Best Eco Friendly Toothpaste Powder

Toothpaste 6 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Chewtab Whitening Toothpaste Tablets Peppermint

Chewtab Whitening Toothpaste Tablets Peppermint

Eco bags are not made of plastic. They meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. There are 180 tablets in a bag. There are tablets of non-GMO Xylitol. Both SLS and ferriide are free. There are no unnecessary ingredients. There were no harsh abrasives. Baking soda has low abrasion and is effective at removing stains. Baking soda has a rating of 7 on a scale of 0 to 250. If you live in a humid climate store you have to keep your bags in the fridge. After opening the container, place chewtabs in a clean container. There is a brush with a smile. There are natural ingredients. It's safe to swallow. Mess free. It was made in America. It was gentle on the planet. It is gentle on the teeth and gums.

Brand: Weldental

👤The tooth paste tablets are so easy to use and convenient to use when traveling that I went plastic free in my home. I bought a bamboo tooth brush and put the chew in your mouth and start brushing it. They suds up nicely in your mouth. They taste good. They clean your teeth. They ship quickly. These are all natural plastic free and awesome. My kids like the bubble gum flavor ones. Other chew tab brands were gross tasting. These are great! I pass on change to my children.

👤I ordered the tabs for toothpaste. They are portable. I keep it in my bag and car. It works the same as regular toothpaste. My mouth feels clean after use. Great company that supports their products. I contacted the company to inquire about the label sticker on the box. They give me another free box to bring the label to their attention.

👤I've been wanting to remove plastic and waste from my life and I was excited for this product. Unfortunately. This product worked for me. I used it for 7 days and noticed my teeth were hurting. I tried for two more days after I felt pain in my mouth, but I found out that my gums were starting to fall on two of my teeth. My mouth was swollen and my teeth were white. I switched back to my normal toothpaste after stopping using it. My gum tissue is not damaged anymore. I am trying to heal my gums. I scheduled an appointment with my dentist to try and reverse the effects of my exposed tooth. I don't want to lose my tooth over a stupid tooth pill.

👤The best in every way. I used to be on sensitive toothpaste, but with this, I don't need it anymore. The chemical added to other toothpastes may have irritated my root nerves. The big box came with 3 small packets. I used a glass jar to hold the packet.

👤The idea of a refill is a great one. Why is this product so sweet? I don't want my toothpaste to taste like candy, so I wish I'd taken the other reviews into account. I will use the rest of the tablets I ordered, but will not order more. Try another brand.

👤It's great for getting away from plastic packaging but not a huge fan of the flavor. It's too sweet for my 8 year old. I feel like I need to use tablets to clean my mouth.

👤This product is good for avoiding plastic tubes. You brush with a wet toothbrush after chewing the tablet. I didn't like the flavor as much as another brand I've tried, but it didn't over-foam, which I liked. You can take a few with you on the airplane. I like the toothpaste products.

👤So good! It's vegan! Earth friendly! Ocean friendly! Not to be overpowering, nice fresh sent and taste. My teeth are clean but not stripped. My teeth are sensitive from being older and using commercial toothpaste for a long time. I can learn from the past. Time will tell how much I can benefit from it. My daughter found this and researched it.

2. Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste Flouride Free

Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste Flouride Free

Plant-based ingredients like Neem and Pomegranate help to keep your mouth clean and plaque out of your teeth. Cool, beer, It is possible to awaken your mouth and leave it with fresh breath by using the essential oil of mint. There is a clean TOOTHPASTE with no mess on the foam. It still tastes and foams great, even after a clean toothpaste with no extras. Free from the stuff you don't want are floride free, triclosan free, SLS free, carrageenan free, and gluten free too. They care for their furry friends. They don't test their toothpaste on animals.

Brand: Himalaya

👤I am an advocate of natural toothpaste without chemicals and fluoride because I believe it can be detrimental to your body long term. I think this product is excellent. The Mint taste is mild. The action of the toothpaste is very different. After brushing my teeth, I feel refreshed. Purchase one tube and try it. I did that. I gave a tube to everyone in my family after purchasing more. The quality of the product will impress you. The quality of the products I have purchased from this company has been very consistent. I hope you like their toothpaste. I did. DrBob is a doctor.

