Best Eco Friendly Toothpaste Tubes

Toothpaste 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste Fluoride Free Carrageenan Free

Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste Fluoride Free Carrageenan Free

Papaya and Pineapple have plant-basedidases that work hard to remove surface stains from teeth, while Neem and Pomegranate help to reduce plaque. Soothing cool mint-frESH FLAVOR: Mint essential oil makes your mouth feel clean and healthy, while gentle ingredients help whiten teeth and support healthy-looking gums. Clean and Blanch without using anything on the foam or the hair. It still tastes and foams great, even though it has no bleach, harsh abrasives or harsh foaming agents. Free from the stuff you don't want are floride free, triclosan free, SLS free, carrageenan free, and gluten free too. They care for their furry friends. They don't test their toothpaste on animals.

Brand: Himalaya

👤Natures gate was out last order. I chose Himalaya because it contained the diet-sweetener-bitter taste and aftertaste. I've tried artificial sweeteners all my life, from sweet n low, equal, splenda, and even one from monk fruit and the same thing. I can eat it. It's a diet-sweetener-bitter. Why does it need to be sweetened? The mint was too strong and it burned my tongue. People will not mind if they use diet drinks. There is a I like the no chemicals, no fluoride policy. Our water will make you angry.

👤I don't like the taste of some toothpastes that are in your mouth after you wake up, so I was drawn to this product. Your mouth and teeth are not clean. I would recommend this toothpaste to anyone. It does a great job and my mouth always feels clean. My family has begun to use it as well. You can't go wrong!

👤I've tried a lot of toothpastes. This is the only one that I really like. It lathers, tastes good, and doesn't irritate my gums. This works great for me because I have sensitive teeth.

👤This is the best toothpaste. I only use this in terms of Whitening because my hygienist commented on how white my teeth were. She said that I was taking great care of my teeth and that they were clean. A lot of that is attributed to this toothpaste. It tastes great and has a normal toothpaste texture, and the ingredients are better than commercial brands.

👤I love this toothpaste. It's cool and fresh and leaves my mouth feeling clean. I am a big fan of natural products and this paste is just the thing. I wish my boys were not home. I pushed many natural products on them as a child. I'm sure I could sell them on this one, because they said previous pastes did not leave their breath fresh enough. Excellent!

👤This is the best toothpaste I have ever used. I had a problem with the corners of my mouth. I thought it might be riboflavin. It wasn't. It was my toothpaste. I was using a tool. It could be the sulfates. The sores went away when I used this. I have been using it for about four months. The minty flavor is nice. It is not strong or sweet. My mouth and breath are clean.

👤Please tell me when the manufacture date is? When I buy a product like this, I expect it to be fresh.

👤I have broken teeth. I used to be on a constant regimen of Ibuprofen and in pain that interfered with daily functioning. There is a I can function in my life with pain thanks to this toothpaste. I am very thankful. This toothpaste is very good. I always recommend this toothpaste to anyone who tells me they have tooth pain. Stay in business and do what you're doing. My quality of life is dependent on it.

👤I use the product every day. Thanks.

👤Fresh and minty, and a bonus I am not making my pineal glad worse.

2. Colgate Sensitive Strength Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Sensitive Strength Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Twice-daily brushing with sensitive teeth toothpaste provides sensitivity protection. The FDA allowed the maximum strength of the antisensitivity active ingredient. The mouth uses Glycerin to help it stay hydrated. Whitening toothpaste with a formula for removing stains. It builds increasing protection against future sensitivity. Fresh breath with mint gel. It helps to restore teeth's natural whiteness with regular brushing.

Brand: Colgate

👤People ask me how I get my teeth white. This toothpaste is my secret. I bought this because I wanted to generally clean my teeth. My dentist thought I had my teeth bleached at another office. The picture is completely uncut. This stuff helps with sensitivity in the process.

