Best Eco Friendly Toothbrushes for Adults

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1. VIVAGO Biodegradable Eco Friendly Toothbrushes Compostable

VIVAGO Biodegradable Eco Friendly Toothbrushes Compostable

There is a natural solution. Natural sustainable bamboo is used to make their bamboo toothbrushes. Their quality is the same as your generic plastic brushes, but can be recycled. Their packaging is made from recycled materials. The package of 10 tooth brushes is perfect for families, and each numbered to avoid confusion among family members. The method of brushing is the same but different. Soft bristles that will clean your teeth without hurting the gums and yet crafted in a way that the bristles will never shed away is whatBPA free soft bristles are. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you have a problem, please contact them. Within a month, they support refunds.

Brand: Vivago

👤The bristles are not usable for me because they are stiff, but they are well made and have a great shape. If the product didn't state that it was soft, it wouldn't be an issue, but it is quite misleading.

👤Several years ago, I started buying bamboo toothbrushes. I ran into a problem when I found a store that stocked them but didn't have a guarantee that they'd still be available the next time I needed them. I didn't get frustrated about it because I figured everyone was on the bandwagon. I found Vivago after looking on Amazon for a long time. The heads on the bamboo toothbrushes that I have purchased are much more comfortable than the ones I have used before, making it easy to maneuver. You can't go wrong with this brand. My husband and I love them, and I won't have to look for new bamboo toothbrushes because they come in an 8 pack. I can order another 8 pack.

👤I bought these for the price and they were not black like other bamboo toothbrushes. I wanted to love plastic and not buy it. They don't feel like a normal bristle. I might get past that. One of the bristles came out of my mouth and a few more were pulled out so they were higher than the others. I don't think they are in there. The bamboo is fine, but they need to work on the bristles. I returned the pack that I used.

👤Great product! I would recommend this product to anyone. The brush is soft and gentle on the teeth, it comes with a pack of 10 with numbers on it, so each person has 2 with his own number. It's cool to remember which brush is which so you don't get confused. I will only use the bamboo brushes from now on. There is a It's perfect for traveling.

👤I bought the brushes out of curiosity. The bamboo wood handles are easier to grasp with wet hands. There are two more The bristles are soft. There are 3 more The combo of wood handle and brush size allows for more accurate brushing than the plastic toothbrushes that are almost universal now. There is a The bristles seem to be nylon, which is similar to the Soft version of most brushes. I have not had a single bristle fall in two months of daily use. I'll be buying them again.

👤Not for me. The bristles feel weird. It is a different material than typical tooth brushes, but it is still uncomfortable. There's a strange taste after many washes. It makes brushing teeth difficult.

👤We were not happy with the toothbrushes. The soft bristles leave a weird taste in your mouth. The bristles turn yellow after a few uses. The brush is only used for a couple of days. Poor quality should not mean a natural product.

👤The toothbrush is amazing. There is a Finally, a toothbrush that is not harmful to the environment. There is a They work well. There is a The price is reasonable. My friends love sharing the brushes with me. I will be ordering more.

2. Toothbrush Biodegradable Bristles Toothbrushes Sensitive

Toothbrush Biodegradable Bristles Toothbrushes Sensitive

Eco friendly. Their bamboo toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo and can be recycled. They can help keep your mouth fresh, but also help the environment. The bamboo toothbrush's bristles are made of nylon, which is free of the harmful chemical, and can be used to clean teeth and make them stronger. The handle is bio-degradable. The moso bamboo toothbrush handle is made of pure natural degradable bamboo and feels great. It is healthier and more sustainable than any plastic. Exquisite packaging. The bamboo toothbrushes you purchased have a box of paper inside. The toothbrush medium in the inner box is easy to distinguish when used. The toothbrush packaging box is made of a paper that is environment friendly and compostable. Medium soft bristles are the best for adults, so you have something different to look forward to with each new bamboo toothbrush.

Brand: Virgin Forest

👤What I wanted and what I expected. I don't buy toothbrush at the pharmacy or big box store anymore. I'm not a fan of the rubber shapes in the bristles, the way they change the angle of the bristles in relation to the rest of the handle, and the color schemes of the handles. It makes them awkward. I need a straight toothbrush so that I can point it at where I want it to go. I liked the bamboo brush that I found at the store so much that when I needed a new one, I just bought a box of the similar ones. It turns out that old fashioned bristles work well.

