Best Eco Friendly Toys for 1 Year Old

Toys 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Dinosaur Electronic Crawling Development Educational

Dinosaur Electronic Crawling Development Educational

Ages for 10 to 36 months. It takes 2 minutes to assemble. The god will give your kids the greatest gift. The sensor on the back of the dinosaur will move, nodding heads, and play songs and music with light. It will make your baby want to crawl. Babies can learn how to control large muscles which allow walking, running, jumping and body balance when playing. It's a perfect choice as baby toys 6 to 18 months, 6 month old baby toys, gifts toys for 1 2 year old boy and girl. Touch the sensor and it will play, which is easier than pressing a button. The toy can guide babies in a safe direction and self-avoid obstacles, thanks to its universal wheels. Good choice as baby boy and girl toys. It comes with an auto shut-off to save battery. You can restart it after an auto shut-off. To see the toy play, turn on "Go mode". The baby should be encouraged to chase and crawl. It becomes a cute toy pet when you turn on stop mode. The cute fashion design will make the baby feel good. Touch the sensor and it will play roaring dino sounds with lights, which can help develop baby's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is a good size to put in your bag for taking out or travelling as a toddler baby boy girl toy. The toddler toys will play a variety of songs and dinosaur sounds. The baby will benefit from the sounds. The baby will dance with the music. The head of a dinosaur will light up. The light will not hurt baby's eyes and help visual development. The volume adjustment button can be used to turn music down. A helpful function for parents. The Dino car toys are made of non-toxic ABS, polished smooth edges, burr-free and have no small parts to avoid a choking hazard. It is safe to play with. It is made of shatterproofABS to ensure long lasting performance. 3 xAAA batteries are required. Their products will bring you joy. Let them know if there is an issue and they will come up with a solution for you.

Brand: Cubicfun

👤I bought one a few months ago. It stopped working after a short time. I wrote a review. The company apologized and sent me a new one. It was nice of them to do it. I know my grandson will be happy. It is a great toy. I deleted my one star review and now give the company 5 stars. I am very happy. It is nice to see a company standing behind their products. Thank you.

👤I was very disappointed in this toy. It was received and put in batteries. The second switch was to "Go." The toy began to stutter and repeat a sound without any movement. Reread instructions, tried a few other tricks to get the toy moving, but gave up and was sent in for a replacement. There is a The first toy malfunctioned when the replacement arrived. Returned on the third day. Would not recommend it.

👤It has a sensor that will turn the other way when it bumps into something. When the buttons on the sides are easy to reach, it goes into a standby mode. It has encouraged my baby to crawl and she loves going after dinosaurs.

👤I haven't figured out the sensor and other features, but it does excite my baby granddaughter, it comes close within a table or something, it backs up. It is cute. She wants to get it. She is not even crawling yet. I was hoping that she would crawl after it. Only for children 12 months and up. 6 months and up is what the description says. I can't find anything that would make it dangerous for a child under 12 months. I wouldn't allow her to chew on it. It is common sense to use a toy for a 7 month old. She will enjoy it more as she gets older.

👤The little learn to crawl toy is so cute that if you touch him, he will move forward and encourage your child to crawl. The dinosaur is cute. My niece really goes after him after I bought her a gift. It was adorable to watch and a great toy.

👤I think this toy is great. My son will love it. The toy is playing music. When the toy touches an object, it will spin around and move in a different way. I recommend you buy this toy for your child. There is a It's hard to contact the seller. I got a coupon when I bought the toy. The coupon says it came from the maker. I can't find anything when I try to search. The toy was found on the "cubic fun" page.

👤The attention grabbing dino is adorable. My granddaughter likes it. She loved it so much. It didn't stand up to her throwing it many times. I bought a new one for her because she is a few months older and I hope she will enjoy it more and stop throwing it. It isn't a ball. Does she understand at 14 months? It's still very cute. She likes it.