👤I buy Sensodyne in a four-pack when it is on sale to save money. I thought I was paying more for the quality. The price was too high when I was ready to replenish. I searched for alternatives to Sensodyne. Colgate Sensitive was almost half the price. The taste was the reason I wrote the review. It feels clean. I used Colgate Sensitive for the first time and found out how much I disliked brushing my teeth. The taste was pleasant and it glides over my teeth. I brush it longer than I need to because it feels good and doesn't bother my mouth. My teeth feel cleaner than Sensodyne. I have never written a review about toothpaste because I didn't know there was a difference.

👤I no longer use ice in anything because my teeth are sensitive to hot/cold. I drink at room temperature. The only toothpaste that seems to help is this one. I was eating on one side of my mouth because the left side of my mouth felt like lightning when I ate something hot or cold. I've been eating normally after using this toothpaste for years, though I'm used to room temp. I like drinking most drinks that way, except for an occasional cup of coffee or can of Coke. I had a coupon for Sensodyne toothpaste and thought it was as good as another, but it wasn't. I was back to the same pain after two days. I hope they never stop making it.

👤I use toothpaste that is specifically made for people with sensitive teeth. I bought the Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength Whitening Toothpaste (3 pack) but I don't know why, but I'm glad I did. Since I've been using Colgate, I can drink cold drinks or eat cold food without feeling like lightening was shooting through my jaw. The product is wonderful. I like the taste of the gel. It makes my mouth feel good. Thank you for buying this toothpaste from Colgate and Amazon.

👤Don't buy that product if you have sensitivity. It doesn't show that on the picture, but it does on the product. I came back as a result. It was kind of a oxymoron.

👤Absolutely angry. I received my package today and it was destroyed on the bottom. Not one of them was salvaged, hoping to get a new order.

👤I noticed that the Colgate sensitive had a purple stripe when I used it with the dark blue stripe. It was a big mistake. This feels very rough on my teeth. Oh my gosh. I called my dentist because I was in so much pain. The dark blue stripe on my toothpaste is from Pain Free Colgate. Don't buy this toothpaste with the purple stripe, it's just another piece of junk.

3. SuperBee Toothpaste Tablets Eco Friendly Natural

SuperBee Toothpaste Tablets Eco Friendly Natural

Are you looking for ways to get rid of stained teeth? Dentos Toothpaste Tabs are great for achieving the clean white you have always wanted. Salt and baking soda are found in these toothpaste tabs. Dentos Toothpaste was made without harsh chemicals. They only use sustainable natural ingredients when creating these vegan toothpaste tabs. Their sustainable toothpaste pellets are good for your teeth and the planet. Their natural toothpaste tabs are packaged in tin cans. Natural Whitening Toothpaste Tabs come in compact tin cans, so you don't have to worry about making a mess. These tablets are liquid-free and can be used to clean your teeth. Pop a small toothpaste tab in your mouth to brush your teeth. As usual, chew and brush. You don't need to wet your brush or mouth.

Brand: Superbee Wax Wraps

👤I was excited to try the tablets. I don't have to compare my experience to normal tube toothpaste. I wasn't impressed. It feels like you're chewing up a mint. It foams just fine. I feel like I need to brush it again. I can still smell my breath after using the tablets. I live in a humid climate and if you leave the lid off they get soft. I will probably stick with tube paste.

👤I'm very happy I bought this toothpaste. I don't like wintergreen, but it wasn't bad tasting. The consistency of the tablets was perfect. I don't tighten the tin completely after using it because it's hard for me to open it. Problem solved. I wish people stopped using tubes of toothpaste and plastic toothbrushes. I'm doing my part to save the planet.

👤I like these over the other tablets I've tried. I don't have to worry about the tin breaking during travel. These foam up a lot. I have no complaints about my teeth. The price will come down as they grow. I am happy to help the environment. I hope they make tablets soon.

👤After the initial flavor punch wore off, my mouth felt very dry and sticky and anything I ate or drank afterwards tasted terrible. There are many tabs that are better than these. They come with a nice tin and a colorful paper bag, which shows the company cares about their product.

👤I was very happy to try these out. I had been using another toothpaste tab product for over a year, but sometimes the tabs would get soft after a while, and not always foam up well. The flavor is lovely, fresh and minty, and so far, these have not had either of those problems. They are in a tin with a twist off lid. Our tin arrived in good shape and is very easy to open and close, even though it was mentioned in a review that it was unable to open. I will order more.