👤Excellent toothbrushes! I feel good about not putting plastic handles in the environment and my teeth are very clean. The bottom of the toothbrush was getting wet in the holder cup. The tip of the handle should be wiped off before placing it in the cup. Use a square tissue or corner of a towel. This is not a problem for me.

👤I like the way the toothbrush is made. I wanted to be able to tell all of our toothbrushes apart, so I got them mostly. The bamboo feels good in your hand and the colors are bright. The bristles are not soft. They feel better on the medium side but still feel good. If they are not allowed to dry in an open space, they will rot. I kept my toothbrush in a pencil case. Can't do that with these. I put the toothbrush cover in the cup. Voil!

👤I like the way these toothbrushes are made, they are more eco-friendly than the plastic ones. If you like softer bristles, you can hold the toothbrush under the water for a few seconds. My gums don't hurt or bleed even when I have gum sensitivity. A good purchase. I didn't know that my local TJ Max was selling smaller packs of bamboo toothbrushes. I don't need a large pack of toothbrushes for one person, so maybe I would have picked up a smaller pack from there.

👤I loved them immediately when I opened them. The size is perfect and I liked the different colors. They only work for a couple of days. Two days is the most. The wood splits when I get a mouthful of bristles. I wish they had worked. Keep looking. Don't spend any money on this product.

👤The bamboo toothbrush has bright colored bristles. The bristles are soft and not stiff. I need to let the brush dry out between brushings instead of enclosing it in a cover. If not allowed to dry out, I feel like it will get mildewy. This is a purchase that I love!

👤These are functional and cute. My teeth and mouth are clean. They are firm and soft. They do an excellent job.

👤These are the toothbrushes that we love. We usually have at least one pack. When they forget their toothbrush, these come in handy. The wood base makes it easy to write their names on it. Great buy for the price and good for the environment.

3. GoWoo 100 Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

GoWoo 100 Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

Eco-friendly: The specially designed toothbrushes are designed to give you a natural way to clean your teeth. GoWoo bamboo toothbrushes are made from bamboo and are free of harmful chemicals as well as being Compostable and Biodegradable. There is a super soft NYLON BRISTLES. Their Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes use nylon bristles that are free of the harmful toxins that can cause gum disease. Extra soft bristles protect your gum from bleeding or scratching, which is perfect for sensitive gums. Premium quality and sustainable Bamboo Wood is used to make their bamboo toothbrush which is stronger than normal wood and does not start chipping. MULTI- The set of 4 Eco Friendly Toothbrushes is a great choice for any family that wants to live a green life. The bottom of the toothbrush is painted to keep it from rotting. Their packaging is completely recyclable and they use only bamboo toothbrushes. They are doing everything they can to protect the environment.

Brand: Gowoo

👤The packaging is all cardboard. This is the reason I chose this brand. The bristles are soft and gentle on my sensitive teeth. Some people show excessive wear on their toothbrush after a couple of months. That sounds normal to me. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months or so. I'm happy to be able to reduce my plastic use and save the environment at the same time.

👤This toothbrush is great if you do. I was looking for an eco-friendly product. I've never heard of wooden toothbrushes feeling like wooden popsicle sticks hitting my teeth. That sensation is the most bone-chilling. If you like it, this toothbrush is for you. There must be some recycled plastic ones for the rest of us. There is a I gave this product 2 stars because the product is well made, even though I'm tossing the whole box of them. It's a rough texture for some of us. I like bamboo straws, but this one has a rough wood texture.

👤I work in the dental industry and like to be a bit weird about my toothbrush. I change mine out every 4 weeks. I get one from my hygienist. I have been searching for a toothbrush that wouldn't make me cringe when it was time to change it, because the typical toothbrush is not eco-friendly. This is how I came across the product. The tooth brushes are easy to hold, the brush head is small enough to fit in my mouth, and the bristles are soft. The pack of 4 color options is enough for my household. Do you mean more then 4 in your house? You can just order 2 different boxes. The price point is not bad, it works out to about $3 per toothbrush, which is less than the big name not-environment friendly toothbrushes. It is worth it. These are the toothbrushes I would recommend.

