Best Eco Friendly Toilet Paper No Plastic

Paper 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. BrillaBoo Organic Healthy Hypoallergenic Sensitive

BrillaBoo Organic Healthy Hypoallergenic Sensitive

BrillaBoo Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper is made from sustainable bamboo. Better for you and the environment, this Earth-friendly product is free of trees. You will love the roll and wrapper. Your postal address: The perfect combination of bamboo's strength and sugarcane's soft fibers makes this toilet paper perfect for keeping your skin smooth and your bathroom visits pleasant. The manufactURER is certified by theFSC. Mother Earth can't keep up with the rate at which other brands of paper products are cut down. BrillaBoo has toilet tissue grown specifically for this purpose. The paper is called "PREMIUM BAMBOO TOILET PAPER". You won't know it's bamboo because it's so smooth. It is the perfect choice for children and adults who deserve the gentlest care and protection from rashes. It'sOUR. BrillaBoo has a vision that is shaped by the challenges they see around the world. They go the extra mile for their environment and are so happy that you have joined their green journey!

Brand: Brillaboo

👤I wasn't sure what this toilet paper was going to be, but it's become more and more important to do as much as we can to save our planet. It's not as soft as we have used, but it's not the worst. It's a great bargain and it doesn't rip apart, which is appreciated by me. There is a When we need more, we'll be rearranging it.

👤I could not resist that title. I was a bit bamboozled when the box came covered in plastic tape, even though the seller advertised the product as plastic free. It was disappointing since I am on a no plastic challenge this year, but it is not that big of a deal for most. It seems like a soft TP. The rolls are wrapped in paper.

👤I've tried other brands of bamboo toilet paper, but this is the best. My child is very sensitive and my 10 year old said that he likes the feeling of a new tree use brand. Anyone should if he loves it. The way to go is the 3 ply.

👤This toilet paper is clean. I buy regular toilet paper but the rolls are smaller. I can not justify spending that much money on toilet paper. I will use recycled paper toilet paper in the future.

👤There are other bamboo TP options that are less expensive.

👤Our regular dealer ran out so we ordered these. These roles are small and loose fitting. They are made in China. I don't trust the advertisement and will be looking elsewhere.

👤The product is very cheap. The quality is poor, but the price is relatively low.

2. Charmin Toilet Family Cushiony Sheets

Charmin Toilet Family Cushiony Sheets

There are 24 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper in this pack. Their unique Chinatown touch. It is available at Amazon. Superior comfort without sacrificing strength. Charmin Family Mega Roll has more sheets per roll. A softer way to use less and get clean. There are two things that are safe for the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment The Roto-Rooter was approved.

Brand: Charmin

👤More precisely, width matters. The 24 Count of Mega Rolls were ordered because of the impending TPE. We didn't want to go to our local warehouse store that ends in "co", so we ordered these instead. We were getting ourselves into a potentially sh*tty situation by ordering the "Mega Rolls" instead of the "Jumbo Rolls" from the warehouse store. These rolls are a bit larger in width than the Jumbo versions. It's not a big deal, but you may want to avoid the Mega size rolls. Y'all are weird, but mummy-handers may find the size suitable. Charmin gets 3 stars since it's the only toilet paper. We deserve better protection from toileting chaos. Attaching a photo to show how bad the rolls are.

👤The roll size has been changed. They are much larger in diameter. They don't fit on a regular toilet paper holder.

👤I didn't want to ruin the tiles by drilling holes and mounting the toilet paper brackets on the tiles, so I didn't do it. The brackets were installed beneath the cabinets. My friends said that it was odd that I was dealing with forces that I didn't understand and that they were beyond my control. "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!" The Charmin Mega Roles fit. Who has the last laugh? Ha!

👤I only buy Charmin toilet paper. I am used to it's feel. The paper is not soft. It feels like the paper in public toilets. The second pack of Charmin isn't as soft as the first pack, but it is still not the typical Charmin soft. The individual sheets are thin. Don't buy!