👤These tabs are very easy to crush into a fine powder which foams a lot, like almost more than necessary. They don't give much whitening aid, but they are for quick brushes after meals, so they were not needed for their powers. It's weird that foam that gets on the outside of your mouth leaves a sticky mess, but it's easy to wipe away with water or a towel.

👤They were bought for a military field op. I brushed my tablets when I had time. They were easy to use. They taste like tubes paste. I ate one of the tablets after having indigestion from an MRE. The ingredients are natural and the baking soda is good for acid burn. The heartburn was gone after eating the tablets. I will buy these again.

👤I used to work as a dental assistant and I like to clean my teeth. I didn't have that fresh feeling after using this, but my teeth were clean. It felt like I brushed my teeth with baking soda. I like the no tube toothpaste. I hope they keep it up and update it to make it better.

4. Arm Hammer Advance Whitening Packaging

Arm Hammer Advance Whitening Packaging

Same great formula, new and improved taste! Remove stains and plaque for a brighter, two-shades whiter smile. The defense technology is sau. It helps prevent the setting of new timothy. Special formula with peroxide for extra whitening power that won't damage the enamel. Baking soda is a natural power source that goes beyond cleaning.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤I was told by my dentist that I needed to use baking soda toothpaste to maintain my teeth's health. I picked up this brand to appease my dentist and give myself peace of mind that I was following his advice. I assumed that this toothpaste would be the same as the other products I've tried, and bought it because of the dentist recommendation. I can't say if my teeth are actually healthier, but I can say that my teeth are noticeably whiter. Several people have commented on the color of my teeth since I used this product, which is shocking because I have had yellow teeth since I was a kid. I've tried everything but getting my teeth professionally whitened and thought my teeth were impervious to color change. After a month and half of twice daily use, there was a noticeable change to my dental hygiene regime. I prefer a natural white color for my teeth, instead of a crazy blinding white. There is a Also, note: The texture is a little rough. It's like what you'd imagine if you put baking soda in your toothpaste. My teeth feel cleaner after the scrubbing action. The flavor is not great. It's a very bland, bitter flavor with a hint of mint. It takes a bit of getting used to, but now I don't notice. Natural white is not blinding white in my experience. It depends on what color your teeth are. I am an avid coffee drinker and still notice a difference. I highly recommend this product because it makes my dentist happy and it can whiten my teeth.

👤The market is flooded with so many products that it is difficult to identify the winning products and the worthless products. Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste is my go to daily toothpaste because it makes my teeth brighter and whiter. It has been so affordable that I have been using it for over five years now, replacing my daily toothpaste. Check it out. Adding Arm & Hammer Whitening Gel will add a double punch to your routine. I use both to maintain my smile.

👤I have been using this toothpaste for over a decade. I switched to Colgate after moving in with my husband. I remember it tasted a little salty, but nothing to major that you can't get used to. Arm & Hammer used to put a description inside each toothpaste box. They stopped putting it in about 5 years ago. It will whiten your teeth at least 2 shades. My teeth were okay to begin with. My husband says it whitened his teeth. It's not harsh on your teeth or gum. If I drank orange juice after brushing my teeth, it would taste bad and Colgate Total would leave my mouth numb. Not with this toothpaste. It has a good taste. It is a great value. I am happy that this is now available as a subscribe and save item on Amazon. It's a better price than Walmart or Target.

5. Viva Doria Fluoride Natural Toothpaste

Viva Doria Fluoride Natural Toothpaste

Whitening and polishing of teeth can mineralize tooth enamel. It was created with 100% natural ingredients. Free of SLS and foaming agents. There is no dairy or fluoride. USA is the country of origin.

Brand: Viva Doria

👤My teeth became very sensitive to temperature and sugar while brushing with this daily. It can cause a build up in your sink. I don't know why I expected rubbing clay on my teeth to be positive. I don't feel like getting dentures anytime soon, so I'll stick to real toothpaste with fluoride and other scientifically-backed ingredients, thanks.

