Best Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Made In Usa

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1. Cheeky Panda Absorbent Naturally Sustainable

Cheeky Panda Absorbent Naturally Sustainable

Their absorbent bamboo toilet paper rolls are soft and gentle on your skin. The long fibers of the soft toilet paper sheet will not irritate your skin or cause any skin allergies. Paper Towel Rolls are an alternative to traditional tissue paper. They made their toilet wipes from fast-growing bamboo to reduce carbon emission. The bathroom tissue rolls are safe for the whole family. A pure, plant-based formula is gentle for all skin types. The Cheeky Panda bamboo toilet tissues are stored in paper packaging. The towel roll core can be recycled. They make their products vegan and cruelty-free. All of their ingredients and formulas were not tried on animals.

Brand: The Cheeky Panda

👤I like it. Great paper! It's softer than usual. My favorite TP is bamboo.

👤I thought it was going to be bad because the rolls were small and didn't feel all fluffy, but it turns out they are more absorbent and don't leave that white mess everywhere. You feel clean because your skin is still soft.

👤If you don't want to go to Walmart to get toilet paper, this is an excellent alternative. It is soft but not very soft. It doesn't break apart, it's very durable, and you don't need a lot to get the job done. I'm very pleased with the purchase and will buy again.

👤The design is ok. They do a good job at wiping. They don't flush very well. If you're using a few but not a lot, this would work great in a pair with a bidet because they don't flush down because they float at the top of the water's surface.

👤This eco-friendly product is soft and strong.

👤Very strong! There was no plastic and it was very soft. It is a great value for the money. I like that it comes in a pak.

👤Good stuff. I think they spent money on packaging. I would rather have a brand package. I need more upscale than that. There is a Great stuff.

👤Humans should stop using virgin wood. It is as simple as possible. This is better for the environment. It is a perfectly acceptable alternative. The rolls are smaller and that makes them more expensive. The more people buy it, the cheaper it will become. Everyone should be getting on board with this bandwagon.

👤Igienica fantastica, morbida e delicata. Non inquinino e la trovo migliore anche della carta riciclata! There is a Avevo il panda, a questi animali per produrre prodotti. Da panda is a mangiata. Alla deforestazione come per la carta. Unica pecca, il prezzo un po' alto, non capisco per quale motivo prodotti.

👤I didn't know that each group of 4 rolls is wrapped in thick paper. The loo roll is very soft and thick. I had my toilet blocked for the first time and it was difficult with children. It is not suitable for me.

👤Not as strong as I expected. It's still a reasonable product.

👤I wish I had found this product sooner. It's nothing to not like. It is nice to use plastic free packeaging.

2. Premium Tree Free Fragrance Free Tissues Non Toxic

Premium Tree Free Fragrance Free Tissues Non Toxic

Their all-natural, tree-free toilet product is sustainable. The Flush'd eco toilet paper is made from bamboo and is a high-quality, earth-friendly alternative to the average toilet tissue paper on the market. These toilet paper bamboo-made rolls are tough and soft on your skin. They are thicker and more absorbent with 3-ply sheets. Stock up on bamboo paper for hassle-free trips to the bathroom. You won't run out of toilet paper quickly and unexpectedly again because each roll contains 250 sheets. Soft toilet paper is not easy to tear. Their toilet paper is thick, strong, and smooth, even for those with sensitive skin. Rolls that are safe for the environment. The sustainable bamboo tissue is safe. The sheets degrade more quickly than regular paper products.

Brand: Flushd

👤The paper was advertised without any plastic packaging. I don't think it's necessary for most households to have each roll packed in wrapping paper. I wish I had the option to skip that. I used to get 7th generation recycled paper that was in plastic but at least it was one plastic wrapper for 12 rolls. There is a The toilet paper has something. It has pretty pronounced bumps on it, so if you like an exfoliant, you're in luck. If you have sensitive skin, look elsewhere. There is a This is one of the more expensive options available, so for me it wasn't worth it. I will be looking for something else next. I don't think this product is horrible and I'm sure it will be a favorite option for someone.

👤I tried the expensive toilet paper. I read that some funny people said it was too rough for their delicate behinds. Good thing! It's fine. The rolls are small and expensive. I don't see why I should spend that kind of money. This TP isn't on my " buy this when I win the lotto" list. Hope this helps you!