👤I'm very happy I bought this. I was able to get through my nightmare on the toilet after eating some food. I only have one roll left, but I would have been in a lot of trouble without this paper. You get the picture. 5 out of 5 stars, will buy again.

👤The bad: soft. Your butt will be happy. There is a The size was the bad. I read the reviews and thought it was still going on. These arrived. We've never used any other TP that was narrower. Almost all of it. The tp holder is skinny. It's also stinky. It can't turn freely in some TP holders. This is the first time it has happened. There is a Good thick soft tp, but weird size.

👤Charmin is the most suitable toilet paper for our household. It is strong but soft. It is cost effective. I used to only attempt a per use analysis when trying to find the elements of the analyses that were too variable and little to no value. There is a While I wrestle with impatience, I ask myself if Charmin works better for us than similar products. Pull the lever if you get a positive response.

👤The "Mega" role is a marketing scam. I have to remove up to 20 feet of paper from the rolls before they fit in my TP holder because they are so tall. Throw away 20% narrower. I would be surprised if I didn't have less usable paper with this roll. Charmin is still a good paper, but it feels wrong in the hand.

3. Portawipes Compressed Toilet Tablet Tissues

Portawipes Compressed Toilet Tablet Tissues

Four waterproof cases are included in the bonus. Take them with you wherever you go with the waterproof storage cases designed for the outdoors. It's great for survival enthusiasts, hunters, and campers. Portawipes are the strongest compressed tissues you can buy, with a fabric weight of 54 grams per square meter. They're up to 27% larger than compressed tissues. The compressed tissues are made from OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Viscose Rayon derived from ORGANIC, bio-degradable cellulose sources and are as pure as the water used to oxidize them. It is possible to reuse mekong wipes many times. Simply rinse and wring out the water. When you're ready to throw them away, be sure to use bio-degradable Portawipes compressed coin towels. Use Portawipes in the home or on the go. You can get a luxurious wipe with just a bit of water. In the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, school and workplace.

Brand: Portawipes

👤I was looking for the best balance between price and quality, and I noticed that some manufacturer individually wrap these, which is a plus, since it's the enemy here, but these come with 4 tubes, so that makes up for that. I wondered if the thicker pill was related to the thickness of the unfolded product or just to the compression used during assembly, as some manufacturers showed a thicker pill than others. The towelletes are very strong and durable, they have no odor at all, they are perfect as a wound dressing, to remove makeup, as a fire starter, to cool yourself, to clean things with. You cannot go wrong with this brand, but be aware that not all pill napkins are the same.

👤I thought they were toilet paper. They could be. I saw many more uses after I inflated it. They're super. I mean soft. And strong. I had to pull and pull to get it to tear. They are about 8 x 6 1/2 and absorbent. I use 2 because I feel like I have a lot of paper in my hand. These would be great for cleaning up a baby, wiping down a picnic table, cleaning your hands when you have a cold and need a tissue, and so many other uses. I don't like wet paper and you have to wet it to use it. I plan ahead, wet them, lay them out for a few minutes to dry and then use them. They are so light and airy that they dry quickly. You will be ruined from any other towel if you try them. They are 10 times softer and better than Wet Ones. One of the coin sized roll packages is in my glove box and the other is in my bug out bag.

👤We went to the Amazon and the Galapagos. The compressed towels worked well. They were used to clean the shelves in the cabin. We wrapped the towel around our neck to keep us cool in the Amazon and another to wipe the sweat off. If the towel is kept in the provided carrier in a high humidity area, it will start expanding from absorbing the humidity in the air. The towels make great napkins and wipes. They have been added to our packing list.

👤This product is awesome and I don't usually write reviews. There is a There is enough in a box for you to have them at home, work, car and on the road for camping or boating. They are easy to carry. It's convenient and cheap for every day use. Love them. There is a There were no cons.