👤I wish it wasn't so expensive. I don't mind spending more on a quality product because I have learned that you get what you pay for.

👤This toothpaste is wonderful. I used to use Tom's for a long time until I realized it contained caregeenen and SLS. I don't want two things in my body. Excited to have found an alternative with neither of those ingredients. I like that the peppermint is strong. It's great for fresh breath and feeling clean. If you want to spread the word to your family to use natural toothpaste, you should recommend everyone to use fluoride free toothpaste. We need to care for our teeth, but don't use chemicals, artificial colors or waste products. Self care is important. Spread the word. It's a good thing.

👤The family seems to like it, it was bought as an alternative to tradition toothpaste. No one complained of sensitivity when the teeth were lightened a bit.

👤I decided to use one brand for all my needs and it works for me. I have been with this brand for a long time. The toothpaste is good, it keeps my teeth on the white side, and it's reasonable. It's great that you can order them in 4-packs to make sure I don't run out. Very happy with this.

👤We have been using this toothpaste for almost two years. It is safe and gentle for kids and elderly, without the list of toxic and chemicals that we need to avoid. The family is happy with the toothpaste.

👤This toothpaste is very good. I have tried other flavors, but this one is my favorite. My teeth feel cleaner because of a clean taste. I am so happy that there are no icky ingredients.

👤I like this toothpaste. The flavor is fresh. It leaves my mouth and teeth happy. It seems to be doing a good job of cleaning. Just right. The tube was sealed under the cap. Will buy again.

👤4 tubes of toothpaste is a long way to go when you are the only one using it. I have had these for about a year and I am on the last tube. A little goes a long way. This toothpaste is great for my needs because I am not a fan of added fluoride and it does a great job of cleaning the teeth. I feel great about my mouth.

3. SLOWCORP Sensitive Toothpaste Fluoride Prevents

SLOWCORP Sensitive Toothpaste Fluoride Prevents

The SLS free toothpaste is fortified with natural tea tree oils and sea salts to help clean teeth, refresh breath, and restore a brighter, whiter smile. Their tea tree oil toothpaste is more efficient and effective because it provides plaque fighting support between teeth and cleans gums to fight plaque build up and prevent tooth decay. The addition of sea salt and tea tree in their toothpaste means less plaque and more freshness. It's important to make a strong first impression. Their sea salt toothpastes are vegan friendly and free of harmful chemicals that can damage teeth and gums. They made it easier to make brushing your teeth a priority by putting their toothpaste in an easy-to-use pump system that you can keep on the counter so everyone can remember to brush first.

Brand: Slowcorp.

👤I've been looking for a good toothpaste for myself and my family. It has been difficult to find the best toothpaste. I was not completely satisfied after trying many well known name brands. The first thing that caught my attention was it was vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. There is a All natural plant-derived ingredients and no bad stuff are in this toothpaste. The size of this paste is important. It has triple the amount of paste. My bathroom looks better with a bottle with a pump. The pump is easy to use. It is not bad, I feel fresh. My kids don't like brushing toothpaste, but they seem to enjoy it. Since it is so big, I will definitely buy again.

👤I like good design when it works. The way in which this applicator is used doesn't work. The toothpaste is on the watery side, and in the time it takes to get a full amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, it's already running off the sides and bottom, creating a huge mess. After depressing the pump, you have to manually pull it up to get another pump. When you push the pump down, it stays down until you pull it back up, which is hard when one hand has a toothbrush in it. It doesn't work, but it looks cool. I wouldn't buy this toothpaste again.

👤I like the clear gel and the light mint flavor. There are no white or blue spots on my clothes. I use tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial agent all the time. There is a I have a problem with fluoride toothpaste because it leaves a strong taste if I eat later, and it dries my mouth out if I brush before bed. This brand does not cause either of those problems.

👤The packaging caught my attention. There are attractive graphics, a unique bottle shape, and eco-friendly pacakging. It is my first time using a pump style dispensers and it is more convenient and sanitary than the tube toothpaste. Since it holds more, it will last longer than the tubes. I don't have to worry about the mess and the tubes on our sink. The toothpaste is made with clean, gentle ingredients and it leaves a refreshing feel. This toothpaste is very good.

