Best Eco Friendly Toothbrushes Medium

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1. TeenFighter Eco Friendly Toothbrush Toothbrushes Sensitive

TeenFighter Eco Friendly Toothbrush Toothbrushes Sensitive

The handle is made of natural wheat straw,PP and other raw materials, hot press mold, and present wheat temperament. The toothbrush head is made of bamboo. Through carbon crushing, fine take mold uniform carbon, fine grinding into fine hair, can remove dirt from the teeth. The soft bristles deliver a gentle gum massage. It's healthy and environmental. Small toothbrush head design can clean teeth better. The toothbrush handle is designed to fit the palm of your hand and has a scrub effect. Children under 10 years old, the elderly or people with dental problems can benefit from a manual toothbrush. It's also a great toothbrush for traveling. Toothbrushes come in five different colors. Each colour has 2 pieces. It can be used for children and adults.

Brand: Teenfighter

👤It works well. I was worried that the bristles wouldn't be strong enough to brush well. They brush my teeth well and the bristles don't fall out. I wish the packaging was more eco-friendly. There is plastic in the front. A cardboard container would work just fine and could be recycled in regular curb side recycling. Great tooth brushes!

👤I love this color. I needed a new soft one for my new charcoal toothpaste and I tried this one out because it was long and had a smaller head. It's easier to get to the back of your teeth with this. A woman once told me how to use a toddler toothbrush because of their back teeth. I am very happy with this one, it is much longer. I will buy the package again. I just ordered a package with 10 of these in it. I ordered something to keep it in and it was the only thing I had. Even though I didn't get another tube to keep it in, I decided to get these. My daughter stole a blue one from me after I got it. She and I both loved the colors. I tried to find one by itself, but the heads and handles were too small. I bought these because they are a good value for your money. I really like the Tiffany Blue ones. The long handle and small heads allow me to get to the back of my teeth. That's important.

👤The head size is a small child size, so these are great. American teens have large mouths. The translation would have been better if it was a toddler or youth. I run mine through the dishwasher every week because I use mine at work. These last a long time. I got them because they can be disposable. They are not harmful to the environment. There are wheat pressed handles and bamboo bristles.

👤The package was torn open and some toothbrushes fell into the package. During a time of sad, who wants to use a toothbrush that has been exposed to heaven knows what to do? The brush heads are soft and narrow. I will return and then order in hopes of getting a package.

👤We received these along with several other items. The toothbrushes were strewn about with other items after the packaging opened. I boiled the toothbrush and noticed that they had an air freshener smell while they were still hot from sterilizing. Not sure why. After they cooled, we brushed our teeth. They did a good job. They are small enough for kids to use. The smell and packaging was not good. Otherwise satisfactory.

👤The heads are small, great for a small mouth, but too small for an adult with a small mouth. I don't like the handle design. It's triangular so that it only fits your hand in one position, and it's uncomfortable to turn it to get inside your mouth.

👤The size seemed good, but I don't think they did a good job cleaning my teeth. I would sometimes find something in my teeth after brushing and it didn't feel as clean. I will keep the rest as guest tooth brushes, but I decided to buy other toothbrushes. I think they are cute and well made for what they are, but they didn't work for me.

2. SOOQOO Biodegradable Toothbrushes Eco Friendly Toothbrushes

SOOQOO Biodegradable Toothbrushes Eco Friendly Toothbrushes

Their toothbrush is made from natural bamboo farms. Their quality is the same as your generic plastic brushes. It is suitable for a family member. Quality manufacturing ensures that each toothbrush is usable for at least 12 months. The same method as the plastic toothbrush is used for the bamboo handle. The nylon bristles are soft and perfect for removing plaque from your teeth. The nylon bristles are soft and perfect for removing plaque from your teeth. SOOQOO has developed a toothbrush that can survive the rough and tumble of children. It sits perfectly in the palms of your children.

Brand: Sooqoo

👤The brushes are clean. It's very weird to use one on your teeth. It feels like a popsicle stick to me. I can't use these for my teeth, but they will make for a nice set of cleaning brushes.

👤It feels great in hand. I love them.