2. Green Toys Seaplane Color Floatplane

Green Toys Seaplane Color Floatplane

Click to lock together the assembly. For ages 6 and up. The toy is made using earth friendly materials. 100% recycled plastic milk jugs ensure that the toy is safe for children and the environment. Does not contain any toxins. This floatplane has a spinning propeller and is perfect for coasting into any port. The toy is designed to float in the water. The green toy is useful to introduce your child to different modes of transportation. Young captains will be helped to navigate air and water. The pincer grip of your child will be improved if you grasp the toy with the utmost case. The packing of this toy is done in a way that is friendly to the environment. The earth is protected from damaging by the use of recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy ink. The pool toy is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. You can wash it with a baby wash or soap. It is recommended to clean the toy whenever your child likes it. Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs. The US supply chain reduces greenhouse gas.

Brand: Green Toys

👤My son likes these toys. It was made in the USA and 100% recycled. These are very well made and will last a long time. A toy made from overseas. The toys are large enough for the bath, pool or spa. I like how they fill with water and sink. The price is right as well. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more.

👤I'm pretty sure this plane will hold up if it's in the water. It has a design flaw. There arevents at the back and front of the pontoons. The vent on the back side is only a fraction of an inch above the water. The plane is just a tick back heavy, which means water inevitably enters the back vent, fills the pontoon, and the plane begins to list, then eventually sink. My grandson gave up playing with it because of this.

👤The plane is cool. I thought it would be bigger. It was too big for small kids. The propeller is spinning. It floats. It sinks with the smallest ripples in the water. The top of the pontoons have vent located in the picture of the plane. When the plane sits in the water it floats but the smallest ripples cause the water to go into the pontoons and cause the plane to sink. The water from the jets in the hot tub would cause the plane to sink, as our family used it. You can find a common complaint with the word "sink" in the other reviews. If you turn it upside down it will drain quickly and then float again. The manufacture should make it harder for water to get in by adding flaps that let water out.

👤The Green toys are the best. What's not to love? The quality of them is greatly improved when you receive one. They are easy to clean and I can't imagine any dangers with these toys, other than if they are used as a projectile, so obviously if there is a baby in the bunch with some older toddlers. I love that they are dishwasher safe. We decided to keep the Green toys in a toy box because of 2 reasons. When we have company with children or playmates visiting, they can all dive into these toys and we don't have to worry about my grandson's other toys being dragged out with multiple pieces, and we can not just throw them in. These are toys that are worry free when children are visiting, so you still have to parent as we should be. When there is only a small window of time for bath and playtime before bed, these are easy to pick up, and the only toys we let him drag out because they are simple and easy to pick up. They are made in the USA and completely recycled. I have not seen many quality toys like these other than those made in the 1940's or so, where good craftsmanship is important. We have at least 2 dozen of these toys and they have become an awesome gift item when they go on sale. They are the best toys.

3. KIDWILL Hammering Pounding Educational Xylophone

KIDWILL Hammering Pounding Educational Xylophone

It's nice to have a wooden toy that kids can learn from. The montessori toy is a perfect Christmas gift for boys and girls. A multifunctional toy set includes a pounding bench, musical xylophone, and number maze puzzle. Hit the pegs on the bench and the hamsters will show their naughty smiles. Two hammers &mallets with number maze puzzles in the other side allows two or more kids to share joy together. The pounding act strengthens arm muscles. The 8-note xylophone playing encourages musical development. Number maze puzzles help with number recognition. Made with high quality wood, it is sturdy and smooth. Water-based paint was used. Children are protected when babies play. This unique learning toy is fully tested to meet the highest standards and will be an excellent toy for preschool baby toddler boys and girls. A great gift idea for kids birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more is the Perfectly designed for small hands to grasp and touch. What do you get? The toy is called the Hammering Pounding Toy.