👤This toothpaste is great. My teeth are clean. I was surprised at how good the taste is.

👤The toothpaste was in perfect condition when it arrived. If you brush before you drink orange juice, you get a reaction in your mouth. I use a pea size dot. I only gave it four stars because it is more expensive, but I think it is worth it. It is worth the extra cost because it is a large quantify that will last longer. Our oral health is dependent on the quality of the ingredients. I was happy to find this product.

👤The product has a nice package. I have a daughter who is very picky but she likes the taste of the paste. I can trust the company and product. There is a It's a good recommendation for young kids and adults.

4. Hello Oral Care Activated Toothpaste

Hello Oral Care Activated Toothpaste

There is a tube of activated charcoal free toothpaste. The activated charcoal is used to clean and whiten. Hello is vegan and never tested on animals. You can brush and greet. It's free of floride. It's free. It's free.

Brand: Hello Oral Care

👤The box says flouride free, but the product says flouride toothpaste. There is flouride in the food. I bought this product because I thought it was flouride free. This company is not telling the whole truth. Many customers lost here.

👤For a whole month, I used twice per day, then Whitening Sensodyne right after. There is a Absolutely no change. My teeth are not a lighter shade, even though they are clean from so much brushing. I already knew that the Whitening Sensodyne didn't whiten, but now I know not to use charcoal toothpaste to whiten my teeth. He learned.

👤I would have liked to have taken before and after photos. Augh! I spent months looking for the perfect charcoal powder. I couldn't take the chance on the ones that have thousands of reviews and are too expensive. ... I thought I would just start small with something that I could use more than once, since the messiness of some of the other kinds was a little intimidating. I decided to get a basic toothpaste. I didn't know this stuff would work so well. There is a You guys. This stuff is amazing. I was able to see a difference after using it once. A noticeable difference. My fiancĂ©e could see a difference. He used it on his own teeth. My step-daughter used it on her teeth. I got one gentle enough that she could not feel irresponsible. I drink coffee and dark soda frequently, so I think most of the stains are from those drinks. I don't drink much wine or smoke. I have had no issues with my teeth since I started using the toothpaste once a day at night, and I still use my regular toothpaste in the morning. Normal human white, mind you. Not that movie star. There is a If you are looking for a look that is unnatural, you may be disappointed. There is a I would use this toothpaste over and over again if I ever had to bleach my teeth again. So happy with the results. My self-esteem is already taking a hike. Will be purchasing again if my teeth don't become too sensitive, which I don't believe will happen at this point. Please let me know if you found this review helpful, as I also rely on others' reviews when purchasing items online.

👤It works well for a single use. I tried to use it once a week. My teeth are very sensitive.

👤I love this tooth paste. I like brushing my teeth with charcoal and this paste makes it so much easier. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but it seems like my teeth looked better after using it a couple times. I like the taste of it but it's not minty. It's not really tough.

👤I switched my normal toothpaste to be careful after using this product for a few months. It was bad for my teeth. My teeth were not white enough and my teeth became very sensitive from using. I found out how bad charcoal is for your teeth. I threw it away. I don't recommend using charcoal toothpaste. This had a nice taste.

5. Chewtab Whitening Toothpaste Peppermint Refillable

Chewtab Whitening Toothpaste Peppermint Refillable

60 tablets are eco-friendly. A bottle. There are 3 x 60 count refill in plastic free packaging. There is a brush with a smile. There are tablets of non-GMO Xylitol. Both SLS and Fluoride are free. Baking soda has a very low abrasion and is very effective at removing stains. It immediately creates alkalinity which helps remove stains, whiten teeth and strengthen the enamel. Your teeth are less susceptible to stains with an alkaline mouth. It is safe to use chewtab Gentle Whitening. There are no unnecessary ingredients. There were no harsh abrasives. There is a safe. There are natural ingredients. It was made in America. It was gentle on the planet. It is gentle on the teeth and gums.