👤Less plastic and more eco-friendly solutions are needed. We try to do what we can, but I don't like the idea of contributing so much plastic waste to the world. We buy paper plates and wooden utensils for parties. We compost them in our backyard. I bought wooden toothbrushes several years ago because I was trying to live a low-waste lifestyle. My wife didn't like the flat handles. Better bamboo toothbrushes have come along and are much cheaper now as more companies enter the market. The SOOQOO bamboo toothbrushes are very high quality, with a beautiful smooth finish that is equal to some of the durable bamboo chopsticks we own. Soft bristles are easy to hold on teeth and gums, and the round handles are very comfortable to hold. I'm not sure if the painted handles are biodegradability or water-based paint. The bristles are not made of waste. I love that they have matching bristles. They are competitively priced with plastic ones, and even cheaper, depending on the brand. The duration is overstated. Change frequencies are recommended by the American Dental Association. You can get away for 6 months, but not a year.

👤I've never been more impressed by something that's simple and good for the environment. It is normal for things that are eco-friendly to feel fragile just because of the material it is made with, or it works just as well as its plastic/rubber counterpart. The bamboo toothbrushes exceed expectations. The bamboo toothbrush is 10 times better than a store bought brand. There is a You get 10 for being Sturdy, Soft bristle but still firm enough to clean, Charcoal infused, and great for the environment. There is a NONE! There is a What is special about it? The handle is the first thing. It is rounded so it feels great, and not some bent plastic that feels natural. They bend at angle or bend while using and you end up scrapping your enamel off to make up for the pressure you would want to feel to get a thorough cleaning or missing important areas. The rounded handle feels natural. You feel like you are in control of brushingBamboo is strong and you feel like you are in control of brushing The bristles are next. I told my wife that I wanted to try a softer toothbrush. Normally, I get something stiff to feel like I am getting a deep cleaning, but in reality, your toothbrush should be cleaning hard to reach areas, and massaging/stimulating your gums. Hard bristles don't get into tight areas and feel like they're scrubbing off your teeth. Softer bristles get in those areas and brush well. The bamboo brushes are soft but not too soft when you don't get a good cleaning. I am very satisfied with these and will never go back. You get 10, will last you a while, and when you are done, just throw them away. It would be highly recommendable!

3. Bamboozled Toothbrush Sustainable Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Bamboozled Toothbrush Sustainable Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Experience the benefits of using a brush that is infused with Charcoal to clean your teeth. A solution to a smile that is brighter. The perfect hand is flexible enough to reach every corner of your mouth, and it feels great in your hands. Design and the brushing experience are important to Bamboozled. ... Their medium toothbrushes are made with bio-nylon bristles and infused with Charcoal to whiten your teeth. All while lasting as long as regular plastic toothbrushes. One pack will keep you supplied for a year. They have even engraved numbers onto them for each member of the family. Their product is made from sustainable Bamboo farms. They can be completely recycled once they have seen better days.

Brand: Bamboozled

👤I give this toothbrush three stars because they are all the same. If you're eco-conscious, I would recommend purchasing elsewhere since Amazon defeats the purpose of a non-plastic toothbrush since it comes shipped in plastic even if you don't want it. The price is low because Amazon exploits developing countries, but I have seen similar prices elsewhere.

👤My husbsnd's toothbrush started to fall out right away. After only 3 weeks of use, my husband lost an entire section of bristles. I like the idea of eco friendly. I expect my toothbrush to last more than a week. We didn't try them out for a couple of weeks after buying them, so it's a shame, but I would send them back and get my money back.

👤Great product! 1) I was skeptical at first because of the price of the tooth brushes, but if you think about it, it is very cheap for a pack of 8. You get what you pay for. There are two more The tooth brushes are infused with charcoal which is scientifically proven to help enhance your brushing experience. I have been using these brushes for about two weeks now and I can see the difference in my teeth. There are 3 more The toothbrush fits in my mouth well. It is more of a matter of opinion than a fact, but for me it is great. There is a They are recyclable. Can't go wrong with that. 5/5

👤This is the first toothbrush I have tried that is safe for the environment. I will never use a toothbrush like that again. The toothbrush's handle is easy to hold. When brushing with plastic, it's hard to keep it in hand. I love the bamboo. A toothbrush that is natural looking and bright colors goes with the decor in the bathroom. I have been told by my dentist to use a soft toothbrush because the bristles are soft. After using this toothbrush for a few days, I feel like my teeth have gotten more white. I really like this toothbrush. There is no reason to try any other toothbrushes. Since they all look the same, they numbered each toothbrush so you can easily identify your own brush. The price was also very reasonable. There is a Ang.