👤I'm familiar with the non-fluoride toothpastes. I've been using one that's $25-plus for two ounces, and so I decided to check out what else is out there. I tried the cinnamon one, which I'll review separately, and ran across this one. It tastes terrible. It's almost pointless because it's so salty and subtle. I could use it if they increased the flavor, because my mouth feels clean after I brush it with it. This product tastes terrible. It's like pouring salt into my mouth. It'suck.

👤I have damaged teeth and I think there is a way thatcalcium can be used to repair them. This is not the same as the toxic Mercury filling and the fluoride filling that dentists have recommended for the past 50 years. A lot of oral damage can be repaired with this toothpaste. The way the clay absorbs stuff helps. It's understandable why this would taste odd to some. People who don't like the taste are the ones who give the bad reviews. Its not sweet. It's bad for the teeth to have candy flavoured toothpaste. It's very fragrant and bitter in a way I like.

👤The Viva Doria Natural Toothpaste was packaged in plastic bubble-wrap. The jar and lid were small enough to fit on a shelf. The mint flavor was too strong for my mouth. The wintergreen flavor was not liked. The texture was better than tooth powders. The splatter is difficult to clean up, so keep your lips closed. I'm glad I tried it, but I'll probably use tooth powder because it's not as messy.

👤It was very nice and I love it! If you're used to conventional sickeningly sweet tooth products, one codicil is not necessary. There is a I had a jar fall out of the medicine cabinet and shatter in the sink. It's necessary to be more careful. I chose this product because it wasn't plastic. There is a It is a refreshing natural blend of flavors.

👤I use baking soda to brush my teeth. This is not good. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. It makes the sink look dirty all the time, and it's hard to rinse down the sink. I have to get the toothpaste out of the sink basin.

👤It tastes good and packaging is great as well. It leaves a cake batter on the bottom of the toothbrush bristles. I wanted to try the paste from the same brand but was disappointed because I found myself having to use my tooth brush to remove the cake every few days. It's gross. The tooth powder didn't do that.

👤I bought this because it was cheaper than Uncle Harry's. Uncle Harry's lastsa is because he will do you a favor. I have to use more of this to try and get a similar result, but it doesn't foam up, so it doesn't really do the job. If you plan on drinking water afterwards to swallow medications, Uncle Harry's peppermint can cause freezer burn if you plan on drinking it. I can't fault the milder flavor.

6. Hello Oral Care Naturally Toothpaste

Hello Oral Care Naturally Toothpaste

There are four tubes of hello naturally whitening toothpaste. It is formulated with a calcium mineral blend that whitens teeth. Its farm grown, super-peppy oils tame bad breath and coconut oil is good for your skin. This toothpaste is free of harmful chemicals and provides freshness that is mind-blowing. Hello naturally whitening toothpaste is free of many harmful substances. toothpastes have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. No mistake. Be friendly. hello is vegan, never tested on animals, and made in the USA. You can brush and greet.

Brand: Hello

👤I had issues with my lips being cracked. There is a They suggested I try a SLS Free toothpaste. I tried this and my lips were back to normal a week later. Who would have thought that toothpaste was the culprit? I started paying more attention to the ingredients after I was made aware of SLS. Hope this helps someone.

👤I've been using this stuff for a long time. I was skeptical that my teeth were becoming white, but I thought they were. The reason I'm writing this review with 5 stars is because I was shocked when my dentist asked if I had gotten my teeth whitened. I like the taste of it and am happy it's good for you. Highly recommended!