Brand: Kidwill

👤The toy was disappointing. I got it for my son and I wouldn't give it to him. The first thing I noticed when I opened the shipping box was that there was a warning not to give it to anyone under 3 years old, as some pieces may be a choking hazard. I found many other problems when I looked at the toy. There was a piece of glue on one of the hammers that had dried. The glue on the toy was indicative of the quality, but it wasn't a problem. The frame of the plywood had a long hole that could cause splinters. I picked up a mallet to go up the scale, but the notes were wrong. It was a bunch of random noises. He will learn from that that he hates music. There is a It will cost me more to return it than I paid, but there is no value here. It is going to the trash. The seller went out of his way to reply to my review. He is willing to give us a refund and he appears to be very sincere, as he says he has changed the manufacturer to ensure better quality. I have raised the rating here from 1 star to 2 and will add more details as they arise. The seller offered me a partial refund if I took down the review. I explained in several emails that I would leave the review up but add details of the customer service I received. I thought the review would be positive because of my overall experience, even though I still have some issues with the product. They tried to bribe me to not review the toy. I have changed the rating back to 1 star.

👤I was not expecting this toy to be so cool. It has 2 hammers and 2 mallets. Two kids can use it at the same time. The maze is a challenge for the kids. Overall, it's a nice design.

👤A sturdy toy. I have a hammer toy that is a little more expensive, but I prefer this one because of the multiple fidget plays that keep my LO busy. My 2.5 year old toddler loves the xylophone more than the hammer, as shown in the video. She doesn't like the numbered buttons. It's good to have multiple things to do in a single toy.

👤My grandson loves playing whack-a-mole. The moving numbers are a challenge for his fine motor skills, so we play them together, which is fun for me. He thinks the xylophone is a symphony and uses a mallet in each hand to play it. I like the smooth edges and fine crafting of this toy. I like that this toy is made of wood, and that it is a good solid toy for him.

👤We love this toy. One of the toys the baby plays with all day long. The sticks were used to play the xylophone. She is too old for that. When she is more coordinated and less likely to put her own eye out, they will most likely be given to her. She has a wooden spoon that does the job. One of the wood disks cracked in half. It is possible to glue and tighten it. Not a big deal for me to return it. I would have returned for another one if I had given it to me.

4. Toddlers Biodegradable Natural Bamboo Plastic

Toddlers Biodegradable Natural Bamboo Plastic

What will you get? 6 kinds of wooden musical instruments with a portable storage bag are included. If there is a problem with the toys set, please contact them via Amazon and they will do their best to help you. High quality. The bamboo fiber is heavy duty and will stand up to the elements. It is biodegraded. The choice for your family is truly green. Their toys will break down into harmless organic matter if they are lost in the ocean or buried in the sand. Non toxic. The beach toy set is a natural alternative to cheap plastic toy sets that harm their environment and the health of their children. Education is an area of study. The Eco Beach toy set is designed to encourage outdoor summer vacation fun, from the simplest shape to the most creative castle. GIVING BACK The substance known as plastic is not disposable. Plastic Oceans gets profits from their small family business.

Brand: Lovelotte

👤We take it to the beach and use it in the yard. The bucket and digging tools that you buy at the grocery store are cheap plastic. Thank God for a better alternative to plastic. Please make more toys like these. We will be able to pass them along for second hand use if we ever part with them. I'm happy to have an alternative to plastic toys. The beach/gardening toy set is sturdy, bright and has become a favorite of my daughter for her exploration of our backyard.

👤I bought these for my kids to go to the beach. We had a lot of plastic toys that we found on the beach and they never lasted long. The plastic sets have useless molds and shifters. The Eco Beach toy set has three different options for the kids to choose from. The toys see a lot of action. They biodegrade and are plastic-free. I am paranoid that I will lose them due to the price point. My friends are starting to buy them after seeing how sturdy and eco they are, and they are clearly different from other toys so they won't get confused. I would definitely buy again, but I hope that they become more affordable so that more people can use it.

