Best Eco Friendly Toothpaste with Floride

Toothpaste 29 Nov 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste Flouride Free SLS Free

Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste Flouride Free SLS Free

Papaya and Pineapple have plant-basedidases that work hard to remove surface stains from teeth, while Neem and Pomegranate help to reduce plaque. Soothing cool mint-frESH FLAVOR: Mint essential oil makes your mouth feel clean and healthy, while gentle ingredients help whiten teeth and support healthy-looking gums. Clean and Blanch without using anything on the foam or the hair. It still tastes and foams great, even though it has no bleach, harsh abrasives or harsh foaming agents. Free from the stuff you don't want are floride free, triclosan free, SLS free, carrageenan free, and gluten free too. They care for their furry friends. They don't test their toothpaste on animals.

Brand: Himalaya

👤Since I have used this toothpaste, I have had less plaque and shorter dentist's visits. The health of my teeth and gums is improved by using nite oil. I have always been consistent with my oral hygiene. The hygienist comments on how little plaque I have. This was the only variable that did not change in the last 6-7 years. My family uses it all the time. I have converted many friends to it as well. I could not be happier. No. I don't have an affiliation with the company. You should share it when it's good.

👤I like that the toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling clean. It made my teeth less sensitive. Since I'm not swallowing the artificial sweetener in the toothpaste, I deal with it. I'm not sure if I'll get rid of the taste alone.

👤I don't write a lot of comments. I usually feel that it's a waste of money or the best. I have tried many organic toothpastes which were suppose to whiten, but I could not tell the difference. This toothpaste is not an exception. It whitens my teeth. The flavor is a bit strong, not my taste, that's why the 4 stars, but the cleaning and whitening it does, makes up for it. I finally found a toothpaste that does what it claims to do.

👤I noticed a big improvement in the whiteness of my teeth when I switched over from Tom's of Maine. I had used this brand before and was told by a local store employee that it is extra minty. She was correct about that. If you're not into crazy mint, avoid this toothpaste because it will make you feel spicy in your mouth after a few minutes. I will definitely buy this brand again.

👤2nd purchase. Does the job need to be done? Gets rid of morning breath.

👤Several different tooth pastes were tried. I like the flavor, texture, and whitening of Himalaya Spearmint. I was thinking about having my teeth whitened. My dentist said my teeth were pretty. I can trust my dentist because that proved the Whitening abilities of this toothpaste. He could have charged me hundreds of dollars to whiten my teeth. That is the reason for a 4 star rating. It's not as good as a professional but it's not as bad. When my boyfriend ran out of toothpaste, he bought an old one and hated it. Immediately started using it again. The Spearmint is something we both like. The only reason for rating freshness 4 stars is because we love the Spearmint.

👤My former brand was discontinued because I had to use a fluoride free toothpaste. My general reaction is that it's fine. I will continue to use it. The organic brands are the only ones that have to use fluoride free toothpastes. Many of those taste terrible. This does not have the same mint flavor as my former brand, but it does have a stronger one. There is a brief taste that goes away in a few minutes. It's a little messy because it doesn't hold together coming out of the tube. I don't like that it has a screw on cap instead of a flip top, because it can be messy, and dealing with the top is an added hassle. I don't notice any improvement in the way that my teeth look, but I've never been impressed with the way that toothpaste works. A decent organic toothpaste does the job.

2. Davids Charcoal Toothpaste Peppermint Antiplaque

Davids Charcoal Toothpaste Peppermint Antiplaque

Natural Toothpaste. Fight Plaque, Freshen Breath, and Whiten Teeth are all important. Smooth and creamy. Premium Mint oils are blend for exceptional flavor. 98% of the ingredients in EWG are from the USA. Kid-friendly, Includes Xylitol to Promote Healthy Oral Care, Fluoride Free, SLS Free, Sulfate Free, and vegan. The metal tube is recyclable. The metal tube key roller is included.

Brand: Davids

👤It was a little strange to brush with dark grey toothpaste. I liked the flavor and quickly got used to it. I went in for my dental checkup after using this toothpaste for just two months. My dentist was very concerned about the erosion of the teeth and the gum recession and he never mentioned it to me before. I looked at my toothpaste switch. Toothpaste with charcoal can cause a lot of problems. I should have done more research after my appointment. The American Dental Association warns that charcoal toothpaste can be too abrasive. Since the worn enamel may expose the yellow dentin underneath, your teeth may look more yellow. There are cracks and crevices in older teeth that can be filled with charcoal particles. The evidence of benefit is not very strong. There is a It's time to put this toothpaste in the garbage.