👤My family and I like these brushes. We've had them for several weeks and they seem thinner and easier to get in between my teeth. I am using the same toothpaste as before, but my teeth feel better after using it. I came from the dentist. You get 8 brushes, but I thought they were pricey. We will buy back.

👤The best bamboo brush we have tried is by far. They are comfortable and no bristles fall out. The brand is better than other brands, but I found it too soft. Will be ordering and using them.

👤I don't give reviews but this product was worth it. I'm all about sustainable living. The brush is of the highest quality. The bio-nylon bristles are infused with charcoal which lightens teeth. Please note. It is sad that some of the bristles come from China. I am very pleased that this brand is vegan. I will never use a plastic brush again because I am all about saving the earth. I will buy my toothbrushes from this brand. The bamboo is thick and the brush is soft. It comes with a beer toothbrush holder. Excellent quality! bamboo takes 10 years to biodegrade, unlike plastic which takes thousands of years, and even then it breaks to pieces. This is one of my favorites. I recommended it.

4. Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes Convenient Individually

Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes Convenient Individually

The bamboo toothbrushes were hand made to be sleek, easy to use and brush just like a regular plastic toothbrush. It was hard to hold and easy to rip bristles. You can easily organize the bamboo brushes with 20 in four different colors, all labelled accordingly and wrapped individually. Going on a long vacation, business trip, camping, or just lead a busy lifestyle, is it the perfect travel toothbrush? You can keep their individually wrapped toothbrushes in your bag, car, locker, office or both. At a moment's notice, use them. The best eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes are the ones that are not chewed up because of braces, and can be purchased from the company called Avistar. It is guaranteed that Avistar doesn't promise quality. Their individually wrapped bamboo toothbrushes are wrapped in high quality packaging so that they are always safe and convenient to use.

Brand: Avistar

👤I'm very upset that the packaging has plastic, and I'm even more upset that there's no sign on the packaging that says which kind of plastic it is. You should include that in your description. Many of the brushes are useless because they are bad quality.

👤These are the first toothbrushes that I have used. I am confident that I will continue to support bamboo brushes. I was skeptical at first, as I was used to the high quality of eco friendly products. The toothbrushes are not the case. There is a The quality is high. The bamboo finish is very smooth. It is very strong and sturdy. It does not bend as many plastic toothbrushes do. There is a The bristles surprised me. I thought it wouldn't hold up to my daily brushing habits. They hold up well. These are soft bristles. It is believed that soft are better for your teeth. The size of the brush head is the only con that matters to me now. It is not as big as I used to use. I got used to the head size after about a week of use. I still get a great quality cleaning and that did not affect my score. There is a I highly recommend these. Reducing the use of plastic is a great way to do that. I didn't think about the impact plastic toothbrushes have on the environment. If every person in the world goes through a few brushes a year, that's an insane amount of plastic that's going to ruin our planet and ocean. This is a great product to use to help reduce the use of plastic.

👤The idea that this brush won't live forever in a landfill and that it's sustainable is something I love. There is an adjustment regarding the mouth feel for those who have grown up with lasered commercial toothbrushes. It's a little harder to use than the grocery store toothbrush, and it might be difficult to switch between a porous and non-porous surface if you have sensory issues. I liked the sustainable ideal well enough to push myself through the adjustment period of a day or two. My daughter, who sold me on these, struggled a bit with learning how to angle her brush to get into some of the less prominent surfaces of her teeth, but says that she's getting the hang of it. There is a I'll post back after we discover the end of the brush's lifespan. Look good so far.

👤I have been buying bamboo toothbrushes for a long time. I bought this brand last month. I like the idea of getting 20 in a day. Not impressed with the brand. The bristles are stiff.

👤I leave my toothbrush in many places. The brushes looked cool and I started giving them to my guests. Everyone is in love with them and they tell me about it. Thank you, Avistar!

👤Toothbrushes should be thrown away after the brushes break. It happens in about a week with these.