👤The beach toy set is great. It is simple and minimalist, but you really need to have fun playing in the sand on the beach. It is all the good things. A good investment. The tools are fun and the colors are striking. The adults enjoyed using the tools to create a mandala. We were on the beach and the tide was rolling in and one of the pieces was getting lost in the waves and I was happy to lose it knowing it would break down to organic matter in just months. We swooped it up. I was very happy to find and purchase this set. Great gift!

👤We have had these toys for almost two years and they are still in great shape. There are a few rough edges. We put them through the ringer with the beaches and sand castles of the Pacific Northwest. The bucket is very heavy and digs very well. No worries about handles falling off. We buy these for everyone on their birthday. The fact they are not made of plastic is amazing. I love them!

👤We love this beach toy set. It is safe and fun. Over the years, we've spent a lot of money on cheap plastic sand toys. They brake quickly and leave sharp ends exposed. The message behind the story is something we love. We teach our children to protect the environment, clean up trash and save water. We are grateful for the change you and your family made.

👤A bucket and set of tools have traveled to many places. They're sturdy, not obtrusive in appearance or color, and function well. My child thoroughly enjoys their use.

👤These are great! They are very sturdy and have taken quite the beating so far. The bucket has a notch on it. It's easy to pick up the bucket if you turn it upside down. There is a They have lasted longer than any other beach toys we have had. The mesh bottom of the tote makes it easy to clean and dry the toys. The biggest pro? It is eco-friendly.

5. ALASOU Cartoon Toddler Birthday Forest

ALASOU Cartoon Toddler Birthday Forest

Bopoobo is a reliable manufacturer of baby teething products. Their products have a 90-day return or exchange guarantee. They are always here to make sure you are completely satisfied, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Safe Toy Cars are made of non-toxic material. Smooth edge makes it a perfect size for baby's hands. There are four cute animals: calf, dog, squirrel and cat. The design is amazing. The toy cars set has 4 bright colors and cute cartoon characters, which will attract kids and help stimulates their imagination, improve color recognition and practical ability. No batterie is required. The tail wagging while the car is running is great for kids ages 2 and up. A perfect gift for toddlers and babies. It is durable and lightweight. It's a nice gift package for kids' birthday gift, Christmas gift and early education toys.

Brand: Alasou

👤I bought this for our grandson. He loves them. His mom did the same. The faces work well.

👤The little cars are durable and colorful. It will be a most interesting gift for a 1 year old. Push the top off and they will go with their tails.

👤These are a lot smaller than they look, which is fine, baby sized is good enough. One fell off the table while he was playing with it and the gears inside didn't roll, it's not great. It's a good cheap gift for 20 bucks.

👤It's adorable... It's easy to play with 2 and 1 year olds. They love them.

👤It was very bright and sturdy. It's right for little hands. Cars are very fast.

👤If you plan to use this product as a gift, I don't recommend it, since I bought it as a gift. The general appearance of the box is puzzling. A gift is not a good one.

👤They lived them and were a gift for the grandchildren. It was very entertaining. It is durable.

👤Cars went really fast because they were well made. Our 2 grandsons enjoyed playing with each other.

6. Joyjoz Musical Keyboard Education Toddlers

Joyjoz Musical Keyboard Education Toddlers

The activity center is recommended for kids 1 year and older. The music toy has two modes, the random mode can play 9 melodies and the one-click mode has 9 music keys and animal sounds. A lot of fun is added to baby by the Mat music sound. There are 25 built-in sounds on the musical mat. The music play mat helps kids gain music knowledge and keeps your child entertained for hours. Joyjoz music mat is made of soft fabric, anti-slip, safe, easy to clean, environmental friendly and non-toxic. The baby will enjoy the play time with the Joyjoz piano mat. Joyjoz music mat is a great early education toy for children, the floor piano mat lets children express themselves. Children can benefit from music. It is a great gift for a kid. The music mat is 10030 cm. The Joyjoz piano music mat is easy to carry and store. You can enjoy electronic music mats with your child, but only with 3 AA batteries. It is the best choice for your family trip.