Brand: Weldental

👤The Eco-friendly toothpastes are not the best I have tried. I am used to toothpaste tasting like that. It works very well. The only bad thing is that they replaced the paper label with a plastic one so it is no longer worth it to me to spend $10 + $3 shipping for only 60 tablets if I am still putting plastic in the trash. It's better than the toothpastes you get at Walmart. I was disappointed with the plastic label after using the toothpastes. I wanted it to work out and I liked it a lot. 186 tablets a month is what you need if you brush your teeth 3 times a day. I would have to buy 3 jars a month.

👤I don't like the way the sweetener is used. I wouldn't have bought it. The glass jar was perfect and the foam was perfect. So sad. They should make one with either sugar or no sugar at all. My skin crawls because of Stevia.

👤I will buy the product because of the effectiveness, ingredients, and packaging. It is very sweet. Take out the drug? Is it possible to add more mint? It takes some getting used to. I lost chunks when I brushed them.

👤I like this product. I want to reduce waste by the disposal of hundreds of toothpaste tubes. The glass can be recycled. It took me a couple days to get used to not swallowing the tablets because they taste great and are very refreshing. I didn't expect it to whiten my teeth so quickly. I had tried every whitener on the market, including charcoal toothpaste, and this little tablet did what none of them could. Coffee stains are gone. I smile and show my teeth. I have told all my friends and family about it. I highly recommend it.

👤It came in a nice package. Everything was recycled. After using it for the first time, I feel as though it foamed and did a good job of cleaning my teeth, but my teeth feel a little dirty from the sweet taste of the toothpaste. I think a drop of the oil might improve the flavor. I'm going to try adding a drop before I chew it and will update my review when I do. The toothpaste is good for travel.

👤I don't think my teeth will get very clean with these. I only used them for 3 days but I still feel like my teeth are dirty and my breathe smells like it's been breathed in. I like the taste of the tablets but if my teeth don't feel clean I'm not sure if I'll continue with the product.

👤This is a great product, but not as easy to use as paste, and it is tempting to reuse what is left of the tablet, which may leave a gross smell. It would be better if the tablets were half the size. A great idea for travelling.

👤The reviews on this one were really encouraging, and I have been trying to find the best ecofriendly tooth paste. The bottle is small and would be great for a trip. The texture is ok and the flavor is minty, but I didn't like it. The taste is too sweet, it felt like a mint tablet, which made it easy to swallow, instead of lathering it. It's powdery, which makes it hard to crush when you move it all over the mouth. I didn't find the texture very interesting. There is a It didn't feel like it cleaned my teeth well. I use a bamboo toothbrush and tried a few other toothpastes, but none of them gave me the clean look that a Fluride based toothpaste would. There is a I think the industry needs to continue working on developing an individually wrapped dissolving film over a small bite size of regular toothpaste, something similar to the detergent Pod for laundry, but safe for human consumption, though I think these compact disks are a good start. I will pay whatever it takes to get this.

6. Hello Watermelon Eco Friendly Toothpaste Plastic Free

Hello Watermelon Eco Friendly Toothpaste Plastic Free

There is a plastic-free and water-free alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes for kids. Kids watermelon toothpaste tablets help brush away plaque, whiten teeth, and control Tartar. The tablets are travel and TSA friendly and are safe if swallowed. Tin packaging is 100% recycled.

Brand: Hello

👤There are different qualities to the toothpaste tablets. The Hello brand is larger than other tablets and results in a paste-like feel when chewed. The watermelon flavor is pleasant. Kids like it because it's light. The charcoal one is messy, but it is also minty so adults would prefer that flavor. I've tried other brands and they almost disappear in your mouth. It makes you want to swallow it. It's hard to use as toothpaste. I don't like using toothpaste in containers and I want tablets that will clean my teeth well. The Hello brand doesn't feel like it has enough in the mouth to clean the way toothpaste does. Maybe it is just what we're used to, and the cleaning ability may be similar to toothpaste.

👤I've been using these for a year and they are amazing. I usually order them from hello's website. I ordered them here for convenience. The containers I received had broken seals. The seals that guarantee that no one has tampered with the product? I will be ordering directly from hello now that the seller does not give refunds. There is a These tablets are the best out of all the tablets I've tried. I received a compliment from my hygienist after using these. They taste great and they don't foam up when you bite them. I chew these to relieve the sensitivity of my tooth. They leave your teeth feeling like you just got them polished.