👤I don't know why this product is EWG verified. It is not safe to eat because it has carrageenan. Research in animals shows that it can cause tumors and even colon cancer. There are fewer studies looking at the potential effects on humans because of the danger.

👤I love this toothpaste. This is the first time I have used charcoal. I have never been disappointed with David's products. If you're looking for a more natural alternative, look no further. I hated the toothpastes I used and the chemicals in them. David's is the perfect balance, so no compromises here! If I had to find a way to change the company, my only chance is that they include the metal tube press in every package, which is great if you don't have one for not wasting any of the paste, but I have a few from previous tubes and they're metal

👤Davids toothpaste is amazing. I can see the difference in a week. My teeth are clean. My gums are no longer bleeding. The tube is made from recycled materials. The paste is made from natural ingredients. Great purchase!

👤I bought this on a whim. The texture is more liquid than traditional toothpaste. I found this to be a better consistency than a typical toothpaste because it seems to reach more places if your teeth aren't perfect. The charcoal formula keeps your mouth feeling clean for a longer period of time than typical toothpaste. It's light and refreshing. The metal tube is made from recycled materials. It is sulfate and fluoride free, which is great. I will keep buying this brand. Conventional toothpaste left stains on my teeth, but it has been eradicated by it. It's worth the extra money.

👤I use it every day. I was looking for a natural toothpaste that was the best I had ever tried and this product is the best I have ever tried. After just one week, my teeth were white, my gums felt better, and I didn't have any bleeding while brushing. I like how my teeth feel after each use. There is only one toothpaste on the market that makes my teeth feel clean and white. I used to have irritation around my gum, but now it's gone. It's gentle enough for my kids to use and they love it. That's a big plus in my books. It's a must-have and don't sleep on it.

3. GloBoid Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride Friendly

GloBoid Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride Friendly

The future of oral care. - Mega Minty Mouth Toothpaste is 100% Eco Friendly, Natural, vegan, Cruelty Free, Recyclable, Super Effective and comes in a glass jar. It's easy to use. Pop a tablet in your mouth, chew for 15 seconds, and feel the fresh foam in your mouth. spit and rinse after brushing as normal. For the best results, repeat twice daily. The healthiest teeth have all the ingredients. They follow the advice of the majority of dentists and have included a healthy 1450ppm ferriide in their tablets. The full ingredients list is in the description. The mouth feels fresh and clean. - Their tablets have a mint flavour which will give you a clean feeling in the dentist's office. You can take your toothpaste tablets wherever you go, it's great for the home and perfect for travelling. 100% money back guarantee! Their top priority is your happiness. They are not happy if you are not. If you're not happy with their product, they will do everything they can to change it. They will make it their mission to give you the best experience, no questions asked.

Brand: Globoid

👤I bought these tablets because I didn't think they would be good. I've made my own toothpaste in the past, but I was still looking for an eco friendly alternative. I found these tablets and I love them. There is a Once you start brushing, it's nice and sudsy, and eco friendly. I wasn't expecting this part, but it helped with long term good breath, and killed the bad breath that develops throughout the day. It's expensive and I give it a 4 out of 5. They need to come up with bulk solutions for these tablets so that we don't have to spend so much money each month. There is a There are some things that are CONS: There's only one bottle left for one person. It is a bit expensive. If my husband and I were to purchase this new product, I would be spending $24/month on toothpaste, which is only if I brush twice a day and some days I like to brush more than twice.

👤I ordered them even though there were no reviews for them. I have tried different types of toothpaste. I didn't like some of the things about all three. These weren't perfect either. Even though they claim to have natural mint flavoring, these tablets taste like no mint I've ever eaten. You won't get a good spearmint or peppermint blast of flavor here if you want it. The flavor is okay, but I don't want it. They are easy to chew and foam a little so you feel like the paste is spreading around, and the price is right. I'm likely to re-order until I find my holy grail of toothpaste tablets. Why can't we get a choice of tablets made in the USA? These are from the UK. One of the 3 I tried is made in the US, but they only come in 60-tablet glass jars with a plastic lid and no refill pack, so you have to order jar after jar. They are expensive. I loved them only if they were. I made a complaint to the company. Those are the only ones made in the US.