Brand: Joyjoz

👤There is a I am not a mom of a human child. I am a dedicated fur mom. Sweet girls love this. The Yorkies are playing music.

👤I bought this for my horse. He can step on the pictures to play the music without damaging it. I thought I would just have him touch it with his nose. It's a lot of fun. I want to make sure he doesn't step on the corner with the electronics. He wasn't supposed to pick it up and shake it, but he did that. Should be able to hold a toddler.

👤My nephew's 1st birthday gift was a big hit, he was a big fan of this toy. The other babies at the party loved it. He still plays with it a month later.

👤Twin girls like their keyboard. The mat is very flexible and bright. The sounds of the animal are not exactly like the animal they are imitating. There is a song mode where each key plays a different song. I store the keyboard in a bag because it folds easily. One negative is that my girls can fold this up so it makes a lot of noise, different songs and animal sounds. The on/off button is what the volume button is for. My girls have learned to work it because it takes no force to move it and they can change it whenever they please. A fun toy.

👤I got this for my 1 year old, who started walking at 9m and now loves music and dancing. The lowest volume is loud. I mean that. The sudden loud animal sounds are frightening to us parents. He trips on it and falls because it doesn't stick to the floor. It seems cheap. None of us like it. Will try to return since I wouldn't give it to you.

👤The piano we paid for is amazing. My two toddlers got this as a Christmas gift. The sound quality is pretty good. I was a bit skeptical at first but we are satisfied!

👤My child loves the different sounds of the piano and animal. You will need 3 AA batteries if the battery is not included. I looked for the on/off button on the other side. It makes my toddler happy. Keeping her active.

👤My son likes the product, but it's a little noisy. He likes to dance and music has made it one of his favorite toys. This product is very cheap. My package was in good condition when it was shipped. The product is what I was expecting. I think this product is a great one.

👤It isn't as per the description. Too much of the ground is slippery. Compared to other brand, nothing special.

7. Mini Tudou Building Teething Educational

Mini Tudou Building Teething Educational

It was designed and manufactured in the country. A baby blocks set has an animal,shape, fruit,Arabic numerals and geometrical patterns on the sides. Children can develop their sense of touch and vision by touching and observing these patterns. The blocks can help the baby grow up. The baby building blocks are easy to stack and pick up. It can be squeezed and made a sound. It is soft,chewable and perfect for babies who are just getting their first teeth. Blocks for babies provide fun for kids. Teaching kids letter, counting,balancing,building and other motor skills. The carved number is a good way to learn Arabic numerals. It can be used as a match game. Baby blocks are made from food grade silicone and are safe.

Brand: Mini Tudou

👤On Cyber Monday, I bought these. I like the subtle shades of the colors. I really like the animals and some of them look weird. They seem to be well-made.

👤It's nice for little kids. I was frustrated about what to buy for a child, until I saw this product. It was in a good quality box and the blocks were organized in the box. It is soft and round, non swallow, attractive squeeze sound, decent color, and it fits the needs of a little baby! I found this and I am very happy.

👤These are great for encouraging fine motor skills. There is a My baby loves them. She has 2 1/2 teeth and chews on it. She shakes it and hits it against the wall. She uses her finger to touch the pictures on the cube. There is a The noise is not loud. There is a If you knock on them, they will sound like wood. They are not like baby bottle nipples. Some of the animals and shape names on the cubes might be useful to know. A mouse and qautrefoil. A cow and a hexagon. A tiger is 3- square. The triangle is a rabbit. The circle is a dragon. circle sector? A snake. A 7-star horse. The lamb has an 8-heart. The monkey is an addition sign. The chicken is supposed to be a subtraction sign. The small addition sign is for a flower and the small subtraction sign is for a pig. The 12 animals are all Chinese zodiac signs. It would be fun to find out which one your baby is.

