Best Eco Friendly Toys for 6 Year Old

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1. Panda Brothers Wooden Geoboard Mathematical

Panda Brothers Wooden Geoboard Mathematical

Education and Learning toys are perfect for collaborative group activity or school classrooms, indoors, outdoors and home. Can be connected without restriction. It can be used for fun. Their wooden geoboard comes with 64 nails, 30 pattern cards, and 40 colored rubber bands to allow your kid to develop his imagination by creating multiple geometric shapes and patterns. The Montessori board fits perfectly in your children's hands. Smooth edges ensure a safe playing experience for the kids. The rubber bands are strong enough to secure the touch, and the nails are 64 round to make sure they won't hurt the child's hands. The waldorf toy is a good toy to use to develop your child's imagination. Their wooden board is an educational toy that will allow your kids to learn all types of 2D shapes. This will encourage imagination and creativity. Your little one can create a lot of things. It is the perfect educational puzzle toy to engage your children with. The wooden toy targets both physical and intellectual growth by manipulating rubber bands into the nails. Keep your kids busy wherever they go: in school, at home, or in the car. The preschool Wooden Geoboard is a great gift for boys and girls who are 3 years old and above. It is a learning toy that develops their imagination while they are playing, so it is the ideal birthday present, Christmas stocking stuffer, party favor, or Easter basket fillers. Your kids will love this toy.

Brand: Panda Brothers

👤This toy is a perfect addition to our puzzle activities because we usually do them during quiet time. The pegs are secured and it is very sturdy. There is a My son is 3 years old and has a hard time following the cards on his own, so we do that together. He enjoys making his own picture by making different shapes and patterns, and telling me what he is making. He will be able to do the puzzles shown in the cards. This can be used to teach a lot of things, like counting, color identification, etc. For its price, it is really worth it.

👤I loved the packaging when I saw it. The wooden board is of good quality. There are no sharp points on the nails. The rubber bands are bright and stretchy. There is a My 3yr old loved the product as soon as she laid her hands on it. The fine motor for the developing hands is improved by it. She is still getting used to stretching the bands around the nails, despite the shapes in the cards. It is a great puzzle.

👤My 4.75-year-old eagerly took the toy out of the box and started playing with it. He didn't slow down because there were no instructions. He was going to use the rubberbands to create the outline of a house. When I showed him the cards he could make, he was drawn to the spaceship and figured out how to orient two of the rubberbands on his own. He needed a more knowledgeable person to discuss how to translate the information from the cards onto the pegboard. He will soon be able to make all of the pictures on his own. The cards offer a wide variety of shapes that can inspire the child to create their own designs. The rubberbands in the kit are in four colors and four sizes. He can practice this by himself when he plays with them by color and size.

👤My son is almost 2 years old and already using this board. It allows him to concentrate on hooking the rubber band and stretching it to the next. I like how it challenges him to be intentional about where he places the bands and how far they should be stretched. He likes to make lines and shapes. We are making shapes on the cards. There is a This is a sturdy material. The bands were stretched far and wide. 100% recommend!

👤This product would be a good choice for young kids. It has been fun to accept requests for me to make or to identify what I made. This is a toy that will be grown into something. There is a There are some pros and cons to having colored rubber bands that match the cards and pegs being glue on the board.

👤My son is 3 years old. The wooden board and metal pegs are very strong. He enjoys doing this with me or dad because he is not able to use the rubber bands to create his own objects. He enjoys pulling the rubber bands on the pegs himself to make his own creations. The picture cards are great to show how to make certain objects, such as a truck, candy, and carrot, on the peg board, as well as target age-appropriate vocabulary and rubber bands. My son and I work together to make something. A great activity to do with your child.

2. Toyly Airplane Throwing Flight Outdoor

Toyly Airplane Throwing Flight Outdoor

After sales service is free. The ScriMemo team provides a 1-year warranty and 24 hour customer service. If you are dissatisfied with them or the writing tablets, you can contact them and they will give you a new one. They believe they can bring you the most satisfying buying experience. 2 pack of light airplanes They have two flight modes, glider mode and reversal mode, which enhance the agility of flight and can fly farther and longer. The throwing plane is easy to install and remove, you can make wing adjustments for different flight patterns. The foam aircraft toys are safe and fun. Even if the plane falls, the foam material will not hurt your child. The plane can fly at night with a flash light, which will bring a lot of fun to the kids. The wind glider airplane allows the whole family to enjoy happy time in the open area, release stress and relax people's body and mind. The ideal gift is a reward for good behavior at home. It's perfect for festivals and parties.