👤I can only use a 1/2 tab with my sonic care toothbrush, so I look like a dog with its mouth open. It would be great if they were scored for breaking in half. My mouth feels fresh and my teeth are clean.

👤Why didn't I know about toothpaste in tablets? I was not sure what to expect. I love how easy they are to use, the convenience, and the fact that my mouth felt clean and fresh after my first use. I'm hooked for now, but they are a little spendy.

👤This product doesn't make a mess in the sink. The tab is the right amount for toothpaste. The product has a nice scent and leaves my mouth feeling clean. I was surprised to find so many that didn't include fluoride. The reduction of the plastic trash tube is my favorite thing. I think they could either give you more tabs for the money or reduce the price as the high price doesn't make it an affordable option for everyone.

4. Davids Natural Toothpaste Antiplaque Fluoride Free

Davids Natural Toothpaste Antiplaque Fluoride Free

Natural Toothpaste. Fight Plaque, Freshen Breath, and Whiten Teeth are all important. Smooth and creamy. Premium Mint oils are blend for exceptional flavor. 98% of the ingredients in EWG are from the USA. Kid-friendly, Includes Xylitol to Promote Healthy Oral Care, Fluoride Free, SLS Free, Sulfate Free, and vegan. The metal tube is recyclable. The metal tube key roller is included.

Brand: Davids

👤After years of weak teeth and lots of cavities, I was skeptical about using a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste. I've recently read articles that support the ingredients used in this toothpaste as safe, effective and re-mineralizing to help repair and strengthen teeth. I used this one a day and my regular toothpaste once a day to see how it worked. It has a pleasant taste and doesn't foam up so it was weird to get used to. I had a dental check-up after using Davids Natural and it was the best one I have ever had. The hygienist commented that she could tell I had been flossing regularly because there was less plaque and less tartar. Something was going right. I will continue to use this brand because I am now a repeat customer.

👤If it didn't have carageenan in the ingredients, this would be a good product.

👤The item is the same as described. I like the metal tube. I remember when I was a kid, all toothpaste was made in metal tubes. My mom taught me to roll the tube up from the bottom and not to cut the sides. We didn't buy a key for our toothpaste, it probably hadn't been invented yet. The metal toothpaste tube has a key that comes with it. There is a tip for those having a problem with their tubes. Don't put the key on until you use it. It will come out on its own. The metal tubes are the same as this. I would prefer plastic over metal. There is a I love the strong taste of it. I decided to try it because it has a great rating.

👤I just paid $10 for a new toothpaste filled with air. Value for the money is horrible, butflavor is great, presentation is amazing, andpackaging is amazing. The container was filled with air because it was a brand new toothpaste. I used a metal tube and the rest of the container is empty. It was very bad.

👤The toothpaste is good. The packaging is frightening. It was perfect. Everywhere. All the time. I can't travel with it, and it's hard to clean it up because it keeps coming. I am aware of first world problems. I live in the first world and this stuff is a bit pricey. There were no complaints other than that.

👤I love the formula, I love the vegan and cruelty free aspects, and the actual product, taste smell all that... I don't like the package. I think a lot of the product is wasted. I can squeeze the tube just enough to hold it while I remove the cap and toothpaste from it. After opening it for the first time, the toothpaste starts oozing out of the top before I even try to use it. I thought the key was a really cute idea, but when I used it for the first time, I did one too many turns. Every time we opened the cap, we had tooth paste pouring out. The tube cracks along the way, and tooth paste can be seen all along the tube. It's messy and wasteful to clean up every day. I'll keep buying from the brand because I really like what they stand for, but I want you to rethink your tube design, material, or amount of built up pressure that's in it. I can see that I'm not alone in these thoughts.

5. Colgate Sensitive Strength Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Sensitive Strength Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Twice-daily brushing with sensitive teeth toothpaste provides sensitivity protection. The FDA allowed the maximum strength of the antisensitivity active ingredient. The mouth uses Glycerin to help it stay hydrated. Whitening toothpaste with a formula for removing stains. It builds increasing protection against future sensitivity. Fresh breath with mint gel. It helps to restore teeth's natural whiteness with regular brushing.