👤These things are useless, and there are more mouth-fitted chew toys. They have shapes that are meant to fit in one another, but they're so rubbery you can easily fit a hexagon in a square, or a circle, or whatever, which makes them horrible for teaching shapes. When you connect those shapes correctly, they don't stick or hold, so that doesn't teach anything. The colors are dull at best. These are blocks that look good in photos, but don't do much else.

👤My daughter is 6 months old. She likes to knock it down when we stack them up high. She can learn the numbers later, if she plays it long. I didn't smell anything.

👤There is an air hole on each one of them, so it's hard to clean them. Babies chew and eat. I don't know how to clean and dry the cubes. I tried to clean it with some soap water, but the water never got out after a few weeks. I don't allow my baby to play with it. There is a germ pool in the cubes.

👤My baby loves these blocks. I was looking for something that was light enough for her to pick up and soft enough for her to chew on. These were perfect! I like the muted colors.

👤I am very happy with the set of soft blocks that I received for my baby. There is a The blocks are made of soft material and the colors are lovely. The packaging can make a great gift. There is a My son loves playing with this toy. The material is difficult to use. The texture is great for sensory play and can be used for stacking. They have numbers, shapes and addition/subtraction signs on them and can be used as cognitive toys later. My son will be well-entertained if the toy is used for a long time. All money spent well.

8. Learning Educational Montessori Toddlers Halloween

Learning Educational Montessori Toddlers Halloween

Easter egg stuffers are ideal for Easter gifts, birthday gifts, trick or treat, and more. Miniature novelty toys are the best for carnivals, stocking stuffers, teaching aids, and home prize boxes. The large-size 3D wooden puzzle design is a safe toy for children. The large size is more suitable for Montessori toddler toys. Jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality, environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint and have no irritating smell. The wooden puzzle is easy to play with and will be of use to young children. Toddler puzzles building toys-cute animals: crab, tortoise, starfish. Toddler can develop patience, imagination, concentration, colors, shapes, and hand-eye coordination. PARENT-CHILD TIMEReject all screen electronic equipment, toddlers are most in need of the company of their families, strongly recommend this wooden puzzles for toddlers, learning and games for happy growth. Colorful and cute animal wooden puzzles, exquisite gift boxes, and easy-to-store storage bags are included. It is the best easter christmas gifts for kids.

Brand: Bigshu

👤My child loved it. She was trying to figure out the puzzle when we sang the song "head, shoulders, knees and toes". Bring one puzzle at a time. Too many will overwhelm them.

👤My son told me that I am not allowed to buy my granddaughter puzzles from now on. My granddaughter likes to throw the pieces instead of putting them in their correct places. She might be too young for puzzles. I gave them to her when she was 14 months old.

👤It was for my toddler. It did not come with a bag to put them in.

👤I thought the puzzles would be bigger but they work for small hands.

👤It was listed at the top as suitable for 2, and 3 year olds. I bought these for my granddaughter's 1st birthday, but the box says not for kids under 3. The pictures make them seem larger than they are. I wouldn't buy these for a baby.

👤I bought these for my niece as a birthday gift. The quality is better than I expected and they are an excellent baby gift. Will buy again.

👤It is part of my granddaughter's Christmas presents and she will love it.

👤Pieces were missing from the puzzles that were not individually wrapped. What a lie.