👤The container seal was broken when I opened the package. My child will not be using it. I would like them to send out a new one. They will not do that. I'm stuck spending fifteen dollars on toothpaste. They need to fix that.

👤Even for adults, these tablets are very difficult. My kids don't want to use them. They are hard to chew and do not melt with water. Money is wasted.

👤The watermelon flavor is a nice change. I'm disappointed that the tablets don't work into a paste for brushing. If a child uses this product, they need to be monitored as the tablets don't break down unless they are chewed and there are small chunks in your mouth. I have used similar products from this company and they are easy to use.

👤It doesn't have any flavor at all and it doesn't foam up. My breath doesn't feel fresh after I brush my teeth with these. I've tried and liked the toothy tabs. I recommend the toothy tabs even though they are expensive. They clean my teeth. They leave me with fresh air.

👤My kids can't seem to rinse after they brush so I thought the tablets would prevent sticky sinks. It made less of a mess than regular tooth paste, but the kids had bad breath after, and there is no fluoride.

👤I bought these for my kids and they said they tasted bad. After my husband. We both tried them, but I ran out of toothpaste. The texture is not the taste. They are really bad. Most of the toothpaste bits are dry so they don't fall immediately. It's very weird to chew.

7. Hello Antiplaque Whitening Toothpaste Peppermint

Hello Antiplaque Whitening Toothpaste Peppermint

There are 60 tins of hello antiplaque and 120 tablets of toothpaste in this package. The toothpaste tablets are a refreshing way to whiten your teeth. They remove surface stains while also removing plaque, breath and tartar. toothpaste tablets are an easy, sustainable, and travel friendly way to brush teeth. A soft paste is formed when you chew 1 toothpaste tablet. Do your thing and wet your toothbrush. It's rinse, spit and smile. It is made with tea tree oil, coconut oil, and real peppermint, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes. No mistake. Be friendly. hello is vegan, never tested on animals, and made in the USA. You can brush and greet.

Brand: Hello

👤The product is said to be plastic free. It defeats the purpose when it's packaged in a plastic bag. I'm canceling my subscription because I don't want to pay for a product that doesn't meet my health standards, and I would happily re-subscribe if they did fix this.

👤It was wrapped in plastic. If you are plastic free, do not buy again. It's Baaaay.

👤These were easy to get used to. I chew them in my front teeth and get a nice mass of toothpaste. My teeth are clean. I'm glad there's no plastic, but the little metal containers seem wasteful. I can't reuse them, so I have to take them to a metal yard to be recycled. I'm going to refill bags with a brand with a glass jar.

👤I like the flavor of these but after brushing my teeth, they feel very soft.

👤It took a little while to get used to the chewing and consistency of the tablets, but I really like them! They make my teeth feel clean and don't leave a syrupy mess. The flavor tastes good. They don't produce suds, which may take some getting used to, but I used to use a powder tooth paste which was very dry, and these are a lot better!

👤After a month of using these, my teeth started to get yellow and I was racing to get 888-739-5110 I'm a regular coffee and wine drinker and this toothpaste didn't work for me.

👤This product is great for reducing plastic in our home. I have found others on the market that are less costly, so I wish that the cost was more competitive. The ease of use of these is great. My kids like them. There are options out there, but I would like to see fluoride in these. I am happy to see these on the market and hope they catch on.

👤This is good for the environment, but it doesn't foam. It is not like toothpaste. I have to use two tablets every time I brush my teeth.

8. Toothpaste Peppermint Refillable Packaging WELDENTAL

Toothpaste Peppermint Refillable Packaging WELDENTAL

60 tablets are in Eco Packaging. A bottle. There are 3 x 60 count refill in plastic free packaging. There are tablets of non-GMO Xylitol. Both SLS and Fluoride are free. There are also Bubble Gum andVanilla Mint. The toothpaste tablets do not contain Silicon Dioxide. It is very abrasive. There are no unnecessary ingredients. There were no harsh abrasives. There is a safe with an enamel one. There are natural ingredients. It was made in America. It was gentle on the planet. It is gentle on the teeth and gums.