Brand: Colgate

👤People ask me how I get my teeth white. This toothpaste is my secret. I bought this because I wanted to generally clean my teeth. My dentist thought I had my teeth bleached at another office. The picture is completely uncut. This stuff helps with sensitivity in the process.

👤I buy Sensodyne in a four-pack when it is on sale to save money. I thought I was paying more for the quality. The price was too high when I was ready to replenish. I searched for alternatives to Sensodyne. Colgate Sensitive was almost half the price. The taste was the reason I wrote the review. It feels clean. I used Colgate Sensitive for the first time and found out how much I disliked brushing my teeth. The taste was pleasant and it glides over my teeth. I brush it longer than I need to because it feels good and doesn't bother my mouth. My teeth feel cleaner than Sensodyne. I have never written a review about toothpaste because I didn't know there was a difference.

👤I no longer use ice in anything because my teeth are sensitive to hot/cold. I drink at room temperature. The only toothpaste that seems to help is this one. I was eating on one side of my mouth because the left side of my mouth felt like lightning when I ate something hot or cold. I've been eating normally after using this toothpaste for years, though I'm used to room temp. I like drinking most drinks that way, except for an occasional cup of coffee or can of Coke. I had a coupon for Sensodyne toothpaste and thought it was as good as another, but it wasn't. I was back to the same pain after two days. I hope they never stop making it.

👤I use toothpaste that is specifically made for people with sensitive teeth. I bought the Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength Whitening Toothpaste (3 pack) but I don't know why, but I'm glad I did. Since I've been using Colgate, I can drink cold drinks or eat cold food without feeling like lightening was shooting through my jaw. The product is wonderful. I like the taste of the gel. It makes my mouth feel good. Thank you for buying this toothpaste from Colgate and Amazon.

👤Don't buy that product if you have sensitivity. It doesn't show that on the picture, but it does on the product. I came back as a result. It was kind of a oxymoron.

👤Absolutely angry. I received my package today and it was destroyed on the bottom. Not one of them was salvaged, hoping to get a new order.

👤I noticed that the Colgate sensitive had a purple stripe when I used it with the dark blue stripe. It was a big mistake. This feels very rough on my teeth. Oh my gosh. I called my dentist because I was in so much pain. The dark blue stripe on my toothpaste is from Pain Free Colgate. Don't buy this toothpaste with the purple stripe, it's just another piece of junk.

6. SLOWCORP Sensitive Toothpaste Fluoride Prevents

SLOWCORP Sensitive Toothpaste Fluoride Prevents

The SLS free toothpaste is fortified with natural tea tree oils and sea salts to help clean teeth, refresh breath, and restore a brighter, whiter smile. Their tea tree oil toothpaste is more efficient and effective because it provides plaque fighting support between teeth and cleans gums to fight plaque build up and prevent tooth decay. The addition of sea salt and tea tree in their toothpaste means less plaque and more freshness. It's important to make a strong first impression. Their sea salt toothpastes are vegan friendly and free of harmful chemicals that can damage teeth and gums. They made it easier to make brushing your teeth a priority by putting their toothpaste in an easy-to-use pump system that you can keep on the counter so everyone can remember to brush first.

Brand: Slowcorp.

👤I've been looking for a good toothpaste for myself and my family. It has been difficult to find the best toothpaste. I was not completely satisfied after trying many well known name brands. The first thing that caught my attention was it was vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. There is a All natural plant-derived ingredients and no bad stuff are in this toothpaste. The size of this paste is important. It has triple the amount of paste. My bathroom looks better with a bottle with a pump. The pump is easy to use. It is not bad, I feel fresh. My kids don't like brushing toothpaste, but they seem to enjoy it. Since it is so big, I will definitely buy again.

👤I like good design when it works. The way in which this applicator is used doesn't work. The toothpaste is on the watery side, and in the time it takes to get a full amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, it's already running off the sides and bottom, creating a huge mess. After depressing the pump, you have to manually pull it up to get another pump. When you push the pump down, it stays down until you pull it back up, which is hard when one hand has a toothbrush in it. It doesn't work, but it looks cool. I wouldn't buy this toothpaste again.

👤I like the clear gel and the light mint flavor. There are no white or blue spots on my clothes. I use tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial agent all the time. There is a I have a problem with fluoride toothpaste because it leaves a strong taste if I eat later, and it dries my mouth out if I brush before bed. This brand does not cause either of those problems.