9. Yunaking Toddlers Recording Interactive Educational

Yunaking Toddlers Recording Interactive Educational

It's never too early to start learning for preschoolers. Children under the age of 3 should play with their parents. The cool cat shape and bright colors are easy to notice by baby. The dancing cat musical toys will move, swing arms, wiggle hips and shake heads with play funny music and soft light, it will attract your baby to chase. Babies can develop their gross motor skills with musical baby toys. 3 function and 2 mode for more fun. The younger baby is attracted to the flash light and cheerful music. An older baby is being led to learn dancing and rhythm. Talkback mode can be used to talk with your child. The toy can walk and spin in circles. Dance with the music in ''STOP'' mode. A musical toy is a must have. There are different early education baby toys. By playing the cat game, you can drive the baby to crawl and walk, learn music and rhythm, and teach basic dance moves. All of these are good for developing motor skill, language skills, imagination and sence of direction. There are great learning and educational toddler toys. The baby toy 1 year old can self-avoid obstacles,bump and go, guide babies in a safe direction and develop spatial awareness, thanks to the universal wheels. Wigging the cat's tail will make it hard to love animals and be kind to them. Lift the headset up and it will play funny sounds. Your child will love it and get more active from it. Excellent quality and gift. The baby toys for 1 2 3 year old are made of premium plastic with soft edges and are 100% safe. A wonderful newborn, birthday, and Christmas gift! You will not believe how much this cat can do. A great gift and a big surprise! What are you waiting for? Pick me up and dance with me.

Brand: Yunaking

👤This toy teaches children about flatulence and then says excuse me, which is not age appropriate.

👤The box that came in was perfect but the box inside is damaged and it's a bad birthday present for a little girl. How to wrap a horrible presentation would be a real pain. Asking for a new car! The packer didn't care about the way it looked.

👤Great purchase! This was bought for my grandson's first birthday and he loves it. At first, I wasn't sure about it. It got him moving quickly. He was crawling all over the place. There are a lot of phrases.

👤The little cat is amazing. My fifteen year old loves it and has been following it around the house. It is too cute. The gift is perfect.

👤This thing is cute. She plays with it and it's hilarious. Sometimes it tells her to be easy if she knocks it over. She got a toy for Christmas.

👤A mis hijas de 1 y 3 aos, est ms pequeo de lo. No lo odian pero le es indiferente, adems de tener las defectos, repite lo mismo constantemente. No me recomiendo, no mandaré, no molesto.

👤It does everything it says it does. The batteries are not included. You need to switch the button underneath the foot.

👤I got this for my daughter's birthday, but it doesn't dance or sing, it's incredibly annoying how it gets stuck on one phrase over and over, and it doesn't shut off.

10. Magnetic Erasable Creative Christmas Halloween

Magnetic Erasable Creative Christmas Halloween

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Their goal is to make their customers happy. If you run into a problem, they will replace the bowl faster than you can say "I love Suvana Market". Their US based team is ready to help. They are happy to have you in the family. The kids drawing board is divided into four colors zones: red, blue, green and yellow. Bright colors help kids to recognize basic colors and make colorful drawings. This drawing board covers a magnetic pen with string and 3 stamps in different shapes of rabbit, star and heart, which make it more fun to paint. Kids can play with stamps. The No Mess Kids toys for 1-2 year old girls are a great mess-free art activity, not only don't have to worry about kids messing up the walls and floors, getting their clothes, faces and hands dirty anymore, and eating. Making kids play with the Magnetic doodle Board will solve mother's troubles. The drawing board for toddlers is made of child-friendly and eco-friendly plastic, sturdy, non-toxic and smell-free. The toddler girl toys have a sliding eraser that is easy to grip and smooth for kids, which makes it easy to erase the painting easily and cleanly. The upgraded toddler girl toys features four legs, easy to install and disassemble, and three different forms, which kids can choose the most comfortable form according to their needs. The drawing board for kids is more stable because of the four legs being in a stable four-angle. The magnetic doodle board frame with 0-9 cute numbers and 24 alphabets can help kids learn how to speak and write. There are great toddler toys for Christmas, birthday, Halloween, and Easter. The early learning toys for girls and boys are great for making toddlers busy on travel.

Brand: Hzziley

👤I thought it would be bigger and sit over my grand daughter's lap. It is much smaller than the pictures show. It is very similar to a magna doodle.