Brand: Weldental

👤I wish I had done more research before buying them. That's on me. I was wondering why my teeth still felt dirty after brushing after using these tablets for a few days. I thought I needed more than one tablet, but it was not the end of the world. That didn't help either. I found out that it makes up 40% of the tablets, and that it's printed all over the label. I was expecting it to be a natural tooth cleaning substance. Nope. There is a There is a sugar alcohol. It is found in everything, and is also found in dental products in the store. The ingredient in sugar-free gum is approved by the dentist. It's not because it cleans your teeth. The sugar in your food causes tooth decay. They eat it, but it's basically like a bird eating a plastic bag, and it's not good for the animal. Xylitol is good for your teeth because it kills off the germs that would otherwise thrive with sugar-filled gum. There is a It doesn't seem to me that that's good enough for toothpaste. Maybe it is. I have good oral hygiene, so I feel like I can use a few months of toothpaste that only kills off the bad stuff. I'll keep using this until my next dentist appointment in four months, and then I'll ask my dentist for her opinion on the effectiveness of this toothpaste in particular. I'll change my rating if I'm wrong about this stuff being more than just breath mints. I'll update with what my dentist says.

👤I threw away another tube of toothpaste. I have a lot to use up. As the year goes on, I look forward to less and less. There is a I would expect my paste to foam up. It takes a lot of chewing to keep the tablets out of my mouth. It brushes off after a while. I was surprised that it was artificial. I can imagine that it's necessary to cover up the other flavors because it's not a taste I am used to. Its not a problem. The overall flavor is great. I will bring this with me to my next cleaning and ask my dentist about it.

👤I wanted to like it. I don't use plastic toothpaste anymore. After the chew tab, I had to brush my teeth with toothpaste. It made me cough. I will make my own toothpaste and keep it in a jar.

👤The product is well presented and will start your day with a guilt free start. You can use cutlery and straws without being plastic free. It all has to change and start here.

👤The packaging is great and I like that these are eco-friendly. I don't feel like my teeth are cleaned as well. I used the regular toothpaste before. I can't get over the taste of them, my hygienist couldn't tell the difference, so they probably were working just fine.

👤I'm not sure if these tabs are good for your teeth. I will bring it to the dentist in a month. There is a They are easy to use and transport, they foam well, and don't leave a trail in your teeth. It takes time to get used to the flavor. I believe that they don't need to add any more sugar to them, they are quite sweet to begin with. I have tried the Peppermint ones and they have a hint of herbal smell, but I got used to it. I love that their packaging was 100% compostable. The tape was made from paper. The receipt of my purchase was the only thing that annoyed me. Thank you for sticking to your sustainable message. Many sellers in Amazon don't do that.

9. Toms Maine Activated Toothpaste Peppermint

Toms Maine Activated Toothpaste Peppermint

There are three tubes of Tom's of Maine Activated Charcoal Toothpaste in the package. Whitening toothapse: It is designed to gently remove surface stains and restore teeth to their natural color. Natural habitat protection. The cool peppermint has a cooling effect on the breath. It's specially made to be safe and gentle on your jewelry. Natural and responsible, it is not tested on animals.

Brand: Tom's Of Maine

👤I always use the natural toothpastes, but decided to try Tom's because I had run out of mine. It is carried in the supermarkets. This toothpaste is terrible. I was heaving while brushing my tongue. It was similar to what I would imagine. I had to brush my teeth twice because of the consistency. This is not a healthy alternative. It tastes bad. I bought a pack for my family. All 3 tubes will be thrown away. This is the first time we have had to throw out trash in our home.

👤After using this toothpaste for a couple of months, I discovered that some of the teeth had deep grooves. The stains are still there even after my dentist cleans them. My dental hygienist said that she had other patients who had also experienced staining with activated charcoal toothpaste. I filed a medical incident report after I was contacted by Tom's. I still have three unused tubes of activated charcoal toothpaste, so I asked them to replace them. They promised to send a replacement product, but they didn't. They did not reply to the follow-up request.