👤The packaging caught my attention. There are attractive graphics, a unique bottle shape, and eco-friendly pacakging. It is my first time using a pump style dispensers and it is more convenient and sanitary than the tube toothpaste. Since it holds more, it will last longer than the tubes. I don't have to worry about the mess and the tubes on our sink. The toothpaste is made with clean, gentle ingredients and it leaves a refreshing feel. This toothpaste is very good.

👤This toothpaste is great. My teeth are clean. I was surprised at how good the taste is.

👤The toothpaste was in perfect condition when it arrived. If you brush before you drink orange juice, you get a reaction in your mouth. I use a pea size dot. I only gave it four stars because it is more expensive, but I think it is worth it. It is worth the extra cost because it is a large quantify that will last longer. Our oral health is dependent on the quality of the ingredients. I was happy to find this product.

👤The product has a nice package. I have a daughter who is very picky but she likes the taste of the paste. I can trust the company and product. There is a It's a good recommendation for young kids and adults.

7. Toothpaste Peppermint Refillable Packaging WELDENTAL

Toothpaste Peppermint Refillable Packaging WELDENTAL

60 tablets are in Eco Packaging. A bottle. There are 3 x 60 count refill in plastic free packaging. There are tablets of non-GMO Xylitol. Both SLS and Fluoride are free. There are also Bubble Gum andVanilla Mint. The toothpaste tablets do not contain Silicon Dioxide. It is very abrasive. There are no unnecessary ingredients. There were no harsh abrasives. There is a safe with an enamel one. There are natural ingredients. It was made in America. It was gentle on the planet. It is gentle on the teeth and gums.

Brand: Weldental

👤I wish I had done more research before buying them. That's on me. I was wondering why my teeth still felt dirty after brushing after using these tablets for a few days. I thought I needed more than one tablet, but it was not the end of the world. That didn't help either. I found out that it makes up 40% of the tablets, and that it's printed all over the label. I was expecting it to be a natural tooth cleaning substance. Nope. There is a There is a sugar alcohol. It is found in everything, and is also found in dental products in the store. The ingredient in sugar-free gum is approved by the dentist. It's not because it cleans your teeth. The sugar in your food causes tooth decay. They eat it, but it's basically like a bird eating a plastic bag, and it's not good for the animal. Xylitol is good for your teeth because it kills off the germs that would otherwise thrive with sugar-filled gum. There is a It doesn't seem to me that that's good enough for toothpaste. Maybe it is. I have good oral hygiene, so I feel like I can use a few months of toothpaste that only kills off the bad stuff. I'll keep using this until my next dentist appointment in four months, and then I'll ask my dentist for her opinion on the effectiveness of this toothpaste in particular. I'll change my rating if I'm wrong about this stuff being more than just breath mints. I'll update with what my dentist says.

👤I threw away another tube of toothpaste. I have a lot to use up. As the year goes on, I look forward to less and less. There is a I would expect my paste to foam up. It takes a lot of chewing to keep the tablets out of my mouth. It brushes off after a while. I was surprised that it was artificial. I can imagine that it's necessary to cover up the other flavors because it's not a taste I am used to. Its not a problem. The overall flavor is great. I will bring this with me to my next cleaning and ask my dentist about it.

👤I wanted to like it. I don't use plastic toothpaste anymore. After the chew tab, I had to brush my teeth with toothpaste. It made me cough. I will make my own toothpaste and keep it in a jar.

👤The product is well presented and will start your day with a guilt free start. You can use cutlery and straws without being plastic free. It all has to change and start here.

👤The packaging is great and I like that these are eco-friendly. I don't feel like my teeth are cleaned as well. I used the regular toothpaste before. I can't get over the taste of them, my hygienist couldn't tell the difference, so they probably were working just fine.

👤I'm not sure if these tabs are good for your teeth. I will bring it to the dentist in a month. There is a They are easy to use and transport, they foam well, and don't leave a trail in your teeth. It takes time to get used to the flavor. I believe that they don't need to add any more sugar to them, they are quite sweet to begin with. I have tried the Peppermint ones and they have a hint of herbal smell, but I got used to it. I love that their packaging was 100% compostable. The tape was made from paper. The receipt of my purchase was the only thing that annoyed me. Thank you for sticking to your sustainable message. Many sellers in Amazon don't do that.