👤Isn't it crazy that we have to search high and low for products that are cruelty-free? I finally found a brand that I like and have been using for a long time. I have recently decided to cut all animal products from my lifestyle and have been trying to find more natural chemical-free products. It's easier said than done. It does make things simpler with the new websites, but I still don't like using oral care products. Until I found you! This stuff blows every other brand out of the water. The toothpaste makes your breath fresh. I have been using Toms of Maine for a while, and while that has been okay, my mouth feels fresh with Hello. It can stand on its own in my medicine cabinet. There is a Yes, the mouthwash. It doesn't burn, but it does refresh and doesn't dry out my mouth. It tastes like candy to me. I have dry mouth and all the other washes make it worse because my mouth gets so dry. The Hello brand is here to stay because I have been using TheraBreath which hasn't worked completely. There is a This combo is perfect because my dentist recommended using either a toothpaste or a mouthwash that has fluoride. The bonus is the lightening aspect. The price is great as well. The Hello toothpaste is larger than my Toms of Maine which cost me $8, and the same size as TheraBreath which cost me $10. The package seems to be the cheapest way to go. There is a The only complaint I have is that Hello didn't offer a larger/jumbo size mouthwash to reduce plastic use, although I expect this combo to last me about 3-6 months already for myself. I will definitely be buying another package. There are some things that are mentioned. I was not paid for the review. This is just an opinion of a customer.

👤I love the Hello Toothpaste line. I love that they are vegan and natural, and that they aren't tested on animals, so it gives access to more people. I usually get the silver tube which is a subtle mint flavor, but it looks like they might be phasing it out. This is not like that flavor. It tastes like spearmint and is overpowering. I gave it to my husband so he could use it. Otherwise, great toothpaste.

7. Good Organics Fluoride Toothpaste Whitening

Good Organics Fluoride Toothpaste Whitening

Good Organics toothpaste tablets taste amazing and provide complete oral care. Whitening toothpaste will put a smile on your face. Eco friendly - say hello to perfectly portioned toothpaste. The tabs are 100% plastic. Travel toothpaste is the best travel toothpaste ever. Their toothpaste Tabs are ecofriendly and can change the game forever. You will not read words like sls, parabens and triclosan if they are rigorously designed and researched. There are only natural ingredients shown to aid a healthy oral microbiome. To begin a fresh foam sensation that will cleanse your mind, body and soul, chew one toothpaste tablet.

Brand: Good Organics

👤I've tried a few different toothpaste tablets recently and I still think they're my least favorite. The experience with these is similar to real toothpaste, with the tablets foaming a bit more than the charcoal-based tablets and the mint flavor is stronger. The Doctor Ginger's tablets were too small for my liking, but the Hello charcoal tablets were more pleasant. These are the best options if you want the most traditional brushing experience.

👤These are the best toothpaste tablets I have tried. If you need that foam in order to feel like your teeth are clean, these are for you. The bottle is made from recycled glass and is vegan and cruelty free. My only gripe. I would like them to be a bit more mintier tasting.

👤I'm not sure if the bottles are in a hot car or the place, but I've been chewing up something for weeks now. I like the foam and how fast you chew it. This is disappointing. I already went to a bottle before this one, so I will probably stick with this kind.

👤I love everything listed on the good organics page. The non-toxic ingredients, plastic free sustainable packaging and refill options are all important to me. We have been using it for three weeks and we are hooked. It surpasses our expectations. It has an amazing flavor and makes our teeth feel clean and we only need to use half a tablet. It is also travel friendly.

👤There is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is There is a rush. As simple as that. It takes good, and I leave my mouth smelling fresh for hours. I support it because it is made without harmful chemicals. Good organics! There is a I would only give feedback if there were other future flavors in the making. Cheers!

👤It doesn't help with brushing your teeth when you use watery toothpaste. 2nd I'm not sure. Why? It's been causing a sensation on my tongue. I used it for a few days and it started right away. I'm not sure if other people would have the same problem. If you buy this product, I want you to know that it's a caution.

👤I don't have anything to compare it to other than traditional toothpaste because this is the first one I've ever tried. I can say that these babies are better than toothpaste.

👤It's easy to use, great flavor and plastic fill. Will buy again.

👤I prefer this over regular toothpaste because of the benefits for the planet and the use of safer ingredients. It leaves my teeth feeling clean. The portion size is perfect. It doesn't leave a feeling of weakness.

👤I've tried a number of natural toothpaste tablets but this is by far my favorite. As a local Canadian company, they have created a sustainable alternative to drugstore toothpaste. I don't think I'm sacrificing freshness or flavour for these. They come in a small glass jar which is easy to transport and a nice sub for traditional plastic containers. Good Organics is what I recommend. Will be buying again.