👤I tried this product to see if it would help avoid cutting down trees. The good news is that Flush'd is a soft but tough alternative to paper-based TP. I think it's better than other brands in the supermarket, but some may not like the slightly rougher feel. The price tag is very high. The cost of bamboo paper will go down if it becomes more accepted.

👤I usually order from another company but wanted to try this one out. This is not bamboo tissue. I will not order again.

👤I've been looking for an unbleached alternative to Charmin and Northern bath tissues. I've tried 2 ply unbleached bath tissue and it's too thin. The bath tissues are thick and hard to use. This is a perfect bath tissue. I'm very happy with it and will keep buying it.

👤The paper was coarse and even the soft side was not comfortable.

👤It doesn't fall apart or make a bunch of lint, that's what I love about it. It has integrity that other toilet papers don't. I will buy this again.

👤Store bought fluff rolls are a bit larger. These are better for the world.

3. Tork Universal TM1616S Tissue Length

Tork Universal TM1616S Tissue Length

The Forest Stewardship Council. Certified from responsible sources. Bath tissue rolls can be used to improve hygiene. A simple and easy-to-use solution for low-traffic restrooms. A high sheet count saves staff time. Enhance guest experience with attractive embossing. There are 96 rolls, 500 sheets each. The quality is universal. Roll size L 156.3'. The sheet length is compatible with T 24 dispensers.

Brand: Tork

👤After searching for a long time for toilet paper, my family found York and fell in love with it. It wasn't too thick, it didn't fall apart, and it wasn't linty. The last few boxes I have purchased have been disappointing. The toilet paper is thin and falling apart, forcing us to use more. We are almost done looking for the best toilet paper. I was hoping that we got one bad box, but I think you have done lime most companies and have gone cheaper and lowered your quality. The original York that our family fell in love with, should be brought back.

👤I've been buying these for a long time. They were the strongest ones out there. The last two boxes were not what I expected. The rolls were packaged carelessly. There is a The quality of the product needs to be raised before it becomes trash.

👤Don't buy. The product is not soft. It is the cheapest toilet paper. Would not recommend.

👤The case of TP I bought was due to the COVID PAIN. With people buying all the TP in the stores and not leaving some for the rest of us, I needed to make sure I have TP on-hand which is appropriate for my plumbing. I was told years ago to buy Scott because I have plumbing roots. This is similar to Scott, but has 500 on the role instead of 1,000, and it's said to be good for the environment.

👤The rolls don't spin on the dispensers if you can't get them on the dispenders because the packaging box is so bad. Not happy at all! The toilet paper is not good. I would like a refund. The manufacturing is not good. I bought this because my usual brand wasn't available. We didn't use it right away, so no refunds are available. I will give it to the mission to use.

👤After buying an older home, your priorities change and this is not my favorite TP. I had to switch TP because the stuff I used to buy cost me thousands and caused my pipes to be in bad shape. I got this reccd from my dad and have not had any issues since. I installed a bio-bidet, which is also available on Amazon for less than 30.

👤When all toilet paper is sold out, I was happy to find a case of this paper. Everyone is complaining about the 1-ply. It is better than no toilet paper at all, so maybe you should complain about something more important.

👤I was tired of running around and searching on line all day and night. I decided to try it. I did not apologize. It is good for septic tanks, 2 ply, and comes individually wrapped. The seller was shipped. I received it on time.

👤I bought this to use with my RV. The job is not done until the paperwork is done. It's not the 47 ply with lotion and cashmere TP. It wipes the butt clean.

4. Quilted Northern StrongĀ® Toilet Double

Quilted Northern Strong%C2%AE Toilet Double

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong toilet paper is made from sustainable materials. The leading value brand of toilet paper when wet has 142 sheets, but the Double Roll has 142 2-ply sheets. Three trees are planted for each tree used, one through their suppliers and two through their partnership with the arbor day foundation! They use energy-efficient manufacturing to save 30% more water and use 30% less energy.

Brand: Quilted Northern

👤I haven't bought Kirkland TP in a while. I had to purchase another brand of medicine on an MzE I looked at the toilet paper and was sad when I reached for it. The feel on my hands was not close to that of the TP. And double rolls? These are half the size of a roll. I don't want to know what a single roll would look like. It would be the size of a small water glass. I remembered how much more I could have gotten if I'd bought my TP at the store for $7 more. I figured out that since I only have to purchase the TP 3 or 4 times a year for my family, I might just have to use TP savings alone to pay for a membership. I know what to say when people ask if a membership is worth it. Even if this TP can't compete with the Sig, it did give me a nice little math lesson.