Brand: Toyly

👤These were bought for grand babies. 5 and 7 year olds. They fly very well and have no damage when hitting a car, house or ground. The ones for kids are better. I will get more for future gifts.

👤We look for toys outside for our kids. Our kids love gliders and are having fun. This is the second time we have purchased. They were loved so much.

👤These airplanes are fun, but not very sturdy. Our son enjoyed them for a while, but each plane lost a wing. Too bad!

👤I got these planes for my grandson. He is 4 years old and he loves throwing and flying them.

👤My nephew loved them and they were a great toy to play with at the beach this summer.

👤They are fun while they last.

👤The foam is durable. I was amazed at the quality of this foam. My son and his friend love them.

3. Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver

Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver

You will get 15 pieces of wooden musical instruments. You will get a cotton backpack as a gift. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution if you don't like it. Have fun with your baby when you buy now. The Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board is a unique educational board that allows children to learn their way into the independent solving of real-world challenges. It helps children learn the practical life skills of using a screwdriver, working with various tools, and holding the keys, while training hand-eye coordination and developing their fine motor skills. The Multiple Activity Set will help your child improve their recognition ability and sensory activity by practicing removal and re-inserting the 7 different insert screws. The board has two inset, one for holding the screwdriver and the other for holding the bolts after they've been removed. The screwdriver, wrench, and key are lightweight and have a textured handle. The solid screw driver board is made from natural wood and is a long-time investment. The beautiful and sustainable wood design along with the smooth corners and edges will fit in your child's tiny hands and ensure safe and independent use. Their board helps to develop fine motor skills and allows exploring the bolt shapes, which can be useful for learning how to use them correctly. The Montessori Screw Driver Board is full of fun and creative challenges that will keep your kids busy and give them quiet time to focus on the natural learning activities. It can be easily handheld by children due to its small size and lightweight structure, and it can fit in all environments. The Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board is the perfect gift for kids and toddlers because it turns the boring learning process into a creative and fun one. The beautifully wrapped and ready for gift board will make your little one smart and happy, but also give him or her a sense of satisfaction for completing real-life tasks.

Brand: Panda Brothers

👤It was disappointing. I decided to purchase the montessori tool play set again once my son was old enough to buy it, after searching and reading reviews. There is a There is an issue. It's not clear if this has to do with Amazon or the company itself. I had to wait for this item 3 times. The first two times the item was delayed, it was due to the wrong carrier. I was not sure what was going on. The item I received was a disappointment but not to the end of the world. There is an issue. The inside edges of the wood were not smooth. For young hands, splinters are a concern and for $25, I expected a more finished product. Not the end of the world but frustrating. There is a There is an issue. # This is the one that I can not deal with. Some items will not go all the way into the bird. They stop about a quarter way down. I don't know about you, but with my toddler, if something doesn't fit correctly or goes the way he thinks it should, he's a meltdown. Is this a learning opportunity? Yes. Do I want to deal with that when I am trying to get a second chance to myself? No. This one is not negotiable for me. I love Montessori toys, wooden toys, open ended toys, and so when I saw this I was very excited. This one missed the mark for me. I will be looking into my options to return. Pictures are included to explain my issues.

👤My brother, who is fading away into Alzheimer's, needs things to keep him busy and focused, even though this is made for toddlers. The board was suggested to me. It has been a great gift and has kept him happy.

👤Practical life skills, communication and language, problem solving skills, cognitive development, and more can be encouraged by a very educational toy. If the toy plays with the child or the child plays with the toy, that is what I look to see. The child plays with this kit. It is an open-ended toy that promotes longer durations of play than a battery powered toy. I love that this toy is portable. It is small enough to travel. Just keep a baggy or container for the loose parts and give your child some instructions about it. There is a The box looked dirty when I received it. I am not sure if it was just manufacturing or something. The screws in the board were scratch marks. I am not sure why the toy is in this condition, but it was originally wrapped in plastic. It doesn't change how educational the toy is nor will the toy stay in perfect condition anyways, but I felt it was worth noting. I highly recommend the toy.