👤If it shows its worth, review it again in the future and update it to 5 stars. I am happy that this has a foaming agent in it, which seems like regular toothpaste to me. If you've ever used charcoal powder or coconut oil toothpaste, you know that it's very popular. This product fixes the gray spray. If you're new to charcoal toothpaste, try it first as it's similar to regular toothpaste.

👤I have been buying Tom's of Maine products for over 20 years. It is the most gross toothpaste I have ever used. It does not wash away easily. I use in the shower and black clumps end up on the tub/shower floor and I have to wipe it away with a cloth. I tried giving the remaining 3 tubs in a three pack to friends/neighbors, they say "yuck, no way that is disgusting". I've used Tom's products for a long time, I will never purchase something like this again. Don't buy it. The other toothpastes are very good. This is not feasible.

👤People ask me about my teeth.

👤The mouth feels fresh, but the taste isn't great. It's difficult to explain what it takes. It's important to rinse your mouth out several times. There is a I feel like it cleans my teeth and gums better than any other Tom's toothpaste. I bought the three-pack and will use it until it's gone, but I'm not sure if I'd buy it again.

👤We haven't used it long enough to know if it works or not, but I feel like I'm seeing improvements in my kids' teeth and breath.

👤Tom's toothpaste seems to work just as well as any other toothpaste, so I buy it. I like the fact that they recycle oral care products and contribute to the environment. I bought this version of their toothpaste because it was new and I wanted to try it out. The flavor is weak and there is a background flavor that I can't place. I don't notice the flavor anymore after using it for a while. I haven't noticed a change in the properties of the product. I've never noticed any change in the color of my teeth, so either they do nothing or they all work the same, and there's nothing left to change. I'll probably go back to one of the other versions that has a nicer flavor, because it's a decent toothpaste.

10. Whitening Toothpaste Essential Bentonite Spearmint

Whitening Toothpaste Essential Bentonite Spearmint

Cleaner and stronger tetanus are things to have. Every day, your mouth is exposed to toxins. Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder is used to remove dirt from your mouth and teeth. You can choose the flavor you like: Sweet Spearmint, Bubblegum, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Spearmint, Sweet Peppermint, Cool Orange, Black Peppermint, and Black Spearmint. It's not possible to enjoy certain types of food and drink if you have sensitive teeth. You don't just get clean teeth with Primal Life. You can eat or drink as you please. Their tooth powder is perfect for the entire family, so you can stop buying kids toothpaste separately. They recommend spitting out the toothpowder to keep it from absorbing toxins. The 1 oz teeth Whitening tooth powder lasts up to 200 uses, while the.25 oz is good for 60 uses. You can achieve the white teeth you've always wanted, save more, and cut down on packaging waste.

Brand: Primal Life Organics

👤It was a tough one. Do you like the product? So far. Still worried about abrasiveness. Is it helping my tooth? Your teeth are very smooth. I think maybe. I'm not sure if the black powder makes my teeth white. There is a I don't like some of the company's practices. I ordered a sample directly from them. It was $7.95. They snuck another item on my bill before my order shipped. I think it was $122.95 for the gum serum. I was angry. I did not click that for my order. Their answer... I never noticed that you had to check a box. Who does that to a customer? Customers don't want to miss out so they do it. Really? Let me look at my own boxes. My experiences were posted on their page. They stopped me from commenting on my posts. There is a They called me at 11:15pm. I leave my phone on for emergencies. I ran out of bed. Heard who it was and it was really angry. There is a Why did I buy again? I went through Amazon. The cost is balanced with my Prime and free shipping. I didn't have to worry that Amazon would add something to my order. There is a I have to admit that their ingredients are the best. There was no cinnamon or xylitol. They have ingredients that are supposed to rebuild your teeth the most. I'll go to the dentist in July. There is a What do I think about them? I think 2 stars for now. If they have changed some of their practices, I'm willing to change. We will see what they do.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews, usually just on the products I like, and this one is no exception. I love this stuff! I started with their regular tooth powder because I had sensitive teeth and it was getting so bad that I was afraid to eat or drink. It's nearly impossible to find a toothpaste that doesn't contain fluoride, and I did some research on the health effects of fluoride on the mouth and body. I have periodontal disease and have been trying different natural products to stop the progression of the disease. After using this tooth powder for a month, my tooth sensitivity was almost non-existent. I was very happy to say the least. My teeth were no longer sensitive, bad breath was no longer an issue, and my teeth were a couple shades whiter by the time I finished the first container. I can't say enough good things about this product. My dentist told me that the pockets in my gums are not getting worse. It is worth its weight in gold because of the savings in dental bills and treatments. One of the brands I tried was too powdery and didn't last through out the entire time I brushed it, the other had a strange flavor. There is a The dirty mouth toothpowder has a dense enough powder that it picks up a decent amount on the wet brush and lasts the whole duration, but my husband says it tastes a little like clay, but I think it's nice. I had one container for about 4 months. For the price, I think this products benefit. Well worth the price.