👤This is not a double roll. This is the size of a roll. I usually use Scott brand, I don't usually buy Quilted Northern. These rolls are deceptive and will not last very long. Thanks to the hoarders, I am left with nothing but what I can find to get by and not be ripped off by those who want to profit off this epidemic. If you don't have to have toilet paper, I would wait until the better stuff is available. Hopefully this will last until the good stuff is available again.

👤For the price, I thought I was getting a normal roll. These rolls are small. I didn't realize that tp rolls were small. I feel ripped off.

👤I don't think these are double size normal, they are mega rolls from the north, so it's not a good valve for what size you are getting, buy either their mega rolls or the double size Angel Soft, those are better buys. This is a double ply tank. It's not as soft as the northern Mega rolls.

👤It didn't look like double roll to me, but I'm glad they have toilet paper supplies that are not available from other brands.

👤A small package of toilet paper is completely overpriced. Not worth having a back up with all of these idiots. The descriptions were very deceptive.

👤I've been on the professional iwping circuit for over 11 years and have competed as a brown belt for most of those. While regular paper might be ok for amateur wipers, the extended wrist maneuvers and lower back extension on the pro circuit require a professional paper, and this fine product will leave no dingles in berry mode. I use the paper more than once because it is so well made and it is good for Mother Earth. I will do everything I can to maintain my ranking. You're my partner in the winners circle, wipe after wipe, thanks Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Earth-Friendly Toilet Paper.

5. Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue Recycled

Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue Recycled

You may receive flowers or butterflies now that their paper pattern has been updated. There is no difference in sheet count, ply, materials, or other components. 2 ply bathroom tissue is strong and soft. It is compatible with low flow toilets in RVS and campers. One 48 rolls is included in the shipment. Whitened without chlorine.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I have been using this TP for many years and am willing to pay a little more for a healthier alternative. When my local stores stopped carrying larger quantity packages, I started ordering them online. I received my new order and there is more than the packaging has changed. The paper is very thin. The paper seems to have been rolled more tightly to give it the appearance of being the same diameter as the old rolls. There are pictures of my old rolls next to the new ones. It is a bit more rough. I will be looking for a different brand next time.

👤We've purchased this item for over a year. The wife and I noticed that the product had changed. It wasn't soft, but it was sturdy, recycled, and not the dingleberry creator that it has become. 7th Generation has changed the formula and added cushiony/ softness, but at the expense of: 1) losing sturdiness, and 2) less sheets per roll. What are we going to do? Who would like to spend time researching TP? We don't want to spend time at the store so we subscribe and save. We are going back to the drawing board for a TP that will be similar to the original formula.

👤This product is not the same as the one that was sold a few months ago. The quality of the paper is not nearly as absorbent as it used to be, and it is rougher than it used to be. I noticed a lot of price changes on this website with this and the comparable product from GF in both directions, almost like the change in this product has caused market instability. I will be reverting to the comparable product from the other side of the world as it is currently of better quality and less expensive.

👤Do I like the fact that they're recycled and not bleached with chlorine? Yes. Is the paper good? Absolutely. There is a Is the price fair? No. I don't know how much it costs to make such a product. There is a The reason this didn't get a five-star rating is because there's about half the toilet paper on each roll. I don't know if they did this to make it fluffier or something, but when you pay that kind of money for something that you can't afford, and you trash the environment, it's hard to not do that. It doesn't make you feel better. When shopping for a product like this, be aware of your limited options. There are two decent quality and slightly reasonable prices on Amazon. They're all expensive. If you like the sound of the product, buy it. The quality is good. Be prepared for what you will get.

👤It doesn't go away. At the very least. We had to pay a plumbing company $300 to clear the main line in our home. He pulled out a bunch of toilet paper. Don't buy it. The environment is not doing any good with this toilet paper.