5. GoWoo 100 Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

GoWoo 100 Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

Eco-friendly: The specially designed toothbrushes are designed to give you a natural way to clean your teeth. GoWoo bamboo toothbrushes are made from bamboo and are free of harmful chemicals as well as being Compostable and Biodegradable. There is a super soft NYLON BRISTLES. Their Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes use nylon bristles that are free of the harmful toxins that can cause gum disease. Extra soft bristles protect your gum from bleeding or scratching, which is perfect for sensitive gums. Premium quality and sustainable Bamboo Wood is used to make their bamboo toothbrush which is stronger than normal wood and does not start chipping. MULTI- The set of 4 Eco Friendly Toothbrushes is a great choice for any family that wants to live a green life. The bottom of the toothbrush is painted to keep it from rotting. Their packaging is completely recyclable and they use only bamboo toothbrushes. They are doing everything they can to protect the environment.

Brand: Gowoo

👤The packaging is all cardboard. This is the reason I chose this brand. The bristles are soft and gentle on my sensitive teeth. Some people show excessive wear on their toothbrush after a couple of months. That sounds normal to me. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months or so. I'm happy to be able to reduce my plastic use and save the environment at the same time.

👤This toothbrush is great if you do. I was looking for an eco-friendly product. I've never heard of wooden toothbrushes feeling like wooden popsicle sticks hitting my teeth. That sensation is the most bone-chilling. If you like it, this toothbrush is for you. There must be some recycled plastic ones for the rest of us. There is a I gave this product 2 stars because the product is well made, even though I'm tossing the whole box of them. It's a rough texture for some of us. I like bamboo straws, but this one has a rough wood texture.

👤I work in the dental industry and like to be a bit weird about my toothbrush. I change mine out every 4 weeks. I get one from my hygienist. I have been searching for a toothbrush that wouldn't make me cringe when it was time to change it, because the typical toothbrush is not eco-friendly. This is how I came across the product. The tooth brushes are easy to hold, the brush head is small enough to fit in my mouth, and the bristles are soft. The pack of 4 color options is enough for my household. Do you mean more then 4 in your house? You can just order 2 different boxes. The price point is not bad, it works out to about $3 per toothbrush, which is less than the big name not-environment friendly toothbrushes. It is worth it. These are the toothbrushes I would recommend.

👤I want to use less plastic and bamboo is a great renewable resource, so I wanted to like these. The first toothbrush I tried out of this pack had splinters and rough edges on one side and it cut the inside of my mouth. I didn't notice anything when I used this brush in the evening. I felt a sore spot in my mouth after brushing my teeth, as if I had bit my cheek. I hadn't. I burned my mouth when I used the brush again in the evening. I realized that the toothbrush had hurt my cheeks and gums. I inspected the brush and felt a rough patch when I touched it. I wiped the brush down with a towel to dry it, and you can see the rough patches where the splinters caught lint off the towel. Some of the splinters in the photo are difficult to photograph, but you can see them in the picture.

👤I was unsure what a bamboo toothbrush would be like as I was still looking for a brush that was easy on my sensitive teeth. The soft bristles on these toothbrushes help me with the sensitive teeth that I have, as the store bought bristles still leave the feeling on my teeth when I brush them. I get a better bargain for my money because the bristles don't fall out when I use the brushes. Four brushes in one pack gives you a nice color combination and you can change them out with the same result. I recommend this product to the next consumer because of the fresh smell and natural bamboo handle.

6. VIVAGO Biodegradable Eco Friendly Toothbrushes Compostable

VIVAGO Biodegradable Eco Friendly Toothbrushes Compostable

There is a natural solution. Natural sustainable bamboo is used to make their bamboo toothbrushes. Their quality is the same as your generic plastic brushes, but can be recycled. Their packaging is made from recycled materials. The package of 10 tooth brushes is perfect for families, and each numbered to avoid confusion among family members. The method of brushing is the same but different. Soft bristles that will clean your teeth without hurting the gums and yet crafted in a way that the bristles will never shed away is whatBPA free soft bristles are. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you have a problem, please contact them. Within a month, they support refunds.

Brand: Vivago

👤The bristles are not usable for me because they are stiff, but they are well made and have a great shape. If the product didn't state that it was soft, it wouldn't be an issue, but it is quite misleading.