👤The Montessori tool kit is cool. The tools and screws are made of metal. My kid has no problem handling them because they are all toddler/kid size. He is mostly looking at the things he put in. He can use the tools with the screws later on, so it will be a toy that can grow with him. The screwdriver has two different shape heads, just pull it out and switch it. My son loves playing with the tool set and can't stop. It is a fun change from his usual toys. He enjoys working with this and stays engaged for a long time, which is great for a mom.

4. Osmo Starter Hands Learning Included

Osmo Starter Hands Learning Included

A great gift for toddlers is the best toddler gift. Ostro is Magic is a collection of award winning learning games. Children interact with real hand held pieces and an iPad, bringing a child's game pieces and actions to life. An iPad is not required for game play. Teaching involves using hands-on physical blocks and coding commands to control a character on a fun-filled adventure. Use coding blocks to learn coding's creative side while developing an ear for rhythm, melody, and harmony - make your beat come alive. Share a Jam with friends and family. You can play coding puzzles solo or with others, using teamwork and strategy to get to new worlds. Ages 10 and up. There are games for beginners and experts. The continuation of learning is aided by smo. Children can learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment. There are 31 tangible coding blocks in the box, as well as 3 game apps. All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed.

Brand: Osmo

👤The OSMO starter kit was purchased and I used my parent's account to download the OSMO apps from the Amazon app store. The OSMO app is no longer available. This is a waste of time and money. They have included multiple how to's in the packaging, but no one has tested them to make sure they work. I went to their website for help and the only option was a chat bot or to leave a message without live support.

👤I got this for a 5 year old who is very interested in Legos and science. He has a good attention span for a 5 year old, which I think helps with this sort of toy. The only issue with the toy is that it is high quality, so it's important to keep one from getting lost. The games... I was an engineering major in college and had no idea how to code. There aren't many ways to expose kids to science early, but I think it's a good idea. The kid I bought this for had just had his coding summer camp canceled. I really like the goal of this product.

👤I had high hopes for the game. My experience was disappointing. There were several technical issues that kept happening, including the fact that Awbie did not respond to the tiles, and that he responded to the tiles in the wrong direction. The steps taken to fix the problem included restarting the iPad, logging out and logging 888-739-5110 I contacted technical support and followed their instructions, but the same issues persisted. I sent two recorded videos of the errors in action to Osmo, but technical support came back with another series of steps in order for them to understand the underlying problem, as if the videos were not good enough. I will return the product because it became very frustrating. The whole idea of a coding game is for my child to learn basic coding steps, but it was doing more harm than gain when the game failed to work like it should.

👤My kid's 7th Generation Fire HD 10" worked great with this. I had no issues getting the app to read the pieces. She loved it, even the simple game. I think she gained some interest in coding while playing. Both of her parents code. . She wants to learn python and then learn scratch. If they had an app that taught the tech side of things, it would be really cool. My daughter declared that osmo coding is for little kids after becoming completely obsessed with it a few months later. I think it's a huge improvement, because she always looked at scratch as something that was over her head. This was a great start to coding.

5. Toddlers Montessori Educational Friendly Preschool

Toddlers Montessori Educational Friendly Preschool

The preschool Wooden Geoboard is a great gift for boys and girls who are 3 years old and above. It is a learning toy that develops their imagination while they are playing, so it is the ideal birthday present, Christmas stocking stuffer, party favor, or Easter basket fillers. Your kids will love this toy. The jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint. The smooth edge is specially designed for children's small hands to keep them safe. There are six animal shape toddler puzzles, such as panda, parrot, frog, owl, snail, and bee. Your boys and girls will benefit from learning spelling words, improving cognitive ability and solving puzzles. Encourage the development of children's eye coordination and attention span. The great toDDLER TOYS. Children's color cognitive ability is improved by bright colors. Babies get to know the animals better with the cute animal shapes and puzzles. Each wooden puzzle is 7 x 5.9 x 0.17 Inches and fits children's little hands. The toddler puzzles pieces are large enough for your kids to pick up and place easily, and ensure safety, because each piece of the wooden puzzle is large enough to prevent children from swallowing. Each toddler's wooden puzzle is individually wrapped and packed in a beautifully designed gift box, it also comes with a bag for easy storage after the child has finished playing. It is the first choice of gift toys for toddlers.