8. Simple Life Toothpaste Tablet Peppermint

Simple Life Toothpaste Tablet Peppermint

Do you travel frequently? Do you fly a lot? Maybe you like camping. Keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh can be difficult, and sometimes it is not possible to carry toothpaste. Do you want your breath to be fresh? Their toothpaste tablets are amazing. Tin Case and Paper are 100% plastic free. The tablets are easy to carry and use. Take a few tablets, chew them, and brush them away. The tablets are solid, so they can be carried on planes. The tabs of toothpaste can help prevent plaque and cavities. Don't compromise on oral hygiene and keep your breath fresh. Their toothpaste tablets have vitamins B6, E, C, Xylitol, and aloe extract. The tablets are used with the least amount of chemicals possible.

Brand: Simplut

👤The toothpaste tablets are great, but I bought them in a plastic container to go waste free.

👤The tablets were fine. They tasted good and made my mouth feel clean. The writing was in a different language and I returned it. I didn't know what the ingredients were. I am aware that it might be dumb. It's important to me.

👤The description says that the toothpaste tablets have vitamins B6, E, C, Xylitol, andAloe extract. The tablets provide the best possible dental care while using the least amount of chemicals possible. The ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate. I didn't use it the first time. It's worse than regular toothpaste. After brushing my teeth for the first time, I accidentally ate a fresh strawberry and had to spit out the strawberry and re- brush my teeth with a product without sulfates. I lost the purpose I had in choosing this product. I was looking for sulfates.

👤The ingredients are in Korean. According to Amazon, it has vitamins and green tea extract. I like to read that in the package. The smell isn't strong. I don't feel like I'm fresh when using regular toothpaste. Once brushed in, the tablets are easy toDissolve and not Hard. If you need that super minty breathe, I would recommend a more natural toothpaste. It's perfect for packing light. The bottle is made of plastic and I wish it was made of recycled material.

👤Hate this product. I ordered this because of the description. I was disappointed that it was toothpaste tablets. I had ordered toothpaste. The description also says no sulfates. You can taste them when you use it. This tastes like sulfates with a hint of mint. I paid 15 dollars for this. It comes in a bottle. I thought it was in a glass bottle. If you don't have a lot of space, it's good. I prefer a tube of toothpaste or a travel tube. This product is a waste of money. Don't recommend.

👤I wish they sold them in a cardboard container to save plastic, I love them and my teeth feel clean, but I only wish they sold them in a cardboard container.

👤This is one of the few toothpaste tablets I can find that has fluoride in it, which is illegal in the US due to the FDA. The tablets are small for what I need, and only lasted me a month when a tube of toothpaste lasts me 3-4 months. The reason I bought these was to reduce my plastic waste. These are in a container. Looking at buying a toothpaste in a glass jar without the Preservatives. I have soft teeth, so I have to have fluoride in my system.

👤I used to use this for about a month, and I noticed that my breath would get bad quickly. There is a When I was using normal toothpaste, my breath would be bad when I woke up. The bad breath went away when I switched back to colgate. This stuff didn't work for me.

9. Davids Natural Toothpaste Antiplaque Fluoride Free

Davids Natural Toothpaste Antiplaque Fluoride Free

Natural Toothpaste. Fight Plaque, Freshen Breath, and Whiten Teeth are all important. Smooth and creamy. Premium Mint oils are blend for exceptional flavor. 98% of the ingredients in EWG are from the USA. Kid-friendly, Includes Xylitol to Promote Healthy Oral Care, Fluoride Free, SLS Free, Sulfate Free, and vegan. The metal tube is recyclable. The metal tube key roller is included.

Brand: Davids

👤After years of weak teeth and lots of cavities, I was skeptical about using a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste. I've recently read articles that support the ingredients used in this toothpaste as safe, effective and re-mineralizing to help repair and strengthen teeth. I used this one a day and my regular toothpaste once a day to see how it worked. It has a pleasant taste and doesn't foam up so it was weird to get used to. I had a dental check-up after using Davids Natural and it was the best one I have ever had. The hygienist commented that she could tell I had been flossing regularly because there was less plaque and less tartar. Something was going right. I will continue to use this brand because I am now a repeat customer.