👤I want to use less plastic and bamboo is a great renewable resource, so I wanted to like these. The first toothbrush I tried out of this pack had splinters and rough edges on one side and it cut the inside of my mouth. I didn't notice anything when I used this brush in the evening. I felt a sore spot in my mouth after brushing my teeth, as if I had bit my cheek. I hadn't. I burned my mouth when I used the brush again in the evening. I realized that the toothbrush had hurt my cheeks and gums. I inspected the brush and felt a rough patch when I touched it. I wiped the brush down with a towel to dry it, and you can see the rough patches where the splinters caught lint off the towel. Some of the splinters in the photo are difficult to photograph, but you can see them in the picture.

👤I was unsure what a bamboo toothbrush would be like as I was still looking for a brush that was easy on my sensitive teeth. The soft bristles on these toothbrushes help me with the sensitive teeth that I have, as the store bought bristles still leave the feeling on my teeth when I brush them. I get a better bargain for my money because the bristles don't fall out when I use the brushes. Four brushes in one pack gives you a nice color combination and you can change them out with the same result. I recommend this product to the next consumer because of the fresh smell and natural bamboo handle.

4. PLUS ULTRA Toothbrush Wave Shaped Biodegradable

PLUS ULTRA Toothbrush Wave Shaped Biodegradable

The toothbrush bristles are made from soft nylon that gently massage the gum line and deliver a soft, yet effective brush. Eco-friendly and durable. The Moso bamboo handle is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes because it's 100% bamboo, which is stronger, harder than wood. The wave-shaped design of their toothbrushes provides exceptional cleaning performance along the gum-line and in between the teeth, so dentists recommend only using their soft bristles. Positive Affirmations and the Plus Ultra logo etched into the Moso bamboo toothbrush handle inspire you. About Plus Ultra. Their mission is to keep their planet clean and make them smile because of elevated, clean, and high-quality products.

Brand: Plus Ultra

👤The bristles are strong. Not to soft. Not very firm. I have to modify my tooth brushing technique because the wood around the head of the tooth brush sticks out a tad too far. The handle should be a bit thicker. But. It is still a great toothbrush, and would buy it again.

👤I love the feel of the toothbrush and the fact that it won't end up in a landfill.

👤It is not soft at all. There is a The bristles hurt my teeth.

👤I like my toothbrush. Totally natural in my mouth.

👤The bamboo brush did not fit my mouth well and the bristles were soft. It didn't feel like it reached everywhere.

👤The toothbrush is not very soft for me.

👤Good quality product.

5. Greenzla Toothbrush Charcoal Toothbrushes Biodegradable

Greenzla Toothbrush Charcoal Toothbrushes Biodegradable

Why choose Greenzla? They put together a pack of 4 bamboo toothbrushes, charcoal and mint-essence dental floss in a glass jar and a bamboo toothbrush case for easy storage and travel. The kit is gentle enough to be used by all members of the family. Eco-friendly toothbrushes are made from sustainable materials that are soft and springy to use, so you won't damage your gums with harsh brushing. Their floss cleans hard to reach areas of the mouth. The bamboo charcoal fiber bristle can be used to remove stains from teeth. A complete dental hygiene kit includes a bamboo toothbrush, charcoal dental floss, and a glass jar, which are perfect for travel. Pop your dental floss and toothbrush into your suitcase or backpack and you are ready to go. Natural materials are used for their dental care pack. Their bamboo toothbrushes, dental floss and bamboo travel holder are all made in an FDA registered facility so they are better for you and better for the planet. Greenzla has a brand of natural quality that you can trust. Greenzla guarantees that products that are not only eco-friendly, but work exactly as stated. Their packaging is made from recycled materials. They will give you your money back if you love their products.

Brand: Greenzla

👤I'm very happy to have this set. I was a little worried about how it would feel to use a wooden toothbrush, but it's absolutely fine, and I couldn't be happier with them. The toothbrushes are very sturdy, and I like that they have different leaves on the front so you can tell them apart. It's a nice feature, but I wouldn't have thought of it. The bristles are very soft. The bamboo travel case is very tight and smooth, no worries about it coming open or ruining clothes. The floss is great. I didn't notice a difference when I used it. It smells great! I was just sniffing it before flossing. The jar it comes in doesn't have a cutting edge like your average floss does, and it's very strong, so you'll probably need something to cut it with. There is a I would definitely recommend. I'm tempted to keep all four for myself, but I think I can share one or two. I had to try the bamboo brushes because I was hesitant to convert. I'm convinced!