6. Toilet Paper Quick Dissolve Septic

Toilet Paper Quick Dissolve Septic

The Septic tank is safe. Gertany RV/ Marine Toilet Tissue is safe for all RV, camping and marine sewage tank systems, they can be dissolved quickly to leave little debris and help to keep the systems healthy. You can save on cleaning products if you dissolving at a decent rate. RV toilet paper with a high dissolving rate will be more eco-friendly as they will have a high biodegradability when it comes to breaking down. They didn't set up separate plastic packaging for each roll because of the concept of environmental protection. They recommend that you seal the outer packaging to keep them dry. Support Refund without Reason. The RV TP is gentle on your delicate area. It is free from harsh chemicals such as perfume, bleach, dyes and chlorine, which is a good choice for the environment. It's an ideal choice for the kitchen, washroom, workshop, retail, offices or a restaurant. Premium multifold paper towel is perfect for Class A office buildings, healthcare and other businesses that want to impress guests, tenants and customers. If you have a question, please email them and they will make a solution. When you get back to nature, you can use bamboo toilet paper that is panda-friendly, as they are also chemical-free, and they are a great RV toilet paper to take with you. They will solve it asap. Each pack contains 12 Rolls of Gertany Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper, which is 4 x 12 Regular Rolls, and is made from a durable 4-ply that gives a soft, lux feel. It could be your go-to for road trips.

Brand: Grentay

👤It's not RV paper, it's not labeled as such on the packaging, and it's not on the Amazon description. I did a test in a glass of water and compared it to my toilet paper. The product did not dissolution, but the paper did. That is despite soaking for hours and being vigorously shaken for 15 seconds. If you want a decent RV toilet paper, it's best to have it dissolved in water. I don't recommend using this paper in an RV if you want to have a problem with your tanks. I wouldn't buy anything from a seller who was going to price gouge, and I had to pawn a product off so I could get a higher price.

👤I compared it to campco and firebelly 2ply. Using cups and tap water. There is a size. It is the same diameter as the other rolls. You will have less usable squares with it being 4-ply mass dictactes. Softness. It doesn't like commercial brands for softness. It's still smooth and flat, it doesn't break apart when wiping. Even if you want to dowse it with water. The value... 12 rolls are the same price as firebellys 8. Disolvability. Yes! The 2-plys disolves at the same rate. It is nearly double the tissue per square. If you want to track your use of the tissue, adjust your use of orange stuff accordingly. The environment is sustainable. I looked into it because it advertises it. It was made in China. I didn't think they had sustainable practices, but it seems they do now. Good on them. I believe from the basic research that it is true.

👤We couldn't find TP for our camper. The choices on Amazon were limited and the price was similar to buying gold. I saw this pack and took the chance. The rolls are wrapped individually. They are 4 ply and the sheets are longer than average, but the package didn't say anything about being RV TP. I checked the order again. I was very excited that I could find TP, it felt like a camper. It didn't dissolution like camper TP is supposed to, so we use the Additive to assist with that. Our tanks were always full and we had to use a cleaning sprayer to get the clumps of TP out of our black tanks. The TP was soft and nice, but not made for what we needed it for.

👤I was worried that quick dissolving paper would be stiff and unpleasant to use, and that it would be too thin. This product was not the case. It's nice to use. Since I don't have a large holding tank, and I don't have a broad experience with other brands, I can't say if it out performs others in its ability to break down quickly in the tank, but I definitely like all the other aspects of it! Definitely a winner in my book.

👤This will cause problems with your camper's plumbing. This is to be used in our RV. It was soft and good quality, but it doesn't quickly dissolving. The RV toliet paper got stuck. I decided to test the claim. I soaked 1 square of toliet paper in water. It clumped together three hours later. It was not easy to get the line fixed. Think twice before buying this. I have been contacted by the seller several times since leaving this review, asking me to change my review and even offer me gift cards. I don't want people to know that if you really need safe paper, you shouldn't buy it.