👤If it didn't have carageenan in the ingredients, this would be a good product.

👤The item is the same as described. I like the metal tube. I remember when I was a kid, all toothpaste was made in metal tubes. My mom taught me to roll the tube up from the bottom and not to cut the sides. We didn't buy a key for our toothpaste, it probably hadn't been invented yet. The metal toothpaste tube has a key that comes with it. There is a tip for those having a problem with their tubes. Don't put the key on until you use it. It will come out on its own. The metal tubes are the same as this. I would prefer plastic over metal. There is a I love the strong taste of it. I decided to try it because it has a great rating.

👤I just paid $10 for a new toothpaste filled with air. Value for the money is horrible, butflavor is great, presentation is amazing, andpackaging is amazing. The container was filled with air because it was a brand new toothpaste. I used a metal tube and the rest of the container is empty. It was very bad.

👤The toothpaste is good. The packaging is frightening. It was perfect. Everywhere. All the time. I can't travel with it, and it's hard to clean it up because it keeps coming. I am aware of first world problems. I live in the first world and this stuff is a bit pricey. There were no complaints other than that.

👤I love the formula, I love the vegan and cruelty free aspects, and the actual product, taste smell all that... I don't like the package. I think a lot of the product is wasted. I can squeeze the tube just enough to hold it while I remove the cap and toothpaste from it. After opening it for the first time, the toothpaste starts oozing out of the top before I even try to use it. I thought the key was a really cute idea, but when I used it for the first time, I did one too many turns. Every time we opened the cap, we had tooth paste pouring out. The tube cracks along the way, and tooth paste can be seen all along the tube. It's messy and wasteful to clean up every day. I'll keep buying from the brand because I really like what they stand for, but I want you to rethink your tube design, material, or amount of built up pressure that's in it. I can see that I'm not alone in these thoughts.

10. Hello Oral Care Antiplaque Toothpaste

Hello Oral Care Antiplaque Toothpaste

There are four tubes of hello antiplaque and whitening toothpaste. It is thoughtfully formulated with refreshing farm grown peppermint, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. Their toothpaste is naturally whiten with minerals and without peroxide. Hello antiplaque and whitening toothpaste is free from dyes, SLS sulfates, parabens, microbeads, triclosan, and gluten. toothpastes have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. No mistake. Be friendly. hello is vegan, never tested on animals, and made in the USA. You can brush and greet.

Brand: Hello

👤TITANIUM DIOXIDE IS A NEUROTOXIN. I get away from the dangers of titanium dioxide. I'm sticking with baking soda. Take this product out of the store. Not just this Amazon, but world wide.

👤We like this toothpaste, but it doesn't have any "froth" to it, you have to use a lot to feel like it's doing anything. We used a pea size, but it didn't work out as well as we would have liked, and now we have to use a lot more to get the job done. I don't like having to use a lot to get the same results. There is a The deal that was offered on Amazon for purchasing bulk of the Hello brand was the reason we switched. We have been using this toothpaste for a while now and we have noticed some things that are alarming. I don't recommend this brand anymore. When my husband and I have a toothache, it's almost like when you drink a cold drink. It feels like an ache after brushing. The ache stopped after we switched toothpastes. My husband's tongue was burned. After brushing his tongue, he notices it would sting and burn. Canker sores have increased. They definitely were increased and lasted longer because of the toothpaste. My husband gets cankers with mouth injuries and increased stress. He has had mouth sores since we started using this toothpaste. He had a normal mouth after we stopped using toothpaste.

👤This item is not real. My daughter bought her original product at Target and after using the one I purchased, she became suspicious and decided to compare the two products. Some ingredients are not the same. The blue bar on top of the tube is not the same as the product number. Don't be deceived. One is real and the other is fake.