👤I bought these because of the coin size and the fact that I could wet them myself eliminating weight for an ultra-light hiking trip. These things are amazing. And for so many reasons. They are durable and soft to them. There is no smell in them. Once they are wet, they can be used in the form of a cloth and not tear or fall apart. I can't say enough good things about them. If they are in my car, backpack, gym bag, desk, I put a few in there. When you need a water bottle with you, you just pour a cap full of water on it and it will open up, then you can put a little more water in it. It can be a face wipe, car wipe, or hand wipe. If you leave it out it will dry into a soft wipe and can be used again. I didn't know what to do with a cooling towel. I put two in my back pack pocket and opened one to wipe my face and neck clean while I was hiking in AZ. I used my hydration pack water to open it. After I used it, I began to reuse it and it was great to keep me cool, I would occasionally add a little water and it was great to keep me cool. Once it got hotter, I attached two together to wrap my neck. I think they sell a bigger version. There is a I use them with a spray of water and essential oil for a refreshing wipe at home. You will love these things.

4. Cheeky Panda Plastic Toilet Tissue

Cheeky Panda Plastic Toilet Tissue

There are 9 rolls of toilet tissue in this pack. It is free from dust, B.P.A, Chlorine bleach and fragrances. 100% vegan and FSC approved. Not the same type of bamboo that pandas use.

Brand: The Cheeky Panda

👤The paper does not dissolution as well as normal toilet paper. It was stuck to the walls of my sewer pipes and had to be removed with a special snake. I watched the camera footage. I put two sheets of this paper in a glass of water, and two sheets of our normal paper in a glass of water, and waited 15 minutes. The latter dissolved when touched, but this one did not. The picture was taken after 70 minutes. Our old paper is shown in its dissolved pieces on the right side of the glass. The panda is intact. I can pull it out of the glass and it won't fall apart. I threw everything away because our old paper is back in the stores. It is good for the environment to use recycled paper.

👤I read good reviews and thought I would try this TP. I can say that this TP is fine for bamboo TP. It is not as absorbent as my favorite bamboo TP, Silk N. It is strong. I will not be ordering this brand again.

👤This is an excellent product and has good reason. The brand of toilet rolls we bought is a premium quality. If you want to switch to a sustainable product, it's a no-brainer because it's made from bamboo that can grow in less than a year, unlike the non-sustainable ones that take decades to grow. If you switch to a better product, you won't ever go back because the product is almost certainly better than any of the other non sustainable brands. Why? It's very soft on your skin and it's also strong and 3-ply sheets. It doesn't generate dust when you tear it. I bet anyone who tries it once will switch to sustainable bamboo products permanently, and will also tell all their friends about it.

👤I am trying to be more conscious of the environment. The price of the panda was the same as my other TP, but the rolls were a bit smaller. You can see the difference in size, compared to my plush Scott's in the picture. I thought it was absorbent and soft. I was surprised because it looks like single ply, but it is not. It's better than cheap or single ply TP. I like brands that are clean. Non plastic packaging was used. I will buy again.

👤I've been trying to be more eco friendly and I can say that this product is wonderful. I would love to spend less on it since it's a regular item, but I'm very happy with my purchases. I've used a few packs so far. I think they're better than the cheapo toilet paper you can find at public restrooms. I don't need to use a lot so it lasts me a while. I live in a single person household. You make the call with your own usage. I asked about it before the company used it and they said it was good. Why? Awkward question. I would tell them it's bamboo. I switched because of that. Maybe they'll switch in the future! It's a good thing. There is a Anyway! Buy it! No plastic at all, it's in paper.

5. Amazon Brand Presto 308 Sheet Ultra Soft

Amazon Brand Presto 308 Sheet Ultra Soft

There are 4 packs of 6 mega rolls with 308 2-ply sheets per roll. 112 Regular Rolls are based on a regular roll with 66 sheets. The leading Ultra-Premium Soft Brand leaves less lint behind. RV/Septic-safe bath tissue can be used. They invite you to try Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper. Mega Rolls are more durable. Are you running low? Restock by saying, "Alexa, order Presto!" You can use the ultra- soft toilet paper through your device. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Presto!