Brand: Boze Supod

👤My granddaughter is 2. She likes to mix up the pieces so they are easy to separate.

👤My niece is still learning to spell. It is great to use to get her used to letters, colors and putting things together. They loved this toy more than any other toy. Would definitely recommend!

👤That is a good challenge for a young child.

👤It's perfect for little puzzle builders. My granddaughter is just starting to like puzzles.

👤I like that it helped my toddler identify alphabets.

👤Excellent quality. I have high standards for educational items and have been a teacher all my life. This works well. The puzzles and letter/words are very enjoyable.

6. SNAEN Experiments Educational Discover Packaging

SNAEN Experiments Educational Discover Packaging

The material is safe and structure safe with the help of high-quality plastic and electronic elements. Perfect RC Car Christmas gift or birthday gift for kids. Children can become a scientist, create rainbow rain, erupt volcanoes, rainbow fountains, bottle blowing balloons, and discover the mystery of science with the Explore 30 Scientific Experiments. Kids can easily open the bottles for experiments and close the lid to continue playing with the chemicals, which makes the chemicals not easy to oxidize and use again. The professional scientific guidance card contains 15 colorful science experiment instruction cards that show the steps and scientific principles of 30 experiments, which will help your little scientist to be more confident in their work. The Learning in Play is a great gift for Christmas or birthday events for boys and girls over 3 years old. It makes children focus on the fun of exploration and discovery and stimulates their scientific interest through fun scientific experiments. They provide safe and durable scientific tools for 30 experiments, including 1 goggles, 8 bottles of chemical materials, 4 large test tubes with scales, 5 measuring spoons, 7 measuring cups, 1 funnel, 3 droppers, 6 balloons, and 1 table tennis. Water and oil are not included.

Brand: Snaen

👤The kit looks great when you open it. Your kid chooses an experiment and you start to get frustrated. There are so many great measuring tools that the instructions say things like "add 1/3 of water" or "add a spoon of X" We tried the experiment 3 times. It says to add a few spoons of acid. Why not say the exact amount? The balloon shot off when we tried 3 spoons. The balloon shot off when we tried 2 spoons. We tried a spoon and the balloon wouldn't blow up. We tried Volcanic Eruption, even though I hate messes. My little scientist and I are very disappointed and she hasn't asked to do any more experiments since they probably won't work. There is an edit. DownGRADE from two stars to one. I was offered a $20 refund by the company to change my review. Nope. There was a revision on 11/09/2018: I was offered $20 by the company to remove my review.

👤The seller has contacted me at least 15 times this November. Purchase product at a cost. I have filed a case with Amazon because the seller has contacted me seven times by email. The seller tried to get me to change my review. My review was honest and kind. I don't recommend purchasing from this seller. There is a The box was in good condition. There were broken items in the box. It isn't good when you want science experiments with those contents. The whole kit seemed very cheap. Was a present? So it was returned.

👤The set for my granddaughter was nicely packaged and organized. The instructions for the experiments are the only negative I have seen in the kit. They are confusing. The first experiment gives you 5 different spoons. Which one? It said to fill the tube with water. The tubes are marked in millimeters. 10 drops of detergent is not included, but it does say what kind of detergent. We made it through experiment number one even with the instructions, and she lived it. We will probably repeat the 29 other ones. I give this a 8 out of 10 and would recommend it.

👤The kit was written by someone who doesn't understand science and doesn't understand English. I am a physicist and it is hard to know what to do when reading directions. You can assume that your kids aren't going to learn a lot when your kit includes rainbow candy,magic sand, andcolor changing flower. Save money and buy a kit that is written by someone who understands both science and English.