8. ELIMS Reflection Toothpaste Remineralizing Nano Hydroxyapatite

ELIMS Reflection Toothpaste Remineralizing Nano Hydroxyapatite

Dents were used to craft it. Using the power of science and nature to whiten teeth, fight sensitivity, rebuild enamel, and breath. Eliminating fluoride from your toothpaste will fight tooth sensitivity and germs, as well as rebuild the foundation of your teeth. GENTLY WHITENS: Baking soda is used with coconut oil. It is safe and effective for the whole family. Foodie approved a recipe. A unique blend of soothing lavender essential oil, creamy vanilla, and soothing chamomile, with a hint of mint! The ELIMS Reflection Toothpaste is great for relaxing before bed or any time you need a little zen. Eco-friendly tube is made from renewable sugarcane. Standard plastic tubes have less carbon emissions. The box is made from recycled paper. Formula is vegan, free of toxins, artificial colors or flavors, and never tested on animals.

Brand: Elims

👤I like to think of myself as a paste expert. I will admit it. I like to buy products. I buy oral care products, as well as skincare products. I know what's going on. Also the wonder. I've tried everything, and my teeth can be sensitive at times. I used Sensodyne during the Paleolithic era. When I graduated from Biotene, I thought I was cool. When I imported Japanese only toothpastes, I became really cosmopolitan. The Japanese toothpaste was my favorite. It used hydroxyapatite that promised to fix my sensitivity, remineralize my teeth, and more. This was the person who made paste. I've been using the Japanese toothpaste for over a decade, but I've found a new paste with the same ingredient I look for. I'm talking about something. I get the benefits that I love, but it's tasty. I feel bougie and not basic.

👤I bought this toothpaste a long time ago. I wanted to try it for a while before writing a review. I'm rough on my teeth. I drink too many acidic drinks and my dentist says I brush too hard. I grind my teeth when I sleep. When it comes to cold drinks, all this has contributed to my ever increasing teeth sensitivity. I'm happy to report that after using the Elims toothpaste for a while, there's been a noticeable reduction in how sensitive my teeth are. The toothpaste helps whiten your teeth. The flavor of the toothpaste is not mint like, but it does give your mouth a very "fresh" feeling, and it has grown on me over time. I'm very happy with the Elims toothpaste and would order it again.

👤What a great find! I've been using one of the major brands for a long time. At my dentist's recommendation. I decided to try a new toothpaste at a friend's recommendation, just like I did with my previous one. And yes... I've been using this toothpaste for a few months now and I'm a huge fan of it. When I'm done brushing, it's refreshing. I was curious about the lavender flavor, but it was a diversion from the mint flavors. I would like to try the other flavor, but it was sold out when I bought this one. It seems to be working well to manage my teeth sensitivity, because of the flavor and refreshing feeling. There is a It was a mind-blowing moment when I realized that ElIMS is backwards. A company that pushes for sustainable products has fun with it. I picked up some of the whitening strips, but I hope to try the other flavor as well. There will be a review for those to come. But 5-stars for this one.

👤I've been using the product for a couple years now. The checks have been great and it's working. I decided to try this lavender mint just for a change of pace, and also because I liked that it was transparent about the percentage of PHA in the toothpaste. There is a If you don't like strong mint, the flavor is appealing. The flavor is mild, but it doesn't have any of the lavender orVanilla flavors. The texture is very different than a thick icing on a cookie. It's kind of sticky. The way it comes out of the tube isn't something that sticks to your teeth. It cleans very well, rinses clean, and you don't need more than a pea-sized amount to do the job. How well does it work? My next checkup will tell. I'm very satisfied so far.

9. Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste Fluoride Free

Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste Fluoride Free

Plant-based ingredients like Neem and Pomegranate help to keep your mouth clean and plaque out of your teeth. There is a sweet, cool pineapple flavor. Spearmint essential oil has a pleasing touch of sweetness and is good for your teeth and breath. There is a clean TOOTHPASTE with no mess on the foam. It still tastes and foams great, even after a clean toothpaste with no extras. Free from the stuff you don't want are floride free, triclosan free, SLS free, carrageenan free and gluten free. They care for their furry friends. They don't test their toothpaste on animals.