👤One day on Amazon, a recommendation came up for Presto, which our family normally buys Charmin for. No one wants "gas station" type toilet paper. I was hesitant to buy it. I have 3 kids and 2 adults in my house, so it's important to me that tp is not liked. There is a I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try and save them for "emergencies" in the future, since we use Amazon to save rare things. There is a I told my wife I bought it. She said to cancel the order and she was not happy about it. I'm glad I decided not to cancel. The packaging is very professional and you don't have to look at it. The tissue in my opinion is very similar to any other quality brand. I added the first tool and didn't tell anyone. Nobody said anything. I tried to get a negative comment about blowing my nose, but my wife said it was normal charmin ultra stuff. It is very easy to past the test. The rolls are large. Our in wall dispensers hold them well. If you have a small dispensers, you may need to use the non mega roll. The girls liked the design. Daugherty said it was pretty. The paper has no negative comments and as long as it remains in stock and at a good price, I don't see why we will change back. The tissue from Amazon is great quality and I will be trying more of them.

👤I pee a million times a day and need toilet paper that lasts a long time and is cost effective. I was curious to know that Amazon had its own variety of toilet paper, and I was very impressed with the results after just 2 months. I usually buy Angel Soft, Charmin Ultra Soft, or Cottonelle brand. Angel Soft is cheap and lasts me a day. Charmin is a step up from that and the rolls last me 1.25 days, but is more expensive. Cottonelle is the most expensive and lasts me 1.5 days, but it is the best material and absorbent. I spend a lot of money on toilet paper. I needed something better and more cost effective. Amazon has it all. It's very cost effective. The material on one of these rolls is soft and absorbent and lasts me at least 2 days. I will not go back to those brands. If Amazon could only make flushable wipes, the world would be a better place. My husband was impressed by how soft and long- lasting Presto was.

👤The toilet paper is not a good value. You can buy Scott toilet paper from Jet or Walmart for twenty dollars for thirty rolls which comes out to 66 cents per roll, whereas this toilet paper costs twenty dollars for twenty four rolls which comes out to 85 cents per roll. Scott toilet paper weighs in at 6.4 ounces. Scott toilet paper costs about 10 cents per ounce, whereas Presto toilet paper costs about 18 cents per ounce. Scott toilet paper is more expensive. Scott toilet paper from Jet or Walmart is the best way to save money and get the most for your money.

6. Cottonelle Professional Business 13135 Standard

Cottonelle Professional Business 13135 Standard

It's similar to the Compact Quad, Vertical and Side-by-Side toilet paper dispensers. There are 9,020 sheets per bulk toilet paper case. Cottonelle Toilet Paper is an ideal choice for your business when you want to make a first-rate impression. Cottonelle toilet paper is a must if you want a premium experience. The premium toilet paper can be used in universal standard bath tissue roll dispensers. The premium toilet paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and contains 25% recycled fiber.

Brand: Cottonelle

👤Cottonelle is the only toilet paper I buy and the rolls being individually covered is nice for storage. This is not Cottonelle. I bought a roll in the store and one of the rolls is not of good quality. The real Cottonelle is thick and durable. The brand is thin and doesn't have ridges. The picture below shows the difference. The roll is on the right.

👤The price was so high that I bought this box of 20 rolls hoping it would be double or quadruple. I took out the rolls and they seem to be individual single rolls, which should cost about $5.00 if unwrapped. This may be the normal price since I'm not familiar with costs for individually wrapped rolls. I purchased a box of Cottonelle 96 rolls for $21.94 and previously I purchased the same 96 rolls for $18.98. When I paid $21.94 for 96 rolls, I thought it was 22.8 cents per roll. Does it cost more than $1 per roll to wrap? With the Covid-19 scare going on, I guess companies can charge whatever they want.

👤We are used to the Cottonelle in retail stores. Cottonelle is a similar 2-ply to Angel Soft. The roll size is compared to the retail Cottonelle mega. We will survive and move back to the other Cottonelle once we use these up.

👤The negative reviews were correct. For 2 ply with over 400 hundred sheets, the cottenelle is small compared to the great value brand.