👤Several years ago, I started buying bamboo toothbrushes. I ran into a problem when I found a store that stocked them but didn't have a guarantee that they'd still be available the next time I needed them. I didn't get frustrated about it because I figured everyone was on the bandwagon. I found Vivago after looking on Amazon for a long time. The heads on the bamboo toothbrushes that I have purchased are much more comfortable than the ones I have used before, making it easy to maneuver. You can't go wrong with this brand. My husband and I love them, and I won't have to look for new bamboo toothbrushes because they come in an 8 pack. I can order another 8 pack.

👤I bought these for the price and they were not black like other bamboo toothbrushes. I wanted to love plastic and not buy it. They don't feel like a normal bristle. I might get past that. One of the bristles came out of my mouth and a few more were pulled out so they were higher than the others. I don't think they are in there. The bamboo is fine, but they need to work on the bristles. I returned the pack that I used.

👤Great product! I would recommend this product to anyone. The brush is soft and gentle on the teeth, it comes with a pack of 10 with numbers on it, so each person has 2 with his own number. It's cool to remember which brush is which so you don't get confused. I will only use the bamboo brushes from now on. There is a It's perfect for traveling.

👤I bought the brushes out of curiosity. The bamboo wood handles are easier to grasp with wet hands. There are two more The bristles are soft. There are 3 more The combo of wood handle and brush size allows for more accurate brushing than the plastic toothbrushes that are almost universal now. There is a The bristles seem to be nylon, which is similar to the Soft version of most brushes. I have not had a single bristle fall in two months of daily use. I'll be buying them again.

👤Not for me. The bristles feel weird. It is a different material than typical tooth brushes, but it is still uncomfortable. There's a strange taste after many washes. It makes brushing teeth difficult.

👤We were not happy with the toothbrushes. The soft bristles leave a weird taste in your mouth. The bristles turn yellow after a few uses. The brush is only used for a couple of days. Poor quality should not mean a natural product.

👤The toothbrush is amazing. There is a Finally, a toothbrush that is not harmful to the environment. There is a They work well. There is a The price is reasonable. My friends love sharing the brushes with me. I will be ordering more.

7. PLUS ULTRA Toothbrush Wave Shaped Biodegradable

PLUS ULTRA Toothbrush Wave Shaped Biodegradable

The toothbrush bristles are made from soft nylon that gently massage the gum line and deliver a soft, yet effective brush. Eco-friendly and durable. The Moso bamboo handle is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes because it's 100% bamboo, which is stronger, harder than wood. The wave-shaped design of their toothbrushes provides exceptional cleaning performance along the gum-line and in between the teeth, so dentists recommend only using their soft bristles. Positive Affirmations and the Plus Ultra logo etched into the Moso bamboo toothbrush handle inspire you. About Plus Ultra. Their mission is to keep their planet clean and make them smile because of elevated, clean, and high-quality products.

Brand: Plus Ultra

👤The bristles are strong. Not to soft. Not very firm. I have to modify my tooth brushing technique because the wood around the head of the tooth brush sticks out a tad too far. The handle should be a bit thicker. But. It is still a great toothbrush, and would buy it again.

👤I love the feel of the toothbrush and the fact that it won't end up in a landfill.

👤It is not soft at all. There is a The bristles hurt my teeth.

👤I like my toothbrush. Totally natural in my mouth.

👤The bamboo brush did not fit my mouth well and the bristles were soft. It didn't feel like it reached everywhere.

👤The toothbrush is not very soft for me.

👤Good quality product.

8. Jordan Toothbrush Sustainable Eco Friendly Scandinavian

Jordan Toothbrush Sustainable Eco Friendly Scandinavian

The Jordan Green Clean Toothbrush is made of recycled materials. The handle is made from recycled plastic and bio-based materials. EFFICIENT and ERGONOMIC are two words. The soft toothbrush is made of bio-based nylon and the narrow brush makes it easy to reach hard to reach places. Jordan Green Clean is completely neutral in taste, unlike other eco-friendly toothbrushes. The packaging for the eco friendly toothbrushes is made from recycled paper. Paper scrap can be recycled into something useful. The eco toothbrush is a great sustainable gift because of the packaging label. The Jordan Green Clean was designed by the famous Nordic designer, and it was based on the philosophy of SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN. Only sustainable materials are used in the design process. The awards are for award winning. Jordan Green Clean won a sustainable award at the IdentiPlast in March because it is both sustainable and efficient. They use recycled material to maintain the value of materials and are part of a circular economy. The toothbrush you receive will be a random colour.