👤I had been using a different brand for over a year, but decided to give this one a try. It's my new favorite. The bristles are soft, it's the first time in a long time that a new toothbrush doesn't hurt my gums. I feel like it's a lot easier to reach my teeth now that it's the right size. I don't dread the pain in my gums anymore, as a result of their improved morning and night routine. There is a The handle is soft and the bristles seem sturdy. There is no plastic in the packaging and the small containers can be kept for when you travel.

👤The toothbrush is soft. It works well with your favorite paste. Save the planet from disposables. Thumbs up.

👤I have been using it for two weeks and my teeth are still clean. There is a The bamboo handle is easy to hold. The bristles are soft. I feel like they're flossing while I'm brushing. My teeth are clean. I won't have to buy another 12 pack for a year, it's a great price. My previous tb came in a 2 pack for the same price, some were more expensive even, so I know this was a really good deal. They look like they will keep up their good work over time.

👤The bamboo is soft. The toothbrush feels great in your hand, the case shuts firmly, and it comes with 30 meters of dental floss. Some brands have plastic wrapping, but not this one. This is a great gift for someone who is conscientious about the environment. I will be giving this to many people. If you like the pictures, please mark this review as helpful.

👤I haven't tried the floss yet, but I love the design and feel of the brushes and case. The bristles are a little harder than I'm used to and have made my gums bleed a bit in the last couple of days I've been using them. Is it possible that they are brand new still? 5 stars is still 5 stars.

6. Biodegradable Toothbrush Eco Friendly BPA Free Bristles

Biodegradable Toothbrush Eco Friendly BPA Free Bristles

Natural bamboo charcoal can be used to clean the teeth, keep the mouth fresh, and also protect the environment. Soft and gentle charcoal mixed bristles can be used to clean sensitive gum walls, remove plaques bad breaths, and not damage your teeth. The bamboo waterproof handle is more durable and easier to hold. Eco-friendly material is healthier than plastic. Pack of 10 Toothbrushes are packed in a carton. Each toothbrush handle has a separate letter for easy identification. Service guarantee. They will provide you with the best solution within 24 hours if you have any issues with their products.

Brand: Vegols

👤I needed really soft brushes to clean uncured resin from the prints, so I bought these. I use the charcoal brushes to brush my teeth and the white ones in my workshop because they do not leave any charcoal at first. There is a The bristles are very soft and easy to clean. They're softer than the soft brushes I found elsewhere. If you clean the nozzle of an FDM printer with one of the bristles, it will melt in your mouth. The brushes stand up well to repeated use in a bath of alcohol. The charcoal ones were great for brushing my teeth. I have three different toothbrushes that I change between, so I don't use them exclusively. My brand name toothbrush can't get into the tiny crevices that the thin bristles of these brushes can. I'll brush my teeth with a brand name toothbrush from the store that has all the fancy bristles and rubber squeegee things and then I'll take care of my teeth. There is a They're not as good as they could be, because there might be some leftover from previous brushings. They don't scrub very hard since they're so soft. This brush is adequate if you are 800-273-3217 If you can't brush after every meal or snack because of work or whatever, I would recommend getting one of the brand name brushes that look like they were designed for alien teeth. There is a The brushes don't look like a tennis shoe and I love them. Being made of bamboo is a plus. I use bamboo cooking utensils so I expected the bamboo to hold up well. There is a I only have four of the white brushes, and one of them was missing. I don't know if that's a quality control issue. I didn't contact customer service because it was too much work. I've been using them in multiple applications so I'll most likely buy them again.

👤I don't know if I have an allergy or a product issue. I experienced pain and bleeding after using this toothbrush twice. My mouth and tongue are sore from brushing. I looked up allergic reactions to bamboo and read that it is unlikely, I have never had an issue with previous bamboo toothbrushes. I'm not sure what's going on with this product or if it's just my experience, but I plan on throwing out the rest of the toothbrushes.

👤I have used similar toothbrushes before and they were happy. The bristles on my mouth started falling off when I put them there. After brushing your teeth, the toothbrush should not be left in your mouth.

