendly, and it is certified by both EcoLogo and the FSC, so you can be confident in your purchase. Each case contains 80 rolls of toilet paper. The Scott Essential Brand clean is given by the Scott Essential Bulk Toilet Paper in the Standard Rolls. The 2-ply bathroom tissue is strong and absorbent and will satisfy your employees and guests. Scott Essential bath tissue rolls are individually wrapped and protected until you're ready to use them; with a large case size, you can order once and get a lot of bath tissue. The toilet paper rolls are designed to fit into dispensers. The EPA minimum standards include 100% recycled fiber.

Brand: Scott

👤You are wiping your rear end with this stuff, not getting into bed with it, or assessing its artistic qualities. There is a The sheets are thin and they will tear if you are not careful and stop being a Neanderthal. The paper is high quality and people are ridiculous.

👤Two rolls into a box of 80 and I want to throw the whole box away. I had to double check that the toilet paper I ordered was two ply. This two ply is thicker than some one ply. The thin bottom layer of the toilet paper sticks to the top layer as it is shredded. I am embarrassed to have this in my restroom because I own a high end business. I know my clients will be frustrated. The blood pressure of anyone shouldn't be raised by rolling toilet paper. I used to buy angel soft on Amazon, but haven't been able to get it on their subscription service. I have been trying different brands and this time I went wrong. There is a This toilet paper isn't worth the trouble of ending up where you want it to be.

👤I was hoping this was the same as what we get in the store, but it is not. It's an okay T.P., but not as strong, soft, or well-aligned as the Scott-1000. It's cheap in the way that you're thankful you're not using it at home. It tears more easily than the Scott-1000 1-ply, leaves traces of "fluff" behind on your...uh-um...behind, and just doesn't impress as a daily use T.P. It's a lot of T.P. for the price, and it's saved us from buying more for a long time. We'll be going back to the Scott-1000 when we run out.

👤Scott would deceive its customers. When we visited Disney, we noticed that Scott Tissue Industrial was the new name for Angel Soft. I searched and found it. The name and brand type are the same, but the wrapping and type is different. I took a picture at Disney. So... I have a huge case of toilet paper. Try to use a bunch of sheets. It falls apart in your hand. AWFUL... Stay away. appears to be recycled paper.

👤The paper was fine with me until it started to cause problems in our house. None of the toilet papers I tested were super luxurious. Within three minutes, five of them had broken down. The paper was intact after 24 hours.

👤There were 3 rolls in the box.

👤I don't know how much I dislike this TP because I'm tempted to use curse words. I will never buy it again and recommend anyone who is tempted to save money to get something better. My wife hates it more than I do, and never lets me forget that I bought it. It has lasted twice as long for me as she won't use it anymore. It seems the two plys are out of sync and tear off at very different places when you waste a lot of it trying to get a new role started. I was in the U.S. Army back in the day and it was terrible but better than this stuff. I don't do a lot of reviews these days, but when I do, I usually recommend something. I just felt compelled to let the next poor person know there are better ways to save money after all the frustration I've had with this product. I don't know how Scott was able to get so many positive reviews, but I'm pretty sure he was forced to submit reviews by his own employees.

11. 450sheets Biodegradable Earths Natural Alternative

450sheets Biodegradable Earths Natural Alternative

It'sOUR. BrillaBoo has a vision that is shaped by the challenges they see around the world. They go the extra mile for their environment and are so happy that you have joined their green journey! It's soft and sturdy, 2-ply, 450 sheets. ENA's premium 100% tree-free bath tissues are made from quick-growing, sustainable, renewable 100% natural bamboo fiber. They are not harmful to the environment. Earth's Natural Alternative's toilet paper is thick, absorbent, soft as a cloud, and comfortable to the touch. They are whitened without chlorine or chlorine compound. They are made with no harmful chemicals. CHARMIN vs. The earth's natural alternative. Compare to Charmin and Presto. The toilet paper is made from wood. ENA's eco-friendly products are comparable in strength and softness. They save trees and save the planet. One flush at a time. Better for you, better for the earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤This offering from Earth's Natural Alternative grades out as good in most categories, but is kept from being great as a result of its relative harshness. It's not brutal, but it is soft. This tissue is still of good quality and composition, it's textured to grab, and it holds its integrity when met with water. It's free of chlorine bleach andfragrance that can irritate skin, and it's attractively 2-ply, so it's easy to use. Most bamboo and bamboo-sugarcane TPs check those boxes. There are better choices about this stuff. - Was this used? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤I bought this pricey TP because of the reviews and the description that it was soft and absorbent was very appealing. The good news is that the packaging/roll wrappers are gorgeous. This TP was rough and caused irritation, it was not absorbent, and it disintegrates at the smallest contact with the water. I could not use the words in the description. I don't know if the case I bought was manufactured differently than the ones posted on the internet, but I wanted to post a candid review that it may not all be perfect for everyone.

👤We bought these to try out bamboo toilet paper because we are trying to make changes in our home that are better for the environment. I was not happy with the paper. It feels like Scott toilet paper. No absorbancey at all, very thin, very scratchy. It's only one layer and you have to use 10 times more than you would normally use. The review for bamboo toilet paper is not good.

👤I buy bamboo toilet paper to keep my business clean. The tp is not linty but it takes any liquid. This stuff is going to make your Kevin Jr and Kevin Sr angry. If it's available, you should get Dr Mercola tp.

👤The toilet paper is too expensive for how cheap it is. It's so thin, it pulls apart if it gets too wet. I will not spend my money on this brand again. I think you should not now.

👤It is softer than Scott. I like it because it makes me feel good about helping the environment. I don't have to change it so often if it has 1000 sheets.

👤I am glad I tried it. I will order again. The rolls last longer than others I have used. This is my preferred tissue.

👤This product is good for our home. The rolls are small. Make sure you keep it handy.


What is the best product for eco friendly toilet paper bamboo?

Eco friendly toilet paper bamboo products from Seventh Generation. In this article about eco friendly toilet paper bamboo you can see why people choose the product. Bumroll and The Cheeky Panda are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toilet paper bamboo.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toilet paper bamboo?

Seventh Generation, Bumroll and The Cheeky Panda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toilet paper bamboo. Find the detail in this article. Quilted Northern, Enviropanda and Presto! are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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