👤The toilet paper shreds longitudinally when I separate it from the dry roll. The paper turns towards mush when blotting the wet female area. It can be a sticky disaster if you rub the other area. There is a I subscribed for the Cottonelle product from Amazon to be delivered monthly because I was in the throes of some people currently having TP. I have just skipped the next month's delivery. There is a I have not found a way to cancel this subscription because I don't want to get any more Cottonelle, or any other product that Amazon might want to substitute for it. I would write a message to Amazon if there seemed to be a way to get them to call customer service again.

👤This seems like a cheap generic type of Cottonelle to us. It isn't worth the purchase.

👤Great product. Do not listen to reviewers who can't read. This product is for businesses and not for the general public. If you expect that, you are a fool. They need to give an IQ test to be able to write a review. Anyway, I was worried this wouldn't get all the nooks and crannies. It does very well. Nothing was left behind. Clean wipe and strong. It was very soft and didn't scratch anything.

👤I am surprised by how much I enjoy this paper. We used to use the extra soft kind from Aldi, but the lint balls were getting too much. The plastic film wrapping was a huge reminder that we used a lot of plastic for our personal upkeep. I was researching toilet paper that comes in a paper box when I stumbled upon this Cottonelle kind. I am happy to report that the box and paper wrapping are all recycled. The toilet paper is recycled. The toilet paper is softer than you would expect. It's too small for jumbo rolls in our smaller holders. I plan to buy more.

7. Essential Professional Business Individually Standard

Essential Professional Business Individually Standard

Scotts toilet paper is eco-friendly, and it is certified by both EcoLogo and the FSC, so you can be confident in your purchase. Each case contains 80 rolls of toilet paper. The Scott Essential Brand clean is given by the Scott Essential Bulk Toilet Paper in the Standard Rolls. The 2-ply bathroom tissue is strong and absorbent and will satisfy your employees and guests. Scott Essential bath tissue rolls are individually wrapped and protected until you're ready to use them; with a large case size, you can order once and get a lot of bath tissue. The toilet paper rolls are designed to fit into dispensers. The EPA minimum standards include 100% recycled fiber.

Brand: Scott

👤You are wiping your rear end with this stuff, not getting into bed with it, or assessing its artistic qualities. There is a The sheets are thin and they will tear if you are not careful and stop being a Neanderthal. The paper is high quality and people are ridiculous.

👤Two rolls into a box of 80 and I want to throw the whole box away. I had to double check that the toilet paper I ordered was two ply. This two ply is thicker than some one ply. The thin bottom layer of the toilet paper sticks to the top layer as it is shredded. I am embarrassed to have this in my restroom because I own a high end business. I know my clients will be frustrated. The blood pressure of anyone shouldn't be raised by rolling toilet paper. I used to buy angel soft on Amazon, but haven't been able to get it on their subscription service. I have been trying different brands and this time I went wrong. There is a This toilet paper isn't worth the trouble of ending up where you want it to be.

👤I was hoping this was the same as what we get in the store, but it is not. It's an okay T.P., but not as strong, soft, or well-aligned as the Scott-1000. It's cheap in the way that you're thankful you're not using it at home. It tears more easily than the Scott-1000 1-ply, leaves traces of "fluff" behind on your...uh-um...behind, and just doesn't impress as a daily use T.P. It's a lot of T.P. for the price, and it's saved us from buying more for a long time. We'll be going back to the Scott-1000 when we run out.

👤Scott would deceive its customers. When we visited Disney, we noticed that Scott Tissue Industrial was the new name for Angel Soft. I searched and found it. The name and brand type are the same, but the wrapping and type is different. I took a picture at Disney. So... I have a huge case of toilet paper. Try to use a bunch of sheets. It falls apart in your hand. AWFUL... Stay away. appears to be recycled paper.

👤The paper was fine with me until it started to cause problems in our house. None of the toilet papers I tested were super luxurious. Within three minutes, five of them had broken down. The paper was intact after 24 hours.

👤There were 3 rolls in the box.