7. 450sheets Biodegradable Earths Natural Alternative

450sheets Biodegradable Earths Natural Alternative

It'sOUR. BrillaBoo has a vision that is shaped by the challenges they see around the world. They go the extra mile for their environment and are so happy that you have joined their green journey! It's soft and sturdy, 2-ply, 450 sheets. ENA's premium 100% tree-free bath tissues are made from quick-growing, sustainable, renewable 100% natural bamboo fiber. They are not harmful to the environment. Earth's Natural Alternative's toilet paper is thick, absorbent, soft as a cloud, and comfortable to the touch. They are whitened without chlorine or chlorine compound. They are made with no harmful chemicals. CHARMIN vs. The earth's natural alternative. Compare to Charmin and Presto. The toilet paper is made from wood. ENA's eco-friendly products are comparable in strength and softness. They save trees and save the planet. One flush at a time. Better for you, better for the earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤This offering from Earth's Natural Alternative grades out as good in most categories, but is kept from being great as a result of its relative harshness. It's not brutal, but it is soft. This tissue is still of good quality and composition, it's textured to grab, and it holds its integrity when met with water. It's free of chlorine bleach andfragrance that can irritate skin, and it's attractively 2-ply, so it's easy to use. Most bamboo and bamboo-sugarcane TPs check those boxes. There are better choices about this stuff. - Was this used? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤I bought this pricey TP because of the reviews and the description that it was soft and absorbent was very appealing. The good news is that the packaging/roll wrappers are gorgeous. This TP was rough and caused irritation, it was not absorbent, and it disintegrates at the smallest contact with the water. I could not use the words in the description. I don't know if the case I bought was manufactured differently than the ones posted on the internet, but I wanted to post a candid review that it may not all be perfect for everyone.

👤We bought these to try out bamboo toilet paper because we are trying to make changes in our home that are better for the environment. I was not happy with the paper. It feels like Scott toilet paper. No absorbancey at all, very thin, very scratchy. It's only one layer and you have to use 10 times more than you would normally use. The review for bamboo toilet paper is not good.

👤I buy bamboo toilet paper to keep my business clean. The tp is not linty but it takes any liquid. This stuff is going to make your Kevin Jr and Kevin Sr angry. If it's available, you should get Dr Mercola tp.

👤The toilet paper is too expensive for how cheap it is. It's so thin, it pulls apart if it gets too wet. I will not spend my money on this brand again. I think you should not now.

👤It is softer than Scott. I like it because it makes me feel good about helping the environment. I don't have to change it so often if it has 1000 sheets.

👤I am glad I tried it. I will order again. The rolls last longer than others I have used. This is my preferred tissue.

👤This product is good for our home. The rolls are small. Make sure you keep it handy.

8. Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue Sheets

Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue Sheets

The bathroom tissue is designed for strength. 100% recycled paper, no added dyes, or fragrances. Low-flow toilets are compatible with RVS and campers. For the next seven generations.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤When I opened the large box I found it was a counterfeit product. It is not 2-ply and does not look or smell the same. I think the labels are not right.

👤These 500-sheet, 2-ply rolls have been used by my family for a while. They are a more cost-effective, no-plastic TP option that I have recommended on my websites. We are trying to become a no-new-plastic household and that is the reason I order these rolls from Amazon. It is the only way I can get them. I loved the Amazon service and product for a long time. The rolls were held in a container that was perfect for holding them. The paper was soft enough, didn't scratch or abrade, and didn't have any issues when used like so many softer products. A single roll was the longest tissue. There is a The past few orders have been disappointing. The quality of the paper has gone down. The rolls don't last as long because our habits haven't changed. The price has gone up a lot. In December of 2012 we had a shipment of $73.53, a year later it was $48+. The last is an increase of 14.17 percent from one shipment to the next with no warning and for lower quality. The rolls were shipped in two boxes. The box that fits the rolls perfectly was packed inside a much larger box. The reason we buy this stuff from them is because of the plastic pillows. I'm very disappointed in both Amazon and Seventh Generation. I'll be looking for a more eco-friendly option. There is an update on 08-20-2013. I wrote to Seventh Generation again about this issue on 8/12 and received an answer on Monday, 8/19. " The 500 ct Bath Tissue should only be ordered in a cardboard box with a paper wrapped product inside. Extra packaging is something Amazon likes to add. I'll run low on tissue again in about a month and order directly from Seventh Gen.

👤We've been buying Seventh Gen products for a long time. We decided to purchase a case of bathroom tissue in order to cut down on smaller purchases and to have a larger quantity on hand. This is also 2-ply, and we've only bought their 2-ply in the past. This is not the same tissue. It is very rough and not soft. We didn't know that Seventh Gen makes more than one type of 2-ply. It's great that there's no plastic packaging involved, but that doesn't make up for the fact that the rolls are larger. The tail end sticks to the roll after it is torn off. We'll make it through the case, but then they'll have to buy their other 2-ply weekly.