11. Advanced Whitening Toothpaste Nano Hydroxyapatite Peppermint

Advanced Whitening Toothpaste Nano Hydroxyapatite Peppermint

It is possible to use a fronide alternative. The particles remineralize teeth, making them stronger and whiter. There is a brush with a smile. A healthy pH increases remineralization. The source of plaque and acid is minimized by the use of Xylitol and Erythritol. If you are looking for a toothpaste that is safe and effective, this is the 888-666-1846 Eco bags are not made of plastic. They meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. There are 180 tablets in a bag. 180 tablets, 3 Eco bags with 60 tablets each.

Brand: Weldental

👤I have been using this product for a month and can't continue. At first, I liked it. The flavor is good, my teeth felt clean, and I didn't have to remove the paste from the sink from my family. I was sold. My family's teeth have become very sensitive after a few weeks. I have never had sensitive teeth and can usually bite and chew frozen things without batting an eye but recently I have been very aware of what my teeth feel. I stopped using this product and went back to my previous brand, and am already seeing a difference with the sensitivity.

👤If you're like me, and ordered these as an alternative, you may be disappointed. The refill comes in a carboard container with a pouch for each month's supply, but I don't like the idea of using a tube of toothpaste in a cardboard box. The product leaves my teeth feeling clean and convenient for travel. The shipment materials leave a lot to be desired.

👤All the benefits of the technology of NANO-HYALAtite. There is no need to use unnecessary sodium lauryl sulfates. Since I started using this formula, my morning breath is gone, and my entire mouth feels neutral and alkaline after brushing. I miss the feeling of freshly brushed teeth. We are conditioned by decades of tube habit that is actually messing with our oral ph levels. Will definitely order more!

👤I did not purchase these for the environment or for traveling. The short, but effective ingredient list was the reason I did so. These taste good. If I had a suggestion, it would be to make the tables 50% bigger, since I prefer using 2 of 1 tablets.

👤The taste is similar to those soft mint candies your grandma used to have in her house. I like this flavor but it's not for everyone. Tabs foam up nicely and leave my mouth feeling clean. Is it as effective as traditional toothpaste? It works well and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. I'd love if they could bring the price down a bit, but I'll keep using them until there's a better option.

👤These are not plastic free and we are trying them. There are three small plastic bags inside the box. We will probably keep looking for a brand with no plastic. There is a The flavor is clean. The texture is creamy. There was a good product, but it was sad that it was plastic.

👤I like the idea of less waste, but I have to take chew tabs in order to get a clean feel when brushing my teeth. I like chewing, but I would prefer if the tablets were a bit thicker so that I could use one chewtab instead of two. It's too liquid and doesn't feel like it's cleaning my teeth. Since I cannot use sulfate or flouride in my toothpaste, I like that it is sulfate, and flouride free. I don't expect a lot of foam or anything since it doesn't have sulfate in it, but I was hoping for a bit more thickness. I hope Chewtab makes a thicker formula that leaves a fresh taste without having to chew many chewtabs. I'm all about helping the environment, but I don't want to spend a lot on toothpaste. I don't know if I will reorder.


What is the best product for eco friendly toothpaste powder?

Eco friendly toothpaste powder products from Weldental. In this article about eco friendly toothpaste powder you can see why people choose the product. Himalaya and Slowcorp. are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toothpaste powder.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toothpaste powder?

Weldental, Himalaya and Slowcorp. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toothpaste powder. Find the detail in this article. Hello Oral Care, Weldental and Hello are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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