👤I don't know how much I dislike this TP because I'm tempted to use curse words. I will never buy it again and recommend anyone who is tempted to save money to get something better. My wife hates it more than I do, and never lets me forget that I bought it. It has lasted twice as long for me as she won't use it anymore. It seems the two plys are out of sync and tear off at very different places when you waste a lot of it trying to get a new role started. I was in the U.S. Army back in the day and it was terrible but better than this stuff. I don't do a lot of reviews these days, but when I do, I usually recommend something. I just felt compelled to let the next poor person know there are better ways to save money after all the frustration I've had with this product. I don't know how Scott was able to get so many positive reviews, but I'm pretty sure he was forced to submit reviews by his own employees.

8. EnviroPanda Unbleached Sustainable Biodegradable Hypoallergenic

EnviroPanda Unbleached Sustainable Biodegradable Hypoallergenic

100% sustainable beer. sugarcane is made with bamboo for a true luxury quality and feel. Their bamboo toilet tissue is tree-free and helps sustain habitats. The strength of their 3-ply bath tissue makes it a better choice than flimsy 2-ply toilet paper. It's completely flushable for use in RV's, mobile homes, and more. No chemicals, dyes, fragrances, or bleach are included in the price of EnviroPanda, which makes it a pure and safe choice for you, your family, and the environment. Their 3-ply double rolls are the equivalent of traditional rolls, which means you can get the best value for your money without exposing you to harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The reduction of CO2 Emissions can be achieved by taking part in the reduction of bamboo and hardwood trees. The toilet paper made from bamboo is completely panda safe because it takes just 3-4 months for it to grow back.

Brand: Enviropanda

👤The people who rave about how soft this is must steal toilet paper from their local gas station. A guest in my house uses this. I value eco-friendly. I think bamboo and hemp are not sustainable. This is not how you do it.

👤The toilet paper is a joke. It isn't what was described. I had to use more of my usual brand because it is so thin. It started to fall apart after contact. I need to find a brand that is worth buying. There is a The bamboo/sugar cane face tissue was not listed in the description. It was super thin and rough. They are not for sensitive skin. There is a They are outrageously expensive because of the quality of the product. Caboo is the brand I bought. Don't waste your money on toilet paper and facial tissue.

👤Not cutting down trees for toilet paper is an excellent decision.

👤I have used other bamboo brands, but they are better than this one. This wipes well. It's not soft, but not crazy.

👤I saved and put on my ship. It works just as well as ripple 2 ply cottonelle, it is absorbent, soft, and I use less. If you lean on the side of being a clean freak and don't require 3 sheets of paper towel to wipe your privates, this is worth trying out.

👤This is better than the top brands. It is strong and soft. It's not necessary to roll hand 3 to 5 times. You will never use bamboo tissue if you try it out. If you clean your glasses, it doesn't scratch them.

👤I was hesitant to buy because I had never used bamboo toilet paper. There was another shortage because of a spike in COVID-19. I paid a little more for this brand. It's strong and absorbent.

👤Over a year ago, I started using unbleached bamboo and it has been a great move. Not all bamboo tp's are the same. This one is a good value for the price. I am not getting any more burns.

9. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Family

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Family

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper is in the pack. Their clean touch is unique. It is available at Amazon. Cleaning without compromising on softness is exceptional. Charmin Family Mega Roll has more sheets per roll. The design is inspired by strength and cleaning. There are two things that are safe for the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment and the environment The Roto-Rooter was approved. Charmin is committed to making their toilet paper work hard to make a difference. 100% of their paper comes from forests.

Brand: Charmin

👤Charmin is the leader of poop removal. One of the problems with super plush and ultra strong fecal removal is that there are fewer sheets per roll than there are at work. They now have a 5x roll. Only problem. We have a toilet paper dispensers that have a large roll, which makes it hard to roll. You have to squeeze and turn that bad boy, then put the phone down and stop your candy crush streak. You could take it out, but you may have a wife that will insist that toilet paper must go in the proper dispensers, no matter how useless it is. This leads to a huge conflict and before you know it, you are sleeping in one of your kids beds, which, hey, isn't so bad because they normally spend half the night in your bed until one of you wakes up smelling their diaper spiked. It wouldn't be my fault that the toilet paper is off the holder if they knew how strong and soft these wipes were. The kid could be potty trained and sleep in his own bed if I could get my bed back. I suppose one can dream. If push comes to shove, a few yards of this stuff could be used as a pillow.