👤I bought this for an aspiring scientist. He is going to love this set. It comes with some great experiments, and unlike other science kits the whole set is re-usable so he can use it over and over again for whatever idea he has. The set alone has a huge amount of items to work with, but the photo shows a few extra beakers and graduated cylinders that I bought in addition to the set. There are two more baggies full of experiment supplies and a book of experiments inside the blue storage tub. I would suggest this to any kid or adult who is interested in science experiments.

7. LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

It's a great gift for your most loved ones, as it's safe and stylish, and can be a dinosaur shower toy for babies who are used to biting their fingers. Silicone baby teethers are ideal gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions for families with a baby. The Nature Kids Musical Instruments Set is made of natural wooden muscial instruments. The muscial toys set includes xylophone shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments. Birthday gift for kids, Christmas gift for boys and girls. They are the perfect toys for babies and toddlers. No paintings and round-edge design. The kids drum set is made of high quality natural wood and is free of paints and chemicals. They are perfect for toddlers and young children. The best Montessori toys. Their musical toys are fun for the whole family. Developing your kid's musical sensitivity, creativity, hand and eye coordination is very helpful. Spending time playing music toys together will help kids to develop collaborative and problem solving skills. It's easy to clean-up and store. The wooden toys management is much easier with the portable carry bag and high quality carry bags. 100% safe toys set for toddlers and babies are made by non-toxic material, ideal for your little ones.

Brand: Looikoos

👤As an adult with two children, I now realize the opportunities that have arisen via Amazon. Being able to purchase for my children incredible noise makers that I was misfortunate to not get to mess with as a child, is included in this. The pit instruments in this grouping are child friendly. The xylophone is made of stronger material than I thought it would be, and the bells on the stick of bells are the only part of the ensemble that could possibly be damaged. I would recommend this as a gift to any family, even if they hate them or love them, like the recorder does.

👤I bought this as a gift for my 2 and 4 year old grandsons, since it had an excellent rating. The xylophone, clapper and maracas were all well made. There are two metal circles and a sharp pin that were supposed to hold them in the tambourine. They fell out of the box. One of the bells left a sharp hook. It's not a safe product for toddlers. I returned the product for a full refund because I was very disappointed.

👤A gift for a child's birthday. My child is handling a small metal disk after everything looked good. The pins in the item pictured were not secured into place and the disks and pin slid out of place after minimal play shaking. The metal disk is pointed on both ends and poses a huge swallowing risk. If another item is faulty, the entire set was taken away.

👤This product is amazing. My kids love the instruments inside. Each item is of the highest quality. I feel safe giving it to my 9 month old child because there are no small parts left. It comes with a handy bag that can be used to clean up the instruments. This product is fun for all ages. I would buy this again for others.

👤I bought the toddler instruments for my baby to play. I didn't want to buy them because I thought they would be cheap and terrible, but I was surprised to see how well they were made. The xylophone/glockenspiel is a mini version of the one I used in high school. The tambourines are so good you could use them in recordings. My daughter loves them because they are good for chewing on and they make cool noises. Even though she can not play them yet, I would recommend buying them for every toddler because of their sensory development and the quality they are made with. Children can learn to play these instruments in mini versions.

👤I bought this for my daughter's first birthday, but it was on when the package arrived. The tambourine, the maraca, xylophone, and the handheld bell shaker are our favorites. Excellent quality. My 11 month old daughter loves playing the tambourine. This is the best way to play with my daughter. Both of us love it!

👤The quality of these instruments is very good. It's giftworthy for sure! Each instrument was wrapped individually when I opened the box. One of the xylophone sticks was flawed, but it didn't affect its ability to play the instrument. We are satisfied with the brand of Looikoos and would recommend it for young children to learn instruments. I like the variations of instruments. This set is perfect to expand your collection of instruments at home or at a school. My 3 year old son has the best time playing with the bells.