👤My teeth became sensitive to cold and other things after a few months of using this. This has almost all disappeared within a week of going back to Colgate. This stuff does not protect our teeth.

👤I opened my third package and was not happy.

👤This was in a pack of tubes. The bottom of the tube was cut off before it was packed in the toothpaste box. I can't get help with this item. I'm not a happy person today.

👤I was wondering how you could push the toothpaste out of the tube because it doesn't roll up like most. I cut the tube open when I couldn't get paste out of it. Even though it was always upright, there was at least a week or more of clinging to the side. It seems like a big waste. I said everything in the review. I can't use SLS in toothpaste or non SLS from name brands. I have been using another brand on Amazon for a couple of years and like it. The price went up but did not spend much. There is a I decided to try HELLO because of the excellent price. It works for me and causes no problems, so I will keep using it. I wish it had more body to it and a thicker consistency like regular toothpaste, but other than that it's good. I can't complain about the price.

11. Nelson Naturals Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste

Nelson Naturals Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste

Zero waste packing! 100% plastic-free jars. The most clean of all! You feel like a dentist after every use. It is a sign of aLIZING! The formula helps the enamel absorb minerals. FluoRIDE is free! Artificial Flavours, SLS, Glycerin, and Fluoride are not found in Nelson Naturals. It's free! They don't test on animals. If a dog ingests Xylitol, it is very dangerous. Pets should be kept away from them.

Brand: Nelson Naturals

👤The taste wasn't a complete shock and turned off like I've read in reviews before buying this product. It is not as salty as the more common brands of tooth paste. If you gargled with water or brushed with baking soda, the flavor probably wouldn't bother you. Not a lot of foam. No complaints from the dentist, it gets your teeth clean. I made this jar last a few months by using regular tooth paste for a few days and then using this product another day, I wish it was a little more affordable. I use my finger to put the paste on my tooth brush rather than dipping it, which might have made it last a little longer. I can see a family of four trying to use this product and it breaking the bank, which isn't something anyone should have to worry about when buying toothpaste while trying to put the environment first. You shouldn't have problems with the jar drying up if you screw the lid on. I wish other tooth paste brands would use designs like this. I will probably buy again.

👤I've been searching for a toothpaste that would fit my needs, in particular one that was natural, had no fluoride and in a container I wouldn't have to cut open to get the last bit of toothpaste. Is it Nelson Naturals? The taste is perfect, just the little bit of saltiness. My teeth feel like they just stepped out of a dentist's office. I initially thought it was too watery, but the more I stirred it, the consistency was where I needed it to be. I used a plastic spatula from my makeup kit to put toothpaste on my brush. I will be ordering this again because it works great.

👤I wanted a more natural alternative to toothpaste. I've been using it for over 6 months and recently when I went to the dentist the hygienist said that she had noticed some areas of inflammation and gums receding to keep an eye on. She asked if I was doing anything different and I told her that I had switched to a different toothpaste and gotten away from the chemicals. She told me to keep doing what I'm doing because it's working for me, and she agreed that fluoride is not necessary in toothpaste. I feel like my teeth are stronger and I have whitened some of them. The taste is good. I've seen some people complain about it, but I think we've gotten used to it being sweet and people don't like it. It has a baking soda type texture that I like. There is a I love this product and will keep buying it.

👤I was looking for a toothpaste that didn't have cinnamon or peppermint in it. Finally, I found it! My kids said it was too hot, but after a few uses they stopped complaining. There is a They used coconut oil as their toothpaste and it did not smell good. This has been a breath saver. There is a The container lasted less than a month. My plan is to get one container for each child. The budget is tight so we share. I would like to subscribe and save it. I can get a one jar per kid if I sell it in larger quantities.


What is the best product for eco friendly toothpaste tubes?

Eco friendly toothpaste tubes products from Himalaya. In this article about eco friendly toothpaste tubes you can see why people choose the product. Colgate and Superbee Wax Wraps are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toothpaste tubes.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toothpaste tubes?

Himalaya, Colgate and Superbee Wax Wraps are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toothpaste tubes. Find the detail in this article. Arm & Hammer, Viva Doria and Hello are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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