👤It would not be enough to make up for the shock and grossness I am experiencing if I gave them a -10 stars. This is what the new roll looked like when I pulled it out. There is a Was this spider alive and able to build a nest with all of the tissue rolls that were in the same pack? Is it necessary for my family to go to the doctor? There is a I don't know how sanitary these rolls were.

👤How much more can you say? It's very soft and strong, and it does the job that it's intended to do. There is a word of caution. The roll doesn't fit in a normal holder. Charmins will send you their roll extenders to fix that. They will give you three for free. It takes a month to get them.

👤They are trying to give customers more, but this is ridiculous. I used the dash button on the Amazon website and they changed the roll size without any notification. The last couple times I received packs, they were excellent. The rolls don't fit in regular sized restroom holders so they get stuck on the wall. I will have to purchase a new holder or be slightly inconvenient for the next half a year because my orders take approximately 6 months to deplete the inventory.

👤It's difficult to tell which rolls are bigger when viewing the product online, but these are enormous. If you live with someone who doesn't change the toilet paper roll when it runs out, or someone who has a free standing toilet paper roll holder, this is good. We can only use this TP in one bathroom in our home, as it wouldn't fit in the other bathroom's toilet paper roll holder. Will have to wait for the roll to be half gone and then transfer it to the other bathroom. It's the biggest roll of toilet paper I've ever seen. This is probably the longest review I've written. It's about toilet paper. Ha. The product was well packaged and shipped quickly.

10. Cottonelle ComfortCare CleaningRipples Biodegradable Septic Safe

Cottonelle ComfortCare CleaningRipples Biodegradable Septic Safe

There is a pack of 16 double rolls. Caboo toilet paper is panda friendly and accredited by the BRC Global Standards. There are 24 Family Mega Rolls of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper with CushionyRip Cleaningples Texture, each with a pack of 6 rolls. The toilet paper that they use is soft, strong and effective. Their toilet paper is free of added perfumes and dyes, so no need to worry about allergies or irritation. They source materials that meet strict standards to protect forests and the animals and people that depend on them, meaning that they make sustainable solutions. Save big and get more with bulk toilet paper, because each Family Mega Roll lasts more than 4.5x the leading brand's regular roll, so you don't have to change rolls as often.

Brand: Cottonelle

👤I took 7 weeks to find toilet paper.

👤The new COTTONELLE bathroom tissue does not match the previous version. The new version is not as clean-upable as the old one. It takes more sheets to get the job done. The quality control people that created this new version should be ashamed. A company in Southern California has over 1,000 toilets. Cottonelle customer service told me that the former product is not made anymore. There is a The former buyer is no longer ordering Cottonelle bathroom tissue. Writing from San Diego.

👤They are the Mega Rolls and will last for a while. I paid more than usual, but it wasn't a price hike, and I'm grateful for fast delivery.

👤I got this quickly because of the TP shortage. I almost canceled my order because I didn't think they would be able to deliver, but they did. There were 6 packs of 6 totaling to 24 rolls. It is a brand new item. I was glad I bought them because a lot of reviews said they were fake. Thank you Amazon! You are a life saver.

👤It's hard to find what you need in TP when each company has different marketing tricks. Cottonelle isn't fooling anyone by how much they have cut the length of each roll core, so they are taking advantage of us in that way and the reason for less than 5 stars. The rolls in this particular offer are thick with many sheets so that they touch the wall of my dispensers. This is a good value for the price in comparison to other Cottonelle offers and other brands.

👤TP hasn't been found at the store with all this going on. So decided to look at it. I have been using Scot TP for half my life, but since this brand was available I decided to purchase it. The item went out of stock when I tried to purchase it at midnight. I was able to purchase it after trying again the next night. I didn't mind waiting, but I received a notification that my item was shipped after 5 days, which was a pity. I felt the texture when I pulled out one roll. It does its job. I recommend this brand.

👤Cottonelle is cheap. They have shrunk the roll. I would rather pay more than be deceived. Not good.