8. CENOVE Building Educational Activity Preschool

CENOVE Building Educational Activity Preschool

Toy safety. Their toys meet the requirements for safety standards and specifications. It's good for the environment and for little ones. The pretend gardening building toy set is made with high-quality materials. Smooth surface. It won't hurt kids' hands. It's easy to clean and organize with a nice pink box. The parts could be washed with water. It could be washed in the dishwasher. Pre-school children learn about the parts of a plant. The bright, colorful garden toys help coordination. Best gifts for birthday, Children's Day, Christmas, Easter, and summer camp activities areToddler Girl toys Gifts for 3 4 5 6 Years Old Girl. Young children can play with building toy sets. They can mix and match pieces. Children with realistic early support skills are provided with a flower set.

Brand: Cenove

👤I pulled this out of my daughter's closet for the first time since I gave her this for Christmas. I got this over similar ones that were cheaper because it came with a carrying case. This was important to me because I have a 9 month old baby who could easily choke on small pieces of it. I wanted it to be easy to store and have a locking mechanism that is easy for my older daughter and son to open but not the baby. The locking clip of the case broke. I would like to check it before the window closes. It is difficult to figure out how the flowers are placed in the green base to connect in a circle. There was a picture of the instructions.

👤I was surprised by the amount of components in this kit. My 5 year old and 2 year old granddaughters were able to put together the flowers, display them, decorate my living room and rearrange them all in one afternoon. They wanted to take it home with them. That's how much they liked it. They believed they watered their garden and made the flowers grow. It is sturdy, has a beautiful carry case and is a big hit.

👤My daughter was young when she was playing with it. When cleaning up, my advice is to take out the tray and put everything in a container box. If yours likes to dump everything on the floor, there are a lot of pieces to clean up.

👤We bought different ones. One for us and two for you. The two for gifts were cheaper than the others. This set is better than the others. The colors are nicer, there is a nice variety of flowers, and the edges are not rough like the other two. It costs more because of that. It's because it's better. There are flowers in the left set in the pictures.

👤My toddler loved playing with these toys. She learned that in order to make a flower each piece had its own specific place, and this helped her work on her motor skills. Also pretty.

👤It is a gift for our granddaughter. Her birthday is at the end of October. I have not been able to see her play with them yet. They look great on the little case. She will be able to put the flowers together with her fine motor skills.

👤The top of the plastic box that holds the parts was broken and caved in when I received the toy. It is very thin. I am not sure how it got broken, but the brown packing box it was in is in perfect condition. There is a When it was packed, it broke. I am angry that I have to return it.

👤My granddaughter plays with this toy. Her mom says she plays with it all the time.

9. VERTOY Building Educational Construction Learning

VERTOY Building Educational Construction Learning

Remote control building expert. All of the 353 pieces in the 2 Vehicles in 1 Set are made of harmless and non-toxic plastic. The components are well-packaged to prevent loss. Sturdy anddurable. The toy can be assembled many times. You don't have to worry about the toy breaking frequently because the pieces are sturdy. They don't come apart even when hit. Children can build a transport pickup truck or an off-road racing truck. They can control it indoors or outside. The cool truck can run across most flat surfaces, even on sand, grass, gravel, or soil. Kids can play it on their own. The Powerful Motor. The included remote control has a control range of 12 meters and the truck is fully drivable. Children will have a great time as the truck races around the tracks. The kids can control the car for at least half an hour. The ideal gift is a satisfaction guarantee. The most appropriate gift for 6 7 8 11 and 12 years old boys and girls is the project set. It is an excellent present for birthdays, children's day, Christmas, Hanukkah, summer camp activities, or back-to-school events. At VERTOY, they provide premium products and worry-free after-sales service.

Brand: Vertoy

👤It took a while to assemble, but still came out. It comes with a bag to carry the car and remote control. It's not hard to assemble if you follow the manual. It comes with extra pieces in case you lose one or two. If you like assembling things, you should recommend it.

👤My 6 year old is obsessed with Legos. This is the best of both worlds and gives multiple building options. You can either follow the directions or make your own with the pieces given. There is a My son is building $100 sets within one day, which is good for us because it is more of a challenge than your typical Lego. I got one for my nephew because I thought it would be great. My son says the gift looks rad. If you run it into a wall hard, you might get pieces falling off. The appeal for an ultimate car crash is also there.