👤These are not the best toothbrushes I have ever tried. I had to write a review about toothbrushes. We love the idea of a more eco friendly option and have tried a variety of bamboo toothbrushes. Some people have had a problem with loose bristles. These are the worst! The first brush made us choke because the bristles fell out and got caught in our gums. Even if I don't know how unsafe that is, it's still uncomfortable and unpleasant.

7. Toothbrush Friendly Toothbrushes Assorted Children

Toothbrush Friendly Toothbrushes Assorted Children

If you want to contribute more to the environment, then this bamboo toothbrush is what you need. It is made from 100% recycled natural material to keep your mouth fresh. Isn't that cool? The smell of bamboo is unique to this toothbrush. These bamboo toothbrushes are made with soft bristles which make sure they don't damage your teeth. There are 10 bamboo toothbrushes in one package, 6 for adults and 4 for children, two different colors of bamboo toothbrushes in a pack of cartons, and marked A-B, which is suitable for family members. The toothbrush is encased in a box made from recycled paper. They guarantee 100% satisfaction as you purchase this product. You can return the product within 90 days for a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Virgin Forest

👤The bristles started falling out about 2 weeks after we started using them. A month has passed. I don't like brushing my teeth with bristles. We cannot get out of the back of my throat and it is driving me crazy. There is a The head is too big, but they seem to be of decent quality. I can't get my back teeth to fit. I like the kids. It is the adult ones. I am not sure. There is a The handle and bristles are great. It is not the best bamboo I have had, but it is a toothbrush. I suppose, no big deal. There is a The color coding is great. The different colored bristles are nice to know who is who.

👤These are the toothbrushes that we love. The bristles are very thin and can get in between your teeth. It's worth the money because it's super durable. The plastic toothbrushes my child would use would fall apart or dismember, because my child would be biting too hard. The bamboo toothbrushes don't have that problem anymore.

👤These are okay. The back of my teeth are better with a curve in my toothbrush. The bamboo feels strange. I am afraid it will break off.

👤The toothbrush head is the same size as the adults, and the children sizes are just shorter. I wish it was a little bit smaller because these are amazing.

👤I have to brush my teeth with my mouth wide open because the bamboo hurts the sides of my mouth. Not good.

👤The product seems to work. I feel like my teeth are cleaning every time I brush it.

👤Good enough for being cheap and plastic free. The bristles should have a bit of a shape to them. If you want to do a quick brush and run, these won't work. No skipping the floss with the brush. I want to see an improved version when I get through this pack.

👤I was skeptical that my wife got these for us. After a few days of use, my 3 year old really likes her choice in color, and my wife and I enjoy the product itself.

👤As a family, we decided to stop using plastic in our daily lives. I thought these were a great family value set. Looks nice. The kids loved the colors, but it was hard to brush with the bristles because some of them kept dropping them.

👤These are good for the trees. blisters on cheeks are different to a smooth plastic brush. There is a I am not sure if I am fully sold on blisters over dolphins.

👤Nice brushes for the teeth. You can come in different colors and sizes. It is good for the environment.

👤The picture suggests you receive kids toothbrushes. I did not receive any.

👤Spazzolini sono molto ben rifiniti. Le setole hanno la punta arrotondata. Quelli piccoli come articolo da viaggio anche per un adulto. Consigliatissimi!

8. Friendly Toothbrush Biodegradable Packaging Responsible

Friendly Toothbrush Biodegradable Packaging Responsible

Go natural for your oral health and Mother Earth. They Enjoy Bamboo Toothbrushes are gentle on sensitive teeth and leave no environmental footprint. The handles reduce hand fatigue. Soft, deep cleaning. Those with periodontal gum disease, bleeding gums or tooth pain can find CuRVED NYLON BRISTLES gentle. Your family members can tell who the toothbrush is from the non­toxic, eco­ friendly dyes. Compared to traditional plastic toothbrushes, it is qualitatively as durable. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months. Highly sustainable and pesticide. Bamboo is a wild grass and biodegrades without impacting nature, so it replenishes itself in 1 or 2 years. All of their packaging is made from plants and is 100% eco-friendly. Money back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If you don't like the performance of their Bamboo Toothbrushes, you can return them for a full refund. There were no questions or hassles.

Brand: We Enjoy Bamboo

👤These brushes are safe and eco-friendly. My child swallowed some of the bristles that fell out when he started gagging on them. The bristles are pulled out with pliers/tweezers so you can discard them before they fall out, but they fall out too easily while brushing. I won't be ordering these again.