👤Y'all. I don't know why it didn't occur to me when I ordered them, but they are individually wrapped rolls, which has proven to be an excellent attribute given the current times. Did you know that you can have your groceries delivered? It was boom! Cash tip, thank you note, and a roll of untainted paper. The paper is comfortable. It's not your favorite soft paper, but it's also a cry from the one ply transparent sandpaper TP. We kept most for ourselves due to the fact that the shelves in our neck of the woods have been emptied, and I'm happy with the purchase. It was a good price for it.

9. Amazon Brand Solimo Toilet Sheets

Amazon Brand Solimo Toilet Sheets

There are 5 packs of 6 Rolls. Each roll has a total of 10,500 sheets. It's safe for the standard sewer and septic systems. Made from trees. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No returns are required.

Brand: Solimo

👤I don't know what this means about my life, I am reviewing toilet paper. It should tell you how bad this is. I don't want anyone else to be disappointed by their toilet paper, so I will review it. You are welcome. Unless you like the giant industrial roll type scratchy stuff they use in public venues, don't buy this stuff. It is thin, it is soft, and it sticks. I can only say that it is probably better than nothing. Don't. Just don.

👤We tried this toilet paper from Amazon. The price point for this brand was comparable to the other brands, but it lacked in a few areas. 1. It is a smaller roll width and thickness. 2. It lasted for barely 2 days. There are just 2 of us. If you're thinking of making the switch, I would recommend sticking with Kirkland.

👤If you compare this to that brand, you are probably comparing it to the largest toilet paper provider in the United States. We have used that for a long time, but every now and then we try something else. The paper is a dead ringer for the product from Kirkland, with what looks to be the same design of dots on the paper. The softness is the same. The rolls of the Kirkland are larger than the ones of the other one. That makes a big difference in how often you have to replace the roll. I'm not sure that's a fair comparison, but keep in mind that this is a smaller roll, so it's not a big deal. There is a Hope this helps.

👤If you want your TP to be comparable in size, quality and price, you need it to be on Amazon.

👤We are not dealing with brain surgery here. There is a If you're like me, you have only a few criteria for your toilet paper, and a few that are more important to some than others. This brand is decent up there on the first two. When I was younger, I swore by a brand that promised 1000 sheets to a roll, but I've grown up and need a softer roll. I'd be happy to pay a bit more for a bit more roll, even though this roll is well within the ballpark, and given the above other markers. It only takes about 1/2 a minute to replace a roll. I want to do it as frequently as possible. Am I crazy? Then I'm crazy! I have cashews and am large.

👤I waited for a while to write a review. We won't be reordering it after my family and I use it. The 2 ply is the lightest 2 ply. We still have break thrus, often have to make it 4 ply by folding it. I won't be rearranging. I wish I could get my money back. The person is called RG.

👤I used the other Amazon toilet paper and thought this might be good as well. It's not too thin and ends up using triple the normal amount.

10. Cheeky Panda Plastic Toilet Tissue

Cheeky Panda Plastic Toilet Tissue

There are 9 rolls of toilet tissue in this pack. It is free from dust, B.P.A, Chlorine bleach and fragrances. 100% vegan and FSC approved. Not the same type of bamboo that pandas use.

Brand: The Cheeky Panda

👤The paper does not dissolution as well as normal toilet paper. It was stuck to the walls of my sewer pipes and had to be removed with a special snake. I watched the camera footage. I put two sheets of this paper in a glass of water, and two sheets of our normal paper in a glass of water, and waited 15 minutes. The latter dissolved when touched, but this one did not. The picture was taken after 70 minutes. Our old paper is shown in its dissolved pieces on the right side of the glass. The panda is intact. I can pull it out of the glass and it won't fall apart. I threw everything away because our old paper is back in the stores. It is good for the environment to use recycled paper.

👤I read good reviews and thought I would try this TP. I can say that this TP is fine for bamboo TP. It is not as absorbent as my favorite bamboo TP, Silk N. It is strong. I will not be ordering this brand again.

👤This is an excellent product and has good reason. The brand of toilet rolls we bought is a premium quality. If you want to switch to a sustainable product, it's a no-brainer because it's made from bamboo that can grow in less than a year, unlike the non-sustainable ones that take decades to grow. If you switch to a better product, you won't ever go back because the product is almost certainly better than any of the other non sustainable brands. Why? It's very soft on your skin and it's also strong and 3-ply sheets. It doesn't generate dust when you tear it. I bet anyone who tries it once will switch to sustainable bamboo products permanently, and will also tell all their friends about it.