👤My wife and I put it together for a date night because I accidentally ordered it. The instructions were not as good as Lego. It was difficult to put the pieces together because some of the pegs didn't fit into the notch, but we were able to fix it. We weren't expecting much from it since it is an off brand, but we were pleasantly surprised at its speed and ease to drive. Then comes the but... The remote got really hot after a few minutes of test driving. We popped the batteries out when we opened it back up. The battery was getting soft because it was so hot. We don't know what happened to the batteries when we put them in the remote. We are debating if we should try again with different batteries or break it down and return it.

👤My son loves it, but it took a long time to build. The piece holding the back tires broke after 4 days of playing with it, and now this is no longer working. My son is very sad and I wish a spare for that long piece was included.

👤This was a present for my nephew. There is a He put together many cars and trucks. There is a He loved the final product and was able to complete it on his own. Highly recommended.

👤I'm not sure what happened. I got a used set and returned it. The controller had a problem. The bag full of parts was missing. We weren't able to do anything with the quality. I missed the return window, but my mom bought a new set for my son because he was so upset that set didn't work. It just doesn't work when you put all the parts on.

👤I got a gift for my grandson. He has a high IQ. If it was a challenge, that would be even better. He lost interest very quickly. The instructions did not clearly state the different pieces. Maybe a bit of both? I helped him for a while, but it was difficult. It was in the box after I left.

10. Osmo Creative Starter Drawing Included

Osmo Creative Starter Drawing Included

All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed. Ostro is Magic is a collection of award winning learning games. Children interact with real hand held pieces and an iPad, bringing a child's game pieces and actions to life. An iPad is not required for game play. TEACHING Travel on an adventure, solve story problems with personal drawings brought to life instantly on the iPad, learn to draw anything with creative drawing skills, and learn to draw anything with early physics. SKILLS were learned. Fine motor skills, drawing, listening, speed of drawing, visual thinking, problem solving, physics, creative problem solving, and fine motor skills are some of the skills that can be used. Every move is watched and reacted to by Osmo. I love learning. Ages 10 and up. There are games for beginners and experts. The continuation of learning is aided by smo. Children can learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment. There is a new Creative Board, 4 dry erase markers, microfiber marker pouch, and a Stackable storage for each game in the box. All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed.

Brand: Osmo

👤My kids have been playing a lot of games with OSMO. I decided to get them some of the other games after I was so impressed with their coding set. I don't think this set is necessary unless you already have a base and reflector set for your tablets. The games that come with the Creative set are ones that you don't need in order to play. You can play these games if you have plain white paper or a dry erase board. The base and reflector set is all you need. My kids enjoy playing with the three games, but they were playing before they got this set. The set comes with a dry erase board, some markers, and a pencil pouch that can double as an eraser. If you want to play the games with your own paper, I would suggest buying a different set of games that come with pieces you need to play them.

👤The item cannot be returned. That is a key part of buying decisions and should be highlighted on the page, as Amazon is better than that. The manufacturer can't return a product that contains gas because it's designed for kids, so you need to know about them.

👤It is not possible to return on Amazon. I was told by Amazon to contact the manufacturer. Total waste of money. One of the games is worth something. The drawing game is very difficult for younger kids and the pinball game has no educational value. The monster game is fun, but only works half the time. The drawings on the white board are not read by the camera.

👤I would love to use this product. I ordered my grandson to fight. AMAZON will not allow me to return the iPad for safe reasons. Flammability? Is it possible to explode? They can send it to you. PFFFFT! It hasn't been opened. I am not very pleased with myself. I didn't think about not being able to return a toy for these reasons. C.R A.Z.Y.! Take note. Read all the Roman Catholic Church's teachings.

👤This item cannot be returned.