👤Wow! They opened the box and thought they had sent paper towels.

👤This product is not legit. Bigger roll means less paper because it is rougher and less absorbent. Will never buy this size again. The single ply stuff in a public restroom was cheap.

👤The urology nurse told me to use toilet paper with less lint. After many years of research on the internet and use, I have decided to use it. I have concluded that it's Cottonelle. It is hard to find in the Montreal area except at some hardware stores. They have no inventory. I can only get it at Amazon. If it were available in the Montreal area, I would have to take a taxi to get it. It has reassured me and saved me a lot of pain, thanks to Amazon.

11. Georgia Pacific Professional Envision Toilet Embossed

Georgia Pacific Professional Envision Toilet Embossed

The EPA minimum standards include 100% recycled fiber. Softness, quick absorbency, durability and thickness are provided by the 2-ply absorbent tissue. All sewer and septic systems are safe. The perfect case allows for easy handling and storage. There is at least 25% post consumer recycled fiber. The EPA has comprehensive procurement guidelines. The reduced environmental impact is certified by the U.L. ECOLOGO. View the attributes evaluated. This product is based on Green Seal Standard GS-1 and has a minimum of 25% post consumer material. Can help earn credits. Georgia-Pacific is using fiber from responsible and legal sources.

Brand: Georgia-pacific

👤The household consensus is that this is not toilet paper. There is a The product may have been classified as a weapon of destruction by the convention. It could now be considered a torture method. This product is called 2ply. I suppose it's not wrong, in the same way two sheets of 240grit stuck together may be considered 2ply. I would give it away, but I wouldn't want it on a homeless man. Maybe it could be used more efficiently as a tide control. I am going to use some of the remaining rolls as a backstop for my shooting range. They might stop the rifles. Time will tell. There have been more questions as to whether it will burn in the wood stove. It burns poorly as a heat source in the winter.

👤The photo shows the size comparison of the sheets. There is a The rolls are smaller in size than Angel Soft. I assumed that the roll would be larger than AS 450 when I ordered it. It is not. I feel like I got cheated. The sheets are very thin and make the roll smaller than the competitors who have less sheets per roll. It feels like a public restroom.

👤Wow! I bought cheap toilet paper, but what happened to it? It is horrible now. The paper is weaker. One shouldn't be afraid of ripping through the paper when wiping. This new case is very similar to the one I received. See my photos. I marked the rolls so you can see the difference, the paper went from being almost a thin material to a tissue paper texture for blowing your nose and the cheap non Kleenex brand! It is even more transparent.

👤Something has changed. Beware! There is a The last order we received 5 months ago was strikingly different. There is a In the past, we found this product similar to Scott TP and were happy with it. There is a Until now. The box is made of two plies that don't stay together while unrolling. The texture is similar to two plies of tissue paper rolled up together. We would be sending this back if I hadn't thrown the box away. Very disappointing.

👤The kids in my house have to wipe their little hand with wipes 100 times. I couldn't beat it for this price. It's a lot. The ups guy didn't know if he was funny or jelouse that he was delivering this much. My child wanted to try it out. As if they have been wiping leaves all their life.

👤The toilet paper rolls were well packaged. They have a nice solid feel to them and are wrapped individually. I like to squeeze the rolls to see if the manufacturer is trying to sell me air. The rolls are dense. I would only compare them to Scott's 1000 toilet tissue, with only 550 sheets per roll. This tissue is softer than Scott tissue, but it is not like the thick, high end, ultra plush tissue. I don't like that. This toilet tissue is thick enough to pull off the roll without breaking or falling apart, but that's about it. It's not fancy, but it's good for the price.


What is the best product for eco friendly toilet paper no plastic?

Eco friendly toilet paper no plastic products from Brillaboo. In this article about eco friendly toilet paper no plastic you can see why people choose the product. Charmin and Portawipes are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toilet paper no plastic.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toilet paper no plastic?

Brillaboo, Charmin and Portawipes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toilet paper no plastic. Find the detail in this article. The Cheeky Panda, Presto! and Cottonelle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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