👤I am trying to be more conscious of the environment. The price of the panda was the same as my other TP, but the rolls were a bit smaller. You can see the difference in size, compared to my plush Scott's in the picture. I thought it was absorbent and soft. I was surprised because it looks like single ply, but it is not. It's better than cheap or single ply TP. I like brands that are clean. Non plastic packaging was used. I will buy again.

👤I've been trying to be more eco friendly and I can say that this product is wonderful. I would love to spend less on it since it's a regular item, but I'm very happy with my purchases. I've used a few packs so far. I think they're better than the cheapo toilet paper you can find at public restrooms. I don't need to use a lot so it lasts me a while. I live in a single person household. You make the call with your own usage. I asked about it before the company used it and they said it was good. Why? Awkward question. I would tell them it's bamboo. I switched because of that. Maybe they'll switch in the future! It's a good thing. There is a Anyway! Buy it! No plastic at all, it's in paper.

11. Charmin Toilet Family Cushiony Packaging

Charmin Toilet Family Cushiony Packaging

There are 18 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper in this pack. Their unique Chinatown touch. It is available at Amazon. Superior comfort without sacrificing strength. Charmin Family Mega Roll has more sheets per roll. A softer way to use less and get clean. There are two things that are safe for the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment The Roto-Rooter was approved.

Brand: Charmin

👤I have toilet paper right now. I have an opinion about my purchase of these ridiculously narrow sheets. They don't tell you that they took the liberty of cutting it from somewhere else. Absurd! Cutting down my toilet paper is one thing, but it's another thing to say I'm getting more bang for my buck. Charmin is very uncool. We wouldn't notice the difference. I need an extra sheet to make up the difference. Not saving anything here. It looks ridiculous in the dispensers. Bad Charmin!

👤The rolls are not the same width as the regular ones. They are 4 inches wide. The site doesn't state that these are narrow 4 inch rolls. It states that one roll equals 5 regulars rolls. The small 4 inch wide sheets are on a roll. Can you say it's deceptive? There is a The rolls have always been 4.5 inches wide. It's disappointing when we get four inch rolls. Hello, Charmin. Do you think we wouldn't notice? What's next? Three inch Super Fluffy Tactical Ginormous Gaming rolls. There is a We have to decode Regular, Single, Double, Mega, Supreme, Jumbo, Big, Plush, Ultra plush, Soft, ultra comfort, eco comfort, etc. There is no standard that these companies have to follow. A gallon of gas has a standard size. A roll of toilet paper can be any size they want it to be. * Soft Organic is pro. Tactical. There is gaming. Rolls are 4 inches wide, compared to regular rolls that are 4.5 inches. There is a The end of the rant. Enough sheet for now.

👤I save for this and subscribe. It should be #18 rolls. I have not had a problem until the last shipment when I received 6 huge rolls instead of 18. These rolls are hard to use. They don't work. Going from 18 rolls to 6 does not work. If you are paying for a monthly membership, they should not be able to substitute other products.

👤Charmin make them like you used to when you gyup the consumer, we will notice you are not charming anyone.

👤The previous Charmin tp was about 1/3s the width of these. This "batch" is shorter than the last because we put them next to each other. We feel a bit ripped off. TP is what it is. It doesn't change your butt.

👤Rolls are not worth the cost. The family Megatranslates into better have child size hands. Don't buy again.

👤I love the product. A roll of toilet paper is missing from an open package. It is the only way to get a replacement or refund.

👤This is the only tp that won't irritate my husband's delicate buttocks. We are a Charmin family, what else can I say?

👤No hay mas comentarios, porque yo habia.

👤sper suave y resistente.

👤No caben en un porta rollo estndar, la calidad del papel es buena. Wearlo un poco antes de Poderlo colocar. En el porta rollo.

👤Producto y calidad nica. Gracias.

👤Un producto malo.


What is the best product for eco friendly toilet paper made in usa?

Eco friendly toilet paper made in usa products from The Cheeky Panda. In this article about eco friendly toilet paper made in usa you can see why people choose the product. Flushd and Tork are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toilet paper made in usa.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toilet paper made in usa?

The Cheeky Panda, Flushd and Tork are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toilet paper made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Quilted Northern, Seventh Generation and Grentay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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