Brand: Jordan*

👤I was looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. The bamboo ones that I tried were not great. The bristles of Jordan are soft and clean my teeth well. These bristles are perfect for sensitive gums and I have never found anything like them before. The handle is made from recycled plastic, which is still better for the environment. One toothbrush seems to last a long time before needing to be replaced.

👤These are great and it's been difficult to find a toothbrush that doesn't suck. The bristles are made in Malaysia. The design is great. I am very happy to have found these.

👤I love the soft bristles of the toothbrush and I'm going to use it to brush my teeth now that I feel good about it.

👤If I use my normal brushing strength, this toothbrush might snap, and I don't recommend it if you want to brush your teeth the correct way.

👤There is a big box store. I'll keep the Jordan on the list. The handle has a brush feel to it.

👤I use it everyday and enjoy the price.

👤Preserve toothbrushes are not in the budget right now. I love the feel of these alternatives. Will buy again in the future.

👤One of the better eco-friendly toothbrushes I have tried.

👤I try new products as a dentist. The good branded toothbrushes are full of plastic. This one impressed because of its quality and soft bristles. The bamboo toothbrush has a good intention but the bristles are hard. Highly recommend this one!

👤I've been using this brand for over a year now but this is the first time I've ordered them online and I'm disappointed. The toothbrushes are soft and my favorite thing about them. It feels like you're polishing your teeth rather than brushing them, but the ones I received are not soft at all. These are not for you if you are looking for soft bristles.

👤Soft bristles are easy to hold.

👤After a week, it looks like I have been scrubbing the floor with the toothbrush. There is no durability at all. They are all the same as a pack of three.

👤The toothbrush design is nice. Good old Nordics.

9. Biodegradable Eco Friendly Dentist Approved All Natural Affirmations

Biodegradable Eco Friendly Dentist Approved All Natural Affirmations

The toothbrush bristles are made from soft nylon that gently massage the gum line and deliver a soft, yet effective brush. Eco-friendly and durable. The Moso bamboo handle is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes because it's 100% bamboo, which is stronger, harder than wood. The wave-shaped design of their toothbrushes provides exceptional cleaning performance along the gum-line and in between the teeth, so dentists recommend only using their soft bristles. Positive Affirmations are etched into the Moso bamboo toothbrush handle. About Plus Ultra. Their mission is to keep their planet clean and make them smile because of elevated, clean, and high-quality products.

Brand: Plus Ultra

👤The toothbrush has proper bristles. Exactly what I was looking for. I can't use the electric tooth brush multiple times a day because of my sensitive gums. This is my toothbrush. I wanted a toothbrush that was plastic free so I wouldn't have to send a lot of plastic to the environment. This is perfect for that. No smell of chemical or charcoal. High quality bristles are what they are. I will buy it again, it's exactly what I was looking for.

👤I love these. The wood is smooth and the bristles are soft. I was a little worried about splinters, but they seem to be sanded well. The only thing I don't like is that it tastes weird, like those little wooden scoops they used to give you in elementary school, and they get stained. The top of my toothpaste is black. It looks a little ugly.

👤This is the best bamboo toothbrush I have tried. I first discovered them at Wholefoods, but after I moved away, I couldn't get them anymore. I'm happy that Amazon carries them. I have them for home and travel.

👤These are nice and soft, but they only last a couple weeks, and then they are too worn out to use anymore.

👤Nice toothbrush! I think the bristles are perfect. Many people use a brush that is too hard and rarely replace it as often as recommended. The brush is soft and lasts the right amount of time before being worn. Great product!

👤A very positive way to start the day is with a bamboo wood handle and soft bristles. Very calm. These toothbrushes are cheaper than plastic ones.

👤I bought this toothbrush because it was non-toxic. I was worried about the brush's strength. I have been using these for about six months and they are just as good as the non-biodegradable brushes I buy.

👤It's as good as a plastic brush.