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday because she used to use Osmo. She likes to draw. We got the genius kit for the iPad base so we could switch out the two tablets and have two kids play on them at the same time. There is a My daughter ruined two of the markers that came with the set when she pushed them down as she sketched. Our other art supplies don't happen when we use various types of markers. I have to find replacement markers and spend more money immediately. There is a The white board is nice and sturdy, but you don't need it to play any of the games it advertises for. My son saw my daughter playing the monster game and wanted to do it on his tablets at the same time. A piece of white paper or a generic white board works. There is a I wanted a second base, but the value for my money would have been better if I had bought one of the other starter kits instead, since it would expand the number of games we can actually play with pieces we don't have and can't easily substitute with a much cheaper solution

11. Impresa Products Stretchy Phthalate Latex Free

Impresa Products Stretchy Phthalate Latex Free

There is a ceramic stepping stone in the kit. The Strip Paint Pots are easy to use. Monkey Noodles are perfect for a new sensory toy or for a new fidget toy. Wrap them, stretch them, pull them, twirl them, squeeze them, and watch them bounce back to their original shape. They are perfect for stimulation. They are made with high-quality materials and are free of many chemicals. Their strings are strong and safe for kids and adults. They're perfect for the classroom, home or office. Colorado May Voluntary. Each unit is up to 8 feet in length. It's great for all children and adults, but especially for those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, or high anxiety levels. These toys can help promote a sense of calm and focus. It is suitable for ages 1-8. A great addition to a collection of toys, including squishy balls, tangle toys, rings, jewelry, necklaces, twiddle toys, and pencil toppers. Do not wrap around neck or restrict blood flow.

Brand: Impresa Products

👤I liked them at first. Soft, stretchy...kept her hands busy. It took less than 24 hours for her to stretch it, and now she is biting chunks off it. Product is. It isdurable enough. The seller reached out after reading the review. I was asked questions to improve their product and was told to look at another product that might be even better for my child. They have taken down my name and offered to contact me when they feel like they have mastered "destructible" for my child. Started as 3 stars and went up to 5 with customer service like that. A very happy consumer here.

👤I usually don't write reviews on products I really like, but I do write reviews on things I like to buy. My 3 year old is on the spectrum and I bought these toys for him. We were trying to increase his sensory diet. I thought these would be the same as every other toy we have bought him to date: he plays with them for an hour to two days and then never touches them again. I took these out of the package and my 5 other kids went nuts about them. None of them have tired of playing with us. My little one is carrying them with him wherever he goes. They help him work out his extra energetic while also giving him the sensory input he desperately needs. I didn't think I'd be emotional writing a review about Monkey Noodles. I really like these things. They are a CA company. I'm going to support a Made In The USA company even more. Five stars.

👤I love these in my therapy room, but they are not appropriate in normal circumstances. The pull of the toy is to hit people. It's a great toy for therapy, but it's not good for kids with low self control in unmonitored situations or at times where their behavior could annoy someone.

👤This is my favorite thing to do. I am an adult with two conditions. I carry one with me wherever I go. It helps me stay calm while I work. I have recommended it to many friends.

👤Every year I give my son a toy for his birthday. It's to remind him that he shouldn't let go of the kid. He will be 28 this year and I'm always looking for unique toys to catch his attention. He will be quite inventive with this string.

👤Out of 5, 1 is faulty. I think my son will like them, but one of them had a hole in it and almost looked like it had been chewed on, when I took them out of the box. I was not expecting them to be high quality.

👤The rating was raised to 5 on the account of the customer service of the company. They reached out to me to address the problem with my daughter. I appreciate good customer service more than the product itself, and will recommend this company to my friends as I know if anything is not as expected they will address and resolve to your satisfaction. We are trying another product by Impresa. Thanks to Emily and Impresa, a bad experience has been turned into a pleasant one. Keeps little hands busy but be careful. My 11 year old daughter pulled it as long as she could hold onto one hand and it snapped back and hit her in the eye. The purpose of keeping her hands busy was defeated when she swung the string in a circular motion hitting and breaking other objects. Will have to look for a safer option. The product does work, but I wouldn't try to stretch it to 8 feet for safety reasons.


What is the best product for eco friendly toys for 6 year old?

Eco friendly toys for 6 year old products from Panda Brothers. In this article about eco friendly toys for 6 year old you can see why people choose the product. Toyly and Osmo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toys for 6 year old.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toys for 6 year old?

Panda Brothers, Toyly and Osmo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toys for 6 year old. Find the detail in this article. Boze Supod, Snaen and Looikoos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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