Brand: Himalaya

👤It's minty and I like it because it shrinks my teeth and I take a fish oil supplement. My dentist is impressed with the fact that fluoride products are very toxic to adults and children. It's a fun fact. During Hitler's time, he fluoridated water in mass levels to make Jewish men infertile and lethargic, as this was the side effect of the fluoride. If you don't know, the potant neurotoxin that is so toxic it can't go into any water ways or land fills can bind itself to the pineal gland after a year of use in children. They stop dreaming. Childhood. The average American will see a stone in their head when they get their magnetic resonance images. The person may start to have sleep deprivation at that point. Serotonin and melatonin are produced in the pineal gland and are regulated there. People should stop using products with fluoRIDE. Don't talk about my work, look these facts up for yourselves.

👤I have to be careful with the toothpaste I use. The Himalaya Botanique toothpaste does a great job of cleaning my teeth and making my mouth feel and taste great without causing the sloughing affect. I am a huge fan of all natural, but not all products are good for everyone. I tried a name brand essential oil toothpaste, but it tasted like brushing my teeth with a clove. I had very dry lips for a long time. I switched back to my old toothpaste. I've tried all of the flavors and they are all delicious. My husband and I love to use toothpaste.

👤I used baking soda because regular toothpaste seemed to have a lot of harsh chemicals in it. Baking soda has a harsh taste. After reviewing a bunch of natural tooth pastes, I decided that this one was the one I wanted. It tastes the same as regular toothpaste without the chemicals. I use a toothbrush. I have one tooth that is a little loose that is not related to the electric tooth brush, but the paste is fine. When I run out, I'm going to buy more.

👤When I found out Colgate Total contained a known carcinogen, I sought a different brand of toothpaste. Colgate-Palmolive decided that the carcinogen would not be removed from the product. I decided to leave Colgate. How does that work? I didn't like the taste of this brand when I first tried it. The flavor is powerful and it was less sweet. I had to use my friend's toothpaste after using up the first tube. I realized how much I like my Himalaya Boutique brand at home. I hope it becomes more of a main stream so I can buy it at my store, and I hope the price goes down a bit.

👤This toothpaste is amazing. I bought cinnamon and one mint and they both have great tastes and clean my teeth. If you're shopping for a new toothpaste, these are the ones to recommend. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will be looking to try more products from this company. There is a Four children from ages 4 to 13 use both of these without complaint.

10. Simple Life Toothpaste Tablet Peppermint

Simple Life Toothpaste Tablet Peppermint

Do you travel frequently? Do you fly a lot? Maybe you like camping. Keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh can be difficult, and sometimes it is not possible to carry toothpaste. Do you want your breath to be fresh? Their toothpaste tablets are amazing. Tin Case and Paper are 100% plastic free. The tablets are easy to carry and use. Take a few tablets, chew them, and brush them away. The tablets are solid, so they can be carried on planes. The tabs of toothpaste can help prevent plaque and cavities. Don't compromise on oral hygiene and keep your breath fresh. Their toothpaste tablets have vitamins B6, E, C, Xylitol, and aloe extract. The tablets are used with the least amount of chemicals possible.

Brand: Simplut

👤The toothpaste tablets are great, but I bought them in a plastic container to go waste free.

👤The tablets were fine. They tasted good and made my mouth feel clean. The writing was in a different language and I returned it. I didn't know what the ingredients were. I am aware that it might be dumb. It's important to me.

👤The description says that the toothpaste tablets have vitamins B6, E, C, Xylitol, andAloe extract. The tablets provide the best possible dental care while using the least amount of chemicals possible. The ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate. I didn't use it the first time. It's worse than regular toothpaste. After brushing my teeth for the first time, I accidentally ate a fresh strawberry and had to spit out the strawberry and re- brush my teeth with a product without sulfates. I lost the purpose I had in choosing this product. I was looking for sulfates.

👤The ingredients are in Korean. According to Amazon, it has vitamins and green tea extract. I like to read that in the package. The smell isn't strong. I don't feel like I'm fresh when using regular toothpaste. Once brushed in, the tablets are easy toDissolve and not Hard. If you need that super minty breathe, I would recommend a more natural toothpaste. It's perfect for packing light. The bottle is made of plastic and I wish it was made of recycled material.