10. Toothbrush Compostable Friendly Toothbrushes Biodegradable

Toothbrush Compostable Friendly Toothbrushes Biodegradable

The toothbrush set includes 5 wooden toothbrushes with medium bristles. They are soft to clean your teeth. The charcoal toothbrushes for adults will last a long time. Their bamboo toothbrush is double polished to make it smooth and splinter-free, and offer perfect brushing experience. There are two types of waste: recycled and bio-absorbable. After their service life, remove the bristles and recycle, or throw away the wood toothbrush handle, which will quickly and naturally decompose. Natural. Their bamboo toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo. The toothbrush set is vegan and organic. The packaging is made from recycled materials. Plastic waste can't be easily recycled and never fully degrade. They end up harming the marine life. Why use them when there are alternatives? There are alternatives to plastic toothbrushes. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Blauke

👤These are the best toothbrushes I have ever used. They're soft enough for my tastes, but hard enough to not make my gums bleed. The brushes that I've used in the past were too soft for me, and the bristles would bend too soon, and I would have to throw the brush away. These are the best ones I have ever had and they leave my teeth feeling really clean. Can't recommend enough. I will definitely buy again.

👤I like the idea behind it. I felt the handle was hard to grasp to handle the back teeth. I felt the bristles were softer than I was looking for. The bristle area is small and not great for deep cleaning. I really do want a more sustainable option, and I wish I could love them. Great attempt, but I think more can be done.

👤I gave this product 3 stars. It is great. It cuts my lips. My teeth are refreshed. These are better than a regular brush. I suggested that they change it so that my lips don't get cut after each use. .

👤These are well-made toothbrushes. They are worth it. The only complaint I have is that the bristles are a little bit soft to be considered a medium toothbrush, but overall a great toothbrush.

👤They're made from bamboo, but they're too soft. I'll use them, but my next purchase will be a firm bristle.

👤It was soft enough and hard enough. Good for my teeth.

👤I don't like the way it feels in the mouth. I feel like I will get a splinter at any moment.

11. Toothbrush Biodegradable ECOPRO Childrens Toothbrushes

Toothbrush Biodegradable ECOPRO Childrens Toothbrushes

The Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes have a smaller handle and head for little hands and mouths, and are easy to hold. The soft bristles of the superior quality are gentle on your child's teeth and gums and do not cause damage. The bristles are dyed with food coloring dye which is non-toxic and safe to your children. Kids will get the same clean feeling as a plastic tooth brush, but without harming the environment. bamboo toothbrush is a good choice if you love the environment as much as they do. The ToothBRUSH is a second life. Eco-friendly packaging for toothbrushes. All materials used are in a non-biodegradable state. The handle can be used in arts & crafts, as a guide for a young garden plant, or as a carving tool. The bristles can be used to clean dirty objects when you don't use a toothbrush. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for toothbrushes and all products are made in the same organic way. They don't want to use plastic and they use bio-based materials. The package includes 10 bamboo brushes in rainbow colors. The handle can be used in arts & crafts, as a guide for a young garden plant, or as a carving tool. Service guarantee. They will provide you with the best solution within 24 hours if you have any complaints about their products. No hassle, offer a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Ecopro

👤I love these brushes. They are the perfect size for small mouths. I am not sure if the bamboo is mold or if it is black dots after a couple washes. The color fades on the handle. My toddler doesn't mind brushing with those two things. When opening a new one, we like to see which color we will get.

👤I like this because it comes in individual boxes for each tooth brush, so I let my daughter pick which one she likes the most.

👤I love bamboo tooth brushes for my kid, but this was a disappointing way to receive them.

👤My son is 3 years old. There were no complaints. I like the way it is boxed. We make sure we change our toothbrush frequently. It was worth the buy.

👤We love ordering them. The kids love the colors. It's a great way to reduce your plastic usage.

👤There are bristles everywhere! I use children's toothbrushes because they make it easier to get to my back molars, because I have a small mouth. I was happy to see bamboo toothbrushes being made in smaller sizes, so I picked them up. I can say that they are TERRIBLY made after trying three different brushes. Every time you brush, the bristles come out. A waste of money. I ended up buying these instead, and I was very happy.


What is the best product for eco friendly toothbrushes medium?

Eco friendly toothbrushes medium products from Teenfighter. In this article about eco friendly toothbrushes medium you can see why people choose the product. Sooqoo and Bamboozled are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toothbrushes medium.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toothbrushes medium?

Teenfighter, Sooqoo and Bamboozled are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toothbrushes medium. Find the detail in this article. Avistar, Gowoo and Vivago are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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