👤The bamboo toothbrushes came in a box but they were wrapped in plastic. The purpose of the products is lost.

👤These are the best toothbrushes I have ever used. I started with the family pack and the kids started school. We got a new one, not very expensive. It is a pain but you can pull the bristles out with pliers. I might get a craft saw to hack the head off. The kids have toothbrushes.

👤Bamboo brushes look cool and are great for the earth. If you use charcoal, they stain easily. They don't last long. The bristles are not designed for getting teeth especially clean or reaching certain areas. I think that comes with a toothbrush that is good for the earth. I will keep buying different brands until they make a quality one.

👤My year old son was excited to try these toothbrushes, and he really likes using them, and he didn't mind using a plastic handle. The soft toothbrush his dentist gave him was soft, but the bristles are softer, so now he won't damage his teeth. The coloured bristles are a great way to tell the toothbrushes apart. I like that I can throw the handle in our green waste after we're done with them, and that there was no plastic in the packaging.

👤I like using these brushes. They feel good. I agree with others about how silly the packaging is. The toothbrush is wrapped in plastic.

👤They are very well made and look pretty. The way the bristles are cleaned makes me like them. I like the colors as well. There is a You have to let them dry after you use them because they are made from natural materials. It is simple, nothing to worry about. They are much more responsible and good for the planet than a regular toothbrush.

👤The pandas are on the handles and we liked them. The bristles on my 2 year old's brush fell out after 2 weeks of chewing. My 6 year old is brushing his teeth more often. The bristles were in his mouth for 2 months before they fell out. The experience makes it difficult to pick up bristles from one's mouth. We will not be buying this brand again.

👤A uno spazzolino pi ecologico, ho deciso di acquistare questo prodotto. There is a Ci sono informazioni (tutte in inglese) scatola, gli spazzolini. Un per. In tutto gli spazzolini sono impacchettati singolarmente, quindi per ogni confezione. E vabb. Dopo di una informazioni riportate su quanto siano ecologici. In smaltirli correttamente dovr poi "tirare con una pinza" le setole. I nylon no. Mi sembra un po' un non sense. There is a In relativa il prodotto di buona qualit.

9. Kent Classic Eco Friendly Toothbrush Sensitive

Kent Classic Eco Friendly Toothbrush Sensitive

The Royal Warrant is a brush brand with a tradition of 243 years and is approved by the British Royal Family. All in one care, ultra soft toothbrushes get into crevices in your teeth. Extra soft bristles on regular size heads clean your teeth. Your teeth are clean all day. The bristles on your teeth, mouth, and toothbrush are covered in silver. Hard-to-reach areas are cleaned effectively by Kent Royal toothbrushes. Gum care. No more pain, bleeding or uneasiness. The Inner bristles gently massage your gums while the elevated outer bristles penetrate deep into the spaces between your teeth. The family pack has 6 variations that the whole family can enjoy. Solid handles make it easy to control. The need to hold the toothbrush too long will be reduced. All of their toothbrushes are packaged in 100% paper-based packaging that is all recycled.

Brand: Kent Orals

10. Better Toothbrush Plant Based Replaceable Eco Friendly

Better Toothbrush Plant Based Replaceable Eco Friendly

The handle is made of natural and beautiful bamboo and compatible with soft and gentle replaceable brush heads. 100% PLANT-BASED BRISTLES: Don't brush away the bad. Keep your teeth pink by smiling brighter. Over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill each year because of ECO-FRIENDLY & ZERO PLASTIC. Make your brushing earth friendly by using the brush and packaging. It is CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN. Leaping Bunny has certified this two-part brush, which has a bamboo handle and a plant-based brush head. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months. It's easy now. Buy a brush head replacement refill and keep the handle.

Brand: Better & Better

👤Highly recommended. It was difficult to find a toothbrush that fit the requirements. We wanted a toothbrush that was easy to use and less wasteful than plastic. It is a must that the bristles are soft. We tried a lot of different brands but none that met the criteria.

👤I was looking for a toothbrush like that. You are not replacing the whole toothbrush every time because I like the detachable head. The toothbrush is made out of bamboo, and I like that it has softer bristles. I don't like the idea of a replacement head being the same amount as the full toothbrush.