👤The different colors are fun, but they are not as vibrant as the yellow is. I think it's cute and will be great for my daughter once she's big enough to use it. It's light. The removal legs make it easy to pack up for car trips. Thankfully the pen is attached so I don't have to worry about the stamps getting lost.

👤You can remove the legs and use it as a handheld drawing board. My daughter loves it! She draws, draws

👤The granddaughter loves it. There is a It's great for outdoors in the car. There is a It's easy to carry. There is a It is worth the money.

👤This is a perfect size. Excited to give it to my sister. This product is made by a small family business and I love supporting them.

👤I have not used the product yet because it is a gift for Easter, but it looks better in person and is what I was looking for. It looks fun to use and will help her learn.

👤Wow. My kids love this board. I brought this with me to my birthday party, and 7 kids played with it. They have to watch I pad for hours because they stop watching it. The oldest one is 12 years old, and the youngest one is 3 years old. My friends are going to buy a couple for their kids. Thank you Amazon for the gifts for kids. It is perfect for a party with lots of kids.

11. YGJT Balance Bicycle Riding Birthday

YGJT Balance Bicycle Riding Birthday

The dump truck toy is easy to clean. It should be cleaned whenever your child likes playing with it. It's suitable for use indoors and outdoors. The eyes can "blink” with the handle bar moving, and no pedals, fully enclosed wheel, are recommended for 10 to 36 months old. The baby balance bike has a carbon steel frame structure. The handle bar and wheel are made of EVA. Kids can learn how to ride, go forward and back with their feet, and practice their leg force, good toy choice for indoor and out door. The English manual and pic instructions for this infant bicycle are easy to set up. The quality guarantee is 3 years. If you have any quality, please contact them. A baby walker with a good toddler toys choice is a gift for a first birthday.

Brand: Ygjt

👤I had a problem with this toy. This is not a real comment. The back wheel did not attach correctly when we assembled it. We had to drill a hole to hold the wheel in place. The company contacted me after reading the review. It is great to know that this new company will provide customer support. The toy is cute and well built despite the small problem we had. They are fixing the design problem. The toy has integrity and is fun for toddlers.

👤I bought this for a 1 year old boy. The puppy is the one he could not stop playing with. When he saw it, he shrieked. It was easy for him to use. The puppy rolled around in the box and caused the seat and two of the tires to get black marks on them. I tried to clean it off after putting it together. The scratches on the wheels wouldn't be completely removed. I had a party deadline and had to go with it, but they didn't think I sent a used toy. So - Terrible shipping/ packing. It needs to be protected.

👤The product has a rating of 10 months to 36 months. My two year old was riding on a flat surface while sitting on the front edge of the seat and he fell over head first. He had three stitches in his chin. I don't think it's safe for lighter children. It seems to be heavy.

👤I bought this item for my nephew's first birthday. He's quite tall for his age. The balance bike is very popular. He can push it behind him. He can sit comfortably on it with his legs crossed. The item is well made and should last a long time. It's better than a regular tricycle for his development.

👤The bike was easy to assemble. I only gave it 2 stars because I had to return it. The handle bars are made of a material that my little man wanted to chew on. He was on the bike for less than 5 minutes when a chunk came off that would be 888-282-0465 if I hadn't been with him. Unless they change the material on the handles, I don't recommend this bike. This is my youngest of 5 kids and I would have tried chewing the handles on this bike.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this bike. My friends introduce this brand to me. I open my package when I receive it. It is a wonderful thing. It is easy to assemble. And it was very soft. My kid loves it.

👤There is a warning Our 1 year old got done with a piece of rubber. He bit off the handlebars. We saw him chewing on the handlebars and had to remove the piece from his mouth. The material of the handlebar needs to be changed to something that won't be bitten off. Kids start teething and chewing on things at a young age. There is a We cut off the rubber on the handle bars for a solution. There is no padding now.


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