👤Hate this product. I ordered this because of the description. I was disappointed that it was toothpaste tablets. I had ordered toothpaste. The description also says no sulfates. You can taste them when you use it. This tastes like sulfates with a hint of mint. I paid 15 dollars for this. It comes in a bottle. I thought it was in a glass bottle. If you don't have a lot of space, it's good. I prefer a tube of toothpaste or a travel tube. This product is a waste of money. Don't recommend.

👤I wish they sold them in a cardboard container to save plastic, I love them and my teeth feel clean, but I only wish they sold them in a cardboard container.

👤This is one of the few toothpaste tablets I can find that has fluoride in it, which is illegal in the US due to the FDA. The tablets are small for what I need, and only lasted me a month when a tube of toothpaste lasts me 3-4 months. The reason I bought these was to reduce my plastic waste. These are in a container. Looking at buying a toothpaste in a glass jar without the Preservatives. I have soft teeth, so I have to have fluoride in my system.

👤I used to use this for about a month, and I noticed that my breath would get bad quickly. There is a When I was using normal toothpaste, my breath would be bad when I woke up. The bad breath went away when I switched back to colgate. This stuff didn't work for me.

11. Nelson Naturals Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste

Nelson Naturals Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste

Zero waste packing! 100% plastic-free jars. The most clean of all! You feel like a dentist after every use. It is a sign of aLIZING! The formula helps the enamel absorb minerals. FluoRIDE is free! Artificial Flavours, SLS, Glycerin, and Fluoride are not found in Nelson Naturals. It's free! They don't test on animals. If a dog ingests Xylitol, it is very dangerous. Pets should be kept away from them.

Brand: Nelson Naturals

👤The taste wasn't a complete shock and turned off like I've read in reviews before buying this product. It is not as salty as the more common brands of tooth paste. If you gargled with water or brushed with baking soda, the flavor probably wouldn't bother you. Not a lot of foam. No complaints from the dentist, it gets your teeth clean. I made this jar last a few months by using regular tooth paste for a few days and then using this product another day, I wish it was a little more affordable. I use my finger to put the paste on my tooth brush rather than dipping it, which might have made it last a little longer. I can see a family of four trying to use this product and it breaking the bank, which isn't something anyone should have to worry about when buying toothpaste while trying to put the environment first. You shouldn't have problems with the jar drying up if you screw the lid on. I wish other tooth paste brands would use designs like this. I will probably buy again.

👤I've been searching for a toothpaste that would fit my needs, in particular one that was natural, had no fluoride and in a container I wouldn't have to cut open to get the last bit of toothpaste. Is it Nelson Naturals? The taste is perfect, just the little bit of saltiness. My teeth feel like they just stepped out of a dentist's office. I initially thought it was too watery, but the more I stirred it, the consistency was where I needed it to be. I used a plastic spatula from my makeup kit to put toothpaste on my brush. I will be ordering this again because it works great.

👤I wanted a more natural alternative to toothpaste. I've been using it for over 6 months and recently when I went to the dentist the hygienist said that she had noticed some areas of inflammation and gums receding to keep an eye on. She asked if I was doing anything different and I told her that I had switched to a different toothpaste and gotten away from the chemicals. She told me to keep doing what I'm doing because it's working for me, and she agreed that fluoride is not necessary in toothpaste. I feel like my teeth are stronger and I have whitened some of them. The taste is good. I've seen some people complain about it, but I think we've gotten used to it being sweet and people don't like it. It has a baking soda type texture that I like. There is a I love this product and will keep buying it.

👤I was looking for a toothpaste that didn't have cinnamon or peppermint in it. Finally, I found it! My kids said it was too hot, but after a few uses they stopped complaining. There is a They used coconut oil as their toothpaste and it did not smell good. This has been a breath saver. There is a The container lasted less than a month. My plan is to get one container for each child. The budget is tight so we share. I would like to subscribe and save it. I can get a one jar per kid if I sell it in larger quantities.


What is the best product for eco friendly toothpaste with floride?

Eco friendly toothpaste with floride products from Himalaya. In this article about eco friendly toothpaste with floride you can see why people choose the product. Davids and Globoid are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toothpaste with floride.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toothpaste with floride?

Himalaya, Davids and Globoid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toothpaste with floride. Find the detail in this article. Colgate, Slowcorp. and Weldental are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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