👤5 stars because it's great, I'm all for the eco-friendly nature of it!

👤The toothbrush feels good. The bristles are softer on the softer side. It is clean and comfortable to use.

👤I like the toothbrush. It was a bit smaller than I expected and tasted like wood but I love it.

👤Excellent concept! The bristles are soft. My brush head tends to come off. I want it to stay on in a certain way. I really like the concept.

👤I really wanted to like this. The top doesn't stay on the handle. Like at all. It took about 20 seconds for the wood to split when I held it with my hand half on the handle and half on the brush head. If it doesn't make it through one use, it's not sustainable.

11. Humble Co Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes

Humble Co Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes

TheHumility SMILE FOUNDATION. Every toothbrush sold, a child in need gets a toothbrush or alternative oral care products. Their products help fund oral health projects. Go easy on yourself. RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS. Their toothbrushes are made from the best invention of all time, bamboo. The brushes are natural and should be used for 3 months. The package contains a toothbrush set for adults and kids. You can choose from soft or medium bristles. Natural, organic and eco friendly. The toothbrushes are made with bamboo handles. The bristles are free from the toxic chemical BPA. The inside wrapper is made from plants and is compostable. You can add a small amount of your favorite toothpaste to the bristles. It is recommended to brush after every feast or two times a day, or as directed by a dental specialist. SUPPORT US ON FOR HEALTHIER PEOPLE ON A HEALTHIER PLANET. If you don't like your product, just contact them and they will make it right, they're on their mission.

Brand: The Humble Co.

👤These aren't 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable. They never mention that the toothbrushes are made of 100% bristles. The bristles are made from nylon. Chances are it won't be recycled if you throw it in the recycling bin. The bamboo is totally recyclable if you break off the bristle heads. 3 stars because the bristles feel good and it's still better than a plastic toothbrush. The marketing of this product is a bit mis-leading. Do your research before buying "eco-friendly" products.

👤I need a new brush that is eco-friendly, sustainable, uses recycled materials, has a smoke-free packing, is affordable, and doesn't sell in countries that mandate testing. There is a They are not a 100% animal cruelty free company, and they source their nylon bristles from a company calledDuPont. There is a For the review. It is nice. The quality of the bamboo is really good, but I have not researched the company to make sure it is being harvested in the best way or where it comes from. The nylon of bristlels needs some work. I ordered a medium. It will take longer to brush because it has a small bristle coverage area, it may have to add a second round of toothpaste, and you don't know if it's the bristle size or the nylon. I have to do a double paste application. There is a If you are like me, you should not go if you are animal cruelty free. Got used to the bristles. I don't have to apply a second round of paste, just brush after applying paste. I know not to push the bristles. I will be using a different company because they do not hit on a few other points I seek to have covered in the area of saving the world.

👤There are two things I don't like about it. It feels like you aren't getting as much done with each stroke because the head is more narrow than before. 2. The handle isn't very comfortable. It really does make a difference, but I never thought it would. I had to grip it tighter than my previous one because it's a very thin handle. I think it could be a problem for people with nerve issues. My hands are numb in my case. I was trying to get to the tighter spots on my teeth by knocking it against my teeth. There is a I used the tongue scraper on my toothbrush every time I brushed it. I knew these ones wouldn't have them, but I didn't think I'd miss them as much. I will need to buy a separate tongue cleaner. I want to use eco-friendly products, but it's hard to transition.

👤I like that the Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes come in a set of five different bristle heads so that we can all tell which one is ours easily and quickly. The handles and bristles are made of compost and are easy to recycle. The heads of these toothbrushes are small and easy to fit on the teeth. They are hard enough to clean, but soft enough to not damage our teeth. They're very pretty. They make a great toothbrush. They are wrapped individually. I didn't know until I received them. The product is nice and the price is fair. We're very happy with the toothbrushes.


What is the best product for eco friendly toothbrushes for adults?

Eco friendly toothbrushes for adults products from Vivago. In this article about eco friendly toothbrushes for adults you can see why people choose the product. Virgin Forest and Gowoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toothbrushes for adults.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toothbrushes for adults?

Vivago, Virgin Forest and Gowoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toothbrushes for adults. Find the detail in this article. Plus Ultra, Greenzla and Vegols are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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